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Nonparametric Statistical Test

Level of Measurement Nominal or categorical One-sample case Binomial test Chi-square goodness-of-fit test Two-sample case Related or Independent matched samples samples McNemar change Fisher exact test test for 2 x 2 tables Chi-square test for r x 2 tables k-sample case Related samples Independent samples Cochran Q test Chi-square test for r x k tables Measure of association Cramer coefficient, C Phi coefficient, rϕ The kappa coefficient of agreement, K Asymmetrical association, the lambda statistic, LB Spearman rank-order correlation coefficient, rs Kendall rank-order correlation coefficient, T Kendall partial rankorder correlation coefficient, Txy,z Kendall coefficient of concordance, W Kendall coefficient of agreement, u Correlation between k judges and a criterion Tc Gamma statistic, G Somer’s index of asymmetric association, dAB

Ordinal or ordered

KolmogorovSmirnov onesample test, Dm,n One-sample runs test Change-point test

Sign test Wilcoxon signed ranks test, T+

Median test Wilcoxon- MannWhitney test, Wx Robust rank-order test, U KomogorovSmirnov twosample test, Dm,n Siegel-Tukey test for scale differences Permutation test for two independent samples Moses rank-like test for scale differences Friedman two-way analysis off variance by ranks, Fr Page test for ordered alternatives, L

Extension of the median test Kruskal-Wallis oneway analysis of variance KW Jonckheere test for ordered alternatives J


Permutation test for paired replicates