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Future: Will+inf vs be going to+inf

Stage T Procedure/Methods Materials Interaction

Warm-up/ 4 1- Write the word “jealousy” on the c/b Whole class
Pre-reading c/b. discussion
2- Ask Qs to Ss: “How many of you
have felt jealous before?”, “From
whom?”, “Why?”
3- Tell Ss that this is the title of the
reading text they will read.
4- Encourage Ss to make predictions
about the subject of the text by asking:
“What do you think will happen in this
Presentation/during- 5 1- Ask Ss to skim the text and: (reading) Pair work
reading a) Check their predictions.
b) Underline all the occurrences of the
future (will/be going to).

Isolation/ post- 7 1- Check answers of the during-reading Whole class

reading 2- Ask Ss to say their sentences and discussion
write the sentences on the c/b.
3- Elicit rule and use from Ss Handout
comparing both forms of the future. (explanation)

Activity 1: 10 Exercises in worksheet. Worksheet Pair work

Activity 2: Fluency 20 The Island/balloon: Group work

Ss get into groups of 4/5 (give them
nos and say all the 1s..).
Tell Ss: “Imagine u’re in a hot air
balloon heading towards an unknown
land to start a new civi. There are 4/5
people inside the balloon. On your way,
the balloon gets heavy & u have to get
rid of 1 person. Make ur 1st decision:
Who are u going to sacrifice & why?”
2nd : Make 3 predictions about: The
weather, natural resources, people..
3rd: Set ur plan. 3 things u r going to do
to start a civi.
4th: Problem: There is no water on
island. How r u going to solve this
W.B. Ex 1,2 & 3. for next day.

Link to reading text: