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Course guide sixth (6th)

Teacher: Gloria Yaneth Torres B.

Topic: personal pronouns and possessive adjectives

Aims for the lesson In listening: identifica lugares y personas de

acuerdo con la descripcin

In reading: relaciona
oraciones simples.

ilustraciones con

Standard: Comprendo descripciones cortas y

sencillas de objetos conocidos y lugares


relaciono ilustraciones con oraciones

In speaking:

responde a preguntas sobre persona, objetos y lugares de su entorno

In writing: transcribe informacin

que comprende y que usa con frecuencia en el saln de clase.


respondo a preguntas sobre personas, objetos y lugares de mi entorno

Standard: copio y transcribe palabras que

comprendo y que uso con frecuencia en el saln de clase.

Communicative Competences
Linguistic competence -personal pronouns -possessive adjectives-voc. Adjectives: physical appearance, -prepositions of place, clothesand accessories. Pragmatic competence Sociolinguistic competence

Reading short descriptions Answer simple questions -describe different people.

Interact with the classmates. -respect others participation. Identify what other says

Look at this chart and analyze. PERSONAL PRONOUNS I am short Im short You are tall He is handsome She is beautiful It is pretty We are elegant They are athletic Long form Youre tall Hes handsome Shes beautiful Its pretty Were elegant Theyre athletic contracted POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES My Your His Her Its Our their

eyes are big

Describe your self in your physical appearance and general aspect. Reading. Read the description of these people.
Hes Roberto Gmez Bolaos, Hes the popular Chespirito. Hes a Mexican actor. Hes not handsome, hes elegant. Hes old, short and fat. His eyes are small and his hair is light and short.

She is Shakira. Shes a Singer from Colombia. Shes young and beautiful. Shes short and thin. Her hair is long and curly. Her eyes are big.

According to the explanation describe this people

Melisa Daz

_______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________

__________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________

GRAMMAR Prepositions of place.

Indicating where the objects are.

Next to In front of


beside Above under




SPEAKING According to the chart give 5 examples by oral way. My friend is next to the desk The teacher is in front of the board

Read these sentences. Color the draws.

The fishes are above the fishbowl

the bear is next to the flower.

The bee is on the flower.

My mother is in front of my father

Mickey is under the umbrella

the worm is in the apple

The moon is behind the cloud

the camel is between the palms

1. Look at the picture and complete the sentences with the prepositions

2. Match the picture with the respective preposition.

3. Answer the following questions




Use continuous tense with verb to be ( am, is , are) and other verb with- ing Subject verb to be verb- ing complement

You She- he it We

are is

wearing wearing dark glasses boots

a beautiful dress

Are they


a coat