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Beertails: The Most Chemically Complex Cocktails


The Birds and the Brews

1.5 oz HUM Botanical Spirit (Rum-based) .5 oz Honey Syrup (Honey with just enough hot water to make pourable) 1.5 oz Strong Brewed Rare Tea Cellars Gingerbread Dreams Rooibos Tea (twice the tea brewed for twice as long as normal) 1 oz Fresh Lime Juice

The Beertails Purity Law of The 10th

Anniversary Tales of the Cocktail, sometimes called Herr Frost, Herr Lafranconi undt Herr Segers guideline to tasty composed beers, is a set of rules created to save a curious consumer, adventurous cocktailian or experimental mixologist from a rendering a perfectly good beer or cocktail undrinkable.
The result of the perfect storm of an unprecedented availability of world class beers and ne mixology, a whole new world of taste, complexity and texture abounds for the imbibing enthusiast.

Chill above and strain into a Pint Glass 1/2 Full of Ice Top with 5 oz Chilled Saison DuPont Beer Garnish with a sprig of slapped basil

Dark & Stoutly

1.5 oz Ginger-Habanero Syrup (Recipe follows) 1.5 oz El Dorado 15 Year Demerara Rum

Chill above & strain into a Pint Glass or Goblet 1/2 Full of Ice Top with 5 oz Brasserie DuPont Monks Stout Garnish with a Lime Wedge

.5 oz Fresh Lime Juice

Mezcal & Mayhem

1.5 oz Del Maguey Chichicapa Mezcal .75 oz Mayhaw Syrup (Recipe follows)

Chill & strain into a Pint Glass or Highball 1/2 Full of Ice Top with 5 oz Brouwerij Dilewyns Vicaris Tripel Garnish with an Orange Twist

.75 oz Campari


The Reinheitsgebot (literally purity order), sometimes called the German Beer Purity Law or the Bavarian Purity Law in English, was a regulation concerning the production of beer in Germany.
In the original text, the only ingredients that could be used in the production of beer were water, barley and hops. The law originated in the city of Ingolstadt in the duchy of Bavaria on 23 April 1516.

Rub & Rye

1.5 oz Bulleit Rye .75 oz Maple Syrup 1 oz Egg White .75 oz Lemon Juice

Rim a Pint or Double Old Fashioned Glass with Mesquite Salt (May also use your favorite dry rub) Vigorously shake the Rye, Lemon, Maple & Egg Whites and strain into the rimmed 1/2 Full of Ice glass Top with 5 oz Brasserie Dubaisson Peche Mel Finish with 5 Drops BBQ Bitters

Ginger-Habanero Syrup 1 Quart Turbinado Sugar, 1 Fresh

Seeded/Chopped Habanero, 1 lb Fresh Ginger Sliced-Skin On & 3 Cups Water. Combine all in a pot, Simmer, Cool, Strain, Refrigerate

Mayhaw Syrup Mayhaw jelly with just enough hot water

raspberry preserves or cranberry jelly may be substituted. whisked in to make a syrup. Alternatively, strained, lemon-enhanced

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Beertails: The Most Chemically Complex Cocktails

Herr Francesco Lafranconi (HL) Herr Adam Seger (HS)
Most lagers are going to add bubbles and little else (sugar, maltiness) so keep it stupid, simple! HF Using even a lager in place of club soda adds some sweetness, weight and texture. Use with care! HF

Herr Doug Frost (HF)

When mixing with chocolate malt-based beers think of Lambrusco or Bracchetto red sparkling wines to impart You should not shake the beer while preparing a shaken drinkyouve been warned! HL Wheat beer is the BEST palate cleanser after all the cocktails youve been drinking all day long! HL berry-rich avors and keep up the carbonation. HL

Very malty beverages can be very complex, stay out of the way! HF If youre going to have a wild years beer such as a lambic or one of Belgians great malty wonders, stop funky wine. With bubbles. HF

As beers are inherently brewed to be enjoyed on their own, start with a balanced cocktail that stands on its own and then select a beer that compliments it or contrasts with it. Have fun! Beer is the worlds most chemically complex alcoholic beverage. HS

thinking like its beer and think like its wine. Rich old

Malt likes malt: think British malt whiskies, and think Genevers maltiness. HF Hops are the refuge of the brewing coward, and prone to get in the way. Steer clear of your Sierra Nevada When you are done with cocktails for the evening, drink a hoppy Sierra Nevada or most Pacic and most Pacic Northwest beers. HF

If you build your Beertails in a pint glass lled 1/2 way with ice, it helps keep your beertail cold and keeps a nice Think of the beers eervescence as an amplier for the cocktails aroma. When you smell the beer, you will smell Think of hop-forward beers and bitter-forward cocktails like Madonna and Lady Gaga in a mosh pit. The bitterness will be two divas competing for attention. Choose one or the other to go into your beertail. HS also smell the cocktail through its head. HS head when you oat the beer on top. HS

Northwest beers, then go back to your cocktails. HF

Looking to promote a drink with a thick-foamy head? Think of using an egg white-base drink recipe. HL

Sour Beers can be a remarkably complex way to bring acidity and texture into a cocktail/beertail. HS

If the beer is already rich in hops and fruit esters, use a Charmat-method sparkling wine rather than making Velvet Drinks, it allows the beer aromatics to Rice-based beer works like a dry carbonated mixer for highballs drinks. HL come out more brightly. HL Champenoise style (Prosecco vs Champagne) for

When designing a beertail program for a bar, 1st focus on designing beertails based on the drafts. It allows you to retaste your drafts in a new way and to add as little or service with a large format brew. HS as much beer without waste. Then create beertail bottle

A great way to show respect to your ingredients is to enjoy a ne, unadulterated brew after your day of beertailing. HS

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