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Thursday, January 26, 2012

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kelsey Cipolla Lawrence is coming to a theater near you, thanks to actor, writer and director Blake Robbins, who spent several weeks this month filming The Sublime and the Beautiful in town. The film tells the story of a professor whose three children are killed by a drunken driver just before Christmas. Robbins said the film is a study of how people cope with death and loss, influenced by his own experience, which includes watching the second tower fall during the terrorist attacks on September 11. I got fascinated with how tragedy sideswipes an ordinarily normal day, Robbins said. To me, the movie is about life, love, fate, free will, how much we have control over and how much we dont, and its a real, hopefully, authentic portrayal of grief and loss. Robbins, who has guest starred on shows like Oz, The Office and The O.C. said he worked on the script for years. When he came to Lawrence to work on associate film professor Kevin

if you ditched technology you use daily, could you survive?

see InsIDe

Jayhawks dismantle Red Raiders in 62-43 victory

paGe 12

on loCation
Willmotts The Battle of Bunker Hill, Robbins realized Lawrence would be the perfect place to shoot his college-town drama. Finding a location was just the beginning of the process. In need of money to fund his project, Robbins reached out to people via Kickstarter, a website that allows people to donate money to finance projects. He raised $20,000 through the site and managed to stretch his budget. He wrote it to what we have here and he wrote for what we would have access to, said Willmott, who is serving as executive producer. Writing it that way was just really, really smart. Suddenly it doesnt look like a low budget film. Youve created a whole world. Having a local cast and crew willing to help bring his vision to life proved crucial, as did the help of Lawrence community members who allowed their houses and cars to be used in the film. The University also played a major role in the filmmaking process, allowing Robbins and his crew to film in the Alumni Association building, Wescoe classrooms and offices and basketball courts in the Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center. I couldnt have done it without the Universitys support, Robbins said. He also gave back to the University by hiring several graduates and current students to work on his film. It really is an outreach program for students in the film department, Robbins said. Theyre working with professional actors, professional cinematographers. They certainly have an experience now to apply to their lives as future filmmakers. One of those students is production assistant Eric Rowlands, a senior from Manhattan, who donated $150 to the film through Kickstarter. When he realized the movie was being made in Lawrence, he contacted Robbins and asked if he could work on the film. Its amazing, Rowlands said of his experience. I dont even want to

Film crew comes to Lawrence, involves students in project

go back to school. Im so ready to just do this forever. Its magical. Edited by Jeff Karr

Director Blake robbins talks about why he chose Lawrence to film his movie, The sublime and the Beautiful. robbins first experience with Lawrence came from helping KUs associate film professor Kevin wilmott in his film, The Battle for Bunker Hill, and ever since, robbins knew Lawrence was the perfect place for his film.

Chris neal/kansan


Aerospace jobs still essential

tion, though prospects are more difficult as a foreigner because of security clearance issues. She Job prospects for KU aero- is considering becoming a U.S. space students remain strong citizen, which would allow her to despite Boeings recent decision join the Air Force as a test pilot, to close its Wichita facilities by another dream of hers. the end of 2013. Chris Jasperse, a senior from I think there will be a huge Gardner, has worked in the comneed for airplanes in the future, posites lab for the past two years which requires aerospace jobs, and will be looking for a job after said Jan Roskam, emeritus pro- graduating in May. He is interfessor at the University. Theres ested in wind turbines, which a need for the skills we impart on is a growing field because of them all over the world. the popularity of green energy. Roskam worked for Boeing Jasperse has yet to send out job from 1958 until 1967 before applications but would be happy coming to the University. He sees working locally or abroad. the decision having little effect Going abroad would be ideal, on students job prospects, con- but I need to get experience in sidering the move affects 2,100 the U.S. before going anywhere Wichitans, most of whom are not else, Jasperse said. He points to aerospace engineers. his experience in the lab, where Alejandra he has built Escalera, a radar wings for s o p h o m o r e I think there will be a NASA, as preaerospace engi- huge need for airplanes in paring him for neering student the future, which requires the industry. from La Paz, R o s k a m aerospace jobs. Bolivia, hopes would underto work in the stand if the JAn rosKAm space indusprofessor emeritus company moved try, perhaps because of losfor Lockheed ing money, but Martin, a global security and said that the company, like many information technology com- American businesses, suffers pany that works with the U.S. from optimize quarterly profits Department of Defense. For the syndrome. This means businesspast school year, she worked in es only consider short-term gain the composites lab where she versus long-term growth and the applied concepts learned in the needs of their employees. classroom. It was a perfectly legal deciYoure learning with the book sion, but unethical, Roskam and also applying what youre said. They should have honored learning, Escalera said. their oral commitment. The composites lab develops materials that are constructed Edited by Pat Strathman for use on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Escalera is not too concerned about finding a job after gradua-

Marshall sChMidt

Vote limits number of boarding houses

raChel salyer


Classifieds 11 Crossword 4

David schroer, a senior from Lincoln (front), and Julian mcCafferty, a junior from Lawrence (back), finish working on the main spar for one of the wings of the unmanned plane known as the meridian. The Aerospace students, along with other majors, have developed this unmanned system which is designed to fly over Antartica and Greenland to record the depths of ice which have never been recorded.

tyler roste/kansan

Boeing 737 engines stand, Jan. 10, 2012, at the companys factory in renton, wash. Tuesday. Boeing celebrated the increased production rate of the 737 line to 35 planes per month on Tuesday.

stephen Brashear/assoCiated press

Stipulations on what is considered a boarding house changed, decreasing the number of eligible houses in the Oread district, at Tuesday nights weekly city commission meeting. In a four to one vote, the city commission decided to change boarding house eligibility from 3,500 raw square feet to 4,500 raw square feet. This changes the number of eligible houses from 89 to 20. Last week the commission said it thought 20 eligible houses was appropriate, but deferred the decision because it was unclear if the research that produced the number included basements and attics. The decision affects all housing in Lawrence, though most boarding houses are in the Oread neighborhood that surrounds the University. A boarding house is a type of zone exempt from the rule that four or more unrelated people can live together, as long as it meets the square-footage requirement and provides 1/2 a parking space per bedroom. The decision may lead to fewer potential student houses in an area some students feel they deserve to live. It feels appropriate that this is where I live, Sheila Collins said, who lives in an Oread boarding house. I think if anything this area should be more student occupied because its in the middle of where we need to go. During last weeks meeting the issue was open for public comment, and many voiced concerns that 1/2 a parking space per bedroom was not enough, leaving streets congested. I dont want to see the parking intensity increase anymore, said John Brewer, an Oread resident. Collins said not everyone living in her house has a car, and the

availability to walk both downtown and campus is one of the reasons she lives there. If I couldnt live here, and had to live further away, to the point that a car was needed, my daily commute would absolutely be more difficult, Collins said. Mayor Aron Cromwell said last week that its important to keep the neighborhood mixed with both students and permanent residents. He believes the 20 eligible houses, which account for just less than five percent of the neighborhood, will accomplish that. Its a great, complicated neighborhood with a mix of residents, Cromwell said. We want to keep it that way. However, it is uncertain how long the new regulations will remain in place with the upcoming Oread Neighborhood Plan. The plan is aimed at overall improvement of the areas infrastructure, land use and atmosphere. The plan will keep the balance of the population, but will maintain and stabilize the strongest concentrations of owner-occupied housing and encourage owner occupancy throughout the neighborhood, according to the land use section of the plan. The plan also calls for re-zoning throughout the Oread, and the commission recognized that their boarding house regulations may only be temporary, but think it will carry some meaning. They may make some changes, Cromwell said. But this will probably carry a little bit of weight. The commission is expecting to look at the plan within the next few months. Edited by Katie James


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The watch party for the Big Lebowski is at 7 p.m. at the Jaybowl, located on the first level of the Kansas Union.

Todays Weather

Forecasts done by University students. For a more detailed forecast, see page 2A.

HI: 52 LO: 30

Your sunglasses are useless.

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thURSDaY, JaNUaRY 26, 2012


whats the
The KU Bookstores Winter Sidewalk sale is going on tomorrow through Tuesday. Second floor, Kansas Union.


HI: 49 LO: 23
A 20 percent chance of rain in the morning and afternoon. Mostly cloudy skies clearing later in the day.

HI: 42 LO: 20
Cooler and sunny.

HI: 40 LO: 30
Partly cloudy. Warming up.

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Thursday, Jan. 26
what: Big Lebowski Night wheRe: Jaybowl, Kansas Union, Lawrence wheN: 7 p.m. aBoUt: Dress up like The Dude and enjoy a non-alcoholic white Russian.

Forecaster: Tyler Wieland and Aaron Doudna, KU Atmospheric Science

Close to 50 means shorts, right?

Perfect chance to wear shades.

Its getting closer to summer.

The weekly calendar

Friday, Jan. 27
what: Final Friday wheRe: Various downtown venues, Lawrence wheN: 5 p.m. aBoUt: Hit up places such as Signs of Life to check out whats new in art. what: Opera: The Tale of Die Zauberflote wheRe: William Inge Theatre, Murphy Hall, Lawrence wheN: 7:30 p.m. aBoUt: KU School of Music presents an adapted Mozart classic. what: Cosmic Bowling wheRe: Jaybowl, Kansas Union, Lawrence wheN: 10 p.m. aBoUt: Bringing some glowsticks may not be a bad idea.

Saturday, Jan. 28
what: Workshop: Folded and Sewn: Create Four Books wheRe: Watson Library, Lawrence wheN: 8:30 a.m. aBoUt: For $15 at the door, learn how to bind your own books. what: Mens Basketball vs. Iowa State wheRe: Ames, Iowa wheN: 1 p.m. aBoUt: Another Big 12 match-up; catch it on ESPN.

Sunday, Jan. 28
what: Chiara String Quartet wheRe: Lied Center of Kansas, Lawrence wheN: 2 p.m. aBoUt: A string quartet brings contemporary and classic music with flare to the Lied Center what: Film Festival: Urban Palimpsest Destruction and Renewal wheRe: Commons, Spooner Hall, Lawrence wheN: 3 p.m. aBoUt: Check out a series of different movies about urban environments what: Lecture: Why Presidents Succeed. Why They Fail. wheRe: Dole Institute of Politics, Lawrence wheN: 3 p.m. aBoUt: Dole Institute director Richard Norton Smith talks about the successes and failures of past commanders-in-chief

what: Sticky Clutch with Monks Wine & Spencer Brown Explosion wheRe: Jazzhaus, Lawrence wheN: 10 p.m. aBoUt: A rock band covering all your favorites.

what: Campaign Finance Challenges in the Age of the Super PAC wheRe: 104 Green Hall wheN: 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. aBoUt: The chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission talks Citizens United and political advertising.

what: Womens Basketball vs. Baylor wheRe: Waco, Texas wheN: 7 p.m. aBoUt: Going against the No. 1 team in the nation; go to to listen to game coverage.

Political Fiber

Information based off the Douglas county booking recap. addicted to and an unlawful user of a controlled substance, criminal concealed carry of a firearm, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Bond was set at $5,250. 20-year-old Lawrence man was arrested Tuesday at 11:40 a.m. on suspicion of an out of country failure to appear. Bond was set at $2,500.

Obama focuses on higher education

In his State of the Union speech Tuesday night, President Obama addressed the issue of higher education, stressing the need to make it more of a priority for states and the federal government. Higher education cant be a luxury, Obama said. Its an economic imperative that every family in America should be able to afford. He said that its not enough to increase government aid to students. We cant just keep subsidizing skyrocketing tuition, he said. Well run out of money. In addition, Obama warned colleges and universities that if they couldnt find ways to stop everincreasing tuition prices, he would limit amount of federal financial aid theyre eligible to receive. So let me put colleges and universities on notice: If you cant stop tuition from going up, he said, the funding you get from taxpayers will go down. He recommended extending the tuition tax credit, doubling the number of work-study jobs in the next five years and urged legislators to prevent the interest rates on student loans from doubling in July. is a political news site associated with the School of Journalism. It launches Feb. 1.

A 19-year-old Lawrence man was arrested Wednesday at 1:57 a.m. on suspicion of a failure to appear in district court. Bond was set at $100. An 18-year-old Lawrence man was arrested Wednesday at 12:22 a.m. on suspicion of criminal possession of a firearm by a felon, criminal possession of any firearm by a person who is both

A breaking and entering was reported Monday at 8:59 p.m. at Jayhawker Towers after a laptop was taken from the victims room. The laptops reported value is $2,600. A 24-year-old Overland Park man was arrested Monday at 9:45 a.m. on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, third offense, and driving on a suspended license, first offense. Bond was set at $1,500.

Malcolm Gibson

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Misspelling of school erased outside building

NEW YORK An embarrassing misspelling of school is gone from the street outside a New York City school building. Utility workers used heavy machinery to grind up the wrongly placed H and C in the SHCOOL X-NG sign on

Tuesday. The correction was made a day after the New York Post reported the spelling error. The words were created with industrial textured tape that permanently sticks to the asphalt. Associated Press


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NEwS of thE woRLD


Associated Press

Task force will patrol parties this semester

LUKE RANKER The Fake ID 101 Task Force will focus mostly on education and patrolling social gatherings such as parties this semester. The Kansas Department of Transportation Safety Resource Office awarded the task force a fourth grant to continue its efforts to lower underage drinking rates. The previous three semesters, the coalition comprised the Lawrence Police Department, Douglas County Sheriff, KU Police and the Kansas Department of Revenues Alcohol Beverage Control Agency and patrolled mostly bars and tailgates. The threat of the task force patrolling parties could reshape the way students hold social events. Im going to change the way I do parties, Alex Schaul, a junior from Chicago, said. Schaul said he had originally considered requiring KU IDs at his parties but is now considering regular IDs. Jen Jordan, director of prevention at Douglas County Citizens Committee on Alcoholism, said she wasnt sure when the task force will begin patrolling parties or how they will pick parties. The task force has discussed using a tip hotline to help report large parties. Students need to understand that The criticism on media freedoms adds to the standoff between the EU and Hungary. The bloc already has launched legal proceedings against Hungary over the independence of the judiciary and the central bank. Orban swept into power in 2010 and has used a two-thirds majority in parliament to change the political landscape to his liking and in a way that that raised sharp criticism from the EU and the United States. A key step in the centralization of power was a law that allows the party to influence reports in the state media. they are responsible for underage drinking in their house, Jordan said. She said the task force will also focus more on education. Because bars change serving staffs often, the task force will provide an addition free program to educate liquor license holders. Jordan said one of the best avenues for education might be focus groups with college students discussing better ways to prevent underage drinking. Whether patrolling bars or parties, the task force isnt popular with some students. They need to chill out, Danny Madock, a freshman from Chicago, said. Kids are going to drink anyway. Norraine Wingfield, project director for the Kansas Transportation Safety Resource Office, said the Lawrence grant was cut from the usual $25,000 to $20,000 to accommodate federal spending cuts to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. She said she thought local departments might provide extra funding. Hopefully with time and community involvement the program will become self-sustaining, Wingfield said. Edited by Max Rothman

Open fire kills five police officers

VALLE DE BRAVo, mexico Five police officers were fatally shot after they stopped a vehicle in a town outside Mexico City, authorities said Tuesday. Mexico State prosecutor Alfredo Castillo Cervantes said the municipal officers from the town of Ixtapaluca had stopped the vehicle when a taxi and a van pulled up and a group of attackers opened fire. A member of La Familia Michoacana drug cartel who police say was responsible for collecting extortion money from bars in the area was
killed in the Monday attack. Another man was shot in the head and is at a hospital under police guard, Castillo said. Investigators think the men may be the suspects originally stopped by the officers. Police are trying to determine why the officers stopped the vehicle and whether they were in a negotiation with the men in the car when they were attacked. Witnesses told investigators the officers talked for several minutes with the pair before the assailants arrived, Castillo said.

Hungarys media freedom clipped

BRUSSELS The head of a European Union advisory panel on Wednesday denounced the extraordinary concentration of power in the press under the leadership of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, saying it has undermined his nations media freedom. The official, former Latvia Prime Minister Vaire Vike Freiberga, said Wednesday that she believes Hungary and its leaders would be wise to reconsider the laws and regulations that they have passed so as not to stand in contravention of various fundamental principles.



Berserk bus driver kills nine

NEw DELhI A bus driver
mowed down pedestrians and rammed cars, scooters and food stalls in a rampage through crowded Indian streets Wednesday that killed nine people and injured more than two dozen. Police chased the bus for an hour through the streets of the central city of Pune, with traffic officers firing on it in an attempt to stop it, before they managed to arrest the 30-yearold driver. He is being held on murder charges. The licensed bus driver had driven his route as normal Tuesday, but on Wednesday morning jumped into another drivers bus and took off, police said. He just went berserk, slamming into people, cars, school buses, scooters and vegetable stands, Pune Police Commissioner Meeran Borwankar said. Pedestrians tried to flee, with some throwing children out of the way of the oncoming bus, she said. He went on ramming vehicles, hitting pedestrians. He was in such a dangerous mood, Borwankar said. Food stalls were reduced to piles of squashed produce and broken beams, while at least 40 cars were crushed. The injured were being treated in three hospitals.

Hostages freed from Somalia

moGADIShU, Somalia U.S.
Navy SEALs parachuted into Somalia under cover of darkness early Wednesday and crept up to an outdoor camp where an American woman and Danish man were being held hostage. Soon, nine kidnappers were dead and both hostages were freed. President Barack Obama authorized the mission by SEAL Team 6 two days earlier, deploying the same unit that killed Osama bin Laden last year. Minutes after the president gave his State of the Union address to Congress he was on the phone with the Americans father to tell him his daughter was safe. The Danish Refugee Council confirmed the two aid workers, American Jessica Buchanan and Poul Hagen Thisted, a Dane, were on their way to be reunited with their families. Buchanan, 32, and Thisted, 60, were working with a de-mining unit of the Danish Refugee Council when gunmen kidnapped the two in October. The raiders came in quickly, catching the guards as they were sleeping after having chewed the narcotic leaf qat for much of the evening, a pirate who gave his name as Bile Hussein told The Associated Press by phone. Hussein said he was not present at the site but had spoken with other pirates who were, and that they told him nine pirates had been killed in the raid.



Suspicious package leads to evacuation

A suspicious package located outside the Douglas County Courthouse led to the evacuation of the building Wednesday afternoon. It was deemed not dangerous.

Around 2:25 p.m. the sheriffs department received a report of an unattended white package and book bag near the bushes outside of the east entrance to the courthouse. As a result, we issued an evacuation, Douglas County Undersheriff Steve Hornberger said. We called local

medical and fire, as well as the Overland Park Bomb Squad. After examining the package, the bomb squad did not find anything dangerous and cleared the scene before 5 p.m. Hornberger said individuals who wanted to conduct business at the

courthouse were not able to, but the treasurers office on the first floor of the courthouse remained open. The courthouse will be open for business at its usual hours tomorrow. Rachel Salyer

From left, Collin Stirling, a sophomore from Kansas City; Colin Belmont, a sophomore from Omaha, Neb.; Kristen Rawls, a junior from Chicago; and Michael Aldrighetti, a senior from Columbus, compete in a Madden 12 tournament at the Kansas Union last night. The tournament had 20 participants and was free.


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george harrison gets posthumous iPad app

Here comes the app. The Guitar Collection: George Harrison iPad app celebrates the late guitarist and his collection of historical axes with photos, descriptions, and audio and video footage. Harrison is known for such songs as the Beatles Here Comes the Sun; his first solo hit, my Sweet Lord; and later comeback keepers Got my mind Set on You and when we was Fab, Harrisons bounty of six-strings get their close-ups with 360-degree imaging. The app will be released Feb. 23 two days before what would have been Harrisons 69th birthday for $10 on iTunes. McClatchy Tribune


CheCk OuT The answers

PLease reCyCLe This PaPer


SPECIALS MONDAY $2 Margaritas TUESDAY $1 Hard Shell Beef Tacos


WEDNESDAY $5 Taco Salad

Joe Namath enters silver screen again

MCCLaTChy TriBune
Joe Namath, still the New York Jets greatest quarterback after all these years, is the subject of a new profile airing Saturday on HBO. But Broadway Joes TV appearances werent limited to his on-field heroics. Take these five: This TV movie was a failed pilot for a series starring Namath as a wedding photographer.

THURSDAY $4 Sangria
FRI. & SAT. $12 Lime Margarita Pitchers



In the Mail-Order Hero episode, Bobby Brady (Mike Lookinland) lies to his friends that Namath is a family friend. So with help from Cindy (Susan Olsen), he fakes a serious illness to convince Namath to come to his house.


Namath and Fred Willard played swinging bachelors (were there any other kind on this show?) who find out that money isnt everything when they meet a beautiful woman.


Namath starred in this shortlived (just three episodes aired) sitcom as Joe Casey, a failed pro basketball player now teaching history and coaching the girls hoops team at a Wisconsin High School.


Namath was a member of a football team playing an exhibition game in East Germany. The game was a smoke screen designed by the guys of The A-Team to rescue a defecting scientist.

THE A-TEAM (1986)



644 Mass. 749-1912

accessibility info (785) 749-1972

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The European debt crisis made simple

a common currency (the Euro) and a central bank (the European Central Bank). All of this seems like a sensible attempt at international cooperation, but ignores one glaring fact: The nations of Europe have been waging war on another for the better part of the last 2000 years. Scars from this shared history cover the continent and factor into the economic, political and cultural realities of modern Europe. While nations are bound together by the decisions of a single central bank, each nation still controls its own budget and foreign policy. Most importantly, each clings to its national identity. As a result, a group of vastly different countries that tend to distrust one another have been forced into an intimate union. Put simply, its the equivalent of forcing Kansas and Missouri to merge. Normally, an independent country has several tools to prevent economic problems from occurring. These include using a combination of spending less money, asking others for help and printing more or less currency to support an ailing economy.

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I think that if I had a class with basketball players I couldnt stop myself from throwing newspaper in the air when they walked in the room. I feel bad for the guy whose shorts are higher than the girls he is walking behind. Its lonely being a low income student at this university. rich kids can never understand how hard it is. I wish there was a joke involved in all of this ... editors note: Dont worry. Someday, youll make more money than all of them. ras ruin everything. Whats wrong with having a betta fish fighting ring everything Thursday night? newt Gingrich can beat obama ... in a pie eating contest. editors note: It would be more entertaining than most presidential debates. Guy walks out of the rec, lights up a cigarette. classic. The 99 percent suffer from jealousy. like any of you would turn down a million dollar salary ... That annoying person from last semester? They were assigned as my lab partner. Jeff Withey has a girlfriend? Its cool. Ill just pretend like I didnt hear that. Just realized I sit in seat 69 in two of my lectures. Its gonna be a good semester! Just heard the girl at the table next to me say she was going to watch Dora the explorer to help her in Spanish class. #howareyouincollege. Being an english major and liking Twilight is like being a music major and liking nickelback, rebecca Black and Insane clown Posse. Is it bad that my breakfast just consisted of five cinnamon rolls and two Dr. Pepper cherrys? editors note: You need some protein. Fraser? lets be real; Ive written a paper waiting for the Summerfield elevator. Western civ prof just dissed Tim Tebow! Day: made! To the person complaining about being an english major. come talk to us when youve been awake for more than 72 hours straight working on a project or if you spend 20 to 50 hours per paper while taking upper level math and physics courses. Sincerely, The architectural engineers. (oh and yes we all still drink for a good reason). I say the next time a fan yells home of the chiefs during the national anthem, we FeD eX them to the mizzou student dorms. Its pretty awesome to listen to a professor of a major liberal school bash the liberals! #polsclass I live in Hash and shower daily. I expect the university to offer me a scholarship for being a minority. #totallyserious #showmethemoney There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing tennis shoes with jeans. How pretentious can you be?! I got randomly high-fived today by a stranger. coolest thing today so far.

uring the last several months, two separate media narratives have been playing out on both sides of the Atlantic. In the United States, the collective voice of the press has been focused on domestic issues and popular cultural absurdities such as the birth of Jay-Z and Beyonces new baby, Blue Ivy Carter. Meanwhile, the European media has been almost exclusively covering what has been called the greatest threat to Europe since 1945: the European Union Sovereign Debt Crisis. Even President Barack Obama has said that the European Union (EU) debt crisis is the biggest headwind the American economy is facing right now. Despite this, its fair to say that the majority of Americans do not understand the brewing economic crisis. They should. The crisis is the result of an ongoing attempt to unify the nations of Europe into a United States of Europe a consolidated economic region able to compete with both the United States and China. Countries euro area are bound together in a monetary union, which means they share

By Greg Loving

However, the EU has married 17 countries with different fiscal and political regimes into a single monetary union. As a result, each EU nation has lost part of its ability to alleviate economic distress, because it cannot enact independent monetary policy. All 17 nations are now subject to the whims of the European Central Bank, which has been known to serve the needs of more powerful EU nations before those of the periphery. European economic cooperation worked for a short time, but the 2008 global financial crisis reopened old wounds. Smaller EU economies (Greece, Ireland and Portugal) did not weather the crisis well and are now facing the prospect of a sovereign default (meaning that a countrys debt is so large that it is

no longer able to realistically pay it off). As a result, these weaker EU economies are asking the more powerful EU members, primarily Germany and France, for a bailout to avoid default. Understandably, these larger nations are hesitant to pay for the sins of their smaller neighbors. A sovereign default has the potential to throw all of Europe and indeed the world into prolonged economic downturn. By definition, someones debt is someone elses asset. Unfortunately for the global economic system, much of the bad debt in the EU is held by large multinational banks in Germany, France and the U.S. If one of the troubled EU countries is allowed to default, any bank that holds a significant portion of that debt is also subject to fail. Because these large banks also happen to hold one anothers debt, global banks could conceivably begin to fall like dominos if a single collapse occurred. The event would freeze global markets and bring about unprecedented economic calamity. This scenario is known as financial contagion because of its similarity

to the spread of an infectious disease in a global pandemic. Given this unfortunate reality, it is important to understand that events happening halfway around the world can have a significant effect on our lives. The truth is, we no longer live in a world where all the solutions to our economic woes lie conveniently within our borders. During the past several decades, the forces of globalization have made national economies and our lives more interdependent than ever before. At its core, this trend has been a powerful force for good, raising hundreds of millions around the world out of abject poverty and into a new global middle class. However, it has also placed some uncomfortable pressure on developed countries, which have had their position of economic dominance for the past half-century challenged. As we continue the debate about how to heal our own economy, it would do us well to consider the global realities of our economic system.
Loving is a senior in chemical engineering and economics from McPherson.

Major EU countries public debt

Source: The Economist

Public debt: $374,758,904,110 Public debt: $174,502,465,753 Public debt: $804,698,630,137 Debt per capita: $34,103.09 Debt per capita: $16,402.76 Debt per capita: $17,539.14




Public debt: $2,003,150,958,904 Public debt: $147,186,465,753 Public debt: $2,315,786,575,342 Debt per capita: $31,882.18 Debt per capita: $35,122.42 Debt per capita: $27,931.98






How we survived losing Wikipedia T

o my future children, We didnt have iRain or iHubris when I was growing up. You kids have it easy since Apple learned to completely control Mother Nature. The winter of 12 was one of the toughest my generation of Kansans has ever endured. We had to trudge through sunlit days that got as cold as 40 degrees with wind-chill. Little did we know, there was more than weather to dread. Like the descent of some primordial plague, the darkness of a storm descended over the soul of humanity. I know you kids will think your old man had been hittin the bottle too hard again after you hear what hes going to tell you. On Jan. 18, we lost Wikipedia. Only when youve escaped the darkness can you truly fear it, and not since I was a pre-teen, scouring the alcoves of my local library for information on Posh Spice (it was for a school report, I swear) have I felt so isolated and helpless. It was a desperate plea for help, but I didnt realize it at the time. There were shelves; endless shelves where ideas were not recycled, where research did not support the inane flight of mental fancy. Children, that the books wed been using for target practice would be pried open again was enough to send me back to that moment when my young tears had stained the wood of the archaic circulation desk. But I digress. Just like Pearl Harbor, the world changed indelibly for the worse, but unlike Pearl Harbor, this nightmare didnt star Ben Affleck. That was the digression. They say that when Google changed its logo to a black block, the moon turned to blood and cats and dogs began living together; mass hysteria, as predicted by the Mayans of old. Others say it was just overcast and slightly colder for a few days. For us college students, these were the darkest days since adults realized higher education could simultaneously be a money-making venture. With no Wikipedia, we had no way of accessing the esoteric yet

avoiding impulsive behavior

Learning to recognize impulsive behavior may help us make better and more rational decisions in the future

By Daniel Obermeier

diverting information we needed in a concise and meaningful format. We were in the darkest of dark ages, and it was only economical that we returned to our animalistic and base primordial instincts. We were forced to verbally communicate with one another. Only Facebook stood between us and our profoundly neglected, so-called, real lives. Can anyone blame us for what happened next? Sometimes chaos is the only logical option. It was the dawn of the Great Depression. Unable to find a satisfactory answer to what soap is made of, bored and with only my roommates for amusement, I drank myself to sleep that night. When the bleak light of day broke my window the following morning, I sought to shield my eyes with a handy pillow. Upon discovering that the pillow was actually a live cat, I abandoned trying to return to the world of dreams and faced a world with information, once again, locked away in other parts of cyberspace. And what did my wondering eyes behold when I opened my browser? There, glowing in effervescent light, with the radiance of paradise was the home page for Wikipedia. Against all odds, we had survived for 24 hours without it. To ensure this catastrophe would never happen again, our generation unanimously voted for the Mandatory Information Act (M.I.A.), which is why Wikipedia is the only acceptable source of knowledge today.
Obermeier is a junior in history from Olathe.

uppose the Kansan offered a voucher to the bookstore in todays paper that is worth $5 for the next week. However, this voucher is special. The longer you save it, the more valuable it becomes so that it will be worth $10 in one year. How likely are you to wait a year to get the $10? If youd choose to redeem it at any value less than $10, youre engaging in the same irrational thinking that psychologists detect in gamblers and drug addicts. Delay Discounting describes a decision of choosing smaller, sooner rewards rather than larger, later ones, and its often associated with being impulsive. When you discount a future reward you are essentially ignoring its value to choose the smaller sooner reward. This behavioral habit can give us clues as to how we make daily decisions, and in understanding how a gambler and a drug addict behave, we can better understand why we make impulsive decisions. Frequently, gamblers go to the casino with hundreds and, many times, thousands of dollars. If they simply invested this money, theyd have much higher dividends in the long run. But gamblers dont invest; they gamble because they can win small amounts of money immediately. This behavior isnt much different from choosing to go out and drink with friends instead of study for a big test. Drug addicts also discount their future heavily in that they alter the real value of the long term consequence. They devalue the long-term effects of drug usage to feel the immediate reward. Interestingly, research in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment tells us that drug users are more impulsive in general

By Michael Sofis

than non-drug users. Many people discount the real value of later rewards. Some say it is an evolutionary trait that came about as humans responded to immediate dangers as opposed future ones. Regardless, some good examples of discounting are smoking cigarettes, not caring about littering and spending money now instead of reaping

In the end, we dont behave at random. There are patterns of how we make decisions, no matter how irrational the response may seem.

the rewards of saving it. We act impulsively by acting on the immediate reward and not the one that can come with self-control (getting a good grade on the test, living a longer healthier life, and being in a better financial situation). Many of these behaviors wouldnt even be looked at as impulsive. Deciding to watch television instead of taking out the overflowing trash is an example. KU Assistant Professor of Applied Behavioral Science Dr. Derek Reed studies discounting and emphasizes it in his research. His research suggests we all engage in some form of discounting, and that its so predictable that a mathematical equation explains your degree of

discounting, much like laws of physics determine momentum or gravity. The upside is that the predictable nature of discounting permits ways to behaviorally intervene to encourage selfcontrol. Dr. Reeds Center for Applied Behavioral Economics is presently measuring how discounting explains college students risk-seeking behaviors (including gambling), as well as the ways in which discounting underlies students tendencies to be green on campus (recycling versus littering). What Dr. Reeds and others research suggests is that knowledge is power. One study in the Journal of Applied Behavioral Economics showed that with training, five pathological gamblers not only discounted future decisions less, but past decisions they made as well. We all discount some, because it is a common behavioral trait. But even knowing that such a term exists may serve to help you realize when youre being impulsive. Try to think about decisions you make on a daily, weekly, monthly basis and how you allocate your responses. What patterns or tendencies do you notice? In the end we dont behave at random. There are patterns of how we make decisions, no matter how irrational the response may seem. While it may seem pessimistic to recognize that irrationality and impulsivity are common in most of our decisions, understanding the lawful nature of these behaviors increases our knowledge and begins starts the process of promoting self-control.
Sofis is a senior in applied behavioral science from Pittsburgh, Penn.

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thURSDAY, jANUARY 26, 2012



thURSDAY, jANUARY 26, 2012


Kansas texas tech JayhawK Stat leaderS

Points Rebounds

30| 32 62 23 | 20 43


Kansas brings down texas tech

Player aishah sutherland carolyn Davis angel Goodrich Monica engleman natalie Knight chelsea Gardner cece harper tania Jackson totals Pts 10 34 6 8 2 2 0 0 62 FG-FGA 5-11 17-24 2-7 3-11 1-3 1-4 0-0 0-1 29-61 Rebs 7 6 5 7 4 1 2 1 36 A 1 0 9 5 3 0 1 0 19 tos 2 1 2 3 0 1 0 1 12


like they needed to make a state- of Davis baskets. But Goodrich ment to move their season in a posi- cant take all the credit for setting up Davis. Junior guard Monica Engletive direction. We are more mature, Henrick- man also plays a crucial role. Monty sets the screen, and the son said. We are, I think, playing more of a sense of urgency and re- way she sets it sometimes runs their players into each other. So Carolyns sponsibility. The major factor for Kansas to wide open, Goodrich said. What else made have the kind it easier for Davis of success they was the absence had with the We are more mature. We of Texas Techs seRed Raiders are, I think, playing more nior forward Kiwas thanks in of a sense of urgency and erra Mallard who large part to missed the game junior forward responsibility. for undisclosed Carolyn Davis with 34 points BOnnIe henRIcKsOn medical reasons. coach Not having her on 17 of 24 in the game made shooting. a significant differIn fact after going 10 of 17 in the first half, she ence for Davis post play. It was kind of a load off your made all seven of her baskets in the shoulders, Davis said. Shes a scorsecond half. I think its a credit to my team- ing machine and it would have been mates for passing me the ball, and tough to guard her, and offensively Angel getting it to me while Im tries to do a lot so that was a blessing open helped me get easy baskets, in disguise I guess. Another impressive performance Davis said. Junior guard Angel Goodrich, on the night was senior forward who finished the game with nine as- Aishah Sutherland who was dosists, was on the back end of many ing a little bit of everything for the

Kansas 62, texas tech 43

*all games in bold are at home Date Nov. 2 Nov. 6 Nov. 13 Nov. 16 nov. 20 Nov. 25 Nov. 26 Nov. 27 Dec. 1 Dec. 4 Dec. 8 Dec. 17 Dec. 21 Dec. 28 Jan. 4 jan. 7 jan. 11 Jan. 15 Jan. 18 jan. 21 jan. 25 Jan. 28 jan. 31 Feb. 4 Feb. 8 Feb. 12 Feb. 15 Feb. 18 Feb. 21 Feb. 24 Feb. 29 March 3 Opponent EmPoRIA StAtE PIttSBURG St WEStERN mIchIGAN cREIGhtoN WaKe FORest LAmAR IUPUI FLoRDIA AtLANtIc SmU aLaBaMa WIScoNSIN UmKc oRAL RoBERtS SAm hoUStoN StAtE texas KANSAS StAtE IoWA StAtE MIssOURI OKLahOMa state tEXAS A&m tEXAS tEch BaYLOR oKLAhomA texas a&M tEXAS Kansas state IOWa state mISSoURI texas tech BAYLoR oKLAhomA StAtE OKLahOMa Result/time W, 83-61 W, 68-43 W, 76-64 W 73-59 W, 74-73 W, 90-40 W, 71-50 W, 82-63 W, 75-52 L, 80-76 W, 73-44 W, 77-52 W, 85-68 W, 89-59 W, 84-58 L, 63-57 W, 74-67 (2ot) W, 72-63 W, 65-60 L, 76-65 W, 62-43 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 12 p.m. 7 p.m. 1 p.m. 7 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 7 p.m. 2 p.m.




RYAN mccARthY Since conference season began, the womens basketball team has not had a convincing win inside Allen Fieldhouse. That all changed on Wednesday night when Kansas dismantled No. 21 Texas Tech 62-43 to give the team its second conference home victory. I thought we got off to good start finally at home, coach Bonnie Henrickson said. We talked about how we played with a great sense of urgency on the road and built leads and were able to withstand some leads on the road and hadnt done that at home. Texas Techs Red Raiders coach Kristy Curry also pointed out that defending the home court is the most important factor in the Big 12. The bottom line is that Kansas played great tonight, Curry said. They defended their home court like you have to do in this league. After dropping two of their last three games at home to Kansas State and Texas A&M, the Jayhawks felt

texaS tech
Player shauntal nobles Kelsi Baker christine hyde casey Morris Monique smalls chynna Brown Jordan Barncastle amber Battle totals Pts 4 6 9 0 7 11 4 0 43 FG-FGA 1-5 3-10 4-12 0-7 3-8 5-13 2-4 0-0 19-64 Rebs 6 5 6 3 4 7 2 0 42 A 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 3 tos 1 2 2 2 4 2 0 1 15

Jayhawks. She had 10 points, seven rebounds and a career high six blocks. Of all the aspects of the stat sheet, Sutherland was extremely pleased about her blocks. I was just after the ball today, Sutherland said. I looked at being on help side and take the opportunity to block someones shot and to tell them not to come to the rim anymore. In fact, the entire Jayhawk defense had a solid effort holding the Red Raiders to 29.7 percent from the field. Henrickson said her team did a good job with on ball defense, but struggled some of the time with transition. The Jayhawks wont have a long time to celebrate this win as they go on to face No. 1 ranked Baylor in Waco, Tex., on Saturday. Were not gonna re-invent the wheel for Baylor, but weve got to move some people around and move some pieces, Henrickson said. edited by amanda Gage

Game tO remember
carolyn davis, junior forward
efficiency continues to be the buzz word around carolyn Davis and that continued on Wednesday when she scored the Big 12 season high with 24 points. Davis finished 17 of 24 from the field including making her final seven shots of the game. the surprising part about tonight was that she only shot one free throw attempt. even though Davis was impressive she was still four points off her career-high 38 points.

Prime PlayS
FirSt halF (ScOre aFter Play)
18:23 Monica engelman hit a jumper outside the lane to give Kansas a 4-0 lead. she scored the first four points. 17:23 carolyn Davis scored on a fast break layup to put the Jayhawks up 8-0 forcing texas tech to call a timeout. 4:54 carolyn Davis steps out for a jumper to give Kansas a cushion after texas tech pulled the game within one. 0:23 cece harper steals the ball around mid court. angel Goodrich gets the ball to carolyn Davis for a jumper to end the half up seven points.


Game tO FOrGet
natalie Knight, freshman guard
Battling a cold for most of the week, the steady freshman guard tried to give her best effort against texas tech. however, it was one of her more underwhelming performances of the year, drawing three fouls throughout the game and ending with only two points, three assists and four rebounds.

SecOnd halF
19:50 aishah sutherland scores off her own steal to start the second half with a nine point lead.


Junior guard angel Goodrich puts up two points during the second half of Wednesday nights game against texas tech. Goodrich had a total of 5 rebounds and 6 points in the 62-43 Kansas victory. Kansas is now 16-3 for the season.


18:31 Monica engelman hits her second jumper in less than a minute to give the Jayhawks an 11 point lead. 13:10 angel Goodrich hits a jumper off an assist from natalie Knight to cap off a 12-4 run by the Jayhawks to open the second half. 1:40 carolyn Davis hits a jumper to give Kansas its largest lead of the game at 21 points.

ShOt chart: carOlyn daviS, JuniOr FOrward

First halF second halF

X X oo o o X o oo X X X X X X X


this is the first season since 2008-2009 that Kansas has defeated two ranked teams. the Jayhawks won their first game against texas tech under Bonnie henrickson, they entered the game 0-8. Kansas is off to its best conference start since 1999-2000 at 5-2.

X = make o = miss

QuOte OF the Game

We have a great team this year and we are ready to beat any ranked team that comes to us.
Senior forward aisah Sutherland on what it means to beat two ranked teams this season.

aishah sutherland was recognized before the game as the 24th Jayhawk to score 1,000 career points, a feat she accomplished against texas a&M on saturday. Freshman guard Donielle Breaux left the team before the Oklahoma state game on Jan. 18.


34 29.7 20 6

Key StatS

shade Little, Burnadette Gray-Littles husband, shows up to the womens basketball game Wednesday night against texas tech. Kansas won 6243 and increased their record to 16-3 for the season.


carolyn Davis scored a season-high 34 points, the most by a Big 12 player this season. Kansas held texas tech to poor shooting from the field. they have held all 19 opponents to under 50 percent. carolyn Davis scored 20 of her 34 points in the first half. aishah sutherland had a career-high six blocks. Junior forward carolyn Davis gets possession of the opening tipoff against texas tech sophomore forward shauntal nobles. Davis scored 34 points. Kanas won against texas tech 62-43 and are now 16-3.


Junior guard Monica engelman fouls texas tech junior guard Monique smalls during the first half of the game. engelman had three personal fouls and eight total points. Kansas won against texas tech 62-43.



thURSDAY, JANUARY 26, 2012



thURSDAY, JANUARY 26, 2012


Checking in with some Jayhawks in the nBa

MAx RothMAN Far removed from the Legends of the Phog, a spectacle of nostalgia and clutch shooting at allen Fieldhouse, and the lockout, a temporarily mended disagreement, the nBa finds itself one month away all-Star weekend. Heres a quick look at some Jayhawks who are still going strong in the league.

Paul Pierce, guard Boston Celtics

Markieff Morris, forward Pheonix Suns

Brandon Rush, guard Golden State Warriors


Rush has been one of the first options off the bench for first-year coach mark Jackson. Hes hitting 54.5 percent of his three-point shots this season, second only to Boston Celtics guard Ray allen, the all-time leader from behind the arc. Best game of the season: 92-78 victory vs. new York knicks on Dec. 28 19 points, six rebounds, two assists, two steals, two blocks

Pierce has endured the slowest start in Boston since allen and forward kevin garnett came to town. The Celtics are just 7-9 and four and a half games behind the 76ers for the atlantic Division lead. Regardless, Pierce has proven that hes still got something left at age 34. His 5.0 rebounds and 4.8 assists per game speak to his well-rounded abilities. Best game of the season: 100-94 victory at Washington Wizards on Jan. 22 34 points, 10 assists, eight rebounds, three steals, 12-15 free throws


morris has found a comfy spot in the rotation for the Suns, a team trying to both rebuild and cling to folk-hero point guard and ticket-seller Steve nash. morris works well with nash because of his ability to spread the floor with his outside shooting. He has been big part of a needed rebounding force for a thin front court. Hes 10th among all rookies with 21.2 minutes per game. Best game of the season: 109-93 victory against milwaukee on Jan. 8 13 points, 10 rebounds, three assists, two blocks, one steal, 30 minutes played


Nick Collison, forward oklahoma City thunder

Mario Chalmers, guard Miami heat

Collison joins fast-rising guard James Harden as a cog of one of the best second units in the nBa. The Thunder have the second best record in the league, and while Harden, forward kevin Durant and guard Russell Westbrook are the primary reasons, role players like Collison do the dirty work that doesnt always show up in box scores but carries contenders. Best game of the season: 108-96 victory against San antonio on Jan. 8 12 points (six of seven from the field), 10 rebounds, two assists


Chalmers has the fourth most favorable plus/minus rating in the nBa, which shows how much of difference he makes when in the game. Hes not at the helm of the Heat, but hes also the fourth option on the title favorite, averaging 11.6 points and 4.4 assists per game. Best game of the season: 116-109 triple-overtime victory at atlanta on Jan. 5 29 points, eight assists, seven rebounds, three steals, one block, 49 minutes played




Shot charts against texas A&M EliJah Johnson, Junior guard

First halF
o o o o o X o X

ConnEr TEahan, sEnior guard

second halF

Star freshman Nash keys upset over tigers

second halF
o STILLWaTER, Okla. Freshman swingman LeBryan nash scored a career-high 27 points, Brian Williams added a career-best 22 and Oklahoma State knocked off no. 2 missouri 79-72 on Wednesday night. Nash nash, a mcDonalds allamerican, scored 13 points during a 17-4 burst that sent the Cowboys into the lead in the final 4 minutes and the Tigers (18-2, 5-2 Big 12)

First halF

X = make o = miss


X = make o = miss

didnt have a response. nash hit a jumper and a 3-pointer to get it going, then nailed another 3 from the left side to give the Cowboys (10-10, 3-4) a 65-64 lead with 3:23 to play. He connected on another 29 seconds later and ran to the opposite end of the court when missouri called timeout to encourage a student section that was already hopping up and down to bring it on. When the clock hit zero, the students rushed the court and huddled around Oklahoma States players at midcourt. Ricardo Ratliffe had 25 points and 12 rebounds to lead missouri. associated Press

Johnson, Teahan arent making threes

KoRY CARPENtER With the departure of Tyrel Reed and Brady Morningstar and the ineligibility of freshman guard Ben McLemore, the three-point shooting threats for Kansas entering this season were noticeably thin. The team seemed to count on senior guard Conner Teahan and junior guard Elijah Johnson to knock down jump shots and open up the floor for junior center Jeff Withey and junior forward Thomas Robinson. Even with a 17-3 record and a No. 5 ranking in the latest polls, the threepoint shooting has been off and on for most the season. And lately, its been mostly off. Were just shooting the ball so bad, coach Bill Self said after defeating Texas A&M Monday. I mean, good gosh. If its not for Tyshawn can be considered good attempts. Thats the coaches fault if theyre here of late, whos making shots? In the 64-54 victory against the shooting the shot you want and they Aggies, Kansas was 4-for-20 from dont go in, Self said. And thats beyond the three-point line. In basically what theyre doing for the seven Big 12 games, the Jayhawks most part. Johnson are shooting 32.8 has strugpercent from gled the the three-point I mean, good gosh. If its most, shootline. Those numnot for Tyshawn here of late, ing just bers can largely 28.8 perbe attributed to whos making shots? cent from Tyshawn Taylor, a BILL SELF beyond the seemingly unlikely Coach arc with 111 three-point threat. attempts. Since conference play began, Taylor is fifth in three- Hes had a few great nights from point shooting percentage (.40) and deep, including a 4-for-8 perforeighth in threes made (14). Teahan mance in the UCLA victory in the and Johnson are absent from both Maui Invitational as well as a 5-for-7 lists on the Big 12 website, which afternoon against Ohio State last rank just the top 15 in each catego- month. But as of late hes struggled ry. But the shots the duo are taking to connect on a consistent basis,

sinking more than one three-pointer on just one occasion in Big 12 play as well as an 0-for-6 performance against Texas A&M. I thought Elijah went kind of haywire, brain dead in the first half with a couple he clipped off, Self said. But for the most part, those are shots we want to take. With the somewhat surprising three-point efficiency from Taylor and the All-American season from Thomas Robinson, the shooting difficulties havent proved too costly yet. Were better shooters than that, Self said. Conner and Elijah are good shooters, were just not making them right now. Edited by Jeff Karr


thURSDAY, JANUARY 26, 2012



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There are no athletic events today.


thURSDAY, jANUARY 26,2012


QUotE of thE DAY

Its just the epitome of stupidity that we would allow ourselves to be used so other corporations can make tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on international teams hurting NBA players

Predicting 2012 Heisman candidates

plenty of airtime and could subsequently find himself competing for the Heisman Trophy. Being the perennial Heisman favorite can come back to bite a player in the butt. Just ask Andrew Luck. Barkley enters the season with atmospheric expectations that USC and Lane Kiffin may not be able to back up. The result: A strong season from Barkley, but anything short of a BCS bowl appearance and possibly a spot in the national championship game automatically disqualifies him from taking home the Heisman. Quite simply, expectations are just too high for Barkley to live up to.


fACt of thE DAY

On this day in 1960, Danny Heater of Burnsville High School set the high school basketball record for most points in a game with 135. Heater made 53 out of 70 shots, 29 free throws and grabbed 32 rebounds.


Q: Who leads the NBA in scoring? A: Kobe Bryant with 30.5 points per game.

ts college footballs baby. Its the gold standard of trophies. And it is, perhaps, the most coveted trophy in sports. It is the Heisman Trophy, and it currently sits in Waco, Texas. In retrospect, its easy to see that Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III was a perfect candidate to take home the 2011 Heisman Trophy. But before the season started, names like Andrew Luck and Landry Jones dominated preseason Heisman Trophy watch lists over Griffin. Its pointless to try to predict who will take home the Heisman before any games have been played. Its even more pointless to try to do so before any spring practices have started. But its fun, and thats why Im going to try to predict the Heisman finalists and order for the 2012 season. Let the fun begin.

3. MAtt BArKlEy, quArtErBACK, uSC

By Mike Vernon
fans alike drool when they see dual-threat numbers like Kleins, and if he can do it again, he could easily find himself in New York City as a candidate to win the 2012 Heisman Trophy.

hell without a doubt find himself at the Heisman Trophy ceremony, but if his numbers fall short, Ball could be forgotten in the numbers race that is the Heisman Trophy candidacy.

If the Wildcats have any kind of repeat performance of their 10-victory 2011 season, Kleins name will be basking in some Heisman love. The man ran for 27 touchdowns last season and threw 13 more. Heisman voters and college football

5. ColliN KlEiN, quArtErBACK, KANSAS StAtE

Name-factor matters, and this is where Lattimore gets his preseason points. Hes a recognizable name and a potentially strong story as he returns from a seasonending injury. Lattimore is a powerful running back who had 818 rushing yards with 10 touchdowns before tearing a ligament in his knee. If Lattimore can stay healthy and return to his 2011 form, he will get

4. MArCuS lAttiMorE, ruNNiNg BACK, South CAroliNA

Ball finished fourth in the Heisman voting last season and had quite a case to finish even higher. He ran for 1,923 yards and an eye-popping 33 touchdowns to land himself in Heisman contention. But just like Barkley, Ball could suffer from high expectations set by himself. If he can repeat his 2011 numbers,

2. MoNtEE BAll, ruNNiNg BACK, WiSCoNSiN

If history can help predict the future, it says Denard Robinson is the man to take home the Heisman Trophy in 2012. Four of the last six trophy winners have been mobile quarterbacks like Robinson. If Michigan takes the Big 10 crown, or makes any run at another BCS game, Robinson will feel the love. A program like Michigan could catch the nations eyes and land firmly in an ESPN media storm. If the scenario plays out, Robinson takes home the Heisman and cements himself as a Michigan football legend. Edited by Christine Curtin

1. DENArD roBiNSoN, MiChigAN

This week in athletics

Jayhawk Invitational All Day Lawrence

Womans basketball
vs. Baylor 7 p.m. Waco, Texas

There are no athletic events today.

There are no athletic events today.

Womens basketball
vs. Oklahoma 7 p.m. Lawrence

Mens basketball
vs. Oklahoma 8 p.m. Lawrence

Mens Basketball
vs. Iowa State 1 p.m. Ames, Iowa


the Associated Press Wednesday that Berglund was given differed prosecution and he fulfilled those terms, which were approved by the alleged victim. He was required to pay $2,935 in restitution, complete community service and take a conflict management class. Berglund has been dismissed by the team, but not released from his scholarship. He will be meeting with the Universitys studentathlete appeals board to gain his release from the Jayhawks.
Mike Vernon

Charges against Berglund dropped

Colorado prosecutors have dismissed former Kansas quarterback Brock Berglunds assault charge, according to the Associated Press. The misdemeanor charge kept Berglund from Berglund practicing with the Jayhawks last season. A spokeswoman for the 18th Judicial District Attorneys office told

Penn State scandal prompts legislation

HARTFORD, Conn. The child sexual abuse scandal at Penn State University has prompted state lawmakers across the nation to take another look at laws designed to protect children and punish child predators. At least 12 states are considering mandatory reporting legislation this year, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, and more are expected to craft bills as their sessions get into full swing. In addition to measures to improve the reporting of suspected child sex abuse, bills have been drafted across the country that would increase or even eliminate the statutes of limitations for bringing criminal or civil cases against alleged abusers. The alleged incidents at Penn State I think awakened something in our national consciousness about protecting our kids, said Mike Feuer, a California assemblyman and chairman of that legislatures Judiciary Committee. Feuer, a Los Angeles Democrat, is sponsoring a bill that would have employees at universities added to the list of mandated reporters in his state. Forty-eight states currently require at least some professionals to immediately report knowledge or suspicion of child sexual abuse to some authority, according to the NCSL. Eighteen of those states require every adult to be a mandated reporter. Advocates for abuse victims are pushing hard for legislation to be passed this year, recognizing that the Penn State scandal presents an opportunity to cut through the governments red tape. It is a mobilization time. But just as important, it is a public information time, said Jim Hmurovich, chief executive of Prevent Child Abuse America. We need to get the message out that sex offender registries and treatment services for victims and mandatory reporting requirements are important, but theyre not the whole picture.

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Volume 124 Issue 83


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Then and now: Jayhawk additions to the NBA

Kansas slams tExas tEch

PaGe 6-7


Defense needs to show up

By C.J. Matson


PaGe 9

KathlEEn giEr

Kansas BEats no. 21

Aishah Sutherland was the only other Jayhawks to reach double figures with 10 points. She added a game-high six blocks. This is the latest in a string of good games from Sutherland who is currently second in program history in blocks and broke into the top ten in rebounds. Sutherland was honored before the game with a game ball to recognize her becoming the 24th Jayhawk to surpass 1,000 career points one game ago against Texas A&M. She realizes, Hey, I need to do my job and there is more focus and attention to detail than she has had in her career, Henrickson said. The guards kept the ball moving to Sutherland and Davis in the post with 19 assists on the 29 Kansas baskets. Angel Goodrich led the team with nine assists. Goodrich entered the game leading the nation with 7.7 assists per game. Kansas advanced to 16-3 on the season and 5-2 in Big 12 play with the win. This is the best conference start since 1999-2000. This was also Henricksons first career win over Texas Tech in nine tries. I think its really big for where were at right now and what were trying to be, Davis said. Were second in the conference, were trying to get into the Top 25 and wins like this will only help us. The Jayhawks will face their biggest challenge at 7 p.m. on Saturday in Waco when they face No. 1 Baylor. Edited by Bre Roach

reD raiDers ruineD

he rugged road through the Big 12 conference schedule has been a smooth ride for the Jayhawks with a few bumps along the way. The Jayhawks narrow victory against the Longhorns in Austin and their ugly victory against the Aggies in Lawrence were reminders that winning the conference championship wont come easy. As fans anticipate upcoming showdowns against Missouri and Baylor, overlooking the Cyclones would be a serious mistake. The Cyclones, led by coach Fred Hoiberg, are the surprise team of the Big 12. They have climbed to the top of the standings, despite being picked by coaches to finish eighth in the Big 12 preseason poll. On Saturday, the Jayhawks face the Cyclones in Ames for the second of their two matchups this season. In their first matchup in Lawrence, the Cyclones put up a fight and led by 12 points early in the second half. They also won the rebounding battle 46-38, which is impressive, considering the Jayhawks are the top rebounding team in the Big 12 (conference games only). Iowa State forward and Big 12 newcomer-of-the-year candidate Royce White, a transfer from Minnesota, is a major reason why the Cyclones are surging. In the first matchup, White scored 18 points, collected 17 rebounds, recorded four assists and blocked two shots. In conference games only, White is T-15th in scoring, second in rebounding, sixth in field goal percentage, fourth in assists, T-14th in steals and T-15th in blocks. He can play any position on the court and is a matchup nightmare for opponents. Defending White will be the biggest challenge for the Jayhawks, especially Jeff Withey and Thomas Robinson, who will be guarding him throughout the game. Staying away from foul trouble is imperative for Withey and Robinson because their front-court bench players, Justin Wesley and Kevin Young, wont be able to contain White. A problem area on defense for the Jayhawks is defending the perimeter, particularly the threepoint line. Led by Chris Babb, Chris Allen, Scott Christopherson and Tyrus McGee, Iowa State leads the Big 12 in three-point field goals. White is also capable of knocking down three-pointers. This season, the Jayhawks have struggled with blocking three-point shots. Big 12 opponents have shot 122 threepoint shots against the Jayhawks, which is the most in the conference. For a team that has very thin depth and must count on their starters both offensively and defensively, the Jayhawks have little room for error. The Cyclones are hungry to prove they belong amongst the Big 12s elite as well as in the NCAA Tournament field, so the Jayhawks should be prepared for the challenge. Edited by Amanda Gage

Coach Bonnie Henrickson tossed last years stat sheet across her desk to Carolyn Davis. There were squares around stats the only marks on the paper. Heres me squares are bad, circles are good, Henrickson said. Davis, who had just five shots against Texas Tech last year, handed the paper back. I gotcha. This time, Davis kept her promise amassing 20 points before halftime and a season-high 34 for the game off 24 shots. That is a big circle, Henrickson said. The Jayhawks built an early lead and never gave it up. Behind Davis the Jayhawks defeated No. 21 Texas Tech 62-43 marking their second win over a ranked team this season. We have a great team this year and we are ready to beat any ranked team that comes to us, senior forward Aishah Sutherland said. We have the talent that can make us go far. The Jayhawks opened the game on an 8-0 run, and by the first media timeout, Kansas built a 10-2 lead. Monica Engelman hit two free throws and a jumper to start the Kansas offense, which shot 47.5 percent from the field for the game. The Jayhawks stifled the Texas Tech offense and held them to only 29.7 percent shooting from the field. In just 29 minutes Davis dominated the paint without a challenge from Texas Tech senior forward Kierra Mallard who missed the trip with an undisclosed injury. She shot 17-of-24 for the game and a perfect 7-of7 in the second half. Her 34 points were also season-high for the Big 12 Conference. You dont score 30 points a lot in our league and to do that against a great Texas Tech ranked team is a big accomplishment, Davis said.


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according to, and committed to Notre Dame and Weis his junior year of high school. Weis would only be around two years with Crist before he was fired in 2009. I feel so much more comfortable doing the things Coach Weis asks me to do, Crist said. Thats why I committed to him the first time at Notre Dame. After redshirting a year and serving as Jimmy Clausens backup in 2009, Crist became the starter for the Fighting Irish in 2010. He started nine games and threw for 2033 yards, 15 touchdowns and seven interceptions before a ruptured left patella tendon ended his season. In 2011, Crist won the starting job but was benched after completing seven of 15 pass attempts in the first half of the season opener. I dont think you can look at anything that has happened with

Junior forward Carolyn Davis shoots against texas tech sophomore center shauntal nobles and junior guard Monique smalls during the first half of the game. Davis scored 34 total points and Kansas won against texas tech 62-43.

travis young/Kansan


Crist given a second chance to prove himself

Ethan Padway Senior quarterback Dayne Crists career at Notre Dame was underwhelming considering he was a second ranked high school quarterback on rivals. com. By transferring to Kansas, Crist gets a Crist chance to start over and will be reunited with the coach who recruited him to Notre Dame, Charlie Weis. To walk in the door and have a guy who carries himself the way Dayne does is good for everyone on the team, Weis said. Plus, hes a resource for these guys to know who I am. Crist was a five-star recruit, Dayne Crist in the past two years, Weis said. As far as Im concerned, its null and void. I knew what I had two years ago when I left there, and Im fired up to have him now. At Kansas, Crist is able to play immediately because he still had one year of eligibility when he graduated from Notre Dame. It is the same NCAA rule that allowed quarterback Russell Wilson to play immediately for Wisconsin last season, where he led them a berth in the Rose Bowl. Crists narrowed his decision to Wisconsin and Kansas before choosing Kansas. Weiss relationship with Crist was a factor in his decision. When I started thinking about leaving and taking my fifth year elsewhere, he was the first person I called, Crist said. He was always supportive first and never gave biased answers. He really had my best interest in mind at all times. Crist will only be able to play at Kansas for one season, but he hopes his effect can last longer than that. The football program will try to recover from a stretch where it has lost 26 of its last 29 games, including its last 12 conference games. Kansas fans should be really excited because Dayne Crist is a motivated guy, sophomore quarterback Jake Heaps said. Hes a great worker and a great teammate, so hes going to be huge for this program in moving it forward. Edited by Tanvi Nimkar

hometown: Canoga Park, Calif. high school: notre Dame H.s. (sherman oaks, Calif.) height: 64 weight: 235 lbs 2009 2010 2011 carEEr

crist stats


10 174 15 199

20 294 24 330

50.0 59.2 62.5 60.3


yards td
130 2033 164 2327 1 15 0 16

1 7 1 9