Monday April 16, 2012 Each Class: 90 minutes Immigration Overview, Introduction to In The Heights Pt.

1 Maryland State Standards: Standard: 1.0, General Reading Processes Topic: E, General Reading Comprehension Indicator: 1, Develop and apply comprehension skills through exposure to a variety of print and nonprint texts, including traditional print and electronic texts Objective: a, Listen to critically, read, and discuss texts representing diversity in content, culture, authorship, and perspective, including areas such as race, gender, disability, religion, and socioeconomic background Standard: 4.0, Writing Indicator: 2, Compose oral, written, and visual presentations that express personal ideas, inform, and persuade Objective: a, Compose to express personal ideas by experimenting with a variety of forms and techniques suited to topic, audience, and purpose My students will understand…  What immigration is  Some reasons that people immigrate to the United States Formative Assessment: Completion of the written reflection (as a letter to their families) following group activity. Completion of guided viewing log for the immigration video and the In the Heights video. Materials: bag with objects for group activity, viewing logs for Great Performances and immigration video, Great Performances video, immigration video, guided homework interview sheet, individual student work folders Major Activities:  Group Activity (15 minutes) o Students will be assigned groups (turn and work with the table behind you) and use a bag of household materials to create something. They will be instructed that they are to work together, as a group, but cannot communicate with each other using words or writing. The only acceptable form of communication is through non-verbal expressions. Students who talk will be given an article related to immigration to read.  Individual Reflection (10 minutes) – Saved as “4.16.12 In Class Activity” o In a letter to their families or friends, students will describe the challenges they encountered while trying to work in a group without being able to communicate verbally or using words.  Sharing/Discussion (10 minutes) o Students will voluntarily share how they overcame some of the communication barriers they were faced with.  Direct Instruction (10 minutes) o What is immigration? o Vocabulary: immigration, immigrant, emigrate

Monday April 16, 2012 Each Class: 90 minutes Immigration Overview, Introduction to In The Heights Pt. 1  Immigration Video and Discussion (20 minutes) – Saved as “Viewing Log for New Immigrants Share Their Stories – 4.16.12” and “World Map for 4.16.12” o New Immigrants Share their Stories (NYC High School students): o Viewing log questions:  Something I heard that made me think…  Something I want to learn more about…  Some difficulties that the students faced when moving to the United States…  Something I may be able to relate to… PBS Great Performances: In The Heights, Chasing Broadway Dreams Part 1 (start at 2:26, stop at 3:17, start at 3:33) (15 minutes) o Previewing: read paragraph at the top of viewing log. o Vocabulary: barrio, Tony Awards, composer, lyricist, paciencia y fe, blocking, rehearsal, hook, puns o Viewing log questions:  What does “home” mean to you?  How would you describe the community portrayed in the show?  Name two characters we are introduced to. Overview of Homework (3 minutes) o Interview someone at home or write about a time you had to move to a new place. Some guiding questions: o When and why did you move? o How did you feel when you had to make the decision to move or when you were told you were moving? o Where did you move and how did you feel in your new home? o What challenges did you encounter in your new home? o How did you overcome these challenges?

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