Alan King, CPA

Interim Superintendent of Schools
April 6, 2012
Mary McCants //
Shirley lson-Newsome ·
Interim Schools' Division Executive
ORR Request #06121198
Dallas D
Pk-ase lind attached the response and cnpics of re4uestcd documents for ( lRR Requt'l't # 06121198.
3. Sec at!:lchcd envelop with no!:ltiun #3
4. Sec at!:lchcd blue folder with notation #4
5. To our knowledge no one has been contoctcc.l by parents this event.
6. Narrative summary:
The Dallas Independent District initiated an African :\mc:rican Srudcnt Success Initiative Task Fore<" three
yc..-:m; ago to address the continuing academic achievement gap between this srudent sub-group and other srudcnt sub-groups.
The Task Group has initiated several activities to address this concern including tcachcr and administmtor tmining and
awarcncss sessions; srudent spe:1k nuts and srudcnr forums; identification of studc..·nr advocates on campuses; curriculum reviews;
community engagement and other activities/issues to both lift awarcnc...,:s about the need t<1 address the..· needs of this srudc..'llt
groups. and to en1.rage in specific proactive activities to hdp w rurn the tide.
'lltc members of the . \frican American lniti:ttivc discussed in a meeting the R.rd Tails movit· ami what positivt:
imagc..-s they wert• for srudc..'llts who needed w sec..· a reflection of thc..-msclvcs in a non-traditional positive light. as well as to have
other srudc..·nts and tc..':1chc..-rs tn sec the samc. '11tc..· decision was made to have 5•h grade srudc.."Ots (all srudcnrs) expcric..·nce this
movie because \Vorld \X'ar II i.' a part of the S•h grade curriculum. Nowhere in the curriculum or text bonks an· the Tuskt·gec
airmen noted. \'i/c then proceedc..-d to get the number of students to do a Co$t out (we..· had a little over $45,000 to work with) and
discovered that the cost of the movie ticket and the transpnrtation far exceeded our budget. :\ dc:cision was made to sec how
many srudenrs we could accommodate: and given the narurc of the movie and the mle models, it was decided tn focus on our 5•h
grade buys as the)' have the highest dropout and discipline mtcs. :\ftcr looking at thnsc numbers, we were able to fund 81% of
that population. but decided with parental decisions and school decisions approximately 20-25% of the students would not
participate fnr a number of rc..-asons.
final decision then was to prorate..• for campus that 81°/o of their boys would be incluJcJ and as other
campuses dropped out, the remainder of campuses that wanted to have full participation would be accommodated. l11e plan
was taken to the Superintendent's Chiefs Meeting (the executive decision body for the District) by Shirley lson-Ncwsome -
Interim Schools' Divisinn Executive. was approved and the project moved forward under the oversight of Ms. l$on-Newsnme
(contact information: "'''\\'>• •llh' • • 972-749-2530.
' l1tc responses from principals. t<-acltcrs ami others who accompanied the srudents has all been positive with srud<'llt
comments being the most n-assuring as to the value of this cxpt·ril'llCe for $tudents who in most of neighborhoods do not have a
movie thc..':lter (so this w-.1s a uni4uc experience); had never thought of aviation as a possibility as a life career (and all the studcms
could talk abnut wa.< being a pilot -which was followed up with resl':1rch on what it takes to be a pilot.)\
,\ t no time w-.1s a deliberate dc..-cision made to exclude our young female srudc..-nts, but rather a decision based on limited funds as
to what was the best target group to enhragc.
If additional information is rcyuircd, plc..':lse advise.
3700 Ross Ave.
Dallas, TX 75204
(972) 925-3700

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