Summer project report on Retail Insight and competition analysis for apparel Industry


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Mr. Vishal Gaurav
(Regional Manager, North)

Deepak Shandil

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This report bears the imprint of many people. Right from the experienced staff of Arvind Brands ltd. (ARROW) to the staff of without whose support and guidance I would have not got the unique opportunity to successfully complete my internship in this esteemed organization. I take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to all the employees of, Arvind Brands ltd. (Arrow) Also I am indebted for the rich guidance, knowledge and suggestions provided by my guide, Mr. Ankit Kumar who took sincere efforts and helped me in carrying out my internship. I am gratified to Mr.Vishal Gaurav for their earnest coordination owing to which, I had the leg-up of undertaking the internship at the prominent organization, Arvind Brands ltd. (ARROW). Last but not least, I also thank all those people whom I met in the industry during my internship and helped me to accomplish my assignments in the most efficient and effective manner.

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Particulars Company’s Certificate Acknowledgement Declaration Executive Summary Industry Profile Company Profile Research Objectives Research Methodology Retail in Practical Footfall rate Analysis Hourly Footfall rate analysis Competitors Stock Report Attribute based Perceptual Mapping Market Share Recommendations Bibliography Annexure Pg.TABLE OF CONTENTS Sr. No. No. 2 3 5 6 8 11 16 17 18 19 21 23 25 28 29 30 31 Page | 4 .

is submitted to Balaji Institute of Management and Human Resource Management as a partial requirement for the award of Degree of PGDM. Vishal Gaurav. Arvind Brands LTD. Date: Place: Pune Signature of the Student (Deepak Shandil ) Page | 5 . during the year 2011 – 2012. It is the record of an original & independent study carried out by me. (Arrow) This project report has not been submitted earlier by me or by anybody else for the award of any other degree in any University in India or abroad. under the able guidance and supervision of Mr.DECLARATION I Deepak Shandil hereby declared that this project titled “Retail Insight and competition analysis for apparel Industry”.

Executive Summary There is growing competition between retail firms in post reform India. This project focuses on the strength areas of the company while at the same time tries to identify the weak areas so that it can be overcome. a comparative study has carried out to see where Arrow stands in the race for offering Products and services. what are our Company’s Arvind Brands ltd. on the basis of which we come to know what can be the basis for positioning in ours customers mind. Through this report I was also able to understand. Main focus was on calling the potential customers of Arrow and inviting more of Page | 6 . waiting for the boom to take place. Having said that. I have also worked as a part of sales force of the company and sold lot of items during my stay of two months. I was also a part of tele calling team. I went for the field work. (Arrow) positive and strong points. talked to customers and tracked their responses about the effectiveness and efficiency of Arrow being a Formal brand. Research was carried to find the competitive position of Arrow as a brand in formal wear as well as in casual wear. Retail market in India is full of brands and their outlets adding on to cut throat competition. I have been handling the profile of Fashion Assistant at a store. A comparative analysis of Arrow with other Retail Firms has been done. Indian Retail Industry is standing at its point of inflexion. I have visited to many Arrow stores in Delhi. Most of the data has been collected from the customers regarding their views about Arrow. My job here was to analyze the footfall and gather information about competitors stock.

them to our stores. Page | 7 . I hope my findings are useful for the company. Interaction with the customers helped to know the image of the company in the minds of the customers and it helped me to come up with suggestions to further improve the services of the company. Being a fashion Assistant and doing sales for the brand is really interesting and worth appreciating. I have concentrated on sales and even interacting with customers to get an idea about Arrow as a formal brand.

and also the privately owned large retail businesses.3 trillion by 2018. Growth in retail 2011 onwards: . which is quite lucrative.5% of total investment flow into India. etc. Number of shopping malls is expected to increase at a CAGR of more than Page | 8 . The approval requirement was relaxed. the local kirana shops. it required government approval. Organized retailing refers to trading activities undertaken by licensed retailers. income tax. waiting for the boom to take place. Indian retail sector is estimated to touch US$ 833 billion by 2013 and US$ 1. those who are registered for sales tax. that is. convenience stores. owner manned general stores.2 billion people. representing a very small 1.INTRODUCTION Indian Retail Industry is standing at its point of inflexion. Many semi rural areas have also witnessed entry of such organized retail outlets. For a country of 1. Growth in Retail from 1997 – 2007 -: India in 1997 allowed foreign direct investment (FDI) in cash and carry wholesale. and automatic permission was granted in 2006.Organized retailing has become more popular in big cities in India and most of the metropolitan cities and other big cities are flooded by modern organized retail stores. with CAGR of 10%. Single brand retailing attracted 94 proposals between 2006 and 2010. Then. These include the corporate-backed hypermarkets and retail chains. Indian retail attracted about $1.8 billion in foreign direct investment. The Indian retail industry is divided into organized and unorganized sectors. of which 57 were approved and implemented. Between 2000 to 2010. for example. hand cart and pavement vendors. this is a very small number. Unorganised retailing. refers to the traditional formats of low-cost retailing. Organized retail market in India is expected to reach US$ 50 Billion mark by 2011. etc. on the other hand.

1% and the value of USD 13. especially the NCR that has witnessed a spurt in the development of shopping malls.5% respondents had stores/outlets in Bangalore.The size of the Indian apparel market has increased from USD 17.2% In the study. Menswear was the largest segment with a market share of 43. Nonetheless. This region has been riding high on the success of the IT and ITeS-BPO companies operating in the region.9% by 2015. Over the years the expenditure has increased from USD 16. It provides wide choice to Page | 9 .2% and Kids wear girls with 9. Individuals have become more conscious regarding their outerwear and are willing to spend more on the apparels.0%.5% followed by Kids wear boys with 10. Retail sector in India adds on to 10% of the GDP and also it employs almost 8% of India’s employable population. Indian Apparel Industry: . the industry registered a double digit growth rate.2 in 2003 to USD 27.2 in 2009. Women’s wear commands a market share of 37.803 million in 2003 onwards to USD 32.Retail had played an important role in distribution from ages. which appears as the primary reason for the region’s increasing preference among retailers. among 24 popular locations for organized retail in India. During 2007-2009. Mumbai was found to be the most preferred location as 7% of the respondent companies reported to have retail stores/ outlets in Mumbai. Need of Retailing: .6% of the companies denoted their preference to have their retail stores in the northern region.18.458 million in 2011 at a CAGR of 10. This part of distribution ensures that products of manufacturer reach to its end users effectively and efficiently.458 million.5%. and 6. registering a CAGR of 9. Out of the total apparel market of USD 32.974 million. the northern region is also popular among these companies as 35.

they need in small number which is ensured by retailer. Sometimes retailer also ensures credit facility and they also assure regular supply of goods. since customers do not seek bulk orders. Also it takes care of the quantity.its customer as retailer is the best person who can anticipate the need of customers. for a company which indulges into this part of distribution network it should be a priority. Manufacturer Distributor Retailer Customer There is no universally accepted distribution network. It clearly signifies that retailing is the closest point of exchange available to customer. The above Flowchart also describes the importance of retailing. however flowchart mentioned above is an ideal channel network which can be found across organizations. Thus. The market intermediaries play an important role in the development of market by providing different types of services. Page | 10 .

They are having their production facilities at Ahmedabad. The company joint venture includes their echnical and marketing alliance with F M Hammerie Von-Ogensver Waltungs. They are the leading player in the branded garments in the domestic market. Shirting Fabric. Arvind Ltd was incorporated in the year 1931 as Arvind Mills Ltd by three brothers Kasturbhai. Mehsana. The company's principal business consists of manufacturing and marketing of Denim Fabric. Flying Machine. Pune in Maharashtra and Bangalore in Karnataka. Austria. Knitted Fabric and Garments. they established themselves amongst the foremost textile units in the country. The company has also owns popular brands such as Newport. yarn dyed shriting fabrics & wrinkle free gaberdines to India in the year 1986. wrangler. Narottambhai and Chimanbhai. In the year 1934. In the year 1987. They are first company to bring globally accepted fabrics such as Denim. Page | 11 . they started retail outlets for 'Arrow' brand and became the first company to bring international shrit brand 'Arrow' to India. Shrits. Arrow and Tommy Hilfiger in India. The company having the rights to market international brands such as Lee.Arvind Brands ltd : Profile Arvind Ltd is the largest cotton textiles manufacturer and exporter in India. Excalibre and Ruf & Tuf. Gandhinagar in Gujarat.

The response to this collection was good and they have opened new venues for the Denim division. They also entered into marketing pharmaceutical products and B&W and colour television sets under the name Pyramid. The company demerged and transfered the Garments Business Division of their 100% subsidiary company.8 million pieces per annum. Also The company has a joint venture company namely Arvind Murjani Brand Pvt Ltd. Arvind Spinning Ltd commenced their operation. 2006.4 million pieces to 4. During the year 2003-04. The operations of Arvind Brands Limited and their subsidiaries were merged with the Company with effect from April 1. In the next year. the company commenced their operations of producing Jeans Pant in Bangalore with the installed capacity of 4 million Pcs per annum. they further increased the number of Stitching machines by 7 Nos. In March 2008. their subsidiary company. Europe. Japan & Korea. the company signed a exclusive license agreement with Page | 12 . During the same year. During the year 2001-02. Arvind Brands Ltd and amalgamate Arvind Fashions Ltd. a 100% subsidiary of Arvind Brands Ltd with themselves with effect from April 1. The wholesale branded apparel business of Arvind Fashions Ltd has been sold to VF Arvind Brands Pvt Ltd with effect from August 31. through which they hold license to sell Tommy Hilfiger brand apparel in India. In March 2005. 2006. Switzerland. the company expanded their shirts manufacturing capacity from 2. 2006. the compnay increased the number of Spindles and Stitching Machines by 2036 Nos and 38 Nos respectively. new Denim collection was launched which was aimed at the Super Premium brands of the USA. During the year 200506. Arvind Mills in 1985 has diversified into electronics by setting up a plant to manufacture electronic telephone exchanges (EPABX).the US based Alamac Knit Fabrics & Spinners and Webexi Dict Turt.

the company name was changed from Arvind Mills Ltd to Arvind Ltd. From May 2008. Page | 13 .The Philips-Van Heusen Corporation for designing. distribution and reatiling of IZOD brand apparels in India.

(a subsidiary of PVH) and its predecessors have been producing shirts for the American man.. NY as a way of cleaning her husband’s collar without laundering the entire shirt.. From this idea. Cluett. Peabody & Co. women’s. Page | 14 . giving women an easier way to clean their husbands’ stained shirt collars without laundering the entire shirt. Inc. and consistently ranks in the top 50 in consumer brand awareness in the United States. Inc. Cluett.Arrow: .an overview Since 1851. Ebenezer Brown recognized the possibilities in the detachable collar industry and began manufacturing collars in the back of his general store in Troy and the predecessor to the original Cluett.. is celebrating its 160th anniversary of selling superior quality apparel. Mrs. and children’s apparel and apparel-related products. Peabody & Co. Today’s ARROW shirt began as the once revolutionary idea that a collar could detach from its shirt. Peabody & Co. grew an internationally acclaimed dress shirt brand. This modest beginning would eventually lead to the introduction of the ARROW brand in 1885 as a pioneer in men’s fashion. In 1851. With a heritage dating back to 1851. In 1820. Hannah Montague in her home in Troy. was born. born by Mrs. Today. ARROW commands extraordinary brand recognition for its fashionable yet functional apparel. Inc. Since its introduction in 1885. The brand’s look and appeal reflect a youthfulness and optimism that embody the American spirit. ARROW is licensed in 55 countries and offers a broad assortment of men’s. NY. Cluett’s ARROW brand has been a cornerstone in the American men’s dress shirt business. Hannah Montague created the first detachable shirt collar in her home in Troy. defining authentic American style.

for licensed manufacture of Arrow shirts in India. a subsidiary of Arvind Brands Ltd. signed up with the 150-year old Arrow Company. The over twodozen quality check points during the conversion of fabric to finished shirt was unique to the industry at that point of time. Espiri and the like..000 shirts a day. ft. area and capacity to make 3.000 to 4.. with a 55. It is among the very few plants in the world that makes shirts with 2 ply 140s and 3 ply 100s cotton fabrics using 16 to 18 stitches per inch.S. was established at Bangalore in 1993 with an investment of Rs. Page | 15 . Arrow's first plant. a division of Cluett Peabody & Co. the demand pressure from global brands which want to outsource from Arvind Clothing Ltd. 18 crores. a member of the Ahmedabad-based Lalbhai Group.000 sq.. In fact. Inc.Arrow: . U. The reputation of this plant has spread far and wide and now it is loaded mostly with export orders from renowned global brands such as GAP. is so great that the company has had to set up another large factory for export jobs on the outskirts of Bangalore. Next..In India Arvind Clothing Ltd.

To know the market Share of Arrow in competitive market. 3.  SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: 1. To study about the effectiveness & efficiency of Arrow in relation to its competitors.RESEARCH OBJECTIVES Our research study has two objectives: PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: To study about the competitive position of Arrow as a brand in Competitive apparel Market. Page | 16 . 2. To know about the customers footfall in different locations.

The questionnaire is attached at the end of Annexure.Research Methodology Sampling design Types of sampling  Convenience Sampling Research Approach  Descriptive approach Techniques to be used in research approach  Survey and interview Sampling Unit  Questionnaire In this project Questionnaire is used as the research instrument. Data collection Primary Data Collection  Structured questionnaire for the customer. These questionnaires include Close Ended as well as Open Ended questions. Secondary data collection  Web-sites Page | 17 .

Above chart states different concepts practiced in retail.Retail in Practical Retail • Supply Chain • Visual Merchandising • Promotions • End of Season sales • Footfall Retail • Targets • Sales • Keeping Stock • Role of IT • Reporting • Customer service Retail • Finding Key Store Location • Replinishment • Store operations • Competing Brands • customer loyalty programs Note: . due to time constraint it was not possible for me to cover all of them. however. Page | 18 . I would also like to know about the remaining ones. Concepts highlighted are the ones which I came across during my stay of 2 months.

53% 17.Footfall Rate analysis It is a key factor while choosing a location of a store.Above table shows conversion rates across all the Arrow store in June 2012 Page | 19 . Footfall rate analysis across Arrow Stores in June Stores Cannaught place store SouthX Store Ambience Mall Store JankakPuri Store Shipra mall Store Total no.39% 450 82 170 39 69 Note: .40% 47.20% 17. Store should operate at a place where footfall is high. While analyzing the footfall an organization must keep the track of the clients coming in because footfall can be higher at number of places but the category of customers do matter end of the day.58% 17. Generally footfall is high at places like malls or in markets which are in existence for a very long time. lot depends upon the footfall at a location. however. Higher will be the footfall higher will be the chances of conversion and higher will be sales leading to higher profits.82% 25.64% 28.84% 25.09% 50.77% 36. of Walk-ins Conversion by head count Conversion by footfall 29.

but conversion rate is not so good since it is market for masses it attract people but conversion are still very less. Page | 20 .  Week offs are the days when footfall is at its peak. On an average it shows an increase of 5% in footfall from normal days. however. Conversion rate across the entire stores in May was 60 to 70 percent. June it has shown a downfall and has reached to 30 percent on an average.  Foot fall suddenly increases after 5:00PM at all the stores.  Janakpuri and Noida store has lowest footfall among all the stores.Conclusion: Foot fall rate has drastically come down in comparison to the month of May.  Walk-ins at CP store are high.

94% 3 4 Meeting 15 8 24 11 24 16.80% 11 0 15 4 22 4 35 31.12% Note: .40% 5 0 0 0 6 2 19 24% 3 1 3 3 8 9 9 23. Boxes highlighted with color represent the time slot in which conversions were highest in a particular store. Page | 21 . Numbers mentioned in Black are the number of walk-ins and numbers mentioned in blue are actual customers converted.41% 11 41 58 55 20.Above table shows footfall rates at different arrow stores in June 2012.Hourly Footfall rate analysis across Arrow Stores Stores 10:00AM12:00PM 12:00PM3:00PM 3:00PM6:00PM 6:00PM9:00PM Conversion in percentage Cannaught Meeting place store Ambience Mall Store 0 Southx Store 0 Janakpuri Store 0 Noida sec 18 Store 0 Shipra Mall Store 2 4 1 3 3 11 0 19 1 16 20.

Page | 22 .Conclusion: It can be noticed that most of the stores get to see more number of customers during 6:00PM to 9:00PM in the evening. which impact their performance. Reason could be the society’s and offices around these areas which attracts people during day time. Conversion rates were high during day time.  All the stores get highest number of conversions during 6:00PM to 9:00PM.  It was also noticed that lowest footfall was between 10:00AM to 12:00PM.  Noida and Janakpuri stores sometimes find it hard to see even a single customer in an hour. Probably the reason is the morning time when people are busy in office and daily chaos.  Shipra and Ambience mall stores show a different trend in terms of conversion.  Southx has the highest conversion rate and credit goes to the loyal customers who visit 8 year old store regularly.

FormaL Wear Casual Wear Louis Phillips Van Heusen Allen Solly US Polo Note: .Above chart shows the brands on which the research was carried out. This report will enable us to know the exact units available in different categories. Page | 23 . Brands who were surveyed and researched are Louis Phillips and Van Heusen in Formals in formal category and US Polo and Allen Solly in Casuals.Competitor’s Stock Report A detailed research was carried out to find out current stock in hand detail with competitors. More than that report also provides details about number of style codes available and price range of different items as well. Research was carried in both casuals and formal wear.

They provide lot of variety in checks when it comes to half sleeves shirts.  Louis Phillips price ranges from 1599-8000(in Rs). Both of them had a good stock and it was well organized.  US Polo is a low cost brand as compared to Allen Solly and does have a limited variety as compared to Allen Solly. Page | 24 .  Louis Phillips also has a premium collection called Luxury which costs from 3500 to 8000 (in Rs). On an average they had 10-15 options in each category.  Van Heusen is more organized in keeping its stock and one can easily find out the entire items kept in the store for display. Louis Phillips concentrates on a segment of people who are working and need formals Monday to Friday. Allen Solly is focused on Monday to Friday casual wear and they also have premium collections like Podigy and Celebration.  When it comes to casual wear Allen Solly has a lot better stock then Us Polo.  Van Heusen target people who want to look more professional. They also have premium collections like Pearl and Heritage which ranges from 4000 t0 7000 (in Rs).Conclusion: - (Refer annexure 2A -2D)  In formal segment Van Heusen and Louis Phillips were surveyed.

was conducted through a questioner with 32 respondents. It will also help us to know what are the strong points for a brand and where is it lacking. Points representing attributes will be joined by arrows starting from origin of the graph. Zodiac. Those 5 The average factor scores for each brand that is retail stores in this case will be attributes were Quality. Brands considered for this perceptual map were Arrow. Comfort. considered as co-ordinates of brands in perceptual map.Attribute based perceptual Mapping Perceptual Mapping helps you to find Unique Selling Preposition (USP). Service and Variety. Black Berrys and Van Heusen. It helps in finding out how brand is perceived by customers on various attributes. Brand Image. Map will allow us to understand market gaps and brand perceptions of customers. A research was carried out on 5 brands to prepare a perceptual map. Louis Phillips. Arrows indicate the attributes used by the respondents in evaluating the brands. Favorable opinion on the brand will be direction of the arrow whereas unfavorable opinion will be on the opposite direction of the arrow. Map will also put across different brand positioning and their USP. It also tells what can be the possible Unique Selling Prepositions and also if we have any chance or scope of introducing new product. Customers were asked to rate these brands on 5 attributes. Survey Page | 25 .

Page | 26 .Perceptual Map Note: .Above perceptual map shows different brands and their perceptions in the mind of customers. Data was collected using questionnaire at different locations.

Conclusion: - (Refer Annexure 3a-3b)  Map put clear picture about all the brands including Arrow.  However. Page | 27 .  Arrow should try to come up with Variety as there is not too much competition and people do ask for variety.  There are some gaps available in market where Arrow can approach and can make those gaps useful. Also Arrow was rated low on Variety.  Arrow should also try to build on Brand Image. it was not rated so good on Brand Image and comfort. Based on the responses of respondents it was noticed that Arrow is considered to be a brand with high degree of quality and service. Louis Phillips and Van Heusen were rated very high on these attributes.  Service and quality are two attributes where arrow is strong and must focus on them to create a USP in customers mind. For sustaining in long run Arrow must build a strong brand image.

Above table shows market shares of different brands.06% 13. Page | 28 . It can be noticed that Louis Phillips tops the table followed by Arrow and Van Heusen.Market Share (Refer annexure 3a) A model was used to find out market share of Arrow and other brands. This model is known as “Share of Wallet”. This method is also called “Estimated Purchase Probability ratio”.73% Louis Phillips Arrow Van Heusen Zodiac 21. Market Share of five major brands is as follows:- Market Shares 13. Based on the data gathered by questionnaire market share was found. Based on the responses market share was calculated. This model is based on a probability of a purchase by a customer.58% Black Berrys Note: .13% 26. Respondents were asked to rate 5 brands.41% 25.

 There are lots of areas where Arrow need to work hard. It was observed that lot of customers were lost due to unavailability of sizes. Variety and Comfort are some of the areas where Arrow as a brand needs to work a lot.  Also associations with starts or personalities whom people follow can help the brand. It takes lot of time for replenishment.Recommendations  Arrow being a good brand should build on service and quality to create a differentiator. Brand Image.  Stock is a real problem with Arrow.  Women section has really contributed to total sale and more emphasis should be given to increase sales from this section. Page | 29 .  Also Company should go for advertisements which will attract masses. It is a major problem which needs an attention from the management.  During sale store is packed with lot of stock which is again a problem since it is hard to display everything and lot of stock remains unnoticed. New York collection was one such initiative and company should look for many more. Page | 30 .BIBLIOGRAPHY    www.

1Name _________________________________________________________ Q.2 Do you prefer wearing formal clothes? (a)Yes (b)No Q. As a Management Trainee currently working with Edelweiss Broking I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.3 Which brand you prefer? (a) Van Heusen (b) Louis Philips (c) Zodiac (e) Arrow (f) Black Berrys Page | 31 .Annexure QUESTIONNAIRE (1a) Dear Customer. Please help us serve you better by taking a couple of minutes to tell us about the service that you have received so far. We appreciate your business and want to make sure we meet your expectations. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Q.

1 means poor and 10 means excellent:- Quality Variety Service Brand Comfort  Van Heusen  Louis Philips  Arrow  Zodiac  Black Berrys ….……. ………… ……….. . Page | 32 ... ……… Q. ………... ………. ………....5 Please rank these brands from 1 to 5. ……… ……… ………... ………. ……… ……….4 Rate the following brands on your preference from 1 to 10 where.. where 1 means best and 5 means poor: Van Heusen  Louis Philips  Arrow  Zodiac  Black Berrys ………..……. ……….. … …….. .. ………. ………….. ……… ……… ……… ……… ……… ……… . ……….. ………..Q. ……….

Regular Fit Flat Front's.Tapered Fit Pleated.Regular Fit Pleated.Tapered Fit _ _ _ 7 4 6 _ _ _ 2 4 4 _ _ _ 14 16 24 1599-2599 _ _ _ Any other Category Note: . Page | 33 .Slim Fit Pleated.Above form provides information about stock maintained by Van Heusen during June 2012.Slim Fit Flat Front's.Annexure Van Heusen Category Product No of Styles No of Colors No of options (2a) Price Band MEN'S SHIRT'S Solid H/s Solid L/s Striper H/s Striper L/s Check H/s Check L/s 5 4 13&7 12 3&10 5&13 3 3 2&1 3 2&1 1&4 15 12 33 36 16 57 1599-2400 1499-2800 TROUSER'S Flat Front's.

Regular Fit Flat Front’s.Tapered Fit 5 4 4 _ 1 _ 4 4 3 _ 5 _ 20 16 12 _ 5 _ 15992499 _ 16995000 Any other Category Note: .Regular Fit Pleated.Above form provides information about the stock available with Louis Phillips when research was carried.Tapered Fit Pleated. Page | 34 .Slim Fit Flat Front’s.Slim Fit Pleated.Annexure Louis Phillips Category Product No of Styles No of No of Colors options (2b) Price Band MEN’S SHIRT’S Solid H/s Solid L/s Striper H/s Striper L/s Check H/s Check L/s 1&1 1 9 15 12 5 1&6 7 1 1 3 1 7 7 9 15 36 5 15992799 13994000 TROUSER’S Flat Front’s.

Annexure Allen Solly Product Men's T-shirt's Knits Round neck S/S Polo SS-print Polo SS-Solid S/L L/S No. of styles 6 1 No of colors 2 2 No of options 10 2 (2c) Price brand 699-1999 1 7 7 T-shirts Flat Knits Round Neck S/S Polo SS -Pattern Polo SS-Solid S/L Shirts .Woven S/S Shirts Solids Stripers Checks Prints L/S Shirts Solids Stripers Checks Prints Bottoms NonDenim Slim Fit Straight Fit Boot Cut 1 7 7 1299-1899 4 6 4 3 16 18 1 12 35 4 3 4 3 1 3 48 105 4 1499-4499 4 2 1 10 4 20 1599-3799 Page | 35 .

Page | 36 . of styles 5 1 10 No of colors 2 10 2 No of options 10 10 20 (2d) Price brand 799-999 999-1499 Shirts .Woven 1699-2199 9 1 9 14992499 8 10 15 2 2 2 16 20 30 Bottoms Non-Denim 1 8 8 1899-2249 Bottoms Denim 1 4 4 1899-2999 Short's 1 3 3 1 3 3 1699-2099 US Polo Note: .Above sheet shows the stock available with US Polo when the store was visited.Bottoms Denim Slim Fit Straight Fit Boot Cut 1 1 4 3 4 3 1699-2999 Annexure Product Men's T-shirt's Knits T-shirts Flat Knits Round neck S/S Polo SS-print Round Neck S/S Polo SS -Pattern Polo SS-Solid S/L S/S Shirts Solids Stripers Checks Prints L/S Shirts Solids Stripers Checks Prints Slim Fit Straight Fit Boot Cut Tapered Slim Fit Straight Fit Boot Cut Skinny Fit Solid Check Print No.

Annexure (3a) Note: . Similarly it can be done for all the attributes.Above Graph shows different brands on service attribute. Page | 37 . It clearly shows that Arrow is considered better in service as compared to other brands.

It clearly shows that Louis Phillips and Van Heusen are considered better in Comfort as compared to other brands.Annexure (3b) Note: . Page | 38 .Above Graph shows different brands on service attribute.

Annexure Estimated Purchase Probability ratio Model (4a) [1-avg rating for a brand/no. of brands+1] * [2/no.73% Page | 39 .85% 21.41% 13. of brands] Note: . Brand Name Louis Phillips Arrow Van Heusen Zodiac Black Berrys Market Share 26.13% 13.Sum of all the market shares should be 1.06% 25.

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