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Augus t9 , 2 0 1 .

V' ia C e r ti fi e d Ma i l

J o s e p h F . H a rt, E sq . L a w O f f i ce s o f Jo e H a rt 8 0 0 S . R o b e rtso n B l vd ., Ste 3 L o s A n ge l e s, C A 9 0 2 1 2 R e: M o t ' io n to Qu a sh S a n ct i on J udgment of 201- 0 C h e r yl A n n Me rri l t vs. Edm ond H' W ollmann C a s e N o . : 3 7 -2 0 0 9 -0 0 0 92049- CU- DF- CTL D e a r l ' { r . H a rt: of your client in th e I t h a s co me to my a tte n ti on the' identity a b o v e me n ti o n e d ca se a S being Rick Lazzar ini, a hor r or film s p e c i a l e f f e cts a rt'i st a nd owner of The Char acter Shop i n Si m 'i V a l l e y , C A . I n e e d n o t g o i nto deta' i 1 of the si ck and d' i stur bi ng n a t u r e o f th e f i 1 m p ro j e cts Mr . Lazzar i n' i has wor ked on si nce y o u a r e w e l l a w a re . I w a S n 't i n vo l ve d w i th , nor was I r esponsible for the conflict M r . L a zza ri n i h a d w 'i th t'lr . W ollmann long ago that caused him to a a d d EWo l l ma n n @a o l .co m s his A0L sub- account. M r . Lazzar ini 'i n or der to hold m e hostage over f alse c o n t a c t ed me i n 2 0 0 7 M r . Lazzar ini a c c u s a ti o n s I th re a te n e d wr iter V' iolet Blue. p o s e d as Mr. Wo l l ma n n a n d sent a deceptive fan mait of my s i n g i n g . Mr. L a zza ri n 'i then began har ass' ing m e and bui tdi ng a f a l s e c a se I h a d th re a te n ed the life of Viotet Blue. M r . L a zza ri n i th e n th re a tened a lawsuit and began defaming me on t h e I n t ern e t a f te r I p o sted hi s em a'Ii on m y blog. I m m e d i a te l y a fte r I re fe r r ed Mr . Lazzar ini to an attor ney in m y a nd f i n a l e ma i l , h e d e mo n strated intent to f ur thelim per sonate - i n v o l v e Mr. Wo l l ma n n b y posti ng def amator y mater i als about me on f U S E N E T o ru ms w h e re t'{r. W ollm ann r esi des j n the astr ology and m e t a p h ysi cs se cti o n s. Mr. W ollmann becam e natur ally dr awn int o t h e d i sp u te . R e g a rd l e ss, t' { r . W ollm ann lied at a deposition d e n y i n g a n y i n vo l ve me n t in the dispute Mr . Lazzar in' i caused f a ' i l i n g to re sp o n d to my question asking for the nam e of any p e rso n h e th o ught could be imper sonating him who he particular A n em ail was later sent by anonymouspr ox y w i th . h a d a c o n fl i ct I i n i t i a 1 l y d i sre g a rd e d di sclosi ng the imper sonator ( see a t t a c h e d e ma i l d a te d Ma r ch 27, 2009) .

J o s e p h F. H a rt, Au g u s t 9 , 2 0 L 2 Pa g e 2 o f 3

E sq .

M r . H a r t, i n 2 g O7 I w a s exper iencing extr eme discom for t being a 4 7 y e a r o l d g o i n g th ro u g h the onset of m enopause I had never I w as per for ming for an audience at a loc al e x p e r i e nce d b e fo re . j a z z b ' istro cl u b i n S a n Fr ancisco and was d' istr aught M r . L a z za ri n i w a s w ri ti n g f alse ' inf or mati on about me on the I n t e r n e t w h i 1 e th re a te n i ng a lawsui t simply f or my placi ng h'i s e m a i l o n my b l o g . I fe l t m y futur e was being thr eatened in an my dr eam to become a a t t e m p t to d e n y me th e freedom to fulfitl j a z z s i n g e r. I d o n ' t b e l i e ve I sh o u l d be held r esponsible for Mr . W otlman n's w 'i th Mr. Lazzar in' i nor the mischief these men e a r l i e r co n fl i ct h a v e c a u se d w i th th e 'i r crazy making on- line behavior s and c o n t a c t s. Wh a t h a p p e n e d was att because of a l- 990' s conflict y o u r c l ie n t h a d w i th Mr. W ollmann I had nothing to do with. M r . L a z za ri n i w a n te d to use Mr . W ollm ann like one of his s c r i p t e d ch a ra cte rS , a n d me aS we11, while at the Same time c r e a t i n g fi cti ti o u s H o l l ywood based f i cti on for hi s e n t e r t a i n me n t o n th e In te r net for his enjoym ent. bus' iness and ar ti str y, I n v i e w o f th e n a tu re o f your client' s to cr eate h ' i s i d e n ti ty th e ft o f E d mondW oltmann and ability f i c t i t i o u s sce n a ri o s f o r h' is and an audi ence' s enter tai nm ent, I d o n o t f e e l re sp o n si b l e f or th' is mess your cf ient cr eated wi t h Your client also violated h i s u n l a w fu l cri mi n a l a ctiv' itieS. co p yi n g videos f r om the Lawr ence W etk Pr ogr am copyright law by i n w h i c h h e re p l a ce d th e sound for his per ver ted intent to i m p e r s o n a te my fa th e r si nging something nasty about his d a u g h t e r. I t h e r e fo re w a n te d to i n for m you and the Cour t I have no i n t e n t i o n o n p a yi n g yo u r client any sanction judgment over th'i s false light Motion to d i s p u t e re l a te d to th e l ar gely fict' itious Q u a s h yo u fi te d th a t d e famed me fur ther to the Cour t. I v i e w myse l f a s a n i n n o c ent per son in this dispute Mr - Har t' I h a v e r e p o rte d th e o u tco me of thi s case r ecently to the FBI as w e l l a s a F e b ru a ry, 2 0 L 2 theft by an astr ologer and building m a n a g e r w h o sh a re s th e e xact sam e pr ofession( s) as M r . W o l l ma n n , h a vi n g tre s passed on my pr oper ty to steal e m e r g e n cy fu n d s I h a d h i dden in m y apar tm ent'

J o s e p h F. H a rt, E sq . A u g u s t 9, 2 0 1 ,2 Pa g e 3 of 3 h i stor y in his pr ofession, I believe I B a s e d o n yo u r cfi e n t's h a v e g o o d re a so n to fe a r for m y tife fr om some cockeyed H o l l y w o od b a se d mu rd e r p l ot jdea Mr . Lazzar ini' s quite capabl e o f e x e c u ti n g . S u ch i s w hy I chose to f i le a compla' int wi th t he F B I I h a ve p ro vi d e d a co py of her ein. J u d g e R o b e rt C . L o n g stre th fr om the San Diego Super ior Cour t sourc e E a s t d i vi si o n h a s b e e n d i sclosed to m e by a confidential a s h a v i ng d o n a te d to Ju d ge Richar d B. Ulm er ' s campaign for S a n F ra n ci sco. Judge Ulm er r uled over my r estr aini ng e l e c t i o n 'i n o r d e r c a se a g a i n st E d mo ndW ollmann in which my evidence was c o m p l e t e l y w h i te w a sh e d while I was disallowed fr om testifying. M r . W o l l ma n n w a s n o t e ve n r equir ed to attend by phone Ju d g e U l me r gr anted attor ney' S fees of $750 to c o n f e r e n ce . J a c o b Ha rke r w h o i n sti g a te d the hear ing' s taking place by s e n d i n g me a n e ma i1 . I ' m i n s 'i n u a t'i n g Ju d g e L o ngstr eth' s donation to Judge Ulm er ' s c a m p a ig n w a s ma d e to 'i n f l uence my r estr ai n"ing or der case agai ns t M r . W o ll ma n n w h o m Ju d g e Longstr eth had thr eatened m e with "c o n s e qu e n ce s" fo r my h a ving allegedly gone after the wr ong m an i n m y ca se . I t ' s b e e n d u l y n o te d n o t only do cr azy m aker s like W ollm ann a nd L a z z a r i ni te a m u p a g a i n st wom ensuch aS myself, but even judg es , n o t t o me n ti o n a tto rn e yS ( e.g., your alfiance with Gr osSman, against their per ceived adver sar ies. e t c ) , ne tw o rk si mi l a rl y

Ch En c l o s u re s c c : C a se F i l e , DePt 66

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Fri,Mar27, 2009at 1:53PM

Firstname:Nomen Lastname:Nescio E-mail address:

Comment: Real peson of interestis listed below. gO* Lazzarini,Rick (RL738)lazzwaldo@AO1. The GharacterShop Ave. 9033 Owensmouth CanogaPark,CA 91304 818-718-0094 Betterget sleuthing Columbo. Nomen!&th= 12049b5ae857c4ae

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May 22,2012 To: FBI, San Francisco Division Fm: Cheryl Meril, Notary Public, State of California Nob Hill Notary Services,50 California Street,Suite 1500 SanFrancisco,CA 94111 Re: Rick LazzanniUnlawful lmpersonation & Identity Theft of EdmonndWollmann Both Whom Extorted ($580,000 + $2,500) from Innocent PersonCheryl Meril Ref. San Diego Superior Court Case Div. Ref.37-2009-000920490-CU-DF-CTL NckLazzarini is a special effects artist for horror movies in the Hollywood f,rlm industry with a reputation for blood and gore having worked on such movies as Predator,Nightmare on Elm Street 5, and Slumber Party Massacreamong many others. MnLazzarini also owns The Character Shop located in Simi Valley, CA but it's clear the store is largely a relic from the days prior to 3D animation. Back in lt/ray 2007,MlLazzanni contactedme posing as a fan of my singing with a header "Your Jazz Singing!" from the email . Mr.Lazzarini had a documentedconflict with astrologer Edmond Wollmann, an astrologer and building manager in San Diego, that had happenedyears ago. After Mr. Wollmann lost his AOL email addressfrom it being forcibly taken by AOL for his on-line conduct that Mr. Lazzarini later assumedit as one of his sub accounts. contactedme after seeingmy name and email addressposted by a cyber stalker on 171r.Lazzaftni an S&M sex blog by Violet Blue he was following. Violet Blue's a former columnist at the San Francisco Chronicle. Back in 2010I obtained a $25,000judgment against that cyber stalker Joel SeanGray for unlawful defamation and emotional distressas a complete strangerrelated to his activities of posting my name on various sites and impersonatingme. Mr.Lazzaitibegan reading my blog entitled Cheryl Merrill's Singing Agaln basedout of San Francisco and contactedme with the intent to hold me hostageto false accusationshe made claiming I had threatenedViolet Blue's life. Mr. Lazzainl's cruelty in creating false scenariosto suit his need for entertainmentincluded that I was jealous of Violet Blue with intent to harm her. After my having received several annoying and harassingemails from Mr. Lazzarini,I did a Google searchto denote the history of the email addressEWollmann@combeing convinced it was Edmond Wollmann becauseof his psychological profile from the multitude of what was up on the Internet about him (e.g. I then put up the email on my blog hoping Mr.Lazzarini would end his harassmentof me. What I received in tum was an angry email threateningme in big caps with a lawsuit for my having placed his email addressup on my blog.

FBI Page2 of 3 In my last communication with Mr. Lazzariniin200T,I referred him to an attorney not to contact me. Mr. Lazzainithen began an insane on-line victimization campaign of me that lasted the next three years that causedme damages,including the loss of t'wo high paying jobs in San Francisco at Keesal Young & Logan where the dispute preemptedmy attending their weekend staffretreat, and at Chapman & Cutler (Salary $64,000 yr w/35 hour weeks) where an employee reported the false things being written about me on the Internet to management. After Mr. Lazzarini filed a Motion to Quash my subpoenafor his identity (i.e., tbrough Hollywood entertainmentattorney JoesephHart, he admitted in his litigation to such unlawful activities that included copying my music videos replacing sound, including my father's videos from the Lawrence Welk Show, in which he replacedmy father's voice saying perverted nasty things to his daughter. As many as 1,000 views were on his perverted videos about me prior to my notifuing YouTube of the copyright violations. Mr.Lazzarii's on-line campaign included impersonating Mr. Wollmann on USENET forums so Mr. Wollmann naturally becameinvolved in the dispute since I was convinced it was him defaming me. Ablog was createdabout me fullof hundreds of defamatory posts entitled "Cheryl Menill, Cyber Stalker Liar and Thief" which is no called "About Cheryl Meril". In the original blog I filed the lawsuit over, as a notary public I was accusedof forgery and being a former felon among other vile things such as threatening the life of Sheila Rogers, a music producer on the Letterman Show. After I lost my jobs due to the defamation about me on the Internet, in 2008 I became a Notary public and in 2009 obtained a Paralegal Certification with National ParalegalCollege enabling one that I have today me the knowledge to file a lawsuit for redress. I began two businesses, As Nob Hill Notary Services. previously stated,in 2010I obtaineda $25,000judgment against girlfriend who live in Walnut Creek in the San Francisco Superior Court Joel SeanGray and his Limited Jurisdiction. The 2009 lawsuit I filed against Edmond Wollmann I was to learn technically flawed due to my having not included any John Doe in caseanother was involved. After Mr.Lazzattni filed the Motion to Quash demonstratinganother was involved in the dispute, the court heavily punished me for blaming Mr. Wollmann as if he was an innocent man wrongly accused. ln spite of the court's interpretation,I had evidenceMr. Wollmann was involved in a intense defamatory blog he had taken down after his lawyer Randal Dierlam confirmed by email of his involvement in the dispute.

FBI Page3 of3 Both Edmond Wollmann and Rick Lazzaini appearedto be working together in the dispute to obtain great financial rewards as a form of extortion. Edmond Wollmann claims to have been awarded $580,000 for a judgment he claims he received from a counter suit. The statuteof limitations ran out long before Mr. Wollmann filed his counter lawsuit form. Mr. Wollmann's attorney never filed any counter lawsuit or submitted a Summary Judgment for the case. I have been receiving collection letters from Hollins Law in Los Angeles related to this false claim by Mr. Wollmann of $580,000, Mn Lazzarini's attorney was also awarded $2,500 for sanctionsI was given for my subpoenaof due to his lawyer Joe Hart's communication with Judge Hayes at the hearing I wasn't present for. There had initially been no sanctionsgranted in the prehearing so Mr. Hart was able to manipulate circumstancesto obtain payment. Mr. Hart was well aware his client violated the law contacting me impersonating anotheq to defaming me on the Internet, etc. Yet, Mr. Hart had the a.udacily seekpunishment against me for wanting to know the identity of his client while seeking financial remediesto pay his legal fees. I wanted to report the activities of the two Judgesin San Diego, Judge Robert C. Longstreth, appointed by Governor Schwarzengger,and Charles B. Hayes, supportedthe unlawful actions of thesemen against me that they overlooked facts and statutory law and procedure in support of the fraudulent activities for extortion. Mr. Wollmann filed a counter lawsuit too late into the lawsuit process,a matter of two months prior to trial and after I dismissedmy case.The statute requires a countersuitbe filed within 90 days of the initial lawsuit. After my casewas dismissed, a secrethearing to award Mr. Wollmann whatever money he requestedtook place without my knowledge. The hearing had been off calendar and confirmed with the court clerk as such by an attorney. Mr. Wollmann is claiming the check box form he filled with the court for a countersuit two months prior to trial amountedto a $580,000judgment. This is obviously the end result of an extortion schemethe two men carried against me the Court in San Diego supportedunlawfully. All of these individuals worked together as if in a scripted Hollywood basedpsyop horror flick to steal money$om me and I fear the end result with be my murder. Another astrologer,my

cash 20l2,to steal in $6,000 tunAtuaycEffiffS,trespassed ontomy property February

thesecriminalsplacedon likely afterreadingthe materials had reserves.I hiddenin my apartment me. about the lnternet /s/ CherylMeril March26.2012 Dated: