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1) Name (Optional) .. 2) Age 3) Marital Status : 4) Monthly Income : : a) 20-30 married a) 7000-12000 b) 30-40 c) 40-50 d) above 50

unmarried b) 12000-18000

c) 18000-20000 5) Departments : a) engineering c) Service 6) Experience :

d) above 20000 b) manufacturing d) admin b) 5-10yrs

a) below 5yrs

c) 10-20yrs

d) above 20yrs

7) Are you satisfied with the mode of transport? a) Highly satisfied b) satisfied c) neutral d) dissatisfied

8) What is your opinion regarding the pay? a) Highly satisfied b) satisfied c) neutral d) dissatisfied

9) What is your opinion regarding welfare facilities? Very good good average bad

10) Are you satisfied with working condition? Yes No If Yes, Reason .. If No, Reason .. 11) Are you satisfied towards grievance handling procedure? Yes No

12) How do you rate your relationship with your superior? a) Average b) Good c) Very good

13) For what reason you take leave? A) Sickness B) Lack of interest in job C) Poor working condition D) Long working hours E) Personal reason 14) Employee absence on personal reason? a) Attending on family function

b) Visiting places c) Domestic problem d) Lack of co-ordination among colleagues 15) Employees are happy with the health and safety measures of the company? a) Yes If No, in what way .. 16) Are you satisfied with the leave facility? a) Yes b) No b) No

17) Do you need any improvements in working condition? a) Yes b) No

If Yes, in what way .. 18) Do you agree value of benefits offered to you? a) Strongly agree b) agree c) no comments

19) Does company regularly exchange ideas with employee? a) Yes b) No

20) In your opinion, how absenteeism can be controlled? a) Change in management style

b) Change in work condition c) Incentive/ wage hike d) Develop attendance policy e) Better transportation facility f) Individual attention g) Encouragement and appreciation