Syllabus: CPLT 592 01, GMAN 645 01


Urban Phantasmagoria W, 3:30
READINGS: (Available, World Language Center, Yale Bookstore) Aragon, Louis: Paris Peasant (Paysan de Paris, Small Change Press) Barthes, Roland, Camera Lucida Balzac, The Wild Ass’s Skin (Peau de Chagrin) Baudelaire: Les Fleurs du mal (Wesleyan University Press) --The Painter of Modern Life & Other Essays (Phaidon) Benjamin, Walter: The Arcades Project (Das Passagen-Werk); Harvard UP or Gesammelte Schriften, Suhrkamp, Bd. V.1. --One-Way Street (Einbahnstraβe), Collected Writings, (Harvard UP), Vol. 1; Gesammelte Schriften, Bd. IV. 1. -- “On Some Motifs in Baudelaire,” Collected Writings, Vol. IV; or in Illuminations (Schocken Books). “Über einige Motive bei Baudelaire,” Gesammelte Schriften, Bd. I. Cadava, Eduardo, Words of Light (Princeton UP, selections). Döblin, Alfred, Berlin Alexanderplatz (Continuum/dtv) Koolhaas, Rem: Delirious New York (Monacelli Press) SCHEDULE: Week # 1 #2 9/7








Benjamin’s finished essayistic prose #1: Two versions of “Paris, Capital of the 19th-Century,” Arcades volume, 4-26 [I, 45-77]. Also: “On Some Motifs in Baudelaire,” Selected Writings, IV, 313-55 [GS, I.2, 606-53]; Illuminations, 155-200. The Arcades as they are: Convolutes A-D, Arcades Project, 31-119 [I, 83-178]. Issues: Arcades, fashion, modern merchandising, the foundations of Paris, boredom and urban shock, BenjaminNietzsche. Accompanying reading: Louis Aragon, Paris Peasant. Convolutes E-G, Arcades Project 120-202 [I, 197-268]. Issues: Haussmanization, iron construction, the Paris Commune, advertising, international expositions I the 19th-century. Visuals: the drawings of Grandville. From the exterior to the interior. Baudelaire. Collecting, 19th-century interiors, Baudelaire’s city, poetry, poetics, sexuality, cultural profile and impact, semblables, readers. Convolutes H-J, Arcades Project, 203-387 [I, 269-489]. Accompanying reading: Baudelaire, Les Fleurs du mal; Petits poèmes en prose: “A une passante,” “Crépuscule du soir,” “Obsession,” “Le voyage,” “Perte d’aureole,” others. Visuals: Engravings, Senefelder, Meryon.

Theatrical engine. of careful writing produced at Yale in response to a graduate or upper-level course. 388-488 [I. and their effects on Jugendstil. range. I. the dialectical image. 11/2 Surreal Benjamin. the city. website design. 85-148]. panorama. 444-88 [GS. Camera Lucida. Delirious New York. . 1. visual artifacts by Magritte. Students electing this option will still be expected to produce a substantial essay arising out of their encounter with Benjamin’s urban critique. in order to complete presentations. 621-739 [II.#6 10/5 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 Benjamin theorizes himself and his method. One session. 11/9 Döblin. gambling. Also S-V. not only for this work but for an entire aesthetic of writing by citation.g. Beginning. Berlin Alexanderplatz. THANKSGIVING BREAK!! 11/30 International Benjamin. awakening. constellations. it is roughly the 20 pp. The Wild Ass’s Skin. the technologies and communications media implicated by the Passagen-Werk (e. 10/26 Berlin phantasmagoria: Benjamin. Selected passages: Barthes. dreaming. Poems by Apollinaire. Arcades Project. literary work as visual display. No class. 764-898]. 11/14 Monday. 612-64. the Worldwide Web. Convolutes K-N. Eduardo Cadava. or photography for up to 1/3 of the semester-long expectation. messianic criticism. Part 1. criticism. the city over the period of his interest in it. If students wish to do so. history. Passages: Balzac. Make-up class in advance: Döblin. 10/12 Parisian modes of life in the 19th century: Prostitution. More presentations. I’ll be delighted to serve as a sounding board for these arrangements. It must be clear in which ways this project is a direct outgrowth of the Passagen-Werk and Benjamin’s work and thinking about the media. Arcades Project. In terms of the overall amount of work expected. Arcades Project. Words of Light (selections). culture. shock. video. but in the 12-15 pp. 11/23 NO CLASSES. Ray. 10/19 Convolutes W-a. 674-763]. lighting. if need be. Review. Art nouveau. Part 2. ArcadesProject. 6:00 PM. 490-611]. 11/16. 655-73]. Ernst. communications. Selected Manifestos of Surrealism. II. Picabia. 489-542 [I. photography. prose by Breton. plus the sections on social movements and photography. Visuals: Jugendstil. IV. Convolutes K. L. 543-619 [II. Convolutes O-R. Benjamin’s sources in social theory: Fourier and Marx. the graphic novel).” Collected Writings. class presentations. Pivotal terminology: Allegory. they may substitute an appropriate project in text display. “One-Way Street. and literary production. Convolute K: sleep. Reading Week: Term Assignment: The main thrust of coursework remains the classical critical essay or research project: on Benjamin himself and his writings. Berlin Alexanderplatz.

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