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Science and religion lie in separate and discrete realms?

Stephen Gould, the Harvard scientist who proposed the theory of punctuated equilibrium, in campaigning against creationism said that "science and religion should be considered two distinct fields, or "magisteria", whose authorities do not overlap." I can demonstrate mathematically and graphically that the Periodic Table of the Elements and an accurate unified model of Particle physics are in the Bible, even showing mass and gravity. » Monarch Butterfly Life So that statement is not true. Cycle I heard it on 12 December 2008 on a television show called » Dove Migration "Numb3rs", and I was angry and set out to prove it false. Knowing » Eagle Life Cycle that evolution is not compatible with a belief in the creator I asked » King Snake Life Cycle God for a final answer. And God responded in an unexpected, Language amazing way with my efforts to clear His name and character. Psychology Religion is simply the scientific laws that govern the spiritual or Day of the Lord interpersonal relationships which are defined as morality and » Carbon Pollution (666) ethics. » Carbon Group God implies that breaking these laws brings a definite and predictable series of events as a consequence. In the same way, splitting an atom is based on definite laws causing a series of predictable consequences. So we will demonstrate that science or physical laws are born out of a religious purpose or spiritual laws communicated 3500 years ago by Someone identifying Himself as the LORD God of Israel. God created the world and all the scientific laws that govern the universe. We have no quarrel with scientific laws. Underlying the prejudice against religion is the belief that it is not scientific or ignores science. The struggle between religion and science is related to applied science, science ethics and the erroneous claim that evolution is no longer a theory but a law. The Science of Religion Science and religion intersect in the realm where the language is signs, symbols and miracles, because only miracles are universally useful as signs. However, each abides by the same set of physical rules and laws making religion or knowledge about God a legitimate science. Religion completes physical scientific knowledge because it further explains the moral rules that govern interpersonal relationships in the mental and spiritual realms. Religion is both very good and very bad at explaining the moral laws such as the ten commandments. However, in this article, we are not attempting to explain those laws, we are attempting to show that the physical laws that science relies on are not incompatible with God. He made them. So physical laws actually reside within the larger realm of spiritual laws. The Evidence We will present evidence of these types.

» Sleep » Bones Rib Cage » Stomach » Cardio-Pulmonary Eye (Blind Spot) » Reproductive: Pregnancy

Nature Observed. This is the observable answer. Humans encoded natural principles into their religion. While some of the examples can be attributed to analogies based on

every day observance of nature, the fact is that even these follow the laws of nature. We will indicate where some of these basic scientific principles are encoded, but our article was not meant to promote this type of evidence.

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Pink Elephant. This is the unanswerable question. The purpose of this article is to show microscopic and subcellular science that could not be explained or known by the ancients and has only been discovered in the past 200 years, but was written into religion as a law. Some of the religious symbols indicate a clear knowledge of undiscovered basic science that underlies the process. This evidence is so mathematical, it defies any explanation but modern scientific knowledge by the ancients or the One who identifies Himself as their God. Grey Elephant. The evidence is based on an observed pattern of modern knowledge that is fuzzier. Theory. The new theories I am proposing according to the model. They may already be known and proven but I am not aware of it yet. Laws. The theories I have been able to demonstrate and verify according to the model. Prophecy. Since prophecies also obey laws, they provide more details about the characteristics of the law. So I demonstrate where a prophecy is pictured in the scientific and religious law.

Evidence By Analogy An analogy is a similarity between like features of two things, on which a comparison may be based. Scientists categorize religious evidence negatively as "only an analogy". This implies that analogies are worthless. However, when a chemist tries to identify an unknown substance he first compares color, physical state, temperature, odor, pH and other basic properties to narrow the class of compound. In biology, taxonomy classifications are all analogies. If you see a creature with two arms, legs an "S" shaped spine and walking upright you would classify it as human. If it has breasts it might be a female. Through DNA analysis you could identify close relatives, even an identical twin. Through finger prints you could identify a specific human. The more points of comparison the more precise is the identification. Our model is based on both mathematics and an analogy that meets all known points of comparison so precisely that one must conclude that it is not only the same as the scientific model, but that it models the universe better than the scientific models. Prior to the information that I am about to share these are the only claims of science in the Bible that I found compelling. Out of all of them, only the first two seem to require a mind that thought outside the earth box.
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Suspended. The earth is suspended on nothing (Job 26: 7). Round Earth. The earth is round or has a circle (Isaiah 40: 22). Life In The Blood. Living creatures dying while bleeding to death could just as easily have triggered this insight as knowledge about the inner workings of the blood. Environmental Knowledge. The Bible describes ocean currents, vents and wind systems which could have been deduced or discovered by an observant person without any special instruments.

Medical Knowledge. The Bible describes quarantine procedures, waste management and decontamination procedures which the modern world rediscovered in the 1700-1800s. All these could have been discovered by an observant person. A Biological Cross (Laminin). There is a modern claim Religious Topics about the shape of the cross in a chemical structure in the Seder connective tissue called laminin. The function of this The 12 Tribes tissue is to bind layers together. This special shape Sanctuary combined with its function evokes comparisons to Jesus » Ezekiel's Temple Christ who died on the cross so that He could reconnect North South Journey heaven to earth. Messianic Finding a structure like the cross is very easy to do Prophecies because it takes only two lines to construct. The claim that Colors it connects things together could be made of many Seven Last Plagues biological systems. The nerves, blood, ligaments, skin, muscles, bones even the blood all connect various parts or systems. Nevertheless, it was an interesting beginning. So I searched for other evidence that could increase the probability that this was a rare occurrence that was also linked to the specific elements of the crucifixion. If the four points of this cross were made of an iron based compound then that would add to the interest. So the evidence is too common and can be seen as a mere coincidence because it is not statistically significant.

Mishkan Model: The Sanctuary Pattern (Exodus 26) Much of our evidence is based on understanding the construction of the portable sanctuary called the Mishkan. It contains the pattern for all creation. This is why the same model is used for our re-creation or atonement specified in the Plan of Salvation. Let them construct a sanctuary for Me that I may dwell among them. According to all that I am going to show you, as the pattern of the tabernacle and the pattern of all its furniture, just so you shall construct it. (Exodus 25: 8-9) Table 1: The Mishkan Sanctuary Layout Fence (20 Posts) (100 Cubits) North 14 Boards Altar of Incense (Cloud) Table of Shewbread (Bread and Unfermented Wine) Menorah Holy Place (Lights) East Laver Altar of Gat (Water) Sacrifice e

1 West (10 Posts) -6

6 Boards Ark of the Covenant

Most Holy Place


6 Boards (9 Cubits)

14 Boards (21 Cubits) Outer Court Figure 1a: Cut Away View of the Sanctuary


Fence (20 Posts) (100 Cubits) General Construction. The sanctuary is a rectangle with three solid sides made by 48 boards (1.5 cubits wide and 10 cubits high) covered in gold and a fabric roof. The width of the boards was not given, but because we know that the Most Holy place is a cube, then the boards must be 0.5 to 1 cubit wide. It has 20 boards on the north and 20 on the south and six boards on the western face. The eastern side was not solid. » West Wall (Two Extra Boards). These supported the western wall, giving a total of eight boards. Six boards made the width of the wall and the two boards in the corner may have supported it like a brace placed at an angle which reached up to the first ring (Exodus 26: 23-24). The boards possibly form a 6-8-10 right triangle or 7-7-10 isosceles triangle. The placement of these two boards and the width of the boards are two debated features. » Orientation. It had a definite magnetic orientation with the open door on the east side opposite the Shekinah glory in the west. Figure 1b: Roof View of the four layers of curtains from the inside layer to the top layer. Their position over the sanctuary walls and poles are also shown. The 50 loops and rings

are at the location of the separation of the Holy Place and Most Holy Place.

Roof. The roof has four layers of fabrics. 1. Blue Linen Veil (10 Panels). The bottom layer (28x40 cubits) was 10 four cubit panels of blue linen with red and purple, separated in the middle (panels 5 and 5) by 50 gold rings threaded by a blue string and 50 loops on each panel. 2. Goat's Hair (11 Panels). The second layer (30x42 cubits) was 11 four cubit panels of goat's skin separated with 50 brass rings connected to a blue cord and 50 loops on each side at the fifth and sixth panel. 3. Ram Skin Dyed Red. The third was red ram's skin dyed red. 4. Porpoise Skin. The fourth and upper layer was porpoise skin or badger skin. The third and fourth layers were not constructed into panels or separated by rings. The fabric roofs were tied by ropes and anchored to pegs like a tent.

Wall Support (Bars and Rings). The boards are held together by a system of bases, rings and bars. Each board had a hole through the center and four rings on the exterior. Figure 1c: Wall Construction (Bars and Rings) Five bars supported these boards, one was threaded through the center hole and four through the rings. » Two Rooms. A separation was made on the north and south wall at the sixth board to create a section called the Most Holy Place which has six boards and a Holy Place which has 14 boards. We know the separation occurred here for these reasons which make us conclude that the curtains and columns were aligned with the seventh board.  Cube. The Most Holy Place is a cube about 9-10 cubits.  Dimensions. The rings of the roof must lie directly over the separation (Exodus 26: 33). They are located at 20 cubits. The building was 10 cubits tall and the roof in that section was at most 10 cubits. » Doors. A blue veil like the linen layer was at the door to the Holy Place, Most Holy Place and the gate.

» Bases. Four gold columns with silver bases were used at the door of the Most Holy Place. Five gold columns with copper bases were used at the door of the Holy Place. All of the wall boards were fitted onto a pair of silver bases, but the columns may have been resting on single bases.

Figure 1d: West Wall

Outer Court. Around the sanctuary is the Outer Court which is surrounded by a white fence that is 100 cubits and 20 bronze posts with bronze bases and silver bands, hooks and rings in the north and south, and 50 cubits and ten posts in the east and west. The east has a 20 cubit gate that resembles the blue veil. Compass Orientation. » North-South. Like the magnetic fields on the earth we assume that north is positive and south is negative. In the sanctuary it is the walls and the direction where people travelled in Ezekiel's sanctuary. » East-West. It has a neutral charge. It is the doors and gates of the sanctuary and the direction where the ruler and the priests travelled. Figure 1e: Board

Jewish Tradition. Jewish oral tradition adds other information about the construction of the Mishkan.

 

Board Tenons (Pegs). Each board had two pegs so that they could be inserted into the foundation socket. Their traditions clarified the Bible description. Square Gold Rings. Adjacent boards are joined by rings through Slits at the top of the board. Unique Boards. Each board was identified with two letters so that they were constructed with the same board in the same position on the same wall each time they were reassembled. Board Width. Each is 1 cubit wide by 1.5 x 10 cubits.

The Temple Of Ezekiel. This temple also models of the atom. It introduces several other concepts about the configuration of the atom.
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North-South Gate. The people can only go in one direction and out the other. However they cannot go out the same gate that they entered. Eastern Gate. Only the prince can travel in and out this door. The door is only opened during Sabbath and when the prince needs to enter. Orbitals. There are three layers of 30 chambers around the sanctuary. Noah's ark also had 3 layers of stalls.

Quantum Chemistry. 2-D Mishkan Model: Proposing a New Sanctuary Model of The Periodic Table. Natural Science. The Periodic Table is the list of all known elements in the universe, arranged in a pattern that models the characteristics of their outer layers. The elements in each column react in the same way because they have the same number of electrons in the outer layer. Spiritual Science. The sanctuary is a three-dimensional representation of the Periodic Table which has the same spatial structure and mathematical organization as the outer layers of the sanctuary. The sanctuary appears to mathematically represent creation at the scientific level. It is both a time piece and a periodic table. We have always demonstrated in our bible lessons that the sanctuary is the pattern of how God created the earth and how He will recreate us at the end of time. We did this by showing that the days of creation appear to be represented in the sanctuary so that salvation is the process of recreation using the same pattern as the original creation. Now we can demonstrate that at the atomic level, the sanctuary is a periodic table that shows how the elements are arranged and when they were created and used. Here is the periodic table merged with the sanctuary. Table 2.1: Periodic Table As A Mishkan Periodic Table Most Holy Place Holy Place (North Wall) Block Group 1 6 Boards 14 Boards 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 2 10 18 36 54 86 118 Ac Th Pa U Np Pu Am Cm Bk Cf Es Fm Md No 8A +0 He Ne Ar Kr Xe Rn Uuo Actinide (Radioactive) 9 17 35 53 85 117 (10 Panel Linen Roof) Periodic Table of Elements 7A -1 F Cl Br I At Uus Table 2.1a - "D" (Mishkan Model) 8 16 34 52 84 116 Block 6A -2 -Ve O S Se Te Po Uuh Period 4 5 6 7 "P" Block 7 15 33 51 83 115 +2 2B Zn Cd Hg Uub 5A -3 N P As Sb Bi Uup +1 1B Cu Ag Au Rg Carbon Group Ni Pd Pt Ds 4A ±4 ±Ve 6 14 32 50 82 114 +2 8B Co Rh Ir Mt C Si Ge Sn Pb Uuq +3 Fe Ru Os Hs 5 13 31 49 81 113 Fifty Rings 3A +3 Figure 2a B Al Ga In Tl Uut +2 7B Mn Tc Re Bh See a Large 3-D Image (Figure Transition 2a1) +2 6B Cr Mo W Sg "D" 3B-2B Metals +Ve See 3-D Chemistry Animation. +2 5B V Nb Ta Db (Figure 2a2) +2 4B Ti Zr Hf Rf 4 12 20 38 56 88 See 3-D Physics Animation. 2A +2 Be Mg Ca Sr Ba Ra +3 3B Sc Y Lu Lr (Figure 2a3) "S" © Block Lanthanide (Magnetic) 1 3 11 19 37 55 87 1A +1 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 H Li Na K Rb Cs Fr La Ce Pr Nd Pm Sm Eu Gd Tb Dy Ho Er Tm Yb

Period -


2 3 4 5 6 Earth


"F" Block Atmosphere and Magnetosphere

This table is a mixture of the IUPAC order of elements superimposed on a Mishkan Design. The IUPAC pattern is in the Most Holy Place with the "S" block appearing as normal. It is not the correct Mishkan model. Design Specifications. Table 2.2: The Mishkan Flat Table Before we make our comparisons, we must make a Open Here Not Here decision about certain features of the Periodic Table that have been debated between the various chemistry groups. 1A 2A Extended 3A - 7A 8A Table H : He He  Quantum Chemistry (Blocks). The Mishkan : agrees with the model according to quantum : chemistry, where the four blocks are based on the S F D P valence shells. Block Block Block Block  "S" Block (Helium). Helium is part of the "S" Hard Metals Soft Nonmetals block and is in group 2A, not group 8A.  "F" Block (14 Elements). It has 14 elements, not 7x2 2x14 4x10 6x6 15 because the "F" block has a maximum of 14 electrons.  Flat Table. This is our unique requirement. The Mishkan is a three dimensional model, but the Periodic Table is a two dimensional fuzzy table. The Mishkan can also be represented as a two dimensional table with one slight variation. The periodic table can be viewed as a spiral cylinder because of the circular order by atomic number. If so, then the standard versions of the flat periodic table are based on opening that cylinder between group 1A and 8A. The Mishkan model opens the cylinder between group 1A and 2A so that the "S" block creates the borders of the model. This visually places Hydrogen and Helium at the two corners as the standard model does. However, the standard model creates a conundrum by taking Helium out of its correct block and placing it in Group 8A just because its outer layer is filled. Construction Pattern. The proof is based on comparing the properties and construction of the four blocks of the periodic table to structures that make the Miskhan. The Mishkan is not a list of individual elements, but the properties of each element can be deduced from the block in which they belong.
 

Orientation. The western end of the sanctuary is the top of the table (Period 1). Properties. The properties of the elements are represented in the sanctuary.  Metals (S). They are boards overlaid by gold, with silver bases.  Nonmetals (P). They are represented theoretically by space or air.  Colorful Transition Elements (D). They are the colorful linen fabric.  Rare Earth Elements (F). They are boards overlaid by gold, with silver bases.

Valence. This is the number of electrons shared in the outer layers. The Mishkan shows this variation.  Fixed. Rows are represented by the same number, same width and height material in all layers.  Variable. Rows are represented by variable width and variable number construction materials. Table 2.3b: Sanctuary Roof (4x10) S Block (7x2) d10 d10 d10 d10 9 9 2A 3A 4A 5A 6A 7A 8A 1A 9 9 d d d d 1s2 P Block (6x6) 1s1 8 8 2s2 2p1 2p2 2p3 2p4 2p5 2p6 2s1 d8 d8 d d 3s2 3p1 3p2 3p3 3p4 3p5 3p6 3s1 4s2 4p1 4p2 4p3 4p4 4p5 4p6 4s1 d7 d7 d7 d7 5s2 5p1 5p2 5p3 5p4 5p5 5p6 5s1 6s2 6p1 6p2 6p3 6p4 6p5 6p6 6s1 6 6 d d d6 d6 7s2 7p1 7p2 7p3 7p4 7p5 7p6 7s1 4f1 5f1 Rings 4f2 5f2 5 5 d d 5 5 d d 4f3 5f3 4 4 4f 5f 5 4f 5f5 d4 d4 4 4 d d 4f6 5f6 4f7 5f7 F Block (2x14) 4f8 5f8 d3 d3 Holy Place 4f9 5f9 d3 d3 10 10 4f 5f 11 4f 5f11 d2 d2 4f12 5f12 d2 d2 4f13 5f13 4f

Summary of Proof. I use the points of comparison in the "summary of similarities" table below with a color model of the sanctuary and periodic table (Tables 2.4a and 2.4b) to explain the proof to those who do not know chemistry.

5f P


d1 d1

d1 d1

F Table 2.3a: Summary of Similarities Periodic Table Sanctuary Block Row Column Properties Row Column 2 elements 2 back boards (Hydrogen, Metal? Gold Helium) board 2 7 2 S 7 Metal


D Block

Room Most Holy Place


6 4 2

6 10 14

Non- Air, metal board Fabric, Soft Skin, Metal hair Gold Metal board


6 Grid Roof Holy Place

4 10 Layers Strips 2 14

The Bible's periodic table settles several questions about variations in the table.

 

Helium. Helium belongs in group 2A. The design seems to acknowledge the fact that Helium and Hydrogen overlap some of the other elements because they are each in a corner overlapping two elements. "F" Block. It has 14 elements, not 15 as the IUPAC version. Shape. Although hydrogen and Helium are shuffled it still maintains the shape in which there are two corner elements.

Detail Proof. Theory. The outer layers of the sanctuary encodes the valence shell, number of rows and columns for each block of elements in the periodic table. The material from which they are constructed demonstrates the properties of the block. We will now demonstrate that the dimensions of the blocks and their properties are represented in the Mishkan. We have also color coded similar structures to assist in the comparison. Table 2.4b: Sanctuary West S Block (7x2) 2A 3A 4A 5A 6A 7A 8A 1A Most Holy Place He H P Block (6x6) Be B C N O F Ne Li Mg Al Si P S Cl Ar Na Ca Ga Ge As Se Br Kr K Sr In Sn Sb Te I Xe Rb Ba Tl Pb Bi Po At Rn Cs Ra Uut Uuq Uup Uuh Uus Uuo Fr La Ac F Block (2x14) Ce Th Zn Cd Hg Uub Roof Pr Pa Cu Ag Au Uuu - Over Nd U Ni Pd Pt Uun Most Pm Np

Table 2.4a: Periodic Table As A Cylinder Opened Between the "S" Block (c)teachingheart S Block (7x2) Metals s S D P S 2 3 4 5 6 7 3 7 8 1 8B 1B 2B 4A 5A 6A A B B B B B A A A A H P Block (6x6) (Nonmetals) H e B L B C N O F Ne e i D Block (4x10) Transition Elements M N Al Si P S Cl Ar g a C S T C M F C C G K V Ni Zn Ge As Se Br K a c i r n e o u a r S ZNM T R R C R Y Pd Ag In Sn Sb Te I Xe r r b o c u h d b B LHT R O A H R C W Ir Pt Tl Pb Bi Po At a u f a e s u g n s R LRD S B HM U U U U U U U U U F a r f b g h s t un uu ub ut uq up uh us uo r LC P N P S E G H T Y Tb Dy Er a e r d mm u d o m b F Block (2x14) AT P N P A C F M U Bk Cf Es No c h a p u m m m d Rare Earth Metals

Sm Eu Gd Tb Dy Ho Er Tm

Co Rh Ir Mt Holy Place Fe Ru Os Hs D Block (4x10) Rings Mn Tc Re Bh Roof Cr Mo W Sg Over V Nb Ta Db Holy Ti Zr Hf Rf Place Sc Y Lu Lr Holy Place Roof (4x10) Yb (c)teachinghearts

Pu Am Cm Bk Cf Es Fm Md No

Most Holy Place. There are 6 boards on the west wall with 2 supporting the corners. There are 6 boards on the north and south walls. Holy Place. There are 14 boards on the north and south walls. Roof. It overlaps both the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place.

Hydrogen and Helium: Two Back Corner Boards. Notice that these two boards in the west stick out at the end the same way that hydrogen and helium stick out by themselves at the top of the table. 2 Boards, 7 Rows: "S" Block (2 Elements, 7 Rows). The S" block has two columns and seven rows of elements. Science. The north and south sides of the Most Holy Place and the Periodic Table are bordered by structures made with seven rows and two columns. » Properties (Metals). These elements in the "S" and "F" blocks are represented by gold plated boards with silver bases.  Shine. Shiny gold boards in silver bases.  Conducts Electricity. Gold conducts electricity. The north and south carry positive and negative charges by convention.  Solid at Room Temperature. Solid boards.  Same Charge. All elements in each group have the same charge.

6 Boards, 6 Rows: "P" Block (6 Elements, 6 Rows). The "P" block has six rows and six columns. Science. The center of the Most Holy Place and the Periodic Table is a six by six grid. The six boards on the back of the western wall represent six elements one one side of the grid. Although the 6 elements in the north and south wall are not part of this block, they outline the sides of this grid. » Number of Rows (6). Period 2 to 7 (Group 3A to 8A). This group of six rows and six columns are represented by the 6x6 grid in the Most Holy Place. » Period 2 to 7 (Group 1A and 8A). These two columns of six elements are the six boards on the north and south wall of the Most Holy Place. » Properties (NonMetals - Gas, Liquid, Solid). These elements are represented mostly by air and six gold plated boards. In the sanctuary, water is also represented as coming out of the Most Holy Place.  Not Shiny. Air is not shiny.  Poor Conductors of Electricity. Air does not conduct electricity.  Most are Gases at Room Temperature. 30 of 36 elements represented by air.  Gas, Liquid, Semisolid, Solid. Represented by air, water and solid boards.  Not Malleable and Ductile. Air cannot be shaped.  Same Charge. All elements in each group have the same charge. » A Diagonal Line. The metalloids form a diagonal line in this block. The Bible lessons also point to a secret passageway that runs along a diagonal line from the north east to the south west corner. In the prophecy, it is a place where God hides us and protects us from the waters which are threatening to drown us. » S and P Blocks (Most Holy Place). Within these blocks that form the nucleus or the Most Holy Place are the life elements (carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur, phosphorous and hydrogen).

14 Boards, 2 Rows: "F" Block (14 Elements, 2 Rows - Lanthanide and Actinides). This block of rare metals has two rows and fourteen columns. One row includes the magnetic elements and the second is the radioactive elements. Science. Separated from the main table and from the Most Holy Place is a structure built with two rows and fourteen columns. » Number of Rows (2). The two rows in the "F" block are the two walls of 14 boards of the Holy Place. These are two rows each having 14 very unstable elements. The instability might be represented by the fact that they are supported after 14 boards while the Most Holy Place has support after 6 boards. » Properties (Metals). It has the same properties described in the "S" block. Based on the furniture in the sanctuary and prophecy, the magnetic metals are probably on the north wall and the radioactive metals on the south wall. » Orientation. These elements mostly have +1 to +3 charges. However, this block is pictured as unconnected from the main table with elements incorrectly lined up horizontally in groups that have no relation to their charges. Therefore, the vertical

arrangement of the "F" block under group +1 and +2 in the sanctuary is a more accurate representation of the charges. 10 Panel Linen Covering, 4 Rows (Layers): "D" Block (10 Elements, 4 Rows). The "D" block of the colorful transition metals is a grid having four rows and ten columns (Group 1B to 8B). Science. Overlapping the entire sanctuary is a flexible fabric roof made with four layers. The first layer is ten panels. H Table 2.5a: Normal Table He » Color. These are ten columns in four 1A 2A 3B-2B 3A 4A 5A 6A 7A 8A rows represented by ten strips of cloth, four cubits wide. This feature is D represented by the colorful linen fabric S Block Block P Block roof which symbolizes the rainbow. F Block » Overlapping Panel. In the next layer Figure 2.4: Roof Construction there are eleven panels, five over the animation Most Holy Place and six over the Holy Figure 2.5: This animation shows all Place. The sixth panel is doubled over sides the tenth so that it is even. » The Upper Two Panels. The last two layers are not made of even strips of material. Since they are animal skins they must be randomly attached like a jigsaw puzzle. The blending of each panel may represent the feature of radioactive material to decay from one form into the form of its neighbor. » Properties (Transition Metals). All other elements are represented by gold plated boards and air, but these are represented by layers of fabric.  Malleable and Ductile (Soft and Bendable). This is represented as bendable fabric and animal skin.  Conducts Electricity. The different layers of linen and goat's hair represent layers of two different charges, the model of a capacitor and electrical conductivity.  Produces Colored Compounds. The colorful blue, red and purple linen layer.  Catalysts. Often act as catalysts. The overlapping feature Table 2.5b: "D" Block (Transition might represent this. Elements) . Holy Place Most Holy Place 5 Panels over West . Roof Roof Wall . 3 4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 . 3B 4B 5B 6B 7B 8B 1B 2B Actinide (Porpoise Skin Layer) 4 Lr Rf Db Sg Bh Hs Mt Uun Uuu Uub Lanthanide (Ram Skin Dyed Red) 3 Lu Hf Ta W Re Os Ir Pt Au Hg 2 11 11 Panel Goat Hair Layer

Multiple Charges. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Elements have more Y Zr Nb Mo Tc Ru Rh Pd Ag Cd than one charge. (10 Panel Blue Linen Veil) Paramagnetic. 1 Sc Ti V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn Attracted to a strong external magnetic field. The rings in the center are the magnetic field. Variable Valencies (Overlapping Charges). Although this block is inserted between the "S" and "P" blocks (Group 1A to 8A), the "D" block (Group 1B to 8B), can be described as overlapping the "S", "P" and "F" blocks because the outer layers have the same set of valences (charge) as the other blocks combined. Table 2.5c: "D" Block Overlapping Holy Place Most Holy Place West 5 Panels over Roof Roof Wall 3 4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 D 3B 4B 5B 6B 7B 8B 1B 2B 3A 4A 5A 6A 7A 8A 1A 2A P S F -

The charges in the "D" block are represented as 1B to 8B. The charges in the "S","P" and "F" block are 1A to 8A. The sanctuary roof covers all the structures that represent the three blocks. Therefore, the sanctuary design better represents this overlap feature of the Periodic Table.

» Multiple Valences. The four rows in the "D" block are represented by four fabric coverings. But unlike the other blocks whose rows are represented by the same structures, each fabric is different. The top two have unknown dimensions the next is eleven panels folded even with the rest and the inner layer is ten panels. This represents a unique feature of the transitional elements. Most elements can have more than one charge in their valence shell. » Two Sections. The 10 panel layer is divided into two sections of five panels. This distribution appears to be present in the "D" block.  Holy Place Roof (5 Panels). Group 3B to 7B (Sc to Mn).  Most Holy Place Roof (3 Panels). This is group 8B (Fe, Co, Ni). The interesting feature is that these three share one valence. It may point to the picture of a unified three (three in one). This is either the shekinah glory of God surrounded by two angels or the Trinity. » Platinum Group (Ru, Rh, Pd, Os, Ir, Pt). These 6 elements are part of group 8B. They have the same properties and tend to be found together in the same mineral deposits. While the other members of group 8B are on the sides of the sanctuary, these six are on the roof.

Most Holy Place Back (2 Panels). This covers Group 1B to 2B (Cu and Zn). Notice the group 1 and 2 elements (1A, 1B, 2A, 2B) and Period 1 and 2 elements make the walls on the three sides of the sanctuary, 50 Rings (Ferromagnets). The model predicts a special electromagnetic force between group 7B and 8B which may only exist between Mn-Fe and Tc-Ru.

» The Orientation Of The Atomic Orbits. » "D" Block Template (Linen Layer). This block is 28 cubits wide and 40 cubits long. The two groups of five panels are joined in the center by 50 rings. It seems to act as a template for some properties of all blocks (size and design).

50 Gold Rings (S and P Blocks). 50 elements in these blocks. Can they be seen as inside the other 2 blocks? Are they circular in orbit, or generating a magnetic field? The rings are air in the center ("P" block) and metal on the outside ("S" block). 40 Cubits (D Block). 40 elements in the "D" block. Is it oriented 90 degrees with respect to the "F" block? The length is oriented from east to west, a direction that models neutral charge. This may be another way to model the action of catalysts. 28 Cubits (F Block). 28 elements in the "F" block. The width is oriented from north to south, a direction that models opposite charges.

So far I cannot find a similar connection with the goats hair layer (30 x 42 or 44 cubits and 50 rings). However, it must be related to something. So I will speculate.
  

50 Bronze Rings (S and P Blocks). 44 Cubits (D Block). 44 elements. An extra element appears to be in each row of the "D" and "F" block. 30 Cubits (F Block). 30 elements are in this block according to one standards group and the original configuration of the table. The European group and current thinking have settled on 28 because of the maximum valence electrons. Deciding why the groups differ may reveal what makes the difference between the two layers. Atomic Orbits

» The Atom: An Electromagnetic Coil. As part of my instructions I saw a vision of what I now know is a torroidal sphere which I finally realized also looks like an electromagnetic coil. I am guessing that the orbits of the blocks may follow this pattern.
 

S and P. These blocks are the rings of the coil. The 50 rings mimic this design. D. This block is the magnetic field lines going inside and

Figure 2.3

over the surface of the coil. The five blocks on each side connected by loops of blue cord mimics this design of the "D" block coming through the 50 elements of the "S" and "P" block rings in loops. F. This may be the path of the "F" orbit. This block is at the entrance, it is covered by the "D" block, but offset from the "S" and "P" block.

This concludes the detail proof for anyone who knows basic chemistry. You may skip to physics or the proof of the seven days of creation in the Periodic Table. Other Quantum Chemistry Proof. The proof now involves deeper issues of chemistry.

Bars, Rings, Columns: Orbits and Atomic Forces. These forces are not represented in the periodic table, but they appear in this model that demonstrates the electrical properties of the periodic table. » Band Theory: 5 Bars and Their Rings (External Electromagnetic Force). The four external bars probably represent the "S", "P", "D" and "F" orbitals which are separated by a gap in the model and which can switch between the valence band and the next conduction band.

Conduction Band. The highest energy Conduction 2 Upper band that may be empty is separated from Bars Band the valence band by an energy gap. Overlap (Fermi) Middle Bar Inert Inner Core Band (Band Gap or 2 Lower Fermi Layer). The bars in the middle Valence Band Bars represent the filled shells that do not participate in bonds. Valence Band. The band with the highest energy electrons that participate in chemical bonding. There can be a maximum of four valence bands representing the "S", "P", "D" and "F" orbitals.

» 5 + 4 Columns (Internal Electromagnetic Force). They are probably the pathway of the electrons inside the atom or another force related to the Z0 force. Four Columns (S and P Orbitals). These are the 1 "S" orbital and 3 "P" orbitals. Five Columns (D Orbitals). These are the five "D" orbitals. Quantum Number. They define the orbit of the electrons.  N: Principal Quantum Number (Shell) (N>0). The size of the orbital (shell or energy level). These are the seven rows of the Most Holy Place ("S" Block).  ℓ: Orbital Quantum Number (0 to n-1). The shape of the orbital (subshell). It is different for each block (spherical, polar or cloverleaf).  ml: Magnetic Quantum Number (-l to +l). The orientation in space Where the orbitals point. These still appear to be theoretical models, so I will venture to say that the Mishkan seems to show a slightly different three dimensional model. »"S" block. Circular. The "S" and "P" rows face north-south.
 

»"P" block. Two ellipses (figure 8) »"F" block. It exits the end like an ellipse. The rows face east-west. »"D" block. It is exposed on the surface and surrounds all blocks. The rows face east-west. ms: Spin Quantum Number (+½ or -½). The Mishkan has a fixed north and south compass direction. Table 2.6a2: Peri odic Table Mishkan Orientation (ml) Period (Rows) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Columns Columns East Arrows show the direction of Matte r 7 6 F f f Metal Nons Metal Walls Room 1s S 2s 3s 4s 5s 6s 7s Metals

Table 2.6a1: Periodic Table Quantum Number Non Metals Met al Period Z (Rows) Mos Roo t Walls f Hol y Madelung Rule 1 1s 2 (n+l) 2 2s 2p 8 3 3s 3p 8 N 4 4s 3d 4p 18 5 5s 4d 5p 18 6 6s 7 7s ℓ 4f 5f 5d 6d 6p 32 7p 32 ℓ=1 11 8

ℓ= - ℓ=3 ℓ=2 0 Tim Matter e Colum 2 - 14 10 ns 2x 14x 10x x Rows 7 - 2 4 Block S - F D

Spa ce 6 6x6 P

Roof 5 6d 7d Wes 4d t (10-6) d 2 Wal D p D l Mo 3 st p Hol 4 y p Mos 5 t p Hol P 6 y p 7 p Rings Holy 4d<br( Place 5-1)< Hol th="" 5 y > d Plac </br(5e 1)<> Gravi Space Time ty

the columns I believe that this pattern is a model of the orientation.

Other Features Of The Model. Besides the quantum number, there are also other features that will define a good model of the Periodic Table. After examining other models I discovered that even scientists complain about the insufficiency of the classic Periodic Table in modeling other properties after a certain point.  Chemical Properties. It models the properties of metal, non-metal (gases), valence and malleability.  Orbitals (Blocks). The Mishkan is Table 2.6b: Sanctuary arranged by the S Block (7x2) d10 four blocks. 2A 3A 4A 5A 6A 7A 8A 1A d9 8 1s2 P Block (6x6) 1s1 d  Electrons 2s2 2p1 2p2 2p3 2p4 2p5 2p6 2s1 d8 Filling Orbitals 3s2 3p1 3p2 3p3 3p4 3p5 3p6 3s1 (Madelung 4s2 4p1 4p2 4p3 4p4 4p5 4p6 4s1 d7 Rule). It states 5s2 5p1 5p2 5p3 5p4 5p5 5p6 5s1 that the electrons 6s2 6p1 6p2 6p3 6p4 6p5 6p6 6s1 are arranged by d6 increasing 7s2 7p1 7p2 7p3 7p4 7p5 7p6 7s1 energy (n+l). 4f1 5f1 Rings However, there F Block (2x14) 4f2 5f2 d5 are a few 10 10 10 10 4f3 3d 4d 5d 6d 5f3 Roof exceptions. 4 ms 4f4 ms 3d9 4d9 5d9 6d9 Over 5f Chromium, 8 8 8 8 4f5 5f5 d4 nickel, copper, -½ 6 3d 4d 5d 6d Most 6 +½ 4f 3d7 4d7 5d7 6d7 Holy 5f niobium, 4f7 3d6 4d6 5d6 6d6 Place 5f7 molybdenum, ruthenium, 4f8 5f8 d3 D Block (4x10) - Rings 9 9 rhodium, 4f 5f 5 5 5 5 10 3d 4d 5d 6d 10 palladium, silver, 4f 4 4 4 4 Roof 5f11 2 lanthanum, 4f11 3d3 4d3 5d3 6d3 Over 5f d cerium, 4f12 3d 4d 5d 6d 5f12 Holy gadolinium, 2 2 2 2 4f13 3d 4d 5d 6d Place 5f13 platinum, gold, 3d1 4d1 5d1 6d1 1 actinium, 14 14 d Roof (4x10) 4f 5f thorium, protactinium, uranium, neptunium, curium, lawrencium violates these rules and must be related to the orientation in the sanctuary. The known exceptions appear in the sanctuary in three specific symbolic places that are associated with the judgment of the wicked.

1. The Most Holy Place. This is the throne of God where the wicked cannot exist. 2. Goat's Hair Layer. This layer represents sin and guilt. 3. North Wall. The north is the place of wrath and judgment from Satan. 4. Gadolinium and Curium. If the "F" wall represents discrete states of an orbital as I theorized in quantum physics, then these two elements represent the furthest point where they bend and need some stabilization. So the exception must represent a way of stabilizing the electron to prevent it from being expelled.

Atomic Number Order (Z). Each unique element has a value equal to the number of protons in its nucleus. The flat table is in the order of atomic number. The three dimensional model does not seem to be related to the atomic number order. There is a pattern that breaks down at a certain point and then it seems to be related to the total number of rings. Since I know that God is a Person of order and logic and full of surprises I believe that there is a reason. Since the 3-D model is a pattern of the orbitals and energy states, we must align the rows and columns of all blocks. Table 2.7a: Periodic Table As A Cylinder Opened Between Group 1A and 8A S Block (7x2) Metals S F D P North and South Wall Roof Top West Wall 1A 2A 3B 4B 5B 6B 7B 8B 1B 2B 3A 4A 5A 6A 7A 8A H He F Block (2x14) D Block (4x10) P Block (6x6) (Nonmetals) (Metals) Transition Elements Li Be B C N O F Ne Na Mg Al Si P S Cl Ar K Ca Sc Ti V Cr Mn o Fe Co Ni Cu Zn Ga Ge As Se Br Kr Rb Sr Y Zr Nb Mo Tc o Ru Rh Pd Ag Cd In Sn Sb Te I Xe Cs Ba La Ce - Nd Yb Lu Hf Ta W Re Os Ir Pt Au Hg Tl Pb Bi Po At Rn Fr Ra Ac Th - U No Metals
 

Lr Rf Db Sg Bh Hs Mt Uun Uuu Uub Uut Uuq Uup Uuh Uus Uuo Soft Metals Non-Metals

Orientation (Left-Right). Change the orientation of the "D" and "F" blocks so that the rows are on the same plane as the "S" and"P" blocks". Orientation (Top-Bottom). Since they are of varying length rows, we can determine the rows with which they are aligned by looking at where they lined up in the 3-D orientation. This time the length in cubits is important.  F Block. This block was covered by half of the "D" block. 4 panels (20 cubits) of "D" block covered 14 boards (20 cubits) of "F" Block.

 

D Block. 20 cubits of "D" block covered 20 cubits of the "S" and "P" block (West wall and the room).  Column Position (Block Order). The "D" block is between the "F" and "P" Block. We position the section of the "D" block that covered the Most Holy Place next to the "P" block and the section that covered the "F" block next to it. The "F" block is next to the "S" block.  Row Position. The "F" block is at the bottom of the row because it is next to the bottom of the "S" block. The "D" block is at the bottom because it aligns best with the other blocks. Transition Elements Rings. They correspond to the peak oxidation states of the elements near them. Hydrogen Spectral Series. Mishkan Roof Hydrogen Spectral Lines The "D" layers D Layer Color Color Spectrum Series may be the major Blue, Blue source of the red, UV Lyman linen spectral lines. purple Blue decorated In the Quantum Linen with red Violet, Physics proof I and cyan, concluded that purple red Visible the Mishkan is a Balmer model of the Goat Dark? Dark? hydrogen atom. Hair When hydrogen Shortwave Ram Red Red Pachen is excited it Infrared Skin shows the Dark Infrared Brackett following spectral Porpoise Dark? Longwave lines that seem to Skin Dark Pfund Infrared correspond to the

colors in the "D" layers. Goat hair Figure 2.8 Balmer Series can be tan, black or white. If the goat hair and porpoise skin layers are black, then the roof corresponds to the Lyman series alone. The sanctuary is a "black body". Empty Orbitals Structure Theory. Since hydrogen only has an "S" orbital, it means that when electrons are excited they go up to this empty layer whose existance can only be explained by Mishkan physics. The current model of orbitals seems to assume that an orbital exists only when the electrons that need it exist. So we are proposing that all elements have all layers or the structures to support all layers of orbits even if they are empty. So it is now easy to see how these layers can be filled at any time.

» Order? In October 2011 Michael Walker, a reader noticed that the order of the instructions in Exodus 26 was the roof, boards and the 2 back boards. If it has any significance, it may be the order in which the orbits are arranged ("D", "F", "S", "P" and "1S").

The Unanswerable Question. A skeptic might say that I have just demonstrated the arithmetic progression [2, 6, 10, 14, n+4 ...]. But we have demonstrated more. I have just superimposed the periodic table on top of the sanctuary without doing violence to either! Simply by showing that the outer dimensions and number of boards, location and orientation of the boards and number of rows in each section and the construction materials are the same as the periodic table blocks, outer shell and orientation and properties, we have established the relationship. This is my primary evidence. It is mathematical. Two Objects in Three Dimensions

Figure 2.4 Table 2.8: Probability 3 Boards n! Planes » What Is The Probability? Given 48 boards and 23 pieces of 2 8 2 fabric to construct an object or set of objects (building, fence, box 6 18+ 3 ... deck), how many ways can you construct it? One formula says 24 ? 4 that n objects can be arranged n! ways. But a three dimensional object can be arranged in many more ways. The odds are more 120 ? 5 than n! even if I limit the rules so that all three planes can be 720 ? 6 used, duplicates or mirror images do not count, each board must ? 10 3628800 touch at least one other board, only at the top, middle and the 12 479001600 ? bottom or parallel and only 90 degree angles can be formed. 48 1.24 x 1061 ? N! says that two objects can be arranged in two different ways 58 2.35 x 1078 ? but three dimensional n! says that two objects can be arranged in at least 8 unique ways.
 

Two Objects (AB). AB, BA But in three dimensions I can construct 8 unique shapes with very restricted rules. Look at the diagram on the right. Three Objects (ABC). ABC, ACB, BAC, BCA, CAB, CBA

There are only a few arrangements that can be an acceptable periodic table. I have discovered four so far and only two could also represent particle physics and only one is perfect. What are the odds that this object has the same numerical dimensions or sets of boards (1, 1, 6, 6, 6, 14, 14) and column-row orientation, block location (1x1, 2x7, 6x6, 10x4, 14x2) and purpose as the periodic table? » Same Design. Of all the dozens of periodic table formulations, the sanctuary represents the most common model with the "F" block separated. And apparently, out of over several trillion possibile combination of 48 boards, the sanctuary is arranged like the periodic table! How many of these trillions of possibilities could represent the sanctuary?

I have concluded that the design of the Most Holy Place can only be represented by the configuration for the "S" and "P" blocks. The "F" block could possibly be represented by a few arrangements of two sets of 14 parallel boards attached. So far I cannot find more than 14 inferior possibilities out of trillions. But the sanctuary is the most perfect arrangement. » Same Function. They even have the same function. The purpose of the Sanctuary is to show the steps of creation and recreation (salvation) and the relationship between the three phases of the plan. The purpose of the periodic table is to show the relationships and order of creation of the elements. 3500 years ago, Moses received a pattern of more than just religious rituals from heaven. The incredibly awesome Hebrew God is superior to all others because He is the only creator God.

The Unanswerable Question. 1A 2A 3A 4A 5A 6A 7A 8A There is no logical reason why a fable constructed by Table 3.2: Mendeleev's H He primitive minds should have this order. Creation myths Table should begin with things seen such as earth and trees. It should state that the earth was scooped out and then filled Li Be B C N O F Ne Na Mg Al Si P S Cl Ar with water. It should not begin with the creation of invisible gases and then liquids and then earth. That is the K Ca Ga Ge As Se Br Kr order of the Periodic Table! That is science, not stupid Rb Sr In Sn Sb Te I Xe "religion". Cs Ba Tl Pb Bi Po At Rn The periodic table is a sphere or cylinder inside a "D" Fr Ra - Th - U - block cylinder inside a "F" block cylinder which bulge at group 3B. This model is a perfect scientific model and is the best representation of the periodic table that I have seen (not because I created it). Yet it perfectly represents spiritual laws. It supports my thesis that physical laws rest on spiritual laws and belong in the same realm. Using only the pattern in the structural elements that are based on the number of items to use and their orientation, we were able to reconstruct the periodic table! Using the sizes we determined what outerspace structure they represented below. So 3500 years ago Moses had a pattern of the periodic table in 1500 BC, that looks like the modern version which is based on Henry Moseley's 1913 Periodic Law (based on atomic numbers) instead of Mendeleev's primitive 1869 version (based on atomic weights). How is this possible? Amazingly, Mendeleev reported that he saw this pattern of the periodic table in a dream! On 17 February 1869, he saw all the 65 then known elements arranged in a table where all the elements "fell into place". It appears that all he remembered from the dream was the shape and orientation. It was on its side with hydrogen on the left, with the periods vertical and the groups horizontal, just like the Mishkan orientation (Table 2.1). Given the short list of known chemicals, this understanding was adequate for him because the leap in knowledge that he made was to leave gaps for future elements with predictable properties. Genesis 1: The Seven Days Of Creation.

The Periodic Creation of Elements. I am proposing a new 1A 2A theory. The Periodic Table explains what was made on each day of creation. Each day, critical elements or 1 H compounds that were needed for the work on that day were created that day 2 or in the days before. Space

Table 3.1: Creation 3A - 7A 8A - Genesis Periodic Table Light and Energy He 1:3-5

H2O, He, CH4 O2, O3, CO2, CO, Water, 1:6-8 H2, N2 Air, Color (Al) SiO2, SO4. 1. Light. Helium and hydrogen 3 Matter 1:9-13 Mg (trees) Clay, trees may somehow be related to the Time Sun, Moon, Stars light that came from God. » Nucleosynthesis. This is the 4 Helium Fusion Stops 1:14-19 Other process chain reaction of nuclear at Nickel fusion when lighter elements Fish 5 Color Birds (Air) 1:20-23 burn into heavier ones. The (Water) protons of four hydrogen Magnetic Elements (Animals, Man, nuclei combine to create one 6 1:24-31 Marriage) Clay helium nucleus, two neutrinos Radioactive Elements Need Rest and gamma-ray radiation 7 2:1-3 (Sabbath) which loses energy that escapes in the form of visible Evening Morning light. Proton-Proton Chain. 1H + 1H + 1H + 1H 4He + 2 Positrons + 2 Neutrinos + 2 (Gamma ray Light). This reaction accounts for 85% of the fusion energy generated by the sun and occurs in about 3 minutes. So before the sun was created God used the same process of generating light that is used in all stars and He had more than enough time to do it. 12 of the 24 hours were light and He could light His candle in less than 3 minutes. Helium can burn into beryllium and carbon and other heavier elements. At creation, this process of burning to heavier elements occurred in seven days. Hydrogen makes up 90% of all elements in the universe, helium is 9% and all other elements are 1%. » The Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions Of Creation. Exothermic reactions release energy in the form of heat, light, or sound. So heat must have been created during the creation along with the light and sound recorded by Genesis. It is possible that God made the reaction so efficient that only light and sound was produced. However, let us assume that heat was produced. How could it be dissipated or absorbed before it damaged the delicate trees and living creatures? We will propose some of the endothermic reactions that might absorb this tremendous heat. » The Throne Of God. God's throne sits above "wheel within wheels" and is "full of eyes" and sits "on a cloud". If hydrogen is a major tool within His tool box, then hydrogen fits these descriptions. » New Technology (Hydrogen Camera And Wireless Network). Hydrogen makes up more than 90% of all elements. Is it possible to use hydrogen to see and communicate everywhere?

The Unanswerable Question. Look Who Shouldn't Be Talking! Atheists claim that the creation account is illogical because God claimed that light came before the sun was created on the fourth day. Who looks stupid now? The fact that the Bible claimed something which seems impossible through our own observation, yet totally logical by what we have now learned through particle physics makes the story teller of Genesis a Genius - full of scientific knowledge neither he nor his primitive God is supposed to know! In addition, the fact that the sun was created on the fourth day when nucleosynthesis stopped producing light is an unbelievable evidence of a cosmic Engineer and Designer! 2. Air and Water. All the elements to make air and fresh water are in the first and second period. (Hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, helium, methane, ozone and water). Salt water is not possible yet. Carbon, nitrogen and oxygen act as catalysts to produce light on this day. Net Result (CNO Cycle): 1H + 1H + 1H + 1H 4He + (2 Positrons + 2 Neutrinos) 3 (Gamma ray Light) Theory: The Origin of Water. 4H + 5O + C + 2N H2O + N2 + CO2 + H2 + O2. There is a series of reactions that uses elements 1 to 10 to create water and release the gases that form air, separating air and water. Since we can track the products of creation week to real reactions that relate each period to a single day, then water was created out of a primordial reaction. Nucleosynthesis, fission and fusion reactions place an emphasis on what occurs in the stars where the conditions create other effects such as the stripping away of electrons. We need to place more emphasis on terra-forming reactions, where the destructive forces do not create stars, but planets. Something else stopped the formation of stars and caused the formation of water and air. Somehow the star forming processes collapsed or diminished so that other compounds were precipitated when the available elements acted as catalysts. » Rainbow and Color. With the presence of light, air and water, it is a recipe for the formation of rainbows. » Heat Absorbtion (Evaporation). When God separated the waters into two layers it sounds like evaporation. It takes 540 cal/g to vaporize water. Evaporation is an endothermic reaction, absorbing the tremendous amount of heat that was made with hydrogen and helium. Both elements account for 99% of all the elements made. So further nucleosynthesis must have produced less heat and actually requires heat to be produced after Iron. » Evolution Timetable (13,700 to 3500 MYA). According to this theory it took over ten billion years to reach this point and three billion more years to complete the creation as we see it. Yet, even from the timetable of observed physics, it takes three minutes to accomplish the events of the first day. The chemical reactions that formed the compounds on the first two days can be done in minutes. 3. Trees and Earth. Man, who is made of clay, is described as a tree planted by water.  Earth. The outer layer consists of clay and crystalline rocks. There is sodium and chloride for salt water. Below is the theoretical composition by mass of the layers of the earth.  Continental Crust (lithosphere) (0.374%). Clay is composed of aluminum silicates (silicon dioxide, feldspar, quartz and flint), sulfates and

    

oxides (silicon, aluminum and iron oxides). It also has small amounts of impurities (potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, or iron). The crystalline rocks are mostly quartz (SiO2) and feldspars (K, Na, Ca)(Si, Al)4O8. Upper Mantle (10.3%). Composed of Olivine (Mg,Fe)2SiO4 and pyroxene (Mg,Fe)SiO3 Transition Region (7.5%). Composed of calcium, aluminum, and garnet (A3B2(SiO4)3) Lower Mantle (49.2%). Composed of silicon, magnesium, and oxygen. It may also contains some iron, calcium, and aluminum. Outer Core. It is possibly made of sulfur and/or oxygen. Inner Core. Liquid Iron. » Hydrogen-Helium Core.I believe that it is possible that Helium and Hydrogen caused the magnetism since the iron core is just a theory. I based the Hydrogen-Helium core on a vision and was stunned to find that this is the magnetic system and core on the gaseous planets. » Iron Core. However, this theory does not rule out the possibility of an iron core. If the core was H-He at first, then nucleosynthesis of hydrogen stopped on the fourth day with the creation of iron.

» Creation Order Layers. At this point I will introduce the concept of the layers of creation. The hydrogen fusion reaction is at the core, with a mixture of Hydrogen and helium. When it is complete a core of nickel and iron, then iron remains. While the process continues each new event pushes the products of the previous event up and out, so that layers of creation product from day 2 to day 4 sits on top of the core reactions on the first day with the earlier creations on the outside. So, because granite is formed last it sits closer to the core, forming a basement rock. After day 4, the creation fills the products created and the core furnace is transformed as it stops working and granite seems to have been formed to seal the nuclear core.

Creation Order Layers 0 Abyss 2 Air 4 5 5

2 Water

Rocks. Rocks and crystals are made out of the same basic silicates and oxides. However, some are made with elements which were created after period 3. According to this theory, how did that occur if we rule out contamination by

3 Trees 6 3 Clay 6 Quartz 3 (Silicates) 4 Feldspars Mantle 4 Basalt 6 Granite Iron Core 4 (IronNickel) Core H Nuclear 1 Reactor

liquid sources, erosion and pressure fusing objects together? Let us use one famous example to prove our case.  Granite and Polonium Halos. If you have ever seen how quickly copper sulphate crystals form, you can understand that crystals can form quickly out of a suspension with the right catalyst and concentration of elements. The rocks and dirt were formed quickly. Dr. Robert Gentry has demonstrated with Polonium halos that granite rock was formed in about three minutes. Polonium is radioactive with a half life of 3 minutes. Yet the granite has trapped the decaying polonium halo in its structure. If granite had crystallized any slower than 3 minutes then the polonium halos would not be present. Polonium was created on the sixth day. Since polonium halos are trapped in the solid granite rock, then the granite must have remained in its molten form between the third and sixth day collecting new elements in its structure before it suddenly crystallized. This is how the molten granite incorporated K, Ca and all the other trace elements after period 3 in its structure. So it may be possible that polonium or another element in the sixth period is the catalyst that triggered the crystallization. » Heat Absorbtion: A Blanket of Clay. So when the earth was formed on the third day, there must have been molten rocks (silica) over which God placed a blanket of clay to contain the tremendous heat from the nuclear reactions. Within the next three days, the rocks were created in the order of silicates - Feldspars - Basalt - Granite.  The Flood (Sedimentary Rocks). The catastrophic events broke up the surface and foundations of the earth and mixed the soil, rocks and water so that there is contamination of the original pristine creation creating the surface and upper crust as we know it today. This process created other types of rocks. » The Genesis Of The Rock. We all assumed that when God made "the land" and the trees on the third day that every rock was made at the same time. Now we can show that all the types of rocks probably formed over three days. Amazingly, the formation of granite or sudden solidification of granite on the sixth day is compatible with Bible symbols. Jesus, the Son of Man is also symbolized as the human Rock that is the foundation of the kingdom of God.

Trees. All life elements were available (Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorous, Sulphur). There is magnesium for chlorophyll, but not iron for hemoglobin. » Color. There was color for the flowers and fruits.

» Heat Absorbtion (Photosynthesis). Photosynthesis is an endothermic chemical reaction. In this process, plants use the energy from the sun to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose and oxygen. Every kilogram of glucose requires 15MJ of energy. This energy created all the plant material all over the world.

Light + 6CO2 + H2O + 674 calories C6H12O6 + 6O2 » Evolution Timetable (3500 to 545 MYA). Granite, blue-green algae and photosynthesis took three hundred million years to develop. Plant life was also formed in this period. Bamboo is the fastest growing trees on earth with many growing 2 feet (61 cm) per day and some growing as fast as 3 to 4 feet per day (91-122 cm). While it does not prove the timeline of the third day of creation it shows that trees have the potential for extremely fast growth even under present conditions. We would need to demonstrate more than fast plant growth to explain the botanical accomplishments of this day. 4. Sun, Moon and Stars. In all prophecies that have a series Sun Creation of seven objects, the first three or four are different from the Layers rest. The first three are the foundation containers or the 4 materials and tools and the last four fill those containers or 1 H-He Core are made out of that material. These final four may have a property assigned to them by God that is reflected in the H Nuclear 1 Periodic table. We will show that they are also covered in Reactor the clothing material of that day. The objects created on this day are made from the products of the first day and fill the container made on the first day. So the sun light is made from burning hydrogen. Nucleosynthesis Light Burning. Nucleosynthesis continues from hydrogen to nickel then nickel decays to iron. So it stops in this period and it is confined to the Sun which now provides light. The Sun is a miniature copy of the events of the first day.  Sun and Stars. By mass, the Sun and stars are composed of hydrogen (71%), helium (27%), oxygen (1%), carbon (0.4%), nitrogen (0.1%), silicon (0.1%), magnesium, neon, iron, sulfur. H-He form the magnetic core. Gas Planet Layers  2 Air (Methane) Each day of creation creates a process or a 2 Water (Ice) system. Since the Sun mimics the process of generating light, it is created from the 1 H-He Core principal light making components of the H Nuclear 1 first day, hydrogen and helium. Reactor  Gaseous Planets. Saturn is made from hydrogen, helium and methane (CH4). These planets are made of ice, hydrogen and helium, elements of day one and two with H-He creating the magnetic core.  Moon. The moon is composed of oxygen (42%), silicon (41%), iron (13%), calcium (8%), aluminum (7%), magnesium (6%), other (3%). Moon Creation Layers 2 Thin Air 3 Quartz (Silicates) 4 Feldspars

In the bible a day begins with the darkness (Ca, Al, Si, O) from sunset to sunset. Since the moon rules 4 Fe, Mg, Ca, Ti the night and night comes before day, the 4 Basalt (Fe, Ti) moon might have been created before the sun. The common lunar minerals are made 4 Ni-Fe Core from elements up to period four. The rocks H Nuclear 1 are simpler igneous rocks composed from Reactor these minerals and it has no granite! We propose that granite solidified on the sixth day after polonium was created. So lunar creation did "end" on day 4. Granite and other elements beyond period 4 probably exists but the major composition seems to reflect this design order. Mineral Element Plagioclase Ca, Al, Si, O Feldspar Pyroxene Fe, Mg, Si, O Olivine Fe, Mg, Ca, Si, O Moon Rocks Highland Rocks Anorthosite Norite Troctolite "Mare" (Sea) Basalt Meteorite Layers Air Stripped Away 4 Ni-Fe Core H Nuclear 1 Reactor

Ilmenite Fe, Ti, O Meteorites. Most meteorites contain an alloy of iron and nickel. These seem to be the remnants of cores from planet forming activities up to period 4.

» Color. The elements make very colorful solutions like the first layer of the "D" block. Sunlight is a mixture of the colors. Nuclear Fusion Process. 4He + 20Ne 24Mg + (Gamma ray Light). Amazingly, the nucleosynthesis reactions that produce light end with the third period in the alpha process which creates (C, N), O, Ne, Mg, Si, S, Ar, Ca and Ti, because God would create our sun by the second half of the fourth period. » Heat Absorbtion (Heavy Element Nucleosynthesis). Before iron (Fe) the nuclear fusion process produced energy. After iron the process absorbs energy. » Evolution Timetable (545 to 500 MYA). Planets formed in 45 million years. From this point on, the elements used on the creation day have a more obscure or symbolic connection to the object created. The creation is so complex and the number of elements and possible compounds are so much greater that I could not determine one system to pick out that would be characteristic of the group. I settled on the object that symbolized life. This is blood and all of the porphyrin systems. After an examination of

the sixth and seventh period, I also concluded that the unique quality of each period represents what the created object needs to live and what chemical "tools" were available in the elements of the container. 5. Fish And Birds (Color). The second day must have been filled with color. The creatures of the fifth day fill the creation of the second day (air and water). They may also be made from the objects of this day. The Bible says that the water produced the fish and birds. The creatures of the fifth day have color because color must have appeared on the second day when water, light and air interacted to form a rainbow. Birds and fish are unique among the creatures because their outer layer is generally very colorful. The colorful transition elements begin at period four which is represented by a colorful linen roof which has the dimensions of the rainbow. Container Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Raw Water Earth Trees 6. Material Light Air Sabbath "Blood" (Oxygen White (Rest) Covering Rainbow Color Clay Carriers). There is Light a designed division Filler between group 7B (User) and 8 (Mn and Fe). [Table The five elements Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 3.2] on the same side as Mn have oxygen carriers that belong to fish. The ones on the side of Iron belong to air breathing creatures (birds, insects, crabs). All oxygen carriers were available (V, Mn, Cu, Fe). V and Mn in fish. Copper in insects, spiders, crustaceans, molluscs and crabs. Iron in hemoglobin. Manganese in pinna squamosa. Vanadium in sea squirts. Iodine for ocean plants is now available. » Life Sentence. The oxygen carrying elements that decide life occur in the third and fourth periods. This may be related to at least two laws that indicate that judgment of the unrighteous and righteous, the decision for life and death, will occur between the third and fourth generation or the third and fourth period of time. » 11 Layers In 10. I am hunting for a common thread in this group in the unique structure of the goat's hair layer. 7. Animals and Man (Marriage). The creatures of the sixth day fill the creation of the third day and were made from the products of the third day. Man is made of clay. All flesh creatures were created mostly from carbon. Yet man was produced "out of" the earth just as the fish and birds were produced "out of the waters" because they looked like the containers of the day in which they filled. Period six contains the magnetic elements. On this day God established marriage between two opposite people who were attracted to each other. » The Golden Man. Man was made of clay and placed on the earth which were both created on the third day. Gold is in this period. Using the precious metals group (1B) as the model for man, the bible describes the perfect man as gold. Since man appears to be group 1B and period 6, it makes me wonder if the other groups somehow represent different species.

» The Walls Of Our Body. Elements in group 1A and 2A build our structure. Group 2A makes bones (Calcium and Magnesium). Group 2A maintains pressure (Sodium, Potassium and Lithium). 8. The Science Of Sabbath. The acitvities of the seventh day are meant to fill the creation of the fourth day. We praise the God in the heavens. If there is a chemistry of rest, the clues are contained in the elements of period seven. In this period, most of these elements are radioactive. They need rest and are trying to enter a state of rest, or a more stable configuration. They can also exist in the presence of a very high energy, lethal source of radiation. » Creation Was Complete. If nothing was created on the seventh day then how can we say that the radioactive materials appeared on this day? There are some possible reasons. We can also theorize that the six days showed the visible creation and the seventh shows residual activity.  No Work Products. Only uranium and plutonium (U and Pu) occur naturally. Elements 95 to 118 are synthetically created. The remainder are produced from radioactive decay. Since radioactive materials can change from one element to another, perhaps the existing elements in a highly energized state made these elements as they stabilized.  Life Saving Work. While doing miracles on the Sabbath Jesus Himself said that the Father works on this day and priests have to work on the Sabbath. We can no more change the Sabbath from one day to another than we can change the periods of chemistry. Ezekiel's model of the sanctuary teaches us that from a human point of view we can travel north-south like the gravitational waves in the earth. There is also an eastern gate that is opened on Sabbath, but only the Prince can enter and leave through that gate. When applied to the human science level it means that only on Sabbath is it possible to open the atom through a concealed doorway through which humans do not have access. It would be very interesting to see if radioactive decay rates change on Sabbath because atomic activity has been on a seven day cycle since creation. Bless the Lord, O my soul! O Lord my God, you are very great; You are clothed with splendor and majesty. Covering Yourself with light as with a cloak, stretching out heaven like a tent curtain. He lays the beams of His upper chambers in the waters; He makes the clouds His chariot. He walks upon the wings of the winds; He makes the wind His messengers, flaming fire His ministers. He established the earth upon its foundations, so that it will not totter forever and ever. You covered it with the deep as with a garment. The waters were standing above the mountains. (Psalm 104: 1-5) » The Tent Curtains ("Upper Atmosphere"). The "D" block or the fabric coverings and the magnetic ropes. » Beams: Upper Chamber. The center pillar and the bar through the boards stabilize the northsouth axis. » Beams: Foundations of Earth. The four pillars stabilize the two axes. » Wind: Wings and Flaming Fire ("Ark of the Covenant"). The wind systems and ionic

particles are represented by the gases and nonmetals in the "P" block. For the first time we get an idea that the things inside the sanctuary also represented systems that He created. Altar of Sacrifice. Rocks and dirt. Laver. Springs and rivers. Table of Shewbread. Plants for food created on the third day. Menorah. Lights created on the fourth day. Altar of Incense. Air and clouds. Communication with God is essential for eternal life. Three Pairs Of Days Plus One. Day 6 Day 5 Day 4 On 27 June 2012, I was considering how many clean Sunset Recreation animals were brought on board the ark, God began to Day (Day give more insight into the relationship bewteen the Sabbath 7 5) furniture in the sanctuary and its structure. Three pairs of clean animals were brought for restocking (Day 6) Recreation the earth and a male was brought on board for Sunset Day 3 Day 2 Day 1 sacrifice. I do not yet know its implications for chemistry and physics, only for the creation.
    

Just as He created the male, then created the female out of him, God created three masculine days, then created three feminine days out of them. The days were filled with the products of the union of the two days.
   

Ark Of The Covenant (Shekinah Glory) And Menorah. Light, Sun and moon. Altar Of Incense And Laver. Air and clouds (heavens), springs and rivers. Altar of Sacrifice And Table of Shewbread And Menorah. Dirt, rocks, trees and plants for food created. Sabbath. Then the Sabbath came as the strong force that holds them together. If we look at the purpose of the clean animals, then the Sabbath is like the day sacrificed to God in which He smells "a sweet savour".

Temperature Estimates. My next project is to estimate the temperature on the earth after each day to see if the plants on day three and the animals after day 4 could survive. To evaluate this I will look at endothermic processes, insulation value of clay and rocks and air, heat of vaporization and the Leidenfrost effect as outlined below. 1. Nuclear Fusion (Heat). This generated heat and light. This model assumes that we need tremendous heat and energy for the strong force to overcome the electromagnetic forces of repulsion. God might have started with the quarks and leptons and then bound them together. This is a different energy model and might have used light instead of heat. » PV = nRT (Ideal Gas Law). This equation shows how temperature can be changed if God manipulated the pressure and volume of the space in which the nuclear reactions were confined. Releasing gases through a tiny nozzle at high speed can cool the system.

Also the pressure of the heavy earth generates heat. We will have 48 hours to accomplish this venting over a large surface area probably the size of the core. 2. Water (Evaporation And Condensation). The creation of water in an endothermic reaction absorbed energy. The record says that God separated water into two layers (Genesis 1: 6). The water above must have been due to rapid evaporation which absorbed heat. Since condensation releases heat, then over time the water in the heavens released this heat slowly as it fell to the earth. A mist also came up form the ground daily, cooling the earth and keeping this unusual water cycle operating for years. This must have been the primary method of heat exchange. USGS estimate of total volume of water on earth is 332.5 million cubic miles or 1,386 million cubic kilometers. Heat used to vaporize water = Heat of vaporization of water multiply by the mass. 3,128,202 x 1018 kj = 2257 kJ kg-1 x 1,386 million km3 x density of water (1 x 1012 kg/km3). 1,564,101 x 1018 kj of energy is used if we assume that 50% of the water was vaporized. » Water Buffering and Insulation. Water has a high specific heat capacity (4181.3 J/(kg.K)), and a high heat of vaporization (40.65 kJ.mol-1), The structure allows it to trap heat by buffering large fluctuations in temperature. 3. Clay (Insulation). We shield nuclear reactions all the time using lead or several feet of concrete. This shields us from heat and ionizing radiation. So I will not try to calculate if this is possible but give the values to show that if we can live beside nuclear plants with concrete, water and lead as shielding, we will be shielded under 3200 km of rock, water and iron. We have a 5100 km blanket as shielding. The radius of the earth at the equator is 6378.1 km. The upper layer (crust) is hard and 22 miles thick (35 km). It is over 66% hardened lava (basalt). The mantle is 2865 km of clay, then 2200 km of liquid outer core over 1250 km radius of the inner nuclear 2500 km core in the center of the earth. » Leidenfrost Effect. The Leidenfrost effect is a phenomenon in which a liquid, in near contact with a mass significantly hotter than the liquid's boiling point, produces an insulating vapor layer which keeps that liquid from boiling rapidly. The effect is to massively reduce heat transfer from a hot iron surface to water. Will this effect further stop the very hot iron core from cooking the earth above? The outer core may be the layer that separates the heat source from the cooler bubble. » Insulation Value ("R"-Value). Clay-coated straw has an R-value of 3+ per inch or 40 per foot (ft2.°F.h/Btu) or (7.04 m2k/W). This is the measure of heat transfer (resistance) through a medium. » Botanical Life (Misty Terrarium). By this time the earth must be cool enough for the trees to survive. The mass of the Earth is approximately 5.98 x 1024 kg. It is composed mostly of iron (32.1%), oxygen (30.1%), silicon (15.1%), magnesium (13.9%), sulfur (2.9%), nickel (1.8%), calcium (1.5%), and aluminium (1.4%); with the remaining 1.2% consisting of trace amounts of other elements. Due to mass segregation, the core region is believed to be primarily composed of iron (88.8%), with smaller amounts of nickel (5.8%), sulfur (4.5%), and less than 1% trace elements. (Wiki)

» Magma. The molten rock at the top of the mantle is also holding some of the heat. It is 10-20% of the mantle. Outer Inner Core Core 35-100 km 2865 km 3450 km 1250 km Solid Ca,Na,Al,SiO2 Magma Fe,Mg,Al,Ca Liquid Fe+Ni 7000 °F 1.7% 0.473% 67.3% mass 30.8% mass 4300°C Crust Mantle 4. » Photosynthesis. This is an endothermic reaction, so the process of creating trees absorbs energy in the form of light. Currently, it is estimated that there is 2 trillion kg of biomass in crops and 1.8x1015 kg in plants which is the same as bacteria. 25% of global biomass is due to fungi alone. If the land is only 29.2% of the earth's surface area, then the newly created earth will have 3 times the biomass because it was mostly land above an aquifer. » Misting System (Thermal Dynamics). The bible reports that a mist came up from the earth (Genesis 2: 6). Misting systems produce water droplets smaller than 10 micron. When small water droplets hit the surrounding warm/hot air they "flash evaporate", taking the energy in the form of heat out of the air to convert from liquid to gas reducing the surrounding temperature as much as 35 degrees Fahrenheit. 5. Sun And Moon (Cooling). The generation of elements after the middle of period 4 absorbs energy. If possible, God gathered up the diffuse light and energy and balled it up into the sun. 6. Biological Marine Life (Weather Systems - Jet Stream). Ocean and air temperatures must be adequate. A safe temperature for tropical fresh water fish is 20-35 °C. 7. Biological Terrestrial Life. Ground surface temperatures must be survivable. Survivability is based on a combination of temperature and humidity and steps we take to withstand temperature extremes. A sauna of 200 °F and 10% humidity, is comfortable also 90% humidity and 110 °F. The hottest recorded air temperature is 57.8 °C (136.0 °F) and the lowest is -89.2 °C (128.6 °F). Ground surface temperatures have been recorded at 70.7 °C (159.3 °F). Recorded temperatures for inhabited places is 41.1 °C (106.0 °F) and -19.7 °C (-3.5 °F). The temperature in a rain forest can range between 93 °F (34 °C) and 68 °F (20 °C) and the average humidity is between 77 and 88%. Quantum Physics. The sanctuary is also a unified model of the fundamental particles and forces of physics. The Mishkan Model of Particle Physics Natural Science. The Periodic Table is a model. The arrangement of each element is based Outer Core 2200 km Fe, S (10%) 3700 °C Mantle 1790 mi SiO2, Fe-Mg MgO FeO 1000 °C Crust 22 mi 80°F


on a pattern that shows how each element is related to the ones next to it, and to the row and column it occupies. This relationship allows us to make predictions about the property of each element. The Standard Model does not do this. It is a list of sub-atomic particles arranged in two dimensions that displays no pattern or relationship. Spiritual Science. The Mishkan sanctuary model is superior to the standard model. The same pattern that explains chemistry, displays the relationships between the particles and forces of physics and the physical appearance and function of these forces. Unified Field Theories: The Grand Unified Theory and The Theory of Everything. Table 4.1a Mishkan Unified Model of Quantum Physics Mishkan Building γ H0 (Attraction) γ g ⇐ Gluon ⇓ (6+2) ⇒ g Up g g g g g g Up 0 Dn H Sea Dn p Quarks Up Up (u,d,c,s,t,b) Dn Sea Quarks Dn (Antiquarks) H0 n Up Up Dn Most Holy Place Dn 0 Z ee+ ee+ γ ee+ γ ee+ 0 H0 H ee+ e+ γ Ve γ eee+ (Ve, Vμ, Vt) e (Sea Leptons) ee+ ee+ Holy Place ee+ ee+ ee+ ee+ eMatter e+ Roof W- W+ W- W+ W- W+ p W- W+ n

Table 4.1b: Standard Model Of Particle Physics


W- W+ H0 H0 W- W+ G G W- W+

e W- W+

W- W+ W+

Z0 W+ Space (Lattice Grid) Antimatter Time Gravity Outer Court (Dark Matter?)


Quark Generations Bosons 1 2 3 Found ? 2.4 1270 172.7 • Mass 0 MeV MeV GeV • Charg 0 2/3 2/3 2/3 γ • Spin u c t 1 1/2 1/2 1/2 • Name photon Up Charm Top 4.8 104 4200 MeV 0 MeV MeV 0 -1/3 -1/3 g 1/3 d s b 1 1/2 1/2 1/2 gluon Strange Bottom Down >122Ge <0.17 <15.5 91.2 <2.2 eV GeV GeV GeV 0 0 H0 Ve 0 0 0 0 0 1/2 V Vt Z 1/2 μ 1/2 1 Higgs electron muon tau weak Boson neutrino neutrino neutrino force 0 GeV .511 105.7 1777 80.4 MeV MeV MeV GeV 0 G -1 -1 -1 ± ± 2 e μ t W 1/2 1/2 1/2 1 Gravito electron muon tau weak force Lepton Generations 99% Unstable Matter Forces Matter Decays

Figure 4a Force Mediating Particles

Nature is described by a grand unified theory by its creator. It is called the Mishkan in the Hebrew religion. Physicists are convinced that at extremely high energies, the electromagnetic, weak nuclear, and strong nuclear forces are fused into a single unified field. Others speculate that gravity can also be merged with these fields to create the theory of everything. The sanctuary provides that model. It is a model of a huge light emitting capacitor and battery with magnetic, electrical and gravitational fields and a nucleus. » Hydrogen Atom. If I assume that the sanctuary is a model of the hydrogen atom, then we can see what each subatomic particle represents. The Standard Model of Physics says that everything (all matter and radiation) in the universe is made up of 12 basic particles. These are six quarks and six leptons. The model also says that four fundamental forces hold these particles together. Fermions: Subatomic Particles There are three generations of particles (quarks and leptons) in the universe. The first is common, up and down quarks, electrons and positrons (electron neutrinos). These construct our universe. The second and third generations are very rare and exist only in high energy environments. I now believe that each generation should be represented as separate Mishkan models because one instance of the model does not accomodate all generations. There are two types of subatomic particles in the atom used to construct the protons, neutrons and electrons. 1. Quarks (Up and Down). Quarks exist in the nucleus in six pairs of 12 particles which make one proton and neutron. » Properties of Quarks. They are found in these groupings.  Paired. Quarks are found in pairs. Mesons: One Quark and Antiquark. Quarks can be found in this basic pair.  Baryons: 3 States. Quarks are also always found in groups of three. In 1968, experiments indicated that the electrons were scattering off three point-like constituents inside the proton. Eventually, six types of quarks were found. The baryon number and electric charge indicate that they also have a threesome associated with their properties.  Gluons. Quarks are held together by the strong force. There are 3 down quarks, 3 up quarks and the 6 antiquarks in the hydrogen nucleus.
 

Protons (+2/3). (2 Up and 1 Down Quark) and 3 antiquarks. Neutrons (-1/3). (1 Up and 2 Down Quarks) and 3 antiquarks.

No quark has ever been found in isolation, only in groups. So I would like to suggest that there is only one particle and some property makes the "up-ness" or down-ness". Similarly orientation makes a particle either matter or antimatter. Table 4.2 - Sea Quarks » Sea Quarks. This is the color force field. The gluon . . splits to form quark-antiquark g g g g g g pairs. A constant flux of gluon + + + + + + splits and create quarks and ..U * + + + + + U.. antiquarks that annhilate each other creating the sea of .. D --- -*+ +++ +++ +++ +++ D.. quarks. Sea quarks include all quark generations (strange, .. U --- - - - - * + +++ +++ +++ U.. charm, top and bottom). So we .. D --- - - - - - - - * + +++ +++ D.. see that even in the physics subworld this region is also --U --- - - - - - - - - - - * + +++ U.. liquid as in the "P" Block of chemistry! Therefore, it must .. D --- - - - - - - - - - - - - - * + D.. have that diagonal line also as * Region of + a force going from the north - Quark Annihilation Antiquark east to the south west corner. It is weird to me that scientists also call this reigion the "sea". God inspired the naming. » Region of Annihilation. The diagonal line which is the diameter of the atom is the center where quarks meet antiquarks and are annhilated. From Bible prophecy I also know that the region of annihilation can also be the region of escape or safety. So under certain conditions perhaps creation occurs here. » Mesons and Baryons. Quarks come in groups of two (mesons) or three (baryons). It is the physical size of this virtual grid cell that imposes this limit. This should be a quantum number. » Pion (Pi Meson) π. Mesons are the 2/3 size of proton because they contain only two quarks. These are the lightest mesons, bosons with zero spin and they come in three charges. π+ (ud), π- (du), π- (dd or uu) (neutral pion). The pion or another meson with three charges may exist in the region of annihilation. » Theoretical Limit Of The Nucleus (118). If we view the nucleus as a lattice grid then we can estimate how many quarks can be packed in this space. As the spaces are filled, the probability that elements will meet at the region of annihilation increases and the nucleus becomes more unstable. » Grid Cell Size. The grid size is 6x6 inside and 7x8 with the walls included. The cell size is 10x1.5x1.5. The quark size is 10x1.5x0.5. The width is either 1 or 0.5 cubit. I chose 0.5 for this discussion. » Groups Of Three. Each board occupies a grid cell that can fill three boards. The total free space for sea quarks is the sum of the empty space inside and the space within the gluon. g g

Formula: (Number of grids in length X number of grids in width x Number of free spaces in grid.)
 

12 Gluon Body (4x1x3). The gluon space is the 8 free spaces next to the 4 unsupported boards and the 2 spaces remaining in the corner. 4 Gluon Corner (2x1x2). The gluon has 10 spaces. This is equivalent to the first ten elements which seem to be the chemical equivalent of the strong force and the first two boards on which they rest. 102 Most Holy Place ((6x6x3) - 6). The wall boards are butted next to the inner free space so that their free spaces are not part of this group.

This value is suspiciously the same as the number of elements in chemistry. This means that each valence quark (stable quarks in the north and south walls) each occupy a region in the grid that can accomodate two other quarks. There are 24 spaces which are technically outside the nucleus. » Chinese Finger Puzzle Model. The tightly packed sea quarks (color force field) and the loose valence quarks might explain an interesting phenomenon. The strong force gets stronger with distance. The closer together the quarks are, the weaker the forces between them. The gluon force gets stronger as they move further apart. So I will interpret "moving farther apart" as being equivalent to acquiring more of this free grid space. This free space has the properties of liquid glue so it stretches and grabs tighter. This is how salvation works. The farther you try to pull away from God, the more He tries to hold on to you. The closer you are to Him, the more freedom you experience. Spiritual Science. Quarks (Most Holy Place North and South Walls). Paired (North and South Wall). They are the 6 boards on the north wall and 6 boards on the south wall.  Baryons: (3 Walls of the Most Holy Place). This property is symbolized by the three walls, each with six boards. I believe that baryons are not a separate type of particles but scientists are observing the way these particles interact because of their structure. So the fact that quarks are made from pairs of three particles is different from the fact that particles were bouncing off three walls. 2. Leptons (Electrons and Positrons). These are the particles outside the nucleus, like electrons and positrons. The literature is confusing but there is either twelve or fourteen lepton particles (Electron, electron neutrino, muon, mu lepton, mu, muon neutrino, muonic neutrino, mu meutrino, tauon, tau lepton, tau, tauon neutrino, tauonic neutrino, tau neutrino). All of the 14 types have a corresponding antiparticle. In the Most Holy Place a proton and neutron are each constructed from a combination of 6 quarks and their mass is approximately the same and we assumed only the first generation of quarks. Are the less massive electrons constructed by 14 particles? Are the heavier second and third generation leptons part of the orbit?

The 14 particles could represent discrete states of the particle as it moves away from the nucleus and may be equivalent to electron orbits at discrete energy levels. Lepton physics is not as advanced as quark physics. Theory. There are 14 particles or states and 14 antiparticles that make electrons and

positrons. These two lines must be the quantum states of the fixed orbits, possibly the Bohr Radius a0. The maximum number of orbits is 14 to match the "F" block which has the most orbitals. In quantum mechanics the average distance between electron and proton is about 1.5 a0. This is a ratio and therefore should transcend all measurement systems. So perhaps the 1.5 cubit length of the boards is this value? Since it is impossible to model the distances between the nucleus 1:1, each board in the Holy Place may represent a distinct multiplication factor related to its distance. Spiritual Science. (Holy Place North and South Wall). Leptons are the 14 boards in the paired walls of the Holy Place. The Holy Place represents the orbits of electrons. » Properties of Leptons. The properties match the physical layout and location of these walls.  Gluons. They do not participate in the strong force. They are not next to the western wall.  Forces. They are held together by the photons and weak force.  2 Spin States (2 Walls). The two walls represent the two possible spin states (up or down). » Leptons (Electron Neutrino). It has mass but no charge. It is affected by the weak force but not the electromagnetic force and it seems to be left over with radioactive decay. It is the space in the Holy Place.
   

No Charge. All objects in the center of the model appear to have no charge. Decay Debris. It is the space between the Z force which is the path for radioactive decay. Weak Forces. It is under the W- force and between the Z forces in our model. Mass. In our model it has negligable "Volume Mass".

» Neutrino Oscillations. It appears to transform between the three generations of neutrinos. Like the "Sea quarks" this space can be described as the "sea leptons". So as the electron moves away from the nucleus to the furthest orbit it changes mass in discrete quantum steps - probably 14 steps. » Properties: Charge, Spin and Symmetry. These are properties of the particles that are also represented by the Mishkan model. Leptons: Spin=½ Antimatter (Charge Symmetry) Positive (0) (0) Positive (+) (0) (+) g Z Z Charge (0) Charge (0) 1 1 1 Negative (Negative (-) Quarks: Spin=½

Charge. The north to south orientation of the ) sanctuary establishes the charges. Following the Antiquarks: Antileptons: observation of the earth's electromagnetic field Spin=½ Spin=½ thee range of charges follow the natural order of (-1) W+/W- Spin = 1 the number line.  North (Positive). Antimatter Matter (Charge Symmetry)  Center (Zero). All objects between the Nucleus Orbit north and south wall are neutral. These are the strong force, photon, Z force and the neutrino.  South (Negative). Matter. If I used the designation of prophecy, then north is antimatter, the place where the wicked dwell.

Spin. It is rotation around ones own axis creating a magnetic field that can be measured. A spin of 1 = (h/2π). The spin value shows how much rotation is needed to get the particle back to its original state.  Fermions: Fraction (1/2, 3/2, ...). A 1/2 integer spin is 720° revolution. A 360° rotation brings the particle into a negative state and it takes another full rotation to bring it back into its original state. » A Straight Line (180°). For particles like the boards whose left and right sides or top and bottom are not similar, the pattern seems to be that every direction travelled is equal to 180° which itself is a straight line! So at the quantum level a square is 720° and a triangle is either (450° or 540° or 720°) and a "L" is 360° which is the opposite position. This explains why going 360° or along two sides of a square will make the state of the object the negative version. » Figure 8 Rotation. A different math is not in operation. 180 degrees is both a semicircle and a straight line. Instead of forming a large circle that reaches the ends of the orbit. The electron passes through two circles, half the size of the orbit. This is a figure "8" orbit. This answers all the observations. It makes two circles. Halfway through it has formed a figure "S" which is two half circles. Now it is in the opposite position. » Rotating Gears. I first learned about this mystery of 360° = 720° and I asked for an explanation on 26 August 2011. I immediately had a picture of smaller gears inside a bigger circle. The next morning I asked for more clarification since that picture is an active model and the Mishkan is a passive drawing. So He reminded me that a line and a semicircle are each 180° and told me to look at the sanctuary. Nevertheless, the image of gears must be important. The spin of these smaller objects must drive the spin of the atom.  Bosons: Integer (1, 2, ...). A spin of 1 = 360° rotation and 2 = 180°. » Photon and Weak Force (1). Since these forces look the same from all sides then it should take two 180° turns to be in the same state. Each layer of the roof must turn up then down and we assume that all sides look the same. A rotation in the east to west plane would be the same for the W- force, but the W+ force would not end up in the same state with a similar rotation because it is asymmetric.

» Gluon (1). It would need a 720° revolution to be in the same state so the value should be ½. My theory does not explain the gluon because their value is 1. So here is why we both appear to be correct. Since the gluon is uncharged and unpaired, you cannot tell the opposite phase. However, after a 360° turn it still acts like the strong force because the braces which are now on the inside still support the walls even better and the photons are still internal. So the effect of this backward wall is not noticeable if you are measuring only function, charge and magnetic effects. So the correct gluon spin is 1/2. » Graviton (2). Both layers are uniform, the dimensions are unknown but it is a minimum of 30x40. In that case it takes a 180° turn to be in the same state. The maximum is 30x50 and it would take a 360° turn. Symmetry. Physicists describe symmetry as all physical or mathematical features of a physical system that exhibit symmetry and are unchanged with certain transformations or particular view. Many of the unsolved problems of physics are related to symmetry. They recognize three different symmetries and theorize a fourth. » Standard Model Symmetry. 1. Charge Symmetry (C-Symmetry). The existance of matter and antimatter or particle and antiparticle. The laws of physics should remain the same if particle and antiparticle were swapped. 2. Parity Symmetry (P-Symmetry). Everything appears as if it is reflected in a mirror. The laws of physics should remain the same if left and right were swapped. » CP Violation. Weak forces violate both "C" and "P" symmetry individually. The combination of C and P symmetry is also violated by the weak forces, but not by the strong force or the electromagnetic force or gravity. 3. Time Symmetry (T-Symmetry). The direction of time or the direction of motion is reversed. » CPT Symmetry. The Standard Model says that while each symmetry can be broken, the combination of the three must be a symmetry. 4. Supersymmetry. This is a theory that there is a physical symmetry between fermions and bosons. In this theory each boson has a superpartner fermion and vice versa. These superpartners are called sparticles. The Mishkan model does not support supersymmetry. Except for the strong force and possibly the Z force, bosons are made from completely different materials and there are no corresponding forces or matter that is not accounted for in the model. Scientists may have gotten their ideas of supersymmetry from the interchangeable nature of quarks, leptons and the strong force. » Mishkan Symmetry. The Mishkan model recognizes these and more. In the Mishkan, the "Z" and "W" forces are described in much more detail. Since they are excellent examples of different aspects of symmetry I will use them as examples. To accommodate our theory I would now like to make a distinction between the parts of each force based on direction, using the designations (N, S, E, W, U, D) in the superscript eg. ZW is Z west and W+E is W+ east, WU is the "up" side.

Table 4.4 - Mishkan Symmetry Wall Boards Bars Door Roof Ring Base Space Symmetry Feature Quarks Lepton Gluon Photon ZW ZE W- W- W+W W+E Gravity Mass W E Pairs Parity Charge Number A B A B A B A B A B A B A B A B A B C

3 3














4+4 2+2


Material Size XY-Axis 720° 720° 720° 360° 720° 360° 720° Face 3/4 3/4 3/4 3/4 3/4 - 1/4 1/4 1/4 1/4 1/2 1/2 Time Symmetry Symmetric No Yes Asymmetric
  

180° 1/2 1/2

a 1

b 2/4 Mixed

c 0

Paired Opposites (Charge). This is charge symmetry. Particles are opposite each other. Mirror Image (Parity). This is parity symmetry. Particles are identical twins. Weak Force Symmetry. These are the components that cause CP violation. The W- and W+ are paired partners but they are made from different materials of different sizes and are not strictly separated on the north and south. Instead, they have their own center line.  Number Of Components. Paired partners are built from a number of identical subunits.  Materials. The subunits may be made of identical or different material entirely or in part. While the Z force looks symmetrical, it has different number of paired partners at opposite ends and the bases are different.  Dimensions (Size). The subunits may have different sizes (length, width or height).  Center Line (Mass Symmetry). Groups of subunits may be arranged along a distinct center line. Asymmetry may appear as a difference in mass, no matter what other form of asymmetry exists. The W+ force is grouped in 5 and 6 along a line of rings. The six panel side is folded back to five panels. It looks symmetrical in its working state but it is not. The sixth panel causes it to be heavier and if rotated top to bottom or left to right it must be rotated a full 360° (720°) to be in the original position. A 180° (360°) rotation would place the fold on the bottom. The W- force can be rotated 180° (360°) in the vertical or horizontal plane and look like its original state. I am assuming that the top and bottom sides of the linen and goat hair layer are similar. If the goat hair is braided material and not simply hair over skin like fur coats then it

is similar on both sides. I am also assuming that the top two layers of animal skin are the same on the top and bottom. Asymmetry in top and bottom would affect face and axis symmetry. Axis Symmetry (3-D). This symmetry is recognized by spinning the object in any of the three axes. The object will look the same if it is flipped top to bottom, left to right or front to back. A round column that is unform on all sides has perfect horizontal symmetry but not on the vertical plane. A plain round sphere has perfect symmetry in every direction. This value is best expressed as the minimum angle traversed to look like the original position. Direction (Face). Self symmetry along left-right, front-back and top-bottom. This is recognized on sight and possibly with spin. If a sphere or column is not plain, then it takes a certain number of turns to be in the original position. This value is best expressed as the number of unique faces over total faces. » The Cherubim With Four Faces. Within the Most Holy Place is a very asymmetric creature with four faces in each direction (lion, man, bull and eagle). Four of these creatures move with perfect symmetry in voice and motion under the throne of God. » Spin. The most symmetric object will have both face and axis symmetry. This means that they will always be symmetric no matter which direction or how many degrees they turn. Other objects may have to turn a minimum number of degrees before symmetry is restored. So spin symmetry must be defined as the minimum angle to rotate in each axis to maintain symmetry. One degree would be the minimum for perfect symmetry, but for the subatomic particles, 45 degrees may be the practical minimum. Motion. The subunits or the opposite pairs may have synchronous movements like partners in a dance. » Angular Momentum. After proposing that motion (spin or twist) must be a part of the fundamental properties I came across this fact. The Stern-Gerlach experiments show that particles have an intrinsic angular momentum. In the first weeks of receiving this knowledge certain pictures came into my head so I wrote it down here and I concluded that everything has a "spin cycle" or twist or coil. It is another dimension. It is seen in the twist of the double helix of the DNA. This twist is indicative of life. So I conclude that this force must be considered to be as important as the other bosons. Time. Scheduled feasts focused on the sanctuary seem to have some innate time symmetry. Although the three great feasts are scheduled at different times, yet their prototype (the exodus) and their fulfillment occured at one time. The only clue to the symmetry are the dates (1, 10, 15 and 21) which coincide with the phases of the moon. The center line on the linen and goat hair time layers also hint of a symmetry across time. The W- force is always symmetric. The W+ force appears to be also symmetric within itself and with the W- force. However, the W+ force can become asymmetric. While the direction of time can only move in one direction (east to west), the past is repeated in the future for some very specific functions which follow very specific laws regarding repairing damage in the system. This repetition is the signature of a legal plan being followed. This repetition is not a scripted life that

we are compelled to follow. It is like the repetition of the year in which another birthday, anniversary or celebration of special events occur. We repeat special events with the same people and ceremonies but every time it is different. Theory: Charge, Spin and Symmetry. I now know that scientists have never isolated an up or down Table 4.5 - Charge quark. So I am beginning to suspect that the fractional charges on these quarks are theories to explain the positive and neutral charges Neutron e+ of the proton and neutron. So I must propose a theory that explains Proton (+) (0) the charges of the proton, neutron and electron which takes into + 0 0 0 0 0 0 + account the interchangeable nature of the subatomic particles. U D U D U D e+ The phases of the moon are used to represent the properties. The G G + + + 0 * full moon is like the sun, but its light stops abruptly at the edge of G + + 0 * * the nucleus. G + 0 * * 0  Central Force. There is a force that is the focal point of the G 0 * * 0 motion of the particles. It must be the strong force. G * * 0 -  Motion. The Mishkan must be seen as a snapshot in time. G * 0 - - Therefore, the properties caused by motion are not easily G U D U D U D edetectable as such. The evidence seems to point to a figure - 0 0 0 0 0 0 8 and possibly a circular rotation. The rotation might also Increasing Energy involve pairs of particles or single particles. This model also shows the vector for the motion. Increasing Mass  Spin. Spin is orientation. At its furthest point north it is antimatter and the furthest point south it is matter (the mirror image).  Symmetry. Since it is the same particle, symmetry is obtained by the orientation in relation to a twin.  Particles (Matter and Antimatter). There is one particle that makes the quarks, leptons and strong force. Its identification depends on its location and orientation in relation to the central force.  Charge. The particle has no charge. It acquires the property seen as charge as a result of its motion in respect to the strong force, orientation and location. Looking at the model of the phases of the moon, charge is acquired by an imbalance or separation of some internal particle. If we assume that the direction of flow is south to north, then these are the charges.  North (+). Motion away from the central force.  South (-). Motion towards the central force.  Center (0). Circular motion. So the strong force may be in circular motion behaving like a static magnetic force. It creates a vortex that pulls particles in and spits them out like a ball at the end of a string. These balls fall in and out in a figure-8 orbit.

The two back boards may initiate charge (motion) because they are the ones that exhert force against the structure at an angle. The diagonal vector in the center is the opposing force - the flow of particles.

The Atom. The design seems to have positive and negative layers cushioned by a neutral layer.  Proton (+). The particles closer to the central force. It is the peak of a standing wave.  Neutron (0). The particles in between. It is the trough of a standing wave.  Electron (-). The particles furthest from the central force. One radical idea worth exploring is that this is the reflection of the proton peak through a multiple slit. The charge can also be understood by the model of electrodynamics where the "H" and "B" fields overlap at right angles. The north to south charge follows the "H" field. The east to west charge follows the "B" field.

Scientific Observations These observation match the Mishkan design.

Zeeman Effect And The Stark Effect. A magnetic field causes spectral lines to appear. Notice that the boards and the two layers with the rings (magnetic fields) are the only ones arranged in parallel lines.

Bosons: Four Fundamental Forces They hold the atoms and the universe together. As I analyzed the relationship to the sanctuary, I discovered that it not only represents the properties, God also created a visual picture of the forces. They actually look like their descriptions! So we can use this picture to theorize about how the forces are organized.

Strong Force [Gluons]. This force holds the nucleus together. It also glues quarks together into protons and neutrons. There are 8 types of gluons. Theory. Somehow, two of the eight gluons must be different. Several weeks after proposing this theory it was verified as I researched gluons.  Neutral. Two gluons have a neutral "color charge". These are the two corner boards.  Charged. Six gluons are "color charged". These are the six western wall boards.  Unpaired. Gluons do not come in pairs. The western wall is unpaired.


Figure 4c1

Spiritual Science. Gluons (Western Wall). Gluons are the 8 boards of the western wall. These are the two extra boards and the six boards of the major structure that separates the boards on the north and south and helps to hold those walls upright. The wall is engineered like a braced wall which is able to support two longer walls leaning against its two sides. » Ground Force. The strength of the strong force lies in the two braced boards, not in the

six wall boards. An effective brace needs a force against which it can push. The brace would be ineffective if the design is seen as complete without the ground. So ground is an unrecognized force in the current models and may be part of "dark matter" or an entirely new force. Interchangeable. The strong force is made from the same material as the quarks and leptons, so it may be interchangeable with them (fermions). The Biological Strong Force. The strong force includes the primary elements that make up the cells of biological life (Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen). Boron is the only element that has been found to absorb deadly radioactive neutrons. So I will assume that the other elements on the borders of the strong force also act as guards that protect the inner elements. So the properties of neon, lithium and beryllium should be explored as beneficial elements. Boron is also one of the elements on the "secret pathway" so perhaps this combined set of properties makes it unique. In prophecy the secret pathway is the diagonal path through the Most Holy Place that rescues the righteous from death, perhaps this is the function of these special elements.

Electromagnetic Force [Photons]. It holds atoms together and supports the nucleus and the electrons in orbit. Spiritual Science. Photons (5 Bars and Rings). These are the major structures holding the sanctuary together. » Two Charges. It is positive and negative as represented by the two poles in our model. » Right Hand Rule. Amazingly, the image of a bar running through a ring is the picture of the magnet and the current around it! The four external bars are threaded through external rings and the middle bar is threaded through holes in the boards. If the bars represent the electric portion and the holes and rings represent the magnetic fields, then the particles (boards) themselves must be magnetic. » Bars Only. There is evidence that the rings are a different boson that attract the bars. Photon Theory: 5 Photons. There must be five types of photons. One is different and four are similar. Law: B Field. On 19 August 2010 I found the structure that the five photons represent. Theory: Gluon Photons. The western wall also has bars and rings. Since the standard model states that photons do not interact with the Figure gluons, then only the bars on the north and south are photons. So the 4c2 bars and rings on the western wall represents an undiscovered property of gluons that is similar to photons. Otherwise, gluons interact with a type of photon that are at right angles to normal photons. So what we have is the same type of questions as the particle-wave debate about light. Perhaps gluons do interact with photons but we are unable to recognize it because of the angles involved or our instruments have mass and affect the way the particles interact with it. e.g. Our instruments may act like an electric or magnetic force that causes particles to line up in a certain direction like a magnet forces iron filings to follow it while maintaining the same orientation. If photons are affected by the forces generated by our

instrumentation we may cause them to line up in only a certain way when they are viewed or only view those aligned in a certain way. Suppose we can only view the universe from the north to south direction. Then photons will appear as particles or dots when we view the gluons and as waves when we view the north and south walls which represent quarks and leptons. Theory: Gluon Monopole. Could gluons be the first true monopole? This is a theoretical magnetic field that exists in one pole. Are the magnetic lines we see running on the inside? The fact that the photons are in the center (between the poles) means that its charge may be zero like all the east to west objects, Chemistry and Biology. In chemistry, the electromagnetic force appears to be the orbits and in biology it seems to be the epigenes. Weak Force [W and Z Bosons]. The weak interaction acts between the quarks and leptons. They hold protons and neutrons in the nucleus and electrons in orbit and allow radioactive decay. There are three different weak forces. + W . Both carry a charge and couple with the electromagnetic interactions. W bosons interact with the weak, electromagnetic and gravitational forces and have a +1 and -1 charge. It reacts with left handed particles and right handed antiparticles.
 

Z0. Neutral charge. Left-Right Asymmetry (No Parity). All are asymmetric. (Z = 5+4 columns) (W = 10+11 panels). Mass. They are massive, and the Z force is the most massive, even as heavy as a gold atom.


Figure 4c3

Spiritual Science. Weak Force (Columns, Curtains and Fabric Roof). The Roof and columns are the weak forces and they are physically between the quarks (Most Holy Place) and leptons (Holy Place). They allow particles to leave in a radioactive decay because they have holes or empty door ways through which particles and pass or they are a weak and transparent fabric, allowing light to pass through.

W (Roof). The linen and goat's hair layers are these forces. If we assume that the Holy Place is the left hand and negative side (electrons) and the Most Holy Place is the right hand and the positive side, then we may understand the nature of the bosons. » Electromagnetic. The blue cord threaded through the fifty rings is a picture of the electromagnetic interaction. This system couples together the two sides of the layer so that the rings are above the door to the Most Holy Place. » Asymmetric Materials. The entire roof is made of four different layers of fabrics of different sizes. + o W Bosons (Goat's Hair Roof, Rings and Blue Cord). It is located above the two rooms with the rings at the doorway so it interacts with the left and right hand and the two different charges. The current theory is that the W+ bosons do not interact with the gluons. In the sanctuary, the linen layer is the one that covers the boards and bars


first before the other layers are placed over it. So the second layer technically does not interact with (directly touch) the western wall. » Asymmetric Number. There are 5 strips on one side and 6 strips on the other. » Asymmetric Mass. We will show that the center of gravity is asymmetric. W - Bosons (Blue Linen Roof, Rings and Blue Cord). It is located over the two rooms, so it also interacts with the +1 and -1 charges and all the left and right hand particles.

» Asymmetric "W" Force. There are ten panels in one layer and 11 panels in the other layer. They are grouped into sets of 5+5 and 5+6. Although physicists have been able to identify the quarks in the protons, they have not recognized the individual panels or the groups of panels. Theory: Time Force. Both the W+ and W- forces are constructed from time components. So the "W" force is somehow time or related to time. This means that "time" only exists within the construct of the Mishkan. Outside the mishkan in the courtyard and the fence and the region beyond are particles and bosons outside of time. So Stephen Hawking is wrong because his universe is too miniscule. He claims that nothing exists before time, so God does not exist. Well, here is a model that shows a different construct of reality. Silver Bases. It is possible that the bases are the W+ and W- forces. W+ is on the north and W- is on the south. There is no evidence of asymmetry unless this is observed with the difference between the bases on the Z force. Until I know how the asymmetry manifests itself I chose the roof layers as the W bosons. If not the roof is simply a time boson not defined by any model of physics.

Z0 Bosons (Doors - 4+5 Columns). Z bosons interact with the weak and gravitational forces and have a neutral charge. It is more massive than the W boson possibly because it is related to five columns. It is most likely the force that causes radioactive decay (beta decay of electrons) because the open columns at the doors let objects pass through. It borders the room with electrons and neutrinos which are left over from beta decay. » Asymmetric. There are 4 columns at one end and 5 columns at the other. Theory: Removing The Constraints of Gravity. The "Z" force interacts with the W force. However, probably only the 5 column side interacts with gravity because the layers can be folded down to cover the door. We should be able to manipulate gravity and one panel of the W+ force through one side. Theory: Radioactive Pressure Shield. Scientists have not discovered the companion force that accompanies the Z force. It is represented as a blue curtain.

Chemistry and Biology. In chemistry, the weak force is the transition elements of the "D" block. In biology, it may be the cell walls.

The Electroweak Force. I am an idiot at classical physics and particle physics is brand new for me. So I first learned about the photons and the weak forces as four separate forces. Recently, I came across the concept of electroweak forces. Scientists are beginning to think it is the same force. They are wrong. These forces are different, separate and distinct. I would even venture to say that the magnetic portion of the electromagnetic force is not a component of the force. It is a component of the fermions. The photons are simply strongly attracted to them. In the atoms of the Periodic Table, the 50 rings represent the magnetic field created by each element. The electric force (blue cord) is a separate entity. Bosons: Unconfirmed

Gravity [Graviton]. The Standard Model is unable to fit the gravitational force into its design. So scientists believe that there is a Theory of Everything model that can link all these forces together. Spiritual Science. Outer Court Fence. Like gravity holds people on the earth, the linen fence holds people in the sanctuary complex. While the fence is not directly connected to the sanctuary, it has a fixed relationship. So the Theory of Everything should be able to connect the particles of gravity to the Standard Model, but not as easily as the other three forces. Because the fence is white linen, that indicates something about its charge. It also has 60 bronze posts, hooks and ropes. It is also open on the eastern end with a gate made from the blue linen fabric. Theory: Escape Mechanism. Like the atom, there is a weakness in the gravitational field that makes escape easier. Since the entire fence is linen, the weakness is not only in the "fabric" of the force, (fabric walls and gates), The weakness may also be related to being on the opposite side of the sun (dusk). The Most Holy Place represents the place that holds the sun and the eastern gate is opposite the west. Spiritual Science. Leather Roof. The only other candidate is the top two layer leather roof. Just as a fence holds things in, the roof holds things in the sanctuary. One layer is made of ram's skin dyed red which also represents a magnetic layer. The other is porpoise skin which represents a radioactive layer. These layers are not built in parallel strips, nor have a ring and cord coupling and have no measurement. » Properties of Gravity. The properties show that it is massless, magnetic and radioactive. If one or both of these are not the graviton, then these two layers and the fence represent undiscovered particles and bosons. Theory: Magnetism and Radioactivity. The visual picture leads me to conclude that magnetism and radioacticity are related in the same way that negative and positive charges are related. Magnetism is the effect we observe when photons are being pulled. Radioactivity is the effect we observe on the other end when photons are being pushed out.

» Einstein's Theory of General Relativity. Einstein's description of these forces seems to reflect the design of the roof.  Matter and Energy. They tell Space-Time how to curve. In the sanctuary matter would be represented by the north and south walls or the quarks and leptons. Energy is represented by the west wall and the columns or the gluons and the Z force.  Space and Space-Time. They have form and structure. In the sanctuary both space and space-time are represented by the fabric roof. The boards representing matter do dictate how they curve.  Space. Einstein's space must be the two upper levels of the roof. Some of their properties can be guessed from the chemistry model. They even have the magnetic and radioactive properties of space. » Ram's Hair Covering Dyed Red. Magnetic, immeasurable. » Porpoise Covering. Radioactive, immeasurable.  Space-Time. The two layers representing the W force also measure time and curve with the two layers that represent space, so they are the "SpaceTime" feature. Below we show the time features of the sanctuary.  Gravity. Gravity is curved space and this space tells matter how to move. So gravity could possibly be represented by the roof, flowing over matter over the curve of the "H" field. It fits Einstein's description more than the fence. So the outer fence represents another force. » Definition of Space. At this point I want to make a distinction between "space" as used by Einstein and "space" as I have come to see it modeled in the Mishkan. Space is the emptiness defined by the borders of matter. This "emptiness" also has forces operating within its borders. So, according to this definition, gravity is not curved "space" any more than time is curved space. Gravity and time curve with space and matter and are force bosons, not a matter fermion. Space is a construct that primarily exists because of how the fermions are organized. » The Movement of Matter. Gravity does not tell matter how to move. Matter tells light how to move. Since matter is encapsulated within gravity it is hard to tell the chicken from the egg. The Mishkan Theory of Mass [The Higgs Boson]. Scientists speculate that there must be a particle that defines mass. They have not found the particle as of 2011. Its discovery is the main goal of the multi-billion Large Hadron Collider (LHC) project at CERN in Geneva. There is technically no Higgs Boson. I discovered that mass is more complicated than the Higgs boson. However, the Mishkan model defines what we attribute to "mass" through many "particles". All the properties of mass are modeled by separate objects which are summarized here. We may need to rethink our definition of "mass".  Inertia. The bases model the property that holds objects in place. It is the drag that resists motion.  Gravitational (Attraction). The gold magnetic rings model attraction. It attracts photons or charged streams. So, do charges generate magnetic fields or are they simply attracted to fields that exist in other objects?

 

Center of Mass. The series of rings in the center of the W+ force. Density. Evenly spaced rings on the boards. Volume Mass (The "Stuff" Of Mass). This is a term that I made up to describe what I concluded. It is probably the property we measure when we assign a value to "mass". It mathematically shows why the atom is 1000 times heavier than the particles in the nucleus that are supposed to be its source of mass. This property of mass is neither a boson nor a fermion but it is related to a fermion-boson (the strong force). » The Mathematics of Mass and Gravity. This is the value for the atom. o Gravity (Surface Area). Gravity is the surface area over the Mishkan. o Mass (Volume). Mass is the volume within the Most Holy Place. o Outer Court Mass (Dark Matter). The outer court is also a source of mass and volume. However, Is the mass the volume of the height of the fence (5 cubit) or does it include the height of the 5 cubit virtual space above that would cover the Mishkan? Is the virtual space above a box or a tent? The Strong Force Effect. All models indicate that the protons and neutrons should be three times heavier than the electron. Our model shows that all are made from the same particle and since physics experiments demonstrate that they are interchangeable this is correct. However, physics says that the proton and neutron are 1000x heavier than the electron. I have tracked this discrepancy to the effect of the strong force acting at a distance. "Mass" decreases as distance increases but energy increases as distance decreases. The inverse square law and the concept of "weight" explains it. So the electrons with similar structure uses up its mass-energy wandering around the 14 levels of orbits at a far distance around the nucleus. While the protons and neutrons are confined within the nucleus and conserve their energy as "mass". Energy. The precious metals cover those objects that have mass or energy. o Paired Particles. In this state it is what we know as mass. o Unpaired Particle. In this state it appears as pure energy. » Weightless Outer Space. The two layers that represent gravity and space do not have any of these objects. Therefore they model the weightlessness of outerspace and show that gravity has no mass. » Strong Force. We disagree with the Standard Model on the influence of mass and photons on this force. The strong force carries unpaired mass in the form of pure energy and it attracts unpaired photons. » Radioactive Decay Particles. In a study of radioactive decay particles, one article appeared to say that the weak force particle was expelled and they knew what it was because of its mass. I came to the conclusion that it was not the W force but it was a particle of mass which defines inertia. So I have to find out if

they make conclusions about particles observed based on mass or other properties. If so, this is leading to errors.

On the journey to this discovery God made me understand many more sub-atomic relationships before He could show me the source of mass.

Bosons: Exchange Of Force Carrier Particles I never quite understood this "mediation" between forces because the model does not have a separate particle, property or appendage of the primary force. The bosons are seen as forces which "carry" their effect across distance by having a particle that they exchange with the next object beside them. It is like a man at one end of a room sends a message to another person at the opposite end by wispering it to the person beside him who then passes it on to the next person. That interaction is the carrier and mediator. My conclusion is that the second and third generation fermions are "force carriers" because they are moving waves.
    

Strong Force (Sea Quarks). The "empty" space in the Most Holy Place room. Z Force (Sea Leptons). The "empty" space in the Holy Place room. Photon. It carries itself by using the magnetic fields of the fermions. W Force. It is a wave net that carries itself and attracts photons. Gravity. It is a wave net that carries itself. Since it is the enveloppe and the external force that is exposed to other objects, attraction between objects appears to come through it.

How do these forces attract or repel? Figure 4b1 - Mishkan Physics Model Figure 4b2 - Mishkan Chemistry Model

This concludes my detail evidence for chemistry and basic physics. A Comparison Of The Mishkan And Quantum Physics The comparison highlights the undiscovered particles and indicates some of their properties and relationships. Table 14.1 Summary of Similarities of The Mishkan and Quantum Physics

Mishkan Construction and Design Wall 1 Name Particle AntiParticle Similar Properties Wall 2 (-) Structure (+) 2 2 Neutral Gold Plated Boards Boards Interchangeable. West Wall Strong Unpaired on unpaired west Most Quarks - leptons Only 6 6 (Gluon) wall Holy Charged Boards Place 3 North 3 South Proton 3 Quarks 3 Antiquarks Positive 3 North 3 South Neutron 3 Quarks 3 Antiquarks Neutral Gold Plated Boards 14 on North and South Positron Electron 14 South Charged Holy North Leptons Place Neutrino Unpaired Space in room No Charge 4 East Gold Plated Right side Radioactive columns Door Columns Asymmetric Asymmetric Z0 Decay Objects Enter or 5 East Particles Leave Left Side Leave columns Door Blue linen door Unknown and Undiscovered Boson? 2 Doors curtains Blue Linen and goat Space-Time (Undiscovered) Curved fabric Curved 2-D Time hair Blue linen (-) Asymmetric W- Left Hand Right Hand 1 Parallel Strips of (5+5 Holds Protons charged Fabric panels) Asymmetric and Neutrons in Roof Coupled with Rings Panels the Nucleus and 4 Goat Folded over Electrons in Layers Hair (+) building W+ Left Hand Right Hand 2 orbit (5+6 panels) Undiscovered Curved space Magnetic Fabric Ram Skin Dyed Red 3 Graviton folded over over Undiscovered Porpoise Skin Radioactive 4 matter building 4 on the surface Gold Bars Electric Bars Electric Stream (Bars) through gold rings 1 in the middle In Magnetic Field Photon 4 rings on each (Rings) Magnetic Rings board Magnetic Gold Paired rings on Attraction Rings boards Higgs 50 rings on linen roof Center 50 rings on goat Mass of Mass Brass rings hair roof (Undiscovered) Volume Bulk Amount of Material Space occupied Copper or Silver Inertia Paired, Slotted, Heavy Base Outer Court Unknown and Undiscovered Dark Matter Volume Mass Yard

Particle Physics Bosons and Fermions

Mass Unknown and Undiscovered Unknown and Undiscovered Unknown and Undiscovered Dark Matter Dark Matter Boson Dark Matter? White Linen, posts, rings Blue Linen Fence Gate

Supporting neutral Ground (resistance, neutral) force Errors in the Standard model are predicted by the Mishkan model

A good model is a three dimensional scale model picture of the object which it represents. The similar characteristics can be seen in the shape, look, orientation and function of the design using as few words as possible. In this manner I cannot over-emphasize enough the fact that the Mishkan is a true model of basic quantum physics and the Standard Model is not. The Standard Model only models the relationship of the three generations but it falls flat on every other point of modeling. The rows and columns and proximity of each particle has no relationship to any property modeled. I can look at the Mishkan model and find the relationships that scientists observe in their experiments. I cannot find them in their current models. The Standard Model is not even a good table of the relationship of the properties because the rows and columns are inconsistent in establishing a relationship. In contrast the Mishkan models the following:
  

 

Interaction. Every particle that interacts touches each other, making the Mishkan a true visual model. Numerical Values. The number of particles, pairing or not pairing and symmetry or asymmetry is modeled. Charge. As it is seen in nature, the opposing natures are modeled in the north to south direction (antimatter Vs matter) and positive versus negative charges. The neutral properties are modeled in the east to west. Functional Appearance. The bosons actually look like the characteristics of the force they model. Mathematical. The mathematical relationships are modeled, making the Mishkan a true scale model.

Neither the Standard Model nor the String Theory Model graphically represents these relationships, nor even comes close to doing so. Neither are models. They are lists of observations that scientists are attempting to organize into a visual model. In Search of Mass (Higgs Boson and The God Particle) I must explain how I discovered mass since I did not have a list of properties and the current scientific information was partially incorrect. It is ironic and hilarious to me that God revealed the "God Particle". There are other forces whose particles have not been found. The most important is mass.

Mass is a theoretical particle that is supposed to be the carrier of mass in an atom. From a design standpoint the leptons, quarks and gluons are all gold-plated boards with a hole in the center and four rings and a silver support base. They are the same type and mass. Yet gluons have no mass. Their difference is their location and orientation. If mass is represented in the sanctuary it may be the rings or the silver stands, tenons and sockets or the gold plating. So what is in the sanctuary that represents mass? » Mass: The Final Frontier In trying to establish a pattern I had many questions.

Mathematical Anomalies. A proton is constructed of 2 Up and 2 Down quarks and the antiquarks. Why is the mass of a proton not equal to the value of (2 up and 1 down quark) + (2 up and 1 down antiquark)? The mass should be 2 (2 * 1.9 + 4.4) or 16.4 MeV. Yet the mass of a proton is 938.28 MeV. The photon is massless and the Pion and Rho particles have different mass although they appear to be made up of the same particles, two quarks (up or down). After months of trying to make sense of mass as defined by the evidence in science I have to conclude that Boson Mass Strength Range there are errors in their Strong Force 0 1 10-15 m theories so that I cannot use Photon 0 1/137 Infinite their values to see the pattern in the sanctuary. Weak Force > 80Gev 10-6 10-6 m Inconsistent Values. Different Gravity 0 6x10-39 Infinite research groups report wildly different values. One research group says that they cannot really measure mass. So I have

Table 5.1 Mass of Particles Mass Particle or Boson Grams GeV MeV Graviton 0 Gluon (Strong) 0 Photon 0 ± -28 (W ) 1.4260x10 80 Weak 0 -28 Force (Z ) 1.6221x10 91 -30 Up 3.3689x10 1.9 MeV 360 -30 Down 7.8433x10 4.4 MeV 360 -27 Charm 2.3530x10 1.32 1500 Quark -28 Strange 1.5508x10 87 MeV 540 -25 Top 3.0785x10 172.7 174 -27 Bottom 7.5582x10 4.24 5 -33 Lepton 3.9216x10 2.2eV-15.5 -33 Electron 3.5652x10 < 2.2 eV -25 Neutrino Muon 3.03x10 < 170 keV -29 Tau 2.763x10 < 15.5 MeV -28 Muon 1.8895x10 106 MeV Lepton -27 Tau 3.1730x10 1.78 -31 Electron 9.1090x10 .511 MeV -27 Atom Proton 1.6726x10 938.28 MeV -27 Neutron 1.6750x10 939.57 MeV -24 Hydrogen 1.6700x10 938000 MeV -28 Higgs 3.5651x10 < 200 ? -28 Pion, neutral 2.4065x10 135 -28 Pion, +/2.4885x10 139.6 -27 Rho 1.3726x10 770 -27 Omega 1.3939x10 782 - third mass

since discovered that mass should not be taken seriously because they cannot be measured directly and physicists have the same questions that I have. I will use both the chemistry and physics model of the sanctuary to describe what I believe they are really seeing.

Mass. In chemistry, everything has mass, so I will assume that in physics everything also has mass, but the ones that appear to be massless have a very negligible mass or other forces that interfere (Antimass?). Weight. I have concluded that they are measuring weight in some cases, not mass. In my physics model, the reported mass appears to be inversely proportional to the distance from the strong force. So electrons, which are represented by more particles in the heavy "F" block, are lighter than the quarks in the "S" block. Proton. The up and down quarks may have a direct relationship to mass, but is the proton much heavier because it includes the effect of mass on the bosons: the strong force, weak force and photons?

Let us search for mass by looking at the similarities and differences in the particles and forces with mass.

Gluon. They do not have mass, yet they look like particles with mass. The gold-plated boards that represent the gluons are represented by the same structure as quarks and leptons with two exceptions.  Orientation. The difference with gluons is their orientation. So is mass a creation of orientation, just as a magnetic field is created by the orientation and movement of electrons?  Pairs. Is mass created by the union of two opposite charges like quarks and leptons? Theory: Anti-Mass and Anti-Photons. Gluons are also not supposed to have photons. But since this model predicts that the gluons also have their own type of photons, they may also have their own type of particles that are equivalent to mass. Maybe these are anti-photons and anti-mass particles.

The Chemistry of Mass. If we examine the equivalent structures on the periodic table, we see that the structures that represent metals have mass. The massless gluons are represented by non-metals, liquids and gases. The photons are orbital paths. So is mass the property that makes liquids become solids? » Mass is Vibrational Energy. So mass is a form of vibrational energy in solid form. What we experience as mass is the force of attraction between us. When particles slow vibration and their motion is no longer random but focused, they create a new effect like a focused stream of electrons create a magnetic field. This also means that everything has mass, including gluons and photons, but their effect is negligible or cancelled out by particles interfering with each other. » The Higgs Boson is the "P" Block. The space in the Most Holy Place are real elements in chemistry. So far they have been unaccounted for in physics. They could be

the cause of mass in the nucleus. While this could account for mass in the nucleus of an atom, it does not explain mass in the forces and particles that construct matter. » The Higgs Boson is a Gold Ring. Looking at the Periodic Table, we know that all the elements have mass, even those that represent the gluons. So taking all the elements together, the one feature that is common to the boards and the fabrics is a ring circling a line. The Higgs Boson is this gold ring and a ring is a particle that represents the design of a magnetic field. » The Higgs Boson is a Paired Ring. Since the gluons have rings but no mass, it must require the pairing of the rings from a particle and antiparticle to create mass. This makes sense because it takes the pairing of elements to create gravity, a magnetic force.  W. Rings on oppositely charged linen and goat's hair fabric.  Z. Pair of columns with blue linen curtains hung on rings.  Quark. Quark and antiquark.  Leptons. Lepton and antilepton.  Strong. Neither a stationary particle nor one moving in the direction of the magnetic field lines will experience a force. So the north-south orientation of the strong force might also cancel the effect of a magnetic force. The Appearance of Mass. So far, only the bases which are designed to be heavy so that the boards are held in place symbolize this attribute of mass, but the fabrics do not have bases and they have mass. All the forces look like their attributes. So I assume that mass also looks like its attributes.  Strong. A six panel wall, braced at both ends by two boards and holding up two 20 panel walls.  Weak. Soft, bendable material and a linen curtain and a wall with openings in it.  Electromagnetic. A straight line running through many rings like a solenoid.  Graviton. A fabric fence stretched and hanging between poles and ropes for 360º, or a fabric roof folding over the earth.  Higgs Boson (God Particle). Since gravity only occurs between particles with mass, then it is fitting that mass is represented as an attractive force like a magnet. So mass is a pair of oppositely charged force bosons, not a particle. I may have found the God particle.  "P" Block. If this is the source of mass, then it is the object that fills the volume of the space.  Photon-Higgs Pair. Although the photon does not have mass, it is intricately linked with the Higgs particle as if the Higgs particle attracts photons and strings.

» The Properties of Mass So far, I am leaning towards the theory that the gold ring is the "God particle". If so, then these are possible properties.

Paired. Mass is experienced in a pair of particles. » Unpaired Mass. This is pure energy. Pairing "precipitates" a particle with mass. » Electrons, Protons and Neutrons. They are all made from the same particles with the same mass. Yet, electrons are less massive and protons and neutrons are about the same. Why?

  

It seems that the electrons "mass" is being used up by the energy it takes to maintain its orbit. So we should not be talking about mass as a simple concept but mass-energy. E=MC2 explains the lower mass of electrons. Groups of 4. Mass bosons comes in groups of 4. » Groups of 4 + 1. A fifth ring is internal and may appear only when the particles are perfectly organized. Magnetic. Mass is either a pure magnetic field or has magnetic properties. Directional. Mass is experienced in the north to south direction (+ and -). This observation may simply be related to the pairing. Attractive Force. Mass attracts photons. This is why the rings in the "W" force fabrics have a blue cord running through them and the rings on the boards have a gold bar running through them. So the photon should technically be seen as two separate bosons. Balance. Mass has a center of gravity. When the mass particles are paired they are evenly lined up at the same distance opposite each other. When the mass particles are not paired and organized and centered, mass does not exist. An electrical flow does not exist if the electrons are mixed and unorganized. Wave Mass. If the mass particle runs east to west or is unpaired it is a wave. This might explain why waves seem to have the property of mass. I had an epiphany. We are first electromagnetic waves before we are mass. Perhaps we will have a quantum leap in understanding if we see ourselves in this form first and start evaluating our experiences and interactions as waves in collision. The spiritual dimension may be all waves and spiritual beings may have the dynamic ability to remain as waves or become solid by attaching mass to themselves. So our human reality may be waves anchored down permanently by the mass particle alone. Quantum Mass. If we assume that the gold rings are the Higgs bosons, I will prove that mass is not as simple as these particles. Gold. The Bible says that the shekel is the standard for weights in the sanctuary (Leviticus 27: 25). Perhaps we will eventually find that everything gold-plated or the atomic number of gold (79) or silver (47), is related to mass.

 

Inverse Square Law. Table 6.1 Illuminance Mass Rings Particle Proton (MeV) Ratio/Electron Rings Ratio 938,000 1,835,600 1,000 X 360+24 Hydrogen 939.57 1838 X 24 Neutron 938.28 1836 X 24 Proton 4+5 178 0.1 X Weak Force (Z0) 91 hooks Weak Force 80 157 0.1 X 50+50 (W±) 9 0.005 X 4 Down Quark 4.4

Radius "r" Boards Orbit Ratio Pointance 48 3 3 1r 1 6 6 2r 4 Jewish tradition: 2 boards per column 1 3 -

Up Quark Lepton

Electron 2 Up + 1 Down 8.2 Quark 2 Down + 1 Up 10.7 Quark Fence

1.9 2.2eV15.5 .511

4 .004-30 1 16 20.94 -

0.002 X



3 7 7 -



? - .016 X 4/board 14 0.0005 X 4/board 14 0.0087 X 12 0.011 X 12 3 3 -

2.24r 5 3r 9

I eliminated the effects of all units of measure by expressing all mass as a ratio of each other. After noticing that the mass seems to be inversely proportional to the distance from the strong force, I searched for formulas with these relationship and found the inverse square law and quickly discovered that the asymmetric design of certain features of the sanctuary was a mathematical model of this law.

Table 6a - Inverse Square Law

 

Particles. The mass of electron, up quark, down quark and proton/neutron had the ratio of 1, 4, 9 and 1878 (.5, 1.9: 4.4: 939). The square root is (1, 2, 3, 43). Interestingly, the examples of the inverse square law were based on these same ratios (1, 4, 9). They represented the distance from the source of energy. Doorway Columns. The change in intensity is related to the number of columns at the eastern end. The Source (?). It is either the strong force or the shekinah glory. Although the design seems to represent the inverse square law, some of the radii do not seem to be mathematically accurate. However, if we assume that the length represents the actual length of the orbits but the distance from the source is considerably less because the orbits are not circular but looped, then the information begins to make sense.

"D" orbit. There are 5 possibilities each in the shape of a four leaf clover. This means that at any moment the distance of the outermost point of the Table 6b - Mishkan Inverse Square Law orbit from the center is one eighth the total orbital path.  "P" orbit. There are 3 possibilities each in the shape of a figure eight. This means that at any moment the distance of the outermost point of the orbit from the center is one half the total orbital path.  "S" orbit. There is 1 possibility in the shape of a circle. This means that at any moment the distance of the outermost point of the orbit from the center is equal to the orbital path. Mass. To evaluate mass using different measuring systems, I must use the proportion of each to establish a relationship. Using the mass of the electron, .511 MeV, I calculated the relative mass as the ratio of each particle to the electron. The actual values should be directly proportional to these ratios. If mass is the amount of material, then it is proportional to either the area or volume of each particle. The sanctuary gives only the measurements of two dimensions, length and width of fabrics or height and length of boards. We can estimate the width of the boards by knowing that the Most Holy Place is a cube in the three other descriptions of it. Therefore, if the height is 10 cubits, the length of each board is 1.5 cubit, then the width of each board 1.0 cubit since only one wall is used to make the room. Finally, taking these values we see which calculations would give the different ratios of mass.  Mass of Particles (Orbit Size and Strength). I can mathematically account for the measurements recorded as mass if I assume that they are actually the equivalent of weight which is the force of attraction of the particles to the source. The number of boards in the sanctuary give the total length of the orbit, but the actual distance from the source at any moment in size is related to the pattern of the orbit. This distance is "r".  Neutron Quarks [3 Boards] (Circular Orbit). r=3.  Proton Quarks [6 Boards] (Circular Orbit). r=6.  Lepton [14 Boards] (Figure Eight Orbit). r=7. Although the length is 14 boards, the figure eight orbit caused the furthest distance from the source to be 7 boards. » Electron [14 Boards] (Figure Eight Orbit). The lepton ranges from

2.2eV-15.5 because at any moment it is close to the source or at the farthest point. Protons and Neutrons (Surface Area). If we compare the vast difference in mass between the protons and neutrons and their composite quarks, I must conclude that mass is a combination of the height of the boards and the product of the particles on each side. This resembles the formula of the attractive force between two objects with mass at a certain distance. Again, this is weight. Hydrogen (Volume and Density). Hydrogen is 1000 times heavier than the proton or neutron. This is suspiciously like the volume of the Most Holy Place in three dimensions. This is 10x10x10 cubits x the "mass" of the proton or neutron. Weak Force. If I look at the W force fabrics I must conclude that the rings on all these particles helps to establish mass.

Mass is proportional to the length in cubit and is equal to the area of the sides for the Protons and Neutrons and the volume of the most Holy Place for the atom. The values also seem to be the density of the sphere.
 

Electrical Configuration. Using my vision of the torroidal system, let me Table 6c - The Atom describe the three dimensional electrical configuration of the particles. It begins with a hole in the sphere which is the cloud of atomic particles and forces.  Strong Force (Pink). It is a cylindrical layer that creates the hole. It is charged on both ends.  Proton (Dark Green). The positive layer.  Neutron (Light Green). It is the neutral layer.  Electron (-Ve). They form a figure eight orbit through the center of the sphere where the net charge is negative.  Photons (Red Lines). They are at right angles to the hole in the center and surround the cloud. 0  Weak Force (Z ). They are neutral and border the entrance and exit of the hole. So they do not affect the negative electrons passing through. Perhaps the difference in both ends (4 and 5 columns) sets up a potential energy gradient that allows electrons to flow in one direction.  Weak Force (W ). They surround the cloud and help to hold the atom together. +  Weak Force (W ). They surround the cloud.  Other Unknown Forces. These are not yet recognized by physicists but there are at least three other layers represented by the ram skin layer, porpoise skin and the fence. The fence has an exit which allows particles to pass through.

Since I have concluded that mass is related to the magnetic field, I will conclude my discussion of mass after quantum electrodynamics. Virtual Elements: Opening The Scroll (Blueprint of Creation) Numbers 29:12-34.

Table 7.1 The Chemistry of The Feast of Tabernacles Scroll Folded

Periodic Table Scroll Opened 2 3 3-12 13 - 17 18 1 In chemistry, the 6x6 space in the Most Holy Place is the 1 He 1x6 H 13 "P" block". The "P" block is 2 3x10 12 supported by the strong force 3 5x14 11 and this probably causes the 10 potential elements to become 4 9 visible as three dimensional 5 gases or liquids. This empty 6 7x1 2x14 4x10 6x6 7x1 8 grid or lattice space is itself a S F D P S 7 Block Block Block Block Block 7 type of particle or force. 7+0 28+70 40+30 36+6 7+0 » Group A: 84 Virtual 7 98 70 42 (7) 7 Elements. The 6x14 space in Rams Lambs Bulls Goat? Rams the Holy Place has no equivalent in chemistry. It Door Harvest Eye, Water Door may be what is called (7+7) Chamber Spring House plasma. If so, it has the The symbols remind me of the key events of following properties. Noah's ark.
    

2 Tent, house 6 Nail Cut 7 off,weapon 8 Fence,chamber 14 Fist + door 20 Open hand 30 Prod, teach 36 Prod + nail 40 Water 42 Water House 70 Eye, spring 90 Harvest

Z0. It is bound by the Z0 force on two sides. Bosons. It is bound by the electromagnetic force and half of the weak force. Structure. It may be a 2 dimensional object. Gas and Liquid. It has properties that are more like invisible liquid or gas. 84 States (6x14). There may be 84 different types of this object.

Table 7.2 The Chemistry Of The Feast Of Tabernacles S F Block (2x14) D Block (4x10) P Block (6 0 F Block Virtual (5x14) D Block Virtual (3x10) P Block Virtua 2A 3B 3B 4B 5B 6B 7B 8B 1B 2B 3A 4A 5A 6A He . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Be . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B C N O Mg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Al Si P S Ca . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sc Ti V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn Ga Ge As Se Sr . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Y Zr Nb Mo Tc Ru Rh Pd Ag Cd In Sn Sb Te Ba La Ce Pr Nd Pm Sm Eu Gd Tb Dy Ho Er Tm Yb Lu Hf Ta W Re Os Ir Pt Au Hg Tl Pb Bi Po Ra Ac Th Pa U Np Pu Am Cm Bk Cf Es Fm Md No Lr Rf Db Sg Bh Hs Mt Uun Uuu Uub Uut Uuq Uup Uuh

» Group A': 30 or 34 Virtual Elements. The 5x6 or 5 and 2/3 x6 space in the Most Holy Place which are part of the "P" block should have some relation in physics. » Group B: 106 Virtual Elements. We can also find other ghost elements by another method. Somehow, the symbols show 84 important virtual elements in the "F" block and 106 virtual elements or other type of object in all blocks. The 86 elements in the "F" block could be even related to the transitional nature of radioactive elements while the 106 elements are plasma. Let me explain. The blocks of the sanctuary are arranged like a scroll with two rolls. The Hydrogen and Helium columns (1A and 2A) are the two outer rolls of the scroll. When the rolls are opened, each block emerges, the "S" block is the door. This means that the empty rows and columns where each block has no members must define some particle or fabric or reality which constructs the scroll. Plasma is the substance to which I assign these empty spaces because science seems to say that plasma is the invisible fabric of space and also some sort of energy. It may be more than one type of reality. I may also have misappropriated the meaning of "plasma". 70 + 30 + 6 virtual elements are in blocks "F", "D" and "P" respectively. There are 106 of these elements. » The Feast of Tabernacles. The total number of real and virtual elements in each block is a significant set of numbers related to the total sacrifices made during the feast of tabernacles! Really!! When I added the numbers the unusual set of numbers looked familiar. I remember counting up all those offerings because I was strangely curious and now that I see that this was important is awesome! The Mishkan is the tabernacle where God lives with us. 98 lambs, 14 rams, 70 bulls and 7 goats sacrificed over seven days seem to reflect the 98 "F", 14 "S", 70 "D" and 7x6 "P" elements over seven periods dedicated to this service celebrating God with us. Now we have an opportunity to relate the symbols of the Plan of Salvation with the chemistry. Either the properties of the elements or the members of the block are somehow related to the Plan. The numbers are also significant in Hebrew gematria where each letter has both a numeric value and a meaning.

"S" Block (Metal) Walls. The "S" block value of 14 means ("Work Door") is divided into two halves and that block in the scroll is the double doors to the rest of the elements and the days of work to make the creation. So the sequence represents the Plan of Salvation from the moment the "Door" was opened. » Origin of The Direction of Reading. When the door is closed the sequence goes from right to left (Hydrogen to Helium), the order in which Hebrew is read. When the door is opened the sequence continues from left to right and completes a circle and a downward spiral. Could this be a clue to how God confused the languages so that some societies read in different directions and why nature has a spiral? When God confused the speech, He also confused the reading and writing. The confusion may be based on law or an existing pattern based on traversing a circle. To a stationary observer, at some point we go from left to right then right to left. Gematria: Fist, Door (14). The access between heaven and earth. The fist or closed hand reminds us of Christ knocking at the door so that we can let Him in.

» Furniture (Altar of Sacrifice). A door is opened to heaven and 14 rams are sacrificed. Jesus said that He was the Door to heaven. He became the door by being split in two as the sacrifice. » Exodus (The Parting Of The Waters). The Red sea and the Jordan river parted opening a door to Canaan. » Chemistry. The scroll shows that the "S" Block is split into two like the sections of a double door. "P" Block (Air, Liquid) Most Holy Place. The only anomaly is the "P" block which represents the earth and its relationship to the 7 goats and the number 42. This is the only block in which the number of elements do not match the number of animals. The goat is the only one of the four animals that represents evil which will be destroyed. Both the goat and the number 42 represents the wicked who have been quarantined on earth for seven periods of time. » The Number Of Man. If the "number of man" is related to 6 as the Bible says, then 7 goats are sacrificed to substitute for the sins of the 6 (6x7=42). One other view of this is that man is now the 6 who are outside the Most Holy Place where 36 other creations exist. If so, then the other invisible or virtual numbers (30 and 70) are associated with humanity. » The Hakkafot (Processional Circuits). The anomaly appears to be related to this pattern. When the righteous try to defeat the wicked they circle the sanctuary or the enemy while holding the Torah scrolls with the priests leading them and asking God to save them. They do this once every day for six days and seven times on Sabbath. Somehow this pattern represents how to obtain victory over the wicked and victory over being wicked. This difference means that all other processes in the Plan of Salvation represented by the "S","D","F" block are based on fixed, one-time events. However, the eradication of sin is based on seven cycles of six on earth ("P" block). Gematria: Water House (42), Cut Off (7) and Nail (6). The earth is a laver where sin is washed away. As the goat or sin offering, Christ received the natural wages for sin. He was "cut off" with "nails". The human race received extra resources, they were placed in the safety of the "water house" in the Most Holy Place while the storm raged outside. » Furniture (Ark of the Covenant). Two rivers pour out of the throne in the Most Holy Place. » Furniture (Laver). The laver is actually in the outer court. Water pours out of heaven through the open door to wash away the sins of the wicked. God opened a path through the waters on dry land and the people were baptized in the sea and the cloud above as they passed through. » Exodus (The Crossing). The people passed through the walls of water on dry ground. Moses stretched out his staff and parted the waters. The priests carried the Ark of the Covenant and stood in the middle and the water parted. Noah was saved in a "water house". » Chemistry (A Secret Path). The "P" block has a path or bridge that separates the metalloids from the liquids and gases. This is the dry ground that separates the solids from the wall of air and water on the other side. » Eternal Things. while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which

are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal. (2 Corinthians 4: 18) The virtual elements are the "unseen things". "D" Block (Soft Metals) Roof. Then 70 Ox from heaven are sacrificed for peace. This brings the spring of fresh water that gives eternal life. Jesus is also the Ox who came from heaven for the feast of Tabernacles. He is the spring with seven eyes. In this block are the elements that represent the righteous people made of precious gold, who will go up through the roof of the sky into heaven. Gematria: Eye, Spring (70). Heaven is focused on the 70 nations of the earth, bringing life. » Furniture (Ark of the Covenant). The tree of life grows on each side of the throne. » Furniture (Table of Shewbread and Menorah). Bread and drink were on this table. The menorah is designed like an almond tree with seven branches and almond eyes. » Exodus (In The Wilderness). A tree was used to turn bitter waters sweet. Later, water came in a river out of a precious Rock which was struck. Then the people went to a place named Elim with seventy palm trees and twelve springs. After this manna fell from heaven. Then they went to mount Sinai where 70 elders went up the mountain to meet God. » Chemistry (70 Elements). There are 40 real elements and 30 virtual elements. "F" Block (Metal) Walls. 98 lambs represent the harvest which will be divided into two groups. Gematria: Harvest Desire + Fence, Chamber (98). The righteous are selected and taken. » Furniture (Ark of the Covenant). It was the priests with the Ark standing in the water that parted the Jordan. » Furniture (Table of Shewbread and Menorah). The twelve loaves of bread was divided into two groups of six. » Exodus. The 12 tribes were seperated into two groups of six. One said the blessing and the other said the curses. » Chemistry. The "F" block is two groups of 14. It is clearly the separation of the harvest when the wicked are separated from the righteous in the north and south. The righteous are the magnetic who are attracted to God and the radioactive who are at rest. The wicked are those who are not at rest and who are not attracted to God. However, how do we reconcile the two groups of 14 with the 12 tribes? Technically the tribes were made from 14 children, twelve sons and two grandsons. The rules arranged the tribes so that only twelve are officially counted at any one time. Either a tribe is not counted or two is counted as one.

This might sound like a lot of religion, but if you resolve to learn it you will see that it is operating with the rules of chemistry and physics. Eventually, these strange rituals and history should lead you to a better understanding of processes in chemistry and physics. The Unanswerable Question. I find it absolutely fascinating that a feast which is dedicated to the Mishkan involves a set of numbers that are totally unrelated to anything known except the Periodic table. This insight was given to me on 24 November 2010.

The Double Slit Experiment. This famous wave interference experiment proves that light behaves as a wave. It is used to measure wavelengths. Assuming that the slit is the four columns at the door source of light from the Most Holy Place shines in a straight line from the western wall and at an angle from the side wall, these are the results.

Single Slit. Light acts as a particle and the result is seen in the almost one to one reflection in the five columns in the other doorway. This is because I believe that the doorways are at the entrance and exit of a tunnel down the middle of the atom. Double (Multiple) Slit. The alternating bright spot and dark spot are boards on the wall of the Holy Place. They are the light reflected at an angle from the north and south walls of the Most Holy Place. » Lepton The north wall of the Most Holy reflects a mirror image on the north wall of the Holy Place in the same way objects reflected on a window or mirror appear on the same side as the real object and not across from it. This means that the electrons can be seen as a reflection of the protons and neutrons. Also, half the structure of the leptons (electrons and positrons) are "dark spots" possibly accounting for less mass than expected. I am unable to determine if electrons are built from "up and down" or positive and negative pairs or triplets of leptons.

Light Waves And Particles. Everything in this section is my theory. Table 8.1 Particle (North) +Ve What constitutes one wavelength? Either each λn λn λn λn λn λn λn board or each panel of fabric is one wave length or Trough λn Crest Trough each structure is a wave. I will assume that the six λn Proton Neutron boards in the Most Holy Place are one wavelength. Gluon λn » Particle-Wave. So light is a wave made up of six Crest λn Trough Crest linked particles. λn λn λn λn λn λn λn Unpaired waves remain as energy waves and paired Boson Anti-Particle (South) -Ve waves make mass particles. Since we know that particles and antiparticles annihilate each other, this is my proposal for their design. They are waves in opposite phases which cancel each other.
 

North Wall (Particle Wave). The peak is the proton and the trough is the neutron. South Wall (Anti-Particle Wave). The trough is the anti-proton and the peak is the antineutron. Wave (Figure 8a) Ram North Wall of Most Holy Porpoise Skin Place 50 50 Crest Trough 50 50 10 10 1 1

λ w u λn

Table 8.2 Wave Values Most Holy Goat Property Linen Holy Place Hair Wavelength 10 20 40 40-44 Width (cubits) 1.5 1.5 4 4 Wave Height 10 10 10 10 *Quantum 6 14 10 10-11

v mq

Pieces Frequency *Quantum Mass *Mass Particles

10/2.5 4

20/5 4

This is the time dimension 5 5 0 0







0 Six Quarks (λ) Proton Neutron

Since most of the quantum particles can be measured in cubits, we can derive other constants by looking at how many pieces are in each cubit. So the ratio of panel : boards is 4:1.5 = 2.66.
       

λ (wavelength). This is different for each boson and fermion. It is the number of discrete items (boards, strip of material) used to make the object. v (Frequency). This is different for each boson and fermion. Wave Height (10 Cubits). Both the boards and fabric have the same height. Quantum Pieces (λn). The smallest indivisible unit or particle (Board or Panel) per wavelength. Quantum Mass (mq). This is the density of the number of rings for each quantum piece in a fermion or boson. Mass Particles (mp). Quantum Mass x Quantum pieces. Mass Density (md). mq x mp2. Quantum Time Particle (Tp). It is equal to 4 cubits per particle.

Calculating Mass. Table 8.3 Mishkan Mass Properties Gold Rings Base Particle Center Feature Attraction Density of Inertia Mass Model Particle A B A B A B A B Gold Photon Bars Gluon Gold Quark Board Lepton Column *Z WFabric W+ Roof Gravity Gold Room

Energy Volume A B A



Mass is not as simple Room Nucleus as the Higgs boson. Volume Neutrino Mass is a combination Dark of the volume and the Court number of rings. We *Fence Matter will assume that the Atom number of rings is the * These forces may have attraction if the hooks are similar to the rings Higgs boson although I believe that particle is used in a broader sense. To define the constructs of mass I had to make up new variables such as the "quantum pieces" and the "mass particles". Then I had to assume something about the appearance of mass and settled on these distinct concepts.

Mass Energy. I assumed that any object with layers of gold or silver indicate some form of mass. This creates a problem for photons and the strong force. I have already explained the appearance of the mass particles in the strong force. I now have to explain the mass particles on the photons. In the photons, mass must also appear as energy. Since it is paired, we must explain why it appears as energy, not mass. So far, the only explanation is that this boson is pure energy. So the concept of mass is a combination of energy and one or more of the features of mass. Mass Force. Mass appears with an external force that affects the state of mass. State of Mass. Energy may exist as liquid (energy), solid (mass) and probably gas (plasma). So that there appears to be a Mass-Energy continuum. » Strong Force (g). Volume mass is also related to paired walls under the strong force. It exists only where the strong force exists. » Weak Force (Z 0). The paired particles in the Holy Place experience a different type of effect on mass, one that looks suspiciously like weight at a distance. » Energy. While mass is three dimensional measurement of the space defined, energy is a two-dimensional combination of the surface area (volume of the wall) and the number of rings. » Energy (Wall Mass) = Wall Volume x mass particles. = 1 x 10 x 10 x 6 x 4 Energy Heat Gravitational Constant Plasma Gas Liquid Solid Mass

» Force Brace. The braces on the strong force provide the most important force component that holds up the wall.

Mass Stabilizer [Inertia]. The bases may represent another feature of mass Up Up - the "heaviness" which holds us Down Down down. Although the up and down quark are Base Base? Base Base Base Base Base the same in the sanctuary, the down quark is almost three times the mass of the up quark. We may account for this by the

paired bases. Bases are always heavier than the object they hold up. If the bases are permanently attached to the down quark, then this explains the discrepancy in mass. Atomic Atomic Metal Sanctuary Number Weight Board, ring, Or there is just one type quark Gold Au 79 197 bar and our experiments

 

Board, erroneously indicate multiple Silver Ag 47 107.9 column base types. Up quarks are without bases and down quarks include Copper Cu 29 63.55 Outer bases. Different types of quarks » Brass +Zn 30 65.38 Column base, may simply be the quark with » Bronze +Sn 50 118.7 goat hair ring various numbers of bases or missing tenons. On 9 July 2011 while searching for "properties of mass" to find concepts that fit my descriptions I discovered inertia and gravitational mass. So I did not change my narritave, but placed the proper description in the sub headings. » Metal. The use of different precious metals must be related to the value of their atomic number or mass. If inertia ia described as the property that "holds one down" or "resists movement" then there are different forces that accomplish this function. » Different Types Of Inertia. Heavy bases hold down boards (fermions), but ropes and pegs hold down fabric (weak force) and the two corner boards hold down the west wall (strong force). » Other Forces. There are also weaker forces that hold things together other than the electromagnetic force. There are square clips between boards (fermions) and the stitches that hold the different segments of the weak force together in such a tight bond that they are stronger than the flexible version of the EM force (cord and rings). Mass Density. The rings may represent the density and the even distribution of mass over the surface. Magnetic Mass (Mass Attraction) [Gravitational Mass]. We may discover that the rings represent the attraction of mass. Since the rings are a tiny magnetic field inside a much larger "B" field, this boson may be difficult to detect. Center of Mass. This appears to be the representation of mass in the "W" particles. All the weight of the "W" force appears to be concentrated over the "Z" force. I will attempt to show the value of mass when I am sure what the reported mass represents. Is it the W+ or W- or both? Or is it the mass of one panel? Mass Bulk (Volume of Mass). The amount of "stuff" or volume contributes to mass. If all other properties of mass are considered to be one or two dimensional, then this makes their effect three dimensional. Looking at the prophecy about the 144,000 tribes in the city in the future and that the "P" block represents the people. I assumed that the 144,000 had meaning and looked at the measurements to see how I could obtain this number. » Mass (Wall Mass) = Wall Volume x mass density. For each wall the number of mass particles in the volume of wall.

= 10 cubits high x 10 cubits wide x 4 rings/board x 6 boards - 2400 square cubits of rings. Six of these walls make up the "p" block along a 10 cubit length. So the total volume is 10 x 10 x 4 x 6 x 6 x 10 = 144,000 » Mass (Room Mass) = Volume x mass density. = 10 x 10 x 10 x 6 x 6 x 4 Therefore, the mass of the hydrogen atom is 1000 times the mass of the proton and neutron because it is the "volume mass or room mass". Protons and neutrons are the "wall mass". » Mass (Room Mass II) = (Volume x mass density)/r2. = 20 x 10 x 10 x 6 x 14 x 4 x (1/r2)

» Proton And Neutron Mass. Current theory Mass Distribution And says that the neutron is twice the mass of the Inheritance proton, but others claim that the mass is the Proton Neutron Strong same and it is all guess work. Looking at the Peak Trough model as particle-wave, I had the idea that Trough tP tt whatever causes this must somehow cause Peak Pt PP mass to be inherited like dominant-recessive Trough Peak genes. So I will label the wave peak as dominant and the trough as recessive. I will also identify the source of the wave as being from the strong force or the walls by placing the strong force first. » Conclusion. Notice that in the proton section the waves cancel each other out and the result is an average amount of "mass stuff", but not a strong wave. In the neutron section we have a strong peak and a strong trough. This is the essence of a wave. It runs parallel to the strong force wave. So mass follows the rule of dominant inheritance. A proton is a carrier of mass (autosomal recessive), but a neutron expresses mass through a combination of (Codominant and Co-Recessive traits). » Sea Quarks. I discovered that there is a name for what I observed. So I will say that sea quarks cause volume mass and assist in gluing the valence quarks (proton and neutron quarks) together. » Neutrino Mass. Since the electron neutrino (Ve) has mass, but a negligable amount there must be some other effect. This is where the inverse square law applies. The further we are away from the nucleus the less mass becomes. Within the nucleus where the Shekinah glory is contained the value of this effect is 1. So the equation that defines volume mass must be divided by the radius squared. Radius is the distance from the nucleus. The convention is that at the edge of this source of light, the value is one. » Dark Matter Mass. There is one other feature that has "volume mass". The space enclosed by the fence is bordered by undiscovered objects that have inertia and probably attraction. Assume this is dark matter. If we ignore the contribution to mass of the walls to the space defined by the volume, then the volume alone provides these quantities of mass. » Dark Matter Volume (Courtyard). 100 x 50 x 5 = 25,000 » Atomic Volume (Most Holy Place). 10 x 10 x 10 = 1,000 » Gravity (Mishkan Box). 30 x 50 = 1500 or 2(30x10) + (10 x (30+10+30+10)) = 1400 » Gravity (Courtyard Box). Area of Sides (10 x 300) + Top and bottom (2 x (100 x

50))= 13,000 The courtyard box is the theoretical structure that has the length and width of the courtward but the height of the sanctuary. There is a reason why the height of the fence is 5 and not 10 cubits. So it could be a "gravity tent" not a box. However, so far the mass of the courtyard is calculated by using the height of the "fence Box". We may need to add the triangular space above. Theory. Gravity is the surface area of the box or tent covering each structure. It functions like surface tension in keeping objects inside. Mass is the volume of the box. Notice that the coverings that represent gravity have a surface area of 30x50. It is 1500 not 1400 square cubits. The dimensions of these layers were not given but the maximum they could be is 30x50. Now we see a possible reason why the dimensions were kept a mystery because the entire surface area, including the bottom must be taken. Science estimates that dark energy is 70% of the universe. They say that we have only found 15% of gravity and 4% of mass. 1,000/25000 = 4% and 1500/13000 = 11.5% The Z force seems to be the asymmetrical paired partner of the strong force. While the unpaired strong force with 24 mass particles seems to generate solid mass and potential energy in the protons and neutrons, the asymmetrical paired weak force (Z0) with 112 mass particles seems to have a negative effect on solid mass and the energy seems to be transferred to kinetic energy of the electrons. The Superparticle Scientists have defined and detected dozens of other particles in the form of mesons and bosons. Now that we know how easily one particle can appear as many particles, let us look at how this is possible with the gold-plated board that is used to make the walls and columns. This could be the only particle that makes these structures. I believe that one or one pair of spinning particle creates all fermions that we see. On 17 September 2011 I looked at the quarter moon to remind myself how to tell the difference between the moon in the first and last quarter. The answer was in the direction of the sun. The phases are only obvious because of the orientation with respect to the sun. Inside the most holy place we have a force that represents the sun. It may be the strong force. It is called the shekinah glory. As the objects orbit this force, they mimic the phases of the moon as it orbits the sun. Within this matrix of varying groups of paired and unpaired particles in various phases of spin we have numerous particles.

Mass Within The Nucleus. Scientists are puzzled about why particles with the same structure have wildly different masses. My theory is that this is because the inverse square law is at work within the nucleus and probably because the attraction to the strong

force is at the heart of mass. The strong force operates at a short distance that extends as far as the borders of the nucleus. Outside the nucleus these particles have a precipitous drop in mass. Within the nucleus, my theory is that the objects closest to the center have the greatest mass. The first generation quarks are closer to the surface, and the third generation is closer to the nucleus where neutral quarks are more likely. Orientation. Spin alone changes a particle into an antiparticle and changes charge from positive to neutral to negative. So all particles that have different charges are the same particle with a different spin with respect to the light in the sanctuary.  Particle (0° and 720°) +ve. Neutral Positive (90°and 630°) +ve/±.  Antiparticle (360°)-Ve. Neutral Negative (270° and 450°) -ve/±.  Neutral (180° and 540°) ±. These ought to be different particles but we cannot detect them as such. Figure 8 Orbits. In the diagram we presented the figure 8 orbit in two separate levels.  Inside The Nucleus (Quarks). This may be the orbit of the quark particles, protons and neutrons.  Outside The Nucleus (Leptons). This may be the orbit of the electrons, neutrinos and other lepton particles. Notice that they have the cloud shape bulging in four corners. Grid. We saw that the 1.5x1.5 grid causes particles to be bundled in maximum of three. These are most likely groups of particles or antiparticles, but it may possibly be a mixed group at the point of annihilation.  Single (1). Single objects have never been observed but they are theoretically possible.  Meson (2). Mesons are pairs of particle and antiparticle (+ and -).  Baryon (3). They are groups of three particles paired with groups of three antiparticles. Construction And Decay. For our purposes a complete particle is the board covered in gold with a pair of bases and four rings with the bars through them. When the perfect particle loses one or more of these or groups of particles break up it may be seen as another particle.  Board. This is the basic particle (quark or lepton), although any of these objects can be seen as other particles.  Bases. They may appear as a change in mass.  Rings. If missing, they cannot attract photons and may be seen as massless.  Bars (Photon). These are seen as light or gamma rays. » Mass Of The Proton And Neutron. The proton is more stable because it is closest to the strong force, yet it has less mass than the neutron. The neutron is heavier and less stable than the proton and it is located between its decay products (proton and eletron). The heavier mass may be due to the effect of the weak "Z" force on the neutron. If decay products seem to be located near the original particle and massive particles are closer to the center, then we can draw a map of the location of the products.

Table 4.5 - Mesons And Fermions (Under Construction) Neutral Particle Antiparticle (Particle Particle (+ve) +ve/-Ve ± (±) ve) Name Mass 630° 720°/0° 90° 540° 180° 450° 360° 270° Decay uu, du (π Pion π 139.6 - ud (π+) - μ+νμ e+ e- γ dd(π0) ) uu, dd du (ρ+ Rho ρ 770 - ud (ρ ) - π+ π0 π+ π(ρ0) ) Omega ω 782 uu, dd (ω0) π+ π- π0 su (Kμ+νμ, Kaon K 497.3 - us (K+) - ds (K0S K0L) sd π+ e- νe ) π+π0 Eta η 548.8 uu+dd-ss (η0) 2γ 3μ Eta η' 958 uu+dd+ss (η0') π+ π- η Prime K+-,e+, D D 1869.4 cd (D+) (D+s) cs - cu (D0) - cd (D-) cs (D-s) [K,μ,e]+K+ ub B B 5279 - bu (B-) - db (B0) B0s sb D0 + B-S + (B+) Phi φ 1020 ss (φ) ss K+ K- K0 K0 J/Psi J/ψ 3096.9 cc (J/ψ) cc e+ e- μ+ μUpsilon ϒ 9460.4 bb (ϒ) bb e+ e- μ+ μuud Proton p 938.3 - (p) (p-) Stable (p+) ddu Neutron n 939.6 - (n) (n-) p e- ve (n+) uuu (Δ++)uud pπ+ pπ0, Delta Δ 1232 - udd (Δ0) ddd (Δ-) nπ0 (Δ+) nπLambda Λ 1115.6 - - uds (Λ0) pπ- nπ0 uus dds pπ0 nπ+, Sigma Σ 1189.4 - - uds (Σ0) Λ0 γ (Σ+) (Σ-) nπXi Ξ 1315 - - uss (Ξ0) dss (Ξ-) Λ0π0 Λ 0 πOmega Ω 1672 - sss (Ω-) Ξ0 π-, Λ0KLambda Λ+C 2281 udc (Λ+c) - uds (Λ0) pπ-, nπ0 The Dimension Constants: The Planck Quantum Universe (God's Units). The relationship between gravity, mass and energy is represented in the sanctuary where quantum level operations are modeled because length, mass, time and charge are represented. So we can actually see what the Planck units look like.

» Sanctuary Mathematics. Math operations are represented in the sanctuary in the same way that they are represented in mathematics. I happened to notice it after I knew where the critical laws were represented and after I looked at the dimensions of the Planck constants. Table 8.5 Planck Units: The Dimension Constants Table 8.4 Modern Science Mishkan Nucleus Electrons in Orbit Constant Value Dimension Value 8 Charge (+ q2) c 2.99 x 10 m/s L T-1 4 c/p -16 2 -1 Wave (c) Particle (m1) h 6.582 x 10 eV.s L M T ? -11 3 -1 -2 1 ε0 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 G 6.674 x 10 cm/gs L M T ? 7 3 -2 3 -2 1 8.987551 kg m s L MT ke ? (π) 2 Most Holy C-2 Q-2 Place (π) Holy Place 3 L2 M T-2 -23 -1 ? q2=0 kB 1.380 x 10 J K G (m1m2) E (π) Θ-1 μ0 q2=0 FG = KB - 4 r The Mishkan Dimensions 2 r2 FG 5 E = mc c Cubits L = length ke G m Cubits3* (λn)l* h Θ Inverse Square Laws M = mass 6 (λn)w*d Light Θ 8 p Panel (4 Cubits) T = time = electric 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 eQ charge - Wave (c) (π) AntiParticle (m2) (2π) Θ = temperature t Charge (- q2) (3π) At the quantum level, all measurements can Time (T) (Roof Panels) (4π) be reduced to cubits and integer constants! These values are under construction This model of the laws and forces of matter is based on recognizing the three dimensional design of the Mishkan. The Most Holy Place is the nucleus and the electrons in orbit around it are in the Holy Place. The Mishkan models the mathematical relationship of the forces involved. It is fascinating that time and energy and mass can be reduced to a measurement in cubits.

Speed of Light (c). 299,792,458 m/s The speed of light signifies a maximum speed limit of the universe and is expressed dimensionally as length divided by time; 20 cubits/5 divisions of time (panels) = 4 cubits/panel » Einstein's Law of Mass-Energy Equivalence (E = mc2). This law is modeled in the Most Holy Place of the sanctuary. It is simply the inverse square law when r = 1, which occurs at the source of the light. This is the description of the shekinah glory in the Most Holy Place. If my theory is accurate, this allows us to express time in terms of length.  c. If we assume that the 6 boards on each side is one wavelength, then that length over time is the speed of the wave. In the equation e=mc2, I must conclude that c

is 10 cubits per unit of time measured by either 2.5 or 5 panels of the "D" block. (I am not sure whether to count only the part of the roof that covers what I have determined to be the wave length or to include the part of the roof down the sides of the west wall that is the wave height.) » Jewish Time (Cheilek or Part): 18 parts per minute, 1080 parts per hour or 3 1/3 parts per second. » Jewish Measurement (Cubit): We know that the cubit was 18-22 inches. The common cubit was 18 inches (45 cm) and the "king's cubit" was 22 inches. In the real world, the speed of light is 186,282 miles/second (299792458 m/s or 1 foot/ns). If we use the common cubit, then the speed of light is 1 cubit/1.5 ns or 2.22 cubits/nc (nano cheilek) Therefore, this is approximately one 4-cubit roof panel for one nanocheilek. 1 panel is 1 nanocheilek. E. The energy to hold up both sides is the strong force. Each side is "c". m = volume mass. So E = mcc.

» The Power Axis (Axis of Squares). The region of annihilation takes on a mathematical significance if we assume that the energy of "C" squared is concentrated along this line. This observation must have been made in mathematics but I do not know what it is called. The region along the diagonal represents the multiplication of numbers raised to a power (squares in a 2-D system and cubes in 3-D). G U D * 25 * D U * 16 * U D * 9 * D U * 4 * U D 1 * D

G E = mc2 tan(Θ). If the design really reflects this G equation, then we have to account for the two extra G boards at an angle in the back. So E = MC2 Θ, where G "Θ" is the effect of these two boards. G * The equation suggests that "E" can be changed if this unit changes. I assumed that "Θ" is the tangent of the G 36 G angle formed by the board braced against the back U wall. If the angle is 45º, then tan(Θ) = 1 so that the unit is the constant "1" in our universe and Einstein's equation becomes E = MC2 1. So, under ideal conditions this constant is 1, and the triangle is 7-7-10. But if the angle increases, then the value of the speed of light increases. As the angle approaches 90º (the angle of a nail), the constant increases by 10 for each decimal place, so that the speed of light is multiplied by trillions. The idea of a nail holding the western wall is more secure than a brace at a lesser angle. Light Speed Amplifier Table 8.6 Angle Tangent Cosine Sin 0º 1 0

» The Changing Speed of Light. So, under this model, the effect of the speed of light is not a constant. If the fundamental structure of the universe changes to a more secure and permanent basis the speed of light increases, but it decreases as the structure weakens. » Variable Constants? Other constants that are derived from calculations involving the strong force or the speed of light can also change as the angle of the two boards change. » Superluminal Propulsion (FTL)? If we could harness the power of the two back boards we could magnify energy and build better propulsion systems.

45º 1 .707 .707 º 55 1.428 .573 .819 º 60 1.73 .5 .866 º 70 2.747 .342 .939 º 80 5.671 .173 .984 º 89 57.289 .0174 .999 º 89.9 572.95 .00174 .99999 90º 0 1 tan (89.99) = 5729.56689 tan (89.99999999) = 5729577951.3

E = mc2 cos(Θ). In Jewish tradition, these two boards are columns. In that case the angle is 0 degrees and the value is 1 if the cosine is used. In the case of the sin or cosine of this angle, the largest value is 1. So the speed of light can only decrease with a change in the angle.

Planck's Constant (h) E = hv = hc/λ = 6.626 x 10-34 Js. It is the energy of a photon packet multiplied by time or momentum multiplied by distance. In the Mishkan, this constant is wall mass over time and is 1/6 or 1/8 the mass of the hydrogen nucleus. if E = mc2 = hv then h = (mc2)/v = m(100 cubits/panel)/ 10 Gravitational Constant (G) = 6.674 x 10-11 cm3 g-1 s-2. This seems to be equivalent to volume mass, but in the Holy Place where mass does not form between the walls it may be what I described as "virtual elements" Group A.  Length Cubed (Volume). This is the length, width and height of the room. = 10x10x20 = 2000 cubit3  Mass. This may be the volume mass or wall mass. = 2 (10x20x14x4) = 22,400  Time Squared. This is the two dimensions of the roof covering the room (length and width). = (20x28)2 square cubits of time. » Center of Gravity. This seems to be the place between the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place where the 100 rings of the roof align with the doorway. » Newton's Law of Gravitation (FG = G (m1m2) / r2). It is modeled in the Holy Place and shows that the gravitational constant is some how related to mass along the mass-energy continuum.

Coulomb Constant (ke). = (1/(4πε0) =(c2μ0)/(4π) = 8.987551 x 109 kg m3s-2 C-2 It describes the electric force acting between two point charges which acts like the

gravitational force. » Coulomb's Inverse Square Law (F = Ke (q1q2) / r2).

Boltzmann's Constant (kB). k = R/NA = 1.3806504 x 10 -23 J/K It is the energy per temperature increment per particle which relates energy at the quantum level to temperature at the macro level.  Gas Constant (R). The Boltzmann constant is equivalent to the gas constant R which is the temperature increment per mole of gas. So that pV = nRT becomes pV = nkBT at the atomic level . K or KB. = R/NA  Number of Particles (Mole) (N). Avogadro Constant (NA = 6.02214179 x 1023) is the mass per amount of substance which is measured as the number of particles per mole of carbon. » Quantum Mole Our mole is based on the number of particles in the nucleus of the hydrogen atom. At absolute zero where there is no movement, the amount of substance which can fill the space = 6x6 = 36. The number of actual particles in the hydrogen nucleus is 18-24. The mass per particle (Board) = 4 x 10 x 1.5 x 1 cubits 3 rings = 60  Volume (V). Assume that the Most Holy Place is the volume. 1000 cubits cubed.  Temperature (Θ) (T). E = 1/2T I am assuming that the coulomb constant works on the north-south plane where charge is defined. This constant works on the east-west plane because it defines temperature which can be seen as moving mass with the ability to escape. The only escape mechanism in the sanctuary is the eastern doors defined by the "Z" force. Visualize temperature as the "virtual elements" or the space which represents solids becoming liquid or gas trying to escape through the door. If Energy along the east axis is modeled by the strong force, then the weak force defines temperature. Jewish tradition says that the columns are each made from two curved boards. So the simplified equation is modeled. 8 boards = 1/2 2(9) spaced columns.  Pressure (P). The blue curtains hold objects in at the "Z" doors. So it allows pressure to be released.

Dimensionless Constants. Let us look at the dimensionless constants. To find them we will use the dimensionless features that were used to reconstruct the periodic tables. These are the number of boards, columns and panels. The boards appear to be the units of a unique numbering system or set that seem to model the mathematical functions. Figure 8 Orbit Table 8.7a

    

Angles (Radians or Degrees). Due to the spin quantum number, we know for certain how angles are represented in the sanctuary. Each side of the Most Holy Place represents 180°, since a straight line is 180° because it is the diameter of a circle. Two of these circles form a figure eight which is the description of the orbit. In the quantum world, each orbit is 10 cubits. Two orbits meet at the center to form the figure 8, with the center and diameter at the wall, and their edges roam beyond the walls. It also agrees with the math that says 90° is π/2 radians, so π is 180°! This leaves us with the fact that each side represents π and other quantum units and any 10 cubit straight line is 180°. Multiply. Even, parallel walls on the same plane. Power. Walls on the same plane at right angles. Divide. It is represented by one set of values covering over another. Add. Individual units side by side on the same plane in a straight line without gaps. Subtract. This is a guess. Individual units side by side on the same plane in a straight line with gaps. Sphere. In the very beginning I learned that the Most Holy Place is a torroidal sphere inside a cylinder which is represented by the Holy Place. Later I will show the interesting way in which the mathematics of a sphere and a cylinder are represented in the sanctuary. Circle Mathematics Table 8.7b Circle . • Circumference = 2π r =πd • Area = (d2π) /4 Cylinder. • Area = 2 π r (r +h) • Volume = π r2 h Sphere. • Surface Area = 4π r2 = π d2 • Volume = 4/3 π r3 = π 3 d /6

We will us the Wikipedia definition and description of the constant to find the equivalent object in the Mishkan. Then we will count the number of objects that define the function of the constant. That is really using the "quantum" in quantum physics.

Pi (π) (3.142857). The circumference of the earth is 18 boards(21 cubits) and the diameter is 6 boards (9 cubits). Notice the rough value of Pi = 3. The real radius of earth is 6377 km. » Actual Value of Pi (22/7). These are all the structures it takes to form and maintain the earth in its circular shape. 7 is the number of rows. 22 is also the number of structures around the perimeter of the Most Holy Place, 4 columns and 18 boards. Looking at the value of Pi again we find that 22/7 = 3.142857. The value 142857 is repeated. Like the golden number, Pi seems to be also constructed from a pattern of counting boards and columns (14, 28, 57). Law. Pi is related to circles or spheres.

Theory. Using the design of the Mishkan and the mathematics of the sphere, I am going to make the case that each 10 cubit side represents pi. 2  Surface Area. 4 π is the four sides. "r" is the wall of one dimension. "r " is 2 walls. 3  Volume. "r " is three walls or three dimensions.

Magnetic Permeability Constant (μ0) (1.2566 x 10-6). = 4π x 10-7. » Wiki Definition: Permeability is the measure of the ability of a material to support the formation of a magnetic field within itself. It is the degree of magnetization that a material obtains in response to an applied magnetic field. The permeability constant is a measure of the amount of resistance encountered when forming a magnetic field in a classical vacuum. » Mishkan Definition: In the Mishkan, magnetism is represented by the rings and the parallel strips and boards and the bound currents.  Internal Field. There are 4 rings per board. In other words, the boards support the formation of 4 magnetic fields. The four bars bound by rings and running through the center of the field represent the forces of this magnet forming a magnetic field within itself. Even the four columns within the sanctuary may represent the internal field.  4π. This is the four sides and the representation of the four external lines as going inside the sphere. -7  10 . The value is multiplied by .0000001. Since the force is related to a sphere and this sphere has a diameter of 10 cubits, then this value must be related to the diameter of the sphere. So magnetic permeability is a measure of the surface area of the sphere in which the magnetic field has an effect. Since the length of the two rooms is 30 cubits, then it could be related to the volume because the 4/3 value would lead us to the same units of 4pi multiplied by a factor of 10. Electric Constant (ε0) (8.8541878176). = 1/(c2 μ0). This is not a dimensionless constant. However, since the only variable is also a constant, then in a world where all units of measurement are uniform this would be basically a dimensionless constant. » Wiki Definition: Permittivity relates to a material's ability to transmit (or "permit") an electric field. It measures how much resistance is encountered when forming an electric field in a medium. It is how an electric field affects, and is affected by, a dielectric medium. » Mishkan Definition: This concept is modeled in two places in the Mishkan. The boards have bars running through the rings and through holes in the middle of the boards. The first two layers of the roof have opposite charges and a blue cord running through the ring. In one material the electric force is a rigid metal pole. In the other material it is a flexible blue cord. Somehow this represents the ability of the material to "permit" the current to be transmitted through the material. We have shown that the constant "C" is equivalent to the walls of the Most Holy Place. It is the conducting material that permits the electric force. Therefore it is not surprising to see it in this constant. The same force is seen in the charged material of the first two layers of the roof which is related to time. So the electric constant may be related to time.

Fine Structure Constant (α) 7.2973525 x 10-3 (˜ 1/137.03599). » Wiki Definition: It is the coupling constant characterizing the strength of the electromagnetic interaction. » Mishkan Definition: Because the Torah also describes the bars and rings, and the cord

and rings as "coupling together" the boards and the roof sections then this constant is related to these systems. So I assumed that the "strength" to carry is related to the amount of material carried and the amount, density or concentration of the carrying material. This measures the area or volume. In this case it is the length divided by the width of material in cubits.  Boards (70 cubits/10 cubits = 0.70). Coupled with 184 rings and 4 bars in addition to a bar running through a continuous ring through the center.  Blue Linen Roof (28/40 = 0.70). 100 loops, 50 rings and 1 blue cord.  Goat's Hair Roof (30/42 = 0.7142857). 100 loops, 50 rings and 1 blue cord. There is also another constant at work. For each material it takes a certain number of rings and bars to give a stronger coupling. This I call the carrying material.

Radian (rad) (57.2958). The radian is an angle that is the ratio of the length of the enclosed arc to the length of the circle's radius. As a three sided structure, the angle of the sanctuary is 270º or 3/4 of a circle. In radians this is 3π/2. When the structure is folded into a ball, this relationship appears to be represented by the number of walls in each section (3/2). Natural Logarithm (e) (2.71828182845904). To be done. » Wiki Definition: The natural logarithm of a number is the power to which it would have to be raised to equal the number. Like all logarithms, the natural logarithm maps multiplication into addition. » Mishkan Definition: Since the values are obtained by addition (counting), somehow the Mishkan must model the logarithmic scale.

Quantum Electrodynamics. On 18 August 2010, I decided to learn about magnetic fields in order to understand mass and the Higgs Boson. I discovered that the sanctuary is also the perfect mathematical and visual model of electrodynamics and pure, basic science.
 

Magnetic Poles. The sanctuary and all magnetic fields have a north and south pole. Magnetic Field Lines. Both the sanctuary and magnetic fields have parallel lines running from north to south.  Electric Component. The bars and the blue cord represent the electric component.  Magnetic Component. The parallel boards and strips of material represent the magnetic component. All lines run north to south. B Field or Magnetic Induction (Bound Currents). It depends on currents in a material. B field lines never end. They always either form closed curves ("loops"), or extend to and from infinity (Wiki). The B-field lines form a closed loop going from south to north inside the magnet and from north to south outside the magnet (Wiki). It is the internal magnetic field strength of a material that is placed in an externally applied magnetic field.  Currents in a Material. The bars through the rings.  Loops or Infinity. The sanctuary is shaped like a loop with an open end on the east that models infinity.  External Lines. The four external bars running on the surface of the boards.

Internal Lines. The one internal bar running through the middle of the boards.

H Field Roof Covers the Sanctuary

It is amazing that the five bars represent the action of the B Field magnetic field lines running as Wall one line through the center and Boards then as multiple lines on the with surface of a material. Also, the Surface north to south orientation of Bars the sanctuary, the gold conducting material and the parallel lines of the row of Figure 9a boards all represent components of this field. In addition, this system is covered by the "H" field just as the roof overlaps the rings and boards. H Field or Magnetic Field Strength (Free Currents). It depends on currents and magnetic charge. H-field lines begin and end near magnetic poles. Magnetic field lines exit a magnet near its north pole and enter near its south pole. H-field lines start near the north pole and end near the south pole. It is the region surrounding a moving charge like electrons moving through a conducting wire.  Currents. The bars and rings represent the electric current.  Magnetic Charge. The double layers of opposite charges represent the storage system of a capacitor.  Conducting Material. The linen (-ve) and goat's hair (+ve) . This field is the two layers of material of opposite charges, the linen and goat hair layers which are curved around the sanctuary. » Plasma Double Layer. It is a very thin structure in a huge plasma field and consists of two parallel layers with opposite electrical charge. In general, double layers (which may be curved rather than flat) separate regions of plasma with quite different characteristics. » Time. The sanctuary model suggests that this double layer is associated with time and it defines the relationship between clock time and spiritual time. » Other Double Layer. The sanctuary model suggests that above the magnetic layer is another double layer that has very different characteristics, one layer is magnetic and the other is radioactive. » Tokamak (A Magnetic Confinement Device). The entire system seems to represent a tokomak, discovered in the 1950s. A tokamak is a type of machine that uses a magnetic field to confine a plasma in the shape of a torus (donut). Such a helical field can be generated by adding a toroidal field (traveling around the torus in circles) and a poloidal field (traveling in circles orthogonal to the toroidal field). In a tokamak, the toroidal field is produced by electromagnets that surround the torus, and the poloidal field is the result

of a toroidal electric current that flows inside the plasma. This current is induced inside the plasma with a second set of electromagnets.

Equations. I looked at the equations to try to discover how the variables are represented as real objects in the sanctuary model. These are the basic measurements which are probably involved in the magnetic equations. However, I have not yet determined what each represents and what else is involved.  Wave. Both fields are shaped like one peak of a wave. The width of both is 6 boards (9 cubits). The H-Field height is 10 cubits. The B-Field height is 30 cubits and is at right angles to the H-Field.  "H" Field. Length (28 Cubits) and Width (40 Cubits)  "H" Field Frequency (4). 10 strips of fabric in 40 cubits.  "B" Field. Length (10 Cubits) and Width (30 Cubits)  "B" Field Frequency (1.5). 20 boards in 30 cubits.  "B" Field Height (10 Cubits). Wave amplitude (height) related to energy the wave carries. Wave speed is related to frequency.

Magnetism and Electricity. Jesus said that when He is lifted up, He will draw all men to Him. Therefore, He is declaring that He is a magnet or the force of gravity. How does He do this?

Magnet. As the north pole of a magnet, the people will come streaming to Him like an electric current. He was lifted up at the north pole (north side of the temple) when He was crucified. According to the law, He must be crucified in the north and according to the method, the cross was lifted up. A magnetic field can be created by many sources.  Solenoid or Electromagnet. Christ was not just any magnet, He was an electromagnet. This is a coil of wires which, when a current is passed through, generates a magnetic field. From the biology lessons we learn that He was the coiled double helix in the DNA. Here He is the coiled wire of an electromagnet. The parallel lines over the sanctuary makes it look like a tight coil in the center of a magnetic field.  Earth. The spinning earth creates a current running from south to north and a magnetic field. When the earth becomes a spiritual electromagnet at the end of time, all men will be attracted to Christ.  Bar Magnet. A metal that has its magnetic force working. This describes those who are committed and focused in their purpose and have great influence.  Ferromagnet. Some metals, like iron, can readily act like magnets when a stronger magnetic force acts on them. Before that, they are relatively neutral because the magnetic forces that exist in groups cancel each other out. This is a description of the many churches and people that act independently and are unaware of their potential. When called, they will line up with God's magnet.  Loop of Wire. This also created a magnet. The people in the circuit were the coil of wire.  Current in a Wire. These are individual groups with one purpose and some influence.

Gravity. This seems to be an elusive concept. Scientists say that gravity is the attractive force in any object that has mass. I prefer to think of everything with mass as a ferromagnet and gravity is related to this magnetic force. Note: In editing this it is interesting to see that I was right in my earlier thoughts because I have concluded that gravity is a pure magnetic field. Battery and Capacitor. In 1831 Michael Faraday showed the relation between magnetism and electricity. But 3300 years before, Moses built a model of a capacitor and battery. The Most Holy Place is designed like a battery and a capacitor. The design of the sanctuary shows a battery with layers of metal (silver, gold, copper and bronze). All the posts, boards and columns used to construct the sanctuary have a base of one metal and a post of another. » Capacitor. They are used in electric circuits and store energy. The effect is greatest between wide, flat, parallel, narrowly separated conductors. The different types of layers in the sanctuary in this order (wool, linen and gold plated boards) have opposite charges with a dielectric in between and function as a capacitor. All are wide, flat and have parallel lines. » Coated With Metal. A good battery is coated with metal because it is a good conductor. The sanctuary was coated with gold inside and outside, leaving a space at the eastern door to prevent arcing. » Conductors. The people are seen as salt (NaCl) in Bible symbols and as carbon in my scientfic evaluation because they are seen as the number "6" in Bible symbols. All these are the ingredients for making a battery. » The Circuit. The priest closes the circuit by transporting the electrons from one terminal (Outer Court) to another (Sanctuary). They can be seen as transporters of the carbon compound or the porphyrin or heme complex, transporting coal, blood, prayers, oxygen or H+ to the Most Holy Place until a large electrical potential is built up. Then on the Day of Atonement, this energy is discharged. » Wool and Linen Garments. There is a prohibition about wearing wool and linen garments in the sanctuary because it will cause sweating. Atheists laugh at this stupidity. The Jews do not know why they do it, but they obey. The priests were supposed to wear an electrically neutral linen fabric that would not cause sweating. Sweat is a mixture of NaCl and water. Therefore, the prohibition has scientific merit. Do not become a lightning rod in the huge capacitor that is the sanctuary, or you will be electrocuted. Do not come into the sanctuary before God with evidence of your own works. Righteousness is only achieved by the works of God. » Electron Transport Chain. In the lessons below we will see how the process of glycolysis and the Krebs cycle charges this battery system. Theory: Portable Battery. Could we make a portable battery with helium and hydrogen forming the core of a magnetic field which generates the current? Theory: Battery Design. The sanctuary shows the design of a capacitor/battery that emits light not heat. The design eliminates any conditions that can generate heat in the core. The specifics may include two compartments lined with electrically neutral material, conducting rods, a 360:1 frequency or gradient of a conductor between both compartments and eliminates or separates salt or water or both.

Theory: The Shekinah Glory. The presence of God is indicated by a bright light. Visitors from heaven and Adam and Eve also had a covering of light. Moses reflected this light from His face after forty days with God on Mount Sinai. Is there a scientific answer for this phenomenon? The second law of thermodynamics states that objects are proceeding towards a state of entropy or disorganization rather than organization. Now we can theorize why. The human body is described as the temple of God which should be emitting light to the world. Emitting heat or sweat is forbidden. So the bible describes the perfect human body as one that emits light, not heat. It is sin that has created this inefficient system that produces heat. In the new earth, all cellular reactions which produce heat will produce light instead. So entropy is only a temporary state while sin exists. » Faraday Cage (Microwave Oven). The sanctuary is a perfect example of a Faraday cage. It is an enclosed space made of conducting metal or a mesh of conducting material. It takes advantage of the fact that electrical charges exist on the external surface of an object while the internal section is insulated. The sanctuary walls are covered in gold plating and the screen used in the doors and ceiling are a layer of conducting material. These materials block out external static electrical fields, electromagnetic radiation or wavelengths larger than any holes. It can protect against lightning strikes. So when the prophecies talk about being sheltered in the sanctuary before Christ comes like lightning, the spiritual law now becomes a model of scientific laws. The Unanswerable Question. The capacitor was discovered in 1745 (Leyden Jar) by Ewald Gerog Von Kleist. Later, several were connected to create a battery. Yet 3500 years ago, Moses built a system that is a blueprint for a super capacitor. In the people world, it seems intuitive that we are attracted to those with our interests. But in the atomic world, opposite forces attract. So in this world Christ says that with the right action sinners will be attracted to Him because we are all electrons and He is the nucleus. » Processional Circuit. For the flow of people to stream north at the crucifixion, their circuit must be counter-clockwise. The people walked around the altar during the feasts, making the loop of current. So Christ became a magnet at the crucifixion, drawing all people to Him. At the end of time, the current must stream south, signalling a clockwise circuit. This predicts a polar shift. The Seven Days Of Creation: The Periodic Table Of Physics Since they both follow the same pattern, can we systematically order the particles of physics as we do in chemistry? The design shows the forces and objects during the seven days of creation.

Energy (Day 1). It holds matter and space together.  Part of S and P Block (Strong Force). Color force or gluons. Jesus is the beginning of creation.  5 Bars and 184 Rings ("Photons"). Let there be light. 0  5 + 4 Columns ("Weak Force - Z ").  Energy (Higgs Boson). Unpaired rings (4 for each board).

Matter (Day 2). It forms the boundaries of space. This may be the "firmament" that was created.  Part of S Block 6x2 (Quarks). The firmament below.  F Block (Leptons and Electron Neutrinos). The neutrino firmament above. It may also be the outer court boundaries.  Mass (Higgs Boson). Paired rings (4 for each board). Space (Day 2). The container and forces that hold objects.  Part of P Block 6x5 (?). Space where mass exists. » Vector (The Waters of Creation). The diagonal line is a vector pointing to the south west corner. It may also be the firmament. » Waters Below The Firmament. The space in the Most Holy Place. » Waters Above The Firmament. The space in the Outer Court and the Holy Place.  Part of F Block 6x14 Space (?). Gravitational constant. So, even though gravity does not exist yet, objects can experience the attractive force because mass exists.

Time (Day 4). Time and gravity form the boundaries of space and energy.  D Block ("Weak Force - W "). This is lunar time. +  D Block ("Weak Force - W "). This is solar time.  D Block ("Gravity (2 Layers)"). The model illustrates that time is related to gravity. The model of creation and of our body is the sanctuary building. They were completed by the sixth day.

Sabbath (Day 7). The sanctuary complex contains other structures which may point to the Sabbath.  Outer Court ("Space"). The people come to worship and be cleansed from sin and impurities.  Fence ("Sabbath"). The east gate is opened on Sabbath so that the Prince can enter. Table 10.1: Periodic Table Of Physics With Virtual Elements S F D P 1A γ 2A 3B 4B 5B 6B 7B 8B 1B 2B 3A 4A 5A 6A 7A 8A 1 Strong Force (2) (5x14) (3x10) (1x6) ? 2 Anti-Proton Strong Force (6) Proton Ve 3 (AntiSea Quarks (Quark) (Possibly Electron 0 Quark) γ Wm Z UDU 4 W Neutrinos) UDU γ o (Volume Mass) + 5 W+ AntiNeutron o W h Neutron (Quark) Z0 (Planck's Leptons 6 (AntiGravity (A) DUD Constant) (Electrons) e -

Quark) DUD 7 -

γ Leptons (Positrons) e + Gravity (B) Time Soft Metals

Matter and Antimatter Metals

μ0 (Magnetic Permeability Constant) Space Non-Metals

String Theory And The Fabric Of The Universe String theory says that all elementary particles are made from the same fabric. Particle physics says that each elementary particle is cut from a different fabric. According to the Mishkan model, leptons, quarks and gluons are made from the same fabric and should be interchangeable. The Z force is made from the same materials as the quarks but their configuration is different. All other bosons are made from very different materials. Photons are different from all the others and the weak force is made from at least 2 to 4 different fabrics. String theory was probably proposed because quarks, leptons and the strong force seemed to be interchangeable. However, the Mishkan model says that is where the similarity ends. In January 2011 I started reading about string theory to try to understand it. I still do not, but the interesting things they ask lead me to make these comparisons to the Mishkan model.

The Dimensions of String Theory. There are supposed to be ten dimension, one time and nine space dimensions. There may be an eleventh dimension which is gravity.  Bosonic String Theory (26 Dimensions). Based purely on the definition that all strings are bosons (forces), the Mishkan Model seems to support this model. If the quarks and leptons are interchangeable with the strong force then everything can be seen as a boson. So in the Mishkan everything is a boson, because even the particles are represented by objects that look like the strong force (gold covered boards). » 26 Wall Boards. There are 46 boards that represent the walls of the system (20 paired and 6 unpaired). Two other boards make up part of the system but in a different way.  Superstring Theory (10 Dimensions). The article that I was reading asked the following question: How could a superstring theory with ten spacetime dimensions turn into a supergravity theory with eleven spacetime dimensions? ... So there must be some duality relation that can explain how a superstring theory that requires ten spacetime dimensions for quantum consistency can really be a theory in eleven spacetime dimensions after all. » Ten or Eleven Strips. As I read this I was reminded of the first two layers of the sanctuary. The first is made up of ten strips of fabric and the next layer is made of 11 strips of another fabric with the eleventh panel folded over so that the two layers are even. This is how eleven became ten in the Mishkan model. I came to the conclusion that the folding of the eleventh was somehow related to the other two layers which I theorized could be gravity. Here I find string theory

saying that the eleventh dimension is gravity! Later I also show how these two layers represent solar and lunar time.

» A Model of The Mother of All Theories. As I learn more about this theory I will be able to unify and explain all the theories with the Mishkan model. There are weird statements which they make that actually make sense when I look at the Mishkan model and how it explains DNA and also how I saw the torroidal model being folded and stretched in a vision. Although I believe the Mishkan is the best model and that neither the Standard Model nor the String Theory represents a model in the class of the graphic representation of Periodic table, I can still use the Mishkan to form a rudimentary table that merges these two models. The table below on the right is a modified Standard Model and it turns the table into a real model that mimics the Mishkan.

Most Up » Time Holy Quark Gluon Down W+ Dimension. Place Higgs Photon Gravity WString theory Neutrino Z0 Holy recognized Lepton Place Electron (Open) only one time dimension. I Space Matter Time ? agree that the Standard Standard Model ? ? fabric roof Unified Model which seems Theories Bosonic Strings? Super Strings? to represent Table Support (Bars, superstring 10.2 Mishkan Walls Roof Rings) theory also represents time. However, the Mishkan model represents at least two layers of time each with two time dimensions that are related to normal time and religious time. In addition, the parts of the model that represent fermions also seem to represent the first layer of time. So time is represented by three separate levels in the Mishkan. » Stretched String. It is impossible for me to evaluate the bars and rings (photons) or the columns (Z force). However, we can definitely show that the roof represents a group of items that are stretched in relation to the other elements. Each element in the "S", "P" and "F" blocks are all represented by boards 1.5x10 cubit. Each element in the first row of the "D" block is represented by a fabric stretched 4 cubit x 28 cubit, with the entire block measuring 40x28. Each element in the second row of the "D" block is represented by a fabric stretched 4 cubit x 30 cubit, with the entire block measuring 44x30. The other two layers are dimensionless, but have a practical limit of 50x30 and the parallel strip feature that divides them is missing. They are no longer seen as parallel strips but fractured mosaics. So the second layer is stretched 10% on the east-west axis and 7% on the north-south axis. The other layers are stretched 25% in one direction, but possibly not on the north to

south axis. Therefore, the superstring theory might apply only to the "D" block and the bosonic string theory to the other blocks. Some other feature of the theory is needed to describe the photons and the "Z" force. » String Theory Chemistry. When we apply this to chemistry, string theory says that the "D" block elements are more stretched than the "S" and "F" blocks. This is what makes one solid metal and the other bendable metals. So string theory must account for the "P" block by saying that this block is unevenly stretched along a vector. » Open and Closed Loops. Everything seems like an open loop, especially the open ended eastern end of the 3-sided sanctuary. The "Z" force also appears to be an open string. However, the other features that seem like open loops are actually closed loops. For example, the photons and the "W" force and the layers that may represent gravity. The fence is a closed loop that can be opened. » S-Duality. This duality seems to operate between the quarks and the strong force. A discussion of this property of string theory reminds me of the two natures of Jesus Christ. He was the strong divine God who became the weak, submissive human. Yet to understand one is to understand the other because the two are the same. » T-Duality. The compaction of space that makes it difficult to distinguish between large and small distances. This feature appears as a loop forming a spiral in the Mishkan design. I am more convinced that to understand the DNA coiling mechanism is to understand string theory on a practical, observable level. The M Theory. This is the theory that includes gravity as the eleventh dimension.

Theory: Nucleosynthesis (Creating New Elements) This entire discussion is a theory about how this model of hydrogen also models all other elements. Our physics model is based on hydrogen, but other elements must also have the same design. When atoms merge to form new elements how do they retain this Mishkan shape and a ball structure?

 

Table 11.1 - Hydrogen Atom Proton Neutron Positron Antileptons 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1 2 Positron 3 1 H 4 Proton Neutron Stacks. Can the merging be seen 1 1 as stacks of sanctuaries which H H 5 Electron discard the intermediate roof 6 1 H structures and bases? Do those 7 bases connect the lower and upper 8 Up Dn Up Dn Up Dn 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 structures and discard only the g Proton Neutron Electron Leptons excess roof? Onion Model. Are they merged on the same plane like layers of an onion, discarding excess roof material, columns and bases? Stable Sea Quarks. Another onion model, but the quark layers are internal because the sea quarks become valence quarks. The nucleus is stretched as the atomic number increases.

Torroidal Sphere. Are they arranged like a ball with disc platters? Each sanctuary is stacked in a ring and Figure threaded through the structure with the 11a west end facing the center and the eastern Beryllium end on the outside of the sphere and the north and south arms being the top and bottom platters. Such a structure would have a practical limit as to the number of basic structures that can fit into the sphere. The limit appears to be 118-120 mishkans. » 3-D Orientation. The objects could be arranged with their western walls at the center like a merry-go-round or a ferris wheel. Within this circular arrangement they could also extend like a spiral. The structure would eventually form a cone with hydrogen at the top » Weak Force (W+/W-). The fabric layers are exposed on the outer surface. » Electrons. Electrons are shared on the eastern end. » Crystal Structure. It would probably have a specific pattern in the way it fills the sphere having an even angle of separation between each sanctuary. This would be the basis of a crystalline lattice structure in lighter elements. While heavier elements would come to resemble a circle in their arrangement. The structure on the right would be Beryllium with four basic sanctuary structures arranged 90 degrees apart. Other arrangements may be possible. If they are arranged in pairs, then the structure would be two pairs 180 degrees apart. This versatility makes it possible for atoms like carbon to have different crystalline structures. This model would correctly cause each atom to look like a sphere with the electrons facing the outer layers and the nucleus in the center.

» Sub-Atomic Particle Structure. I used the reactions in these main processes of nuclear fusion and fission to determine what represents each particle. I am assuming that most particles are constructed from one basic particle (board) which becomes a different object by the way it is arranged. I am also basing the following discussion on the assumption that the torroidal sphere is correct.

Proton (1H). The eight boards on the western wall and three boards from the north and three boards from the south wall, half of the Z force (4 columns) and half a covering with its rings (20 cubits).

Table 11.2a - Proton 8 1 765432 Up Up Proton Dn Dn (14 Boards) Up Up z

Table 11.2b Neutron 8 1 7 6 5 4 3 2 Dn Dn Neutron Up (14 Boards) Up

Neutron. It is the same structure as 1H with these Dn Dn exceptions. The Z force is now 5 columns and the goat's z hair layer has 6 panels (24 cubits). This would make the neutron slightly heavier than the proton. If the neutron is less stable and lighter then it is constructed from the Z force and 6 boards. Electron. The 14 boards that make the hydrogen proton or neutron are realigned to make the electrons on one wall. So 2 protons make all the leptons needed. The Proton chain reaction seems to take 2 protons and not use them. Normally the solar process strips away electrons. If they are not stripped away then perhaps these two unused protons are converted into the electrons (28 leptons). My Assumption: + Hydrogen 1H 1 H Boards 14 14 Columns 4 5 ½ ½ Roof Board 12 12 Bars + 2(1H) 28 8 ½+½ 24 +1 Electron 20 28 9 1


+1 Positron


+1 + 1 (Gamma ray Neutrino Light). 8 8 ½+½ 2 (If there are no bars for the back boards)

The board bar is the number of boards that will be coupled by the available bars. This leaves excess boards, roof material and columns. They must escape as light, gamma rays and the neutrino. Alpha Particle (4He). Two stacks of Hydrogen 180 degrees apart. » Proton-Proton Chain (Hydrogen Fusion). 1 H + 1H + 1H + 1H + 1H + 1H 4He + 1H + 1H + 2 Positrons + 2 Neutrinos + 2 (Gamma ray Light). Net Result: 1H + 1H + 1H + 1H 4He + 2 Positrons + 2 Neutrinos + 2 (Gamma ray Light). » Carbon-Nitrogen-Oxygen (CNO) Cycle (Hydrogen Fusion). Carbon, nitrogen and oxygen act as a catalyst. I am assuming that they act as catalysts because of angles they form (60-50-45 degrees) facilitate easier access. 1 H + 12C (Gamma ray Light) + 13N + 1 Positron + 1 Neutrino + 13C 1 H + 13C (Gamma ray Light) + 14N 1 H + 14N (Gamma ray Light) + 15O + 1 Positron + 1 Neutrino + 15N 1 H + 15N 4He + 12C Net Result: 1H + 1H + 1H + 1H 4He + (2 Positrons + 2 Neutrinos) 3 (Gamma ray Light). » Triple Alpha Process (Helium Fusion). Three helium nucleii are transformed into carbon. 4 He + 4He 8Be 4 He + 8Be 12C + (Gamma ray Light).

» Alpha Process (Helium Fusion). Creates elements from carbon to titanium. 4 He + 12C 16O + (Gamma ray Light). 4 He + 16O 20Ne + (Gamma ray Light). 4 He + 20Ne 24Mg + (Gamma ray Light). » Silicon Burning Process (Fusion of Heavier Elements). C, N, O and S burning 2 He + 14Si 16S + 2He 18Ar + 2He 20Ca + 2He 22Ti + 2He 24Cr + 2He 26Fe + 2He 28Ni The entire silicon burning sequence lasts about one day and stops when nickel56 has been produced. The star has run out of nuclear fuel and within minutes begins to contract. The center of the star is crushed into either a neutron star or a black hole. » Elements Heavier than Iron. These elements are created from a number of processes that involve capturing or knocking out protons and neutrons. The Rapid Proton Capture Process creates elements up to Tellurium. Isotopes. If we assume that new elements are created by linking sanctuaries, then how are isotopes formed? They may be created with incomplete sanctuaries. The defective sanctuary is eroded from the outer edge to the inner core which represents the proton. When that is lost it becomes a new element. So electrons, then neutrons and then protons are stripped away.

Particle-Forces States Combining chemistry and physics we find a fluidity among the objects that create our universe similar to the states of matter in chemistry. This may account for some of the observations of string theory.
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Particles. The boards of the quarks and leptons always represent what we believe are always particles. Force-Particles. The material is interchangeable between forces and particles. » Force-Discrete Particles. The strong force and W forces have distinct pieces with fixed edges. » Force-Fuzzy Particles. The graviton layers are also both forces and particles, but the particles are not discrete objects, they have fuzzy edges that are probably indicative of the fact that they are radioative and the elements can decay from one structure to the next beside it. » Wave-Mass. The Strong force partial mass is not quite wave or mass but something in between that may be energy. Forces. Pure forces are the electromagnetic force and the "Z" force.

The Mishkan Model Solves The Unsolved Problems Of Physics. Wikipedia has at least two articles about the list of unsolved problems in physics.

Gravity. The standard model does not provide an explanation of gravity and it is incompatible with general relativity. The Mishkan model describes gravity in such a way that it is compatible with the theory of general relativity and quantum physics. Space is

 

modeled as a lattice grid and as woven fabric on which gravity is overlayed. Gravity itself is not woven like space-time, but can be compared to animal hide not linen cloth. Higgs Boson. It defines mass as several bosons that model each property of mass. Below are some of the concepts related to their concepts of what causes mass. » Electroweak Symmetry Breaking. What is the mechanism responsible for breaking the electroweak gauge symmetry, giving mass to the W and Z bosons? Their theory seems to suggest that breaking symmetry is the cause of mass. I can accept the concept that a difference in symmetry will cause the appearace of mass through a displaced center of gravity, I do not believe that it causes mass because symmetrical objects also have mass. » Neutrino Mass. The standard model says that neutrinos do not have mass, but experiments prove otherwise. The neutrino is "volume mass" but it is less because the forces acting on it are weaker than the strong force. » Neutrino Oscillation. What causes the neutrino to change between all three generations? As they move away from the strong force, the mass becomes less because a certain component of mass is based on the force acting on it, obeying the inverse square law. Proton Spin Crisis. The three main quarks of the proton account for about 12% of its total spin. Can the gluons as well as the "sea" of quark pairs that are continually being created and annihilated account for the rest? This is the first I have ever seen the term "sea of quark pairs". It is probably the 6x6 space inside the nucleus that is "Volume mass" created by the strength of the strong force. I would say that the extra spin is caused by the gluons and the sea quarks. The size of the virtual quark grid is 1.5x1.5 but each board only fills up 1.5x1 or 1.5x0.5. If we assume that the board width is 0.5 then each virtual space can be filled with 3 sea quarks. The total number of proton quarks is 6 and the total number of gluons and possible sea quarks is 8+51=59. This gives us about 9% (6/65). The sea quarks alone give us 12% (6/51). Because of the arrangement of the two back boards, the gluons themselves have their own virtual sea quark space that is 6 - 12 quarks minimum. So far the conclusion is that the sea quarks cause the rest of the spin if they fill up all the space. If they fill up 2/3 of the space then the gluons can provide the missing material. Dark Matter and Dark Energy. The fence and outer court possibly define dark matter C-P Problem. The W+ force violates both C and P, but the W- force only violates charge when in combination with W+. They have other asymmetries that contribute to charge asymmetry. » Strong C-P Problem. Why is the strong nuclear interaction unchangeable with respect to parity and charge? Perhaps I do not understand the problem because it seems obvious from this model and I thought they already knew that it was unpaired and has no charge. When it spins it may appear to be in the same position, but it is not. Confinement. Why has there never been measured a free quark or gluon, but only objects that are built out of them? This does not seem to be a problem with anything except instrumentation and theory. The grid size implies that quarks can be grouped in a maximum of three. Nevertheless, the sanctuary rules state that they can be taken apart

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into individual units when the sanctuary (atom) is disassembled. So perhaps the only time to measure them may be during a nuclear explosion in which no photons are generated. Supersymmetry and Hypothetical Particles. These do not exist. Grand Unified Theory. Theories that unify the standard model symmetries in this way are called Grand Unified Theories (GUTS) » Theory Of Everything. The mathematical unification of quantum field theory and general relativity. We were able to unify both mass and gravity and show many forms of symmetry and then show that the mathematical constants are also modeled. Extra Dimensions. Does nature have more than four spacetime dimensions? If I am to believe the information in my head, then spin is another dimension after motion. It may also have three coordinates. Every spiral in nature is evidence of this other dimension of information. Arrow Of Time. What do the phenomena that differ going forward and backwards in time tell us about the nature of time? How does time differ from space? According to the Mishkan space is modeled by the interior rooms and time is a series of parallel, consecutive pieces through which we move. Time itself is a two dimensional object in two layers. The folding of the eleventh panel tells us that one section of one type of time can be expanded or contracted. Inertial Mass/Gravitational Mass Ratio. According to the equivalence principle of general relativity, the ratio of inertial mass to gravitational mass of all elementary particles is 1. However, there is no experimental confirmation for many particles. Our model seems to say that only the fermions and the gluons and Z force have inertial mass (base). It is unclear if the ropes that hold down the weak force can be viewed as inertia. Everything has gravitational mass (rings) but only some have inetia. In the fermions and gluons the ratio for each individual particle is 4 rings : 2 bases. In the Jewish traditional count it is 2 rings: 2 bases per board. This ratio is possible in some particles if the ratio is related to quantum number and not actual mass. If all gold is gravitational mass then it is possible that the mass of gold plate is equal to the mass of silver bases. However, to function as bases that hold down the boards they should ideally be heavier than the boards. Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry. The universe does not have equal portions of matter and antimatter. Matter seems to exist in greater proportion. This is a problem with their theory, not the universe. The problem arises because they do not have the expected amount of antimatter that the Big Bang should have created. The asymmetry in the model might explain this phenomenon. If we assume that antimatter is the north pole and an equal amount of matter is in the south, then there are many other particles that are not organized along the poles but lie between and they have negative asymmetric partners which may not necessarily be antimatter. The Strong force and the volume mass of the two rooms are all unpaired, they may all fall under the definition of "matter". The weak forces straddle the two poles and are asymmetric. » In The Matter Stream: A matter of Perspective. In addition there is one better possibility. I am convinced that the lepton, quarks and gluons and their antimatter partners are all made from the same basic particle. Their appearance as different particles and matter or antimatter are all because of perspective (spin and location). So the

observance of more matter than antimatter is all a result of our location in relation to the spin of the rest of the universe. If we are going "against the tide" in this spin we will experience something different than if we are going with the tide. Even if we are going with or against the tide our perspective will also be different if we are looking ahead or behind or in different directions (angle of incidence?). Spin is the property that makes us perceive antimatter. We are currently spinning in the direction that matter is pointing. » Color Combination Theory. This theory is used to explain the strong force which has three charges. This can also explain why there is very little antimatter. The three primary colors produce three secondary colors. All colors produce white, but black is the absence of any color. So black is not a combination of anything while white includes all colors. If matter and antimatter are like white and black respectively, then all that exists is white because black does not really exist. Quarks In Groups. Why do quarks only appear in groups of three or two and leptons are solitary? In reality, leptons are always paired with antileptons but the argument seems to be concerned with matter only. The physical size of each board (quark) limits the packing of the quarks to a maximum of three particles. The same design space exists with the leptons, but they seem to be not as confined as the quarks. The reason is that the design is propagated from the smallest level to the atom. In the Most holy place, the design appears as three walls. It reveals that quarks are paired with antiquark with the strong force between them. In the holy place, there are two walls, there is no strong force between them to magnify the strong connection so only pairs of two exist. Quark Generations [Table 15.1] U DUDUD1 G U DUDUD 1 Three Generations. Why are G (+) G C S C S * X Anti 2 GC S C S C S 2 there only three generations? GTBTBTB3 G S B T * X * Quark 3 Are there more? The maximum G* x * x * x4 GCB * X * 4 number of generations may be a result of the previous G* x * x * x4 GT * X * - 4 arguments. However, looking GTBTBTB3 G*X* BTB 3 Quark at the 6 rows of empty space GC S C S C S 2 G GX * C S C S 2 between the matter and the G (-) U D U D U D U DUDUD1 1 antimatter wall, we can theorize that the top three are antimatter and the bottom three are matter. We have demonstrated that this appears to be the realm of sea quarks and electron neutrinos. We also speculated that closer to the center the particles are heavier and have a shorter life as they are more likely to annhilate each other. So, our conclusion is that there are three visible generations because the fourth generation is the region where annhilation occurs and the particles may not be detectable. The table on the right is the idealized representation of the four generations. The real representation is probaly with the fourth generation along the diagonal. Future Of The Universe. Is the universe heading towards a Big Freeze, a Big Rip, a Big Crunch or a Big Bounce? Is our universe part of an infinitely recurring cyclic model? Extreme Makeover: Planet Edition. Religion answers this question. The universe is stable. Our region is destined for a planned meltdown and recreation.

Beyond Particle Physics. Without the constant guidance of God I would not understand this subject because there is so much confusion and unnecessary complexity in the field. At a certain point, I learned to look at the Mishkan model to find particles with similar descriptions. A year ago I was unable to even understand the list of unsolved problems. Now, at this point I can describe a model that helps because this notion of fermions and bosons only are now too inadequate. Fermions appear to be in a continuous phase with different states. I will use chemistry to define the different states and functions of the quantum particles.
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Solid. The first generation quarks and leptons, "Z" force, gluons, photons, gravitational mass and inertia. Liquid. The W+/W- forces and gravity. Gas (Lattice Framework). The sea quarks, second and third generation quarks and leptons. Separate Models Table 16.1 Particle Physics Electrodynamics Chemistry Astrophysics DNA

Mishkan Layers And Other Mishkan Patterns It was difficult to understand the physics until I looked at the Mishkan and guessed what certain objects were, then I went back to search the physics for each particular pattern. I cleared up a lot of confusion when I realized that physics might be broken up into different layers of models in the same way that chemistry and physics are two complete and separate but interrelated Mishkan models. Chemistry and higher layers have different "fermions and bosons" but they have the same properties as the physics. e.g. There is an equivalent to the electromagnetic force in every model.

1 2 3 4 5

Light And The Electromagnetic Spectrum. On 21 December 2008, God revealed this when I had a chance to obey God and "study physics". I chose optics as the first system to study because He created light on the first day. This is when I learned about the two angles that formed a rainbow and I instantly knew what He was trying to teach me and for the first time I had a mathematical proof, not an analagous one of science in the Bible. So I became certain that He would show me the Periodic Table in the Torah as He had promised almost two years ago. I obtained that knowledge less than 24 hours later. The principles of physics are seen in the way God describes the role of light in the Plan of Salvation. From the very beginning of creation, the first thing that was done was to use light to dispel the darkness. Light: The Colors of God. In the "Colors of God" lesson we demonstrate how color was used as a symbol in the bible. We show that sin is described as darkness because it is the absence of any of the colors of light or any of the attributes of goodness. We showed that God will remove sin by bringing back light in several stages in the order of the rainbow. He begins with the color red, the symbol of the sacrifice of Christ. He ends with the color purple where all the righteous are now priests. We show through color combination science how the meaning assigned to each primary color in the bible mixes perfectly to create a secondary color whose meaning is also a

blend of the meaning of the primary color. When all colors are mixed then the universe will be perfect, a place of pure light. Porpoise Goat Multi-Colored Blue Linen Curtain Ram Skin Dyed Red Hair Ionizing Nonionizing Radiation Radiation Short wavelength Violet Indigo Blue Green Yellow Orange Red Long wavelength 580 660 680 75010- 400- 410 430 460 570 100km<0.003 30cm-1mm .003 10 1mm 1mm Visible Light (400-700 nanometers) XRadio Gamma UV 40º 42º Infrared Microwave Ray wave White Violet Indigo Blue Green Yellow Orange Righteousness Priests Law Kingdom Character Trials Table 15.1 Most Holy Place Holy Place (Now) (Heaven) Red Black Life, Sacrifice Sin Outer Court (Before Christ)

An Amazing Similarity. This evidence is based on an analogy. It is obvious that the God of the Hebrews knew about the theory of color combination. How? How did they know that all colors create white light and that black is the absence of colors? All they had was candle light and wood fire. They did not have pure colored light to mix together. Mixing pigments would not have produced white. It was only in 1666 that Sir Isaac Newton discovered that sunlight was made from all colors. The fact that white is a mixture of all colors would take a leap of thinking. Surely red cannot produce white! The fact that black is the absence of all colors would take a leap of thinking and be impossible to demonstrate. Optics: The Rainbow. After a flood destroyed the whole earth God placed the first rainbow in the sky as a sign of the covenant of peace. He will not destroy the earth by water again. The Covenant of Mercy and Peace. God said, "This is the sign of the covenant which I am making between Me and you and every living creature that is with you, for all successive generations. I set My bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a sign of a covenant between Me and the earth. It shall come about, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow will be seen in the cloud, and I will remember My covenant, which is between Me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and never again shall the water become a flood to destroy all flesh. (Genesis 9: 12-15) It had never rained in the 1656 years before the flood. Therefore it was impossible for a rainbow to form because water is needed in the sky to create the effect. So, that part of the story is scientifically correct. But here is an incredible part of the rest of the story. Primary rainbows are created when light bends between the angles of 40º and 42º. Red appears at 42º and blue at 40º. The rest of the colors appear in between. This is remarkable because of the meaning of the

numbers 40 and 42 and the colors red and blue. Optics: The Rainbow in the Sanctuary. The ten panel colorful fabric covering with the blue background is draped in an arc over the top and two sides of the sanctuary in the same way that the rainbow forms an arc. The rainbow covenant incorporates both the series of actions in the Plan of Salvation and the time given to take us from wickedness to righteousness.

Fabric Dimensions. The dimensions incorporate both the length of a solar and lunar month and the range of angles in the rainbow. A rainbow is only formed between the angles 40º and 42º.  Red (42º). There are 30 days in a solar month. The wicked are given 42 periods of time before judgment is given. Red symbolizes giving blood as the punishment for the sins of the wicked. » Red Ram's Skin Layer. This symbolizes the covering over the wicked with the blood of life. » Goat's Hair Layer (30 by 42 cubits). This symbolizes the wicked dimensions.  Blue (40º). There are 28 days in a lunar month. The righteous are given 40 periods of time. Blue symbolizes the law. The righteous keep the law. » Blue Linen Layer (28 by 40 cubits). The righteous dimension combines both the color and the measurements. Fabric Coverings. The roof of the fabric is constructed of several layers. The first two inner layers are constructed of parallel strips of material falling down in a semicircle over the sanctuary. This arrangement is similar to the strips of colors in the rainbows seen as a semicircular arc by humans. The porpoise skin is on the outside. It is usually pictured as black. The scriptures did not describe a color. It represents the lack of color outside the rainbow color system. The ram's skin dyed red is the next layer, representing the fact that in a primary rainbow, the red color is on top. The blue linen fabric with purple and red decorations is at the bottom representing the fact that it is the blue colors with purple that wrap around to red that are at the bottom of a primary rainbow and blue is the color of the sky. This means that the ram skin must be some shade of yellow or tan. » Ten Panels. This suggests that the perfect color palette consists of ten colors.

Dimensionless Values. Accepting numbers can be a tricky undertaking. For example, in measurements only values measured in cubits would be acceptable, not centimeters or inches. Therefore, forty cubits is significant but not forty miles. However, in this case, angles are based on the circle of 360º which appears to be a universal standard. The Unanswerable Question ("The Rainbow Connection"). The rainbow is not just a pretty object in the sky, its optic features coincide with the symbols of scripture. In a remarkable way God has combined the symbols that indicate the time given to the righteous and the wicked with the actions that represent both extremes. The numbers 40 and 42 have been written in the law for thousands of years. The Plan of Salvation starts with the death of Christ as He paid the price for the wicked. It ends with the righteous who will keep the laws of God. Is it a coincidence that the rainbow incorporates all the meanings from a mathematical to an aesthetic level?

» Rainbow. God introduced the rainbow as a religiously based object, not a phenomenon of science laws. So the atheist scientist would say, "Duh! God! The rainbow appears because sunlight is refracted by drops of water." But God would say, "Duh! Scientist! I needed to establish my covenant as a law so I created a system that never existed before in order to demonstrate that spiritual law through physical laws. I instituted rain so that I could place a rainbow in the sky as a covenant to all humanity." The Electromagnetic Spectrum. This is presented as a straight line going from long radio waves to the short ionizing waves with both ends stretching to +/- infinity. The visible light in the middle of the spectrum is a straight progression from red to violet. However, the visible light can be represented as a circle in which colors can be mixed to form a color in between and complementary colors are opposite each other on the circle. This causes red and blue to create violet/magenta and a loop. How can this be explained or modeled? Black Hole Arms Theory: The Alpha Spectrum. If we look at the Radio Waves Yellow sanctuary model, we can arrange the electromagnetic spectrum in the shape of the letter alpha. The visible Red Alpha light forms the loop, and green is at the western end. Spectrum The ionizing/radioactive waves are in the southern arm - Green White Table 16.2 and the long radio waves are in the northern arm. These waves correspond to the radioactive and Ionizing Blue Violet magnetic pattern in the periodic table. Radiation Inside the circle the light is white. Outside the circle it Black Hole Arms is black. This is why the Most Holy Place of the Invisible sanctuary is the carrier of light and the black hole Visible Light Radiation appears black to those looking on the outside. Theory: Complementary Waves. Is there a complementary relationship between the radio waves and the radioactive waves opposite each other on the alpha spectrum? Is the spectrum designed like a braid so that it is looped at regular intervals like the visible spectrum? Can mixing these frequencies affect radioactive decay rates or expose new relationships? Theory: Linear Systems (The Number Line or Number Spectrum). Null It is more logical to view every linear system in this 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 + Infinity manner. The number line should have a "C" shape. This models the relationships accurately and probably 0 Anti-Null? (Set Theory, Integral) Table 16.3 - The Number Curve shows how "Null" is related to the other numbers. Positive numbers represent one boundary and negative -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 - Infinity numbers represent the opposite boundary and fractions Null are the space in between each number. However, we may have also demonstrated a region of something that is neither positive nor negative numbers, nor fractions but is definitely not null. It is the region of space where numbers are creatively

combined into sets or other unrecognized configurations. I know that God is going to show me something about new math but I do not know if this is related to it. Black Holes The Milky Way has a black hole in Saggitarius. Scientists Arms now believe that there may be a black hole at the heart of Black every galaxy. A magnetic field around the black hole Hole - Explosive Jets Cavity sends out huge jets as vast amounts of objects fall into the Table hole and literally choke it. The objects that do not go in 16.4 are vomited out as explosive jets of energy. Arms When a black hole spews energy out it creates a massive cavity between two arms that looks like the cavity in the Black Hole Objects Spewed Out Holy Place. The X-Ray signature looks like the merging of the Most Holy Place of two sanctuaries with the Holy Place at opposite ends and a stream of light emerging from the Most Holy Place. Theory: Merging Nucleii. Perhaps this is a model of how atoms combine to create new atoms and merge their nucleii and orbits. Within the Holy Place itself, when the Shekinah glory was gone from the sanctuary, the Most Holy Place was a very dark place because there was no source of light in it. Theory: Massive Torroidal Well. Is the black hole the center of a torroid? In our model this would mean that a strong force exists on the inside and the equivalent of the Z force exists on the event horizon. This means that the hole is asymmetrical on either end. Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Observations of the motion of planets show that the total mass of all we see cannot account for the amount of gravity and mass that we observe. It is estimated that we can only account for 15% of gravity and 4% of matter and energy. So the missing energy and gravity is attributed to an invisible substance called dark energy and dark matter. More than one particle could account for this phenomenon. In our sanctuary model of particle physics these are possibilities.

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Fence (Fabric And Posts). It has the properties of gravity and it appears to exist far away from the Mishkan. These objects could be dark matter fermions which should be weaker than the quarks and leptons. Fence (Ropes and Rings). Dark Matter Bosons equivalent to the electroweak force. Fence Gate. Dark matter boson equivalent to the Z force. Outer Court. We have already theorized that this could be the dark energy in the form of "Volume mass". Ground Foundation. The sanctuary was built on the foundation of bare earth in the land of Israel. This makes it part of a massive pre-existing structure. Two Layers (Gravity). The outer two layers of the roof are dimensionless and may represent the fabric of space. They help to hold the light in the sanctuary. It is possible that only one layer is gravity.

Other Mishkan Atomic Relationships There are other laws associated with the sanctuary that appear to describe the properties and relationships of these subatomic particles.

 

A Thermal Engine. The sanctuary resembles the THot QHot design of a heat engine. The north and south poles Work ("W") are the hot and cold poles. QHot and QCold are in the Table 16.5 Most Holy Place. THot and TCold are in the Holy TCold QCold Place. "W" (Work) might represent the actions of the high priest. Thermal Engine The Twelve Tribes (6 Quarks and 6 Leptons). The tribes were camped in a specific order around the sanctuary outside the region where Levi camped. The bible may describe the specific properties of each particle through each son, even indicating a binary particle. » Four Sons of Levi. The tribe of Levites were camped next to the sanctuary so that they prevented the wrath from "bursting out upon the other tribes". This appears to define two layers or orbits which are related to nuclear containment. Disassembling the Sanctuary. The sanctuary had specific rules for disassembly and transportation which may be related to the processes of nuclear decay and containment. The Marching Order of the Tribes. These laws possibly describe nuclear decay reactions and the order in which the particles are released. » Orientation. They also point to a preferred orientation. Nature prefers left handed stereoisomers and it may prefer an anti-clockwise rotation. The Tefillin and Its Straps. The sanctuary is a model of this object. The Most Holy Place is the cubic shaped box and the straps are the walls of the Holy Place, circling like the electrons in an orbit. A Natural Wormhole. There is a natural one-way path from the northeast to the southwest corner of the sanctuary. In this place, time is accelerated or the normal passage of time does not apply. Other Unknown Forces. There are other forces predicted by the model. The blue linen curtains in the doorway, the fence with its posts, bases, linen walls and gates. The rings, loops and blue cord that hold the roof panels together. The square gold clips that bind the boards together and the bases that hold the boards in place.

The Sanctuary Furniture. What does the furniture have to say about chemistry and physics and what does the sciences say about these religious objects? In the north and south, the furniture and the walls seem to represent opposite attributes. This would seem confusing unless we look at it as a layering of different charges.

The Table of Shewbread (Magnetic). Located on the north wall are the objects and events that will draw humans to God. Christ, lifted up on the cross outside the north gate, will free mankind for God from slavery to sin in our bodies. Eating the bread and wine must also be a way to be drawn to Him because in doing this we become a part of Him. » North Wall (Radioactive). Here were all the symbols related to chaos, death and rest. Yet, He was lifted up on the cross where He said He will "draw all men to Himself".

 

The Menorah (Radioactive). On the south wall is the object that brings light. This is what the prayer in Gethsemane did, by bringing reconciliation with God and the new beginning. » South Wall (Magnetic). In the south was the Garden of Gethsemane where He gave the blood that reconciles us with God. Here He brought heaven and earth together and settled the enmity. The Altar of Incense (Z Force - Veil). It opens the doors to heaven which are already seen as a porous portal. The Ark of the Covenant. God sits in the north on His throne (the ark). So His right hand is west. » Angel On The Right (Strong Force). Jesus Christ is the God who sits at the right hand of God the father. He is the Strong Force, the one whom the scriptures say holds things together. He is also the creator and this is seen in all the life elements of chemistry being similar to the strong force (carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen). Jesus Is The Strong Force. For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities -- all things have been created through Him and for Him. He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. He is also head of the body, the church; and He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, so that He Himself will come to have first place in everything. (Colossians 1: 16-18) Before He left the earth He said that if He did not leave the Holy Spirit could not come. This may indicate that the Holy Spirit took over the duties of the Strong Force. » Alone. The strong force is unpaired but all other particles are paired, matter with the mirror image antimatter and weak forces with asymmetric partners. In front of the strong force is the quark sea created by this force. All of this reminds us of the winepress that He treads alone. It reminds us too that while there is a legitimate matter-antimatter pair, there can never be a legitimate Christ-Antichrist pair. » Angel On The Left (Z Force - Columns). This force holds the sanctuary structure together and it is a doorway between heaven and the church. It could represent Jesus as the High Priest and intercessor, or it could represent the Holy Spirit who is the other intercessor who is tasked with staying with the church.

Astrophysics. After showing me how the sanctuary is a model of the periodic table, God put this picture in my head. This was how I knew to make the structure into a special ball with a hole down the center. I later found a name for this structure when I saw the same picture and I added the loops for the "F" block. Torroidal Coordinate System

Spherical Model of the Periodic Table. FIgure 17a Block Orientation. The layout of each section of the sanctuary Row 1 is perpendicular to the might give a clue about their orientation in space. Knowing other rows and forms the two how the boards and fabric were aligned with respect to each poles other, I tried to orient the two dimensional table in these

directions and discovered two versions of a globe and the atom!

    

Cylinder. To create this model, first fold the "S" and "P" blocks into a cylinder. There are two possibilities.  Creation Model. Place group 1A next to 8A.  Sanctification Model. Place period 1 next to 7. Magnetic Poles. Place period 1 in the center with hydrogen in the north and helium south. Sphere. Form a sphere by constricting the north and south poles. Door. Fold the doors together so that the five pillars are next to the four pillars. Figure Eight. The "F" Block creates a bulge in opposite directions when the doors are folded together. Rainbow Covering. The "D" block is floating at a distance outside the lower half of the sphere. Theory. The "D" and "F" blocks must represent structures outside the earth since the "S" and "P" blocks represent the basic earth. Theory. The outer court represents the surface of the earth where anyone can exist. The fence around the sanctuary represents a border around the earth, outside all the blocks.

This folding creates some challenges and reveals certain properties of atoms and planets.

Magnetism. The current theory is that earth's magnetic field is caused by a core of iron. This model appears to give one cause for magnetism in all planetary bodies. Law: A Cause of Magnetism. Our model says that the composition of the core of our earth is hydrogen in the north pole and helium in the south pole because the symbol that shows the arrangement of the elements at the creation of the earth says so. Knowing that there was a magnetic field that radiated from the poles I assumed that the cause must be based on helium and hydrogen. I went searching blindly for evidence because physics is not my field. I discovered that Saturn has a huge magnetic field and it is made from a metallic hydrogen core and liquid helium ocean! Wow I proposed a theory to myself and five minutes later I find evidence. Theory: Composition of Earth's Core. The earth's core and magnetic field may not be based on iron, but helium and hydrogen. So if there is solid hydrogen in the inner core and liquid helium in the outer core under great pressure then we have our magnet. Round Objects. Law: The Earth is Round. Since there is one element at both ends of an unknown structure pulling at each other from north to south and also having six rings of eight elements around it, I concluded that the shape could be a cylinder or a sphere or a bullet. Since the sanctuary is a model of creation I made a leap of faith and assumed that the "S" and "P" block formed a globe that represented the actual shape of the earth. The sanctuary represents this by having those elements as a separate room called the Most Holy Place. Prophecy: The Earth is the Sanctuary. This is prophetically also correct because earth will become the Most Holy Place at the end of time when God moves His dwelling

place to the earth. Bible students should be pleased to see that from a scientific point of view the earth is the ultimate model of the sanctuary because it was designed with the attributes of the sanctuary and it will become the final home of God and the center of all universes. Spherical Constriction. How can a sphere be formed when the elements get increasingly larger? Theory: Constriction of Heavier Elements. Since the elements after period one get increasingly heavier and larger in circumference, the logical model is a bullet. However if it forms a sphere, the heavier and fatter elements must constrict or tighten up like an elastic band.

Law: Lanthanide and Actinide Contraction. Moving from left to right across the period in increasing atomic number, the radius of each lanthanide ion steadily decreases. So, amazingly the fatter the element the tighter its belt! Again I found an impossible feature because the model supported that configuration, so I did some research on the rare earth metals and found the unique solution.  "D" Block Mystery. Every row of every block except "D" is represented by the same symbol of the same size, a board. Each row of the "D" block is represented by a different type of fabric with increasing size. God has not explained this phenomenon to me yet. By 2010 I have concluded that this represents the variation in valence. Three Dimensional Periodic Table 3-D Model 1: Creation Model of the Periodic Table. Sanctuary Model
 

Period (1-7). Runs from the north pole to the south pole. Hydrogen and Helium (Magnetic Poles). They are represented as being at the poles of the magnet with the ability to travel down the hole between the poles. The separation of the two boards at either end of the sanctuary with nothing in between pointed to a core with only helium and hydrogen. "S" and "P" Blocks (1-8). They go around the circumference of the earth with period 1 at right angles to period 2-7. » Time (Watches of the Night). The blocks Figure 17b divide the earth into eight parts, four for day and four for night. According to the Jews there were four watches at night. Obviously the day also had four watches, but they divided these up into smaller increments called hours. There were 12 hours in the light portion of the day. "D" Block. This block runs from just above the equator to the south pole and outside the sphere. » Valence Shells. In this arrangement the "D" outer shell (Group 1B to 8B) is opposite the corresponding positive shell in the "S" and "P" block (Group 1A to 8A). » Rainbow. The model also correctly represents the rainbow as a circle when seen from above.

"F" Block. It is 175% greater than the circumference of the earth (14/8). If the ratios mean anything it must represent some limit at that distance beyond the earth. It also exits and returns to the periodic table at the same point with almost all charges being stable at (+3). This could only be represented by a loop that looks like the geomagnetic fields. This outer structure could be a representation of what God calls the "firmament above the earth". Outer Rings (4 External Bars and 1 Internal). There are five bars that hold the boards together on each side. The center bar passes through the middle of the boards and the other four are threaded through rings on the exterior of the board. These appear to represent something about the nuclear bonds. » Four External Bars. The maximum possible number of outermost electron rings is four. s2, f14, d10, p6 » One Internal Bar. This must represent the forces within the nucleus that hold the system together. » Geographical Lines. They also represent the lines of latitude and longitude. The center bar is the equator. But because it runs through the center of the sanctuary boards and not through rings like the other four bars it could also be a representation of the magnetic line at the center between the north and south pole. » Magnet and Electricity. The boards and the bars Figure 17c2 are oriented perpendicular to each other. Together The Pillars of The Earth they form the classic coil and current model. The current eminates from the boards running north to south. Pillars of the Earth. The bible uses this phrase and it has become a part of the mythological model of the earth. Now we can see where they are positioned since we know that the sanctuary is a three dimensional globe. The four pillars and four external bars are part of the same surrounding structure that are the structural support for the sphere.  4 Pillars. There are four pillars between the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place. In the model they are at the postion running from period 1 to 7 and 1A to 8A. So they run along the four directions north to south and east to west.  5 Pillars. There are five at the entrance to the Holy Place. In the model they are represented at the end of the "D" and "F" block and seem to represent a structure outside the "D" and "F" ring, not within the globe. The center pillar is the same structure as the bar that ran between the boards and the other four pillars are the four external bars. They function the same as the five bars but they allow objects A Mythological Model

Figure 17c1

to pass through. They may represent the "gates" in the east through which God enters. From particle physics we know that these are forces which hold the atom together. 3-D Model 2: Sanctification Model of the Periodic Table. This is the model in the two dimensional table above. It is chemically clean and perfect. Two Dimensional Periodic Table  Period. They go from east to west. Chemically Sanctuary Model the model is also perfect because the "B" groups line up with their magnetic opposites in the "A" group. » Time (Days). The seven periods around the circumference represent the seven days of the week.  Groups "S" and "P". They go from north to south.  Group "D". It runs from north to south, from period 4 to 7.  Group "F". It goes from north to south, from period 6 to 7.  Covering. Although group D only covers row 4 to 7, yet the sanctuary represents it as covering Figure 17d over all rows. What does this mean? The "D" block covers the entire earth making the rainbow a covering over the whole earth, not just the lower half. In this orientation as a separate structure parallel to the earth, all the earth will be exposed to the rainbow because it will rotate pass this block. In that sense the rainbow will shine on all the earth and so will the "F" block.  The People. The outer court represents the surface of the earth where people live, standing on the sanctuary earth. If that is the case, why is there no covering over the outer court to represent the atmosphere above? The answer lies in the fact that the sanctuary represents the covenant and spiritual truth.  Righteous (Have A Covering). Only the righteous priest can go into the covered sanctuary and the goal of God is for everyone to become priests. So the righteous are guaranteed a covering. In fact, the covenant states that the righteous can remain on the land "as long as the heavens remain above the earth".  Sinners (Have No Covering). The wicked are not guaranteed a covering. In fact, when God separates both groups and leaves the unburied wicked on the surface of the earth, the first thing that occurs is that the heavens are torn away. So the uncovered outer court accurately represents the place where the wicked live. The fence around the outer court must represent gravity which keeps them bound to the earth.

The Model of the World. Which of these models is correct? Both have a problem related to religious laws, not to science. The surprising answer revealed a prophecy and to understand it requires us to understand more religious symbols. Sanctuary As A Universe Scale Model. Now we will prove what each item represents in our universe using the description of the item and the dimensions. By looking at the relative sizes or the properties of the blocks we may determine what they represent. Here are the rules. We will use the number of boards that represent the diameter of the earth as the basis of our scale. Since we cannot compare boards as a unit of measurement in the fabric structures such as block "D" and the fence in the outer court, we must use the unit that is common to both system - the cubit. One board is 1.5 cubits wide. Six boards (9 cubits) represents the diameter of 12,752 km. Therefore one cubit represents 1417 km. We will use ratios to compare objects of comparable distance and size in the sanctuary and in the atmosphere.

"S and P" Block ("Earth"). The Most Holy Place is the earth, represented by both blocks. "S" Block ("Inner Core"). It clearly runs down the center of the globe. It is either one sixth the diameter (2126 km) or 1/3 (4252 km), depending on how we view the two boards. "D" Block ("Ionosphere and Troposphere"). Since they are colorful and represent the rainbow and directly touch the roof they must be the upper atmosphere. The section that

Table 18.1 Dimensions Sanctuary Earth Earth Block Boards BR Km ER Km Diameter P 6 or 8 2 12,752 2 12,752 Inner Core S .17 0.2 0-1220 21261-2 1220Outer Core S .33 4252 0.55 3480 Linen, Birkeland Current Thickness of Layers Goat 28 x 40 » Troposphere D Linen 0.0028 0-18 cubit 30 x 42/44 » Ozone D Goat 0.0031 15-20 cubit 0.04Ionosphere D Ram 241-643 0.1 Ring Current Bar 3-5 19,128Geostationary Orbit 5.61 35,790 19,128Van Allen Radiation Belt 3-12 76,512 637 » Inner Belt F 7-14 1.17 7,500 .1-1.5 9,564 19,128» Outer Belt F 7-14 2.33 15,000 3-10 63,760 70,000Magnetosphere 10-25 159,250 Fence Width » Main Field 5.6 35,790 15 95565 (50) Fence Length 127420 » Tail 11 70,136 20-25+ (100) 159250 Radii Ratios ER = Earth radii. BR = Board Ratio

covers the Most Holy Place is 20 cubits. That is the surface of the earth. The section that covers the Holy Place is also 20 cubits. This is the inner radiation belt which is about 010% larger.  Porpoise Skin, Dimensionless ("Deep Space"). This outer layer may have been dark and so represents the dark outer space. The fact that it had no dimensions represents the limitless outer space. The Most Holy Place was very dark. Its only light was the shekinah glory of God.  Red Ram Skin Cover, Dimensionless ("Geostationary Orbit"). Practically speaking the maximun dimensions could only be 50 cubits long and 30 cubits wide. Geostationary Orbit is at 50 cubits. » Geostationary Orbit (35,790 km). 50 cubits represents about 35,427 km on either side of earth. At this orbit it only takes three satellites to see the whole earth. This is the all seeing distance of the Trinity and is a representation of the throne of God sitting over the earth because heaven is His throne and earth is His footstool. The width of the fence and the length of the ram skin covering extend to this distance. The red color and the obvious symbol of the Trinity represents the mercy seat. From here the Trinity watches over the earth for good like three satellites. The red color could indicate the infrared radiation in this part of space.  Goat's Hair Cover ("Stratosphere and Ozone Layer"). This layer is 30 cubits wide, 44 long (folded to 42 or 40) and has eleven panels. 30 is the solar month and 11 is the periodicity of the 11 year solar cycle. The function of ozone is to protect us from ultra violet radiation from the sun. This is the same function as the goat used for a sin offering, protecting us from the wrath of God. This is the mercy seat. Ozone (O3). O2 represents the person who is in companionship with the Holy Spirit. O3 represents the Trinity. Later we will see the role of oxygen as one that represents the righteous (those who have life). Theory. If the ozone represents this layer, then it must also have parallel lines and arcs.  Blue Colorful Linen Curtain (Rainbows, Aurora and Colored Lights in the Troposphere"). This layer is 28 cubits wide, 40 cubits long and has ten panels. 28 is the lunar month. Theory. If eleven is a periodicity of the Sun, perhaps ten is a periodicity of the Moon. I found a cycle of the moon called the minimum and maximum extremes. It takes 9.25 years for the moon to reach one extreme and 18.5 years to go through the whole cycle. Since it is under the ozone layer it must be the weather layer. The ten panels in this layer are the ten commandments carved on a blue stone. The blue color of the sky represents the blue stone under the mercy seat and the blue sky. » Rainbow Curtain. They form an arc shape and have parallel lines of color like the rainbow. » Aurora Curtain. They are described as curtains running east to west because of folds called striations, the arcs they form, and the glow of diffuse light arranged in parallel rays that follow the magnetic field.

» Global Wind Systems. They seem to be contained in parallel rows like the fabric roof. The folding of the fabric along the sides represent the downward flow of the air. Nature Observed. Although this section in the "D" block relied heavily on subjective comparisions to make a point, yet the number of observations and the mathematical relationships takes the evidence to a higher level.

"F" Block ("Magnetosphere"). Space is magnetic and radioactive like these blocks. Since they are all the same charge, they may be represented as coming out of the earth and looping back to the same point in the shape of an oval. This is the shape of the earth's magnetic field. At a length of 14, it is 233% the diameter of the earth, that is 15,000 km. If we consider that the 14 might represent a loop then the minimum distance is 7500 km. The Van Allen Radiation belts lie within the geomagnetic field, within our calculated range of 7,500 to 15,000 km.  Outer Van Allen Radiation Belt. The size is 3 - 10 earth radii and is more intense at 4-5 earth radii.  Inner Van Allen Radiation Belt. The size is 0.1-1.5 Earth Radii (700-10,000 Km). Linen Fence (Gravity and Geomagnetic Field). It is 100 x 50 cubits. The sanctuary is placed closer to the western wall where the Most Holy Place is. In there was the glory of the Lord like the Sun. At this location the western end is compressed within the outer court and the eastern end is elongated and open. Magnetic Field and Radiation Belts Figure 18a

» Bullet Shaped Field (70,000 km). 100 cubits represents 70,800 km. The geomagnetic field Most Holy Holy Place holds in the radiation belt. It is bullet shaped and Place about 3-12 earth radii in size. It is compressed on the Sun side and elongated on the other side. » Rings. The parallel lines of the boards and the strips of fabric in the roof form a series of rings. The two lower roof fabrics each have fifty rings in the center joined together by a blue cord. Each board has four rings on the outside holding bars which help to support the outer structure. The parallel boards and fabric panels all seem to represent rings also. These could represent the ring currents in the magnetic field. Quoting an article from Wikipedia, "The ring current strengthens the field on its outside, helping expand the size of the magnetosphere". The Magnetosphere. Magnetic Fields and Currents

The magnetosphere is confined by magnetic and electric forces that are much stronger than gravity. Notice how the parallel lines of the boards and the panels in the curtain represent the lines of the magnetic fields and currents. The way the fabric folds over the structure also represents the flow of the currents. These are the types of currents in a magnetic field as described by the article on the Magnetosphere in Wikipedia.

1. Main Field (2 Extra Boards). The dipole internal field of the Earth caused by electric currents in the core. 2. Ring Currents (Center Bar and Holy Place Boards). A band of currents circulating clockwise around the Earth in the equatorial plane carried by plasma trapped in the dipole field around Earth It is responsible for shielding the lower latitudes of the Earth from magnetospheric electric fields. » Lower Latitudes. We have already shown how the two rows of the "F" block positions this feature as a bowl in which the earth is sitting. » Rings. The bars and 184 rings that hold them like a ring around the sanctuary symbolize the ring currents. 3. Magnetopause Currents (Red Ram Skin and Porpoise Skin). The field confining the Earth's plasma and magnetic field inside the magnetospheric cavity. The currents responsible for it flow on the magnetopause, the interface between the magnetosphere and the solar wind. 4. Tail Currents (North-South Walls). The magnetotail consists of twin bundles of oppositely directed magnetic fields directed earthwards in the northern half of the tail and away from Earth in the southern half. 5. Birkeland Currents (Linen and Goat's Hair Cover). This is a specific current in the Earth's field which flows from the magnetotail towards the Earth on the dawn side and in the other direction on the dusk side of the magnetosphere. When they reach the upper atmosphere, they create the aurora Borealis and Australis.  Double Layer (Linen (-ve) and Goat's Hair Layer (+ve)). Electrons moving along a Birkeland current may be accelerated by a plasma double layer. These are the magnetic signatures of two large sheets of electric currents each with opposite charges. Only two of the four layers are constructed with parallel strips of cloth and had a finite size. Anyone who knows about static electricity can recognize the opposite charges of the linen and wool in the two layers!  Energy From the Sun. The connection to the Sun is symbolized by the eleven panels of the goat hair layer which have the periodic attributes of the sun (eleven year sunspot cycles). It is now believed that 1000 years ago the time was 10 years, establishing the 10 to 11 period variability in this layer! Magnetic Ropes and Filaments

Figure 18b Most Holy Place Holy Place

Ropes or Filamentation (Ropes of the Tent). In 2007, NASA's THEMIS (Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms) project "found evidence of magnetic ropes connecting Earth's upper Figure 18c atmosphere directly to the sun," noting "that solar wind particles flow in along these ropes, providing energy for geomagnetic storms and auroras," The magnetic fields produced by the current pinches the current into a filamentary cable. This can also twist, producing a helical pinch that spirals like a twisted or braided rope. God said that He "stretched out heaven like a tent curtain". These are the ropes of that system. In the sanctuary, these are represented by ropes that hold the curtains and fabric roof and bars threaded through rings and as the blue cord threaded through fifty rings that hold the linen and goat's hair layers. Plasma (Firmament). I can only conclude that the plasma that glues everything together is the firmament or the fabric of the heavens on which God hung His creation.

The Unanswerable Question. In 1903, Kristian Birkeland visited the Arctic Circle to study the Aurora and discovered what is now called the Birkeland Currents. His ideas were ridiculed and scorned until the 1960's. Yet 3500 years ago, Moses built a model of the magnetic and electrical currents that were not only confined to earth, but reached into outerspace. No one believes he visited the north pole, much less understood what happens on earth, much less the distant heavens and thought this knowledge of such importance that he built a religion around it. He still gathered wood and beat olives to light lamps to maintain the religion symbolized by this extraordinary system. So how is this knowledge possible? Biblical Astronomy. In another lesson we show how God set up the heavens as a schedule and to indicate signs. » Signs From God And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years. (Genesis 1: 14) Table 18.2 7000 Years Spring Summer Autumn Winter Rest New Life Growth Judgment

The Signs in the Heavens Object Meaning Good Evil Enlarged Dark sun Sun God Blood Moon Church Full

Astronomy is God's sign language. moon moon The objects in the heavens are used to indicate a Falling sequence of events in the Plan of Salvation. Star Prophet New stars stars Therefore, they predict the future of the planet, not individuals. God uses the constellations to Green, Rainbow Covenant demonstrate the sequence of events and the signs Moonbow that will occur during those times. So the autumn Bright Collision Comet constellations are all signs of the judgment. Even Dark, White Cloud Revelation uses the same sign language. But, at Shape important moments in time when a new season begins, God uses the sun, moon and stars as signs that the current generation has reached a critical period in the schedule. The event may occur during one of the normal phases of the object, but to indicate that this is not a normal cycle God might perform a miracle with one of these heavenly bodies. For example, Christ died during a full moon. A full moon indicates the church shining at its brightest. However, during the crucifixion three hours of darkness occurred. A blood moon lunar eclipse is possible but a solar eclipse is impossible during a full moon so a miracle occurred. Psalm 18: 9 may indicate the physical actions that caused this miracle. God "bowed the heavens". He folded space and looped a magnetic field around the sun causing a giant sunspot on the sun. Or, He used a cloud of water to scatter light up and away from the earth, leaving only darkness under His feet. Therefore, with a miracle, the heavenly bodies indicated what was occurring. At the time the church, through Christ was performing its greatest act of righteousness, the church was martyred and that unjust event was judged as darkness for the world. The Unanswerable Question. The pink elephant in the room is mostly for people of faith who believe that they can use solar eclipse schedules to calculate the date of the crucifixion. How did a "solar eclipse" occur during the full moon at Passover? The dark day was a miracle! So there are other forces or laws or rare events that can cause a dark day. » Day and Night. The cycle of day and night existed from the beginning of creation, yet it will not exist in the new earth. Therefore the conclusion must be that day and night kind of time was instituted to teach spiritual laws through reliable physical laws. » Sun and Moon. The sun is symbolized as the light from God and the moon is the reflected light from God through the church. As such, the full moon represents the greatest reflected light of the church. Counterfeit Religion: Sun Worship. People started worshipping the symbols instead of using them to understand what God is doing and to recognize the signs of the times. Counterfeit Religion: Astrology. It is a fake science and religion because it claims to tell the future of individuals based on their birthday. Practitioners claim to have the ability to gave a daily plan based on the current location of the stars. It is both unscientific and bad religion. It is bad science because we can demonstrate that twins or strangers born on the same day do not have the same destiny. We can also show that the random predictions are simply random events that are no more likely to occur with one individual with one horoscope versus another with an alternate prediction. It is bad religion because it teaches that we have no choice, all our actions and future have been set in stone and we are merely actors on a great stage. If anything, the Plan of Salvation teaches that choice is such a valuable gift that God risked losing some of us to demonstrate the

consequences of bad choices. He also demonstrated that because He chose to forgive and start over we can alter our future, if we choose. Nature Observed: Suspended Animation. Over 3500 years ago, this writer knew that the earth did not rest on the backs of turtles or elephants and that it did not hang from a string. He proposed an impossible theory. The earth was suspended in mid air in an empty place (vacuum). That was a concept that makes no sense with what was observed and experienced by man. He stretches out the north over the empty place, and hangs the earth upon nothing. (Job 26: 7) Nature Observed: Round Earth. Over 2700 years ago Isaiah proposed another impossible theory. The earth was round. The flat earth society was still dominating scientific opinion 300 years ago. How could we exist on something round? Surely we would fall off! It is He Who sits upon the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are as grasshoppers; Who stretches out the heavens as a curtain, and spreads them out as a tent to dwell in. (Isaiah 40: 22) Nature Observed: Galaxies. The insight that each planet might be represented as an eye brings us back to the description of His throne by Ezekiel as a "wheel within a wheel full of eyes". These wheels were at different angles facing all directions. This is clearly a description of galaxies within galaxies which are apparently full of planets. Mathematics We have a separate lesson on the meaning of numbers in the Bible. That lesson is only for spiritual information and so far has not revealed anything particularly scientific. However, these spiritual numbers keep reappearing in nature. » The Numbers of Nature After recognizing what a process represents, I look for the details about the processes and physical design. The numbers and color are some of the details.
   

Trinity (3). Signs of the work of the Trinity appear everywhere in these microscopic natural processes. Sinner (6). Everywhere the number six occurs it is a story of the sinner and his or her actions. Judgment (5). Everywhere the number five occurs it is a process that involves judgment. New Creature (4)? After the judgment a new group of four emerges. This is the new information. Four represents a global event. The only hint we have of them in the New Testament are the four angels at the four corners of the earth. In the Old Testament, the importance was not as prominent as other numbers such as seven or twelve, but it could be seen in the four corners of the altar. » A Global Prophetic Movement. Now we see that the work of the Holy Spirit involves forming a four-sided structure. I have no other clue about what it is, but the structure keeps showing up in several systems. The best guess that I can make is that the following:  Global Witness. The witness of the Father, Holy Spirit, Son and the prophets will be a powerful global force at the end of time.

 

Tribes. In meiosis, it appears to be the distribution of the tribes into four different groups of people who will be saved and the four sides of the New Jerusalem.  Perfect Human. He or she will be a union of the four basic personalities. Male and Female (2). I was suprised at the repeated symbolism which demonstrates that the creative union of two opposites is a fundamental structure for all systems. Other Numbers (9, 12). These appear in nature in a scientific context that shows the religious meaning. There are twelve tribes, nine were directly responsible for the events of the crucifixion according to the symbols.

Time Mathematics. The sanctuary is a time piece or calendar. We create 6 Boards 14 Boards the time piece by folding the sanctuary into a globe as 1 we did above. Sun Moon This places the sun at the center because the shekinah 6+2 East 1 glory and the throne of God are in the Most Holy Place. The earth encircles the Sun because the earth 6 Boards 14 Boards will be the Most Holy Place. The moon reflects the Most Holy Place Holy Place sunlight and so it represents the role of the church. It Table 19.1 encircles the earth and Sun because the church will be in the Holy Place until it can be received into heaven.

Time Layers. Space-time is two layers of fabric which bend over matter, one magnetic and one radioactive.  Linen Layer (Lunar Time). 28 x 40 cubits with 10 panels. 28 days per lunar month and 40 periods of time is the limit for the testing of the righteous. Righteousness is pictured as a white linen garment. The church is pictured as the moon.  Goat's Hair Layer (Solar Time). 30 x 42-44 cubits with 11 panels representing the periodicity of the sun and the 30 day solar month. 42 periods of time is set aside for the punishment of the wicked. This time is "cut short" from a longer period. The Mishkan probably indicates that this is 44 periods.  Ram Skin Layer (Eternity). A dimensionless layer.  Porpoise Layer (Eternity). A dimensionless layer. When God taught me this in 2000 I saw normal time in relation to biblical time for the first time. In addition the natural bodies of the sun and moon matched their biblical and scientific attributes.

Judgments. God says that our "walls" are continually before Him. Jesus Christ described His body as a sanctuary that was torn down. Suppose each board is a discrete unit of time. Look at what happens to the righteous and wicked when their walls are removed.

Judgment 40 41 42 43 44 Righteous Wicked

Righteous Judged (40) [6 + 6 + 14 + 14]. North and south sanctuary boards and the length of the linen cover. When the walls are removed only the 8 boards on the west remain. Their Strong Force does not fall.  Wicked Judged (42 and 44) [1 + 1 + 6 + 6 + 14 + 14]. This is the north and south sanctuary boards and two extra boards. It is also the length of the goat's hair cover When their north and south walls are removed, the two back boards are also removed. Their Strong Force is undermined and their walls and their strong force falls. Either Jesus fails to support them or Satan proves to be a weak advocate. Calendar Time. This time is based solely on the movement of the earth (people) and the moon (church).  Week (7) [1 + 6]. The inclusion of one day from the two extra boards indicates the day that belongs to God, the Sabbath. The Sabbath is also covenant time according to our rules.  Month (28) [14 + 14]. 28 boards in the Holy Place. A time that belongs to man. This is why the month and the moon are a symbol of the church. With the folded sanctuary the month is like the "F" block circling the earth. This is the rotation of the moon.  Year (12 and 52) [6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 14 + 14]. 12 boards in the Most Holy Place. This is the total number of boards to enclose the sanctuary. This means that there are six imaginary boards on the eastern wall. » The Fourth Dimension. With the three solid walls of the sanctuary, we can see physical reality as three dimensions. By adding a fourth wall we have created the fourth dimension. This dimension is time and it is a year. It is no coincidence that "time" in the Bible is translated as "year", especially in prophecy. » Time Versus Eternity. A closed fourth dimension is worse than an open one. In eternity, the gates are always open and the time dimension has no end. So it is limited time that has a closed gate (east). Covenant Time. This time is based on the movement of the sun which symbolized God. This time is also encoded in the fabric roof and in the eastern structures. » The Land. The pattern indicates that when the east to west structures are included (two extra boards or the columns), then God intervenes. Also, when the nine columns are used, it involves the removal of the land. Remember that the columns symbolize the internal skeleton of the earth, so when they are removed the land collapses and rests.  Generation Judged (4). Number of columns at the Most Holy Place entrance.  Five Chances Until Final Judgment (5). Number of columns at the Holy Place entrance.  Land Sabbath (49). North and south sanctuary boards and nine columns.  Blue Linen Covering (28 X 40 Cubits). Righteous covenant time.  Goat's Hair Covering (30 X 42/44 Cubits). Wicked covenant time. Eternal Time. In the perfect world, the gates are always open and a solar eclipse is impossible but a lunar eclipse is still possible. A solar eclipse will be impossible because the earth and the source of the brightest light are in the same place. This is seen in the scientific design of time. It also agrees with what we know about eternity. Sin will never arise again, but it is possible for people to sin (lunar eclipse) although they will never do

it again. However, it is impossible for God to sin and it will be impossible for rebellion to misrepresent God again (solar eclipse). Pure Mathematics: Other Constants.
 

N = Focal Ratio or f-Number. The aperature numbering system for exposure times is a simple ratio of focal length to the diameter of the opening. It expresses the diameter of the entrance pupil in terms of the focal length of the lens. The standard F-stop scale is a sequence of the powers of the square root of 2 (1.414). It represents a halving of the light intensity from the previous number. Opening Decreases Aperature 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Value F-Number 1.4 2.0 2.8 4.0 5.6 8.0 11.0 Boards 14 20 28 40 56 80 110 6 (AV4) 8 Heaven 6 (AV3) 6 (AV2) 14 (AV5) Earth 14 (AV1) Holy Place East 0 Table 19.2

Most Holy Place » The Sanctuary As A Lens in the Eye of God. Notice how the numbers of the standard scale are one tenth the values on the borders of the sanctuary. Let us look at the sanctuary as a lens whose purpose is to magnify the light coming from God. This light from the sanctuary is represented by the shekinah glory coming from the ark of the covenant. » The Way of the Righteous. The prophecies of Ezekiel tells us to pay attention to the journeys of the righteous in the sanctuary. The focal numbers can be seen in the law about moving the sanctuary and people as they follow the light coming from the ark of the covenant. The tribes moved from east, south, west and north. In the north is the place where there is no light because the people prefer darkness and have even sought to dethrone God. In the west is the place where God's people finally live, they must walk through the land or circle the land before they possess it. In the south is where the people wait to be rescued. We represent this exodus by counting the total number of boards passed through in a fixed order.  East (0 Boards). There are no boards on this side.  South (14 + 6 Boards). o AV 1 (14 Boards). Count the first 14 boards in the south of the Holy Place. o AV 2 (20 Boards) [14 + 6]. Add the 6 on the south of the Most Holy Place.  West (8 Boards). This is the two extra boards and the six that make the wall. o AV 3 (28 Boards) [20 + 2 + 6]. Add the eight boards on the western face. After this point we rely on future prophetic events to determine the pathway.

North (40 Boards). Counting the rest gets more complicated because the pattern appears to represent the future journey of the righteous after the Second Coming and I have to guess what to do based on prophecy and the sanctuary rituals. » 3D Route. So I have decided to simply explain the count with the three dimensional model which best explains the pathway count. There are 14 steps for either of the north or south loops. There are 6 steps for travelling along the surface of one side of the ball between north and south. There are 2 steps for going down the center. » AV 1 to AV 3. So, beginning on the surface of the south pole we went 14 steps along the southern outer rings then once on the surface to the north then two steps down the center and 6 steps along the surface to the north to reach this point that completes one circuit around the Most Holy Place. Torroidal Coordinate o AV 4 (40 Boards) [28 + 6 + 6]. System A complete circuit around the globe completes the second circuit. o AV 5 (56 Boards) [40 + 2 + 0 + 14]. Make a circuit on the northern loop and one down the center. o AV 6 (80) [56 + 10 + 14]. Make two circuits around the globe to Figure 19a complete the fourth circuit. o AV 7 (110) [80 + 10 + 20]. Make two circuits around the globe to complete the sixth circuit. Then make a half circuit which will take us north. Normally, a processional circuit is made as an act of war combined with the act of walking throughout the land to claim possession. There are six circuits for six days and seven circuits on the Sabbath. After this, the thing being blockaded will crumble. Here we find a difference. We claim possession, but we do not destroy. On Sabbath we rest and simply make a journey from the south to the north to see God sitting on Mount Zion.

A lower focal length means a larger opening and more ability to gather light. It indicates that darkness will increasingly take over the world after God shined the greatest light in Christ. Fortunately, Revelation indicates that a special effort will be made to bring light into the world when God wakes us up from sleep and opens our eyes and removes the scabs of blindness.

Fibonacci Numbers (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, ...) . This is the series of numbers where the next number is the sum of the two previous numbers. Mathematicians have noticed that there is a regular pattern of numbers written in the efficient arrangement of spider webs, petals, leaves and trunks as they are arranged in larger and larger spirals. The existence of this phenomenon is a testimony to the presence of a designer and to a

natural law that appears to be based on beauty, not just efficiency. These numbers mostly appear in the Most Holy Place and in the measurements of the furnishings and those symbols that are connected with giving life to the people. Table 19.2 Number Table 19.2b [1 + 1 + 6] 41 = 1 + 6 + 6 + 14 + 233 [(4 * 48)] + 41] 14 [1 + 6 + 6] 41 = 1 + 6 + 6 + 14 + [1 + 6 + 14] 377 [(7 * 48)] + 41] 14 [1 + 1 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 14] 7 [(12 * 48) + 34 = 6 + 14 + 14 610 [(1 * 48) + 1 + 6] 34] 6 [(1 * 48) + 1 + 6 + 6 + 14 + [(20 * 48) + 89 27 = 1 + 6 + 6 + 14 987 14] 27] 144 [(3 * 48) + 0] [(33 * 48) + 13 = 1 + 6 + 6 n(48) + x . x is the set [±1, 1, 6, 6, 6, 14, 1597 13] 14] Each number in the set can only be [(53 * 48) + used once in a particular order. 40 = 6 + 6 + 14 + 14 2584 40] 4181 [(87 * 48) + 5] 5 = 6 - 1 [(140 * 48) + 45 = -1 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 14 + 6765 45] 14 [(228 * 48) + 2=1+1 10946 2] [(368 * 48) + 47 = 1 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 14 + 17711 47] 14 Between 144 and 1597 the multipliers of 48 were increasing by the next Fibonacci number The Periodic Table could theoretically have more blocks, but practically, the limit is four. Perhaps the Fibonacci numbers also have a practical limit in natural design. This is probably 144.
   

Number 8 13 21 34 55

Altar of Incense (1 x 1 x 2 cubits). Prayer and face to face communication with God. Altar of Sacrifice (3 x 5 x 5). The mercy seat has half the size (2.5 x 1.5 cubits). The Ark of the Covenant has half the size (2.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 cubits). Most Holy Place (8). The western wall has eight boards and blood is sprinkled eight times on the Ark of the Covenant on the day of Atonement. Tribes (13). There are actually 13 tribes, twelve and a spare who was not counted (the priests). » High Priest. Another relationship to the sanctuary is that the numbers that appear on the high priest are one less than the Fibonacci numbers (1, 2, 4, 7, 12, 20, 33). People (144). There will be 144,000 groups in the new earth. The final configuration in the new earth will consist of all these elements.

Boards. We can use the number of boards to calculate numbers after five just as we did with the focal number. The only rule is that we use each set of boards only once until we get 48. It takes 48 boards to build a sanctuary. The pattern is the multiple of the number of sanctuaries that can be built plus or minus some of the boards in a particular order. A spiral is created when walking this route.

I am sure that there could be another finite list of three numbers, other than multiples of 3 and 7, that can be used to calculate the Fibonacci numbers. But the fact is that this set of numbers, related to the creation, can do it by walking a spiral. » Golden Number (1.618033989). The golden number tends to be the ratio of consecutive Fibonacci numbers. The result approaches this value with larger numbers. The Fibonacci numbers appear in nature in spirals. Look at what happens if we make a clockwise or counter clockwise spiral out of the Most Holy Place along the boards. We pass through the numbers 1, 6, 6, 6, 14. 1 x 101 + 6 x 10-1 + (6+6+6) x 10-3 + (1+6+6+6+14) x 10-6 = 1 + 0.6 + 0.018 + 0.000033 = 1.618033 » Golden Number Reciprocal (0.618033989). Amazingly, the reciprocal is 1 minus the golden number. » The Sanctuary Rotations. The spiral rotations around the sanctuary are done once every day for six days and seven times on Sabbath. The pattern in the table above shows a pattern at seven and thirteen, then it seems to fall apart after that. Theory. The Fibonacci and Golden numbers are derived from the set of numbers [1, 6, 6, 6, 14, 14] and are related to spirals. - 2 1 10 9 3 4 17 35 53 85 117 18 36 54 86 118 11 12 19 20 37 38 21...30 39...48 Table 19.4 5 6 7 8

13 14 15 16 31 32 33 34 49 50 51 52

55 56 57...70 71...80 81 82 83 84 87 88 89...102 103...112 113 114 115 116

» A Natural Spiral (DNA Spiral). When the periodic table is viewed as a cylinder, the "S" block is the sides of the ladder and the "P" block forms a spiral as it progressively goes from one period to another in atomic number order. Every two turns the base of the spiral gets larger so that it finally looks like a tree or an upside down cone. Since this is the natural curvature of the spiral, then the spirals observed must be related to the Fibonacci numbers. In fact, we find that these numbers are clustered around the edge of the point where the spiral expands from one block to the next. The exceptions are 8 and 34 which appear about half way between the cycle. Applied Mathematics: Computer Science

» Call By Reference (Salvation by Faith - Change Me Directly). This is a direct transfer of values. In call by reference, a program passes the address or location of the value to be changed using a proxy symbol to store the address. These symbols are our rituals that mimic how we are participating in the actual program. At the end our values are changed directly by the function in charge of that change. » Call By Value (Salvation by Works - I Will Decide If I Want The Change). This is an indirect transfer of values. In call by value a program passes a proxy variable with a value assigned by the caller to a function that does not directly change the intended target because it does not know the address. Changing its value requires that the caller makes sure that the new value is passed on to the target. Anyone who knows programming recognizes that call by reference is more efficient than call by value. In addition, call by value may not change its intended target. The Unanswerable Question. If I have explained the concept well in the lesson on numbers, you have to admit that the substitutory and symbolic elements in the Plan of Salvation is a blue print for the principles of applied mathematics in computer programming. The blood of bulls and goats cannot wash away sin. God said so. Therefore religion is not a bunch of superstitious actions designed to enslave mankind. The Bible is not a book that was written by superstitious men and believed by crackpots. The religion of YHWH is a well thought out, logical expression of a brilliant scientific mind Who bases everything on irrevocable laws. Set Theory Law. God is guaranteed to be present if a particular set of people are present in a group. For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst. (Matthew 18: 20) Set theory also allowed God to treat the Gentiles differently without breaking His laws. So, by allowing the two groups to be one, the Gentiles must be treated like friends and brothers, not enemies. Counterfeit Religion: Numerology. This appears to be a subjective art. Partly based on the calendar and from the usage in several religions and on mathematical calculations that are based on the reasoning of the psychic. » Salvation Algebra. "Scientific" minds scoff at what appears to be religious superstition. Animal sacrifice, eating bread and wine are seen as barbaric in their practice and in what they symbolize. But God is only using pure math to demonstrate the principle of variable substitution and applied math to make it occur. Algebra and computer programming perfectly describe what God is doing by establishing these systems. God was going to substitute Himself for us during the penalty phase of sin. But since that only takes care of the debt we owe, not who we have become, He puts us through a program that will change us. In this program we are equipped with the variables that are a symbol of the substitution. Anyone who is familiar with passing a variable to a function would greatly appreciate the purely scientifically-based genius of this plan. Theory of Symbols. Religious symbols are universal constants. Theory of Rituals. Religious rituals are algebraic variables that are called by reference not by value. God calls everyone by reference through a program called the Plan of Salvation using a function called Messiah to change the global variable called man.

Applied Mathematics: Telecommunications Computer and telecommunications are based on a binary language. This binary system creates languages by using a given word size (byte). In computers this is now a 8 bit system, but other word sizes have been used. The sanctuary incorporates this technology in its communications system in the garment of the priest.

Broadcast Communications (Cloud of Incense). Prayer is a one way communications stream that was represented as a cloud rising up from the altar. Personal Comunications (Urim and Thummim). A two-way interdimensional and intergalactic communications was achieved through a binary system called the Urim and Thummim. When the high priest talked to God, he would receive a reply through these two stones. Rumor has it that one stone means "yes" and the other "no" but we are Figure 20a not sure because the communication does not seem to be so simplistic. The garment of the priest also appears to be a representation of the sanctuary.  Urim and Thummim. These two onyx stones were on the shoulders of the ephod, like the two extra boards on the western wall. » Names of the Sons. Each stone was inscribed with six names. These could represent the six boards on the north and south wall. So the one is a pattern for the six. » Binary and Hexadecimal Systems. The six names on each stone are like the hexadecimal system with six bits in one byte. The system might be more complicated than a mere "0" and "1" designation. each of the six names might represent the beginning of a range on one stone and the end of the range on the other. So it might be a system of firsts and lasts such as (0, alpha, low sound, bitter, down, black) (1, omega, high sound, sweet, up, white). In between black and white are six colors which could be mixed to create millions. » Onyx Stones. These are banded stones that can have the colors of the rainbow. The bands of color give from a minimum of six or seven discrete possibilities to millions. If our computer and information systems are based on a one dimensional 8 bit, binary code imagine the possibilities with a two dimensional, million bit code that is more than zero and one. We do not have a paired opposites computer information system, but the DNA code does. » Charge. Within the numeric system, opposite charges are assigned to half of each set. Note that for the set of six directions, the two "charges" are the spin (left or right).  Breastplate. It had 12 stones arranged in a 4 by 3 grid. The "P" block of the periodic table had 12 boards as the border of a 6x6 grid of space. The quarks had 12 boards in a 2x6 arrangement. The breastplate and the urim and thummim are probably representing a 3x3x3x3 pattern. All these systems show how 12 objects can define between 12 and 36 different things.

Bells and Pomegranates. Around the borders of the robe were alternating bells and pomegranates. Scripture does not tell us how much. Some sources say that there were 72 of each on the two borders of the robe. That number seems to be physically too much. Suppose there were 14 of each? Then these noise makers at the border would represent the 2 rows of 14 boards in the Holy Place. This would give us more insight into the Lanthanide and Actinide elements and in electrons. Binary Digital Comunications (The 12 Tribes). Six tribes said the blessings and six said the curses. The way these tribes were arranged around the four sides of the sanctuary spelled out four numbers in binary code that match the symbols and meaning of prophecy from the 12 tribes lesson. I assigned "1" for blessing and "0" for curses.  East (110 = 6 or 011 = 3). The church is numbered for judgment. Since the Hebrews read in reverse order, it is difficult to tell which value is correct. I believe that six is correct, based on prophecy and the judgment theme of the other three values.  South (010 = 2). Israel is divided in two.  West (111 = 7). Righteous counted and judged as perfect.  North (000 = 0) Wrath. Wicked counted and judged as defective and nothing.

Communications: Crystal Radio Set. This is a simple radio receiver that needs no battery or power source and runs on the power received from radio waves by a long wire antenna. These are the minimum requirements for this radio.

Antenna (Cross). It picks up all the power from the transmission. The best designs use an "inverted L" or "T" type antennas, consisting of hundreds of feet of wire suspended as high as possible between buildings or trees, with a feed wire attached in the center or at one end leading down to the receiver. » "T" Shaped Cross. It is the perfect shape to connect and restore communications between heaven and earth as Christ is lifted up high on a tree suspended between heaven and earth. Christ Lifted Up As A Cross. And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself. (John 12: 32) On the cross He has the power to pull us towards Him, because it was there that He purchased our freedom from slavery. Semiconductor Crystal Detector (Breastplate). There are 12 different crystals in the breastplate, lapis lazuli in the commandments and 2 crystals in the urim and thummim. Jesus pleads for us on the basis of the law. » Crystals. Sulfides and oxides make the best crystal detectors and lapis lazuli is a sulfide. Lapis Lazuli Heart. I delight to do Your will, O My God, Your law is within My heart. (Psalm 40: 8) The law, written on Lapis Lazuli crystal, is within His heart, detecting the perfect will of God. Crystal Radio Schematics

Earphone (High Priest's Ears). The priest listens to God. The urim and thummim crystals also act as the two ears that receive the answer from God. When Jesus was sent as the High Priest, He was given a body and His ears were opened. Ears. Sacrifice and meal offering you have not desired, My ears You have opened. (Psalm 40: 6) Sacrifice and meal offering you have not desired, but a body You have prepared for Me. (Hebrews 10: 7)

Cross (Antenna)

Figure 20b

 

Sanctuary (Tuning High Priest » The Importance of Hearing. The Coil) (Detector) Plan of Salvation is based on hearing, not seeing because we have been cut off from visible access to God. Faith Sees In The Darkness. We walk by faith, not by sight. (2 Corinthians 5: 7) Faith Hears. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. (Romans 10: 17) The Righteous Listen. Hear, O Israel the Lord is our God the Lord is one. (Deuteronomy 6: 4) So the faith communication is a radio transmission, not a television show or Skype communication. Tuning Coil (Sanctuary). The parallel boards look like coils and the sanctuary is a capacitor. Coiled Scroll. Then I said, "Behold I have come, in the scroll of the book it is written of Me. (Psalm 40: 7) » Cube. The Most Holy Place is also a cube. Theory. A cube must be the best radio tranmitter/receiver. I am still searching for evidence of this. Ground (Earth). The sanctuary has no floor. It is connected to the ground. The priests also walk barefoot. Radio Station (Heaven). The station provides the power needed by the radio set in the signal. God in heaven is the station providing the support and power through the Holy Spirit.

The ultimate radio set was Jesus Christ on the cross as the High Priest communicating with God for us. Experiments show that rusty objects can act as detectors. His detector was the rusty iron nails in His hands and feet. Applied Mathematics: Database Storage Theory: Library and Computer Science. Somewhere in this double helix design and the sanctuary is the scientific law about how to store information efficiently. I must research this more. I know that a "tree structure" is used as an efficient way to store and retrieve information

in databases but according to God's design the most efficient method is a coiled tree. Databases are two dimensional spreadsheets. If we could combine the techniques of how the three dimensions of the sanctuary are represented in two dimensions we can store information better. A relational database captures many of these aspects with key fields.
   

 

Table (Different Rooms). Each key set of concepts is represented as a separate room. Primary and Secondary Keys (Bars and Rings). Database relationships are maintained with keys. Creating other links or bonds creates other relationships. Rows and Columns (Boards and Panels). The parallel strips remind us of the cells of a spreadsheet. Relationships (Relative Locations). » "S" Block (One to One). It shows that this arrangement is a simple column. » "F" Block (One to Many). It shows that this arrangement is a spreadsheet. » "P" Block (Many to Many). The six by six by six arrangement shows that this is a cube. » "D" Block (Fuzzy Data). This shows a fuzzy relationship unlike anything we have seen in current databases. Theory: Three Dimensional Databases. The sanctuary demonstrates how to efficiently organize a multi-dimensional database and an artificial intelligence system. A cube is the most ideal multidimensional database. » Data Representation. So far, here is how data is represented.  Sphere. It is represented as three diameters in raw data form. In two dimensional picture form it is three sides of an open sided rectangle.  Symbols. Additional meaning can be given to values by applying a rules-based symbolic system. So value is no longer attached to raw information such as quantity and words and related information. Within one cell, value can be attached to color or size without assigning additional fields to establish that relationship. Structured Query Language (Signs and Symbols). They tell us how to understand the information. Foreign Keys (Duplication). The sanctuary duplicated important structures such as the bars, columns and veil. This is the same thing that a database key does. That field is copied in every two dimensional table where it is linked as a key. Indexes (Coiled Tree). Navigating the tree effeciently is done by coiling the tree so that the bonds are closer. Indices store keys in the most efficent order. Then the actual record is accessed by navigating a data tree. » Hard Disk Drives. The design of hard disks into sectors, platters and layers is an example of coiling the information for efficient storage and retrieval by reducing the distance to travel to access sequential information. Normalization (Simplification). Major concepts are reduced to simple values and it is those simple values that are represented in all tables except the table that has the answer to the key. For example, the designation of "female" may be stored as the letter "F" or the number "1". A complicated particle is represented by a board in a particular position in the sanctuary. In the sanctuary, the Plan of Salvation is reduced to simple concepts that transcend time and language and culture.

Reorganizing Indexes (Cleansing). Information is stored and accessed repeatedly every day but soon the indexing system becomes inefficient. Data is stored all over the computer in the first available place. So at regular periods, the system is closed to further use while the database indexes are reorganized, repaired and cleaned up. Bad segments are repaired or isolated. Finally, all the data is stored together in one place in links that are physically sequential. » Yom Kippur Defragmentation. This is the day of Atonement where the sanctuary is cleansed and renewed. Outer Join (Self Comparison). Although a relational database solves many problems by storing data and their relationships, it still falls short of having a truly simplified three dimensional construct because it can compare column to column but it cannot really compare row to row. Storing Data In the late 1980's when relational databases were first created I had two brilliant ideas that I now believe that God gave me.  Database Security. The implementation of security was a nightmare in the 1980's and I had a simple idea that was so brilliant that I should have known that it was a gift from God. I designed a way to implement security that was only inefficient if your database had one user. In this case we need one extra record to implement security. After this the database security became more efficient as it grew bigger in terms of more tables and more users. So storing security for ten million users under this system was more efficient than one million users and both were infinitely more efficient than storing security for 10,000 users under the old system. I invented a database security concept called "roles". We had a new boss and as he interviewed each employee about our assignments he asked me how I designed security because it was a problem where he worked previously. After I explained, he said that the manufacturers needed to implement this. I left the job and went to work with IBM relational databases and 5 years later went back to work with this particular database, Informix as a database administrator. To my surprise they had only one new feature and it was a new system table called "sysroles" it was the same design and it was even named "roles" and had the same table design and field names. I just thought it was just a major coincidence and that lightning can strike twice. At the same company I also worked with Oracle as a programmer in addition to my other DBA work and to my surprise Oracle also had a "roles" design for their security. I thought this was odd because they were sworn enemies and competitors and I thought that Informix must have liscenced the idea to Oracle or they both took it from some other company which was more unlikely. About two years later I went to buy a technical book and I saw a book written by my old boss. He was now a big mucky-muck at Informix and I suddenly knew that I INVENTED ROLES!! YIPPEE!! My boss was an incredibly nice person and knew a good idea when he saw it, so I am not angry nor do I feel cheated. However, if the computer world ever gives credit for this invention ...

Image Storage. At the same time I had the security idea, I had another idea which I knew was inspired by God. I figured out how to store image with intelligence so that as the file grew larger it became more efficient. I was trying to make personalized 2D or 3D cartoons in which the face of the characters could be swapped out with the cartoon face of a real person that moved and acted the same as the original cartoon. At the time Microsoft only thought people needed 612K of memory and I knew that the hardware and operating system were not good enough. But I reasoned that under certain design conditions I could produce personalized cartoons using an ordinary PC even though animation studios were using Cray machines and hundreds of employees and 6 years to create just one movie. I wanted to produce the movie and have the ability to replace the face of any character with the animated cartoon face of a customer, and do it with only two facial views and produce the tape or disc in less than ten minutes with a PC. I took a MS in telecommunications to answer some basic questions about my design model because I wanted to know how expensive it would be to transmit data across the phone lines and I wanted to design the application to be secure while placing data and unsecured features at the terminal end of the phone lines or the internet user. Around 1999, in graduate school I learned that compression ratios were once about 1:5 or 1:10 and mathematicians thought that was the limit until a student went home and created a solution in two days. Since then they believe that the limit is 1:22. I laughed because I had also come to the conclusion that text compression had this sort of limit, but I could get compression ratios of 1 to hundreds of thousands and even more from image files if the file was larger. My files also embedded some intelligence to make dynamic animation possible. I compared my file to a BMP file. The potential was huge because I could create dynamic, personalized commercials and PSAs, tailored to region, city and zipcode and add them to the completed movie. The reason why I mention this is because I now believe that what God gave me was an algorithm to store memory in the brain. And just in case you believe that I am crazy I mentioned the database roles application not to embarass my former boss but to show that I am serious about the knowledge floating around in my head.

Engineering Theory: Three Dimensional Modeling. In normal plans and designs, three dimensions are represented by several drawings, at least one for each dimension. In the sanctuary, one drawing is used to represent all dimensions by carefully marking the points at which the model should be folded back. For example, every place where the blue veil is located represents the same simple covering. The doorways merely represent the same location. When the model is being reconstructed all the doors need to be folded together to be in the same place. This is the cleverest way I have seen of presenting a two-dimensional model partly in three dimensions. I have never seen anything like it except in database keys.

Language Creation is documented as an extremely scientific process. Visible things are made from invisible things. God transforms and organizes energy into different patterns to create words and matter. Specifically, sound waves became solid objects in six days under the direction of God. Language is a powerful tool to create abstract ideas through sound. Here, God creates concrete reality by the same system. Table 21.1 Creation Atheists object to the idea of Word God and the short creation God Sound Flesh time. Nevertheless, the Electromagnetic Atoms Molecules process described in Genesis Particles DNA Waves is scientific. All objects are made from invisible objects Energy Physics Chemistry Biology based on electromagnetic waves. The Unanswerable Question. We have just discovered electromagnetic waves, atoms and other sub-atomic particles in the last 100 years. In 1911 Sir Ernest Rutherford proposed his theory about the atomic nucleus and in 1912 protons and electrons were detected. Then in 1923 the wave characteristics of electrons were demonstrated. So the question is how the primitive ancients could have accurately described the composition of matter 6000 years ago? They seem to indicate that invisible sound waves became solid objects. This is not the first theory that they should have reasonably constructed. Electromagnetic Waves. Then God said, "Let there be light." And there was light. (Genesis 1: 3) Sound Waves. By the word of the Lord the heavens were made, and by the breath of His mouth all their host. For He spoke and it was done. He commanded and it stood fast. (Psalm 33: 6, 9) Language. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being. In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men. He was in the world, and the world was made through Him, and the world did not know Him. Solid Object. And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth. (John 1: 1-4, 10, 14) » Echo. This is the reflection of sound. God said that His word will not return to Him void (empty). This is a reference to some sort of sound reflection law that will help us to understand this statement better. It points to the power of each sound He makes. It may also be related to the law, explained later, about how the righteous should travel. They can only bounce back and forth between two directions. Counterfeit Religion: Unknown Tongues. God has a miraculous gift called the gift of tongues (language). With this gift the chosen individual immediately understands a language so that they can communicate the message of God to the people who speak it. Unfortunately, a counterfeit is being practiced among some groups. People babble in an unknown tongue that is a foreign language to all people on earth and to God in heaven. They

claim that it is a language that heaven understands. This is a convenient response because it cannot be proven, and not only does it have no purpose it does not create understanding of God. Because not even the speaker understands what they are saying. The true language gift creates understanding of God by accurately expressing His ideas. Babbling destroys. Language creates. Botany. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 (Wednesday) Astronomy Prophets Church Day 5 Day 6 (Friday) Day 7 (Sabbath) Rest New Life

Light H2O O2 Earth Trees Father Holy Spirit Son

Zoology Biology Man, Sin and Death

Table 30.1

The evidence in nature about the plan of salvation, mirrors the accomplishments on each day of creation. Biological systems represent sin and death, but botany represents the perfection of the people of God in the Son of God who was made of mortal clay and planted on earth to reflect the glory of the Father. The righteous are like a well-watered tree. Photosynthesis. It is the process by which plants use the energy from sunlight to produce sugar and oxygen. In the plant world, the righteous are pictured as trees growing by water and as oxygen. The wicked are symbolized as carbon dioxide and dead trees. Here, the Plan of Salvation is the process by which evil carbon is transformed into sweet sugar by absorbing water in the presence of light.

Light Reactions. In the light dependent reaction, water is absorbed, then oxygen and light energy is converted into chemical energy. This is the result of the reaction that uses light to make sugar in plants. 6H2O (Water) + 6CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) + C6H12O6 (Sugar) + 6O2 (Oxygen) Notice the predominance of the number six. The number 666 is associated with an evil force at the end of time. Here is the chemical reaction that symbolizes how a member of the 666 group can be converted. In the presence of sunlight (God) and water (the Holy Spirit), the wicked one who is dead in sin (carbon dioxide) can be transformed (sugar) and come back to life with the breath of life (Oxygen). » Water (Holy Spirit) + Carbon Dioxide (Christ). Events began when the Holy Spirit anointed Him at His baptism. » Sugar (Christ). He is the sweet carbon who came to show the Father to the world. » Red Light (Red Blood). God is white light and Christ is the red part of the light spectrum because He gave His blood to save man when He became the light of the world. » Chlorophyll (Red Light Absorbed). Chlorophyll absorbs all colors except green (blue and yellow) or a primary pigment color. This means that it absorbs red! Plants only need red and blue light to grow (blood and law). Blue is the color that reminds the faithful of the law. When we grow, we reflect the third primary color - green. The righteous are put through a system that has the green pigment chlorophyll. Remember that green is a symbol of the kingdom of God, symbolized in the green

branches at the Feast of Tabernacles. So by absorbing the blood of Christ and respecting the law, the righteous become eligible to be green plants in the kingdom of God. » No Energy. Red has the longest wavelength in the visible spectrum and longer wavelengths have less energy. Christ had no energy because He was kept awake all night and lost a lot of blood from a severe beating. So He fell as He carried the cross. On the cross He struggled to breathe, and, exhausted, He died of asphyxiation and blood loss. » I Am The Light of the World. The light reactions in the Plan of Salvation occurred after Christ was baptized until He prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane and shed blood. During this time of three years, He tried to show the world the character of the Father. Dark Reactions (Calvin Bensen Cycle). During the dark cycle, carbon dioxide is absorbed then energy, water and sugar are produced. For three hours there was darkness on the cross as Christ became the sin offering. Christ as Carbon Dioxide. Christ also went through the phase of being treated as a wicked man. Let us look at what happens in the leaf to see an example of the crucifixion.  Carbon Dioxide Enters. It cannot pass through the protective wax on the leaf. Before His arrest Jesus was able to supernaturally pass through the angry mob, now He could not. He had to go where they took Him.

Stoma (The Hole). CO2 can only enter through a hole called the stoma. Remarkably, Christ is seen as the tree, the green leaf and the carbon dioxide. In this case the hole is also seen as the holes in His body. Water Leaves (Life). When the stoma opens to let the gases pass through and a lot of water is lost. Oxygen Leaves (Life). Oxygen leaves through the stoma.

The All in All Christ is the lamb, the priest, the altar, the menorah, the ark, the branch, the bread, the blood and the sanctuary. Here, He is the tree, the leaf, the carbon dioxide, the oxygen and the sugar. Christ is the all in all (1 Corinthians 15: 28).

The Gift of Life Through a Hole. Lifegiving oxygen out of the stoma symbolizes life oozing out of a hole in several places in nature and in the last days of Christ. The righteous Messiah passes life through the hole. o Pierced Side. The blood and water through the hole in His side. Hole in His Side. But one of the soldiers pierced His side with a spear; and immediately blood and water came out. (John 19: 34) o Sweating Blood. Life oozing out of a hole in His body is symbolized in the blood He sweat through His pores in the Garden of Gethsemane. o Resurrection. Life oozing out of a hole in the ground at the mouth of a burial cave. Grave: Hole in the Ground. And behold a severe earthquake had

occurred, for an angel of the Lord descended from heaven and came and rolled away the stone and sat on it. (Matthew 28: 2) o Helicase. This hole is the same as the helicase through which the DNA passes. o Birth. Salvation is called being born again of the water and the Spirit (oxygen). A new baby passes from the darkness of the womb through the birth canal into the light. Two Guard Cells. The hole is flanked by two guard cells. This is Jesus between the two thieves on the cross, two Roman guards at the tomb and two angels in the tomb. Between The Thieves. At that time two robbers were crucified with Him, one on the right side and one on the left. And those passing by were hurling abuse at Him, wagging their heads. The robbers who were crucified with Him were also insulting Him with the same words. (Matthew 27: 38-39, 44) Between The Guards. The guards shook for fear of him and became like dead men. (Matthew 28: 4) Between The Angels. and she saw two angels in white sitting, one at the head and one at the feet, where the body of Jesus had been lying. (John 20: 12) » Middle Matzah. The Passover seder also teaches us that the other two members of the Trinity were on either side of Him, the broken bread. Sugar. The production of sugar or "something sweet" can be seen in the reference to eternal life as a land of "milk and honey" and in one prophecy that was given as a riddle by Samson. Honey is produced in the dead carcass of a lion.

The dark reactions in the Plan of Salvation occurred after Christ was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane. Carbon Fixation: The Calvin Cycle. Forgiveness and giving life is only part of the Plan of Salvation. The other important part is changing the sinner (Carbon dioxide) to a righteous man (sugar). This process shows how carbon dioxide is converted to sugar. Notice how the numbers six, twelve and thirty six dominate.
    

6CO2 (6 Carbons). The process begins when carbon enters the leaf and joins the cycle. 6 ribulose biphosphate (30 Carbons). Each CO2 combines with this five carbon compound. 12 PGA (Phosphoglyceric Acid) (36 Carbons). 12 ATP 12 ADP 12 DPGA (biphosphoglyceric acid) (36 Carbons). 12 NADPH + 12H+ 12 NADP+ 12 PGAL (phosphoglyceraldehyde) (36 Carbons). It creates two products (sugar and PGAL) » 2 PGAL (6 Carbons). Glucose, fructose, sucrose, starch, cellulose ... » 10 PGAL (30 Carbons). 6 Ribulose phosphate (30 Carbons). 6 ATP 6ADP This forms ribulose biphosphate and repeats the cycle.

Plant Respiration. Plants are the perfect living things that complement humans more than any other life form. They provide oxygen, food, shelter and clothes. They also use and recycle our waste products like carbon dioxide, dung and urea.
 

Day (Carbon Dioxide). In the day plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Night (Oxygen). In the night, plants compete for oxygen. When light is absent it means death for humans.

Seed. Humans are symbolized as lambs and trees. While the symbol of the death of a lamb is limited in portraying the whole truth about the Plan of Salvation, the death of the seed is not limited. A dead animal has no process within itself to rise from the dead. However, a seed needs to die and be buried under the earth before it can become a tree and produce thousands of seeds which have the same inherent property of life. The design of the seed also predicts the events at the death of Christ. Each seed has a baby tree inside it with two basic structures.
 

Root. Jesus is the root, the trunk and the stump that feeds and supports the leaves. Two Seed Leaves (Cotyledon). The people of God are the leaves and branches. However, at His death, two branches of the church were created. The church split into Jews and Gentiles, representing the cotyledons. After a long period of darkness underground, the church will emerge into the light. As both branches grow, they produce leaves and fruit which intermingle so that at the end you cannot see a division.

Biology As we move away from the purely mathematical and simple relationships of physics and chemistry, we enter the fuzzier and more complicated worlds of biology and botany. Here, the sanctuary model principles still hold, but the objects inside the sanctuary increase in importance. At some point in my religious lessons from God while doing the lesson on Abraham, I became convinced that we were designed to defeat evil even though the evidence of our weakness and behavior says the opposite. It is now satisfying to see in my scientific lessons from God that our biology proves it. Biology researchers get excited when they can show a 30% consistency in behavior because the science is so complicated. Here we do not rely on single instances of some similarity, we make our case with multiple parts of a system following religious principles. Starting with the known symbolic meaning of oxygen and water and the statement that the "number of man is 6", and Jesus' description of Himself and eternal life (bread, food, light, honey), I noticed some interesting coincidences. The science actually helped me to understand some weird biblical symbols. Life Elements H2O, C6H12O6 ATP, Fat H+ DNA Blood O2 (Sugar) NADH Life Transporters (Priests) Hemoglobin Chlorophyll Death C CO2








These symbols are consistent across all systems and they tend to have the colors associated with their function. Energy Producing Aerobic Reactions This is the process by which food we eat is broken down into the final form that we need to sustain life (H+). Photosynthesis 12H2O + 6CO2 Manna From Heaven Baptism Glycolysis C6H12O6 (Sugar) + 6O2 + 2 ATP Krebs Cycle Pyruvate + 6H2O 2 ATP + 10 H+ ETC + 32 ATP Latter Rain Waste 6CO2 Hell Death

Breaking The Bread of Eating the Bread of Heaven Heaven 3.5 Year Ministry Crucifixion

6CO2 + 12H2O Sinners + 12(Spirit Filled Tribes)

C6H12O6 (Sugar) + 6O2 + 6H2O + Energy Sweet New Man + Breath of life + Water of life

It is amazing that each major step mimics the process of Salvation, yet from this perspective the entire process is the Plan of Salvation. Photosynthesis occurred in heaven when Christ committed to becoming human, a carbon compound that must be eaten so that life from heaven is converted to life on earth. On earth, three major events released the life energy that was bottled up in Jesus Christ. The Plan of Salvation used the picture of "eating bread" to show how we get eternal life. Because this bread is symbolically His body, skeptics love to talk about cannibalism in Christianity. Yet the science shows that this process of "eating" is exactly how we get life.

Photosynthesis (Christ Becomes Human). The process uses carbon dioxide to become useful food. The light of the world became the bread of life from heaven to be eaten by mankind. Glycolysis (2 ATP): The Ministry of Christ. This is the process of respiration that changes sugar to pyruvate. C6H12O6 + 2NAD+ 2C3H4O3 (Pyruvate) + 2NADH + 2H+ Then energy is extracted from pyruvate by any one of three processes. +  Yeast (Alcoholic Fermentation). C3H4O3 + NADH + H C2H5OH (Ethanol) + + CO2 + NAD +  Muscles (Lactic Acid Fermentation). C3H4O3 + NADH + H C3H6O3 + (Lactic Acid) + NAD +  Mitochondria (Cellular Respiration). C3H4O3 + NAD 3CO2 + H2O + + NADH + H Fermentation is wasteful, but cellular respiration is totally efficient. Notice that the Plan of Salvation forbids the wasteful use of pyruvate. We must get rid of all the leaven

(yeast) before Passover and the priest is not allowed to drink alcohol. We cannot work for our salvation. We must rest and let God do the work. Glycolysis uses the three major nutrients (fat, protein and sugar) in this process. » Fat as Sacrifice. Both blood and fat were offered up totally, neither must be eaten. Here we see the possible purpose of fat as an energy producer that also gives life to the cell. Fat 3 Fatty Acids + Glycerol Glyceraldehyde Phosphate 12 Acetyl Co-A + 144 ATP Notice the numbers. The Trinity leads to the 12 tribes and the 144 thousand.

Krebs Cycle (2 ATP): The Crucifixion and the Former Rain. The pyruvate, protein and fat from glycolysis are used to create Acetyl Co-A, a major compound in the Krebs cycle. Christ was actually lost to the world as one of us, a "sinner" just before the Krebs Cycle. The Krebs cycle is the repetitive cycle that the world now experiences with a two carbon chain that includes the Holy Spirit and the sinner who is supposed to mimic Christ.  Pyruvate (Trinity). The three carbon pyruvate reacts and one carbon is lost as CO2 and releases energy as NADH. The remaining two carbon compound is not allowed to be free but rather binds a special molecule (coenzyme A) to form acetyl CoA.  Mitochondrion (Earth). The pyruvate enters the mitochondrion to begin the Krebs cycle. The Mitochondrion produces energy in a form that the cells can use to do work and maintain life.  Carbon Dioxide (Christ as Human). The process produces carbon dioxide as waste. The Electron Transport Chain (Hydrogen Chain) (32 ATP): The Latter Rain. This is the final energy releasing pathway that produces energy for the cells to use. It involves the processing of hydrogen through three different stages.  Electron Donors (Christ). Pyruvate, produced by glycolysis is pumped through the Krebs cycle to extricate all the energy and store it in NAD+ and FAD+. This energy is used to synthesize ATP (24-28 ATP per molecule of glucose). Glycolysis only produces 4 ATP per glucose.  Electron Carriers (Priests). NADH dehydrogenase, ubiquinone and Cytochrome C transport the hydrogen from NADH and FADH2 between the cell walls of the mitochondria. The process builds up an electrical potential like a battery.  Electron Receptors (Sinners). Oxygen combines with H+ to produce water. From the study of chemistry and the role of H+ we have concluded that the end of the world is characterized by a polarization of the people and the mass exodus of H+ in a pole shift. The electron transport chain tells us that this phase of the work of God will be a mighty event, producing at least sixteen times the result of previous efforts.

Oxidative Phosphorylation. While the electron transfer chain takes H+ from food and brings it inside the mitochondria, this process takes the H+ and creates ATP which is sent back out to the cells to use as energy.

» ATP Synthetase. This enzyyme that forms ATP is embedded in the inner membrane of the mitochondria and has two parts. F1 looks like a doorknob which protrudes into the matrix and F0 is embedded into the membrane lining like a rod inside a cylindrical rotor. » The Long Transport Rods. One anomaly in the sanctuary is the rods that support the ark of the covenant. They protrude from within the room, pushing against the curtain like ATP Synthetase. What looks like a design accident was a design feature. This orientation indicates that the Holy Place is the mitochondrial matrix. So the Most Holy Place represents the cell and the nucleus. The entire system is a battery that stores energy. Krebs Cycle (Citric Acid Cycle) The Krebs cycle starts when Pyruvate is now a two carbon molecule H3 C - C - C - O(Acetyl CoA) after losing one carbon as carbon dioxide. Pyruvate || || CO2 . Christ has left heaven to be born as a baby. It is an irreversible Figure 42a O O reaction. There are eight major steps in the Krebs cycle. 1. Citrate (6 Carbons). The two carbon chain is released as H3 C - C - S acetylCoA and reacts with the four carbon oxaloacetate to Acetyl || | make the six carbon citrate. Coenzyme-A O CoA 2. Isocitrate (6 Carbons). Water is removed and immediately Figure 42b added back to citrate! While the water is removed, the two carbons form a double bond. This seemingly pointless activity changes the shape of citrate so that it can accomodate the other reactions. In the new shape, the H+ (Hydrogen) and -OH (Hydroxyl) switch places. The next phase of this cycle creates Hydrogen ions and removes carbon dioxide. » High Priest. Christ lost water (Spirit) at His death just to gain it back at the resurrection. What He had become was the High Priest for the 12 tribes. In this new role He is able to remove sin forever and give us life. » Conversion. The following reactions shows the conversion process, carbon dioxide is released everytime a H+ is formed. Each time the process is assisted by a special molecule that shows a connection to major events in the Plan of Salvation. 3. a-ketoglutarate (5 Carbons). Energy is released as a H+ and -OH, carbon dioxide is removed. CO2 . Christ returns temporarily to heaven after His resurrection to be crowned as High Priest. 4.
5. Succinyl-CoA (4 Carbons). Acetyl CO-A returns to -CH2-CH2-C= O help the process. H+ and carbon dioxide are lost. OOC CO2 . Christ returns permanently to heaven before Succinyl CoA | the Holy Spirit comes. Figure 42c S - CoA Each loss of carbon dioxide appears to represent a new role of Christ and also a member of the Trinity. A study of the lesson on the colors of God might help to resolve this. At each loss, He is reconciling us to a member of the Trinity.

1. Christ (Son). Christ reconciled us to Himself by becoming a member of the human race. 2. Christ (Father). Christ reconciled us to the Father by becoming our High Priest during one fateful week. 3. Christ (Holy Spirit). Christ reconciled us by sending the Holy Spirit to become one with us. 6.
7. Succinate (4 Carbons + Water). This time water and OOC-CH2 -CH2 -COOa phosphate group assist the reaction. It gives an H+ Succinate atom and frees coenzyme A, creating succinate which Figure 42d is a molecule that is a mirror image on each side. Then the phosphate creates a special molecule used for energy (GTP). » Two Streams. The two equal parts might represent the stream of water and blood from His side. » Former Rain. The Holy Spirit was poured out on the disciples who may now be the phosphate group. 8. 9. Fumarate (4 Carbons). A new molecule called FAD OOC - C = C - H (Flavin adenine dinucleotide) removes 2H+ causing the Fumarate | | two carbons to form a double bond. Another mirror Figure 42e H COOimage molecule is created. » Christ and the Holy Spirit. The two equal parts might be the Christ as High Priest and the Holy Spirit as our constant companion. » Disciples Called. This could be a symbol of the union of the Holy Spirit as the companion of the church. 10. 11. Malate (4 Carbons + Water). Water is added as H+ OOC - CH =CH2-COOand -OH to fumarate to form malate. Malate | » The Holy Spirit in Our Hearts. The unequal Figure OH portions might be the Holy Spirit in companionship 42f with humans. » Latter Rain. The Holy Spirit will be poured out again in the final, massive global effort to win over the hearts and minds of the people. 12. Oxaloacetate (4 Carbons). H+ is released. 13. The regenerated oxaloacetate is now ready to react OOC - C-CH2-COOwith another acetyl CoA. Oxaloacetate joins with Oxaloacetate || the 2 carbon Pyruvate (acetyl-coenzyme A) to start Figure 42g O the process again. » H+ Polar Shift. There is also two unequal parts, the difference from the previous is a loss of 2H+. At the end of time, the evidence from chemistry says that H+ will stream from the north to the south.

Every other symbol says that Carbon is evil. It is the atom of man. Therefore, if we apply that to this cycle then we see that God was being judged as a sinner also and He chose to identify with us. Special Compounds? After studying the patterns in the biochemical compounds I concluded that there is a pattern to these structures that is significant. Are there chemical compounds that are predicted by the sanctuary structure? I do not know of any yet but I will search for the following. Only six elements are common to life. Hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorous and sulfur. DNA has phosphorous. Carbon rings can have Oxygen, Sulfur and Nitrogen substituted for the carbon. These three elements and the compounds they form seem to be related to the stages of life.

Prophyrin-Based Structure Figure 43a

Carbon (Human Life). I was particularly interested in three and six ring compounds to see if, in general, they modeled the function of God or the status of humans. In addition, I looked for three particular shapes in saturated or unsaturated form.  Sanctuary Structure. Is there a compound that has a porphyrin ring with two parallel 14 carbon chains attached on one side? Since it is the exact structure of the model of life, how important would such a family of compounds be? Hemoglobin and all the porphyrin-based oxygen transporters have a slightly similar structure. Fatty acids may be the long carbon chains. 12 Carbon Structure  The Twelve Tribes. This is a twelve Figure 43b carbon compound that might not necessarily be a ring because the two carbons in the north east corner are not linked. I number the carbons in the order the tribes moved, from the north east corner down. So there may be a six carbon chain followed by a six carbon ring or a seven carbon ring followed by a 5 carbon chain. The second carbon on the east side may be linked to two hydrogens or double bonded to an oxygen to represent the Levitical priesthood. Following the example in the compound above I assume that the fourth carbon located in the south east is double bonded to an oxygen to represent the Melchizedek priesthood. Carbon 10 or 11 may be substituted for sulphur. » Sugar. If there are no carbon substitutions, both the ring and the chain represent glucose in its two forms. Joined together it is sucrose. The work of Christ is symbolized as honey or something sweet! » DNA. Cytosine or Thymine is the 6 carbon ring that is attached to a sugar.

Guanine and adenine are 9 carbon rings. If they are modeled after the sanctuary it must be related to the fact that 9 tribes were responsible for the crucifixion and the 3 western tribes were not. If so these two are more related to imperfect humans and the 6 carbon rings are not.

Testing The Tribes. The movement of the tribes during a testing traced a square. The double bonds are the sides where they traveled twice. I assumed that carbon was the element with the four bonds and either oxygen or sulfur is the element with a double bond. I chose oxygen because that is the corner where the High Priest said the prayer that saved us. I could also place sulfur in the north west corner to represent death.

4 Carbon Figure 43c

Oxygen (Life). The C=O group represents the praying man. Carbon is man and oxygen is life. Oxygen and water (-OH) represent life because they both represent the work of the Holy Spirit. He breathes the breath of life and He washes away sin. When the high priest prays the Bible describes it as a sweet odor coming up to God in a cloud (vaporized water). This is why I searched for what was common to substances with the C=O structure and found the esters.

   

Esters (R-C=O -R). They are a group of flavoring compounds having pleasant odor and taste. A C=O group is attached to varying lengths of carbon on either side, creating many different compounds with a variety of pleasant odors. Ethers (C-O-C). Carbonyl Group (C=O) Aldehydes and Ketones. Carboxylic Acid (HO-C=O).

Oxetane Figure 44a1
C--C | | C--O

Ester Figure 44a2
R-C=O | R

3 membered cyclic Carbon groups seem to model the function and versatility of the creator. These versatile chemicals show that the Trinity has power by their small structure and the three or four elements that make them.  Oxetane (C3H6O). 1,3-propylene oxide » Paclitaxel or Taxol (Healing). It is a natural compound with a oxetane ring that fights cancer. » Beta-Propiolactone (Sterilization or Cleansing).

O-C=O | | C-C

BetaPropiolactone Figure 44b

It is a disinfectant and has been used to sterilize blood plasma, vaccines, tissue grafts,

O--O | | O=C-C=O

Glowstick Figure 44c

 

surgical instruments, and enzymes. The principal current use of propiolactone is an intermediate in the synthesis of other chemical compounds. » 1,2-dioxetanedione (Glowstick). It is an intermediate in the chemoluminescent reaction used in glowsticks. The Bible suggests that we had a covering of light before we sinned and the nakedness was the first physical sign that they had sinned. So their "glowstick genes" had mutated. Also notice the two esters opposite each other. They remind me of the two angels on either side of the shekinah glory (the divine glowstick) on the throne of God. Oxirene O Oxirene (Light Reactions). It is important / \ Figure HC===CH in a chemical rearrangement which uses light 44d to facilitate the production of amino acids. As the source of light, God is the one who provides all we need to survive. Light reactions are needed to create carbohydrates and here we find that they are needed to create proteins. So there is probably a light reaction necessary for the production of fats, hormones and enzymes. Light reactions create life. Oxirane (C2H4O).

Ethylene oxide is a colorless, flammable gas O Oxirane / \ or liquid with a faintly sweet odor and is the Figure H2C--simplest epoxide. The major application of 44e CH2 ethylene oxide is for producing many chemicals and intermediates. It is highly soluble in water and miscible with ethanol, acetone, diethyl ether and chloroform. It mimics the versatility of one who is able to create by interacting with everything or facilitating other reactions. » Epoxide (Structural). Epoxy resins are used as adhesives and structural materials is an epoxide of epoxide units. This compound and oxirene are appropriate symbols of the Trinity and also of the High Priest. Oxygen for prayer and intercession and twins who agree. Sulfur (Death and Hell). Sulfur is associated with brimstone and fire of hell. Organosulfur compounds smell bad and are associated with death and decay.  Dithane. They are 6 carbon rings with Sulphur replacing 2 of the carbons 1,3dithianes are relevant in umpolung reactions by changing functional groups in order to reverse their polarity or forming protective groups by making them inert in certain reactions. » Umpolung (Polarity Inversion). It is the chemical modification of a functional group with the aim of the reversal of polarity of that group. This modification allows secondary reactions of this functional group that would otherwise not be possible. They facilitate beneficial reversible reactions. These reactions seem like the process of resurrection, when one in a state of death in a sulfur environment is reversed to life. Associating the dead with sulfur makes possible reactions that would not be possible. This is why that kind of death is called the "first death" because the process is reversible.

» Phosphorous (Death and Preservation). It is also associated with death and fire. However, it is also associated with life in the DNA and many chemical preservatives are phosphates. So while sulfur may be more associated with the worst elements of death, phosphorous may be more associated with preservation in death.

Nitrogen (Eternal Life). Organonitrogen compounds like Amines/amide of protein and DNA. Amides are inert and strong and need great force to react. They can withstand high temperatures concentrated acids and bases for a long period.

The Nutrient Life Cycles. Several important elements and compounds are regenerated in cyclical processes. These are represented in the three sections of the sanctuary where energy, water, light and food are processed. Life 1 Most Holy Place 6 Boards Holy Place 14 Boards Death Outer Court

Sulphur, Hydrogen Cycle H+ Nitrogen, Carbon Cycle Hydrogen H+ Oxygen Kreb's Cycle • Glycolysis - Water Phosphorous -6 Transfer Chain H+ Cycle Cycles Cycle Photosynthesis + H Respiration Figure 45a 1 6 Boards 14 Boards H+ + 6H2O + 32ATP 6O2 + C6H12O6 Light + 12H2O + 6CO2 Nucleus Mitochondria Cell Body Heaven Cloud Sun Rivers and Springs - Sea Earth Eternal Life Tree of Life Water of Life

Restoring Life. Water, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon are all recycled in a life process that involves the sun. » Outer Court. In the Outer Court (earth), Christ came to give the Water of Life.  Water Cycle (Laver). The laver is also called the sea. The earth, sun, clouds, rain and sea are all pictures of the work of God and the Holy Spirit and they are the symbols of the water cycle. » The Holy Place. After the crucifixion, we are given access to the Tree of Life which was taken away from Adam and Eve. It represents the place where photosynthesis and respiration occur. It shows how light was given to the earth in a form that brings life (light, food and air) through the products of a tree. Christ is the Branch.

Carbon Cycle (Table of Shewbread). It represents carbon as the broken Bread of Life. Sugar, carbon dioxide and carbon molecules are used to represent humans. Glycolysis and the Kreb's Cycle represent this process of eating the bread and drinking unfermented grape juice. These are products from the tree.

 

Oxygen or Air (Altar of Incense). Respiration (prayer) is the process that recycles the Breath of Life. Light Cycle (Menorah). It represents photosynthesis. The menorah and lights are designed like a tree. Sun Photons Leaf Theory. There is an Light Cycle energy recycling process. dI do not know of one, but orbital Photosynthesis Figure 45b let me propose a Photons rudimentary version of Heat Decay Carbohydrates what it consists of. It ATP Respiration somehow represents the recycling of energy from the Sun. It is unlike the other cycles which treat the earth as a closed system. Instead it is part of a cosmic cycle which takes the energy of photons and converts it to heat, work, bonds and other forms of chemical energy, possibly returning as energy in hydrogen and photons escaping from the outer valence shells of "d" and "f" orbitals.

» The Most Holy Place. Here we will have eternal life at the throne of God which has the Water of Life, the Tree of Life and the Bread of Life. The throne of God, symbolized by the Ark of the Covenant is in this place. It represents where God lives. It is portrayed as a battery with a current of hydrogen ions in many symbols.

Hydrogen Cycle (Ark of the Covenant). The sun, electricity, hydrogen stream and energy storage all point to the shekinah glory. The water in this process symbolizes the water that pours out of the throne of God. In every process where we encounter it, hydrogen consistently represents God, so it is no surprise that the hydrogen cycle best fits the attributes of the ark of the covenant.

Theory (Life Foods). Water, grape, olive, almond, bread and spices (cinnamon, myrrh and frankincense).

Processing the Dead. The dead are those who are spiritually dead (sinners) or physically dead (corpses). In the outer court are those who are dead in sin. All three processes involve recycling decaying material.  Nitrogen Cycle (Death). The lightning begins a nitrogen fixation process. » Repentant Sinner. The Holy Spirit quickens the sinner. He is the spark. The dead have no spark.  Phosphorous Cycle (Decay). Phosphorous is found in bone, teeth, fat, manure and energy molecules. Blood, bone and fat represent structures that are reserved for God because He keeps what He needs to recreate us. » Repentant Sinner. A life totally dedicated to God dies to self.

Sulphur Cycle (Hell Fire). Volcano, acid rain and death are the source of sulfur. » Repentant Sinner. The fiery trials that the righteous will endure.

Sulphur, phosphorous and nitrogen are regenerated in these death cycles. Sulphur and phosphorous remind us of the elements of fire and brimstone in hell fire. God does not create hell fire just to punish the wicked, the wicked cannot exist in the fires that are normally around Him. These fires are used to recycle the dead. Nature Observed. Although these processes involve information that was not known to the ancients, I still place them under the category of spiritual lessons observed through nature. They are interesting but they do not rise to the level of an unexplainable knowledge of modern science by primitive men who did not observe it in nature. The Unanswerable Question. Yet, I cannot help but see that the sanctuary symbolizes the following reaction. 12H2O (Laver) + 6CO2 (Sinner) + Light (Menorah) C6H12O6 (Bread) + 6O2 (Incense) + 6H2O + Energy (Ark) A skeptic might still say that any kitchen will demonstrate the same features. Point well taken. So, to us who have just stumbled out of the outhouse with unwashed hands in the last 180 years, immerse yourself in 1500 BC and appreciate the greatness of the knowledge inspiring this design in symbols that could be communicated to any future generation. DNA Replication: The Copying of Life The Bible has some strange stories about acquiring life (salvation) by looking at something with spots and stripes. 1. Jacob's Stick in the Trench of Water (Genesis 30: 37-41). In the first case, Jacob was able to accomplish a genetic change by having his animals look at the change he wanted to accomplish. The offspring of the animals turned spotted and striped when the parents looked at a spotted and striped stick while they were mating (Genesis 30: 37-41). Jacob carved white stripes in a stick and planted the stick in the water where the animals came to drink. The white animals came and mated by the water as they looked at the stick and the children came out spotted and striped. Hot. And he set the rods which he had pilled before the flocks in the gutters in the watering troughs when the flocks came to drink, that they should conceive when they came to drink. And the flocks conceived before the rods, and brought forth cattle ringstraked, speckled, and spotted. (Genesis 30: 38-39) Spots and Stripes Figure 46a

2. The word translated "conceived" also means "to be hot". So they were "hot" or "in heat" when they came over the water to drink.  Stick. This is the backbone to the double helix around which the spiral twists.  Water. An -OH molecule (H-C-OH) is at the 3' end of each strand and multiple H bonds hold the strands together. When the bonds are broken and the (H+ ... OH) ions are exposed, the lagging strand begins to replicate at the -OH end.  Hot ("In Heat"). The phosphate molecule at the 5' end surrounded by 4 oxygen atoms is like a match consuming oxygen.  Mating. The single strand joined with another.  Spots and Stripes. The double helix looks like spots and stripes. The stripes are the rungs of the ladder. The spots are the series of stacked round balls appearing in the spiral. 3. Jesus Christ's Cross in the Sea of People. In the second example, we can look at Christ lifted up on a stick as a wicked serpent and we can be healed.  Stick. This is the cross.  Water. Water is a symbol of life (people). The cross was in the water as the people surrounded Him.  Hot. He was the burnt offering.  Mating. He was nailed to the cross.  Spots and Stripes. The injuries and bruises on His body looked like spots and stripes. By looking at the original Christ we can be transformed, changed genetically, first at the spiritual level as we copy Him. Mirror, Mirror. But whenever a person turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away. But we with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit. (2 Corinthians 3: 16, 18) The whip marks from the flagellum created the stripes marking the rungs of the spiritual DNA that was broken. Healed by His DNA Stripes. But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed. (Isaiah 53: 5 KJV) 4. The Adultery Test (Numbers 5: 11-29). This is another strange story villifed by atheists. Guess what? Garment (Tallit) Hole for Loop

5. 1 Inch 6. Tzitzit (Coils and Knots and Telomeres). 2 Knots Spots Remember Commandments. Speak to the sons of Israel, and tell them that they shall make for themselves tassels on 7 Coils Stripes the corners of their garments throughout their generations, 2 Knots Spots and that they shall put on the tassel of each corner a cord of 8 Coils Stripes blue. Look At. It shall be a tassel for you to look at and 2 Knots Spots remember all the commandments of the LORD, so as to do 11 Coils Stripes them and not follow after your own heart and your own 2 Knots Spots eyes, after which you played the harlot, so that you may remember to do all My commandments and be holy to your 13 Coils Stripes God. (Numbers 15: 38-40) 2 Knots Spots In prophecy, the garments are a symbol of the body. Righteousness is obtained by putting on a robe given by Fringe Christ. He will give us a perfect heart by changing our genes. When He does that, we will have a system to help us to remember and do the commandments. That system is constructed with knots and coils. » Knots and Coils. The tassels worn on the corners of the garment were made with a specific number of coils between several knots. The knots are the spots and the coils are the stripes. The tzitzit also twists like the double helix in the Sephardic method of tying. The spots and stripes and the knots and coils will help you to remember the commandments. » Chromosome. It is the body with 4 tails and the telomere at the end. » Blue Cord. This is the hydrogen bonds forming the horizontal steps of the stairs and the horizontal cross links in the DNA coil. Hydrogen also burns with a blue flame and creates blue color in the aurora. » Look At (DNA Replication). We must "look at" the tzitzit, like we are to look in the mirror, and look at the Christ on the cross and look at the striped stick. It is the same act of gene replication that causes a transformation. » Remember. The tzitzit is worn to remember the commandments, the same function of the repaired genes. This is the permanent solution to sin. The specific design of the coil might give a clue as to the DNA and the specific genes that must be changed. At the moment it is impossible to match the details of the two systems. There are 39 coils in 4 groups having 7,8,11 and 13 coils. They are tied with four cords that are looped through a hole in the four corners of the garment. One of these four cords, the Shamash is blue and longer than the rest. It is used to create the coils. » Tallit. This is the garment that holds up the tzitzit. They are traditionally made with stripes, why? I have no answer, but it fits into my pattern. As an artist I have noticed that in almost every primitive culture the art has been based on certain simple shapes including triangles, rectangles and some circles. Jews seemed to have bypassed all of these and settled on the stripes. Why? The sanctuary had a decorative design on it but the Bible does not make it clear. Could it be that the Jews started the tradition of using stripes to mimic the sanctuary decoration? » Telomere Loops. Right now, my best guess is that the 4 tzitzit point to the terminal

strands at the end of the two halves of the DNA strand. This is because the tzitzits are attached to the end of the four corners and the telomeres at the end of the genes are somehow related to long life. This is important because keeping the commandments is supposed to give long life. A cell replicates about 50 times and each time it replicates the telomere is clipped. If the telomere is too short cell damage will occur. Although scientists believe that the telomeres have no important function or information except to count down the age of the cell, the tzitzit system says otherwise. The telomeres are crucial for the body to be perfect and to resist contamination and to live forever. Recent studies show that the telomeres are involved in chromosome repair. Scientists also believe that cancer cells grow unchecked because the telomeres are not shortened when they multiply. White blood cells, sperm cells and cancer cells replicate without dying. Somehow this is what happens in the state of eternal life, but without the cancer. » Microscopic Loops and Knots. Telomeres not only have a loop, they also have what is called a "pseudoknot" structure near the 5' end of the phosphate group! It was first recognized in 1982. It contains at least two loop structures, hence making the "double knot" of the tzitzit. » RNA Loops. RNA also forms loops that then create a double helix. It takes the instructions from the DNA and transmits them throughout the body by making the chemicals that control us. The four tzitzit might also point to four systems of loops that control life and behavior. All organisms have at least four types of RNA, messenger RNA (mRNA), Transfer RNA (tRNA), ribosomal RNA (rRNA) and signal recognition particle RNA (SRP RNA). RNA also has pseudoknots and telomerase RNA (TERC). » SHEMA. The command to wear tzitzit is part of the SHEMA that is said daily. It is based on looking. The two other parts of the SHEMA are based on hearing. We have found the "looking" part of gene function, now we need to find the "hearing" part of gene function. Seeing involves reflection of magnetic waves, while hearing involves the one way transmission of waves. So the "hearing gene" may be the RNA. They are half the DNA which are transported out to the cell body to make the proteins required for life. This is why hearing is practically more important than seeing. It is the RNA that executes the instructions of the genes. I have looked at these statements and they do talk about a repair that makes perfection. » The Healing Wings. Finally, the tzitzit are also called wings and they represent the hands and feet of the body. A woman was healed of a life long bleeding when she touched the wings of Jesus' garments. Malachi said, But for you who fear My name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings ... (Malachi 4: 2) In constructing the sanctuary God wanted no sight or sound of the tools of men. Everything must be hand made and natural. It appears that the tzitzit shows how He secures the building fabric. I am an expert in macrame. There are few principles to use in starting or finishing a project so that it does not unravel.

  

Loop. These usually start a project. Knots. A knot can bundle a group of end cords that could unravel. Long Tail. Below a knot, a long tail increases that probability that the knot will not unravel easily even if it becomes loose.

So the telomeres make sure that the DNA fabric does not unravel easily. 7. The Sun and the Rainbow (Spot and Stripes). Rainbows are formed opposite the direction of the sun and they need water to scatter the light between the angles of 40 and 42 degrees. This system that has been usd to symbolize God and the covenant has all the design elements of the "Spots and Stripes" description of the DNA by the bible.  Spots. The disc of the sun is the spot and the fire.  Stripes. The bands of color on the rainbow are the stripes made when the sun "looks at" itself in the water.  Stick. The rainbow is a curved stick.  Hot. The sun is hot.  Water. The water is the rain. The rainy sky is like Jacob's trench of water in which the stick stood.  Blue Cord (Shamash). The day I saw this correlation I watched a huge rainbow that was slowly disintegrating on its northern end. The colors red through green disappeared, but it left an arc of blue with a slight ridge of purple. It reminded me of the tzitzit, so that is why I saw the knots and coils as being a symbol of the same design.  Mating. If we see the Sun's rays as the unbroken leading strand and the rain drops as the broken lagging strand then it requires the mating of both to create the rainbow stripes (DNA).  The Rainbow Plan. At the beginning, the first Bible science system that I learned was how the colors of the rainbow described the work of the Trinity and the attributes of sin. Now it even makes greater sense that the rainbow defines the perfect DNA, so that as a template of the covenant it is repairing the sin defect. The rainbow was introduced to Noah as a sign of the covenant and the ten panel, colorful, blue linen cover draped over the sanctuary in an arc like the rainbow and is a sign of this same event. Theory. We can finally map more concrete science to the Bible laws.

Sight and Sound. DNA probably has an electromagnetic wave component to it that either records a specific sequence of colors or a sequence of sounds. By recognizing that the sequence of colors has been disrupted or the sequence of sounds is not in harmony, the genetic repair mechanism can tell that there is an error in the sequence. The majority of the damage to the DNA repair mechanism seem to involve sensitivity to sunlight and UV radiation. So our theory may be correct. DNA repair requires use of polarized light such as the rainbow to diagnose damage. Winding Helix. DNA probably has the angles or numbers 40-42 associated with its winding.

Male and Female. It probably means that the male strand is the leading strand and it may have a negative charge. The lagging strand is female and may have a positive charge.

8. Laver. The construction of the laver has at least two DNA Replication components of the replication system. It had water and it Symbol DNA was a mirror made of polished brass. If we assume that they Water -OH did not melt the polished brass and that the mirrors were rectangular shape that were melted together at the edge, Fire PO4 then the laver also looked like a striped bowl. Spot DNA Moreover, he made the laver of bronze with its base bronze, Spiral Knots from the mirrors of the serving women who served at the Stripes Hydrogen doorway of the tent of meeting. (Exodus 38: 8) Aaron and his sons shall wash their hands and their feet Coil bonds from it. (Exodus 30: 19) of Spiral Ladder The four tzitzit, or wings of the garment, also represented the hands and feet of the body. Backbone Stick When you "looked at" the water in the striped bowl you were looking in a mirror as you washed the four tzitzit "Look clean. The altar of sacrifice is the fire end (5') that you At" approach first on your way to the water (3') end. This is not DNA Mirror only a picture of the function of the law and the Spirit Replication Mating combined, it is a picture of DNA repair. Change 9. Sanctuary Roof (Stripes). The roof has two layers made with parallel strips of material. The first layer was blue with Hear RNA? decorations made of red and purple. They symbolized the Signs rainbow and have the physical measurements of the on the Tzitzit rainbow (40 and 42). Hand This system probably symbolizes DNA replication. 10. The Exodus Across The Red Sea. The pillar of fire and pillar of clouds are the 5' and 3' end. They crossed from the pillar of fire which guarded their path while they crossed the waters which separated like the DNA strand during replication. Moses' stick initiated the parting. Water, spots and stripes, knots and coils combined with copying or looking at a twin image all point to a system that involves changing the inner man. Theory. I believe that there may be cures that can be done by looking at the right object or series of objects. We can definately demonstrate that watching certain behaviors tends to change a culture. The Bible says that "by beholding ... we become changed". But I am not simply proposing changes through example or learned behavior. Certain flashing light sequences can cause seizure. We can influence mood by the color of a room. So there are cures than can be administered through the eyes. Law of Genetics ("Permanent Internal Change By Looking/Copying"). There is no known mechanism for such a genetic mutation to occur on a macro level. If we could

cause genetic change by looking then evolution would solve its problems. In fact the story is regarded as superstitious nonsense. In another lesson we explain how this story was about how the bloodied and bruised Christ appeared on the cross. He had stripe marks on His body because of the beating with a whip and He had the spots and bruising from the punching and slapping with fists. Unexplained: Semiconservative DNA Replication. The mechanism used for this function can be compared to DNA replication. This was discovered in 1957 by Matthew Meselson and Franklin Stahl. DNA is the biological software that encodes life and salvation is about restoring life. This process is a prophecy about what happened after Judas left the Passover meal to betray Jesus until His resurrection and more than any other system it demonstrated to me that we were designed to reflect this cosmic drama of the battle between good and evil, particulary how evil will be defeated. The Bible even hints that we were specifically designed and created to defeat Satan. The desire to sin is seen as an infection that caused a genetic mutation. Salvation is the process where God heals all our diseases by repairing this genetic defect.

Double Helix (The Ladder to Heaven). The DNA double helix looks like a spiral ladder. The Double Helix Spiral Ladder. The rigid pole in the center is the center bar that runs through the middle of the wall boards. The broken pieces of the steps that spiral around this pole are the boards of the sanctuary walls. The steps can be seen as connected to the center pole at one end and floating or connected to four outer bars on the wall which are flexible poles. » The Sides. This is the backbone that is made of alternating sequences of sugar and phosphate. » The Rungs. The steps on the ladder are formed by the hydrogen bonds between the protein pairs. Christ is the ladder between heaven and earth. And he said to him, Verily, verily, I say unto you, hereafter you shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man. (John 1: 51 and Genesis 28: 12-13) The Staircase to Eternal Life Leading Lagging Strand Strand

Origin of Replication (Last Supper). This is the initiation point where the splitting starts. The structure that is created is known as a "Replication Fork". The process began when Judas went to betray Christ. » Kissing Chromosomes. Genes that control related activities may be scattered across many chromosomes, somehow these genes coordinate their activities by sending a signal to begin the process of replication. During interphase, before replication begins, scientists have discovered chromosome contact points where genes from different chromosomes touch or kiss to exchange information between genes. Figure 47a This is exactly what Judas did. He used a kiss God Replicates Us in His as a signal to the mob that Jesus was the Image person to arrest! This began His replication process. The Replication Fork (The "Y" Cross). The unwinding produces a "Y" shaped replication fork where the DNA copying will occur. This is a picture of both the "T" shaped Cross and His body handing from the cross in a "Y" shape. His two hands from the upper two hands of the "Y" and is body is the center. » Arms Stretched Out. Now this phrase means more than His arms being stretched out on the cross. He was being torn apart and broken. » Split in Two. The Passover Seder also has the image of Jesus being split into two (His divinity and humanity). Helicase (Judas). This is the enzyme that splits the two strands. It surrounds the DNA as the DNA passes through the system. The angry mob that surrounded Him created the helicase. » Forcing Open the Fork. Recent studies showed that helicases do not merely wait passively for the fork to widen, but play an active role in forcing the fork to open ( Jesus had to die before He became the king, but Judas could not wait. He forced the events thinking that he could force Jesus to show His power as king. We are all responsible for killing Christ, but it was Judas who forced the process by going to the enemies of Christ and accepting a bribe from them. » Yeast or Leaven. Leaven is a type of helicase. It represents sin which really started this process. » The Helicase Meat Grinder (The Road to Golgotha). Helicase is a six helix structure with a hole in the center and a folding pattern structure that has never been seen before. Because two enzymes must maintain the same location with respect to each other, the system is best thought of as a fixed system through which the DNA passes. The proteins do not migrate to the location of the DNA, but the DNA passes through the corridor around which they are lined. It is obvious that this is Christ being dragged from one location to another and finally

through the crowds on the road to Golgotha because Herod and Pilate remained in their fixed positions.

3'-5' Dead Box Helicase HRDC » Function and Structure of Exonuclease Region C the Helicase. The Helicase is DNA Repair DNA Replication necessary to repair DNA. In the center is the dead box region which is the portion that is involved in our replication function. It is called the "dead box" region because it is simply a sequence of amino acids. » The Dead Box (Inside the Bowels of the Earth). God must have inspired a scientist to call this region the dead box because that is what God called it 2000 years ago. For three and a half days from the time Judas left to betray Him until the resurrection Jesus was being dragged through the bowels of the dead box. In the Bowels. For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the sea monster, so will the son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. (Matthew 12: 40) I am uncertain how new this research is but if scientists wanted to take a quantum leap ahead in studying how this functions they should take a look at the story of the order of events in the last three days of Christ and at the Passover Seder to narrow their theories. Diseases of the Helicase. Malfunction of this system causes diseases which tend to show two major problems: premature aging and death and sensitivity to sunlight. » Werner's Syndrome. Premature aging. » Bloom Syndrome. Growth deficiency, sun sensitivity, cancer. » Rothmund-Thomson Syndrome. Light sensitivity causing skin lesions and spots. » Symptoms of the Sin Disease. These are the symptoms that Genesis claimed occurred to the human race. » Premature Aging and Death. We immediately grew old and died. » Light Sensitivity. Adam and Eve lost their covering of light and hid themselves from God, the source of light. » Fear. They were afraid and ashamed. » Crucifixion Diseases. Christ suffered symbolically from all these symptoms. » Light Sensitivity. His sensitivity to the sun was seen in the three hours of darkness. » Skin Lesions and Spots. He had skin lesions seen in the spots and stripes from the beatings. » Premature Aging and Death. He died prematurely at age 33 in human years or 3 years in eternal years. The key is that despite a system that malfunctioned and killed an innocent man, He was able to repair the DNA damage done to Adam and Eve. » Other Crucifixion Diseases: Helicase Malfunction. Porphyria. Sleep Disorders. Leprosy. FMF. Broken, Separated and Weaned. The process requires that the hydrogen bonds between the base pairs should be broken and two parent DNA strands unwind and separate from

each other. » The Breaking of The Bonds. Only four proteins make DNA and they can only combine in specific pairs. Adenine and thymine are paired with a double bond. Guanine and cytosine are paired with a triple bond.  Breaking the Double Bonds (Human). The breaking starts with the weakest bonds where the chain is rich in adenine and thymine. » Intercessor. The priests broke any covenant bonds of duty that they had when they tried to get Him murdered. » Trust. Then Judas broke the bonds of trust and friendship when he betrayed Him. » Friendship. Then, the last bonds of friendship were broken when the disciples ran away. » Maternal. Finally, the maternal bond was broken when He was spiritually weaned. At the moment He gave His mother to the disciple John, it severed the bond. The breaking of the maternal bond was even memorialized in a law.  Breaking the Triple Bonds (Divinity). During the darkness the Father separated when God forsook Him and the Holy Spirit left. » The Breaking of Christ. The primary meaning of the breaking of the strands is to show how Christ's divinity was separated from His humanity after all the bonds were broken. The breaking of the middle matzah at the Passover Seder also shows this event.

The Replication. DNA Polymerase is the enzyme that binds to each strand and performs the replication. The breaking produces two strands which are oriented in opposite directions. This feature is symbolized in many prophecies as the good and bad twin.  Leading Strand (Divinity) The Good Twin. This strand of DNA is oriented in the 5' to 3' direction and is synthesized continuously in one unbroken line by DNA Polymerase Delta (δ). » Unbroken Bones. The prophecy about His bones which were not broken represents this strand. » Menorah and Eternal Light. The south wall with the light that never goes out is the eternal nature of God. The Double Helix Spiral Ladder. Both strands are half of the double helix. Yet, the leading strand can be seen as the rigid backbone. The broken pieces of the lagging strand are the steps that spiral around.  Lagging Strand (Humanity) The Bad Twin. This strand of DNA is oriented in the 3' to 5' direction and is synthesized in small pieces (Okazaki Fragments) by DNA Polymerase Epsilon (ε). These fragments are later joined by DNA Ligase. This "bad twin" is the mirror image twin which must be broken. » Broken Body. The body of Christ is the bread which was broken for us. » Table Of Showbread. The north wall is the strand with the broken bread. And when He had given thanks He broke it and said, "this is My body which is broken for you, do this in remembrance of Me". In the same way He took the cup after supper and saying "this cup is the new covenant in My blood, do this as

often as you drink it in remembrance of Me". For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord's death until He comes. (1 Corinthians 11: 24-26). » RNA Primers (The Levitical Priesthood). These are added to the chain to start the replication because the DNA polymerase cannot read the information in the 3' to 5' direction. So they provide a 3' end to begin the attachment. They are removed after the fragment is created. The Levitical priests were needed to teach the Plan of Salvation for 2000 years and at the end they instigated the process that caused the Lamb of God to be slaughtered. After they were done they were removed and a new order of priests were instituted based on Melchizadek. » DNA Polymerase I Exonuclease (The People). It removes or digests RNA primers. This is the request that we must eat the broken bread or cannibalize Christ. It is only by removing this segment and repairing the breach that the strand can be assembled into one piece and made whole again. Cannibalism. Now, for the first time we can see a reason for the cannibalism. We knew it was necessary but we could not see why such a disgusting act would be used as a symbol in the Plan of Salvation. If we see it from the genetic perspective, then we understand that the process cannot continue until this segment is removed. RNA primer is necessary to start the building process but now it must be removed to complete the process. » DNA Ligase. This enzyme joins the broken pieces of the lagging strand by adding phosphate to the phosphate-sugar backbone of the ladder. So it represents the process of the joining us to the backbone, to our father Israel so that anyone who is born this way will become heirs of the promise. Speed of DNA Replication (Eaten Quickly). The Passover Seder says that the bread must be eaten quickly. The bread was supposed to be swallowed within two to four minutes but not more than nine minutes. This was symbolized by His quick burial before the Sabbath came. DNA replication is extremely fast. Under optimum conditions a 1000 micrometer long macromolecule of DNA can make an exact copy of itself in about 10 minutes, inserting nucleotides at a rate of about 1000 nucleotides per second! The speed of DNA replication for the humans is about 50 nucleotides per second per replication fork and many forks are initiated. Helix Destabilizing Protein (Nails). These keep the separated strands apart. Both the nails that kept His arms in the "Y" position and our sins kept the strands separated. I am trying to see if this protein has iron in it or is somehow associated with the number four or four rings (holes). If so then it definately represents the nails, otherwise it also represents the actions of Judas and the priests. Notice the dominance of the number 6. o Origin Recognition Complex (ORC) (Priests or Sanhedrin). A six protein complex which is the most likely initiator of replication. o Cell Division Cycle Proteins (Cdc-6 and Cdt-1) (Caiahpas and Judas). They bind to the ORC and coat the DNA with MCM proteins. Cdc-6 forms and stabilized the ORC. Cdt-1 (Judas) is destroyed.


Mini Chromosome Maintenance Proteins (MCM 2-7) (Romans). These are six proteins which coat the DNA before they are replicated. They attach to each end of the replication bubble.

This group of six who are responsible for sending Him to death include Judas, Annas, Caiaphas, the Sanhedrin, Pilate and Herod Antipas. SHEMA. As Jesus obeyed the SHEMA, the covenant also kept Him on the cross.

Direction of Replication. DNA can only be replicated in the 5 to 3 direction. The numbers refer to the position of the carbon on the ring. A phosphate group is attached to the fifth carbon and an OH group on the third carbon. » DNA Mathematics (3' to 5'). If this designation is inspired then it has a significant meaning. Five is the number that signifies the last chance before jugment occurs. Three refers to the Trinity. The lagging strand is being recreated by God from the point of judgment (examination) until we see God and become like Him. The leading strand submits to judgment until they are vindicated and execute final judgment. » Okazaki Fragments The small pieces of the lagging strand are 100 to 1000 nucleotides long and these two numbers appear as multipliers in symbols. » Helicase ("The Narrow Winding Way"). The Helicase is a six sided structure and that number that has always been associated with the evil Antichrist. Therefore, the function of the helicase as a torture chamber is fitting for this structure. Perhaps by studying the unusual folding pattern of this structure and superimposing it on a map of Jerusalem, we can see the actual road to the cross. The prophecies say that His journey must begin east, then go south, then north and then west. The rules seem to also allow for going back and forth between north and south. According to the prophecies, the crucifixion was done in the north, specifically in the north west. The prayer in Gethsemane was done in the south east. We know the site of the temple and possibly some of the palaces from history. Any claims to knowledge about the location of most other sites are merely myths for tourist attractions. So it would be very interesting to see if there is also a magnetic component to this biological system in addition to the motions of a coil because we could map function to location. » The Cloud and The Fire. When Israel crossed the Red sea, the phenomenon seemed to copy the splitting of the DNA. With the pillar of cloud above and the pillar of fire behind them, the fire represents the phosphate end and the cloud represents the -OH end of the strand. Israel walked through the helicase walking from the 5' to the 3' direction. Marriage and Reconstruction. Special chemicals reconstruct the complementary strand by following the rules. Each protein can only be paired with one other type of protein. This is why Christ is pictured as the bridegroom who marries the church.

The Seed of God. No one who is born of God practices sin, because His seed abides in him; and he cannot sin, because he is born of God. (1 John 3: 9) At the end, two new DNA helix are created, each has a piece of the original DNA and a new strand. It is clear that the leading strand restores the divinity of Christ immediately because as it is torn apart it is being recreated. The lagging strand represents how God will save us. We will be

created from the broken human strand of Christ by joining to Him through the Holy Spirit. So, genetically the new creature does not have half of a divine strand. We are not demi-gods. But we are joined to a perfect human strand which once touched the divine. So, was this lagging strand Mary's seed? No, we have the seed of God in us but we are still not divine. So what God must have done during the time Christ was in the womb and possibly up to the time of His crucifixion was to infect the human DNA like a virus and repair the damaged seed of the woman so that the copy that was used to make the lagging strand was no longer imperfect. It had acquired some of the characteristics of the leading strand in order to perfect it. Whatever was done to infect the human gene by the snake who coiled himself around the tree like an evil double helix was undone when God was coiled around the tree made into a cross. Look at the sequence of events that occurred when we were infected in Eden.

  

  

The Double Helix. The snake was coiled around the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. DNA is the perfect tree of knowledge because it carries all the information needed to create us! Christ was coiled around what would become the Tree of Life. Breaking the Bonds. The man and woman separated so that she was alone. Helicase (Satan). Satan separated Eve from God with his lies. The Two Strands. It is clear that both strands were infected. Eve was the leading strand because she accepted first and was quickly infected. Adam was the lagging strand. It was only after he ate that the sin was applied to the planet through some law of inheritance that required either both strands or the male strand or the "X" chromosome to be infected. RNA Primers (Fruit). The tree of knowledge was necessary but now that it was eaten it must be removed with the tree of life. Exonuclease (Adam and Eve). The woman ate the fruit that the snake gave her and gave it to her husband. DNA Ligase. This is the covenant God made. He promised a new Seed from the woman who would repair their relationship and remove the bad genetic material.

The record shows that the rest of the planet was infected. Just like a very virulent strain of a level 5 pathogen, the infection mutated the DNA and permeated the rest of the planet. After the flood we can see how devastating this cross species genetic transfer can be. The human life span dropped from 700 years to about 100 years after they started eating meat. The Unanswerable Question. Everything is unexplainable. However, the processes that are the most amazing is the helicase and what happens to the lagging strand. The design used two totally different processes to do the same work. This was not random evolution. This was designed and it was designed to reflect what would happen at the crucifixion. Next, the helicase forcing open the strands and forcing the DNA through a path is simply awesome to see the extent to which God encoded His future experience in the DNA as He did in the Passover Seder. Finally, I have begun to see that the weird emphasis on symbolic cannibalism that appears to violate all Jewish dietary laws and the commandments might be the biggest proof that the events of the crucifixion were encoded in the mechanism of DNA replication. Those broken pieces and the cannibalistic work of the digesting exonuclease are unexplainable. Every second the cells in our body are reenacting the terms of the curse. So we not only suffer

the curses in symbols when we eat the bread and wine we actually experience it while living. However, the brilliant plan of God accepted the curse He was forced to impose on us and used the very mechanism of the curse, the tools He was given, to save us. Christ became a curse to save us. The DNA reenacts the curse to restore us. Brilliant work My Father! The Passover Seder. This verse is the basis of the four cups of the seder. It is the vow that outlines the same sequence of events in order. Say, therefore, the sons of Israel Cup of Freedom. I am the Lord your God, I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians. Cup of Deliverance. And I will deliver you from their bondage. Cup of Redemption. I will also redeem you with an outstretched arm and with great judgments. Cup of Release. Then I will take you for My people, Adoption. and I will be your God, and you will know that I am the Lord your God, who brought you out from under the burden of the Egyptians. New Home. I will bring you to the Land which I swore to give to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Inheritance. and I will give it to you for a possession. I am the Lord. (Exodus 6: 6-8).
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Cup of Freedom ("Origin of Replication"). The tightly coiled helix is unwound. Cup of Deliverance ("Bonds Broken"). Christ breaks the bonds of sin by breaking Himself for the replication. He conquered our bondage by submitting to bonds. Cup of Redemption ("Replication Fork"). Christ redeemed us when He stretched out His arms. Cup of Release ("The Two Strands"). He is our God and we are His people. This is fulfilled at the resurrection. Adoption or Marriage. Each original strand separates into a new home with the newly constructed strand. New Life. The new DNA strand is ready to build its own new home when the cell divides. When the process is completed at the resurrection a new life is created. Inheritance. DNA is the mechanism for storing and distributing features of inheritance.

Looking At The Copy. DNA cannot be synthesized from scratch. They must be copied by "looking at" the mirror image because each strand serves as a template for copying the new molecule. So one parent strand produces two daughters. So if we can understand DNA replication we can now see why we have to look at Christ on the cross in order to inherit His characteristics and be healed or made whole again. Spiritual laws are deeply rooted in physical laws. At the macro level we can take a hold of the mechanism of inheritance at the cellular level. We can look at our perfect model and make a copy. This is how a man can give birth. He does it by direct access to the gene mechanism. God uses genetic engineering! God performed a miracle for Jacob to demonstrate what He would accomplish for mankind. This symbol of the goat and the stick and the symbol of the serpent lifted up on a cross says that we can be cured of sin if we look at the badly beaten and bruised body of a man on a cross whom we will treat as an evil serpent. When our own hearts are broken by this picture then God can pass

by or "Pass Over" and reconstruct us. » We Must Be Broken. Now we can better understand the request that we must fall on the Rock named Christ so that we can be broken, otherwise we will be broken when He falls on us. Both stories demonstrate what occurs when DNA is translated into RNA and that is transcribed into proteins.
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DNA (The Spotted and Striped Stick). This story follows the pathway from DNA to protein. You can become a copy of the parent by looking at it. Messenger RNA (The Serpent That Heals). DNA mRNA tRNA Protein This is the intermediate Original Negative (Mold) Scribe Copy step in the pathway from Jesus Holy Man DNA to RNA. Since it is God Crucified Spirit ♥ ♥ ♥ created by following the rules of base pairing, Heaven Bridge Earth RNA is actually the Coding Anti- Message Anti- Amino Acid opposite of the DNA Codons Codon Codons Codon (Broken strand that it copied. Pieces) 5' -- 3' 3' -- 5' 5' -- 3' 3' -- 5' When RNA creates the proteins, the base pairing Substitute Laws Recreation (Image) rules of creating mirror (Mirror) image opposites apply Figure 48a - DNA Replication Path again and the protein is actually created in the image of the DNA. This intermediate and opposite looking step is necessary! So the people must look at the "evil" copy to correctly replicate themselves in the image of the parent by creating themselves as the exact opposite. As the "Word of God", Jesus is the ultimate message codon. In this object lesson we understand the function of the substitutionary sacrifice for sin (broken laws). We also see how Jesus creates us "in the image of God" with the help of the Holy Spirit. Transfer RNA (The Companion). The Holy Spirit is the one who writes the exact copy on our hearts just like the tRNA ceates the exact copy of the genes in the DNA. Protein (Broken DNA). Proteins are really unpaired broken pieces of DNA copies, like the lagging strand. Man is the copy or mirror image of God but we can never be God. It takes linking many proteins, the marriage or the pairing of two complementary opposites to totally complete this image of God. More than any other object lesson this shows through genetic law why we must be broken and why we are broken when we submit to God. Trait (Fruit Of The Spirit). The protein produces the trait specified by the DNA or the character of God.

The DNA is not in direct contact with protein just God must hide Himself from humans. Christ is the one and only intermediary between both - the RNA.

The Unanswerable Question. Watson and Crick discovered the structure of DNA in 1953, yet Moses references the mechanism 3400 years ago and God showed it to Jacob 4100 years ago. Vaccination. What happened at the crucifixion is represented by the science of vaccination. To cure sin, God became a weakened and dead copy of the sin virus that contaminated us. If we eat Him and take Him in internally, then we will be cured. The cannibalism imagery in the Plan of salvation no longer looks savage, does it? For years, preachers never gave a coherent explanation about why the brass copy of the snake lifted up on a stick cured Israel of a snake bite, and why God would later say that this represents how Christ would cure us when He is lifted up on a cross. Then, after recognizing that I had a gift and He was explaining mysteries to me, I asked and God showed me what it meant in 2002. Now to see it as a scientific law is absolutely wonderful. God conquers by outwardly becoming a copy of the thing to be conquered. The Unanswerable Question. The bible clearly describes obtaining cures with a weakened copy of the infectious agent since 1460 BC when Moses told the people to look at a copy of the snake so that they can be healed of the snake bite. In 1796, Edward Jenner discovered vaccination. Since the plagues, people basically knew that those who had recovered from infections had something in their body that gave immunity. In 1862, Louis Pasteur discovered, the germ theory of microscopic organisms. Only when public vaccination programs began in 1947 and Salk and Sabin developed the polio vaccine in 1955 did any of this knowledge become clearly understood. Moses' Human Genome Project: DNA in The Sanctuary To be done. Except for DNA replication, I am still in the Organized By Y X process of analyzing the DNA Torah science. Just as the Size Mishkan models the hydrogen atom in physics, it models one 6 Boards Short specific scenario in biology. It models a structure with the Arm Most Holy "X" and Y" chromosome. This is either a fertilized egg or a (p) 6 6 Place male. Since Adam was the model, I choose the theory that it (Nucleus) first models the male. However, looking at it as a fertilized (4-12) male egg helps. Centromere North The sanctuary is also a pattern of the cell and the human Holy Place genome. These are the smallest units of life. Like the periodic table, we count the number of structural elements (boards and 14 (Mitochondria) 14 Long Arm (1,3 and 16-20) (q) columns) to establish the pattern. 13, 14, 15, 21, 22 Genes are organized in pairs that are joined at a constriction in the middle (centromere). This creates a short and a long Telomere? arm beyond the centromere. Figure 49a - Gene Sanctuary

Structure. The sanctuary is physically laid out like a pair of chromosomes.  Short Arm. The Most Holy Place represents the short arm. Theory. This might represent the brains of each chromosome.  Centromere. The four columns at the division are the spindles of the centromere.

 

Long Arm. The Holy Place represents the long arm. Bars and Rings. These wrap around the gene and hold them together.

Theory. The gene that has the ratio of the long arm to the short arm (14:9 or 14:6) might be a master gene. Theory. There may be a polarity to the genes and the cell. Polarity. The polarity is seen in cell division during anaphase when the genes separate and half split between two poles. This division may be by the genes of the original parent.
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North: Lagging Strand (Table of Shewbread). The broken bread is reflected in its broken formation. South: Leading Strand (Menorah). The eternal light reflects its unbroken formation and the divinity.

» Double Helix. The double helix can be created from the sanctuary. If the four outer bars are flexible and the center bar is seen as solid. Then the loose boards would form a spiral staircase around the center bar. » Chromosome Banding. Even the parallel banding pattern that is made with staining can be viewed as the parallel boards. Y 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 3 Male Male Genetic Contribution » Body Size and Mass. 2 Gene The particle that is mass 1 Brain eludes us. Since the DNA Figure 49b - Parental Contribution 1 Female follows the same sanctuary 2 Gene blueprint we may be able to Female Genetic Contribution add some information. 3 Brain Cross breeding male lions X 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 and female tigers produce a giant cat called a liger. However male tigers and female lions produce the dwarf tigon. Since we know that the DNA must know which strand of the double helix belongs to the male or female then perhaps mass is some how determined by some dominant feature on the male gene. Scientists are also noticing that bones on one side of the body are larger than the other and vestigial markings in some fish also show this lopsided sizing. So is mass related to the objects inside the sanctuary? Or, like electricity, is it related to the arrangement of the object and only exists because the object exists? Now that I believe that the rings represent mass, perhaps some component on the "strong force" section of the gene is responsible for this phenomenon.

Cell Nucleus (46 Chromosomes). 46 boards make up the outer perimeter of the sanctuary. Assume that these are all 23 pairs of chromosomes. Theory. 44 autosomes and 2 sex chromosomes are represented by the 46 boards that make the wall, yet two extra boards remain. What are they?

» 2 Sex Chromosomes. They could be structures that further define gender or indicate the parental source of the gene or indicate undiscovered structures that function in holding the genes together. The two boards that supported the western wall also represent the opposite poles of the globe and the genders, male and female. Somehow a cell knows which genes are from the mother and the father. This may be represented by the positive and negative poles and these two special boards. Theory. Biological Strong Force. Since they also hold up the wall, they could represent the telomeres which keep the genes from unraveling. There could be one from each parent which helps to indicate gender, length of life and holds the genes together. » Polarity. Genes know if they come from mother or father. This is because there are positive and negative sides. Similar chromosome abnormalities can cause different diseases depending on if the gene is from the mother or father. An abnormality on chromosome 15 can cause Prader-Willi syndrome if the gene came from the father and Angelman's syndrome from the mother. » 24 Chromosomes (22 Autosomes and 2 Sex Chromosomes). In God's view, we have 24 chromosomes. There are actually 24 different types of chromosomes in the 23 pairs and the telomeres. Chromosome Organization. In studying this, I realized that there is a lot that scientists do not know, especially about their organization. Scientists currently organize them by their size and location of the centromere. Theory: Organization of the Genes by Size and Centromere. Let us try to guess if each chromosome is represented by the boards and columns by looking at the location of the centromere and folding them into a ball like the periodic table. α Karyotype (Genes By I do not know what physical order they are in. Structure) I am merely proposing where they are Figure 49c1 generally located.  Most Holy Place (10 Chromosomes). o 9 SubMetacentric (4 to 12, X) (Unequal Arms). The nine pairs are the 18 boards of the Most Holy Place. It is fitting Most Holy that the chromosomes with the Holy Place Place unequal arms are in the Most Holy Place, because the gross structure of the sanctuary represents the unequal arms, highlighting the importance of this room. o X Sex Chromosome (Church as the Bride). The sex chromosomes are the two extra boards that form the polar ends. When organized as a globe, one is oriented north and the other south. o Y Sex Chromosome (Male Priesthood). This is the northern board of the pair.  Holy Place (14 Chromosomes). 1-3, 13-22 and Y.

5 Acrocentric (Close to One End). These are the columns that are at the end of each room. The short arms of 13, 14, 15, 21, 22 have satellites (a secondary constriction). Since the "Y" chromosome is acrocentric, I placed it with this group. » The Secondary Constriction. I assumed that this feature was due to folding the two doorways together. If we compare what was done to the periodic table, I must conclude that one of these five genes connects the "X" and "Y" chromosomes or acts as a conduit. o 8 Metacentric (1-3 and 16-18,19-20) (Middle). These are the three largest and five shortest chromosomes Genes By Function Figure 49c2 So far, I do not know the significance of size. Large (1-3, 4-5). Medium (6-15, X). Short (Y, 16-22). I placed the larger ones Most Holy on the north wall and Holy Place Place the smaller on the south. So size equalizes the length of the arms. Note that there are other ways to organize these that may be more valid. My goal is simply to suggest that the role of these genes are somehow organized in this model and it is most likely by function. In this example all the genes that control collagen and external characteristics are in the Holy Place. The genes that represent, growth, control, hormones, lipids and blood are in the Most Holy. Lipids and red blood are in this group because they are what goes back to God totally. The control functions like hormones are also seen as part of this region. Bars and Rings (Structural Glue). All genes might have instructions for making structural components of the body (cytoskeleton, connective tissue, collagen and bones). » Epigenes (Histone Bands). There are strings of compounds that wrap themselves tightly or loosely around genes, turning them on or off by making them available or unavailable. o Five Bars. There are five kinds of histones. They are rich in arginine and lysine. + o Rings. Histones have a charged amino group which attracts H . It allows them to bind tightly to the negative phosphate group of the DNA. o Four Outer Bars (Nucleosome). Two copies of each of four kinds of histones (H2A, H2B, H3, H4) form a core of protein (nucleosome core) around which the pairs of DNA a wrapped. o Kissing Chromasome. Portions of one chromosome can loop out of its territory and interact with part of a different chromosome looping out from its territory Their description is like the electron orbits which loops out

from the atom. So the 14 pairs of boards in the Holy Place may form these loops. » Epigenes (Methyl Rings). There are smaller rings through which the bands run. These might be the tiny methyl tags of epigenes. » Spindles and Actin Filaments. These appear during cell division. The four outer bars might represent the spindles and the middle bar might be the actin filament that divides the cell during telophase.

Fabric Roof (More Epigenes). The science of epigenetics might be related to the law about sins visited to the third and fourth generations because this system somehow carries memories from four generations (four layers). Since another law says that problems are resolved in the tenth generation, the fabric roof may be the epigenes that catalog time because it is the structure that represents time and the first layer has ten units. » Brain Plasticity. This is a new area of research which claims that we can switch genes on and off. In the chemical model, the epigenes are represented by the four layer roof where the attributes are ductile and malleable like the phenomenon of brain plasticity. This means that there must be an electrical component to this system.

Theory: Organization of the Genes by Function. The body is designed so that a function is controlled by multiple genes. The genes are probably organized like the boards of the sanctuary where the function of the genes mirrors the function of the objects in each part of the sanctuary. Unfortunately, we do not have enough information about function to speculate which genes share key functions. But these are some candidate functions based on the organization of the sanctuary and the important products of the Plan of Salvation.
  

Collagen and Connective Tissue (Bars, Rings, Western Wall). Genes 1,2,5,6,7,9,12,17 + ... Blood. Genes 1,6,7,9,11 + ... Cell Division and Growth. Genes 10,11,13,18 + ...

The "kissing chromosome" behavior suggests that there is a relationship by physical location and that there may be a master location finder and a unique identifier for each chromosome. Significance of Male and Female. It is very interesting that the design captured the gender symbols of the sanctuary. In the Holy Place (before the crucifixion), only a male was allowed to be a priest to symbolize the male Messiah. In the Most Holy Place (after the Second Coming), the entire church is pictured as a bride married to this male. So the priesthood is now male and female.

Since both males and females have an "X" chromosome it scientifically represents the fact that there is no difference between male and female in heaven.

Mitochondria (37 Genes). Located within the cell, they have their own unique genetic structure that is different from the nucleus of all other cells. They are inherited from mothers and have 37 genes. Within the Most Holy Place, 36 elements are represented by the "P" block of the periodic table. If we add one element that represents the female, then we have the structure of mitochondria. But if we add 28 boards from the Holy Place and 9 columns, then we would have captured their function. Theory. The four columns between both rooms may represent four important genes that encode structure that somehow are related to the nucleus and mitochondria. Mitichondria is located in the outer cell, but partially function like the nucleus of a normal cell. We can see how the mitochondria is represented in the sanctuary by analyzing function and design of the sanctuary.  Nucleus (Most Holy Place). The brains of the cell.  Mitochondria and Chloroplasts (Holy Place). It processes food and light to create energy.  Cell Body (Outer Court). The region where water, reactions and waste are found. Four or Five Bases (Z Force). Both DNA and RNA are designed around four bases. These are the four pillars. (Adenine, Guanine, Cytocine and Thymine). However, RNA uses Uracil instead of Thymine. So there are really five important bases for both systems. These are the five pillars at the first entrance. This understanding reconfirms my opinion that the four and five columns are the same and merged together. Uracil (C4H4N2O2), Thyamine (C5H6N2O2), Cytosine (C4H5N3O), Guanine (C5H5N5O), Adenine (C5H5N5). DNA Function Representation. I must conclude that the design of the sanctuary represents both the genes and the function. The 20 boards of the Most Holy Place represents the 20 amino acids of the nucleus and the 37 boards and columns of the Holy Place represent the mitochondria. So Mitochondria are like the loose protons that fuel nucleosynthesis. » DNA (Most Holy Place). DNA is the brains of the cell, encoding 20 amino acids. » RNA (Holy Place). RNA is secondary, carrying out daily operations with 37 genes in the mitochondria. RNA uses 64 codons to make 20 amino acids a start and stop sequence. DNA is composed of three substances.  Phosphate (O=P-O3). This energy molecule represents the fire of the Holy Spirit.  5 Carbon Sugar (Deoxyribose) (C5H8O2). This carbon based molecule is Christ Who became a human.  Nitrogenous Base. The Father must be this final molecule who can take on five different shapes. These bases form the hydrogen bonds that create the spiral ladder. Histones. They are the structure or spools around which the DNA is coiled to make a chromosome. The DNA is compacted 50,000 times and are easier to fit in the cell.

 

Octamer. 4 pairs or 8 histone proteins form the octamer. The histones seem to function in the same way as the strong force. Both have eight building blocks which seem to form the core of the structure. The parallel boards seem to resemble parallel wrapped coils of DNA. » Histone Tails. The histones have tails which remind me of the tzitzit and the two boards sticking out. Nucleosome. DNA wrapped twice around the nucleosome (146 base pairs). They may be equivalent to one board and the DNA may be wrapped in the pattern and direction of the bars. Solenoid. Six nucleosomes may be the six boards in the Most Holy. Scaffold. Coiled solenoids. The solenoids are loops which remind me of how the boards in the holy place form an orbit which is folded in a figure eight, thus looking like loops. Chromosome. Coiled scaffold. Going from west to east, each major structure represents the pattern of each level in the histone. So the chromosome may be the combined sanctuary.

Codons and Anti-Codons. 20 Codons There are 20 codons and 20 T 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 anticodons. Like the 20 walls A on the north and south, it T Messenger RNA T C mRNA suggests that these are used to build the walls of the protein. Figure 49d G A A  20 Codons (North G Wall). It is a sequence C of three nitrogen bases G in a row on mRNA G that defines a specific tRNA Transfer RNA C amino acid to be A C brought to the growing polypeptide. U  20 Anti-Codons U 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 (South Wall). It is a 20 Anti-Codons sequence of three nitrogen bases in a row on tRNA that is the complement of the codon. Each tRNA brings only one kind of amino acid. If the tRNA anticodon fits the mRNA codon like a jigsaw puzzle piece then this is the next correct amino acid to create the protein. Base Purine A G ♥ Methionine [M] ♠ ♥ Isoleucine [I] AU -C-CH CH2-CH2- -C-CH2CH2-SCH3 CH3 Start α Pyrimidine U (T) C


GU ♥ Valine [V] -C-CH-CH3 -CH3 α ♥ Phenylalanine Leucine UU α [F] ♠ -C-CH2[C6H5] CU ♥ Leucine [L] -C-CH2-CH-CH3-CH3 Proline [P] Only Cyclic Amino Acid CC -OOC-[C-CH-CH2-H2C-CH2-N-H2+] GC Alanine [A] -C-CH3 GG Glycine [G] -C-H ♥Tryptophan [W] ♠ Cysteine [C] ♠ -CUG -C-CH2-SH CH2[C6H4][NHStop CH=C] Tyrosine [Y] ♠ Ω ♠ UA -CStop Ω CH2[C6H4]OH AC ♥ Threonine [T] ♠ -C-CH-OH -CH3 Serine ♠ -C-CH2-OH UC Serine [S] AG Serine Arginine ♡ Arginine [R] -C-CH2-CH2-CH2CG NH-C-NH2-NH2 ♡ Histidine [H] Glutamine [Q] CA -C-[CH2 -CH - -C-CH2-CH2-C=O NH+ =CH-NH NH2 -CH=] Asparagine ♥ Lysine [K] [N] AA -C-CH-CH2-CH2-CH2-C--CH2-C=O CH2-NH3+ -NH2 Aspartic Acid Glutamic Acid [E] [D] GA (Glutamate) -C--CH2-C--CH2-CH2-COOCOOAcid Basic Non-Polar Polar(7) (2) (3) (8) -ve +ve 0 Charge Start Stop Hydrophilic Hydrophobic Polar (H+ Nonpolar bond)

Codons and Amino Acids. The ♥ Essential ♡ Essential for Babies genes code for 20 amino acids and ♠ Hydroxyl ♠ Sulfur ♠ Aromatic [] Ring a stop and start sequence. G K H R E D The position of each Amino Acid Structure. +H3NW F Ω board is not yet CRH-COO- [R = Side Chain] V Ω significant in this Amino Group -CR- Carboxylic diagram. P Most Holy Group [R = Side Chain] Ω » Polar. South Wall Place A » 2 Stop and Start Signals. These » Polar (Acid-Base). are the two separate boards with I α North wall the opposite functions. L » Neutral (Essential). M » 20 Amino Acids. These are the C Y N Q T S West Wall 20 boards on the north or south NonPolar Polar » Start-Stop. Columns side and in the Most Holy Place. Theory. Six or eight of the twenty amino acids have a greater importance. Below is what we know so far. » Most Holy Place (20 Boards) - Amino Acids. The nucleus encodes 20 standard amino acids and the structures in the Most Holy Place show their organization.  8 Essential for Adults (Western Wall). (2 Extra Boards). We have to guess what they are. Methionine can form Cysteine and Phenylalanine can form Tyrosine. Methionine is also a start signal and an essential amino acid. Histidine and arginine are essential in infants but they are not part of the eight. These nonpolar amino acids are frequently involved in Van der Waals interactions. The Strong Force takes on the characteristics of Van der Waals forces in biological systems.  12 Non-Essential (North and South Boards). The polar amino acids are placed on these walls, corresponding to the charged features of these poles.  1 Start and 3 Stop (4 Columns). It is appropriate that these represent the entrances and exits.  Codons (3 Walls). 3 bases make each amino acid. » Holy Place (28 Boards). I can only guess that there are 28 important compounds that are created by the RNA or by the mitochondria. » Walls and Doors. Some chemicals may act as gate keepers, containers and support. If we discover the role of the particles in physics using this model, we can guess at how the amino acids, cells and organs like the brain organize different classes of chemicals to work.

Theory: Protein Diseases. It is fascinating to read about prions and amyloid deposits because they sound like loose pieces of unfinished or broken structures or incorrectly built structures. Loose rings, bars, boards, missing columns, unending sheets of parallel boards (proteins) when placed in context of the sanctuary model they all make sense. Theory: Liver Cell Organization. The liver is the one organ that can regenerate itself. The cells align themselves in order to communicate. They first appear to align in columns like

boards. These columns align like a wall, then cells next to each other on each board communicate. The communicating cells appear to be arranged like the ring and bars across each board. This type of organization may be how fertilized cells arrange themselves and communicate. Theory: Distributed Functions and Kissing Chromosomes. Genes that control various functions are spread out across many chromosomes. How do they coordinate their functions? If we look at the design of the boards, rings and bars we might have an answer. The bars are a channel of communication between related genes on different boards, allowing the genes to kiss. Same Pattern. If you would remove your prejudices, you would begin to understand that this is looking like the pattern and design in the Unified Field Theories. The tiny rings, bars, boards, bases and fabric might indicate structures that create an entire system of proteins. e.g. prions or tiny proteins might be the tiny rings that hold a string of molecules. The string of molecules may be holding the structure together or in alignment and the bases also help to keep them in exact alignment. The boards may be the major components of the compound. The fabric may be the permeable barrier that protects the system. Species 666.000. It is my gut feeling that "the number of man" may actually be a numeric constant associated with the DNA. Somehow, when we define how the 23 pairs of chromosome make humans different from chimpanzees, potatos and hares it will be based on 666. Light Therapies. Phytochemicals Chemical Food Watermelon, Lycopene tomato, red and pink produce Polyphenols Pomegranate Carrot, broccoli, Beta-Carotein spinach Curcumin Turmeric Corn, spinach, Zeaxanthin squash Sulphoraphane, Cruciferous Indoles Limolene Citrus rind Allium Garlic, onion Tangeritin, Citrus hesperidin Green leafy Lutein vegetables

Color Red




God also showed me that He conquered and cured Apple, pear, Quercetins things by adding light to it and a symbol of the union grape, garlic always remained. For example, the rainbow is a Citrus, grape, symbol that water will never be used to destroy the Flavonoids berry, cocoa, earth again. The rainbow is a combination of water onion, broccoli and light. Blue Anthocyanins Blueberry I know that shining light behind the knees for a few Berries, grape, minutes cures jet lag by resetting the biological Phenolic apple, tomato clock. New born babies with jaundice are exposed to a "bilirubin light". Destructive radiation is used to Bush berries, treat cancer. The body uses fever to cure infections. Purple Ellagic Acid grape Certain patterns of flashing lights can cause brain Resveratrol Red grape seizures. Sunlight manufactures Vitamin D, which may be the first stage of God's light cure. So there is an unexplored industry regarding the use of light for things other than an alternative source of energy. The constant use of one frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum may cure, but it is also destructive and are only short term solutions. In the long term, God uses the entire spectrum to affect a cure. This may be exposure to pure white light, or rotating exposure to the individual colors at varying intensity and duration. All I can say for certain is that He does use the individual colors in order and He starts with the color red. Theory. So here is my theory about how exposure to each color might work to bring a cure. The color could be applied by light or pigments in colorful fruit. The active ingredient may be the compound that causes the color, or the color is used to identify food with the active ingredient.
 

Red (Life or Death). Red light might bring the cells into a quiescent state where treatment may be more effective. Yellow (Perfection). Exposure to yellow light and sunlight begins the treatment by killing the foreign substance or the enemy. » Green (Health). Green indicates that the treatment is complete and the system is free of foreign invaders. Blue (Law). Exposure to blue light might reveal cells that need repair because they are "breaking the law". These blue chemicals tag defective proteins and genes for repair or destruction by the self-correcting mechanism in our genes. But the spiritual law also says that the law can only reveal what is wrong, it cannot cure it. So we can use blue light as a diagnostic tool to expose defective systems, and initiate the healing process, but we need further steps to cure it. » Purple (Restoration and Repair). This indicates either what was repaired or the defect that was removed. White (Cure). Do we cure by exposing to each light separately in order? Or do we cure by adding light cumulatively in order? So far, I know that beginning with red, He uses the lights cumulatively until we get white and that we spend more time in the yellow zone.

So my conclusion is that we can use the individual colors as diagnostic tools, but we need the entire spectrum to cure.

» Phytochemicals. So we should try to categorize apples, strawberries, beet, grapefruit, sulfur compounds, carrot, blueberries according to their roles in attacking a disease. e.g. Grapefruit skin and garlic fight infections, but perhaps they will do it best if we first eat strawberries before and blueberries after, repeating the cycle until you are healthy. Sunset and Night Red Fruit Salad Apples, Berries, Tomato, Pomegranate Sunlight and Daytime Vegetable and Bean Soups Green Salads Sunset Blue Fruit Salad

Squash, Carrot, Garlic, Citrus Vegetables Berries Grapes Grapefruit

Theory. Since the olive, cinnamon, grape and pomegranate fruit play such an important role in the sanctuary, we need to study them for possible key compounds in cures. Perhaps, one day we will cure many diseases with light therapy through a process that uses the Vitamin D metabolism pathway. Perhaps each wavelength produces a change in the compound, but the process will be helped if we ingest the proper color nutrients. Other Biblical Cures The Bible also describes other methods of stopping a plague.

  

Washing and Heat. Simple principles such as washing after handling "the unclean" helped to prevent diseases (Numbers 19:11-19). For utensils, it recommends washing and burning in the fire or destruction for porous objects that had been exposed a long time. Until 1865, physicians did not know the importance of hand washing until they were convinced by the efforts of Dr. Joseph Lister who decided to follow this Bible principle. Quarantine. The Torah describes isolating infected people and objects (Leviticus 13:4546). Waste Management. The Torah gave instructions on handling waste (Deuteronomy 23:12-13) Specialized Forces. If we look at Numbers 1-4 and 10, we can see the spiritual laws that govern the logistics, security and communication between the cells.  Auto-Immune. There were four types of specialized forces for dealing with internal problems. Three of them were vulnerable to the auto-immune responses, unless the fourth followed certain procedures to render it harmless to them. The Levites and the priests were the only ones who could intervene and stop "the wrath of God" without being destroyed. They were physically camped between the people and the temple to demonstrate how the principle worked. However, even the Levites were vulnerable to wrath during the disassembly and movement of the sanctuary unless the tribe of Aaron intervened to provide a protective covering. When the sanctuary was assembled they were also vulnerable to wrath because they could not enter. Among the priests, all were vulnerable to wrath if they entered the Most Holy Place. Even in this place the high priest could only enter one day each year.

 

There are probably equivalent systems in the body. The skin and the white blood cells demonstrate this barrier method of infection control. Foreign Invasion. There is an orderly system for calling up the forces for battle against external invasion. Staged Journeys. The Bible also describes another type of situation where the body is vulnerable. The body schedules important movements or development stages. Birth, puberty and menopause are the most obvious stages. Now it appears that autism is triggered at a certain stage in children that affects brain development. We might find that there are other great life movements when the body is vulnerable to internal and external forces during these critical periods. I believe that there is one around the age of 25-28 that affects metabolism. Men may experience one that affects their thinking and judgment during their "mid-life crisis". Schizophrenia rears its ugly head around 30-40. The point is that these stages leave us vulnerable to auto-immune malfunctions. These stages may be triggered as part of a clock system which worked correctly, but the execution of the stage was flawed. Disassembly. When it is time to move, the bars, rings, bases, boards, columns and curtains must be disassembled and removed in a particular order. Partial destruction or lost pieces leaves one open to diseases as these loose particles accumulate. » Reassembly. On the other end, new construction may be impaired if parts are missing or misaligned. Circadian Rhythm Errors (Counting Diseases). The clock itself may cause errors by being triggered incorrectly. God has such strict rules about doing a census that His reaction to an unauthorized census seems extreme, indicating that an untimely census is deadly. A census is done for war, to distribute an inheritance and for atonement. The Bible describes a unique substitution-ransom system which must be implemented once two censuses are complete. A plague could occur if a census is done incorrectly, incompletely, on the wrong group or if it is not authorized. We are familiar with daily rhythms such as sleep, bowel movement, menstruation cycles. However, major scheduled cycles seem to be triggered every 12 years with minor cycles every 3 years. » Progeria. A clock disease that triggers the major cycles every 3 years instead of the minor ones. » Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Obsessive-compulsive repetitive thoughts and counting behaviors may be related to a counting malfunction in brain activity.

» First Signs. Heat, moisture and a sentinel system seem to be the triggers or the first signs that mobilizes the forces. In the body these could be fever, congestion and a host of other "Watchmen" type systems that work for two types of stresses: foreign invasion and new journeys. Since fire is a major trigger, perhaps high or prolonged fevers can trigger

any of these systems to act prematurely. Theory. Since some of this sounds like a biblical theory trying to fit into basic common sense patterns, I believe that the census rules are so distinctive that when we discover the unique way in which it works it will verify that a spiritual law does exist. Cell Reproduction Mitosis and meiosis are two types of cell reproduction which undergo the same four basic phases.

Interphase (Normal). DNA is duplicated and attached to the pair of centromeres. These are the important structures in this process.  Chromosomes. The pair of DNA in the nucleus. These represent the life forms or the people.  Centromeres or Centrioles. A pair of structures outside the nucleus that have microtubules that act like rail road tracks on which the chromosomes will travel. When the spindles of the tracks extend from the centromeres they look like stars. Duplication: Twelve Disciples. Before He began His ministry, Christ duplicated the basic structure of Israel. The nation was built on twelve tribes, now Christ creates another twelve tribes because the people of God would be temporarily split in two nations and be reunited by marriage into one nation at the end of time. Centriole ★ ☆☆ (Prophase) ☆☆ Metaphase Jews Temple, Priest Crucifixion Equator Anaphase Levites DNA Migrates Israel Gentiles City Second Coming Telophase ☆ Centriole Figure 50a 1. Prophase 2. Metaphase

Prophase (Polarization of the Stars). Chromosomes become visible, the cell membrane disappears, centrioles move to opposite ends of the cell and the spindles form. » Chromosomes Free. The nuclear membrane disappears and the chromosomes are free to leave the nucleus. » Church and State Barriers. God has always kept a barrier that restrains the lawless ones from taking control. Now those Figure 50b restraints are removed. Christ could now be captured by His enemies. 3. Anaphase 4. Telophase » Centromeres With Mitotic Spindle (Stars). When the centrioles separate and move apart these structure radiate from them like stars. The centromeres move to opposite poles in the cell. » The Shining Stars (144,000). The end of time is seen as a religious polarization and a mass exodus. Before the major exodus begins, leaders for both groups will arise. God calls the righteous group, the stars that will shine brightly forever. There will be about 144,000 righteous leaders at the end. » The Fallen Stars (Man of Sin and 666). He calls the wicked the falling stars. The Antichrist will have their leaders also. Christ and His Twelve Disciples. The disciples and the Jews were the stars who fell and the union of the priests with Rome was the church-state barrier that was broken to accomplish this persecution. A polarization occurred between the twelve tribes of the Jews and the twelve tribes of the Gentile church. » Separation. The duplicated chromosomes attach to the spindle and begin to be pulled towards the equator. Jerusalem was the equator with the cross at the center. Metaphase (The Valley of Decision). Chromosomes move towards the center along the spindles and line up at the equator of the cell. » Evangelism and Persecution. With the barriers removed the people (Chromosomes) are also polarized, first lining up in a neutral position at the sanctuary in the middle. Here they make a decision about God. Christ on the Cross. The world and the universe lined up to observe this great division. Anaphase (Polarization of the DNA). Chromosome pairs separate and are pulled to the closest centrosome at the end of the cell. » The Exodus. The polar shift or mass migration begins. The righteous move south and the wicked move north. Christ. Christ was separated from the Trinity and from Israel. His divinity and humanity split. Telophase (Cell Division and Separation). A new membrane forms around the chromosomes at each end and forms a new nucleus. The cell separates into two new cells. » Actin Filaments (Bars around the Sanctuary). A belt around the middle of the cells that helps to divide the cell in telophase. » Second Coming. When Christ comes the two groups are physically separated.

Christ and His Church. Two branches of His church were formed, the Jews and the Gentiles. Mitosis Mitosis produces two cells with the same number of DNA as the parent with the same genetic combination as the parents. This is the duplication and division of the nucleus in preparation for cell division. It is used to grow cells or in asexual reproduction. Prophecy. Mitosis is a prophecy about how the righteous and wicked will be separated. The same pattern can be seen in how Christ was treated on the cross and how the church will be treated at the end of time. Meiosis Meiosis produces four cells with half the number of DNA as the parent, recombined in new genetic combinations. The purpose is to produce parent cells for sexual reproduction.
 

Interphase. DNA is duplicated by sexual reproduction. Meiosis I (First Coming).  Prophase (Ministry of Christ). Chromosomes condense and become visible and organize. The matched chromosomes from each parent pair up and line up DNA segments. When they pair up they swap and recombine DNA material so that each chromosome is a unique combination of DNA from the parents.  Metaphase I (Crucifixion). Pairs line up at the equator. A decision is made about the Messiah.  Anaphase I (Jews and Disciples). Pairs separate into two groups.  Telophase I (Jews and Gentiles). Two new daughter cells with the normal amount of DNA are created. In the Plan of Salvation, the first phase of meiosis produced a duplication of the twelve tribes and two daughters (Jews and Gentiles).

Meiosis II (Second Coming). Each of the two new daughter cells from Telophase I undergo the four phases (prophase to telophase) without duplicating genetic material. At the end, four daughter cells are created with half the genetic material. This is how an egg and a sperm cell are created. I could easily describe this as the separation of the righteous from the wicked at the end of time. But since Revelation describes the New Jerusalem as a combination of 24 tribes distributed on four sides of the city, I am going to take a leap of faith and describe this second phase of meiosis as a process that involves the reunification of the church (Jews and Gentiles) at the end of time in a process that mimics sexual reproduction.  Prophase II (Final Ministry). Chromosomes become visible. Global evangelism and persecution.  Metaphase II (At the Temple). Pairs line up at the equator. The church accepts the Messiah.  Anaphase II (Resurrection and Rapture). Two pairs separate into four groups. These are the living and dead from the two phases of the covenant. There are the living and the dead Jews and Christians.

Telophase II (New Jerusalem). Four new daughter cells with half the amount of DNA are created. Notice that if we count the 24 tribes as DNA material, then they are all half the number of DNA plus one pair.

In the Plan of Salvation, the second phase of meiosis will produce four daughters with half the genetic material who are ready to be united by marriage with the Bridegroom from heaven. At the crucifixion, meiosis separated the people of God into two groups who will be united in marriage at the Second Coming. At the Second Coming, mitosis separates the world into two groups. Asexual reproduction represents the work of God because that is how Christ was created and that is how the "marriage" between the world and God will function. But there are other DNA processes that testify to what God does. The Unanswerable Question. The star-like design of the centrioles made this an exceptional feature. The number of processes that are not easily observed in nature except in social settings also raises the probability that this is not accidental (duplication, central gathering, polarization and separation). Otherwise, although the analogy uses scientific image that the ancients would not have known, it can still be challenged as a comparison of observable social processes. » Corrupting Your Sanctuary The Bible calls our bodies "the temple of God" where the Holy Spirit resides. So our body is a sanctuary. The Bible also said that Satan's body was a perfect sanctuary that he corrupted. Perfect. ... you had the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. You were blameless in your ways from the day you were created until unrighteousness was found in you. Violence and Trade. By the abundance of your trade you were internally filled with violence and you sinned, Therefore I cast you as profane from the mountain of God. Covering Cherub. And I have destroyed you, O covering cherub from the midst of the stones of fire. Corrupted Sanctuaries. Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty. You corrupted your wisdom by reason of your splendor. I cast you to the ground. I put you before kings, that they may see you. By the multitude of your iniquities, in the unrighteousness of your trade you profaned your sanctuaries. Fire from Within. I brought fire from the midst of you. It has consumed you. And I have turned you to ashes on the earth in the eyes of all who see you. All who know you among the people are appalled at you. You have become terrified and you will cease to be forever. (Ezekiel 28: 12, 1519). Suppose we look at this story as not only an indictment of his moral character, but as a corruption of his genetic material. Satan was created perfect, then he corrupted his "sanctuaries" and was "internally filled with violence". We know that he is a created being who had the highest possible position of any created beings, yet he wanted to become God. Was he stupid? How did he believe that he could become God if he tweaked his physical structure?

Transformers: Trading In Genetic Material? In the process of meiosis genes swap and trade pieces. Suppose we had the power to transform ourselves at will by dynamically changing our genetic structure based on what we want to do? We could change our appearance and shape and ability to move through space, yet retain what we need to be intelligent beings. Satan must have thought that he could change his genes so that he might become like God. So he changed and swapped his genes in unauthorized ways by "abundant trading". In doing these genetic experiments on himself, he must have physically damaged his genes and the damage reflected the error in his desires. Evidently, one law in this genetic transformation is that our desires will reflect the change. Evil desires will cause evil changes. Good desires will cause good changes. "By beholding we become changed". In building a temple to reach heaven, the people after the flood were building a sanctuary to reach God. When the works of the antedeluvians were destroyed, God hinted that there would be nothing that they envisoned that would be impossible to do (Genesis 11: 6). Even when we are perfect, we cannot become God through genetic engineering, but we can damage ourselves and unleash a chain of destruction that would take thousands of years and billions of innocent lives to fix. So Satan was stupid. Living with a God who wanted to interact with His creation and live like them, Satan must not have realized that God is the ultimate transformer. Transforming Himself from the force or partice that is unique to God to the material that is unique to created beings or the outward appearance of humanity. The Mind-Body Connection. God turned off the ability to accomplish these transformations when sin began. Adam and Eve lost a covering of light. The closest we can come to this power is through the ability of the mind to influence the release of chemicals in the body. Gene Remodeling and Frankenstein. I get nervous when I hear scientists talking about "cracking the genetic code" and making a mouse that looks like a deer all to advance evolution. In the 1840's a prophet arose who said that the Antedeluvians were experimenting with "amalgamating man and animals". The word "gene" or concept of genetics would be described by Gregor Mendel in 1863. Watson and Crick described DNA in 1953. Even they did not envision the genetic splicing that we would ultimately achieve in 1994. God seems to act swiftly to interrupt such actions. I am nervous because the same God who instructs me in these biblical sciences has a profound hatred for the concept and the word "evolution". Modern man is therefore reenacting the great sins that triggered great destruction. It tore apart the ancient world of Noah and it tore apart heaven and earth and turned the universe upside down.

Digestive System The insight into the DNA replication "Dead Box" has inspired me to believe that the digestive system is also a prophecy about Jesus' final three days in the bowels of the earth having a deeper meaning than we have previously understood. The Stomach

After analyzing the function of the digestive system, I have concluded that it only represents what happens to the lagging strand inside the helicase.

Helicase (Dead Box). Inside the helicase, the DNA is forced through one direction. Peristalsis is the involuntary force that moves the food into one direction. Villi, small finger like projections, line the stomach and the small intestine to speed up the amount of food absorbed. The image that I take away from this is the picture of the villi. As Jesus walked through the bowels, being forced to go from place to place, the crowds pressed in from every side and you could see their fingers like villi reaching for Him on every side. Broken Bonds and Broken Bread. The greatest function of the Figure 51a stomach is to break down food into small pieces.  Teeth. The teeth chop up food into smaller pieces.  Saliva. It breaks down starch to maltose.  Stomach. Grinds the food into a pulp. Pepsinogen breaks proteins into peptides.  Bile. Emulsifies fat and breaks it into pieces.  Pancreas. It has several enzymes that break down all food groups. Trypsin digests proteins into peptides. Amylase digests starch into maltose. Lipase digests fatty acids into glycerol. Maltase digests maltose into glucose. Mouth. Food stays in the mouth a few minutes. Then it travels down the aesophagus in 5 to 6 seconds. This is the time at the Passover meal. In the Mouth. After the morsel, Satan then entered into him, therefore Jesus said to him, A Six Second Speech. "What you do, do quickly." Down the Aesophagus. So after receiving the morsel he went out immediately, and it was night. (John 13: 27, 30) So Judas went out into the darkness to force open the helicase. Stomach. Food stays inside the stomach for four to five hours where it is churned up into small pieces. However, except for the following, little digestion occurs here.  Iron. He absorbed four iron nails and the iron spikes of the flagellum.  Alcohol (Fat Soluable Substances). He was given vinegar and wine to drink. This section represents Jesus in the hands of the priests for four to five hours sometime after midnight until dawn when He was handed over to Pilate and crucified. » RNA Primer (Stomach Acid). It is needed to facilitate the function of the stomach but it has to be removed for the small intestine to absorb the nutrients. The priests were the stomach acid.

Small Intestine. Complete digestion and absorption of food occurs here. Peptidase breaks peptides into amnio acids. Food stays in the small intestine 5 to 6 hours. These are the hours up on the cross until the darkness was over from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. » Exonuclease (Pancreatic Juice). It neutralizes acid and digests all food groups. He neutralized sin.

» Purple-Grey Color. While He was on the cross, He became our High Priest in purple with the sin offering. Liver (DNA Ligase). The absorbed nutrients pass through the bloodstream to the liver where they are processed and either stored or distributed to other parts of the body while toxins are neutralized. So the liver puts the pieces back into a useful form like DNA ligase. Large Intestine. It symbolizes the events after the death of Jesus. In this phase the soldiers shoved a spear in His side and blood and water poured out. An earthquake also occurred. The large intestines absorb water and force the material out and perform the following functions. » Water Removal. Water poured from His side. » Reabsorb Sodium. Since the Bible says that we are "the salt of the earth", I assume that this might involve the people who were resurrected with Him. He would also be preserved in death by the salt poured on the offering. » Vitamin K (Blood Clotting). It is produced in the intestine by E. Coli. At this point blood also poured out of His side as if the clotting factor was not working. » Gastrocolic Reflex. This very strong movement forces the material out. It occurs two or three times a day. This could be the two earthquakes that occurred when He was dead and when He was resurrected. The first earthquake opened the earth and swallowed Him, then it opened again and pushed Him out of the grave. » Timing. It takes about 36 to 48 hours or more for material to pass through the large intestine. Jesus died around 3:00 PM on Friday and was resurrected at dawn on Sunday. This was about 37 to 40 hours. It took about 50 hours for Him to go back to heaven after His death. » Dark-Reddish Color. The color of life. In the grave His life had been given over for us. »The Hidden Pearl of Great Price. Jesus is symbolized as waste matter passing through the system. We deserved to be passed out like dung, but He substituted for our punishment. But pearl is also waste matter and it is a gem.  Irritation (Sin). Pearl formation begins with an irritation by a small foreign particle.  Mother of Pearl (Eaten). Then the shell deposits thin layers of nacre (calcium carbonate) around the particle to isolate it. This act of surrounding the source of irritation is seen in the Passover Seder, when the two matzah surrounds the broken matzah. Incredibly, the worthless and despised item becomes a precious gem of great value.  Three Years. It takes about three years to form the pearl. This is the three years of ministry.  Vinegar and Wine. These liquids can dissolve pearl. Note the prohibition against wine for the priest and the giving of vinegar to Christ at the crucifixion. The Unanswerable Question. The nutrients absorbed at each stage seem like a prophetic design. The fact that Jesus describes His ordeal as being in the bowels

shows a clear knowledge of the digestive system microprocesses that were not available to the ancients. The Bones and Skeleton The skeletal system has the following functions that reflect the function of God.
  

Movement. The bones, joint system and muscles combine to allow movement. Protection. It protects the soft organs inside the body. Bone Marrow. It manufactures red blood cells to transport oxygen and white blood cells to fight diseases. Within the marrow are stem cells that can be used to grow new types of cells.

The Unanswerable Question. We can use any body system and make any analogy to fit our ideas about the goodness and power of God even if it involves new information about systems unknown by the ancients. This does not make it any more scientifically remarkable than making an obvious analogy about blindness versus sight. The claim that "life is in the blood" can easily be seen by what happens when a cut causes blood to drain out of the body. What makes this information about the bones an evidence of another level is the specific claim by the Bible that somehow genetic life is in the bones. The production of red blood cells as the oxygen carrier and stem cells gives us a whole new perspective. Theory. Is it possible that the bones of the ribs are a better source of stem cells than other bones? The seed and bones represent life. The Bible does not claim that any bone represents life, in three cases it specifically points to the ribs as representing nations. Adam's rib was used to create the woman, the mother of all nations. In Daniel's prophecy the bear had three ribs in its mouth, representing the Persian conquest of three nations. In the sanctuary the ribcage over the heart represents the beloved 12 tribes. The Backbone, Breast and Ribcage The breastplate of the high priest and the design of the rib cage indicate the twelve tribes that will represent the earth.

Adam's Rib. The symbol of a rib representing a nation was first established with Adam. God took a rib from his side to create the woman who is the mother of all the living. Backbone and Ribs Figure 51b

1 2 3 4 5 6 Leah Sternum


8 9


11 12

Rachel Concubines Joseph Cartiledge Floating

  

Backbone. This is the father to True Ribs False Ribs Ribs whom all the children are attached. Sternum. The sternum under the breast, represents the legitimate wives. Cartiledge. Cartiledge represents the concubines. The Twelve Ribs. This represents the twelve tribes of Israel. The ribs do not represent birth order of the nations, they represent how they are attached to the parents. All ribs are attached to the backbone (the father Israel). But they are attached to the mothers in front in different ways.

The twelve pairs of ribs represent the twelve legitimate sons, eight belonged to the wives, four belonged to the concubines. But it is the final configuration in heaven that is represented by the design of the rib cage.
 

7 True Ribs. They are attached to the sternum in front. These are seven of the sons of the legitimate wives. 3 False Ribs. They are attached to cartilage which is attached to the last rib. These are the three sons of the concubines who will inherit the kingdom. Dan, the fourth son, will be lost. 2 Floating Ribs. They are attached only to the backbone. This is the inheritance of the eighth legitimate son. These are the two sons of Joseph who hold his double portion. They are not attached to the front because neither the wives nor concubines were their mothers. Their mother was a Gentile from Egypt. But by a vow Israel made himself their father, attaching them only to his backbone! Now your two sons who were born to you in the land of Egypt before I came to you in Egypt, are mine. Ephraim and Manasseh are mine, as Reuben and Simeon are mine. (Genesis 48: 5) » Spiritual Birth. These two represent the process of the true spiritual birth which will join Jew and Gentile. The miracle of this birth is that we are born from a man, not a woman and that we are the product of a promise.

» Separating From Mother (Weaned). When Jesus was separated from His mother, the three hours of darkness begun. At that time He was symbolized as a snake on the cross. A snake is able to eat large animals because its rib cage is only attached to the back bone. Separated from the sternum (mother Israel), and connected only to the backbone (Father YHWH) Jesus was able to conquer the snake in the darkness. As the King of snakes He swallowed up the venomous snake and its sting of death. The Unanswerable Question. The physical structure captured both the vow and the future genetic relationships! Jesus actually held Israel in His breast on the cross, next to His heart as the High Priest Who carried the breastplate with the 12 stones on His heart. Before the twelve tribes were born, God symbolized the birth of a nation through the rib of a man. In His design of the rib cage at the creation God not only symbolized the twelve nations who would be close to His heart, the design actually captured their relationship to Israel 2500 years before they were born and 6000 years before they entered heaven. The rib design should have been eight true ribs and four false ribs to represent the original twelve sons, instead it

represented a future eternal configuration. Prophecy. The ribcage would be used as a sign that one of the sons of the concubine would be missing and two grandsons would inherit. It is the prophecy of John 1900 years later that indicates that Dan would be missing. This is the clearest example of a trend that I have noticed in the biblical science that is written into nature. Our design seems to be based on the final events of the future. This confirms my growing belief that we were created to defeat evil. When I got angry and set out to prove that there was science in the Bible, color combination rules, the rib cage, the structure of clean animals and the ruminant stomach were the only system of science that I had learned so far that reflected religious laws. On the day I learned about the ribcage (19 November 2007), He also said that the Periodic table was in the Bible and never explained until 21 December 2008. So I looked at many models of the Periodic table and could not see the connection. It would take one year before He approached me again. During that time He also told me to "learn particle physics". However, by March 2008 He had removed all access to the internet and I had to fight to learn the little I knew. Between March 2008 and December 2010, I would have only a total of about 130 hours on the internet, with only about 40% of that time available for research. Quark was the horrid creature on Star Trek. The Hyoid Bone And The Voice Box The hyoid bone is a small U-shaped bone of the throat which is attached to several throat muscles by two small "horns". These structures are represented by prayer at the altar of incense. The altar has four horns. A penitent person would go to the altar and grasp the horns while pleading to God. Since we have only two hands it is only possible to grasp two horns. This is where the symbols merge. With our voice in prayer, we are grasping on the horns of this bone to make the sounds that ascend to God. And since God guarantees that He will be present when two or more people are gathered in His name, we have an image of two people each grasping two horns of the altar raising their voices in prayer to God. The Holy Spirit is that second person who pleads with God for us in a voice that makes "groans that are too deep for words" (Romans 8: 26-27). Skeleton The vertebrae seem to represent a time table that appears in the prophecy of the image of Daniel 2 and repeated in the life of Christ.

The Covenant (The Series of Priests). These are the Levitical high priests who will be defeated before Christ will become High Priest of the universe under the order of Melchizedek. This symbol suggests the struggle between Christ and the house of Ananus (Annanius).  Spinal Column (33 Bones). Christ lived for 33 years before He fulfilled the covenant.  Head. Christ is the head of the church.  Cervical Vertebra (7 Bones). Daniel prophesied about the last seven important years when the Messiah fulfilled the covenant.

  

Thoracic Vertebra (12 Bones). He had 12 disciples who were modeled after the 12 tribes. Five Lumbar Vertebra (5 Bones). Five high priests ruled during the life of Christ. Five Sacral Vertebra (5 Fused Bones). Five sons of Annanius ruled before the temple was destroyed in 70 AD, sending the wrath of God on the house of Annanius for destroying the Prince of the covenant. Coccyx (4 Fused Bones). After the five sons of Annanius ruled, four other priests ruled until the destruction of the temple, one of these was a grandson.

Although some of these events were completed after He died at 33 years old, the important point is that the event that caused them occurred within the 33 years.

The Statue of Daniel 2 (The Series of World Empires). These are the rulers or ruling empires who will be defeated before Christ will become King of the universe.  Spinal Column (33 Bones). The Jewish period appeared to last for 33 jubilees after the birth of Moses who was a type of the deliverer.  Head. Babylon was the head of Gold.  Cervical Vertebra (7 Bones). Seven kings of Babylon reigned before it was defeated.  Thoracic Vertebra (12 Bones). After they gained superiority, there were twelve Persian rulers.  Five Lumbar Vertebra (5 Bones). Alexander and his four generals.  Five Sacral Vertebra (5 Fused Bones). The fused Greek empire.  Coccyx (4 Fused Bones). After this point the Romans ruled until the end of time. The coccyx is a symbol of the empire through whom the wicked will be expelled like dung. The four fused bones represent the global nature of their empire which spreads to all points of the compass, surrounding Israel. After this point the Romans ruled until the end of time, corrupting four churches and the ministry of the High Priest in heaven. Reformation came with the fifth church and Rome lost control. So the ministry of the High Priest-King was restored for the final two churches.

Homunculus Figure 51c

The brain has a map of the surface of the body on the parietal lobe. The map is based on the number and density of sensory and motor nerve connections and not on the physical proportions of the body part. So the hands and tongue appear to be larger than most body parts. The conventional map is divided into two sides. The left is the motor nerves and the right is the map of the sensory nerves. The map seems to reflect the future of the covenant people.
  

  

 

Time. Time passes from the head to the feet just as it did for the image of Daniel 2. Head. Christ is the head of the church. Two Sides. After the crucifixion the people of God were split into two groups. The Jews were on the right hand and Sensory Motor the Gentiles on the left. Penis. This is given a significant size because of its importance in the covenant. Circumcision is a sign of joining the covenant. Ears. The ears are very important because faith comes by hearing. Mouth. The mouth and tongue are important for confessing allegiance to God and testifying to the world so that they can hear the words of God. It is the trumpet for the Great Comission. Hands. The left hand is bigger because the Gentiles did most of the grunt work in spreading the Gospel. Feet. The right foot is bigger because the Jews will do most of the work at the end of time through a different approach. Their methods will be more sensory than motor because the Holy Spirit will be poured out during that time to appeal to the heart.

Cardiopulmonary System and Respiration Blood Cannot be Eaten. For the life of a creature is in the blood, and I have given it to you to make atonement for yourselves on the altar; it is the blood that makes atonement for one's life. because the life of every creature is its blood. That is why I have said to the Israelites, "You must not eat the blood of any creature, because the life of every creature is its blood; anyone who eats it must be cut off." (Leviticus 17: 11, 14) Blood, water and air are used to represent how God will give life. Blood is the work of Christ. Water and air are the work of the Holy Spirit. This system processes blood and air and therefore is the prototype of how God gives life.

Right Heart Lungs Atrium Vena Cava Ventricle World

Left Heart Atrium Ventricle World Aorta Vein

Blood Color. Hemoglobin is the iron based compound that binds oxygen or carbon dioxide and gives color to blood. It is no coincidence that blood is red or blue. The process of salvation can also be described in terms of bringing back perfection to the world in a specific order of colors.

Figure 51d

Red (Oxygenated Blood). This represents the living. Red represents sacrifice of the life of Christ. Eventually, the righteous will return to the blue when they keep the law, but for now salvation must begin with the sacrifice of the life of Christ. Blue (Deoxygenated Blood). This represents dead life. Blue represents the law. Blood without oxygen and with carbon dioxide is dark red to blue. The law becomes a ministry of death when broken. Hemocyanin is the blood transportation molecule of insects, spiders and crustaceans. It is blue when oxygenated. These types of creatures represent the unclean and evil so it is fitting that they reverse the color functions. 6H2O (Water) + 6CO2

Aerobic Respiration. C6H12O6 (Sugar) + 6O2 (Oxygen) (Carbon Dioxide) + Energy
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Atrium and Ventricle. The atrium represents actions above ground and the ventricle represents action in the grave for those who are "dead". Right Side (Jews). This is what happened to the covenant while the Jews are in control.  Vena Cava (Deoxygenated Blood). The sins of the wicked who are sentenced to death by the law will be resolved during their time. The Jews have been given the ministry of death. Through the covenant made with Abraham, God chose his descendants to give birth to Him and to take His life.  Right Atrium. Deoxygenated blood comes here from the body through two large veins (vena cava). » Sino-Atrial Node. In the wall of the right atrium where the vena cavas enter is a pacemaker that sends the signal to contract. When Jesus told Judas to go and do what He had to do quickly, Jesus initiated the rhythm. » Atrioventricular Node. Located in the base of the atrium, it delays the ventricle beat until the atria have completed. Then it sends the signal for the ventricle to begin contracting. Judas tells the priests to initiate the plan. » Two Hands in the Bowl. Jesus knew who would betray Him because that man would put His hand into the bowl at the same time as Him. It was a replay of the selection of the scapegoat. The bowl is the right atrium with two nodes. Jesus and Judas are the nodes. Judas initiated the events that killed Christ.  Tricuspid Valve (Trinity). Blood goes to the right ventricle through the tricuspid valve. At the crucifixion, the Trinity took action to remove death and bring life into the world by first sending Christ down into the ventricles (the bowels of the earth).  Right Ventricle. Blood is pumped from here through the pulmonary valve through the pulmonary artery and to the lungs.  Lungs. In the lungs, carbon dioxide is removed and oxygen is added. This is the action of the Holy Spirit who breathes the breath of life into the dead life (deoxygenated blood). After the resurrection the covenant passes to the Gentiles through the oxygenated blood. Left Side (Gentiles). This is what happened to the covenant after the Gentiles are in control.

Left Atrium (Church). The blood returns here from the lungs through the pulmonary vein. The church has been given the ministry of life.  Bicuspid Valve. Blood enters the left ventricle through the bicuspid valve. Through the work of the church in companion with the Holy Spirit, this ministry of life is distributed to the whole world (body).  Left Ventricle. Blood it is pumped from the ventricle through the aortic valve to the aorta and to the body. The left ventricle represents the world who is dead in sin. This represents the work of the great commission as we tell the whole world the Gospel. The good news is that we have passed from death to life through the blood of Christ.  Aorta (Oxygenated Blood). The righteous who have been promised eternal life. Pumping Action. When the muscles contract both atria contract at the same time, then both ventricles. So far, such great contracting forces have always represented earthquakes. Earthquakes will accompany every raising of the dead in the ventricles. Earthquakes will also accompany every major change of government in the church. At the Second Coming, when all governments are defeated and the righteous dead are raised, the earthquake will be so great that it splits the earth in two.

» Eating blood. If we combine what we know about what passes through the helicase and the digestive system with the cardiopulmonary system we realize that the helicase is meant to cause death by chewing up and spitting out everything that it eats. But the heart and lungs are meant to bring life to the dead. Therefore if we pass blood (life) through the helicase (bowels) we will only be killing life. So if you eat blood you will be causing death. » Blood Transfusions. So I believe that eating blood by mouth is not only symbolically wrong, it must also be practically unhealthy. But blood transfusions transfer blood from vessel to vessel. It does not symbolically or practically involve the digestive system. In fact, transfusions may be consistent with the symbols by giving the gift of life. » Anaerobic Respiration. This produces alcohol, vinegar and lactic acid and wastes energy. This explains why these substances are associated with pain and evil. Hemoglobin and Porphyrin Hemoglobin is the oxygen carrier in the blood. The function of hemoglobin appears to represent the work of the high priest. They were both responsible for causing the death of Christ and bringing life to the world.
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Porphyrin Ring

Colors (Purple, Red and Blue). These compounds are very colorful, and they are the ones used by the priests. Porphyrin Ring (Breast Plate). 24 carbons form three protrusions on four sides of a flat structure with one metal in the middle with a 4x3 arrangement of molecules.  24 Carbons (24 Priests). These are the 24 groups of priests who rotate duties throughout the year.

Figure 51e

12 Carbons (12 Tribes). 12 carbons are arranged so that they protrude outwards. Their arrangement mimics the structure of the breastplate with a 4x3 arrangement of jewels. 9 Rings (9 Tribes). The diagram on the right suggests that there are nine rings. The symbols show that nine tribes were directly responsible for His death.

Chlorophyll and other oxygen carriers in other systems are based on the porphyrin ring. » The Butterfly Priests. The Monarch butterfly has these numbers in its caterpillar and chrysalis stage. 24 gold spots form a gold crown, 12 migration sites or colonies and 9 rings around the body.

Iron Carriers (4 Nails). Hemoglobin has four copies of the purple compound called the Porphyrin ring. Iron is bound to the center of this ring, so hemoglobin technically carries 4 irons. These are the four nails carried by Christ in His hands and feet in the role of our High Priest.

Porphyria. These are disorders of the porphyrin which affect the nervous system or skin. It is due to the deficiency of one of the enzymes needed to make heme. Jesus experienced all these at the cross when He became the High Priest carrying the disease called sin. Triggering Factors  Triggering Factors. It is triggered by excess iron in the Trigger Christ body (4 nails), emotional and physical stress (terrorized), Excess Iron 4 Nails fasting (hunger and thirst), and exposure to the sun (trial Hunger, and exposure on the cross all day under the hot sun). It is Fasting Thrist also triggered by drinking alcohol, smoking, chemicals, infections, menstrual hormones and drugs (barbiturates, Trial, torture Stress tranquilizers, birth control pills, and sedatives). Hung on Sun  Symptoms. These symptoms mimic the agony of Christ on Exposure cross the day of crucifixion. Alcohol Wine, vinegar  Severe Beating. Signs on the skin are blisters, itching, and swelling. Burnt Smoking  The Agony of the Crucifixion. These symptoms offering were due to the exhausting efforts to breathe on the Crucifixion Infection cross. They include pain in the abdomen, chest, diseases limbs, or back, numbness, tingling, paralysis, Sedatives Put to sleep cramping, vomiting, constipation. Birth  Distress. Finally, the disease causes personality No children changes or mental disorders. These were reflected in Control Celibate Pills His distress and what people thought about His mental state.  Treatment. It is treated by removing iron from the body. » Crucifixion Diseases: Helicase Malfunction. Porphyria. Sleep Disorders. Leprosy. FMF.

The Symbols of Life and Death
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Priesthood. They are seen as the brokers of life and death, even causing death to create much more life. Circumcision. Christ is symbolized as God disguising Himself in the form of human flesh in order to fulfill God's part of the covenant. This promise is to die for our sins and to give us eternal life. The symbol of this human flesh is the foreskin of the penis. Internal life within Himself is the sperm hidden inside the penis mechanism. So the death of the human Jesus is symbolized by the cutting off of the foreskin or the outer human body, but keeping alive the real source of life underneath that outer skin. Nature Observed. Modern man looks for a scientific reason why God commanded this ritual. They discovered that circumcision tends to promote better health because these men are less prone to infection. While I believe that all that God commands will have secondary benefits, yet I believe that the reason why He created this system was to teach a profound spiritual truth. Blood. Blood is actually a symbol of life, but it is death if it is taken or given. Life is in the blood. For the life of a creature is in the blood, and I have given it to you to make atonement for yourselves on the altar; it is the blood that makes atonement for one's life. (Leviticus 17: 11) God saves us by exchanging His life for ours. The ransom was paid with His death. Carbon Dioxide (Death). Carbon, with the atomic number of six, is seen as evil man corrupting the fair maiden named oxygen. When carbon corrupts oxygen by joining with it (fornication), it produces death in the form of carbon dioxide. In the Plan of Salvation, God became carbon based in order to save humanity. Any system that produces carbon dioxide follows the period during crucifixion when Christ was viewed as an evil man. C + O2 CO2 Oxygen (Life). In all reactions these two gases are seen as life or death. When Christ is symbolized as the Tree of life or the Branch, the life giving substance is the life-giving breath or air (Spirit). When He is symbolized as an animal, the life He gives is blood. In both instances He gives the life with water. Any system that produces oxygen or blood goes through a series of steps that incorporates the steps and symbols of the day of crucifixion. Water. Water both cleanses and gives life by being an essential medium for many reactions. Food (Bread). Food gives energy and maintains life. Fat is the ultimate energy storage system and is actually used as an offering that is almost equivalent to blood. The Union of Two Opposites. In every system examined so far, life is represented as the harmonious combination of two opposites attracted to each other (e.g. DNA pairs and opposite magnetic poles).

The Symbols of Resurrection The Bible symbolizes death as three phases: sleep, the first death and the second death. It is the second death that is permanent. We can wake up from all other forms of death.

Botany ("Seed Dies"). Jesus said that nature teaches The Ruminant Stomach us that a seed must first fall into the earth and die before it can be born as a tree, bearing fruit with millions of seeds. The righteous are always symbolized as a well watered tree. Ruminant Digestive System. The clean animals are used to represent the sacrifice of Christ because their digestive system represents His death, burial and resurrection. Clean animals eat only vegetation and seed. When the seed falls into their stomach and dies it is regurgitated back from the second stomach. » Regurgitation. It is a symbol of the first Figure 51f resurrection. Everyone, good and evil, will return from First Death. Stomach 1 and 2. the bowels of the earth or the grave in at least one Vomit. resurrection. The regurgitated seed that is swallowed Second Death. Stomach 3 and up again is passed through the rest of the digestive system as dung. This represents the fate of the wicked 4. No resurrection (no regurgitation or vomit) who will never return from the dead again. » Bowel Movement. Passing through either end of the bowels is a sign of resurrection or coming out of the bowels. Blood and Water Birth. Eternal life is pictured as a birthing process that requires two or three elements. Blood and water or blood and air (spirit). Christ is the source of the blood and the giver of the gift of the Holy Spirit. Then the Holy Spirit is pictured as the source of the water and breath (air). Humans are born out of blood, water and breath as the water breaks and the baby takes its first breath during a very bloody procedure. At the creation of the world the Spirit moved over the surface of the water as the world was being born. At that time the record is that the blood of Christ was guaranteed at that time, before the earth was created. So Christ was "slain before the creation of the world". ... the book of life belonging to the Lamb that was slain from the creation of the world. (Revelation 13: 8) Nature Observed. The point of all this is not to propose any great discovery but to demonstrate how deeply engrained these patterns are. Whether it is the birth of an inanimate world, a new baby or the spiritual rebirth the same law is followed. All births must be accompanied by blood, water and air. Removing the Darkness. Sin and death are represented by darkness. Life is represented as light chasing away the darkness.

Salvation is a Biological Miracle The constant message of the Bible is that salvation and eternal life is achieved by the miracle of God. But He must wait until we are dead. So religion is the science of how God will bring back life to a planet sentenced to death. The story is written in symbols and types and shadows based on the laws of science.

The Miracle of Birth. One way to come to life is to be born or born again. There are three methods by which a birth can be a miracle.

Geriatric Pregnancy ("Old and Almost Dead People Give Birth!"). Through Abraham and Sarah He demonstrated that the promise cannot be achieved by the efforts of man but by a miracle of God. He demonstrated this by calling Abraham and Sarah when they were both old. Abraham was 75. Then God waited for 25 years until they were really, really extremely old and both had lost their desire and her womb was dead, dried up and off life support. Then she became pregnant at 90 and he was 100. Virgin Female Gives Birth! This is a genetic miracle. Virgin births are theoretically possible if two eggs join or one egg decides to replicate spontaneously. If that occurs only a female can be born because a woman only has the XX genes. Somewhere in this statement is the method by which God did this miracle. The angel answered and said to her, "The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; and for that reason the holy Child will be called the Son of God". (Luke 1: 35) » Transformation or Conjugation. After reading the information on DNA replication at the cross, we must now look to the science of cloning or viral activity. Transformation is the passive one way sharing of genetic material and conjugation is the sexual joining and sharing of genetic material. Other genetic sharing mechanism seem to be partial or destructive. When the Holy Spirit "came upon her" it might be the phase where the foreign DNA was inserted next to her egg like a virus. » Overshadow (Mirror Image Copy). A shadow is a mirror image of the original. So where the "power of God overshadowed her" it could be the energy used to artifically start the process while the foreign DNA lined up next to hers or "overshadowed" her egg to make the opposite matching partner in the DNA sequence. » Unfertilized Egg (Parthenogenesis). In the insect world of bees and ants, the unfertilized egg becomes a male. Virgin Man Gives Birth!. This is a physical impossibility because a man does not have the physical structures to carry a baby. In the bible, when a man gives birth it is through his ribs from a hole in his side. Life oozed from His body through a hole in His side at the crucifixion. Theoretically, He can give birth to any gender, XX or XY.

The Religious Question. The male sex chromosomes consist of an XY pair of genes and the females have an XX pair. The birthing process that Christ uses is physically incompatible with the male biology but it is the only genetic way that the two genders can emerge from one virgin person. Religion proposes the impossible and that is the only scientific answer. To be a total miracle and still biologically possible, salvation for humanity has to be through a virgin male, but this male has to be born of a virgin female to compound the miracle.

Stereobiology? Stereochemisty is the study of mirror image compounds, one is chemically active but the other is not. Many stories in the bible picture the war for

salvation as a struggle between twins. The ultimate struggle would be between mirror image twins. It is not easy to tell the difference. Salvation is the story of how God disguised Himself to accomplish several things.  Substitution. First, He was able to substitute Himself for us during the judgment. From the outward appearance He looked like us.  Selection. When God came to examine the sinner, He must be "tricked" into selecting a righteous man. If Adam and Eve can be tricked into giving up their dominion when they were innocent babies, surely God could allow Himself to be tricked into doing the right thing. So God made sure that every trick was thrown at Him while He made the selection of the Man who would die for our sins. During the selection there was total darkness, then God covered His eyes and made Himself blind and relied only on His sense of touch, smell and hearing to select the evil goat. Christ was dressed up as the goat to be sacrificed and the people shouted for His death. So as far as God was concerned as He passed by, Satan, the world and His priests were shouting with one voice that this Man was the worst sinner. He smelled the aroma of the sacrifice being grilled. He tasted the Passover offering that Israel gave to save the nation. And, as He touched the man in the darkness, He felt His hairy goat skin. Yes, He was a sinner.  Examination. God's justice required that He must look at the heart also. So God waited for the light. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart. (1 Samuel 16: 7) So when He was killed in our place it was discovered that He was a mirror image twin. He had our form but He did not function like us. He was not an evil man. He was the most righteous man. So justice required that He must not be killed, but the agreement must be accepted because the exchange had already been made and the buyer had examined Him and selected Him. So God plucked Him from the fire and raised Him from the dead. The seemingly inflexible law worked on our behalf. Because God must keep His oath, He must forgive everyone who is in Christ because the agreement had been made and kept. And, as it turned out, it was Satan who was tricked with a bait he could not resist using his own rules. The Reproductive System: The Miracle of Birth Table 52.1 The Pregnancy Milestones Organ Development Last period One ovary is growing and ripening to an egg. Estrogen increases. Endometrium grows Ovulation. Estrogen increases Pregnant. The fertilized egg travels for 3-7 days down the fallopian tube

Weeks 1 2 3 1

Tribes Seed of the Woman

Christ Seed of God

Reuben Beginning of (Afflicted) Strength

4 5


9 12 14 15 16 16 17 18 24 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38

Unattached. It floats freely in the uterus for a few days (3 days) Attached to Uterus. It implants into the wall causing slight bleeding. Progesterone increases 2 A ball of cells with three layers. Placenta forms 3 Spinal column, brain, heart. Morning sickness Praise the Lord. Heart beats. Eyes, ears, mouth, arm and leg buds Risk of miscarriage and rejection of the baby begins. 4 25% of conceptions do not survive until 20 weeks Miscarriage: Asher (Death), Gad (Contraction), Naphtali (Expelled). Fetus. Tail disappears. Bones cartilage forming. Umbilical 7 cord and placenta growing Breathing movements, peristalsis, kidneys. Placenta fully 10 formed 12 Reflexes operate, facial muscles attached. Baby smiles, frowns, wrinkles brow. Risk of miscarriage very low now

Simeon (Unloved) Levi (Attached) Judah Ministry

Circulatory System. Judgment In the Garden Dan of (Judged) Gethsemane Movement through the Bowels. Trials and crucifixion John takes Mary (Jesus Weaned)

Issachar (Wages)

13 Baby hears Placenta fully formed and functional. Sensitive to light. 14 Amniotic fluid regenerates every 3-4 hours. Mother can now feel the movements (Quickening) 14 Genitals are well formed enough to distinguish gender 15 Taste buds develop (sweet and bitter) 16 Vernix covers skin 22 Weight gain begins, liver functions Fat, organs mature, muscles, eyes open. 300 bones. 27 Movements now restricted. Baby produces red blood cells 28 Cries real tears, brain grows rapidly 29 Iris responds to light 30 Gains weight quickly 31 Stores iron in the liver. Testicles finish descending 32 Developing immunity 33 Enough surfactant for lungs to work on their own 34 Baby in birth position 35 Cortisone produced by baby will help in breathing 36 The vernix covering the skin is dissolving

Zebulun (Gift) Dinah

Drinks Joseph Vinegar (Increase) Body Wrapped Christ in the darkness of death being Recreated

Dawn Is Breaking

39 40 42 4142

37 Lungs are the last organ to reach maturity 38 Optimal time for birth 40 Mucus plug removed Birth. Placenta begins to break down 3940 Birth: Asher (Placenta dies), Gad (Contraction), Naphtali (Expelled)

Respiratory System Birth and Benjamin Resurrection

Most women are not conscious of the day they ovulate and many due dates are simply an estimate. People were certain that pregnancy was connected to semen and the menstrual period and that it took about nine months. But it was not until recently that we concluded that a full term pregnancy took 38-40 weeks and an overdue birth ends at 42 weeks. Amniotic fluid is replaced every three to four hours. Yet the Bible has these two time periods written into the sanctuary, the laws and the covenants. In addition, salvation is described as a new birth of the "fruit of the womb" where the righteous emerge at 40 periods of time and the wicked at 42. When the time is defined as months or years it is "between three and four years" or 40 and 42 months. In reality what is measured is the period in which the endometrium grows. The events also mimic the name and blessings of the children of Israel in their birth order. You must understand the prophecy of the twelve tribes to understand the associations that are made. Although we show this as the birth of Christ from the world, the same steps apply to the development of the perfect church for 2000 years until the birth at the end of time. The order of development of the baby mimics the events of the Plan of Salvation in the order of the birth of the sons of Jacob. If we focus on the major accomplishments at the beginning and the end we can see a pattern.

 

 

Two Ovaries. One At A Time. The church is symbolized as a female. It is also split between two women who must alternate turns to be the dominant. The church is a combination of the Jews and Gentiles. The Jews gave birth to the important Son that they were called to produce. Now the Christian church must produce its children. God says that He must ignore the Jews in order to save the Gentiles. We do not know why, unless we use biology to understand this law. Circulatory System. Christ gave blood in the garden of Gethsemane as He poured out His heart in prayer. Organs Mature. Organs and their functions begin. On the cross we can see breathing movements and we can see peristalsis begin to work as He is shuttled from one location to another. Respiratory System. He gave up the Spirit or the breath of life. Fat. After organ maturity the baby spends its final weeks doubling in size because of fat. The sacrificial system says that blood and fat are extremely important and are the two products that are always given totally to God. You have to understand the lesson on the twelve tribes to really appreciate the role of fat in the darkness, death and resurrection phase. Fat is a sign that life will be restored because death and imprisonment in the darkness of the womb or the tomb will be broken. Birth. The birth is followed by the classic signs of the Holy Spirit, air and water.

Water Breaks. Delivery follows the parting of the waters. Breathes Air. A new life begins with the breath of life. Placenta (Afterbirth). Before birth the placenta provides the services of the Holy Spirit. It is this organ that breaks down after 40 weeks, symbolizing that those who are born after 40 weeks (in the second resurrection) will not have access to the breath of life. They are merely born to die immediately.
 

Unexpectedly, this information points out that God begins counting your life even before fertilization occurs. Monarch Butterfly [Danaus plexippus]: Life Cycle and Migration The life cycle of the monarch butterfly is a picture of the numbers, color sequences, time cycles and journeys during the judgment of the righteous. All people are warned four times, then judgment is given on the fifth cycle. The final week of Christ and the final generation fits this pattern, because both are transformed as they prepare for their exodus.

Life Cycle. A butterfly goes through four stages in its physical development, and outgrows and sheds its skin four times. The caterpillar disappears on the fifth cycle.  Egg (4 Days). They are laid in spring and summer on a milkweed plant which is poisonous to most creatures. It lives on the yolk inside the egg. The human race is living on a planet that is toxic to the rest of the universe. We exist on the resources available to our closed and quarantined system.  Caterpillar or Larva (2 Weeks). It emerges after three to five days. Rapid growth causes it to shed its outer skin four times. It has 6 true legs in the front, 10 prolegs in the back and a head capsule with 6 simple eyes and 9 brown rings around its body. It also stores the poisonous milkweed by eating the leaf. » Hanging like a "J". It spins a stalk and attaches to a tree and hangs upside down with its head down and curled in a "J" shape for 12 hours. The DNA replication shows how Christ was spread in a "Y" position when viewed from the front. Here we see Him viewed from the side in a sagging position. » Fish Hook. He was caught by a hook. This position also looks like a shepherd's staff and is the position He appears when viewed from outside the earth. His feet are attached to the earth and His head is bowed down in space. It could even be the hours He spent under arrest with His hands bound and head sagging and forced to stand before His accusers. » Convulsions. It jerks until the outer skin breaks off and molts, remaining in a green exoskeleton.  Pupa or Chrysalis (2 Weeks). At this stage the caterpillar is blind. Then over 10 days the metomorphosis occurs as it becomes a butterfly due to hormonal changes. » 10 days. It took 10 days for Jesus to officially become the High Priest. He spent three days on the earth from His last seder to the resurrection and then seven days of inauguration in heaven. » Green Color. The chrysallis is jade green in color. » Gold Crown. It has 24 metallic gold spots surrounding the upper part of its

abdomen, with a red heart in the center. There are twelve other metallic gold spots over the rest of its body that are necessary for development. It is also blind because the head capsule was discarded, but it can distinguish light from darkness. » Disemboweled. Within the first 16 hours the stomach, intestines and most internal organs below the gold crown turn into a green liquid. » Gold Color. The chrysalis becomes transparent and the orange and black wings can be seen. » Laodicea: The Final Church. This is a remarkable symbolic description of the changes that occur as we become a nation of priests, getting ready for the final trials. These experiences follow the same pattern as Christ during His last three days in which disembowelment was seen as a type of trial by fire. Gold Color. I advise you to buy from Me gold refined by fire so that you may become rich, Chrysalis Becomes Clear. and white garments so that you may clothe yourself, and that the shame of your nakedness will not be revealed; Blind. and eye salve to anoint your eyes so that you may see. (Revelation 3: 18)  Butterfly (Adult). The chrysalis splits and it becomes a butterfly on the fifth time it molts. The butterfly hangs for two hours until its wings are dry, pumping fluids into the wings until they are stiff. The adult has an orange and black color, six legs and four wings and two compound eyes with 6000 lenses each which can see all colors and ultraviolet light. The two eyes can process 72,000 nerve fiber electrical impulses. » The Righteous Tribe. The adult butterfly has 12,000 lenses. Each tribe has 12,000 leaders. The righteous can be symbolizwd as eyes because God symbolizes his nature by eyes on the Menorah and on the wheels of His throne. » Resurrection. Christ was wrapped up like a coccoon for His burial and He emerged in a changed body after the resurrection. Migration. Butterflies go through four generations in their social calendar. They are the only species of insects to migrate over 2000 miles (3200 km) for 2 months each year to warmer climates. Butterflies who live west of the Rocky Mountains migrate to Southern California and hibernate in eucalyptus trees near Pacific Grove, Santa Cruz and from Baja to San Francisco. Hundreds of millions of monarchs east of the Rocky mountains migrate from southern Canada and north east United States to Mexico, flying east of the Sierra Madres to a 60 square mile area in the Neovolcanic Mountains of central Mexico arriving in late October to hibernate in oyamel fir trees during the winter. The needle-like leaves of the tree are small enough for them to hold with their feet. Here they rest for five months. Scattered across North America, by the time they reach southern Texas, the butterflies have converged and formed a huge flock of 250 million butterflies over 50 miles (80 km) wide. Fifteen years ago (1995), there were one billion butterflies. During the winter of 2010, 50% of the butterflies were killed in Mexico. Deforestation and a bad winter did not provide enough canopy to insulate them. This natural process demonstrates several spiritual laws. First, judgment is given between the third and fourth generation. Second, when the righteous make their final exodus, they can only go north or south. Third, they need a canopy of leaves to protect them from

perecution. The Feast of Tabernacles teaches us about gathering leafy branches to make temporary shelters.

Northern Migration North American Monarch Butterfly (Three Generations). In Migration spring they migrate north in search of milkweed. Each generation lives about two to eight weeks and it takes three generations to reach north. The first generation mates, lays eggs and dies near the Gulf of Mexico. The second generation reaches the Great Lakes around May to June and lays eggs and die. The third generation is born in July to August and follows the Figure 53a same process, living in south east Canada and north east America in late summer. Southern Migration (Fourth Generation). This super generation emerges in September to October and live for about seven to nine months. It does not develop reproductive organs or mate and lay eggs until the next spring on the Gulf of Mexico. Instead, it grows fat in preparation for the long journey south and hibernating in the winter months. » Twelve Tribes (Twelve Colonies). The butterflies migrate to twelve habitats in the Mariposa Monarca Biosphere Reserve in Mexico, usually in big trees on south west facing slopes. Apparently, they also have twelve habitats world wide. The twelve tribes of Israel are the twelve colonies of people who are destined to be priests and kings (monarchs). » Fall Feasts. They appear to emerge around Yom Kippur and the Feast of Tabernacles during the time of judgment when we go and live with God. » 7 Months. The seven last plagues last 7-12 months. » South West. The prophecy of the 12 tribes shows that we will be waiting in the south west when we escape the last deadly attack of the persecutors. » Infertility of the Last Generation (Diapause). This is a state in which feeding is reduced and reproductive development is slowed or halted. o Environmental Stress. Certain changes in the environment such as light, temperature and food can be signs of the impending conditions. These signs cause the insect to make preparations. They store fat to reduce water loss and other nutrients. » The Plague and Persecutions. The harsh conditions that trigger the exodus of the people of God are the persecutions which are soon followed




by the seven last plagues. According to the first four plagues, the earth will experience great famine, drought, disease and heat. Beginning of Diapause. It is triggered by extremely unfavorable environmental conditions such as drought, temperature extremes or reduced food availability such as the first four plagues. Plagues and Stress Diapause Begins 1 Disease Pain » Quiescence. Before the unfavorable period ends, 2 Salt Water the insect can arouse and Drought Fresh 3 get ready to respond as Water rapidly as possible to the 4 Heat Famine good conditions. No The purpose of the signs at 5 Darkness Light the end are to allow the wise people to prepare for No 6 Defenceless diapause. Only the wicked peace will be caught unprepared Hail No Air 7 for the time of the plagues. Second Coming However, the righteous Cross the Sea of Glass will be ready and prepared to react. Millennium Rest End of Diapause. Only Diapause Ends certain conditions can end diapause. The availability of water, food and favorable temperatures. Even though we have food, rest and security in heaven, diapause for the righteous continues even during the millennium when we are not married or given in to marriage. Only when we return to the new earth will diapause officially end.

» Infertility. So far, this is the second confirmation that I have had that something interferes with the fertility of the last generation. The first shows infertility in the wicked as a curse because they have captured the righteous. Now this shows infertility in the righteous. Since all plagues can be traced back to the activities of those who "destroy the earth", my gut feeling is that the suicide and traitor seed technology will interfere with the fertility of humans. If the judgment pattern occurs occording to this pattern, then infertility may start affecting a particular "fourth generation" after a cruical event. » Crossing Water (The Great Lakes). They begin their exodus by crossing a great body of water. The butterflies leaving Canada must first cross the Great Lakes by taking advantage of the wind currents. God used a great wind to push back the waters of the Red Sea and He will use the down pouring of the Spirit (Wind) in the Latter Rain, to begin the final

evangelistic efforts. » Rest for Five Months (Millennium). The religious schedule is fixed on a seven month period from Nisan to Tishri. The last five months are a mystery which represents our rest during the millennium when our exodus ends. » Mating. In the spring they migrate to Texas where they finally find a mate in February or March. They mate and give birth to another first generation. Each generation mates until the special fourth generation is born in Canada.

According to prophecy, the final exodus will be done by one generation, fleeing from the north to the south. But woe to those who are pregnant and to those who are nursing babies in those days! (Matthew 24: 19) Since pregnancy is an undesirable complication at the end of time, perhaps God allows worldwide infertility so that the wicked are not pregnant at the Second Coming and the righteous do not have to face great persecution with pregnant women and nursing children. The Sound of The Butterflies. 100 million butterflies flapping their wings sounds like a water fall. This minor detail is interesting because the Holy Spirit is described as a mighty rushing wind and as water. The sounds around the throne of God are like many waters (Revelation 14: 2). When the righteous at the end of time are filled with the Holy Spirit, they will be like a mighty torrent of running water gathered around the throne of God. Butterflies and Moths. The righteous are like butterflies which fly during the day, but the wicked are moths which like to fly at night. Our righteousness is described as a garment of white linen and moths eat natural fibers like wool, cotton and linen. So moths will destroy and corrupt our righteousness, leaving us naked. At the end of time, God separates the butterfies from the moths, just as He separates the sheep and the goats and the wheat and tares (weeds).

Theory. Scientists are still studying how the butterflies migrate to the same trees every year as their great grand parents. If we assume that they are a template of the journeys of the righteous, then we have information. The SHEMA provides the answer. These instructions must be taught to children and "bound on the hands and between the eyes". So genetics might provide some sort of directional compass that allows them to follow the parallel lines of the magnetic field, but the fourth generation butterfly probably carries a sample of the tree and passes it on to the next generation like some sort of pheromone. Leaf cutter ant queens carry a sample of the fungus needed to start a new garden for the colony. So, on their legs, proboscis and eyes are mechanisms that show them how to navigate. Since the information first exists "upon their hearts", the 24 gold spots that circle the heart and head probably is the compass that stores information. If they follow the Jewish pattern perfectly, then it is the male who carries these signs. Somehow, they must transmit them to the female during mating. Further research shows that I am not far off. They use polarized light to guide them. Prophecy. When the Christians of North America are fleeing persecution, we can use the butterfly as a sign.

Dove [Streptopelia]: Life Cycle and Migration Israel is a popular migration location for many species. Every spring and fall over 500 million birds from over 230 species fly in their annual migration through the natural flight corridor between Europe and Africa in Israel. This migration reflects the future human migration of every tribe and nation to Israel during the spring and fall festivals. It even obeys the laws of one way human migration through the north and south doors of the sanctuary given by Ezekiel. People must go one way and then return in the other direction. Birds on migration must go in one way and return the other direction. The dove is also the offering given by the poor. Therefore it represents Christ. The spring migration of the dove is a blueprint of the spring migration or exodus of the Messiah at Passover. The fall migration is the exodus of the church at the end of time. The article on the Missouri mourning dove migration perfectly describes the actions of Christ.

Spring Migration. Doves migrate north from Africa to Europe, passing over Israel to reach natal areas from the previous year. Christ also returned to His home in heaven after the crucifixion. Breeding Territories and Nesting Sites. Missouri doves nest from late March to early September. Doves are attracted to particular sites for nesting. They make nests in holes, cliffs, on rocks or in trees.  Orchard (Garden of Gethsemane). Nesting sites attract more doves when surrounded by bare ground.  Dead Tree (Cross). Males establish breeding territories by calling from exposed branches in dead trees.  Ground (Grave). In areas with open grassland, they nest on the ground.  Holes in a Cliff (Grave). This was where the dead were buried. Christ nested in the olive orchards of Gethsemane before He perched on the cross, exposed before the world. Here He mourned and called pitifully over Jerusalem and Israel, His territory. Finally He was taken down to nest on the ground among the grass and then in a cave for burial. Grass is a symbol of the temporary lives of people.

Male Doves. The male selects the nest site, chases away predators and rivals and assists the female.  Monogamous. Doves are monogamous, reflecting the ideal from Eden. The eagle is the only other bird that represents God and it is also monogamous.  Incubation. Males incubate the eggs during the day and the females incubate them at night.  Pigeon Milk. He feeds the babies. Both adult male and females produce pigeon milk in their crop gland. Christ is monogamous, faithful to one wife, Israel. He nurtures and feeds the church.

Nests. Doves build very flimsy nests with just two or three twigs on a horizontal branch. They generally have two eggs which are incubated for fourteen days. Babies are weaned from "pigeon milk" to seeds seven days after they are hatched and leave the nest seven days later.

 

28 Day Maturation Cycle » Seven Nests. Most other 7 14 Days 7 Days birds stop reproducing after Days Leave the first successful nest, but Birth Weaned Nest Eggs Pigeon doves resume egg laying a Seeds Incubated Milk few days after the young leave. They average five nests per year, but can have as many as seven nesting attempts. So the doves breed and mature in one month! » The Seven Last Churches. Seven series of churches were established by Christ, corresponding to the seven months from Nisan to Tishri. When the life cycle of the dove is superimposed on the lunar cycle, it helps to understand the prophecy of the seven churches even more. Seven nests of doves were born to Christ between Passover and Tabernacles. The two eggs are the two branches of the church, Jews and Gentiles. The flimsy nest made with two twigs is the patibulum (upright post) and stipes (cross bar) of the cross. The third twig is probably the titulus. Even the average of five nests reflects the law that at least five chances are given before God stops the evil. Seven represents the perfect cycle for the will of God to be completed. It is actually completed in a cycle of 5 + 5 + 2 phases. Food Source. Harvesting crops, such as corn and wheat, leaves behind waste grain, as an important food source. » Harvest. The feet of doves are constructed so that they cannot damage the crops at any time. They cannot scratch or dig the soil so they cannot uproot seeds or damage seedlings. They cannot cling to upright stalks to eat the seeds that still cling to them or to break the stalk. Christ does not damage the harvest, He came to bring in the best harvest. » Seeds. They can only eat waste seeds that have fallen to the ground after the harvest. Jesus Christ often fed Himself by the law which makes provision for the care of the poor. Property owners were supposed to leave the gleanings or the fallen grain of their harvest for the poor (Leviticus 19: 9-10). » Water. They seek water in midmorning and late evening. At the crucifixion Christ was given a drink two times. First in the morning just before He was crucified. Then in the afternoon after it was dark. Life Span. They reproduce at a high rate and live a short time. Christ died young but He fathered seven series of churches. Fall Migration. The first signs of winter trigger an instinct to fly south, leaving by October 15. They migrate from Europe to Africa via a natural flyway through Israel. This journey mimics the same one way journey through the sanctuary from the north and south. The Second Coming will be in the fall at the Feast of Tabernacles.

Eagle [Accipitridae]: Life Cycle The eagle is the second bird to which God compares Himself. Unlike the dove, it is an unclean animal with some habits that symbolize the unsavory work that God must do to destroy sin. The eagle represents how the family of God behaves in an imperfect world before sin is erased.

   

 

Monogamous. Eagles mate for life. Nests. They build huge nests in large trees near rivers or coastal waters. Males and females take turns incubating the eggs and feeding the babies. Chicks. Five to ten days after fertilization, two or three eggs are laid two days apart and incubated for 35 days. So the birth process takes 40 to 45 days or an average of 42 days. Sibling Rivalry. They are born in the order they are hatched. This means that one chick is always bigger than the other and the older chick usually tries to monopolize the food and attack the younger one. The adults do not try to protect the chicks from each other. » Jews and Gentiles. It is a symbol of the animosity and rivalry between the two branches of the church. As a clever part of the Plan of Salvation, God has allowed this rivalry to continue. It allowed each group to jealously protect their religious traditions. The relatively unspoiled traditions of the Jews will become extremely important at the end of time. The Nest (Decoration and Structure). The male builds and decorates the nest. He will always rearrange anything that the female brings in. Jesus is building a nest for us before He comes to get us. Green Leafy Branches. During incubation, the male regularly brings green sprigs of conifer branches to the nest. Scientists do not know why they exhibit this behavior. » Sukkos. This seems to be the building of the sukkah during the Feast of Tabernacles. It represents the fact that as we live in this cruel world, we must remember that we are just temporary inhabitants, living in a temporary shelter until God rescues us. So succos is an incubation period, before we are born again or raptured. It specifically prophecies that the sukkah will be built when the world reaches the phase where eagles rule. At this time God takes on the characteristics of an eagle to do His "strange work" while feeding His children and building the sukkah as they escape persecution. Fledgling. They can fly at about the age of 3 months, stay with the parents for another 2 months and try to find a mate at 4 or 5 years. Feet. The parents walk around with their feet curled up into balls so that their sharp talons will not pierce the egg or the chick. There are prophecies and one text that show that in His closed hands He hides His power (Habakkuk 3: 4). » Omnipotence. In several places we note the importance of the design of the feet of the Messiah. His feet are protected in the Most Holy Place. It is amazing to see an emphasis on foot design here. I speculated that His feet were protected to reflect the fact that He had temporarily given up omnipresence. Now I see that there is an added reason. It is not time to trample down the wicked, so He balls up His feet and hides His talons, For the doves it means that they do not damage the harvest. For the eagle the protected harvest is the children. For Jesus it means that it is not time to judge and wage war. » Locking Talons. Eagles have a behavior that was once believed to be mating in air. However the reason behind the ritual is unknown. They will lock their talons in mid air and will not let go, sometimes falling to the ground. On the ground they will lay still for hours and will unlock their talons and fly away if they are touched. Based on the spiritual symbol, I believe that is a fight over territory and dominance. It gave the right to be the official representative of earth that occurred at the crucifixion. When He fell to the ground Christ lay dead until the Father called Him about a day later. The action of the eagles also shows that Satan was also incapacitated until this judgment was made.

Diet. It consists mainly of fish, small animals and carrion (dead flesh) in the winter. » Feast of Birds. Jesus ate fish and at the end of time God calls the eagles to eat the flesh of the wicked dead during the winter phase of the world. » Playing With Food. Eagles play a ball game. They will take their food and throw it back and forth to each other while flying. » Stealing Food. Eagles love to try to steal food from each other. Satan stole the territory of God by using forbidden fruit. Life Span. They generally live 30 years in the wild or as much as 40 years and they can live up to 50 years in captivity. Jesus lived 33.5 years.

The King Snake [Lampropeltis getula]: Life Cycle Jesus was viewed as a wicked Man by the mob that watched His crucifixion. This view of Him is prophecied in scripture as being "a snake lifted up" who could heal. Satan is traditionally the symbol of the snake, but in this battle to conquer that old serpent, Christ is seen as being transformed into a good serpent Who will crush and swallow the venomous snake like the serpent which Moses held when it swallowed all the snakes of Pharaoh. In searching through the species of snakes, I found only one snake that best represents Christ, the common king snake.
 

Characteristics. The king snake is a very gentle, curious and nonvenomous snake that lives in a wide variety of habitats. Striped Body. The snakes come in a variety of colors arranged in stripes and blotches. Jesus was whipped, punched and beaten so that His body had bruises that resembled spots and stripes. There are other prophecies that testified to His striped and spotted appearance. Life Cycle.  Mating (Passover). Mating occurs in spring between March and June, beginning around Passover when Jesus was mated to the cross.  Egg Laying (Shavu'ot). Eggs are laid between May to August, coinciding with Shavu'ot (Pentecost) when the first 3000 members of the church emerged.  Maturity (3 to 4 Years). The young mature in the highly symbolic 3.5 year period. This mimics the prophecy that Jesus would minister for 3.5 years and God expects fruit in 3.5 years.  Mother (Israel). The female has no more interest in the young after they are born. Israel lost the covenant after she showed no interest in the Messiah following another 3.5 years of ministering to the nation. Food. The king snake eats frogs, lizards, turtles, small rodents, its own shed skin and other snakes, including the venomous rattlesnakes, copperheads and coral snakes. It is even known to try to eat itself! It can even swallow a snake that is longer than its own body by folding the snake in its belly. » Ribcage. The design of the ribs helps the snake to swallow large objects. The ribs are only attached to the back bone, allowing it to spread open like wings. From the prophecies, we know that Jesus was not allowed to be prophetically seen as the sin offering or as a goat or the serpent until He had separated from His mother. We can also show that He was spread out like wings on the cross. We can also show from the design of the rib cage that the backbone represents the father and the sternum represents

the mother. So when Jesus became the snake that would swallow up the great serpent, Satan, He detached Himself from His mother (sternum) before the three hours of darkness began on the cross. In this supernatural darkness He swallowed Satan whole and defeated him, casting him permanently to the earth as dung. » Coils. The kingsnake is immune to the venom of the rattle snake. It first bites the venomous snake and forms tight coils around it. Then it swallows the snake from head to tail. The parallel lines of the boards and fabrics in the design of the sanctuary appears to represent coils. The sanctuary shows both the destiny of the righteous and the wicked. The Plan of Salvation seems to indicate that we are also swallowed up in his coils as He hides us from wrath. The Biological Guidance System Between the Eyes The Torah and the brain both indicate that we have a biological guidance system located between our eyes. » The SHEMA And The Tefillin. The SHEMA commands Jews to wear a cube containing the words of the SHEMA on their forehead, "or between their eyes". Hear, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord is One! You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. » Torah.These words which I am commanding you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up. » Tefillin (On the Hand). You shall bind them as a sign on your hand » Tefillin (Between the Eyes). and they shall be as frontals between the eyes [on your forehead]. » Mezuzah. And you shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates. (Deuteronomy 6: 4-9) God is indicating that somewhere between our eyes is the capacity to love Him deeply. If you can keep the SHEMA and obey the law and train the space of the brain that is located between the eyes, you can achieve this love. » The Moral Guidance System Between The Eyes. The pituitary gland is the master gland that regulates all other endocrine glands. It is located in the front of the brain, directly between the eyes.

» The Biological Tefillin: A Bone Box Behind The Eyes (Sella Turcica). The pituitary is a red gland the size of a pea that is protected by a cavity in the sphenoid bone which surrounds it like a box! The bone is in the back, directly behind the eyes, near the base of the skull. The gland sits in a square or cube depression in the sphenoid called the sella turcica. » The Head Tefillin Straps (Optic Chiasm). The visual picture is even more amazing. The straps that tie the tefillin to the Tefillin Brain forehead are tied in a knot with the ends dangling to form an [Figure 54a] "X" shape. This is the shape and appearance of the crossed optic nerve (Optic Chiasm). The point where they cross is above the sella turcica. Being experts in slaughtering animals, the Jews must have seen this nerve structure connected to the eye, but how could they have known that the little gland in the square bone below and in that region are responsible for our moral decisions? Other structures in this region are related to our mental and moral decision making systems.

Pituitary Gland. The master gland that controls all other glands and growth, metabolism and maturation. » Two Lobes (Anterior and Posterior Pituitary). The two boxes (head and hand tefillin). Each lobe has groups of cells (factories) which specialize in producing one hormone. The number of factories correspond to the number of compartments in each tefillin plus the base.  Anterior Pituitary (5). The head tefillin has four compartments and a base. This lobe produces Cortisol (ACTH), Growth Hormone (Somatotropin), Prolactin, Gonadotropin ("sex hormones") and tyrotropin (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone).  Posterior Pituitary (2). The hand tefillin has one compartment and a base. This lobe produces Antidiuretic (ADH) and Oxytocin. Hormones induce, regulate and control almost all bodily functions. Therefore most disorders and many diseases result from hormonal imbalance. So God's promise to "heal all our diseases" if we obey His law is based in the science of the pituitary. » The Forbidden Fruit. It is suspended within the box by hanging from the pituitary stalk like a protected fruit. It is the target of the forbidden fruit fiasco because out if it comes wickedness and unrighteousness, good and evil.

Prefrontal Cortex. The front of the brain that controls personality, emotion and complex thought.

Hypothalamus. Hunger and thirst. It is the area above the sella Head Tefillin turcica which is connected by nerves and blood vessels to the [Figure 54b] posterior lobe and control the secretions from the pituitary. It is represented by the base of the tefillin which is connected to the box. Limbic System. It is a combination of several structures which control the endocrine system and the autonomic nervous system. This affects emotion and pleasure, memories, sex, hunger, sleep, judgment, mood, insight, motivation and impulse control.  Striatum. Coordination center for the limbic system and chemical messages.  Amygdala. Fear, jealousy, aggression.  Nucleus Accumbens. Reward, pleasure, addiction, sex. Pleasure center that responds to dopamine. Physical pain and heartbreak or any emotional pain are all handled by the same receptors.  Septal Nuclei. Another pleasure center.  Globus Pallidus. Joy  Mesolimbic System. Food cravings, sex, hallucinations, delusions.  Putamen. Subconscious execution of learned movements.  Hippocampus. Long term memory.  Orbitofrontal Cortex. Decision making, guilt, anxiety, paranoia and morality.  Cingulate Gyrus. Thinking about self and autonomic functions (heart rate, blood pressure) Insula (Insular Cortex or Island of Reil). Integrates the mind and body displaying social emotions, things like lust and disgust, pride and humiliation, guilt and atonement. It gives moral intuition, empathy and the capacity to respond emotionally to music. Hunger, taste, craving, breathe, addiction, heat, cold, itch, tell fresh food from rotten, muscle ache, pain (anticipate or feel). » Immorality. Alcohol, drugs, intemperance, carbon monoxide and music that extracts the wrong emotional response will undermine this mastery of our mind and body. High fat, high protein, stimulants, nicotine all increase dopamine. Smoking increases the amount of carbon monoxide and will damage the putamen leading to a loss of initiative, engaging in repetitive actions with no loss of cognitive abilities. Smoky and crowded, bars and nightclubs are not the domain of the child of God. Damage to the putamen accounts for the mindless, dangerous and repetitive bad behavior of people. » A Risky or Brilliant Design? When we see how easily people are addicted and how easily they are attracted to all things evil and sinful, one wonders why God designed the system to be so easily sabotaged. An addiction in one area predisposes one to fall victim to other addictions. The sad truth is that people are more drawn to evil desires than the good. » The Good News. The shocking fact is that it is just as easy to train your mind in the opposite direction. Believe it or not, the body wants the moral alternative and it will adjust unbelievably quickly. Years ago as part of these religious and scientific revelations, God gave me insight into the personality and the mind and I wrote them down without any scientific information by proposing a way to strengthen and heal the mind. Now I have a biblical scientific reason. The interconnection between all desires means that we should be able to rein in

an out of control desire with desires that we still master. So reasonable fasting with Bible study and meditating on the Word of God is key to controlling the desires and spiritual appetite. » A Genetic Link Between The Heart And The Mind? For years I have noticed that weight loss pills that try to control appetite seemed to damage the heart. I thought this was strange because different pills were creating the same damage. I assumed that since one class of pills had failed the new pills would be based on a different chemical structure. » Mirror Image? The placement of the tefillin opposite the gland and bone forms a mirror image design that models DNA replication and the matter-antimatter construction. Therefore, the work of this system is to support the genetic recreation of the spiritual side of humans.

» The Arm Tefillin Straps (Nerves). The box is placed on the biceps of the weaker arm. The pattern of wrapping seems to follow the branching of the peripheral nerves and veins and possibly the muscles and tendons in the arm. The wrap around the middle finger appears to be the median nerve. The symbolized muscles are the ones that move the elbow, wrists and fingers.

Arm Tefillin [Figure 54c]

» Controlling Actions by Controlling the Mind. One tefillin is bound to the forehead and another to the arm by straps. This suggests that the hand also has a structure that is a source of moral decision making and the capacity to learn. However, it probably means that control of the center in our brain can control what we do (work of the hand), like the straps or reins of a horse allow us to control the mighty beast. Pink Elephant. The Torah definitely teaches that "between the eyes" is a box that controls love for Him and moral decisions. Knowledge about these organs and their function is still ongoing. They were only discovered in the last century. The Orthodox Jews still wear the tefillin although it is one of the many commands that they do without fully understanding why God had commanded it. This awesome biological knowledge of God would have been lost without the faithful obedience of the Orthodox Jews. So wearing the tefillin and the tallit is not an embarrasing fashion statement imposed from heaven that we should quietly abandon. It is the clever three dimensional learning device of a clever God that models the victorious promise of the new covenant and still teaches us that YHWH is the most awesome! The Eye And The Blind Spot In every case we have been trying to demonstrate that the symbolic meaning of color is maintained throughout the design of the body by the designer. Here is a perfect example.

 

  

Retina (Church and the Covenant). Red, blue and green sensitivity. Rods (Commandments). They are low-light and black and white sensitive. Basic right and wrong. » Night Blindness (Sin Against The Father). The inability to see clearly in the dark. Cones (Covenant). Sees color (Word of God in the Plan of Salvation) and the law magnified by the Son. » Color Blindness (Sin Against The Son). It is the inability to clearly distinguish right from wrong. Now that I know that Christ is represented by the strong force which follows the rules of color mixing, this fits what we assumed here. Fovea "Yellow Spot" (Holy Spirit). The fovea is responsible for good visual resolution and detail. Rhodopsin "Visual Purple" (Priest). Converts light into electrical impulses. Blind Spot (Passover). There are no rods or cones to interpret vision where the nerves exit the eye.

Cover your right eye. Look at the cross and move closer to the screen. The bulb will disappear. This is the blind spot.

At Passover, when God came to examine sinners, the world was on His left hand, represented by Satan, and Christ was on His right hand. He had to choose one to examine. The symbols suggested that God blinded Himself so that He could not see us and that Christ hid us in the darkness so that only He could be seen. This feature of the blind spot makes it absolutely clear what occurred. God did not cover both His eyes, He covered one eye because He must still be seen as omniscient "All seeing". In covering His right eye this even showed His justice. He knew that Christ was innocent and we were guilty. So He covered the principal eye that covered that field of vision. But He could still see both choices with the remaining eye. But as He moved closer, He reached the blind spot on Passover at the moment He must select the sin offering and the high priest who would represent us. » Night Blindness In the Blind Spot (15 Nisan 31AD: (12:00 PM to 3:00PM)). The blind spot occurred with a physical manifestation on earth. There was darkness for three hours. At that moment He looked at the High Priest before Him who was pleading for sinners, "Father forgive them". At the blind spot only Christ was in focus, we had disappeared from view although we were physically there. God passed over us and selected Christ at the blind spot! » Choosing The Lord's Goat (The Compassionate High Priest). Other symbols showed that what actually happened was that the two goats were before God on that day. Satan was on His left to accuse us and Christ was on the right to plead for us. At the moment He chose to select the high priest who would represent us permanently He choose Christ as the Lord's Goat. » God Winked at Our Sins. At a precise time and location at the cross, God chose to ignore our sins and physically

did this by closing one eye in a wink to physically create the blind spot phenomenon. And the times of ignorance God winked at; but now commands all men everywhere to repent. (Acts 17: 30) The Unanswerable Question. There was no hocus-pocus, nothing totally symbolic. He was not tricked. What God did to pass over sinners was a totally scientific act! He was invited to a macabre feast by Satan and forced to judge sinners and formally choose a representative from earth at a time of Satan's choosing. God came to the feast and in a brilliant move, He stood directly in the blind spot, thwarting Satan's efforts. Absolutely Brilliant! God said, "Show me what you have. Show me a sinner." All He saw was Christ. Theory: Unusual Eclipse. The design of the throne and its wheels is a picture of galaxies within galaxies. The eyes on the wheels might be the stars such as the Sun. The three hours of darkness during the full moon at the crucifixion was not caused by any processes that we know. The physical cause of this darkness may be related to the fact that when God winked, one of the eyes on the wheels at His throne was closed. Can we find a retractable structure on the surface of the Sun or between the Sun and the earth that can cover its light? Is the blind spot one giant sun spot? The Biological Clock: Circadian And Intradian Rhythms Natural Science. A circadian rhythm is approximately a 24 hour cycle in the biochemical, physiological or behavioural processes of living things that is linked to the light-dark cycle. The ultradian rhythms have multiple cycles within the day. They affect the timing of sleep, wake, body temperature, thirst, and appetite. So, the information of the time of the day as relayed by the eyes travels to the master clock in the brain which synchronizes the other clocks by releasing melatonin. Light Retina Pineal gland Melatonin
 

Light (God). The trigger that stimulates movement of the clock. Retina (Israel). Just as light represents God and the moon represents the reflected light of God through the church, the retina functions like the moon in the darkness. The church processes the light from God. Pineal Gland (Jesus). The master gland that initiates sleep. This gland is like an eye that recognizes the amount of light during the day. Remember God's throne is full of eyes and God is the light. So Jesus recognized the signs of the time and the hour of His departure. After He recognized the one who would betray Him from a prophecy He told Judas to go ahead and do what he wanted to do. Seeking any reason to justify his behavior, Judas must have taken these words as some sort of bizarre confirmation. Melatonin (Priests). It is a hormone that causes sleep and gives color to the skin. Sleep is a symbol of death and it is the priests and Judas who were directly responsible for causing His death. Melatonin is absent or low during the day and at that time the priests had handed Jesus over to the civil authorities. In addition to light intensity, the color of light is an important factor in the degree to which the clock is reset. Melanopsin is most efficiently excited by blue light. The ministry of the priests involves taking care of three colors, red, blue and purple. Blue represents the law which must be reconciled by His red blood. Purple is the union of

these two functions and so represents the work of the priest to reconcile us to the law by the blood. » Infradian Rhythm. These have periods longer than a day. This final phase of Christ's life came at the end of another important biological cycle. His mother would be clean 33 days after His birth. He was crucified (cut off) at the age of 33, then the church (the woman) was clean. Here are the final rhythms. Table 54a - Biological Rhythms and Life Schedules Activity Fulfillment Custody Stage Date Follow the man carrying water to the Best Coordination upper room Fastest Reaction Passover quickly prepared Nisan 13 Time Disciples Thursday Prepare Greatest Evening Cardiovascular Arranging the upper room. Washing the Passover Efficiency And disciples' feet Awake Muscle Strength Passover Seder Meal (Dinner) Highest Blood The disciples in the upper room Pressure Judas Nisan 14 The disciples express their devotion and Highest Body Thursday loyalty Temperature Night Melatonin Starts Judas leaves to go and betray Christ Bowel Movement Jesus is leaving for Gethsemane, full of sorrow Suppressed The disciples fell asleep three times and Drowsy could not stay awake. The law (blue (N1) light) intensified the effects of the Deepest Sleep melatonin as Jesus submitted to its Nisan 14 demands in Gethsemane. He agreed to Friday die (sleep) for everyone. So His stage of Priests Night Plot and the sleep cycle begins Trial of Lukewarm Peter denies Him. Lowest Body Jesus The disciples were cold. All abandoned Temperature Him Cock crow (6:30AM). Sharpest Rise in The people pressure Peter. He is now Blood Pressure ashamed Condemned: He was eaten up by the Meal (Breakfast) priests Melatonin Stops The trial by the priests ends Light Sleep (N2)

Time 14:30 15:30

17:30 18:00 18:30 19:00 21:00 22:30



6:45 7:00 7:30

Nisan 14 Friday Morning

8:30 Bowel Movement 9:00 10:00 12:00


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He was moved from the Sanhedrin to the palace of the rulers Aggressive and angry mob shouted for Highest Barabbas Testosterone Deep Sleep Walking (Carrying the Cross to Golgotha) (N3) High Alertness In great pain, He was nailed to the cross Sleep Talking (His Words on the way and on the cross) In the dark, He was being eaten alive by Meal (Lunch) the crowd Night Terrors (Abandoned On the Cross) during the Romans Deep darkness (N4) Best Coordination This must be when God passed over us Bed Wetting (Blood and Water From His Side) Three Sleep Disorders (Sleep Apnea). Unable to breathe Hours Darkness REM Sleep Disorders (Narcolepsy). Cataplexy, sleep paralysis, hypnagogic hallucinations REM Without Atonia (Acts Out Dreams) Every prophetic dream fulfilled Bowel Movement Earthquake at His death Resurrection of the dead Wet Dream Fastest Reaction He must be buried quickly Time REM Sleep Disorders (Sleep Attack) This refers to the efforts to bury Him Greatest Nisan 14 Cardiovascular before sunset as they moved quickly, Disciples Friday Efficiency And carried His body with haste to the tomb Evening Muscle Strength and partially embalmed Him Dream (REM) Buried: He was eaten up by the earth Meal (Dinner) Highest Blood The disciples are hiding because of fear Pressure Dead (Mid point between death and Deepest Sleep resurrection) This must be when Satan lost all claim to Best Coordination His body Sheol Nisan 15 Heave Ho! Satan was tossed out of Greatest Muscle heaven for good. He can no longer Strength represent the earth. Highest Blood Resurrection at sunset, remained in the grave Pressure Angels Nisan 16 Sharpest Rise in Stone rolled away and He came out of

Blood Pressure the grave Infradian Rhythm. Meal times were inserted into the schedule. All other times are of scientific origin Superimposed on Jesus' sleep cycle is the normal circadian rhythm activities of the rest of the world. Sleeping In The Bowels Spiritual Science. Sleeping and dreaming, mathematics and religion are the only processes where symbolic language is important. God uses dreams to communicate with us because we are asleep. N1 5 N2 45 N3 N4 10-20 REM 20-25% 22 Minutes

Awake 2-5% 45-55% 10-20%

We have been put to sleep because sin brought the darkness of night and He intends to recreate us according to the same pattern that He created us. Not only are we asleep, we are the seed inside our father as he sleeps, while God is attempting to make the woman from his rib. The whole Plan of Salvation is to rescue this man and woman (church) from this death sleep. This explains some of God's reaction to us. We are blinded because our eyes are closed in sleep. He has to speak to us in "dark sentences" because only symbolic language is used in sleep. He refuses to wake us up, because a fruitful awakening depends on the stage of sleep that we are in. Jesus says that death is sleep. He also describes the entire period from the betrayal at the Passover supper until His resurrection as death. Specifically three days and nights buried in the bowels. Since the bible equates death to sleep, let us look at the stages of sleep to determine what occurred in all the stages of His death. These stages are measured in terms of the brain wave activity. Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle Cycle 4 3 Cycle 5

» Five Cycles. The average person goes Seder Gethsemane Trial Crucified Resurrected through five of these cycles every 90-110 minutes. This reminds us of the five cycles of curses or warnings that we get before God acts to wake us up. In one lesson, we show what happened to Jesus during the last three days. We clearly proved that He went through four cycles of the same set of experiences before He died where each cycle progressively became worse. We also showed a fifth cycle after the resurrection where the outcome improved according to this pattern.

NREM N1: (Drowsy Sleep and Beta Waves). Characterized by sudden twitches, hallucinations, slow, rolling eyes, loss of muscle tone and loss of most conscious awareness of the external environment. In this phase He saw the angel while He was deep in prayer. His loss of muscle tone allowed blood to seep through His pores.

NREM N2: (Light Sleep: Theta Waves). Occurs after 10 minutes for 45-55% of total sleep time. Characterized by decrease in muscular activity and conscious awareness disappears and the following activities occur.  Sleep Spindles. Short bursts of theta waves that occur two to five times per minute during the first four stages, they begin at age two and are fewer in older people.  K-Complexes. Sudden, sharp spikes in the waves. They are found only in this stage. This is the period after His arrest. He experienced several trials with short bursts of questions mixed with beatings and a confusing array of events.

NREM N3 and N4: (Delta Sleep, Deep Sleep or Slow Wave Sleep). RNA transcription, protein synthesis, and release of growth hormones occur in this stage. So the body is repaired in this stage. » Non-REM N3:. Occurs after 15 minutes, with 20-50% of delta wave activity. » Non-REM N4:. Occurs after 45 minutes, with over 50% of delta activity and some theta activity. Scientists have decided to combine stage three and four into one stage three. Slow Wave Sleep Disorders. It is characterized by night terrors, bedwetting, sleep walking and sleep talking.  Night Terrors. Mocking, shouting, insults, beating, crucifixion, pain, darkness and siege by wild animals.  Sleep Talking. Jesus remained quiet and did not defend Himself during the trials, but He talked on the way to the cross and on the cross.  Sleep Walking (Somnambulism). He carried the cross to the hill where He was crucified. » Sleep Eating. While walking people may also eat anything, even paper and metals and raw meat. » Cannibalism. While He was on the cross, Jesus ate vinegar on a sponge. But the people symbolically ate Him, while He was symbolized as eating us to hide us from wrath.  Bed Wetting (Enuresis). Water poured out of Him when He was asleep (dead). » Spitting and Drooling. This is a symptom seen from personal observation. They spit on Jesus from the trial to the crucifixion. We believe that there is a clear division between N3 and N4 on the cross. The deep sleep stage of N3 began when He walked to Golgotha and was nailed, but N4 began with the darkness. At that horrible moment He had one memorable short outburst. My God, My God! Why have You forsaken Me? (Psalm 22: 1 and Matthew 27: 46)

REM : (Rapid Eye Movement). This stage occurs 20-25% of the time and it is repeated every 90 minutes. The brain is very active but the body is supposed to be paralyzed. It is characterized by rapid eye movement, paralysis, accelerated cerebral blood flow and oxygen consumption, sexual arousal and most memorable dreaming. This is the death paralysis of His human body in the grave. The eye movement and dream

state suggests what happened to His divinity. At some level He was still all-seeing (omniscient) and all-knowing (omnipotent) but He was not omnipresent. His heel had been wounded according to the prophecy. And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; He shall bruise you on the head, and you shall bruise him on the heel. (Genesis 3: 15) The retention of the other two powers shows that He was still in charge where it mattered. » Dreams:. Scientists are discovering that we dream during all stages, but the Non-REM dreams are different from REM dreams.  Non-REM Dreams. These appear to be simple replays of the daily activities that occur in short bursts of compressed fragments. They help us to learn and cause the most learning by consolidating memory.  REM Dreams. These appear to be simulations of the future. They are not speeded up. These dreams help our creativity and help us to rehearse stressful situations to prepare for them. REM Sleep Disorders. It is best characterized by what happened to the divine nature of Christ while His humanity was dead.

Narcolepsy. Periods of irresistable sleep followed by the following symptoms which are components of REM sleep occuring at the wrong time.  Sleep Paralysis. Paralysis just before sleep or on waking. Inability to move voluntarily on waking. » Nailed Fast. This is a combination of being nailed on the cross and the fact that the Afikoman (divine nature) was prophesied as being hidden immediately after Christ was nailed and before the human Christ was devoured and swallowed up in the grave.  Cataplexy. Complete paralysis or loss of muscle tone while awake. » Immobile. Since He was God, He could not die, but His divinity remained immobile in the grave.  Hypnagogic or Hypnopompic Hallucinations. Hallucinations at sleep onset or on waking. » Calling Elijah. The first was the visit by the angel in Gethsemane. The next occurred when the people believed that He was hallucinating because they thought He called for Elias. In addition, like Stephen, He might have seen some indication of approval from heaven in the final moments before He committed His Spirit to God. But, we have no direct evidence of this.  REM Without Atonia (Dream Walking). A person is not paralyzed as in normal REM sleep when dreams occur, but acts out their dreams. At this stage on the cross, Jesus acted out and fulfilled every prophetic dream about Him. The most memorable case occurred when He said that He was thirsty so that He could fulfill prophecy (John 19: 28-30). They responded by giving Him vinegar to drink and fulfilled several prophecies.

» REM Sleep Assault. Violent behavior while sleeping. Jesus was assaulted in His sleep by a sleeping world. » Narcolepsy With Cataplexy. This condition has many triggers. Intrestingly, love can be a trigger. So Jesus loved the world so much that He died for us. He went to sleep in death. He went into a state of narcolepsy with cataplexy and was in effect "Paralyzed by Love". Messianic Dreams. Let us look only at the dreams and visions of the prophets and not the other prophecies. We can categorize some of these dreams as symptoms of His sleep disorder. Abraham (Night Terrors). He would ratify the covenant during the terror of darkness.  Jacob (Ladder to Heaven). He would join heaven to earth when He is lifted up on a tree. Israel (Goat with Spots and Stripes). He would be beaten and bruised and lifted up on a stick.  Joseph (Sun, Moon and 11 Stars). His Father, mother and eleven disciples bowed to Him. Joseph (Death and Resurrection). He would die on a tree and be resurrected after three days.  Moses (Promised Land). He would die before seeing the Promised Land.  Daniel (Covenant). He would die as an abomination to fulfill the covenant.  Balaam (Sleep Talking Donkey). He is an ill-treated donkey carrying the burdens of Israel.  Zechariah (Enuresis). When He slept, He would be a spring of water that removes sin.  Samson (Sleep Walking). The unlikely deliverer is captured by Samson and by all the patriarchs who were sentenced to wander as nomads so that they could act out the life of Christ. Sleep Attack. An irresistable urge to sleep in the day, but wakes feeling refreshed. This is the determination to submit to death until He was resurrected.

» Wet Dream (Resurrection). At the earthquake several people were raised from the dead. The symbol of life being raised up from the dead is beautifully portrayed in this normal event that occurs in REM sleep. The seeds of life raised the dead. » God Searches For His Son (Afikoman). The symbols in the Passover Seder say that at this point, the Son was hidden or lost and God went searching for Him with a King's ransom and apparently with His eyes moving back and forth everywhere. » Sleep Apnea. The inability to sleep and breathe at the same time. This is His death and resurrection. He died when He slept, not breathing. But His need to breathe woke Him up. Resurrection. Then the Lord awoke as if from sleep, like a warrior sobered up from wine. (Psalm 78: 65)

Resurrection (The Sleeper Awakens). Then the angel who was speaking with me returned and roused me, as a man who is awakened from his sleep. (Zechariah 4: 1) Suffocated on the Cross. The inability to breathe is generally the cause of death by crucifixion. » Snoring. One common symptom of sleep apnea is snoring. The loud, reverberating sound could be symbolized by the two earthquakes at His death and resurrection. » Crucifixion Diseases: Helicase Malfunction. Porphyria. Sleep Disorders. Leprosy. FMF. Theory. The weekly cycle is represented by the seven periods in the table, each beginning with group 1A. Lithium effects biological clock genes. Perhaps the elements in this group are associated with the regulation of clocks. The Unanswerable Question. Christ described His final three and a half days as a time spent as death in the "bowels of the earth" and death as "sleep". Many prophecies described the night terrors, and the cannibalism during this time. Yet, how could He orchestrate the behavior of all His enemies and nature to perfectly fit the biological rhythms and the function of each section of the digestive system? Environmental Crucifixion Diseases. Jesus was treated like a leper and the symptoms of leprosy appeared on the cross.
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Disfigured Hands And Feet. His hands and feet were twisted into position and nailed. Claw Hands. The hands tighten into a claw as the fingers contract. The pain in His hands caused Him to contract and cup His fingers around the nail, forming the claw hands. Skin Discoloration. Discolored patches on the skin appeared on His body because of the beating and whipping. Pain. He suffered excruciating pain. Social Stigma. Lepers were social outcasts who were rejected by family and friends and called cursed. Jesus was abandoned by His family and friends and the nation of Israel. Then He was cast out of the city gates and killed as a cursed Man by a death on a tree. Blind. Lepers have cloudy eyes and then go blind. Jesus was blindfolded and hung in the dark for three hours. Berulli Ulcer. The skin turns yellow and black and then falls off. The beating might have accomplished this look.

Genetic Crucifixion Diseases. We are not suggesting that Jesus was diseased or imperfect. The law required that the offering must be perfect, without blemish or spot and that His bones should not be broken. However, when He was handed over for crucifixion, He took on all our sins and all our diseases. During the crucifixion He appeared to suffer from many genetic diseases which are amazingly more prevalent among the Jews. The biological information also suggests that the Plan of Salvation involves fixing defective genes. Sin Is A Disease. Who pardons all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases. (Psalm 103: 3) The diseases mimic the life and death struggle of humanity who are hiding from the light and

pursued by death in the form of something that is trying to take away their breath and blood and bind them by force into slavery, pain and hard labor. Although sin can infect us like an external virus or communicable disease, sin is seen as a genetic disease that must be cured by repairing the damaged genes and the mutations. The external causes of sin will be cured by eradicating the pathogen and sterilizing the planet in hell fire. The internal causes of sin must be cured by gene therapy. God wil rewrite the laws on the mind and heart by rewriting the damaged genetic code. On the day of the crucifixion Jesus experienced suffering after His arrest and trial that caused Him to look like a rejected offering. The symptoms of disease that appear on the cross are very specific and they involve the following set of symptoms. Defective Offering. Speak to Aaron, saying, "No man of your offspring throughout their generations who has a defect shall approach to offer the food of his God. For no one who has a defect shall approach: a blind man, or a lame man, or he who has a disfigured face, or any deformed limb, or a man who has a broken foot or broken hand, or a hunchback or a dwarf, or one who has a defect in his eye or eczema or scabs or crushed testicles." (Leviticus 21: 17-20)

Muscle. He was tired and exhausted from hard labor. The sanctuary rules required the priest to have no sign of sweating or hard labor.  Abnormal Body Tone. He was exhausted and weak and unable to stand up or walk.  Loss of Motor Skills and Paralyzed. He was nailed to the cross.  Difficulty Sitting. Breathing involves alternating between sitting and standing.  Limp Muscles (Hypotonia). Breathing involves allowing the legs or arms to go limp.  Fatigue. He was tired from carrying the heavy cross and the efforts to breathe on the cross.  Inability to Stand. He fell under the weight of the cross and was nailed so that He had to alternate between sitting and standing to alleviate the pain in His arms or legs.  Feeding Difficulties. He could not swallow the vinegar.  Seizures. Loss of salt and fluids may cause spasms. Bones. His bones could not be broken, but they were bent, twisted and dislocated.  Bone Deformities. His legs were twisted so that they could be nailed.  Short Stature. Any signs of being a hunchback or dwarf are symbols of His stature while He carried the cross. When Jesus stooped to carry the cross it made Him look like a hunch back with short stature. In our information on DNA replication, we show that at the time He carried the cross He was reenacting the pathway of the gene through the helicase.  Macrocephaly (Large Head). An abnormal increase in head size is caused by the crown of thorns which some sources say was not simply on top of His head but came down around His face.  Spinal curvature (Scoliosis). His spine was bent while carring the cross and while hanging on the cross. Respiratory System. He suffocated to death and His heart failed from fluid accumulating in His chest.

Breathing Difficulties and Respiratory Failure. It is difficult to breathe on the cross.  Suffocated Internally. In one disease thick mucus accumulates in the lungs and causes breathing difficulty. At the crucifixion blood and water filled the chest cavity and helped to suffocate Him. Skin and Blood (Disfigured). He was disfigured from the bruises and bleeding.  Bruising (Red or Dark Lesions and Spots). Elevated dark red blotches on the skin. The whip marks will cause the lesions and the beatings will cause the spots and bruises.  Bleeding. He bled from His sweat glands. The nails, piercing with the sword and thorns and beatings also caused His bleeding.  Anemia. A low red blood cell count causes reduced oxygen to the cells.  Uncontrollable Secretions. Inability to control secretions was symbolized by blood and water pouring out of Him.  Sweat glands Impaired. In one disease patients produce a higher amount of sodium chloride in their sweat. Jesus' sweat glands poured out blood and the law requires salt to be poured out on the offering. Brain. He was mentally assaulted and tormented and alone.  Blindness. He was blindfolded and there was darkness for three hours.  Deafness. God would not hear Him and no one would listen to Him. The world was deaf.  Loss of Intellectual Skills. He could no longer hear or sense the Father and His divinity was separated. Internal Organs. He was wounded internally, physically and emotionally.  Enlarged Internal Organs. Enlargement of the liver, spleen, and kidneys. The internal organs are symbolized as our seat of emotions, so an enlarged set of organs point to extreme emotions.  Male Infertility and Reduced Fertility in Females. He would die without having children. In prophetic symbol Israel is a female and the Messiah is her only Son. Jesus had no children and Israel only gave birth to one Son.  Cancer. An increased susceptibility to tumors. Uncontrolled cell growth that kills healthy cells is like uncontrolled evil destroying the good. When He took all our diseases, it guaranteed that the diseases would attack Him and overwhelm Him and kill Him. Other. Other external and internal factors contributed to His death.  Iron. A toxic build up of iron due to the iron nails and sword in His body.  Lactic Acid. These are symptoms of His weaning. A symptom like lactose intolerance or souring of the milk that forces the child to be weaned from the mother are symptoms of the separation from His mother required by the law before He became the sin offering.  Photosensitivity. Sunlight sensitivity is the symptom of our alienation from God. We are afraid of the light and would rather sit in darkness.  Infections. Reduced resistance to infectious diseases. We sin very easily.  Premature Death. Children with the disease rarely live beyond 4 or 5 years. According to the laws, the oldest the sacrifice can be is three years, but most are

one year old. He died at the young age of 33 and according to the timetable of heaven Jesus was one year old. Genetic Mutation. The role of DNA is represented in the form of "stripes", "spots and stripes" and a ladder. He fixed the genetic mutation by performing DNA replication on the cross. The "law written on the heart" by the Holy Spirit is the genetic capacity to desire good. The beating with the flagellum left striped marks over His body. These are the rungs of the DNA ladder. Perfect DNA. So then, the Law is holy, and the commandment is holy and righteous and good. Good Genes. For I joyfully concur with the law of God in the inner man, Bad Genes. but I see a different law in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin which is in my members. Cursed Man! Wretched man that I am! Who will set me free from the body of this death? (Romans 7: 12, 22-24) Healed by Stripes. But He was pierced through for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; The chastening for our well-being fell upon Him, and by His scourging [stripes] we are healed. (Isaiah 53: 5) Bad Genes Killed. and He Himself bore our sins in His body on the cross, so that we might die to sin and live to righteousness; for by His wounds you were healed. (1 Peter 2: 24)

Many genetic diseases are prevalent among the Ashkenazi Jews, while only a few exist among the other nations. I first stumbled onto what I call "crucifixion diseases" while writing this article. I marvelled at how porphyria and helicase malfunction seemed to reflect the key elements at the beginning of sin. Then I saw an episode of "House" a medical drama in which God and religion is regularly mocked. In one episode, I came across FMF and before learning the diagnosis and how it affects Jews I marvelled at how each new symptom seemed to mimic all the symptoms of the crucifixion. When I researched, I found even more symptoms not covered on the television show. So a show that mocks God and morals actually set me on a path to research genetic diseases that are common to nations.

Genetic Disease: Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF) (Chromosome 16). There is an inflammatory disease that affects people of Mediterranean descent (Jews, Armenians, Greeks, Turks and Arabs). The symptoms, which are set off by age and stress, develop over a 2-4 hour period and last from 6 hours to 4 days and sometimes 7 days. Acute attacks last from 24 to 48 hours. Each attack may occur as infrequently as once per year. Symptoms include abdominal pain, fever, joint attacks (especially in the legs, hips, knees and ankles), arthritis (primarily in the knee and ankle), myalgia (muscle pain which usually occurs in the evening or after physical exhaustion), headache, anhedonia (inability to experience and display emotions, especially joy, possibly due to breakdown in the dopamine reward system), lactose intolerance, blackout, sleep walking, sweating blood, time lapses caused by short term memory loss, skin darkening or tanning, kidney failure, insomnia, chest pain (usually on one side of the chest, primarily the left side),

pleuritis and pericarditis (inflammation of the chest lining and pericardium), scrotal attacks with inflammation of the testes, erysipeloid (red, swollen skin lesions with raised edges on the legs) and kidney failure.

Symptoms of Familial All are descriptions of what happened to Christ. The Mediterranean Fever most interesting details are the time periods, raised skin Weaned Lactose lesions from the flogging, sweating blood caused by from Intolerance swollen blood vessels, muscle pain in the evening which Milk would occur because He was exhausted from the efforts Erysipeloid Whip to breathe and the chest pain on one side which might skin lesions marks indicate the sword in the side and the extreme sorrow Chest Pain and the lactose intolerance cause by being weaned on one side according to the law that separated Him from His mother Sword (Left) before He became the sin offering. One consequence of the dreariness caused by lack of joy Burnt Fever is the lack of friends. The disciples abandoned Him in Offering this period. Skin Sun Genetic Disease: Tay-Sachs (Chromosome 15). Tanning Exposure This is an inherited disease that usually strikes Jews. Sweat Hematidrosis Those born with Tay-Sachs lack an enzyme needed to Blood break down certain fats. The fats build up and destroy Adehonia Sorrow brain and nerve cells, leading to rapid mental and physical deterioration and death in early childhood. It Crown of Headache causes lysosome malfunction. thorns Victims have feeding and breathing difficulties, Joint Attacks abnormal body tone, limp muscles, loss of motor skills (legs, ankles, Efforts and paralysis, blindness, deafness, loss of Intellectual to hips, knees) Skills, difficulty sitting, macrocephaly, seizures and die breathe Arthritis in at a young age. by sitting large joints These symptoms mimic His experience while He was and Muscle Pain standing nailed to the cross. in Evening Gaucher disease (Type I) (Chromosome 1). Lysosome malfunction results from an enzyme deficiency that causes a fatty substance to accumulate in the liver, spleen, and bone marrow, brain, kidney, lungs and white blood cell. These symptoms span His beating to the crucifixion. Symptoms may appear in childhood or much later in life and include: enlarged spleen and liver, easy bruising from impaired clotting, bleeding, anemia, fatigue, weak or brittle bone, spinal cord compression and pain in the bones and joints Niemann-Pick Type A (Chromosome 11, 18). A liposomal storage disease. Symptoms appear by about 6 months of age and death occurs between 2 and 3 years. They include enlargement of the liver and spleen, loss of brain function caused by a severe neurodegenerative condition and infections such as pneumonia.

Mucolipidosis Type IV (Chromosome 19). It is characterized by an abnormal buildup of lipids in the cells. The disease causes organ and nerve damage, central nervous system deterioration by age one and progressive mental and motor retardation and eye disorders. Many patients never walk. Canavan Disease (Chromosome 17). The symptoms include developmental delay (significant motor slowness), enlarged head size, poor head control, general weakness and loss of muscle tone, developmental delays, seizures, severe feeding problems and deterioration of swallowing, shrinkage of the nerve to the eye and often blindness and heartburn. It ends in death by age ten. Familial Dysautonomia (Chromosome 9). A severe disease of the autonomic nervous system, which controls involuntary functions. These people cannot regulate autonomic functions such as swallowing, temperature, sweating, tears, and blood pressure. They have trouble sensing pain and heat. They commonly suffer from severe gastrointestinal problems, poor growth, repeated pneumonia, and eye damage caused by the inability to produce tears. Glycogen Storage Disease 1a (Chromosome 11). It is caused by an enzyme deficiency that prevents the liver from breaking down glycogen into glucose. The disease causes dangerously low blood sugar, delayed development, recurrent infection, enlargement of the liver, spleen, and kidneys. Bloom Syndrome (Chromosome 15). It is a disease that is caused by a defect in gene replication and the helicases. The disease tends to cause infertility in males and reduced fertility in females. The symptoms include sunlight sensitivity, elevated dark red blotches on the skin, growth deficiency causing short stature, reduced resistance to infectious diseases and respiratory illness and an increased susceptibility to tumors. Death occurs around age 27. Lipoamide Dehydrogenase Deficiency (Chromosome 7). At least ten mutations on the gene produce an enzyme deficiency that causes a buildup of lactic acid in the body. The enzyme catalyzes reactions involving NAD+ and NADH.  Sour Milk. Lactic acid accumulation. Lactic acid is milk acid which makes the milk sour. Israel's milk became sour and forced the child to be weaned.  Other symptoms include fatigue after mild exertion, acute episodes of hyperventilation, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Age of onset can vary from infancy to adulthood. Maple Syrup Urine Disease (Chromosome 19). It affects the body's ability to process dietary protein and symptoms appear soon after birth. These Symptoms could have occurred at the moment He was being nailed. They include sweet-smelling urine, poor feeding, lethargy, irritability, and vomiting. It eventually causes severe brain damage, coma, and death in infancy. Fanconi Anemia (Chromosome 17 and 13 Other Genes). It is a blood disorder that involves at least 8 proteins which may be DNA helicases that help genes unwind for DNA repair. These symptoms occurred while He was carrying the cross. They include short stature,

bone marrow failure, limb abnormalities and a predisposition to leukemia and other cancers. Many children do not survive to adulthood. Nemaline Myopathy (Chromosome 15, 2). It is a neuromuscular disorder that causes weakness and poor tone in the voluntary muscles. These symptoms affect muscles of the upper body, face, throat, and respiratory system. It causes delayed motor development and respiratory problems that can lead to death. Familial Hyperinsulinism (Chromosome 11). It causes the pancreas to overproduce insulin and is fatal if not treated. The symptoms include severe low blood sugar, seizures, poor muscle tone, poor feeding and breathing difficulty. Usher Syndrome (Chromosome 10,11,12,13,15,18,20). It causes deafness and blindness caused by progressive degeneration of the retina from birth. The rods degenerate first then night blindness and then peripheral vision.  Deaf and blind. There are three different types of Usher syndrome with symptoms that begin in childhood. o Type I. Deaf at birth with severe balance problems. Vision problems generally progress to blindness. o Type II. Less severe hearing loss at birth and slower degeneration of vision. o Type III. Normal hearing at birth. Then hearing and sight worsen over time until they are legally blind and require hearing aids.  Severe balance problems. Unlike all the other crucifixion diseases whose symptoms show what happened to Jesus, Usher Syndrome seems to mimic what happened to the nation of Israel during the crucifixion. This condition was prophecied. Deaf and Blind. He said, "Go, and tell this people: 'Keep on listening, but do not perceive; Keep on looking, but do not understand.' (Isaiah 6: 9) Deaf and Blind. In their case the prophecy of Isaiah is being fulfilled, which says,' YOU WILL KEEP ON HEARING, BUT WILL NOT UNDERSTAND;YOU WILL KEEP ON SEEING, BUT WILL NOT PERCEIVE; (Matthew 13: 14) The reason why this is significant is because it involves a mystery. God allowed Israel to remain deaf and blind so that He could save the Gentiles. If He can legally show that this condition was not their fault even at the genetic level then no blame can be assigned to Israel for rejecting their Messiah.

Genetic Disease: Red Blood Cells and Hemoglobin. The previous diseases are more prevalent in Ashkenazi Jews. The rest of the genetic diseases common to the rest of the world involve three diseases which attack just one major system - the hemoglobin of the Red Blood cells. The disease makes it difficult to allow transport of oxygen by hemoglobin. Either way we are robbed of life when we are robbed of oxygen. This is symbolically significant because blood is the sign of life and sin caused death. So the entire human race should have a blood production defect. The genes involved in thalassemia control the production of a protein in red cells called hemoglobin. A complete hemoglobin molecule has four subunits, two alpha and two beta.

Alpha-Thalassemia (Chromosome 16). It impairs the body's ability to produce the alpha chain of hemoglobin. The symptoms include anemia, susceptibility to infection, enlarged spleen, bone deformities, and toxic build up of iron. Patients die before birth or in infancy. Beta-Thalassemia (Chromosome 11). It impairs the body's ability to produce the beta chain of hemoglobin. This disease has the same symptoms as alpha thalassemia in addition to liver damage. Sickle Cell Anemia (Chromosome 11). It produces incorrectly formed hemoglobin that causes deformed, hardened red blood cells that carry less oxygen and cannot move easily through the circulatory system, resulting in pain and organ damage. The spleen will often attack and destroy the misshapen cells faster than they can be replaced.  Anemia and susceptibility to infection.  Sickle Cell Crises. Patients experience crises lasting several days. They are characterized by acute pain in the arms or legs, chest, abdomen, or joints. Jesus experienced all these pains on the cross. » Acute Attacks. Several factors that can precipitate a crisis were present at the crucifixion.  Physical Strain. He carried the heavy cross.  Dehydration. Jesus was thirsty and lost blood from the beatings.  High Altitude. Jesus was lifted up on the cross.  Illness. He was carrying the disease called sin.

African Americans tend to have sickle cell and Beta-Thalassemia. Asians have both alpha and beta thalassemia. Hispanic, Southern European, Middle Eastern, Indian, Sephardi Jews have beta-thalassemia.

Genetic Diseases Common to All Ethnic Groups.  Cystic Fibrosis (Chromosome 7). A disease of the endocrine glands which produce mucus, tears, sweat, saliva and digestive juices. All secretions produced are thick and sticky. It affects the pancreas, respiratory system, and sweat glands. The disease causes thick mucus to accumulate in the lungs and causes breathing difficulty. Other symptoms include infection, males are usually infertile, impaired digestion and impaired sweat glands which produce a higher amount of sodium chloride in their sweat. Death occurs in infancy but many patients live into their 20s and 30s.  Spinal Muscular Atrophy (Chromosome 5, X). It is a neuromuscular disease that causes progressive wasting of the voluntary muscles due to the loss of motor neurons in the spinal column. Symptoms include the inability to swallow or breathe or to control secretions. They cannot sit unaided and the spine eventually curves sideways. Death from respiratory failure usually occurs by age 2. Fragile X Syndrome (Chromosome X). It is the most common inherited form of mental retardation. It is usually inherited from a mother who is a carrier of the condition and symptoms are typically milder in females than in males. These symptoms almost seem to mimic the behavior after they sinned.

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Mental Retardation. Behavioral and/or emotional problems with varying degrees of mental impairment. Adam and Eve quarreled and blamed each other and blamed God. We became mentally retarded because we lost communication and guidance from God. Autistic-like Behavior. We hid from God and were no longer sociable. Large, Protruding Ears. The central role of hearing is critical for the fallen race. They heard God and hid. Face Disfigured. A long, narrow face with a prominent chin and forehead. We started behaving like animals. Double-Jointed Fingers. Adam had to work with his hands. Flat Feet. They were thrown out of Eden to wander the world on a difficult journey. Puffy Eyelids. Crying. Enlarged testes after puberty. They had children after the fall.

The genetic mutation in Eve was passed down to all humans. The Dreamers Of The Last Days. The prophecies also maintain the details and stages of the symbols of death from Eden. Sleep and darkness are symbols of death. From Daniel we know which stage we are in. The earth is now in a state of REM sleep and dreaming with all the disorders of sleep. Day Physically Sin Awake Hypnagogic Hallucination Disobedient Garden of Eden N1 N2 Night N3 N4 1798 Dreams REM Light Spiritual Awakening Hypnopompic Hallucination Second Coming

K Drowsy Complexes

Deep Sleep

Sleep Spindles Disobedient Disobedient, Hostile Covenant Written Knowledge

• Paralysis • Oxygen Consumed • Ignores God and Hostile Disobedient and Hostile

Awareness of God Lost

Knowledge Increases Personal Knowledge of God Increasing Law in the Heart

Personal Knowledge of God Decreasing Personal Knowledge

Law on Stone

According to the law of the blessings and curses, men will go through five phases in their relationship with God. In the beginning, the world had first hand knowledge of God from personal experience and eye witnesses. As personal knowledge and communion with God decreased the earth fell into a state of sleep. Sin was simply categorized as disobedience in this phase because people acknowledged the existence of God.

After the flood, it was the covenant people who kept the true knowledge of God in symbols, rituals, writings and the prophets, while the world was in the deepest phase of sleep. Disobedience became hostility as people tried to fight against a God Whom they believe existed. In our era, we simply ignore the existence of God and are hostile to the concept. So at the end of time, knowledge about God will be restored to the world. Then, men can no longer claim ignorance. Therefore, the fight against God is reclassified as open disobedience with extreme hostility. » The Sleeper Awakens. It appears that God will wake up the world and give everyone convincing knowledge of Him before the world ends. So, in the last days, the world should experience the symptoms and sleep disorders associated with the final stages of sleep.

The Great Awakening. Light comes to the world and wakes up the sleepers. Light Comes. And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory. (Revelation 18: 1) The dreamers tell a story that wakes up the church. Dreamers. It will come about after this that I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind. And your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions. Even on the male and female servants I will pour out My Spirit in those days. (Joel 2: 28-29) Rapid Eye Movement. Daniel was not seen as a prophet to the Jews because his predictions were too far into the future. He was admonished to sleep until the end of time when there is a period of rapid eye movements which would cause knowledge to increase. The prophets and dreamers of the last days would arise and recognize his prophecies. Even in prophetic writings, REM sleep is required to consolidate knowledge. REM (Eyes Move Back and Forth). But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many [eyes] shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase. Sleep. But as for you, go your way to the end, then you shall rest Wake Up. and rise again for your allotted portion at the end of the age. (Daniel 12: 4, 13) » The Final Great Awakening. Although the resurrection is the ultimate fulfillment of waking from the sleep of death, the symbols and the instructions to Daniel seem to suggest that the church should wake up just before the Second Coming. Before the dead are resurrected, a great spiritual awakening will occur. Resurrection. And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. (Daniel 12: 2) In this time paralysis will occur. This forces the sleeping world to stop and listen as God imposes a time of spiritual rest to learn about Him. Oxygen consumption and blood flow to the brain increases, pointing to the work of the Holy Spirit by breathing life into the world and reasoning with humans. Sleep Spindles. These occur during the first four stages of sleep, but not in REM sleep. What is their spiritual significance? Whatever they are, they will not occur in the last days. My conclusion is that they represent the noise and interruptions that have been drowning out the voice of God. These will be silenced or reduced so that God gets a fair hearing among the final generation.

Sleep Disorders. However, the prophecies show that at that time the last churches are suffering from various stages of sleep disorders.  Narcolepsy. The church of Sardis is still asleep and is warned to wake up and get dressed (Revelation 3: 2 and 16: 15).  Sleep Paralysis and Cataplexy. Laodicea is the church that is in paralysis.  REM Without Atonia (Dream Acting). We will be acting out or repeating great events like the confrontation of Elijah and the enemies of God, latter rain, the selection of the scapegoat or the Lord's goat and the final exodus. Everyone will fulfill or act out all the prophecies of the last days.  Sleep Attack. Some will be unable to recognize the times and will go to sleep spiritually. Others will suddenly go to sleep in death because they cannot go through the perilous times.  Sleep Apnea. They will find it difficult to sleep while the Holy Spirit is breathing on them. They will wake up. The Sleeper Awakens. Once awake, the world chooses between the Lord's Goat and the scapegoat. It appears that when the Jews were asked to do this at the crucifixion, they were in the deepest phases of sleep and could not be expected to make a good decision. This is why Isaiah described them in this manner. The Nation that Sleeps. ... You will keep on hearing, but you will not understand. You will keep on seeing, but you will not perceive. For the heart of this people has become dull, with their ears they scarcely hear, and they have closed their eyes, otherwise they would see with their eyes, hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts and return, and I would heal them. (Matthew 13: 14-15 and Isaiah 6: 9) Therefore I speak to them in parables, because while seeing they do not see and while hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand. (Matthew 13: 13) Israel was fast asleep in stage 4 at the crucifixion, not responding to the dreams about the Messiah. Hallucinations. The world experiences global hallucinations on sleeping and waking.  Hypnagogic Hallucinations. Satan appeared to Eve and deceived her, causing the great sleep.  Hypnopompic Hallucinations. Satan will appear again at the end of time as the scapegoat dressed as an angel of light to deceive the final generation. Because God wakes us up to warn us of these deceptions, the world should be prepared to resist Satan. He will eventually terrorize the righteous who resist.

Psychology Taking the brain as a computer database management system we are proposing certain theories based on the sanctuary and the circadian rhythms. Theory: Brain Structure. The folds and convolutions of the brain may be due to the coiling action that occurs as data is physically located close to primary keys. Theory: The Purpose of Sleep. Sleep reconstructs the database indices, moving and organizing temporary storage (the catalogue of last waking activities) into permanent storage. » Temporary Tables (Short-Term Memory). During the waking period, all information is stored temporarily. As experience is accumulated it is loosely stored in a simple tree structure order with some loose connection made with indices in long term memory. Some links are made as we consciously make the associations. Other links are made by the database as it organizes

information during sleep. So bright ideas should appear after resting. But during sleep these temporary tables are destroyed as each memory is placed in permament storage and linked to the master index. Theory: Lack of Sleep. It induces slow reaction and paranoia because we are seeing the effects of cross wiring, unestablished or partially established links and an unorganized rubble of information that the brain cannot organize because it has no efficient way of untangling the mess except by LIFO or FIFO processing. In addition, while the state of paranoia persists in the waking stage, a paranoid database is being built that will be incorporated in permanent memory using its own weird links to information. Therefore, to incorporate new learning into the more efficient library, one must sleep after cramming for an examination. Otherwise, the conscious mind's attempt to search the brain for information is an inefficient process using broken links and multiple tables with redundant unorganized data. Some of this data may not even be indexed but are in flat files in FIFO order. This frustrating, conscious search through an unorganized, conflicting mess of information appears as irritability and a definite slowing in response time. » Hallucinations. Sleep depravation and drugs can cause hallucinations. If the index search mechanism has a set number of times to search so that it does not get into an infinite loop then hallucinations can occur if the index returned is random or is the closest match to the real result. Drugs could also trigger a "closest match" result or random retrieval. Theory: Sleep Indexing. The sleep cycles are connected to the specific type of database index building activity.
 

N1. Reorganizing temporary storage by adding indexing, date and time stamping and storing in time order. N2. Establishing the links between temporary and permanent storage and rebuilding indexes and defragmenting storage so that related memory is in the same location.  Sleep Spindles. The sporadic bursts of activity are evidence of the type of efforts needed to rebuild an index in physical order on the storage medium. The fact that they occur in the first four stages indicates that indices and links are constantly being built.  K-Complexes. These occur when a stack must be rebuilt because a link must be inserted rather than added to the end of the chain. N3 (Deep Sleep). Incorporating temporary database into permanent storage. The body must turn off all unnecessary activity and reduce all internal activity so that it stops or limits the new information. Any new information must be put in temporary storage while it reorganizes previous information. Waking up from sleep at this time is like rebooting a computer in the middle of reindexing. The work must be done again in another sleep cycle, but the deficit would depend on where the process was interrupted. If everything is already in sequential order then the program to defrag or rebuild the stack will be completed in only one pass. In November 2009, almost a year after writing these theories I discovered that we also dream during the non-REM stage. The description of what occurs in these dreams exactly mimics what I believe. The memory is being packaged, consolidated, new links formed and stored. This transferrance of real memories plays out in our subconscious as dreams about what we have done. REM (Rapid Eye Movement). Links have been built, now it is time to consolidate knowledge and incorporate links into the moral database. Wisdom is the goal. The

behavior in this stage indicates that even at the subconscious level, the body makes you participate in building the links you desire. Free will is maintained even in the subconscious. People who are awakened during this time have a brain that is readily coherent and alert because the major index building has been completed. Theory: Off-Site Storage. Since it is an efficient system designed by God, there must be some risk management and redundancy built in. While the folds of the brain might indicate changes in physical structure to make indexes physically closer to data, risk management requires that identical information should be stored off site at long distances. This information does not have to include all the indices, only the raw data and important primary indexes. It might be stored in another location in the brain or even off-site somewhere else in the body! It might also be stored in different formats so that one will be immune to chemical attacks that target another format. e.g. a virus, prion or toxin may attack a phospholipid link but not a DNA link. The bible refers to other organs as storing various emotions and wisdom. From a database management perspective this design makes perfect sense. What these organs store is apparently a copy of the minimal information used to reboot the system and the moral compass. It stores how to evaluate data and the unindexed data itself in some chemical form. Theory: Fat as Storage. I suspect that this information is transported as some form of lipid from the brain and is stored as fat that is processed by the liver and kidney. The fat above the liver may be an important storage area. Even with weight loss, new fat cells are not destroyed. The body knows that it must keep these cells. Why? Is the memory stored in the fat, or in the cell or both? The type of information stored here may be more related to feelings and emotions. Jews recognize two types of fat.

Chelev. This fat was not to be eaten and was used for offering. It is found around the liver and vital organs, backbone and rump (Leviticus 3: 9-11). Because both blood and fat were not eaten and were given totally to God, it represents God storing what He needs to recreate your life at the resurrection. These are your physical life (DNA), personality and memories (fat). Other Fat. This is found under the skin and in muscles and was not used for offering. It may not be memory fat.

Theory: Memory Transportation and Storage. If fat is involved in memory, the system could be compromized in the manufacture, transportation, storage, retrieval and identification of the information. Is fat the problem simply because it clogs up the system or is it a problem because it is not manufactured and stored properly? Several facts point to fat as important for memory, as memory production or memory destruction.

Infant Brain Development. Premature infants are 36% more likely to suffer learning disabilities than full term babies. After week 29 the baby doubles their weight gain by producing more muscle and fat and hundreds of billions of nerve cells. No new brain nerve cells will be produced after birth but the brain will continue to expand until age five. Is the defecit caused by lack of neurons and fat?

Niemann-Pick Disease Type C. This is a childhood onset Alzheimer's disease caused by a defect on chromosome 18. It is characterized by a build up of fatty deposits in the cells. Does good fat insulate the memory cells and bad fat short circuit the cells? Is this a disease with a defective fat production mechanism? Alzheimer. Alzheimer's patients have fatty deposits in their brain. Is this because the fatmemory transport system is broken? Does this misplaced or lost fat appear as cholesterol? It would be interesting to know if thin, older people, especially those who experience weight loss in their old age, have a greater problem with their memory. If so, does weight gain reverse some symptoms of the problem? It could if the memory is part of the fat cell not merely the fat inside the cell. Finally, if there is a mechanism to save duplicate copies of memory off site, there must be a mechanism to transport off-site memory back to a damaged brain.

Theory: Parallel Processing. The brain is able to do parallel processing and muti-tasking. The process requires the management of alerts and process identification keys to determine when to launch the next step, what the next steps are, when a process can go to sleep until a trigger awakens them, how much resources to give each process, how to prioritize processes and when a process is finished. As the brain becomes diseased and symptoms like Alzheimers appear, the ability to remember and to process many concepts is severely eroded. People find that they are able to do one thing at a time and they must consciously find ways to store and retrieve the keys that will trigger memory because the brain has lost access to these temporary keys. So people write more lists and notes. Sometimes you have to return to the place where the memory was made to trigger the lost memory because the active memory space is damaged. Those with obsessive-compulsive disorders have malfunctions that affect prioritizing and resource allocation. Theory: Final Stages of Sleep. This logical sequence of steps would be that after brain reorganization is complete and after REM sleep, then the data can be stored off site and then the last step is to reset the point of last memory stored. Disruptions in sleep will always affect the final stages. If the mechanism is broken, then the body could continually store memory because it has lost the ability to find the pointer to the last memory saved. Improper sleep might contribute to weight gain because the body is not given the time to complete the off site memory storage by resetting the point that was last saved. So it keeps repeating and restoring the same memories and new ones. Theory: Memory Storage. I believe that I know how memory is stored in the brain by a mechanism that gets more efficient with more data. Therefore, one day we should be able to read the memory of corpses and even uncover the last memories of a murder victim. Theory: Organ Transplant. Since the body rejects organs as not "self", one problem might be the fact that both the DNA and these memories are truly foreign. Is it possible that liposuction destroys memory, or that transplants might affect our behavior by affecting personality and memories? Does yo-yo dieting affect memory? Theory: Self as Primary Key. There must be a primary key value that identifies each individual as "self" different from other individuals that is the source of transplant rejections. The DNA appears to be the candidate, yet there must be something more that distinguishes one

identical twin from another that is replicated in all cells and is simpler than DNA. God stores several pieces of data about us. Some even before we are born.

Length of Biological Life (Telomeres or Fatal Mutations). The covenant lifespan given is 70 years. This may be encoded in a countdown clock such as the telomere. At the end of each DNA is a string of data that is shortened each time the cell divides. So, cells have a finite number of divisions. In addition, we may inherit ticking time bombs that may cause premature disease. All these may factor into how God calculates our natural death. But there may be premature accidents that have nothing to do with genetics. Therefore, somewhere in our data identifier is the actual length of life. Is this precise clock kept in our body or in the records of heaven? » Length of Atomic Life. There has to be an atomic count down clock or atomic telomere. The symbols and laws point to one and the bosons might be the key because the destruction is triggered by the movement of light. Radioactive decay gives us an example of how it might function. When the shekinah glory of God moves from the sanctuary, it was a signal to break down the building and move the camp. The building could be torn down when the bars were removed. Hair. God numbers the hairs on our head. God may simply be meticulous about what happens to us. But the hair might be an important identifier of self because God says it is our "glory" and for the aged it is wisdom. Walls. "Our walls" are continually before God. So God sees us as a sanctuary with specific dimensions.

Morality and Conscience » Brain Washing. This phenomenon points to another function that the brain must do after it effeciently organizes raw data in permanent storage. There must be some other master table index that is built that is related to moral thinking and common sense. Because this database requires conscious participation (free will) a person must consciously make those associations that it wants. We consciously make the index and during sleep the database organizes it in addition to making other efficient links it can. If we are not given the time to make those links or other people consciously tell us which links to make then the database will only build those links. So you can wash your moral database by putting nothing in it, putting no value on data or allowing fear and reward to establish those connections. Theory: Our Moral Core. We all have two moral centers.

Master ("Measure of Faith"). We are all born with a moral base that expresses itself as our conscience. ... think so as to have sound judgment, as God has allotted to each a measure of faith. (Romans 12: 3) It is not corruptible, but it can be overridden. It recognizes information that belongs in it when it hears or sees it. Recognizing Self. So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ. (Romans 10: 17)

Religious memory appears to be the last to go in cases of dementia. Therefore we should train our minds to learn scripture. Slave ("Free Will"). This is the core we consciously build or others try to corrupt. The person who totally submits to God builds a core that is the mirror image of the master core. This core can be corrupted, neglected and others may attempt to reprogram it in order to bypass the influence of the master core. The more we are not like the master core or resist its pleadings, the more our conscience will be silenced. » No Conscience. So technically there should be nobody without a conscience. What most likely occurs is that some people ignore their master core because they find that appealing to the slave core is more pleasing like a dopamine rush. These people know the difference between right and wrong because they will hide their wrong doings. They simply take the risk that they can avoid the consequences because the reward is so great. Theory: Resisting Brain Torture. Knowing how the brain works, we can resist torture in the form of unavoidable stress, brain washing, sleep deprivation and sensory deprivation by working with what we know about the brain.  Core Strength. You must have a strong master and slave core that are mirror images. At a minimum, your slave core must be built with conscious, personal efforts. At some point you must think for yourself and evaluate information freely for yourself.  Core Beliefs. You must be faithful to your core beliefs. Situation ethics defeat the core. So your core building efforts must consider others even more than self. This way you know that you are not inflexible or "narrow minded". People without a core or one that is in disarray often resort to such labels. Know what you believe and why you believe it and where you could be flexible.  Core Maintenance. Torture can only be directly aimed at core maintenance efforts. Once those efforts are breached then they can more easily subvert core beliefs and core strength. These efforts will be accompanied with a barrage of sounds and experiences with no rest. Some of these will be contradictory or in opposition to your core. In the end, your brain will be defragmented. They will even try to wake you during critical portions of your sleep cycle to disrupt the normal maintenance cycle. o Apathy. Reduce the amount of new experiences so that there will be less for your brain to do when it tries to reorganize itself. Do not indulge in any planned activities, movies or junk food. o Close Your Eyes and Ears. Lessen the amount of information that your brain has to process. o Silence (Close Your Mouth). Recognizing that sleep and nutrient deprivation will affect your reasoning, consciously resort to silence and apathy. You are creating less information to process. o Sleep. Sleep as often as possible, with your face covered or turned so that they cannot guess where you are in the sleep cycle. o Actively Rebuild Core. During your silence, with every new experience make a conscious effort to categorize it. You will be building links that your brain does not have to do later. With every negative and degrading statement barked at you in torture, tell

youself the truth and make a lie of that statement. The truth always is, "I am a beloved child of God. I am valuable." Core Recovery. When you are awake, engage in activities that will rebuild your core and lessen the amount of rebuilding activity that your core has to do. o Joy. Repeat promises, sing songs and relive happy memories. These are already freebies that are in your core. Your brain barely has to reprocess and store them. o Forgiveness and Realistic Hope. Anger and despair will defeat your efforts by making your brain process conspiracy and revenge scenarios. Forgiveness is efficient. It does not use up brain storage and energy. o Strength. Remind yourself that you have strength. o Deep Breaths. Oxygen is a source of life. While you are being deprived, this is a free nutrient that your body can use.

The Dimensions Finally, I want to take this opportunity to propose my own description of the multiple dimensions. Most people seem to agree on the first four: line, plane, cube and time. But this is what constantly comes to my mind.

Space. It begins with a point and creates the three dimensional coordinate system. 1. Line. All space starts at a point, branching out into the simplest movement possible. 2. Plane or Arc. If we or several parts of us had the ability to move independently in two directions at the same time then we would have marked out two dimensional space. 3. Cube or Cylinder. Movement or occupation of three directions. Spiritual. This is the abyss or nothingness that existed before the creation. If the smallest basic unity of reality is four dimensions, not three, then the movement vector is the fourth. Fig ure 57a 1

Time, Motion and Electromagnetic Waves. Movement in one direction through three dimensions. It is a fuel or energy that is used up as we are moved from one point to another in our three dimensional space. Time is best seen Figure 57a2 as an escalator or moving walk way, not a moving car. We are moved forward in one direction and we have no control over it. So, even when we are not moving we are still consuming time. 1. Line. Linear time is best seen as the small increments of time that we move through. 2. Wave. Two dimensional time is seen in the peaks and troughs of a wave. Day time is the peak and night is the trough.

3. Coil. Circular time is seen in the month and the year. These are both marked by objects that reflect or transmit light. Figure 57a3 » The Time Treadmill. Can we move forward or backward in time? Theoretically, the answer is yes if we can move faster than the time mover. However, this ability seems to be reserved for God. For us, time is a treadmill. Our inability to move at speeds that will practically exceed time seems to suggest that as we approach these speeds we increase the speed of the treadmill so that we are always in the same relative position. Therefore we cannot move faster than time will allow or go where time has been. Adam Moses David Christ Now Past Present Future Future » Time Reflection and Time Time Waves Shadows. The Bible seems to suggest one other property of time that we have so far assigned only to prophecy. The future is reflected into the past as visions, dreams and prophecies. Because God knows the future, He can describe it to the people of the present as prophecy. This prophecy is sometimes translated into laws when the event is thousands of years into the future. It is this feature that the Bible calls "shadows of the things to come". » Linear Time: Asymmetric Waves. The ripple effects from the initial events do not seem to spread out evenly in all directions. The events of the present reflect back to the past in waves that grow fainter and into the future with waves that grow stronger. They multiply like the waves of a tsunami and crash into the future like the tidal waves on a seashore. » Appointed Time. Assume that God has marked out a space and time to deal with the problem of sin. Normally, the past creates the future. However, when God set appointed times or benchmarks, He not only established a calendar, He placed a related object in the future. This object casts a shadow in the past and sends waves back in time as the ripple effects of our current actions are reflected back from the future. So nothing in the past can interfere with certain objects in the future. But the future object makes itself known to the past and cancels out the effects of anything that interferes with its existance. This means that our actions can travel more than twice the speed of the time treadmill, but we cannot. Spiritual and invisible things are more powerful than the physical. If time is reflected into the past, then the future has a source of light and a border or an object that reflects it. Much like the ripple effects close to a splash point, prophetic shadows tend to reveal themselves as laws and faint ripples in the distant past and as strong currents and copies of the event as we approach the fulfillment. These events even have a periodicity. By law, the periodicity of the wave for living things is 3.5 and the periodicity for financial systems is 49. Both are based on seven cycles. We can access the past through memories, photographs, videos, journals. We can access the future through planning, schedules, what-if scenarios, visions and dreams. God gives us access to His plans for the future in the same way through the feasts, unconditional and conditional prophecy, visions and dreams. Spiritual. Then God said, "Let there be light". Time is a product of light.

Biological time is encoded in circadian rhythms and spiritual time is encoded in the Sabbath.

Physical Objects. Electromagnetic waves became solid objects. The particular shape or form of the object is different for each system, but they appear to follow the same shape and construction rules.

My Dimensional Theories True religion and science belong in the same realm because they are codependent dimensions existing under the same physical laws.

Properties of A Dimension Theory. A dimension is created in triples. The first is a point that follows laws of linear motion and applied force. The second is a wave that follows laws of wave motion. The third is a coil that follows laws involving springs, coils and magnets. Theory. New dimension sets are created by making the previous dimension the point or first dimension in the next series of triples. Theory. Light is a dimension. Its properties should resemble a particle, a wave and a coil. Theory. A Unifying Theory of Light. Scientists seem to have recognized the particle and wave behavior. However they may be recognizing the coil without realizing it. The instruments that we use to observe it may also be forcing us to see it from one side only. They could possibly be distorting what we see like a magnet distorts a plate of iron filings. The iron will always change its orientation to follow the direction of the magnet. So if our instruments behave like a magnet we will be distorting our view of the subatomic world. If a coil is stretched out and viewed from any position you might see only the particle or only the wave. A coil may also look stretched like a wave if it is in its natural position but you are so small that you can detect the gaps between each rotation. If you look at a coil from one side at an angle (90º or 270º) it will look like a wave. If you look at the coil straight ahead or down the length of the coil (0º or 180º) it will look like a point. Recognizing how we are observing light, we should be able to use trigonometry to somehow to shift our view like an integral to put a "range" behavior to how we are looking. Hope that makes sense. We are seeing a three dimensional object as Mr McGoo looking closely at a still photo not as a movie. Theory. The three states of matter are its dimensions. Solids are points, liquids are waves and gases are coils. Properties of the Earth Dimension Theory. Earth is a system which is a dimension made of dirt, water and air (solid, liquid and gas). Notice that weather systems follow the coil motions (cyclones). Theory. God created the dimensions of earth on the first three days of creation. He created the time dimension while He was creating the other dimensions. Feature Physics Chemistry 1 Line Nucleus Atom Earth Solids (Rocks) Biology Amino Acid Protein Time Day, Night (Day 1)

2 Wave Electrons Molecule 3 Coil Shell orbits Polymers

Liquids (Water)

Nucleic Acids

Nucleotide DNA Year, Month (Day 4) Week (Day 7)

Gases (Air) Codon

Because all physical objects are being transported through the three dimensional motion of time, this design may be imprinted in their structure. Circadian rhythms, sleep, Sabbath, puberty, aging, migration and hibernation behavior are some examples. The brain has a folding pattern that may be related to its efficiency in storing information. The DNA may count down the aging clock by losing parts of its redundant structure with every replication or uncoiling itself. Properties of Other Dimensions Theory of Subatomic Particles. The implication is that even a point might be a dimension, but its movement can only be easily detected at the microscopic level by those within its dimensions. Hence we find that subatominc particles are a group of dimensions following the same laws. Theory of Relative Motion. An observer in the dimensions above only sees an immoveable or extremely slow object and in some cases only begin to recognize its properties when they begin to detect fluid motion. An observer in the dimensions below might not see anything because its movements are so fast in comparison. Theory of Nature. Therefore dimensions that are above the earth dimensions cannot be detected easily, just like the subatomic dimensions took 6000 years to theorize and measure so that we can detect it. Theory of Supernatural Particles. It must be more complicated to detect and measure dimensions above us. We need the right theories and measurement tools or we need to recognize the clues that the upper dimension has left or is leaving. This is the true religion or the facts and truth about God. Properties of Reality or Origin Theory of God. So far our theory appears to be a stack or the point moving in a linear progression. If so, then the upper dimensions were created from the previous and God came after the basic foundation was laid and then created other dimensions above like the human dimension. So God functions like an engineer or artist bound by the laws of the three basic dimensions. Therefore, if God came after some basic structure then He could be inferior to it or subject to it. Suppose reality is itself a coil where God is the origin (three equal points forming a cube) and each coil in the loop is the series of all dimensions, each being progressively more complex and contained within the origin. Then God is the origin, a Cube Who is dependent on nothing and existed before the time coil.

Spiritual Dimensions So far our series of dimensions have been simply physical. We cannot define the origin of God, but we can understand how we might be related to Him.

Conscious Mind. The problem with evaluating a conscious mind is that we tend to define consciousness by the language and behavior that we understand. God claims that

He can speak to the rocks and they will reply. God named the stars. Naming appears to be an act of assignment for the conscious. 1. Memory. The passage of time is written down in the cells of the brain using a system of chemicals that handles both storage and retrieval. This system is made from other dimensions. DNA is the coil or third dimension of the "life" program. DNA skillfully uses the elements in its first and second dimension to construct another dimension above it. 2. Thought. This is the process of accessing memory, manipulating it internally, making comparisons, moving forward and backward throughout the stack of memory to formulate a response. 3. Ideas and Language. This is the process of leaping throughout memories in an orderly fashion, accessing deficiencies in memory that could subvert the act of creation and then formulating or constructing and communicating an internal model of the solution or new creation. » Virtual Reality. Initiating time travel is impossible for someone within the space dimension according to our model. A limited version of time travel can be simulated with memory as we go back and internally reconstruct time. Physical time travel is outside our scope because time is a linear construct outside our control and to truly go back in time requires that we access a memory construct outside of our space time that has stored all memory and all physical features of every object within our space dimension. Then the current time must be halted and erased and the previous time reloaded. If such a being possessed this capability then it is possible to reconstruct the retrieved time in another empty space-time dimension, causing many possible futures. The subconscious mind and reflex actions could be viewed as a dimension that precedes this one. The predominance of the function of the subconscious mind versus the conscious mind is the ability that separates man from the animals and the animals from the trees.

Family. We could use our conscious mind to link to other conscious minds and create other physical constructs, including television sets or other conscious minds. 1. Single Male. This construct begins with one. 2. Male and Female. If this one combines with the right partner then the possibilities are limitless. Otherwise, a man joining with a hamburger creates nothing much except fat, and joining with a computer could create many useful subconscious objects, but He must join with a right conscious object to produce other conscious minds. 3. Children. Out of the union of man and woman other conscious minds are created. Intermediate Physical Dimensions. So far our model of reality is no different from a person strapped inside a car on a roller coaster on a track that also does regular loops. In this model the car is in a fixed position on a track that moves at a fixed speed. Another level of reality could be a car that also moves on the track in one direction at any speed. The roller coaster could be on a land that is fixed or moving through space-time at its own speed. This may be what we are experiencing as we exist inside a galaxy that is

within other super structures. But so far, there is no discernable difference in the perception of reality because these systems only exist at the level of physical objects. Intermediate Mental Dimensions. Suppose we exist in someone's mind. » Subconscious. Suppose we exist in a reality that has a subconscious mind? Then we would probably only exist within someone's dream or computer program and reality as we know it would cease to exist when the dreamer wakes up or the computer stops working. » Conscious. Suppose we exist in the mind of a reality when He is conscious? Then we would exist intermittently when this person thinks about us or continues to read or write about us. This is not fruitless speculation. God claims that our thoughts and words create realities that can have serious consequences. So, fake reality, violent and sensual images do have profound effects because they change our mental dimensions and in turn negatively affect the physical. » Time Travel. It is possible in this dimension. Permanent Physical Dimensions. But if we exist in a dimension created exclusively for our existence by a Being outside our dimension then several other possibilities exist. » Interdimensional Travel. One or both groups could travel freely between dimensions. » Interdimensional Communication. One or both groups could communicate between dimensions. This is the purpose for prayer and prophecy which intersects both dimensions. God. Beyond our physical realm we know that God exists. He even describes Himself as a three dimensional being who is three beings in one. 1. Father. He is the origin. 2. Son. He is the one who crossed two dimensions, earth and heaven. He existed in both. 3. Holy Spirit. He is described as the one who is everywhere. » God as Unity. God cannot exist in one first order dimension as only one axis because He would be almost nothing because no other dimensions precede Him or can be contained in Him. So we can see God as a unity when He is a point. Yet, to be the object that contains other dimensions and has power and possibilities, this point must exist in three dimensions. Therefore the Unity is a Trinity but not three separate gods (points). Each point is equal and permanently linked. This is why the Most Holy Place is always described as a cube.

The Day of the Lord: A Prophecy of The Last Days Hidden within the scientific evidence are two sets of information about the period of time known as "The Day of the Lord". There are two possible three dimensional models of the table, but both are inaccurate prophetically. A Problem With An Unusual Solution. 1A 2A 3A 4A 5A 6A 7A 8A The periodic table has the columns of all blocks oriented 1B 2B 3B 4B 5B 6B 7B Rings 8B in the same direction. This means that group 1A-8A are Gold aligned on the same row as group 1B to 8B. The

Mishkan model is more accurate because it places them in two overlapping parallel rows while the normal table represents them as a series of consecutive charges. However, the symbol is incorrect. The orientation still places the break between the panels running on the east-west axis with the precious metals out of place. The "D" block is supposed to run from east to west with the division at the precious metals occurring at the door to the Most Holy Place. As a symbol of the righteous, the precious metals belong in the Most Holy Place. The entire Plan of Salvation is to take them from the outer court into the Holy Place and then into the Most Holy. Turning The World Upside Down. I can neither violate the 1A 2A 3A 4A 5A 6A 7A 8A physical laws nor the spiritual laws but there must be an 2B answer. So to orient the "D" block so that the rings runs on the Most Holy Place 1B north-south axis and the precious metals lie within the Most "D" Block Turned 90º Holy Place I had to flip the "D" block 90 degrees or turn the (Gold) world upside down. So I am turning the world on its side. It is -- Rings -easier to tilt the earth than to turn over the heavens. Suddenly 7B Holy Place I discovered the answer to many prophecies and the scientific reason behind their effects. Two global shifts occur.

Pole Shift (The People Mover). The north and south flip their orientation when great evangelism causes people to leave Babylon (north). The angel from the colorful "D" block turns the world upside down and a polarization of people occurs as the world is being separated into two distinct groups. The Rainbow Angel. I saw another angel coming down from heaven, clothed with a cloud; and the rainbow was upon his head; and his face was like the sun, and his feet like pillars of fire. (Revelation 10: 1) The Glory of the Earth. And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory. And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. ... (Revelation 18: 1) » Spiritual Causes (Exodus From Babylon). The great pole shift begins when the righteous people in the north flee to the south. The law in Ezekiel talks about the direction of travel of the people and the king. The people must travel only north to south or south to north but they must not come out of the same gate that they go in. The King or Prince must travel east to west. The people fleeing from the north must go to the south and wait for the king coming from the east. I always envision it as Jesus coming from the east and going south to retrieve His people and then heading west. I never dreamed that He would realign earth and make our south turn towards the universal east so that we are facing the King. Remarkable! » The Echo. This is the sound of God returning to Him. The sound began when Israel was called and the journey of the righteous began from south to north. The reverberation begins with the pole shift south. The echo means that the one sound that began long ago can be echoed back countless times, producing a loud roar. Flight of the Monarchs. This is the exodus of the fourth generation of butterflies from the north to the south. They are the fourth generation on whom judgment has

fallen and they have just completed a metamorphosis as they are changed by God. Now they are on their journey to meet God and wait for the long winter months at rest during the 1000 years in heaven. Flight of the Mourning Doves. The doves fly from Europe and the northern territories to Africa and the Southern countries as winter approaches. Since the prophecies always appear to have a literal fulfillment, it means that the persecution will drive many people out of the north. People will be fleeing from Russia, China, Europe, Canada and the United States to the poorer nations in the south or along the equator. The righteous will be in jail or hiding in caves and forests, but the wilderness of the developed countries will be a poor place for vast numbers of people to hide. Global warming might make the Antarctic a place of refuge. The equatorial rain forests will be a refuge for some. We will be on sailing ships out on the sea as we experience the plight of the Jews as they stood between the approaching army of Pharaoh and the Red Sea. They had to walk to the sea in faith before the waters parted. » Circling the Bimah (Hakkafot). At the feast of Tabernacles the Jews encircle the podium (bimah) once every day and seven times on the last day of the feast. Their movement predicts the flow of magnetic fields and currents at the end of time according to the right hand rule. The north is now the positive pole field and currents flow internally from south to north and flow back over the surface to the south. That movement is indicative of the people fleeing from the north to the south at the end of time. However, if the Jews encircle the bimah in the other direction then it could mean that the earth will also experience a magnetic polar shift because the flow has to be from north to south. Tilting of the Earth (The Earth Mover). The axis is tilted 90 degrees as the earth becomes unbalanced. It becomes unstable because the center becomes hollow when the solid hydrogen and liquid helium becomes a gas and escapes. Then whatever is solid becomes loose and rattles around, destabilizing its orbit and causing it to wobble. It falls down and rotates along a new axis. It sounds possible. » Open End. The eastern side has no solid structure and all coverings end at the bottom of the sanctuary. It might represet a weakness in one end of the earth. The hole in the ozone layer on the south pole suggests some form of natural weakness in the fabric of the southern atmosphere. Two natural weaknesses at the south and east will be combined at a time when the earth will be breached. » Physical Causes (Human Activity). The evidence suggests that carbon is the source of end time problems. Drilling for hydrocarbons, fracturing the solid rock and pumping in sand and water and pumping carbon dioxide underground will eventually upset the delicate balance of whatever system or stabilizing mass exists in the core of the earth. » Physical Causes (Galactic Activity). A well placed asteroid might cause the tilt. » Physical Causes (Supernatural Activity). God does something to cause the destabilization.

The Effect: The Powers of Heaven Are Shaken. The Earth

What this accomplishes is to create a doorway from the Hydrogen pole to the Helium. Christ, the one (hydrogen), coming from the east to take His bride, the two (Helium), to the west. The magnetic lines running from the old south to the old north pole now reflect the coming of the new force from the true east. When will this occur? We must look at the prophecy of the seven last plagues. They perfectly describe the astronomical mayhem. When the earth is turned on its side the events begin with darkness during the fifth plague. The total time from the fifth to seventh plague is about three to four weeks.

Figure 58a1

Figure 58a2 The Magnetic Field of the Earth

Figure 58a3 The Earth Falls Down

» The Earth Wobbles and Splits. The earth is broken apart, the earth is split through, » The Earth Quakes. the earth is shaken violently, » The Rotation of The Earth Changes. the earth reels back and forth like a drunkard and it totters like a shack, for its transgression is heavy upon it, » The Earth Falls Down 90º. and it will fall never to rise again. » Dark Sun and Shame-Faced Moon (Red Moon). Then the moon will be abashed and the sun ashamed, for the Lord of Hosts will reign in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem. And His glory will be before His elders. (Isaiah 24: 19-23) The earth spins wildly and falls down on its side like a drunk. When a person falls asleep they always fall 90º from a vertical position. So when the earth falls down it is going to sleep to rest for the millennium. It will not rise again because a new earth will be created. The earth is now spinning wildly like an out of control top because its spin has been affected by the change in the core of the earth. 5. Sun (Darkness). The fifth plague is darkness on the throne of the beast. So when the earth falls over, the north pole falls away from the sun. I will display wonders in the sky and on the earth. Blood, fire and columns of smoke. The sun will be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes. (Joel 2: 30-32) Aurora Colors Element Low High YellowRed O Green Blue H, O Purple He Red N


O, N+ Green The north pole is in constant darkness and the south O, N+ Green pole is in constant light. So the Antartic ice will melt N+ Light blue and flood the continents. Europe, Asia and North Blue/violet America will be in perpetual darkness and cold. N Australia, New Zealand, South Africa will be in heat Purple (rippled N and light if it is not obscured by dust. This will cause edges) heat wave and drought. This perfectly describes the Facts: The aurora most symbolic conditions of the times. The righteous in often occurs during the the south receive constant light while the throne of feasts from September to the king of the north (Antichrist) is in darkness. October (Rosh Hashanah, » Columns of Smoke. The columns of smoke might Yom Kippur, Tabernacles) come from seepage of gases from underground and from March to April through fissures in the cracked core or the ashes (Passover) from a supervolcano. » Blood and Fire (Aurora Borealis). The smoke and fire of lava from a volcano are the best fulfillment of this prophecy. The former north might also see a constant blood moon and the red fiery skies from the Aurora Borealis. Pollution makes the moon red and atomic oxygen mostly causes the red color of the Aurora. As a symbol of the wicked church, the moon is red on this side because the apostate church is part of the fallen leadership. So on this side of the earth the church is put to shame for bloody murder. » Fearful Sights. The lights from the aurora will cover the whole earth. These colors are formed from elements in the southern end of the table (group 5A and 6A), parallel to the precious metals. If phosphorous and sulfur from these groups contaminate the atmosphere from the columns of smoke and they have similar properties, then we could see a whole new range of colors and effects. » Stars (New Skies). The star patterns overhead will be different. Australia and the south will see the stars that the equator sees. The United States and most of the populated world between the tropics will see the star patterns from Alaska and the Aurora Borealis. 7. Waters Dry Up (No Atmosphere or Ozone Layer). Because the south pole faces the sun constantly, and because of the sheering forces caused by the fall of the earth, the hole that has opened up in the ozone layer in the south since 1981 will be ripped apart. So the waters above the earth will be gone as the "waters dry up". » Water (Flooding). The north and south poles are now oriented east and west along the tropics. The melting of the polar ice accelerates, flooding coastland areas. » Water (Great Waves). The natural forces that are caused by the east-west rotation of the earth are disrupted. The ocean currents will be turned around, causing massive flooding along north-south ocean borders. The weather will be changed by a new orientation in the jet stream and the Coriolis effect. Tornadoes will appear in new places. ... and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven. There shall be signs in the sun, moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the seas and the waves, men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. (Luke 21: 11, 25-26) » No Water (Dry Springs and Rivers). Rivers that are supplied by melting snow will

already be dried up by the heat and lack of snow. This movement of the earth will certainly disrupt the course of springs and rivers supplied from underground, collapsing and blocking their flow. » No Oil or Gas (Dry Springs). Such a catastrophe might dry up wells or cause the high pressure oil to rush to the surface and contaminate the ocean and land. The vast release of such pressure may cause the earth to collapse like a balloon losing air. The release of gas multiplies the risk of balls of fires everywhere. 8. Air (Sky Splits). The continued tearing of the atmosphere preceded the Second Coming. The Day of the Lord. And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; and said to the mountains and rocks, "fall on us, and hide us from the face of Him that sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of His wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand"? (Revelation 6: 14-17) » Earth (Earthquake). The earth splits in two because of the massive earthquake which is also caused by the great hailstones as meteorites and asteroids strike the earth. See, the Lord will lay waste the earth and make it desolate, and he will twist its surface and scatter its inhabitants." ... "The earth shall be utterly laid waste and utterly despoiled; for the Lord has spoken this word. (Isaiah 24: 1, 3) The forces caused by the new rotation changes the surface of the earth. » The Result. I saw the earth, and, look, it was without form, and void; and the heavens, and they had no light. I saw the mountains, and, look, they trembled, and all the hills moved lightly. I looked, and there was no man, and all the birds of the heavens were fled. I looked, and the fruitful place was a wilderness, and all the cities there were broken down at the presence of the Lord, and by his fierce anger. For this has the Lord said, the whole land shall be desolate; yet will I not make a full end. (Jeremiah 4: 23-27) » The Fixed Order Changes. The changing of the orbit of the earth changes the fixed order of the heavenly bodies. If the order of the heavens is changed then God can break the covenant. Thus says the Lord Who gives the sun for light by day and the fixed order of the moon and the stars for light by night, Who stirs up the sea so that the waves roar; the Lord of hosts is His name. If this fixed order departs from before Me, says the Lord, then the offspring of Israel also will cease from being a nation before me forever. (Jeremiah 31: 35-37) The physical signs show the ending of all covenants.  Covenant With The Heavens. The fixed order of the heavenly bodies was established on the fourth day of creation (Genesis 1: 14-19). It established the seasons, time and signs as covenants. » Fixed Order: (Sunlight by Day). There is no day in the northern hemisphere and dim light in the south. » Fixed Order: (Stars by Night). The pattern of stars has permanently changed. » Fixed Order: (Moon by Night). The moon orbits north to south if it has not been knocked out of orbit. Psalm 89: 36-37 suggests that we will always have the moon. Other Psalms talk about being "smitten by the new moon". A solar eclipse

occurs during a new moon. So perhaps this is a permanent solar eclipse. » Fixed Order: (Seasons). The earth is now desolate because there is no reliable planting, growing or harvest season. » Fixed Order: (Time). There is no regular day or month and probably no year because the natural clocks are disabled. There is literally "time no longer" in the days of the seventh trumpet. and swore by Him who lives forever and ever, who created the heavens and the things in it, and the earth and the things in it, and the sea and the things in it, that there will be delay [time] no longer, but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he is about to sound, then the mystery of God is finished, as He preached to His servants the prophets. (Revelation 10: 6-7) Covenant with Judah and Levi Ends (Cycle of Day and Night Ends). Day no longer follows night. Day and Night. If you can break my covenant with the night, so that day and night not come at their appointed time, then also my covenant with David my servant may be broken, so that he shall not have a son to reign on his throne, and my covenant with the Levitical priests my ministers. (Jeremiah 33: 20-21) The priesthood and the monarchy are no longer exclusively with Levi and Judah. Everyone from all twelve tribes are kings and priests. Land Covenant Ends (Atmosphere Removed). The covering of the earth is removed. Land of Israel. So that your days and the days of your sons may be multiplied on the land which the Lord swore to your fathers to give them as long as the heavens remain above the earth. (Deuteronomy 11: 21) Global Israel (all the righteous) can no longer remain on the land or the earth so they are taken to heaven. New Covenant (Foreskin Removed). Israel is circumcised or cut off from the land. Their outer human covering is removed and they leave in their new bodies.

Now all covenants with the old earth have ended. All that remains is the giving of the Sabbath rest to the land and the people to complete the remaining agreements under the old covenant. So the earth falls down or lies down to rest as in sleep. The wicked also sleep in death and the righteous have a long vacation. Everything rests. » World Without End? Some claim that the world will never end or be destroyed. However, Isaiah says that the earth will "fall and never rise again" and it will be "twisted and desolate". End of the World. But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and the elements will be destroyed with intense heat, and the earth and its works will be burned up. (2 Peter 3: 10) The earth is not completely destroyed because it must host the judgment of the wicked in 1000 years. At the Third Coming, this earth will not rise again, it will be destroyed with the wicked and a new earth will be created. A New Heaven and Earth. Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth passed away, and there is no longer any sea. (Revelation 21: 1)

Babylon. In the end, the whole earth takes on the characteristics of the sinners on it.
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Babylon. The earth falls down like Babylon the Great. Sodom. The earth is stoned to death like Sodom with hail stone and fire. Egypt. God sends plagues on the land of the south and rescues His people out of the earth.

A Sign in the Heavens. This is such an unusual and spectacular event that we may see a sign that it can occur. One of the bodies in the sky may also fall to a new orbit. To make it a sign it must be seen. The best object is the moon, but given the technological abilities of this generation, it could be one of the other planets. The "shy and shame-faced" moon of Isaiah could be due to both a red color and the moon turning its face away. This could even be the event that triggers the destabilization of the earth. As the moon turns away it symbolizes that the church is no longer a witness on the earth and the earth is given up to darkness and to the first plague. If the former dark side of the moon faces the earth, it would occur at the beginning of the plagues or when the Antichrist occupies Jerusalem. Every Eye Shall See Him. Skeptics have wondered how everyone on earth shall see Jesus at the same time in the sky with the naked eye if the earth is round. We will rule out the assistance of satellites and television.

Optical Illusion. If He moved continuously at rapid speeds then at some point an optical illusion will make Him appear to be in three places at once, standing still. It takes a minimum of three objects to cover the world at the geosynchronous orbit. I have seen this illusion in spinning wheels. Continental Shift. If the continents rapidly shifted so that all the land mass is on one side of the earth, then we can all see Him because He will be between the east and the west.

The Carbon Group (Group IVA Elements). North Pole Northern Tribes Assyria Judgment of Babylon 1A+ Hydrogen Judgment S 2A+ 7 Dan P 3A+ 6 Asher H+ Church D 3B+ 5 Naphtali Comes Polar 4 Manasseh out of Shift Babylon 3 Ephraim (Exodus) 2 Reuben Transition 1 Judah Carbon ±4 Curses on Mount Ebal Group ☆ ☆ The Great Divide at the Equator ☆ ☆

The punishment of the earth is based on God's "religious" response to man's "physical and moral" activity. But we can see how this response is really a purely scientific one. When we broke spiritual laws we were breaking physical laws. It is man's response to each other and the environment that will be our undoing. From the periodic table, the trouble begins at the carbon group.

Temple, Priest Carbon Levites Equator Pollution Israel (Inheritance) Migration City ☆☆ Separation of Charges (+ve and -ve) ☆☆ 50 Rings (Jubilee Rest) Carbon is the major element of life. At the Blessings on Mount Gerizim center of the world, where the temple is 3A+ 3B8 Benjamin Church located, a division is made at the carbon 4A+ 4B9 Simeon United Precious group and the precious metals group. Both 5A+ 5B10 Issachar Metals symbols suggest that the world is divided at (Second 6A+ 6B11 Zebulun the carbon group, between the north and the Coming) 7A+ 7BSalt 12 Gad south. Because the carbon group pollutes the Christ temple, the precious metals must flee south, 8A+ 8B- Helium Comes driven by the magnetic forces of the polar Southern Tribes Egypt shift. They, like their Lord, are hydrogen and South Pole they must meet and join with Him to become Helium. When the two become one, in the marriage of the bridegroom and His bride, the precious metals will be at rest. The Mark of the Beast: Carbon Pollution (666). Symbolically, carbon dioxide is seen as the air that kills. It is death, not life to people. It is very interesting that at this time in our history the hydrocarbons are literally destroying the physical environment. When the Antichrist corrupts the temple, his number is said to be 666, the number of man. Let us see how this is symbolized here in three dimensions. The Most Holy Place, which has three walls each with six boards, is corrupted and the "S" and "P" blocks are symbolized as being in it. We will present the exodus as a transition in experience from one chemical group to the next as the people stay in corruption or escape from it.
 

Portable Sanctuary

"S" Group (Hydrogen and Helium). The recreation starts with hydrogen. "S" Group (12 Elements) [+1 and +2]. The "S" group separates. They have a total of twelve elements in the walls just like the twelve tribes. They literally follow a new path as they transition at group 3A. "P" Block - Group 3A (6 Elements). » Group 3B (Transition Elements). They now become the transition metals as they are being changed by their exodus. They reflect the rainbow colors. » 3B (Rare Earth Elements). Before they become precious metals some must transition at group 3B to the "F" block. As Lanthanides they attract the world in a great evangelism. As Actinides they undergo fiery persecution.

Separation (50 Rings and Separate Charges). A clear separation occurs in the middle of the table that looks exactly like the separation of the chromosomes at the equator during metaphase. The positive charges are on top and the negative charges are at the bottom. "P" Block - Group 5-8 (24 Elements). They come to rest at the sanctuary. They are divided in groups of 24 like the priests of Levi. They all meet a group with a matching negative charge so that all can come to rest and become precious metals.  Group 5A ( ) [-3]. Group 3A and 3B combine and transition to the "D" block and arrive here.  Group 6A (Oxygen Group) [-2]. Group 2A and 2B combine as oxidizing agents. They are now breathing in life as the Holy Spirit gives them the breath of God.  Group 7A (Halides: Salt formers) [-1]. Group 1A and 1B combine and are now "the salt of the earth" in the final chemical reaction. Let us see why God describes the righteous in that way. » NaCl (Common Salt). Salt is a preservative and so it represents our righteous dead and the ability of the righteous living to lessen the stench of decay caused by sin permeating the world. Salt has an atomic number of 28. This is a number for the lunar time associated with the righteous. Sodium has an atomic number of 11. We know that 11 of the original 12 tribes will be saved. One tribe gets a double inheritance so that there will be twelve in heaven. So NaCl represents the number of tribes saved and the time it takes to save them. Note: I truly hate using numbers this way unless I can apply the same principles to all the chemicals mentioned by the bible. We do not have enough compounds to establish this as a pattern because, so far only gold and salt represent the righteous. » AgX (Silver Halides). They are light sensitive chemicals used in photographic film and paper. » AuCl (Gold Chloride). Gold can produce all colors and colors that are more permanent than other color systems. It produces all colors easily, except yellow. But very small particles of gold produce yellow. » Image Makers. Gold, silver and platinum salts are light sensitive materials which respond to the light and create an image exposed by the light. This is the photographic equivelent of the DNA being copied by looking at an image. The righteous are called gold and silver because they are not afraid of the light like Adam and Eve after they sinned. When the righteous see God face to face they will naturally reflect His image as photographic images.  Group 8A (Inert Gases) [0]. They are now at rest and in gaseous form they can escape the earth into the air to meet Christ. Helium finds itself compatible with this group. "P" Block - Group 4 (6 Elements). The wicked are left behind at group 4 as the carbon group who pollute the sanctuary and drive out the transition elements. » Righteousness By Works. With a charge of +4 or -4 they do not need to change,

instead they switch between states. They are happy as they are. It could be a symbol of Sodom. Base 6 Mathematics: (62 61 60) . The number 666 can be seen in several ways in this block. The most consistent way is to see each progression as one dimension of a three digit number in base 6 (units, tens and hundreds). One clue about the number is the six boards on three sides of the Most Holy Place. It represents a time when the man with that number will occupy the house of God. That time will occur when the carbon group takes over the temple of God.
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Carbon Element (6 Protons). 60 = 1 and 6 x 100 = 6. This is carbon by itself. It has 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. Carbon Group (6 Elements). 61 = 6 and 6 x 101 = 60. These are the 6 elements in the group to which carbon belongs. Their atomic number appears to be loosely related to the border dimensions of the sanctuary.  Carbon (6). The number of boards on all sides of the Most Holy Place.  Silicon (14). The number of boards on each side of the Holy Place.  Germanium (32). The sum of the blocks in the sanctuary (2 + 6 + 10 + 14)  Tin (50). The posts on the north, south and west of the outer court (20 + 20 + 10).  Lead (82). The sum of the blocks in the sanctuary and outer court posts (2 + 6 + 10 + 14 + 50).  Uuq (114). (2 + 6 + 10 + 14) + (2 + 6 + 10 + 14) + 50. The most Holy Place is a cube with six boards on each of its three sides. 666. The Sum of Cubes: (13) + (23) + (33) + (43) + (53) + (63) + (53) + (43) + (33) + (23) + (13)

Carbon "P" Block (6 Groups). 62 = 36 and 6 x 102 = 600. These are the 36 elements in the block to which carbon belongs. 666. The Sum of 36 Digits: When the numbers 1 through 36 are added the value is 666.

Sanctuary Mathematics. The Most Holy Place has dimensions that symbolize the committment to recreate man.
  

6. Each of the three walls has six boards. 60. Each board was 10 cubits long. So each wall had 60 cubits of boards. 600. Here are some interesting observations related to the sanctuary, chemistry, people and the number 666. David purchased the temple mount for 600 shekels. Carbon, atomic number of 6 has an atomic weight of 12. Neodymium (Nd), atomic number of 60 has an atomic weight of 144, is in group 6B, the same as Uranium. I will bet that this element will become very important.

Alpha α and Omega Ω Jesus said that He was the alpha and the omega or the beginning and the end. Notice that each symbol is shaped like the sanctuary having a loop terminating in two open-ended arms. Omega is essentially, the alpha turned ninety degrees, just like the fate of the world at the end. It was formed as an alpha and it will end as the omega. Summary: The Grand Design of YHWH The original proponents of the "Quark Model" of particle physics first called it "The Eight-Fold Way", honoring Buddhism. In September 2010, physicist Stephen Hawking, known as "the smartest man in the universe" released a book called "The Grand Design". In it he makes the following statements. "It is not necessary to invoke God ... The laws of physics can create the universe without God". "God is not necessary to explain our existance." God did not create the heavens and the earth. The universe created itself ... " Heaven is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark". Well Mr. Smarty Pants, explain this because Buddhism cannot. Neither can Hinduism nor Islam nor any other religion explain our universe so scientifically as Judaism does. The sanctuary mathematically models all of these basic sciences linked to quantum theory and explains physics better than Mr. Hawking and his colleagues can currently do. Moses said that Someone, calling Himself, God, the Creator of the universe, gave him this model of the Mishkan. Summary: A Unified Design of The Sciences Table 60.1 - A Unified Design Physical Laws Chemistry Physics Electrodynamics Magnetic Radioactive Antimatter Matter UpDown +Ve Pole -Ve Pole

Spiritual Laws Sanctuary 20 Boards Gold Walls Boards 20 South Boards 6 North Boards 6 South Boards Walls 2 Most (48 West Boards Holy GoldWest 6x1 Place Plated 6 Boards) West Boards Unpaired Rings Space 6 x 6 North

Astronomy ? ? Ring Current Main Field

Biology DNA 5'3' DNA 3'5' ?

"S" Metal Block





"B" Field Field Boson Strong Magnetic Induction Wave-Mass Sea Quarks


Van der Waals


"P" Air Block

Bow shock


North Holy Place

14 Positron Boards "F" Metal 14 Block South Lepton Electron Boards Space 6x14 Air Neutrino

1 Bar Internal Bars 4 Bar External Bars, Rings, Bases Rings 4 Rings/Board Orbitals ? ?

Bases 2 Bases/Board ? ? ? East Linen 4 Columns Doors Linen 5 Columns ? ? Colorful (-ve) Linen W10 (28 X 40) Panels Blue Cord (5 + 5) ? Double 50 Gold Rings Boson Higgs "H" Layer (Mass) 50 Gold Rings "D" Field Roof Fabric 11 Block Magnetic Blue Cord ? Panels Field Goat's Hair (5 + 6) (+ve) W+ (30 x 44 (42)) Ram's Skin No Gravity Plasma Dyed Red Panels Boson ? Porpoise Skin No Size Gravity Ties Ropes and Pegs ? ? ? Linen Border ? Fence Linen East Gate ? ? = Undiscovered particle or force See a Large Three Dimensional Image of The Sanctuary. The prophecies and laws model all of these biological systems.

Gravitational constant? Internal Epigenes Photon "B" External Ring Current Histone Bands Field Lines Boson Current Higgs Methyl ? ? ? ? (Mass) Tag Inertia ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Boson Z0 ? ? ? ? ? Birkeland TropoCurrent sphere Magnetic Ropes and Filaments Birkeland Ozone Current Magneto- Ionopause sphere Deep Space Magnetic Ropes

Van Tail Allen Current Belt






Disciples Priests Romans Grave Passover Garden Disciples Peter Clothes Mary God Blood, Earth Trial Nailed Dead Buried Seder Prayer Scatter Denies Torn Weans Forsakes Water quake Mouth Stomach (4-5 Hours) Small Intestines (5-6 Hours) Large Intestines (30-48 Hou 1 Saliva Stomach Acid Pancreatic Juice Water and Salt Rem RNA 2 Helicase DNA Unwinds Replication Fork RNA Transcription Quic Primer

Exonuclease Dead Box Region Helicase C HRD Betrayed The Bonds Are Broken Exonuclease N1 N2 (Light Sleep) N3 N4 (Deep Sleep) R 3 Drowsy Less Active Sleep Walking Sleep Talking Night Terrors D 4 Prophase (Stars Separate) Metaphase (At the Cross) Anaphase (People Separate) 5 Light Reactions Dark Reactions (Photosynthesis) Blind Spot Dark Rea Night Day 1 (Friday Nisan 14) Night Da It is clear that all of creation was designed to show the story of the Plan of Salvation. As such some systems are temporary because we need them while we are going through this ordeal. We can look at what is temporary and compare them to what will be eternal. Predatory animals were created with fangs because they would use them after the fall. The Sun and Moon were needed because night would rule for half of the time. And forever, coded in our DNA and in the basic atomic structure would be the handwriting of what God has done and will do. How marvellous! The Branches of Science

Language. The ability to define and express ideas so that we can communicate in precise, definite and predictable written and verbal symbols and displays.  Time. Language expresses ideas as past, present or future.  Object ("Noun"). Language uniquely defines or names concrete objects or abstract ideas.  Action ("Verb"). It defines the set of motions that an object can perform.  Quality ("Adjective"). Language describes the visible features of an object as a point along a spectrum of a set of related features.  Quantity. Language describes the amount or number or the mathematical features of an object. Language can either be verbal or nonverbal but the attribute that makes it a language is the consistency in the meaning of the symbols used. The power of language is also its ability to deal with abstractions.

Mathematics. It allows us to define and symbolically manipulate relationships between objects.  Arithmetic. It defines the rules and symbolic notation for counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Geometry. It defines the rules and relationships between lines, angles and shapes.  Trigonometry. The measurement of the relationships between the sides and angles of a triangle.  Algebra. A problem solving arithmetic that uses symbols to represent numbers in a relationship in order to solve unknown values.  Calculus. A problem solving arithmetic that deals with the rate of change within a range of values.  Probability and Statistics. It is the science of prediction. It calculates the chances that an event will occur.

Set Theory. It defines the rules that create the relationship in a group. Physics. Physics is the branch of science that investigates the laws of motion and properties of matter.  Optics. The interactions of light with matter or light with light change the direction in which light is traveling.  Electricity. A form of energy expressed in the flow of electrons.  Magnetism. The attraction between materials having opposite charges.  Sound. Electromagnetic waves within the range that can be detected by the ears.  Mechanics. Mechanics is the study of the way matter and forces interact with each other on visible objects in the solid state.

Torah Physics. It has a perfect model of the properties and relationships between subatomic particles.

Chemistry. The study of atoms and how they combine to form different chemical compounds (molecules).  Organic Chemistry. The study of molecules made from the carbon atom.  Stereochemistry. The study of mirror image organic molecules. They look alike but react differently. Torah Chemistry. The Torah has a perfect mathematical model of the attributes and relationships of the four groups of chemistry. It even looks like the Periodic table.

 

Astronomy. The study of heavenly bodies. Torah Astronomy. It models the atmosphere of the earth and the forces in outerspace. Botany. The study of plants. Biology. The study of animals. Torah Biology. It models the electromagnetic forces and structures of the DNA in the cell. Psychology. An abstract science that tries to define and explain mental reasoning, behavior and emotions.

The Scientific Method. Our investigation fits the scientific method.
 

Hypothesis. Science and religion belong in the same realm. Theory and Evidence. From question, to hypothesis to experiments and interpretation we have proved our case. 1. Question. In every case the question has always been, "How does system X show the work of God"? Soon we saw a pattern in the answers themselves. 2. Hypothesis. For each branch of science our hypothesis was how this reflected the rules of religion. 3. Experiments. Our experiments were based on looking at the conclusions of science and proposing our own theories where there is confusion. We steered away from processes that can be outwardly observed by primitive man and concentrated on internal systems that are just being understood by science. We

were amazed that the process of salvation and the work of God is described using a pattern of language and a series of steps that people did not know before the 1800's. Therefore, our evidence also includes the number of systems that follow the pattern because it is a valid statistical argument. 4. Interpretation. In many cases we made the same conclusions as science. For example, the earth is round. In other cases we made guesses that have been demonstrated on other planets but not accepted on earth. For example, hydrogen and helium can generate magnetic fields within a planet. In the other cases we have made guesses about things that science is still debating. 5. Revise. In some cases, to resolve an anomaly, a secondary interpretation has occurred that has transported us into unfulfilled prophecy. The anomaly itself was a prediction of what would occur to change the world or scientific system and fulfill the prophecy. For example, when I turned the model of the world upside down, the meaning of many prophecies were demonstrated. Principle or Law. The observations have been proven over and over again in the patterns written in the behavior of every system. The model was predictive and repeatable. In fact, the scientific laws copied the religious laws.

A Law Giving and Law Abiding God A nucleus at the center with circulating satellites is seen in the design of the atom, the cell, time, the solar system, the universe and the galaxies. So, it is not unreasonable to see the same design of the sanctuary being reflected in all these systems that were created by the same designer. You might want to dismiss it, but the evidence is so mathematical. It is clear that many physical systems and laws were created to reflect spiritual laws. Therefore, if one can appreciate the permanence and reliability of these physical laws then one can only begin to understand the solid basis and unbreakable nature of the spiritual laws which must be more important because God created physical laws to demonstrate them. He cannot change the ten commandments any more than He can change E=MC2. Now that we have established science and scientific reasoning as the arbiters and gate keepers of all rational and reasonable thought of the best and most progressive minds, here comes the Mishkan, full of YHWH the Almighty God and religion and strange symbols and better science. Consider this also. The principal laws on which we base this scientific evidence are the Mishkan sanctuary, the arrangement and movement of the 12 tribes, the Passover Seder, the tzitzit and tfellin. These are all supposedly "temporary laws" which have been "done away with" by the crucifixion. We cannot do away with the strong force! The Christian world needs to reconsier their theology and understand exactly what the New Testament teaches. Jesus said that He never came to do away with any laws and that heaven and earth will pass away before one 'dotting of the letter "i" or crossing of the letter "t" will be removed from the law. He is correct, heaven and earth will pass away if these laws are not permanent. Everything that the Messiah must do was written down in the law. The meaning of every symbol was established by law and memorialized in practice. This sets the Hebrew religion apart from every other. The symbols and signs that they used had a specific meaning established in the

Torah. Therefore, their interpretation is no longer based on random or subjective thinking in the mind of the dreamer or on collective agreement. God established the meaning of symbols in a scientific way. He did it by law, declaring their meaning just as a computer programmer declares the value of global variables. The law governing symbols is just as unchangeable and predictable and rational as E=MC2. The Unanswerable Question. Have you seen anything like this before? All of these are original ideas. God ordered me to build a model of the Mishkan in 2000. This is how I learned how the objects were related and I was forced to see the strange anomalies Then He taught me the colors of God in 2000 and the skeleton and ribcage in the summer of 2007. The rainbow, periodic table, DNA, cardiopulmonary, digestive system were all taught to me during Hanukkah between December 21 and 25 and the rest on 29 December 2008. So, what does it mean that God has revealed this awesome knowledge to me from unrelated systems in six days after telling me in a vision on 20 May 2006 that I would be armed with science to fight Satan? I never expected it to be evidence of this level. The fight is on. I declare war on the theory of evolution and the hostility against YHWH and the atheism embraced by the scientific community as logical common sense. » Knowledge Increases. Scientists claim that through their genius they have discovered and invented all that we see. They even blame stupid religion for keeping us locked up in darkness. The fact is that for almost 6000 years humans made little progress in innovation and understanding of the sciences until about 200 years ago. The greatest breakthroughs came from men who believed in God. It was God who inspired this knowledge according to a 2600 year old prophecy from Daniel. Knowledge Arrives. But you, O Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book even to the time of the end. Many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased. (Daniel 12: 4) Some brilliant minds that God inspired were Sir Isaac Newton and Dimitri Mendeleev. Mendeleev had a dream about the structure of the Periodic Table. While being a poor math student, Einstein made a quantum leap in understanding realities that we had not discovered. Even his theories about gravity are best modeled by the Mishkan. Newton and Albert Einstein both believed in God and both are the most influential scientists. I have to conclude that God inspired them and either they were afraid of the impact from the scientific community or since they were accomplished scientists they believed that their insights were brilliant lightbulb moments. I heard about Newton's involvement in prophecy in 2000 but I never read any details until 28 March 2011 and I was amazed at what he believed because it seems to parallel my journey with God. I have no desire to hide the source of my inspiration and I find it ridiculously funny that physics was my worst subject in college even though I believe that I understood it. It was the only subject that I repeated and I either got a D then a C or a C then a B. I wondered then why God was sabotaging my efforts. I have never been happier for a C.
 

Prophecy. Newton was a student of the Bible who wrote more on religion and prophecy than on science. He believed that God chose him to understand scripture. Science. He wrote the book "Principa Mathematica". He discovered calculus, gravitational laws, optics, the composition of the rainbow, the laws of motion and invented the modern telescope. So I am going to pursue the belief that God has math to

teach me. His discoveries probably jump started the era when God began to pour out modern scientific knowledge to fulfill the prophecy. Now I believe that this effort has reached its peak at a strategic moment in time. Bible Science. He attempted to extract scientific information from the Bible. He even seemed to be driven to do some of the things that I did. Even Einstein's leap in thinking about the "fabric" of the universe seems to be an inspiration of God. Because this description helped me to see where gravity was represented in the sanctuary. A Distant Force. He believed in a force that was able to travel over vast distances. In the Mishkan model, the fence may be this distant force and it is not the same as the properties of gravity.

» The Source of This Information. You cannot ignore the laws of moral absolutes by choosing to believe that there is no God. In a dismissive attempt to subject biblical arguments to an impossible standard, scientists have set their mark for any acceptable bible-based proof. Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Proof. (Carl Sagan, Marcello Truzzi and Pierre-Simon Laplace) We Now Have Extraordinary Proof! So the God of the impossible has met those challenges and will do more than that in the future. Who gave this marvelous scientific model to Moses and to me? You can only come to one or two conclusions. Either he received it from the LORD God YHWH, or intelligent space aliens came on Sinai to give it to him. If you conclude that aliens from outer space who are intelligent beings higher up the evolutionary ladder or the technology ladder gave it to Moses, then you must also acknowledge that at the same time this marvelous Alien gave these instructions to Moses, He said that He was our God named YHWH and the creator who made the earth in six days. So this fact also needs to be considered in the evaluation of this evidence. I figured this out because that same God told me. He told me what He was going to do, and what to read. He used mental pictures and animation to show me what to do. He quoted biblical laws to me that governed the science that I was studying. I suspect that He is explaining Himself to scientists, just as He gave me instructions for over the previous eight years to explain Himself to the Jews. A loving intelligence above us exists and He is trying to impress you because the end is near and He intends to reason with you by reaching you at your level. This is an awesome revelation that has been prophesied. 150 years after Charles Darwin published his book "Origin of the Species" in 1859 and two months after atheists launched their ill-fated bus and billboard campaigns, God gave this revelation. Feeling confident, high on their scientific perch, mocking God, YHWH finally struck bak at the best moment. Scientists should sit and be silent and contemplate what is occurring. Your science is being explained in better ways with better models defined by the laws of the Bible - a book that is been discarded, mocked and ridiculed and labelled as unscientific fodder for the lunatic fringe. Well let the lunatics and mad men of faith speak.

Science Cannot Compete With God. For it is written, "I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and the cleverness of the clever I will set aside. Where is the wise man? Where is the scribe? Where is the debater of the age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? (1 Corinthians 1: 19) Man's Wisdom Is Foolishness. Therefore, behold, I will once again deal marvelously with this people, wondrously marvelous. And the wisdom of their wise men will perish. And the discernment of their discerning men will be concealed. (Isaiah 29: 14) The Awesome God of Israel. ... They will sanctify My name; indeed they will sanctify the Holy One of Jacob and will stand in awe of the God of Israel. Those who err in mind will know the truth, and those who criticize will accept instruction. (Isaiah 29: 23-24) Smarty Pants! Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you thinks that he is wise in this age, let him become foolish that he may become wise. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness before God. For it is written, "He catches the wise in their craftiness"; and again, "The Lord knows the reasonings of the wise, that they are useless". (1 Corinthians 3: 18-19) God is The Creator Of The Universes. Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, and the one who formed you from the womb, "I, the Lord, am the maker of all things, stretching out the heavens by Myself and spreading out the earth all alone. Causing the omens of boasters to fail, making fools out of diviners, causing wise men to draw back and turning their knowledge into foolishness. Confirming the word of His servant and performing the purpose of His messengers." (Isaiah 44: 24-26) All Wisdom And Knowledge Is From God. How long, O naive ones, will you love being simple-minded? And scoffers delight themselves in scoffing and fools hate knowledge? Turn to my reproof, behold I will pour out My Spirit on you; I will make My words known to you. (Proverbs 1: 22-23) The First Angel's Message (Worship God As The Creator). And I saw another angel flying in midheaven having an eternal gospel to preach to those who live on the earth, and to every nation and tribe and tongue and people. Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment has come. Worship him who made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters. (Revelation 14: 6-7) Five Prophetic Months (150 Years) Of Darkness From Hell. Then the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star from heaven which had fallen to the earth; and the key of the bottomless pit was given to him. He opened the bottomless pit, and smoke went up out of the pit, like the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by the smoke of the pit. Then out of the smoke came locusts upon the earth, and power was given them, as the scorpions of the earth have power. They have tails like scorpions, and stings; and in their tails is their power to hurt men for five months. They have as king over them, the angel of the abyss; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in the Greek he has the name Apollyon. (Revelation 9: 10-11) Great Things Revealed By The Creator. Thus says the LORD who made the earth, the LORD who formed it to establish it, the LORD is His name, Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know. (Jeremiah 33: 2-3) Science lies within the realm of religion and exists to express the will of God.

What does this all mean? If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe if I tell you of heavenly things? (John 3: 12) Prior to this all Christians thought that the Bible was definitely not a book of science, but it was accurate in its descriptions of the world. Of course, the Bible was not written as a work of science nor was its purpose to describe the workings of the physical world. It was written to explain spiritual principles - the nature of mankind, the nature of God, and how people can have a personal relationship with God. However, when the Bible describes the physical world, it is accurate. Deem, Rich ( It is obvious, of course, that the Bible is not a scientific textbook in the sense of giving detailed technical descriptions and mathematical formulations of natural phenomena. But this is not adequate reason for questioning the objective accuracy of those numerous portions of Scripture which do deal with natural phenomena and historical events. Henry M. Morris ( The Institute for Creation Research Good News! We were wrong! The Bible has basic scientific information that is a detailed, mathematical and technical description of microscopic and subatomic natural laws. Considering the development of technology on earth, this is "proof of God" information. I can only speculate that since the judgment began in 1844 for the purpose of selecting the righteous that this must be part of the process. In 1844, the cases of the dead began to be judged. Now I suspect that after 167 years that judgment is about to pass to the cases of the living. The peculiar thing about this segment of the judgment is that at some point God must be able to say the following: Prophecy Unsealed. And he said to me, "Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, for the time is near". Decisions Made. Let the one who does wrong still do wrong, and the one who is filthy, still be filthy; and let the one who is righteous still practice righteousness; and the one who is holy still keep himself holy. Behold I am coming quickly and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omegs, the first and the last, the beginning and the end. Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the tree of life and may enter by the gates into the city. (Revelation 22: 10-14) This means that among us will be the walking dead - those who have made a decision to ignore God, So God will no longer appeal to them. Since He is a righteous God, this means that He must give overwhelming and convincing evidence that the Torah is His only word and that the God of the Torah exists. When Elijah asked Israel to make a decision between the idols of Baal and the God of the Hebrews, he made a "proof of God" demonstration by bringing fire from heaven to earth. Revelation 13 says that by the end of time Satan will have the technology to duplicate that miracle. Even the United States air force can duplicate that miracle. So better and more convincing proofs need to be given to this generation. I once believed that only a duplication of the miracles of the Bible will convince the world that the Bible is not a book of fables. Unbelievably, God had evidence that nobody dreamed could be in the pages of this marvelous book. Miracles might prove that those stories are true but scientists could still say that evolution is a scientific fact and "long day" creationists might still argue that evolution is a

fact and God gave a soul to the monkey. The proof we need for this time is that God is the author of all science and the Torah needs to be respected as a book of science and a book of origins and a book of human history and a book of authentic miracles and a book of truth. Nothing in this book should be dismissed as purely symbolic or allegory or equal to any other book. Every statement of God must be taken seriously as communication from our Creator. So I ask you today. Choose whom you will serve? Will you serve YHWH, the loving God of the Torah? Or will you cling to the theories of Darwin and the hopes of godless scientists and atheism? Will you bow to the gods of other failed religions or will you prayerfully contemplate the awesome God of the Hebrews and His Son, Jesus Christ the Messiah? » Warning: Academic Integrity And Plagiarizing God (Stealing God's Words). I know that a good model of particle physics, dark matter, the source of mass and gravity are the holy grail of science right now. So do not even think that you can run with this information without acknowledging its source. Don't be mad at me because your world view may be shattered. I have stated that this information came directly from God and He must have done this now for a purpose. So if you plan to steal the ideas and pretend that it is yours then go ahead and tug on Superman's cape. There is a warning for people who claim to speak for God when He did not send them and for those who would "steal his words". The Hammer Falls On The Thief. Is not my word like as a fire? says the Lord; and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces? Therefore, behold, I am against the prophets, says the LORD, that steal my words every one from his neighbour. (Jeremiah 23: 29-30) So speak to me. Pick my brain. Do not steal from me. You have no clue what this has cost me. The Mighty Goliath Falls. Hey Satan! It sucks to be you right now doesn't it? Never saw this coming did you? Like Haman, you have now discovered that you have been building a gallows for yourself in trying to concoct a theory that will lead humans down the broad road of destruction. Guess what? Narrow Road! Giant detour ahead! Searching For The "God Particle"? The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) 27 km (17 mi) long • 175 m (574 ft) deep • $10 billion • 100 000 DVD/yr • 456.34 oF Found It! God Has Revealed It ... The Torah (Exodus 26) 8.5x11x2 inches • $10 • 936 words (KJV) • 73oF If you are searching for the god particle try asking God

The LHC is the biggest, fastest, most complex, most expensive machine ever built. The Bible is simple and cheap Study to show yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2: 15 Time: 30 Hours "Come now, and let us reason together," Says the LORD, "Though your sins Print: 155 pages are as scarlet, they will be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they will be like wool. (Isaiah 1: 18) Copyright ©2001-2013 Teachinghearts ™ V1.90 - All rights reserved. Created: October 1, 2001 First Created : 21 December 2008. Updated: May 2011 No permission is given to use this material at this time. Quoting of this material is strictly by the author's permission (Jeremiah 23: 30).

Credits: Author: Laverna Patterson. Editors: Patterson (February 2009-2011). Ellen John (2011) Peer Review: None Education: B.S. Biochemistry (1982) Columbia Union College. B.S. Computer Information Systems (1993), University of Maryland, University College (UMUC). M.S. Computer Systems Management (1996) UMUC. MS Telecommunications Management (1998) UMUC. Experience: 20 years as a computer programmer and database management. Every item is an original idea given to me by the Holy Spirit. This page was done at His request. 21 December 2008 - Rainbow angles. 24 December - Periodic Table, Genesis 1 days of creation and Carbon Group in the sanctuary. 25 December - DNA replication. 31 December - The Periodic table as a magnetic globe. 31 December 2008 - Sleep cycle. 20 January 2009 - He made me connect the dream disorders with the work on Messianic dreams done in November. 22 January - Nutrient cycles. 27 January - Monarch migration. Magnetic currents. 29 January Birkeland currents, ropes and double layers. February 1 - Particle physics. July 2009 - Dove life cycle. Vaccination. October 2009 - light therapies. 18 August 2010 - Quantum electrodynamics. 15 September 2010 - Heat engine. 24 November 2010 - Scroll and Feast of Tabernacles. (Virtual elements) 9 July 2011 - Realized all is mass. Specifically, properties of mass - inertia, density, center of mass 25 August 2011 - Electron Neutrino. Spin beginning August 26. Sept. Sea quarks, Sept 18. mesons and baryons What I am also amazed at is that it is the scientists themselves who used the words and designations that captured my attention. As God taught me this and told me what to research, I appeared to pick websites that used the phrases that would connect with me. I also made up several terms such as "alpha spectrum", virtual elements and "alpha karyotype". • Gould, S. J. (1997). "Nonoverlapping magisteria". Natural History 106 (March): 16-22. • Periodic Table Formulations. The Chemogenesis Web Book. URL: • DNA Replication. URL: • DNA Replication and Timing. URL: • Structure of the Helicase. URL: • Helicase (Structure and Diseases) URL: • had an article on Helicases not waiting passively but forcing the opening of the replication fork. • Photosynthesis. URL: • Circadian Rhythms. URL: • Sleep. URL: • Kissing Chromosomes. URL: • The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies. URL:, Aired January 2008. • The Mourning Dove in Missouri. URL: • Magnetosphere. URL: • Crystal Radio. URL:

• Design Features For the Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle. URL: • The Marvel of the Monarchs! URL: • Science: Lunar Months. URL: • Familial Mediterranean fever. I first saw this disease on the television show "House" in early 2009. Immediately after I just happened to have recognized other "crucifixion diseases" while writing this article. • Familial Mediterranean fever. URL: • Familial Mediterranean fever in children: URL: left side chest pain • Axial Skeleton. (Ribcage and hyoid bones). URL: • Bald Eagle - Nesting & Young. URL: • The Nucleus. URL: • List of Common Genetic Diseases by Ethnic Group. • Carbon Ring Compounds (Oxirane). Wiki • Figure 1e: Board was adapted from a black and white drawing at Torah Tots. • List Of Unsolved Problems in Physics. Wikipedia. • Beyond The Standard Model. Wikipedia. • Table of Mesons. URL: • Table of Baryons. URL: • Moon Rock. URL: • Earth. URL: • Science and the Bible: Does the Bible Contradict Scientific Principles? Richard Deem.URL: • The Bible Is a Textbook of Science. 1964. Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. URL: The Mighty Creator • Let There Be Light! • Nucleosynthesis in 3 minutes Light Before The Sun And Moon? Critics laugh at this claim in the "Stupid Bible" Hydrogen burns creating light and the elements up to Iron

Each period matches each day of creation. So God created the Sun on day 4 when light was needed in period 4 THE PARADIGM SHIFTS! ...Created in the image of God GOD Reveals Proof of Himself! The Naked Ape Model One day you were naked-living in trees Then ... TORAH Science!

It's like ... you were living as an ape and your highest goal was a banana. Then WHAM! iPhone, shoes ... God

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