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A MIND CONFUSED-Anarchos-Death black-1 ABHORRENCE-Evoking the abomination-Brutal death-1 ABOMINANT-Ungodly-Black Death-1 ABOMINATTION-Doutrine of false martyr-Brutal death-1 ABOMINATTION-Rites Of The Eternal Hate-Brutal Death-1 ABORTED-Goremageddon-Brutal death grind-1 ABRASIVE-Devotion-Brutal death-1 ABRASIVE-Awakening the lust-Brutal Death metal-1 ABSCESS-Tormented-Thrash death-2 ABSEMIA-Morbopraxis-Brutal death-1 ABSURDITY- Decline of human condition cd-r- Death core-5 ABUSE-A sunday morning...-Brutal thrash-1 ADAMOS-German compilation-Heavy / death-5 ADMORTEM-Living through blood-Death metal-1 AFTERDEATH-Back words-Thrash death metal-3 AGATHOCLES-Alive and mincing-Live-Mince core-1 AGATHOCLES-Humarrogance-Grind core-1 AGATHOCLES-Mince core history 1985-1990-Grind core-1 AGATHOCLES-Mince core history 1989-1993-Grind core-1 AGATHOCLES-Mince core history 1993-1996-Grind core-1 AGATHOCLES-Superiority overdose-Mince core- 1 AGATHOCLES / H.407-Split cd- Mince core vs Crust grind-1 AGATHOCLES / DEPRESY MOUSE - Split cd - Grind core - 3 AGATHOCLES-To serve…to protect/Leads to…-Mince core-1 AHUMADO GRANUJO / UTOPIA-Split cd-Grind core-1 AHUMADO GRANUJO-Chemical holocaust-Grind core-1 AL SIRAT-Signa tempori-Thrash death-2 ALGOPHOBIA-Algoraphobia-Technical death metal-1 ALIENATION MENTAL-Ball spouter-Grind core-1 ALIENATION MENTAL-Kopferkingel- Grind core-1 ALIENATION MENTAL-Psychopathicolorspectrum- Grind fusion-1 ALL SHALL PERISH-Hate.malice.Revenge-Brutal death-1 AMOEBIC DISENTERY-Mongoloid metal-Cyber grind -1 AMPUTATED GENITALS-Human meat gluttony-Gore grind-1 ANAL GRIND-Anal cannibal-Gore grind-1


ANAL WHORE-Sexual perversion cd-r –Gore grind-5 ANAL WHORE-Latex skin cd-r-Gore grind-5 ANARCHUS-Still alive (…and still too drunk)-Grind core-2 ANATOMY-The witches of dathomir-Black metal-3 ANCIENT NECROPSY-Same-Brutal death grind-1 ANDROPHAGOUS-Blood soaked freaks- Grind death-2 ANESTESIA-Satisfied-Power core-2 ANGELS DECAY-Odiumspace-Brutal death-1 ANSIA DE VOMITO-It’s time for them to remember!-Death metal-2 ANTAIOS/STIGMATIC CHORUS-Split CD-Black Death-1 ANTIGAMA-Intellect made us blind- Brutal death grind-1 ANTIGAMA - Discomfort - Brutal grind death - 1 ANTIGAMA - Zeroland - Brutal grind death - 1 ANTIGAMA / DEFORMED-Roots of chaos / Split cd-Experimental vs Hyper grind death-1 APNEA-Ascencion-Thrash death-4 APNEA-Dwelling-Thrash death-4 ARCHAEUS-Unveiled, the lust for torments CD-R-5 ARGON / DAMOKIS-Split cd-Crust / Grind-1 ARTERY ERUPTION/MANGLED ATROCITY-Split cd-Brutal death gore-1 ARTERY ERUPTION-Reduced to a limbless sexslave-Death metal-1 ARTERY ERUPTION-Gouging out eyes of mutilated infants-Death metal-1 AS SHE SCREAMS…-The final pain-Melodic hard core-3 AURORA BOREALIS-Northern lights-Brutal black/death-2 AUTOPSY-Dead as fuck-Death metal-1 AVULSED-Carnivoracity- Death metal-1 AVULSED-Stabwound orgasm-Brutal death-1

BATHTUB SHITTER-Angels save us + mark a muck-Grind core-1 BATHTUB SHITTER-Early yeah(s)-Grind core-1 BATHTUB SHITTER-Lifetime shitlist- Grind core-1 BELCHING BEET - Out of Sight - CD-Grind core-1 BEYOND SERENITY-Product of civilisation-Grind crust-2 BIZARRE VINYLS- Compilation-Grind / Gore grind-3 BLOCKHEADS/MUMAKIL-Grind core-3 BLOOD DÜSTER – Menstrual soup –Shaped Mcd-3 BLOOD I BLEED-High octane thrash-Fastcore thrash-1 BLOOD I BLEED / MASSGRAV-Split CD-Thrash grind punk-2 BLOOD REAPING-Feasting the week-brutal death-1 BLOOD STAINED HOST-Individual theatre-Atmospheric metal-1 BLOOD VOMIT-Up from the grave-Cyber death-1 BLOODBOIL-The art of the flesh MCD-Brutal death-2 BLOOD-Dysangelium-Brutal detah grind-1 BLOODRED BACTERIA-Kiss the goat-Grind core-1 BLOODSHED-First bloodshed CD-R-Brutal death-5 BOB’S BIZARRE BAZAAR/BLOOD SUCKERS/ANGRY MINDED-3 way split cd-Grind core-2 BONESTORM-Death punk- Death grind punk-3 BOLESNO GRINJE - Mercenary cockroach - Grind core -1 BOMBSTRIKE - Born Into this-Swedish crusty hardcore-1 BORN HEADLESS-Headless henchmen-Death metal-1 BRAINCHOKE-Migraine music-Grind core-2 BRAIN DAMAGE-Compilation-Grind / crust-3 BRAINDAMAGE-Collapse-Progressive metal-1


BRODEQUIN-Festival of death-brutal death-1 BRODEQUIN-Methods of execution-Brutal death-1 BROKEN EDGE-Nofamenonamenoshame-Power metal-2 BRUTAL JUNKIES-3 way Split cd with Cynical bastards/Unformed/Gastrick Burst- Death-Grind core-4 BRUTALITY REIGNS SUPREME/GRUESOME STUFF RELISH-Brothers in gore-Gore grind – 1 BRUTUS-Slachtbeest-Brutal death-1 BUNDER NEKROMUNDA-Songs of filth & deviation cd-r-Grind core-5 BURIAL-Enlightened with pain-Brutal death-1 BYATIS-In dark abysses of memory-Technical death metal-4

CxMxPx-Transforming into a grinding beast-Grind core-2 CxMxPx / GORED-Split cd-Grind core/ Gore grind-1 CxMxPx / D.H.I.B.A.C.- Split cd – Grind core-1 CADAVERIC CREMATORIUM-Grindpeace-Death grind-1 CADAVEROUS CONDITION-The Lesser Travelled Seas-Death Metal-2 ČAD-Deadnation-Grind core-2 CAEDERE-Mass emission-Death grind-1 CANGRENA-Demoniak transition-Brutal death-1 CARCARIASS-Sideral torment-Death metal-2 CARNAL-True blasphemy-brutal death-2 CARNAL DIAFRAGMA-Space symphony aroud us-Grind gore-1 CARNAL DIAFRAGMA-Preparation of the daddy's steak-Grind core-1 CASKET-Upright decay Digipack-Old school death metal-1 CASTRUM-In the horizons of the dying theatre-Black metal-3 CATASEXUAL URGE MOTIVATION-Nekronicle-Cyber gore grind-1 CATHETER-Preamble to oblivion-Grind core-1 CATHETER-Dimension 303-Grind core-1 CATHETER / FUBAR - Split cd - Grind core - 1 CAUSTIC-Rebirth of procreation-Brutal death-1 CEMETERY-Detriment image-Brutal death-1 CEMMENT-Lost humanity-Death grind hard core-2 CENOTAPH (Italy) - Heart and knife - brutal death-3 CENOTAPH (Mexico)-Saga belica-Death metal-2 CEPHALIC-Blasted into lunacy-Brutal death-2 CEREBRAL HEMORRHAGE-Exempting reality-Death grind-1 CEREBRAL TURBULENCY-Forces closing down-Grind core-1 CEREBRAL TURBULENCY-U$ gravy-Grind core-1 CEREBRAL TURBULENCY-Germ of error Mcd-Grind core-2 CEREBRAL TURBULENCY-Crash test-Grind core-1 CEREBRAL TURBULENCY-Impenetrable-Grind core-1 CEREBROCIDE-Delusion-Death metal-3 CEREMONY-The days before the death MCD-Death metal- 4 CHAOSBREED-Brutal-Death metal-3 CHIRURGIA-Deep silence-Progressive/Thrash/Death Metal-2 CHOKE-Smokin’ tailpipe action-Thrash hard core-5 CHOPCORE-Bloody little mess-Deathcore-2 CHRIST DENIED/BASTARD SAINTS- Split cd-Death grind-2 CIVIL CARNAGE-Abomination in the house...-Death noise-3 CLITEATER - Scream bloody clit CD- Grind core-1 COCK AND BALL TORTURE-Sadochismo-Death gore-1 COCKS & CUNTS – Compilation- Death/Grind-5 COERCION-Lifework Mcd-Brutal death-2


COITUS-Shadow of past Cd-R with videos-Black death-5 COLLISION-Romantic…-Grind core-1 COMA VOID-Stormking twilight-Brutal death black-3 CONVENT-The truth revealed-Brutal death-2 CORPORAL RAID-Xenophilism-Grind core-1 CORPSEFUCKING ART- The art of thr fucking corpse- death metal-1 CREMASTER - Pümpernickel - Grind'n' roll - 1 CRIPPLE BASTARDS/C.H.C./TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION-3 way split-Grind crust-1 CRIPPLE BASTARDS-Desperately Insensitive-Grind crust-1 CROMM CRUAC-Meadows of madness-Death metal-1 CROPMENT-Braindrian timeslavery MCD-Brutal death-4 CROPMENT-Spiral of violence-Brutal death-1 CRUSHER-Untearable off colossus-Death metal-1 CRYPTOPSY-And then you’ll beg-Brutal death-1 CUMBEAST-Human Pinata-Brutal death-1 CUMCHRIST-Cumplete-Brutal death grind-2 CUMGUN-Suck the guts from my slut Mcd-Grind core-3 CUNT FACE-Creutzfeld Jacob suffocation cd-r-Grind core-5 CUNTGRINDER / SATAN'S REVENGE ON MANKIND / HYMEN HOLOCAUST-"3-way-Penetration" split CDGore porn grind-1 CUNTSCRAPE-Thrush Bang Mania-Gore grind-1 CUNTSCRAPE / DEATHFUCKINGCUNT-Split Roast- rindcore/Death Metal-1

D.H.I.B.A.C./CxMxPx – Split cd- Grind core-1 DA GRIND-4 way split cd with: DISASTER-SICKBAG-ELYSIUM-DESECRATOR-Grind core-1 DAHMER-The studio sessions-Grind core-1 DARK DECEPTION- Path of damnation MCD- Atmospheric black death- 4 DARK RISE-Slaves of death-Death metal-4 DARKSIDE-Shadow fields-Atmospheric metal-3 DAWN-Entrance to malevolence-Brutal death-3 DAYMARES-Can't get us all-Digipack-Hardcore/punk/death'n'roll-1 DEAD-Les stars du rock porno- Grind death-1 DEAD FOR A MINUTE-Hana-bi-Hard core- 4 DEAD INFECTION-The lethal collection-Grind core-1 DEAD INFECTION-Surgical disembowelment-Grind core-1 DEAD INFECTION-Brain corrosion-Grind core-1 DEAD PIT COMPILATION-Brutal death grind-4 DEATH CERTIFICATE-A life without conscience-Death metal-4 DEATH OF MILLIONS-Frozen-Death metal-Digipack-2 DEATHGUY-The legend of romancer-Black death-3 DECAYED REMAINS-One man’s fate-Death metal-1 DECEPTION-Permanent torment-Brutal death-1 DECOMPOSED CRANIUM-Death roulette-Death grind-1 DECOMPOSED GOD-The last prayer-Death metal-1 DECOMPOSING SERENITY / VÔMITO- Split CD- Grind noise / Grind-1 DECOMPOSING SERENITY-Let us show you…-Grind gore-1 DEEDS OF FLESH-Path of the weakening-Brutal death-2 DEFEATED SANITY-Psalms of the Moribound-Brutal death-1 DEFENDER KS-The command-Death metal-2 DEFILED-Erupted wrath-Brutal death-1 DEFORMED-Everything is a fun torture CD-R-Death grind-5 DELUGE-…Of plague and conquest-Black metal-1 DEMENTOR-Kill the Thought on Christ-Death Metal-1 DEMIURGE-CALL OF THE UNDEAD-Death metal-5 DENY LIFE-Soundtrack to a mass riot CD-R- Death core- 5 DEPRESSION / HAEMORRHAGE- Split cd-Grind core-1

DEPRESSION-Chronische deppression-Grind core-1 DEPRESY-A grand magnificence -Melodic death metal-1 DERANGED-Rated X-Brutal death-1 DERANGED- Same- Brutal death- 1 DERANGED-Plainfield cemetary-Brutal death-1 DESCEND / ALL THAT'S EVIL-Split CD-Death metal-3 DESECRATED DREAMS-Feelings of guilt-Death metal-1 DESECRATION-Pathway to deviance-Brutal death-1 DESECRATION-Gore & PerVersion 2-Brutal death-1 DESENSITISED-Thriving on carbage MCD-Death metal-5 DESPISE / LUST OF DECAY –Split Mcd-Grind death-4 DESPONDENCY-God on acid-Brutal death-1 DESTROY-Acess denied-Grind core-2 DESTRUCTIVE EXPLOSION OF ANAL GARLAND-Sealing off the vagina by sewer lid-Gore grind-1 DESTRUCTIVE EXPLOSION OF ANAL GARLAND-Cutterclit - Gore grind-1 DETRIMENTUM-A monument to the suffering- Brutal death-1 DEW OF NOTHING-Doubleweird-Brutal Death-1 DIABOLICAL-Deserts of desolation-Death metal-3 DICHOTIC-Lowest common denominator-Brutal death-3 DISARRAY-A lesson in respect-Metal core-1 DISASTER-Decline of humanity Cd-R-Grind core-5 DISASTROUS MURMUR- … And hungry are the lost- Thrash death-2 DISAVOWED-Perceptive deception-Brutal death-1 DISCO’S OUT, SLAUGHTER’S IN-Split CD-Death/brutal death-3 DISEMBARKATION-Rancorous observision-Thrash death-2 DISFIGURED CORPSE-Mega ultra intergalactic...-Grind core-1 DISFIGURED CORPSE-United helland-Grind core-1 DISGORGE-Gorelics-Brutal gore death-1 DISGORGE-She lay gutted-Brutal death-1 DISGORGE-Gore blessed to the worms-Brutal death-1 DISINTER-Welcome to oblivion-Death metal-1 DISINTERMENT-Graveyard fornication-Brutal death-1 DIVINE NOISE ATTACK - Torn appart - Technical death metal - 1 DIVINE RAPTURE-Same-Brutal black death-1 DOMAIN/DEMONIZED- Hellbirth- Brutal death/grind-2 DOOMED ERA-Frozen-Brutal death-1 DOXOMEDON-Evanesce-Brutal death black-2 Dr. DOOM-Same-MCD-Grind core-3 DRAIN OF IMPURITY-Sordid acts of torture-Grind core-3 DROGHEDA / INTENSE HAMMER RAGE-Split cd-Grind core-2 DROWNED-Bonegrinder-Death metal-1 DRUGS OF FAITH-S/t-Hard core grind Mcd-2 DUNGORTHEB-Intended to…-Brutal technical death metal-1 DYING FETUS-Killing on adrenaline-1 DYSPRAXIA-Restablishing the equilibrium mcd-Techdeath-3

EARTHCORPSE-The taste of sin-Epic metal-3 ELLIPSIS-Build the nation-Funk epic metal-3 EMBALMING THEATRE-Jane saw me- Grind death-1 EMBEDDED-Banished from the light-Brutal death-2 EMBEDDED-A severity divine-Brutal death-1 EMBOLISM-…And we all hate ourselves-Grind core-1

ENEMY SOIL – Smashes the states – Double CD- grind core-13euros ENFORCE-Campfire night-brutal thrash-2 ENGORGED-Same-Death metal-2 ENMITY-Vomit forth intestinal excrement -Brutal gore death-2 ENRAGED-Counterblast- Thrash/Death-3 ENTER SELF-Awaken in agony-Death doom-1 ENTHRALLMENT-Burning fields-Death metal-3 ENTHRALLMENT-Smashed brain collection-Death metal-1 ENTROPIA-Takte morbid-Brutal gore grind-1 EPICRISE / BALLGAG - Split cd - Grind core - 1 ERYTROSY-Delight-Brutal death grind-1 EVIL INCARNATE-Blackest hymns of god’s disgrace-Death metal-1 EVISCERATION -A hymn to the monstrous - Death grind – 1 EVOKE-Dreaming the reality-Death metal-3 EXCARNATED-Homicidal decimation-Brutal death-1 EXHALE-Festerfiction -Grind core-1 EXHUMACE-Morbid-Grind death-1 EXISTENCH / BRUTAL INSANITY- Split cd-Grind core-2 EXPOSE YOUR HATE-Hatecult-brutal death-1 EXTREME DECAY-Progressive destruction-Grind core-1 EYE SEA-Bloodgeon-Brutal death – 5

FALOIDE - Theories of decadence Mcd-Death metal-4 FAM-Bullet(in)-Panzergrind-1 F.O.B.-Follow the instructions-Death metal-1 FATE-Odyssey of fate-Brutal death-1 FAUST-…and finally Faust! MCD-Technical brutal death-3 FEARER-Backfire-Death metal-1 FEEBLE MINDED / LIMITS OF NESCIENT-Split cd-Death core/Brutal death-2 FERMENTO-Insignia-Brutal death-1 FETUS EATERS / BRAINCHOKE-Split cd-Grind core-1 FISHY / CRITICISM ARMAMENT / CHAOS OF BRUTALITY-Split CD-Grind crust-3 FISTFUCK / ABERRANT-Split cd-Grind core / Grind death-1 FLAGITIOUS IDIOSYNCRASY IN THE DILAPIDATION-Same-Grind core-1 FLESHGRIND-Live in germany-Brutal death-2 FLESHART-Art brut-brutal death-2 FLESHLESS-Abhorrence cadaveric-Brutal death-1 FLESHLESS-Kill For Skin-Brutal death-1 FLESHLESS- Hate Is Born CD- Death grind-1 FLESHRIPPER-GARROTER-MUTILATION-3way CD-Brutal Death -1 FORNICATION-Descendants of the degenerated race-Brutal death-1 FOUR SEATS FOR INVALIDES-Biovirus-Grind core-3 FROM THE ASHES-Mind vortex-Grind core-1 FROWN-Features and Causes of The…-Thrash Fusion-3 FROZEN ILLUSION-Hatespawned-Brutal death-1 F.U.B.A.R.-Justification of criminal behaviour -Grind core-1 FUCK SHIT UP- Generation of defecation- Grind core-1 FUCK THE FACTS-Backstabber etiquette-Grind core-1 FUCK THE FACTS-Discoing the dead-Grind core-1


GANG-Piece of war-Heavy metal-3 GENOCIDE-Bloodspilled-Grind core-3 GENOCIDE- We rape the sky, we rape the hell-Grind core-1 GERBOPHILIA-Vomicide volontaire-Grind core-1 GILLA BRUJA-Tooth And Nail-Death Core-2 GLUT!-Origen da tragedia-Brutal death grind-1 GOATS-Collective unconscious-Power death-2 GODLESS TRUTH-Burning existence-Death metal-2 GODLESS TRUTH-Desperation-Death metal-2 GOMORRHA-Sexual perversity by autopsy-Brutal death-1 GOMORRHA - Body (p)art - Brutal death - 1 GORATORY-Orgasm induced diarrhea-Brutal death-1 G.O.R.E- Never sober level-Grind death-1 GORE BEYOND NECROPSY /NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666-Split cd- Grind core /cyber grind-1 GOREFUCK-Lust for torture-Gore grind-1 GOREHOG / VENEREAL DISEASE-Split album-Grind / Brutal death-1 GOREOPSY-Co. – Ed killer- Gore grind-1 GOREROTTED-A new dawn for the dead-Death metal-1 GOREROTTED/G.S.R./GRONIBARD-Split your guts vol.1-Death grind-1 GOREZONE-Hate, peace & understanding-Brutal death-1 GRENOUER-The odour o’folly-Death metal-2 GRINDFATHER / EBANATH–Split cd–Grind core-1 GRIND INC.-Inhale the violence-Brutal death-1 GRINDSTONE-Guntype # oilburner-Death power-1 GRONIBARD-s/t-Grind core-1 GRONIBARD-Satanic Tuning Club Mcd-2 GROTESQUE THROUGH INCOHERENCE-Same MCD-Brutal tuning-3 GRUESOME MALADY-Infected with virulent seed-Gore grind-1 GRUESOME STUFF RELISH-Teenage giallo grind-1 GURKKHAS-A life of suffering-Brutal death-2 GUTTED-Human race deserves to die-Brutal death-1

HADES-Same-Death metal-1 HAEMORRHAGE/DENAK-Split Mcd-Grind core-2 HAEMORRHAGE-Emetic cult-Grind core-1 HAEMORRHAGE-Apology For Pathology-Grind core-1 HARMONY DIES-Don’t trust-Death metal-2 HxCxF / XAROS-Split CD-Gonzogrind/Grind core-4 HELL ON EARTH / HILL OF THE DEAD-Split cd-Thrash hard core-1 HIRAX-Assassin of war-Thrash metal-1


HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL- Opus genitalia CD -Grind core-1 HOMICIDIAL VIOLENCE-Hatesongs-Brutal death-1 HORDE OF WORMS-Dreams and dying eyes-Brutal death-1 HORRESCO REFERENS-The cesspit…-Heavy / black-3 HORRID FLESH-Suicide order-Brutal black death-1 HORROR BLAST / SPLATTERED CAVITIES-Split cd-Grind core-1 HOUWITSER-Embrace damnation-Brutal death-1 HUMAN ERROR - Life sentence - Grind core - 1 HYBRIS-Ethereal hopes-Atmospheric death metal-3 HYMNS OF REBELLION part II-Comp. metal-5 HYPNOS-The revenge ride-Death metal-1 HYSTERIA-Abyssal plains of chaos-Melodic death metal- 4

I SHIT ON YOUR FACE-Anal barbeque-Gore grind-1 ILL FARES THE LAND-Nonentity-Death metal-1 IMMOLATION-Unholy cult-Brutal death-1 IMMORTAL RITES-Beyond the gates of pain-Black metal-2 IMMORTALITY-I think therefore I am MCD-Death metal-3 IMPERIAL SODOMY-Tormenting the pacifist-Brutal death-2 IMPETIGO-Ultimo mondo cannibale-Gore grind-1 IMPETIGO-All we need is cheez-Gore grind-3 IMPURE-Corpses...Intense stench-Brutal death-1 INCANTATION-Decimate christiandom-Brutal death-1 INCARNATED-Pleasure of consumption-Death metal-1 INCESTOUS- Brass knukle abortion- Brutal death-grind-2 INCINERATE-Dissecting the angels-Brutal death-1 INCRIMINATED / FULCRUM CREAK-Split CD-Grind core-3 INFECTED FLESH-Anthropophagical devourment-Brutal death-1 INFERIA-Release for burial orgies-Grind death-1 INFERNAL DREAMS-And I dream…-Atmospheric black death-1 INFERNAL-Whipping the sacred law-Black metal-1 INFERNAL REVULSION - Devastate Under Hallucination (CD) - Brutal Death metal - 1 INFEST-Feel the rage-Grind death-1 INFESTED-….until it breaks down again-Brutal death-1 INGROWING-Decameron of grind-Grind core-1 INGROWING - Aetherpartus (MCD) - Grind core - 3 INHUMATE-Growth-Grind death-1 INHUMATE-Life-Grind death-1 INHUMATE-The Fifth Season-Grind death-1 INNER DECAY/METANEMFROST-Split CD-R-Cyber gore grind-5 INNER WAR-The profane vulgar-Death metal-3 INSANE ASSHOLES-Stralci di oblio-Grind core-1 INSANITY-Mind crisis-Death metal-1 INTENSE HAMMER RAGE-Avagoyamugs-Grind core-1 INTENSE HAMMER RAGE-Gory “B”-Grind core-1 INVERTED-There can be only one…-Death metal-3 IRREDEMTION-Hordes of angerIRRITATE-Everyday evil-Punk core-4 ISACAARUM-Cunt hackers-Sado black-1 ISACAARUM-Menses exorcism-Sado black-1



JACK - MMVII Ctenomys blainv - Grind core -2 JACK SLATER-Metzgore-Death grind-1 JACK SLATER - Blut/Macht/Frei CD - Death grind - 1 JAPANISCHE KAMPFHÖRSPIELE- S/t-Brutal grind core-1 JAPANISCHE KAMPFHÖRSPIELE-Die Großstadt stinkt, ist laut und septisch-Grind core-1 JEEL-As Morning Turns To Day-Death Metal-3 JESUS CRÖST - Tot-Power violence-1

KABAK-Cronicas del quirofano-Brutal death-1 KADATH-Cruel-Brutal death-1 KATAR-Paradigma digitized-Teckno atmospheric death-1 KEITZER - As The World Burns - Death grind-1 KEVLAR SKIN-Synthetic god CD-R-Death-Brutal death-5 KEVLAR SKIN / VELOCIDAD ABSURDA-Split cd-Brutal death/Death gore-2 KEVORKIAN-Relief through scream-Thrash core-2 KONKHRA-Reality check-Death metal-1 KORADES - Acoustic warfare - Motöcrustmetalpunk - 1 KOTS-Serial suicide-Tekkno gore grind-1 KRETAN-Christian corpse mutilation-Technical grind death-1 KRONOS-Colossal titan strife-Brutal death-1 KÜNT KILLERS-Murder for satan CD-R-Cyber death-5


LANIENA MENTIS-Turn into a man-Brutal death-1 LARMBELASTIGUNG-Compil-Death grind-5 LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY-Hymns of indigestible Suppuration-Grind core-1 LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY-The Xtc Of Swallowing LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY-Feaces-Grind core-1 LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY-In advanced haemorrhaging conditions – MCD- Grind core-4 LAY DOWN ROTTEN-Paralysed by fear-Death metal-1 LAY DOWN ROTTEN-Cold constructed-Death metal-1 LEGACY-Pain for the masses-Brutal death-1 LENG TCH’E / WARSCARS-Split digipack-Grind core-1 LEUKORRHEA-Hatefucked and tortured-Grind core-2 LIBER SPIRITUM-Frugativi et appelativi-Black metal-4 LIBIDO AIRBAG-Miss melanoma-Techno Gore grind-3 LIFE AT ZERO - Vile piles - Technical brutal death - 1 LITURGY-Dawn of ash-Brutal gore death-1 LIVIDITY-Age of clitorial decay-Porno gore grind-1 LIVIDITY-Fetish for the sick- Porno gore grind-1 LIVIDITY-Show us your tits-Porno gore grind-1 LIVIDITY-Used, Abused And Left For Dead-Porno gore grind-1 LOATHING / DEEP RED -This is a face of humanity - Brutal death-1 LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER - Extinction - Grind core - 1

M.A.C. of MAD-Badluck-Industrial death metal-1 MAGGOTS-Zombies from tha hood-Death metal-3 MAGGOTS-Dead and loving it-Grind core-1 MAGGOTS vs EVOKERS-Splattered manifestation-Grind core-1 MAGGOT SHOES - (f)EAR tERRORism -Grind core-1 MALAMOR-Dead to the world-Death metal-1 MALEDICTION-Chronicles of dissention-Death metal-2 MALECDITION-Whirl evoken by prayers-Brutal death-2 MALEDICTIVE PIGS-Bloodshed-Death metal-2 MALEVOLENT CREATION-Conquering south america-Brutal death-1 MALIGNANCY-Intrauterine cannibalism-Brutal death-1 MALIGNANT TUMOUR-Demo/Singles collection-Mince core-1 MANGLED-Most painfull ways-Brutal death-1 MANOS-At mania of death-Death metal-3 MARTYR-Murder X / The end of the game-death metal-2 MARTYRIUM CHRISTI-Reward-Satanic death metal-1 MASSGRAVE-5 Years of grinding crust core-Grind crust-1 MASSGROUND-Emblem stay evil-Cyber morbid metal-2 MASSMURDER-Slaughtered for snuff-Brutal death-2 MASTECTOMIA / MIXOMATOSIS-Split cd-Grind core-1 MASTIC SCUM-Scar-Grind core-1 MASTIC SCUM-Zero-Grind core-1 MASTIC SCUM-The EP`s Collection 1993-2002-Grind core-1


MASTIC SCUM-Mind-Grind core-1 MAZE OF TORMENT - Faster disaster - Death metal - 1 MEATKNIFE-Brutalized blowjob-Grind gore-1 MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM-Recompense to saints-Brutal death-1 MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM-Evil planet-Brutal death-1 MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM-Inconsistent world-Brutal death-1 MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM-Global terrorization-Brutal death-1 MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM-Dreamkillers-Brutal death-1 MELTING FLESH-Good addiction butchery-Brutal death-1 MENTAL DEMISE-Disgraceful sores-Brutal death-1 MESRINE-Going to the morgue-Grind core-2 MESRINE-Unidentified-Grind core-1 MESRINE / TREPAN’DEAD / ROGER MOORE-Crushed Pieces Split cd-Grind core-1 MESS-AGE-Self-convicted- Death metal-2 MINCING FURY A.G.C.O.Q.D.-La-mentations-Grind core-1 MINCING FURY A.G.C.O.Q.D./Screming afterbirth-Split cd-Grind core-1 MINDFIELD-Deviant-Heavy Thrash death-1 MINDFLAIR-Green bakery – Grind core-1 MINDSNARE-Hateful attitude-Death metal-2 MISERY INDEX/COMMIT SUICIDE-Split mcd-Brutal death-2 MISERY INDEX/MUMAKIL-Death grind-3 MISTIFATE-Embracing the death-Brutal death metal-1 MIXOMATOSIS-Bienvenidos al mundo del terror-Digipack-Gore grind-1 MOONFOG - Cadaveric changes - Brutal death - 1 MORBUS-L ive in space-death grind-2 MORDETH-Animicide-Thrash death- 3 MORGUE-The process to define… Grind death-1 MORSGATT-Kick ass undress-Mcd-3 MORTAL AGONY-Necrobutchering-Death metal-2 MORTEM-Filicide-Brutal death-4 MORTUARY-Welcome to the morgue-Brutal death-1 MORTUARY HACKING SESSION-Delightful carvings-Experimental gore-A girls band!!-2 MORTUARY I.O.D.-Distorted massacre:Fear the madness-Death black-2 MUCOPUS-Undimensional-Brutal Death-1 MUCUPURULENT-Bloodstained Blues-Grind ‘n’ roll-1 MULK-Putrilogie-Hyperspeed digital grind-core-1 MURDER-From deep inside-Death core-1 MURDER BY STATIC-Welcome to the stitchface-Grind core-1 MUTINY-Guilty as charged CD-R-Heavy metal-5 MY MINDS MINE-48 reasons to leave this planet- Grind core-1 MYOPIA-Concentration of suffering-Brutal death-4

NAKED SCARECROW-Same-Cyber heavy thrash death-3 NAPALM DEATH - Leaders not followers - Grind core - 3 NASHGUL - El Dia Despues Al Fin De La Humanidad-Grind core-1 NAUSEOUS SURGERY-Abominable voices-Thrash death-3 NEBRON-The message-Black metal-3 NECROLOGY-Malignancy defined-Brutal death-1 NECROPHAGIA-Holocausto de la morte-Gore metal-1 NECROTIC CHAOS-Regime grotesque-Brutal death-1 NEEDFULL THINGS-Dead point-Grind core-1 NEFAS-Transfiguration to the ancients' form- Brutal death-3


NEOLITH-Igne natura Renovabitur integra-Death metal-1 NEURAL BOOSTER-Gross negligence-Death grind-1 NEUROPATHIA-Graveyard cowboys- Grind gore-1 NOMAD-The devilish whirl-Death metal-3 NOMENMORTIS-How I learn to bleed...-Death metal-3 NOSFERATOS-Pandemonium-Death/Brutal death-1 NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666-Home sweet home-Grind gore-1 NYCTOPHOBIC- Blast from the past- Old school grind core-1

OBJECT-Same MCD- Death metal-4 OBLITERATE / DIN-ADDICT-Split cd-Grind core-2 OBLITERATE-The feelings-Death metal-1 OBLITERATE- Tangled ways- Grind core - 1 OBLITERATION-Social revenge-Grind core- 4 OBSCENITY-Cold blooded murder-Death metal-1 OJCIEC DYKTATOR - HERESY IS FUN (MCD) - Grind core-3 OLIGARQUIA-Nechropolis-Death metal-2 ONE STEP BEYOND-Life imitates art-Death grind-1 OSSUARY INSANE - Demonize the flesh - Death metal -1 OUROBOROS-Critical perspective Mcd-Death metal-4

PAGAN WINTER-Inferos-Black metal-3 PAROXYSM-Revelation is denied-Extreme death metal-1 PARACOCCIDIOIDOMICOSISPROCTITISSARCOMUCOSISAromatica Germenexcitación en Orgías De Viscosa Y Amarga Putrefacción-Gore grind-1 PARRICIDE-Kingdom of downfall-Brutal death-1 PATOLOGICUM-Hecatomb of aberration- Grind gore-1 PATOLOGICUM / GRUESOME MALADY-Split cd-Gore grind-1 PATHOLOGY STENCH-Accion mutante-Brutal death-1 PENTAGORIA-And the sky bled gore-Brutal death-1 PERVERSIST-Necrophilharmony-Grind death-1 PESSIMIST-Cult of the initiated-brutal death-1


PHANTASMA-Jahve-Death metal-2 PHOBIA/SKRUPEL-Another four years of murder– Split Cdep- 4 PHOBIC-Sick blemished uncreation-Death metal-1 PIGSTY-Spiders-Shape disc-Grind core-2 PIGSTY-Pigs are back-Grind core-1 PLANTA CADAVER-Ultimo acto-Death metal-3 PLASTIC GRAVE-Noizy graves& plastic chronicles-Grind death-1 POPPY SEED GRINDER-Oppressed reality-Grind death-1 PORTAL-Forthcoming-Black death-3 POST MORTEM-Mystic deli ghts-Death metal from France-5 POST MORTEM-The call of the sea-Melodic thrash death from Russia-3 PREJUDICE-Reality-Death metal-1 PROFANITY-Slaughtering thoughts – Brutal death-1 PROFESOR LEFEBVRE-Genio y figura-Grind core-1 PROGERIA - A day in the intensive care-Gore grind - 4 PROTEST-About human idols-Brutal death core-1 PSICORRAGIA-La pasion de lo mortal-Atmodeath metal-2 PSYCHOFAGIST / HYBRID VISCERY-Split cd-Brutal death/Grind core-1 PSYCHO INDUSTRY-Crushing the individual-Cyber metal core-2 PSYCHOPATHIA/DECOMPOSED-Split CD- Death metal-1 PSYCHOTIC DESPAIR-Same-Digipack-Grind core-1 PSYCHRIST-Embrace rapture in disgust-Brutal death-1 PURGATORY-Bestial-Brutal death metal-3 PURGATORY-Damage done by worms-Brutal death metal-3 PUSTULATED-Pathognomonic prurulency-Brutal death-2 PUSTULATED-Haematoma-Brutal death-1 PUSTULATED-Inherited cryptorchidism-Brutal death-1 PUTRID PILE / DYSCRASIA-Slit cd-Brutal death-1 PUTRID PILE-The pleasure in suffering-Brutal death grind-1 PUTRID SCUM-Same-Deathcore-3 PUTREFIED-Live, plugged and crushing-Brutal death-1 PUTREFIED-The putrid remains-Death metal-1

RAPTURE-Sinister creation-brutal death-1 REALM OF GRIND-Death ‘n ‘ grind comp’-5 REBAELLIUN-Bringer of war-Brutal death metal-4 REEK OF SHITS-Deface mind-Grind death-1 REGURGITATE / SUPPOSITORY-Split cd-Grind core-1 REINFECTION-They die for nothing-Grind core-1 REINFECTION-Peace Through Killing-Grind core-1 REMAINS OF THE DAY-An underlying frequency-Hard core punk with violin-3 REQUIEM-Formed at birth-Brutal death-1 RESISTANT CULTURE-All one struggle-Grind crust-1 RESURRECTED-Butchered in excrement- Brutal death-2 RESURRECTION OF THE GODS-Death metal comp. from China-5 RETCH-Ben-Wa baby heads-Gore grind-1 RETCH-Reinsertion of aborted remnants MCD-Gore grind-2 RIBSPREADER - CONGREGATING THE SICK - Death grind - 1 RISE ABOVE-Sound systematic grind-Death grind-3 ROMPEPROP-Menstrual stomphulk-Gore grind-2 ROMPEPROP - Pornflakes - Groovy gore grind -1 ROT IN PIECES/HYPOPTALASIAS-Split cd-Grind core-1 ROTTEN MINDS-Necrogallery-Grind gore-1 ROTTING HEAD-Backwardness-Brutal death-2 RUBUFASO MUKUFO/OPITZ-Underclass-Split CD-Grind core-1 RUIDO DE ODIO / ARMENIA-Ruido de protesta-Grind crust / Noise-2 RZEZNIA-Mathematic grind-Grind-1


7th CHILD-Bled to death-Brutal death-4 7th NEMESIS / PUNISHMENT "Chronicles of a sickness" - Death metal-4 SANATARIUM-Internal womb cannibalism-Brutal death-1 SANATORIUM-Celebration of exhumation- Brutal death-1 SANATORIUM-Fetus rape Mcd-Brutal death-3 SANCTIFICATION-Misanthropic salvation-Brutal death-1 SANCTIMONY-Eternal Suffering-Death metal-2 SANGUINARIUM-The way of...-Brutal death-3 SANITY’S DAWN-The Ep years + live audio terror-Grind core-1 SATAN'S REVENGE ON MANKIND–Goreblast-Gore grind-1 SCID-Fucked beyond recognition- Brutal death grind-1 SCRAMBLED DEFUNCTS-Catacomb abattoir-Brutal death-2 SCREAMING AFTERBIRTH-Drunk on feces-Grind death-1 SEASICK-Bestie Mensch + Demo -Crust core-3 SEASICK-Bestie Mensch-Crust core-2 SECURITY THREAT-The truth is out-Grind core-1 SEIRIM-Empire of the dead-Brutal death-2 SEIRIM-Kill.War.Chaos-Brutal death-2 SELF HATE-At the beginning god created fear-Grind core-1 SEPTICEMIA-Hopeless age-Death black-2 SEPTICOPYEMIA / EBANATH / STICKOXYDAL-3way Split-Grind gore-core-1 SEVERANCE - Suffering In Humanity (CD) - Death metal - 1 SEVERE TORTURE-Feasting on blood-Brutal death-1 SEVERE TORTURE-Butchery of the soul-Brutal death-1 SEVERED HEAD-Fuck your bullshit-Death grind-1 SEWN SHUT-Rediscovering the dead-Grind core-1 SHADOWS FX-Same-Death black-3 SHEEVA YOGA / SHELL SHOCK!-Split cd-Crust vs NYHC-2 SICKBAG-Bushido codex-Crossover grindcore-1 SIKFUK - Teabagged At Birth (CD) - Technical Brutal death - 1 SIL KHANNAZ-Conception of madness-death metal-3 SINISTER - Creative killings - Death metal - 1 SISTHEMA- Bioelectric violent sisthem – Death core-2 SLAMFIST-Skullmasher-Death-core-3 SONS OF CHAOS-Redwork-Brutal death-1 SORE THROAT/ NEW YORK AGAINST THE BELZEBU-Split cd- Noise/Grind core-1 SOULGRIND-Whitsongs-Black thrash-2 SPACESHITERS-Grinding dancers from outaspace-Grind gore-1 SPAWN-Systems full of victims-Brutal death-2 SPINEGRINDER-A visual symphony of horror-Cyber gore grind-4 SPLATTERHOUSE-The house that dead built-Death grind-1 SPLATTER WHORE-"Kaviar Die Hards" MCD-Grind’n’ roll-2 SPLITTER/F.U.B.A.R.- Crust - grind core-1 SPOONFUL OF VICODIN - "S/T"-Rot core-1 SQUALBALBUS-Same-Grind core-3 SQUASH BOWELS / DISGORE-Split cd-Grind/Brutal death-1 STABWOUND-Bloodsoaked serenades-Brutal gore death-3 STALE CORPSE-Sound of prison-Thrash death-3 STARGAZER / INVOCATION-Split CD-Grind death-4 STHYGMA-Khalimäa-Death metal-4


STICKOXYDAL-The perverted position of interiors-Grind core-1 STOMA-Scat Aficionados-Brutal gore grind-1 STOMA / SCREAMING AFTERBIRTH - Split cd - Gore grind - 1 SUBCONSCIOUS TERROR-Invisible-Death metal-3 SUBTERA-Discord-Punk grind-2 SUFFOCATE-Exit 64-Techno-thrash/Death-3 SUHRIM-Unidentified flying bodyparts- Death- 2 SUPPOSITORY-Punching out reality-Grind core-1 SUPPOSITORY/GROT-Split cd-Grind core-1 SURGICAL DISSECTION - Disgust - Brutal death - 1 SUSPIRIA-To those who are leaving cd-r-Grind core-5 SWARRRM-Against again-Grind core-1

!T.O.O.H.!- Z vyëëÍ völe- Thrash-death-grind- 1 T.H.R.O.N.-Subject to damage-Brutal death-3 TALES OF DARKNORD-Dismissed-Death metal-3 TERRORIST- Mata o muere- Technical death metal- 1 THANATOS-Angelic encounters-Brutal death-1 THE ENCHANTED-Trust in death and rebirth-Death metal-2 THE FORGOTTEN-L’aldila-Experimental black death-3 THE KUNTAUTCULT-From the pits-Grind death-1 THE SIXTH INCUBATOR-Inphonoir-Power death-1 THE TRUE IDEAL …. THE UNDERGROUND Part.2 comp.-Death/Grind-5 THIRD DEGREE-Outstay-Death grind-1 THORWALD / PULMONARY FIBROSIS-Split cd-Grind core-1 THREE WAY OF ARMAGEDDON-Split with Nuclear Devastation/CSSO/Total Fucking Destruction-Grind core-1 THREE WAY GRINDCORE KNOCKOUT Round 2 -Splitter / Hên / Endless deminse - Grind core -1 TOOLS OF THE TRADE-inmate consumption-Grind core-1 TORSOFUCK-Erotic diarrhea fantasy-Gore grind-1 TORTURE INCIDENT-The deadly efficiency of napalm-Grind core-3 TORTURE SQUAD-Shivering-Death metal-1 TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION-Compact Disc Version 1.0-Grind core-1 TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION-Zen and the art od total fucking destruction-Grind core-1 TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION - Peace, love and total fucking destrcution-Grind core-1 TOTAL RUSAK-Exploding the cranial-Grind death-1 TOXIC BONKERS-Seeds of cruelty-Toxic fucking death grind-1 TOXIC BONKERS Progresss-Digipack-Metal/Grind-1 TRANSGRESSOR-Recollected limbs-Death metal-2 TRASHNASTY - In livid duality - Death metal - 3 TREPAN DEAD-Obsessional dysfonctions-Death grind-1 TU CARNE / MIXOMATOSIS-Split cd-Gore grind-2 TU CARNE / GERMEN / ATS –Three way split- Grind gore-1 TYPHOID-Ruptured Self Control-Brutal Death-2

UNCLEAN-The mechanism-Death core-1 UNDERTAKERS-Vision distortion perversion-Brutal death-2

UNHALLOWED-Punchfucking blasphemy-Brutal grind death-2 UNHOLY GRAVE-Grind Killers-Grind core-Digipack-1UNLEASH YOUR DARKSIDE-Comp Belgian metal-5 UNTAMED-Fuck the fucking fuckers-Grind core-1 UNTAMED-Grind core prescription-Grind core-1 UNVEILED / TRAUMA- Split cd- Death metal-2 UPRISE-S/t-Grind death-3 UTOPY-Same-Deathcore-3 UTOPIA-Nečas doby-Death grind-1

VADER-Reborn in chaos-Death metal-1 VADER - Reborn in chaos - Death metal -1 VASTION-Closed eyes to nothing-Brutal death-2 VELOCIDAD ABSURDA-Fisico tortura emocianal-Death gore-4 VENERAL DISEASE-Perpetual pain procedure-2 VENERAL DISEASE-Sworn to hate-Brutal death-1 VENEREAL DISEASE- Mondo macabro- Grind core- 3 VILE-Depopulate-Brutal death-1 VIOLENT DEVOTIES-Entwined by vengeance-Brutal death-1 VIOLENT HEADACHE / NECROMORPH - split CD-Grind core-1 VIRULENCE-A conflict scenario-Funky jazz grind-2 VIRUS-Bottled babies cd-r-Butal death-5 VOICE OF HATE - Gods of hell and earth - Brutal death - 3 VOMIT THE SOUL-Human insanity Mcd-Death metal-3 VON BÖÖM /MOTÖRBREATH - split CD -Punk/crustcore VON BÖÖM - Punkrock Terrorists - Crustpunk legend-1 VRYKOLAKAS-VRYKOLAKAS 2000-Brutal death-5 VULGAR DEGENERATE-My worst enemy CD-R-Death core-4 VUVR-Pilgrimage-Krimson death-1

WACO JESUS-Filth-Brutal death-1 WACO JESUS-Receptive when beaten-Grind death-1 WAR ALL THE TIME - Discography 2006-2007- Crustcore/D-Beat-1 WAR DANCE-Compilation-Death-Brutal death-Grind core-5 WARSCARS-Killing Rate: Complete Mcd-Grind core-3 WARSORE-Sweet revenge-Grind core-1 WASTEFORM-Ignorance through sovereignty-Brutal death-1 WAYD-Barriers-Melodic death metal-3 WHORETORN-Same cd-r-Grind core-5 WHO'S MY SAVIOUR - The Glasgow Smile - Crust punk, straight-up grindcore-1 WHOURKR-Naät-Electronic experimental death metal-1 WOJCZECH-Sedimente-Grind core-1 WRECKER-Humanicon-Death grind-5 XXX MANIAK-Harvesting the cunt nectar-Goregrind-1 XENOMORPH-Baneful stealth desire-Brutal black death-1 YACOPSAE-Tanz Grosny Tanz-Powergrind-1 YATTERING-Human’s pain-Brutal death-1 YEAST INFECTION-Just aint right-Death core-2




AKON-Sampler vol.4-Brutal death grind-5 AKON-Sampler vol.12-Brutal death grind -5 CAFARD-Sodomaniak-Grind “pioche” core-5 CARMINA/AMETHSYTE/ATROPHY/DARKLORD-4 way split tape-Death / Brutal death-5 CONTRASTIC-Extreme contrast-Death metal-5 CRANIOTOMY-…And from flesh to bone-Death metal-5 CRAWLING DUE-Insomnia-Grind death-5 CRITICAL MASS-Demo 1-2001-Death grind-5 DEATH CORPORATION Vol.12- Brutal death grind comp-5 DEIVOS - Praised by generations - brutal death –5 DELAID ACTION BOMB-Abyssus abyssum invocat-Death metal-5 DESECRATION-Gore & PerVersion 2-Brutal death-5 DIE HUMAN RACE – End of Humanity – 5 DIE HUMAN RACE / TRAUMA TEAM – Split tape – 5 DISTORTED HARMONY Comp-1997 – 5 DISTORTED HARMONY Comp-1998 – 5 DIVINE DARKNESS TAPES-brutal death comp.-5 EL ACTION-Compil.# 4-Punk / hard core / grind-5 ENCUMBER-The repentance-Death metal-5 ENERGY OF ORGASM-Comp.-Brutal death grind-5 EPILEPTIC EPIDEMIC # 2-Mangled maggot rec comp.-Brutal death-5 ET DIABOLUS IN CARNATUS EST-Comp.-Brutal death-5 ETERNAL BLACKNESS RECORDS Comp.- Death grind-5 EXHUMATOR-Demo 98-Death metal-5 FORCE FED-The alternative-Metal core-5 FORGOTTEN-Obsesi mati-Brutal death-5 FROM BEYOND THE TAPE Vol.2 –Brutal death grind comp.5 FUNERAL BLAST VOL.3-Death grind comp.-5 FUNERAL BLAST VOL.4-Death grind comp.-5 FUNERAL BLAST VOL.7-Death grind comp.-5 FUNERAL BLAST VOL.10-Death grind comp.-5 G.O.T.H.-Comp. Vol.14 – Brutal death grind comp.-5 GENITAL PUTREFACTOR-Same-Noise-5 GOLDEN PYRE-Apocryphal-Death metal-5 HUMBERG / NAPALMED- Improvisation & noise live- Experimental noise-5 HUTT-Sessao descarrego-Grind core-5 IMMOLATE YOUR SOUL Vol.1- Brutal death comp.-5 IN NOCTE AT ARRAS-Auseen frostitsch, innen saftisch-Grind core-5 INFERNAL ATAVISM-Pray for low price god-Death metal-5 INHUMAN DEFORMITY-IDC prod Comp. vol. 2-Brutal death-5 INHUMATE-Ex-pulsion (Russian issue)-Grind death-5 INHUMATE- Growth (Malaysia issue)-Grind death-5 INHUMATE- Growth (Poland issue)-Grind death-5 INHUMATE-Growth (Thailand issue)-Grind death-5 INHUMATE-Growth (Russian issue)-Grind death-5 INHUMATE-Life (Poland issue) Grind death-5

MALIGNANT DEFECATION-Compil vol. I-Grind death-5 MANGLER-Are you ready for something like that-Grind core-5 MASTEMA-Promo’97-Black metal-5 MORBIDITY-Don't demand impossible-Grind core-5 NAPALMED / FLYING SANDWICH-Split tape-Experimental noise-5 NIGHTMARE Part2.- Comp.-Brutal death-5 NYARLATHOTEP / GNOME- Split tape-Thrash death/melodic thrash-5 PERVERSE-Blunt of stench-Death grind-5 PERVERSITY-Personal-Death metal-5 PINK LITTLE PIG- piercing by blades- Thrash death-5 PLANTA CADAVER-Ultimo acto-Death metal-1 PLEASURE OF SEXUAL PERVERSITY-Comp.-Death/Grind-5 POETRY OD THE EXTREME Vol.2-Comp.-Brutal death-5 POP CORE EXPERIENCE-Et currere-Melodic pop core-5 PREMONITION VOL.7-Comp.-Death/Grind-5 PROCESS 187-Same-Hard core-5 REST IN PEACE Vol.1-Comp- Brutal death-5 SAAEI-Demo 2000-Grind noise-5 SANGUINARIUM-First-Death metal-5 SARCASTIC-Anywhere out og the world-Death metal-5 SOCIETY COLLAPSE-Schlaghändel-Grind core-5 SPARROW MUTANT-Expansion of light-Death thrash-5 STINKUPUSS-Kaviar rehearsal’93-Anal noise-5 SUFFER SYSTEM-Paradise lost-Cyber death-5 !T.O.O.H. !-It's not, can't be a dream-Death metal-5 T.H.R.O.N.-Subject to damage-Brutal death-5 The N.O.B- Same- Atmo-progressiv-5 THE NAPALM OF METAL Vol.1-Comp.- Death grind-5 THE RITUAL TAPE Vol.3-Comp.-Brutal death grind-5 TURBO F.M.-La turbo compil’ vol.1-Brutal death grind-5 VRYKOLAKAS / KOMA -Split tape-Brutal death-5


AFGRUND - Vid Helvetets Grindar - Bonecrushing Grindcore-1 AGATHOCLES-Mincer LP-Mince core-1 AGATHOCLES / GRIND BUTO- Split Ep- Mince core- Gore-5 AGONY / FORGOTTEN SILENCE- Split ep–Atmospheric death-5 ANTICIPATE / GROSSMEMBER-Split ep- Grind core-5 ANTIGAMA-Discomfort-Hi-tec grind-1 APOCALYPSE THEORY- Split 10” red vinyl LP with Conflicting theories & Saposmittz- Experimental grindin’ noize- 2 ASSHAMMER/ SUFFERING MIND - split LP - Oldschool Grind-core-9 euros BATHTUB SHITTER-97 + 3 shit points-Grind core-5 BATHTUB SHITTER-Fertilizer-Grind core-5 BENIGHTED-Identisick-Brutal death core-1 BIRDFLESH-Mongo Musicale-Grind core-1 BLOOD DUSTER-Blood duster-grind rock-1 BRODEQUIN – Instrument of Torture - 1 XIX BRUTAL INSANITY / PSYCHONEUROSIS- Split EP-Grind core-5 CATHETER / BIRDFLESH- Split coloured LP- Grind core - 1

CENTURIAN-Liber ZarZax-Death metal-3 COCK AND BALL TORTURE-Opus(sy) 6- Grind core-1 CRIPPLE BASTARDS-Variante alla Morte-2LP-Grind core-1 CROPMENT / VAGINAL INCEST -Brutal death / grind -5 DEAD INFECTION-Brain corrosion-Grind core-1 DERANGED- 3- Brutal death- 2 DISGORGE-Gore Blessed To The Worms-Grind core-1 EMBALMING THEATRE-Exquisite cadaveric hormon coktails LP-Death grind-1 EMBALMING THEATRE/ MAGGOT SHOES-Split Ep-Death grind-5 EMBALMING THEATRE-The World Is A Stage ... For Murder!!-Deth grind-1 ESCATOFAGIA-Man wolf of the man-Grind core-5 EXISTENCH / LIX XIVIA -Split Ep- Grind crust / Punk rock grind-5 EXTREME NOISE TERROR-Law Of Retaliation-Grinding HxC punk-1 F.U.B.A.R.-Justification of criminal behaviour LP-Grind core-1 FOETOPSY - I Shit on Your Face-Grind death-5 GENERAL SURGERY / THE COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINERS- Split LP- Gore grind – 3 GENERAL SURGEY-Left hand pathology-Grind core-1 GENERAL SURGERY / BUTCHER ABC - LP-GrindGore-1 GERBOPHILIA-Ouille Ouille Ouille-Grind core-5 HAEMORRHAGE/TERRORISM split 7"-Death grind-5 HAEMORRHAGE / IMPALED - Dementia rex - Split LP limited 100 copies green vinyl - Grind - 1 HARSH – Reallity - 5 INCANTATION-Decimate christiandom LP-Brutal death-1 INHUMATE – Life- Limited to 200 copies- Grind death- 13 € INTO DARKNESS-Killing in front...-Death metal-5 LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER - Extincion - Grind core-1 LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER/ IRA ET DESSUS-Split-Grind core-8 euros MACHETAZO-Mundo Cripta-Old schoolm death grind core-1 MAGNICIDE/ TOXIC REVOLUTION split LP-Powerviolence meets raw Grindpunk-1 MASTIC SCUM-Mind-Grind core-1 MINDFLAIR-Green Baker- Ltd to 500 copies , Colored vinyl -Grind core-1 NASHGUL / ANTIHERO Split LP: Fastcore/GrindCore-1 NASHGUL / FROM THE ASHES - Split EP-Grind-Core-5 NASHGUL / SEWN SHUT - Split EP -Grind-Core 5 PAYOLL BENEFIT-Compil ep-Hard core crust-5 ROTTEN SOUND-Consume To Contaminate-Grind core-2 S.B.S.-Taste it-Punk grind-5 THIRD DEGREE/UNHOLY GRAVE-Split ep-Grind core-5 A TRIBUTE TO REPULSION - Compilation - 12"LP-12 euros VIU DRAKH-Take no prisoners, grind them all and leave this hell-Picture disc-Death metal-3 YACÖPSAE-Tanz grozny tanz-Power violence-1 YATTAI / GRÜNT GRÜNT- Split EP-Grind core-5


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INHUMATE-At war with… INHUMATE- 13€ LE SCRAWL-Full frontal nudity-45 minutes live-13 € MIXOMATOSIS-Underground-18€ Obscene Extreme 2003 Double DVD - 219 minutes/106 songs-15€ Obscene Extreme 2004 Double DVD - 336 minutes-15€

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EX-PULSION - 2nd full length album - 1997
L SO D T OU !!!

Repressed already 3 times, Ex-Pulsion is now almost sold out. Get ready for 13+1 tracks of intense grind death with no concession.

GROWTH - 3rd full length album - 2000
17 tracks of grind death. Growth is the following of the hammering world started with Ex-Pulsion.

LIFE - 4th full length album - 2004
16 tracks of grind death. More mature than the previous ones, Life comes with a cristal clear sound and a heavy multimedia part (info, videos…)

W NE !!!

More than one hour of pure stage trance ! When band and crowd are one, united in sickness !!!


Ex-pulsion (Russian version)-Grind death-5 Growth-(Malaysian version) Grind death-5 Growth-(Polish version) Grind death-5 Growth-(Thai version) Grind death-5 Growth-(Russian version) Grind death-5 Life-(Polish version) Grind death-5

* LP *
LP – Life - Grind death - Limited to 200 copies - 13 € - 17 US$ LP – The Fifth Season - Grind death - Limited to 150 copies - 1

* EP *

* DVD *
At war with… INHUMATE - 13 € - 17 US$

INHUMATE logo - 1

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INHUMATE logo - 1

Each 0.50 euros




1. Human ? 2. Hellmaze 3. Whisper 4. Bleargh! 5. Ecotone I : The Tree 6. 21 grammes 7. The Glance 8. It's Back 9. Dig! 10. Addicted 11. Ecotone II : The Ocean 12. Flames 13. I want to kill some ... (part V) 14. Art, Sex, Intelligence 15. Obey 16. Ecotone III : The Sphere 17. Mic Crusher 18. 59 seconds 19. It's Back (Bonus) TOTAL RUNNING TIME 1.41 1.40 1.30 0.59 1.23 2.14 2.06 3.09 1.24 2.26 1.19 1.29 0.06 2.14 2.28 1.53 0.54 1.55 3.14 36.07

Recorded & mixed at Down Town Studio (Strasbourg) by Didier Houbre (July 2008 / January 2009). Masterised at L’Autre Studio (Paris). Music and lyrics composed, written & grinded by INHUMATE. Cello arrangement on “It’s Back” by Franck George (WEEPERS CIRCUS). Musical arrangement on “It’s Back” (bonus track) by WEEPERS CIRCUS. Front booklet artwork by Mossu, other artworks and graphic conception by Tos, artwork concept designed by INHUMATE. Band photo by Sabine. Logo by INHUMATE. THE 5TH SEASON IS A GRIND YOUR SOUL PRODUCTION

LINE UP - left to right Drums : Yannick GIESS Vocals : Christophe KNECHT Guitar & backing vocals : Damien CIVIDINI Bass : Fred ANTON


GYS 005

Y. .I. D


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