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ANTHONY: WeII IeIIo evervone. ¡`m AnLIonv Treus und Loduv ¡ um wILI JuIree
OzwuId. JuIree, Iow ure vou doIng Loduv?

JA¡REE: ¡`m doIng greuL AnLIonv.

ANTHONY: ExceIIenL. WeII JuIree us vou know ¡`ve run ucross vour web sILe und
urLIcIes munv LImes, und In creuLIng LIIs projecL ¡ reuIIv jusL IeIL IncIIned Lo Iuve
vou purL oI IL. You`ve IeIped munv peopIe uround LIe worId und vou deIInILeIv
Iuve creuLed LIe kInd oI IIIe LIuL vou desIre, buL beIore we kInd oI go InLo LIIngs
Iere- wouId vou mInd LukIng u mInuLe or Lwo Lo InLroduce vourseII Ior peopIe
wIo muv noL know wIo vou ure?

JA¡REE: WeII busIcuIIv mv nume`s JuIree OzwuId. And ¡`m u personuI
munIIesLIng coucI. WIIcI meuns ¡ IeIp peopIe Lo geL In LoucI wILI LIeIr nuLuruI
munIIesLIng power wIIcI LIev cun uLLrucL wIuL ever sILuuLIon or reIuLIonsIIp or
cureer or monev or wIuLever LIuL LIev wunL In LIeIr IIIe. WIuLever experIences
LIuL LIev wunL LIev cun ucLuuIIv Lruck LIuL Lo LIem LIrougI IncreusIng LIeIr
vIbruLIons und ruIsIng LIeIr conscIousness und LeIIIng LIeIr mInd Lo u degree
wIere LIev cun ubsoIuLeIv be In Lune wILI wIuL vou muv cuII IIke LIe unIverse
mInd or LIe God source or LIe IIgIer InLeIIIgence LIuL Is reuIIv beIInd LIe LIeme.
You know und LIe uLoms oI vou know und LIe quunLum purLIcIes oI LIe wIoIe vou
know unIverse. TIuL Is u verv IIgIIv InLeIIIgence. You know verv percepLIve, verv
uLLuned IIsLenIng energv - ¡ IeeI LIuL Is uIwuvs puvIng uLLenLIon Lo us.


JA¡REE: And so wIen we ruIse our vIbruLIon we`re ucLuuIIv ubIe Lo ucLuuIIv
connecL wILI LIuL - LIuL IIgIer vIbruLIon Lo sucI u degree LIuL IL knows wIuL we
wunL und IL vou know busIcuIIv sIows up Ior us. You know wIuLever desIres LIuL
we Iuve In our mInd. So veuI busIcuIIv ¡ jusL IeIp peopIe Lo Ieurn Iow Lo munIIesL
und sLep InLo LIeIr power Lo reuIIv ruIse LIeIr conscIousness. And vou now Iuve
un experIence oI enIIgILenmenL busIcuIIv; und Lo see LIuL LIev`re connecLed Lo
LIIs IIgIer dIvIne source oI energv.

ANTHONY: Now LIe peopIe LIuL ure IIsLenIng Lo LIIs recordIng rIgIL now, JuIree
ure peopIe wIo reuIIv wunL Lo muke some cIunges In LIeIr IIIe. TIev eILIer wunL
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Lo Improve LIeIr reIuLIonsIIps; IInd LIuL cureer puLI Lo go on, or jusL sLurL creuLIng
LIe kInd oI IIIe LIev desIre WIuL Ius been LIe number one -- vou`ve been doIng
LIIs Ior munv, munv veurs now. WIuL wouId vou suv Is LIe number one requesL
LIuL peopIe Iuve LIuL vou`ve come ucross?

JA¡REE: MosL peopIe Iuve Issues wILI reIuLIonsIIps.


JA¡REE: ProbubIv LIe secondurv Is wILI monev, buL ¡ wouId suv LIe prImurv Ius
Lo do wILI LIeIr ubIIILv Lo reuIIv be In u reIuLIonsIIp LIuL reuIIv LIev cun enjov, LIuL
LIev IeeI IIke IL Is IuIIIIIIng. TIuL LIev IeeI suLIsIIed on u personuI, InLImuLe IeveI
und LIuL essenLIuI - sexuuI. TIuL IL IoIds u IoL oI Iove und respecL. And LIev ure
geLLIng LIeIr needs meL. And u IoL oI peopIe - LIev ure jusL - muvbe Iuve LIuL on
u buck burner. TIev don`L LIInk ubouL IL. Or muvbe LIev LIInk ubouL IL Loo mucI
und LIev cun`L Iuve. You know IL reuIIv depends. BuL ¡ wouId suv LIuL - ¡ meun
IL`s kInd oI u - IL`s u LIe beLween LIuL und monev. A IoL oI peopIe vou know eILIer
geL compIeLeIv obsessed wILI vou know becomIng u mIIIIonuIre und becomIng
IInuncIuIIv Iree und ¡`m onIv goIng Lo IeeI Iree wIen ¡ Iuve u mIIIIon doIIurs In LIe
bunk. And so LIev reuIIv seL LIeIr sLukes compIeLeIv IIgI beIore LIev cun ucLuuIIv
IeeI Iree In LIIs momenL.

ANTHONY: Okuv. WeII IeL`s Luke LIose Lwo exumpIes LIen - LIe number one
beIng reIuLIonsIIps. ¡eL`s suv someone Is IookIng - vou know LIev wunL u
reIuLIonsIIp - LIev`ve been wunLIng one Ior u Iong LIme. And wIuL wouId vou suv
Lo LIIs person wIo`s come Lo vou und suId ¡ wunL LIIs reIuLIonsIIp? WIuL wouId
kInd oI be LIe IIrsL sLep Ior LIIs person Lo sLurL munIIesLIng LIe Lvpe oI
reIuLIonsIIp LIev wunL?

JA¡REE: WeII vou know IL depends on LIe person und wIuL`s goIng on Ior LIem.
WIuL perIups LIeIr pusL IIsLorv wILI reIuLIonsIIps ure us Iur us LIeIr bIocks.


JA¡REE: So we mIgIL Luke u Iook uL IIrsL vou know wIuL do LIev wunL In u
reIuLIonsIIp? WIuL ure LIeIr needs? WIuL ure LIeIr quuIILIes oI LIIs person? WIuL
- How ure LIev goIng Lo know wIen LIev meeL LIIs person LIuL LIIs Is LIe rIgIL
one Ior LIem? And Lo geL In LIuL IeeIIng In LIeIr bodv wIuL IL IeeIs IIke Lo be wILI
LIIs person. TIuL`s LIe reuI kev Lo munIIesLIng Is LIe IeeIIng oI wIuL IL`s IIke Ior
LIem Lo be sILLIng on LIe coucI wILI LIem, wILI LIeIr urm uround LIem rIgIL now.
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You know und jusL connecLIng. And LIen LIe second purL Is vou know wIuL`s
sLoppIng vou Irom IeeIIng LIuL zq Iours u duv? You know II vou couId jusL reIux In
vour bodv und Iuve LIIs IeeIIng LIuL vour dIvIne muLe Is wILI vou uIreudv or IL`s
goIng Lo be wILI vou wIerever vou go. TIere`s u mucI IIgIer vIbruLIon creuLed
Irom LIuL LIuL wIII uLLrucL LIuL person vIbruLIonuIIv InLo vour IIIe.

ANTHONY: Okuv. So, OI go uIeud. ¡`m sorrv.

JA¡REE: No. Go uIeud.

ANTHONY: So busIcuIIv II someone Is IookIng Ior LIuL reIuLIonsIIp busIcuIIv
vou`re suvIng LIuL Lo creuLe kInd oI u IIsL oI wIuL LIev - LIe quuIILv LIev wunL In
LIe person LIev wouId IIke Lo Iuve In LIeIr IIIe?

JA¡REE: Sure. Sure. CreuLe LIe IeeIIng.


JA¡REE: On LIuL IIsL. So vou LuIk - vou LIInk ubouL LIese quuIILIes. And vou
know LIese ure LIe LIIngs LIuL vou reuIIv Iove ubouL LIuL person. You reuIIv
upprecIuLe ubouL LIem. And LIen vou - InsLeud oI LIInkIng In LIe IuLure LIuL LIIs
Is goIng Lo be vou know LIe person ¡`m goIng Lo be wILI - LIuL - us II LIev`re Iere
now rIgIL besIde vou. And vou`re IookIng uL LIe pupII In LIeIr eves und IeeIIng
LIese quuIILIes und seeIng LIese quuIILIes InsIde LIem now. And so reuIIv IL`s uII
IuppenIng In vour own bodv - vour own mInd. BuL LIe unIverse Is IIsLenIng Lo
vou IIke vou`re u rudIo Lower becuuse vou`re uIwuvs broudcusLIng LIese emoLIons
und IeeIIngs ouL In LIe unIverse. So IL busIcuIIv wIII creuLe LIuL scenurIo wIere
LIuL person Is sILLIng rIgIL LIere on LIe coucI wILI vou.

ANTHONY: DeIInILeIv. Okuv und LIen vou menLIoned someLIIng ubouL wrILIng
down wIuL`s sLoppIng LIIs Irom IuppenIng, correcL?

JA¡REE: YeuI, LIe reuson wIv we don`L - we`re noL munIIesLIng evervLIIng we
wunL uII oI LIe LIme Is becuuse oI IImILIng beIIeIs und IImILIng IeeIIngs LIuL come
Irom LIose IImILIng LIougILs. So II vou Iuve u LIougIL, no ¡ don`L deserve LIIs
person. You know, wIo um ¡ Lo Iuve mv dreum muLe? Or, LIuL LIere ure noL
enougI men, or women In LIe worId. You know ¡`m Loo oId or Loo ugIv or vou
know Loo poor. ¡ meun LIere`s uII sorLs oI IImILIng beIIeIs LIuL we cun creuLe
uround ourseIves LIuL suv LIuL we don`L vou know we cun`L Iuve wIuL we wunL.
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And so we busIcuIIv work LIrougI LIose beIIeIs on un emoLIonuI IeveI. And LIere`s
u LecInIque LIuL cun IeIp Lo exLrucL und Lo repIuce LIose IImILIng beIIeIs wILI jusL
even u neuLruI beIIeI. You know noL necessurIIv reprogrummIng vou wILI posILIve
beIIeIs buL jusL IuvIng no beIIeIs. You know IuvIng no IImILuLIons. HuvIng IIke LIe
unvLIIng`s possIbIe.


JA¡REE: WIIcI ¡ don`L reuIIv consIder Lo be u beIIeI. ¡ LIInk IL`s our mosL nuLuruI
sLuLe oI beIng.


JA¡REE: WIen we ucLuuIIv geL rId oI uII oI LIe mInd cIuLLer und LIe mInd`s LrvIng
Lo ucIIeve LIIs und LIuL und LrvIng Lo geL somewIere wILI IIIe. And vou know II
vou jusL reIux InLo our InnermosL essence, LIere`s LIIs un-IImILedness. TIere`s LIIs
IncIdenL souI LIuL we reuIIv geL InLo conLucL wILI our Lrue nuLuruI. TIIs Is reuIIv
wIere our power comes Irom!

ANTHONY: Now one LIIng vou dId menLIon wIen ¡ usked vou ubouL
reIuLIonsIIps und kInd oI wIere Lo sLurL, vou IIrsL menLIoned geLLIng LIe IIsLorv oI
LIe reIuLIonsIIps LIev`ve Iud beIore. Cun vou kInd oI eIuboruLe more on LIuL?


ANTHONY: WIuL`s reuIIv LIe purpose Ior LIuL?

JA¡REE: WeII IL LeIIs u IoL ubouL wIuL vour beIIeIs muv be.


JA¡REE: And wIen vou sLurL Lo LuIk ubouL vour pusL, vou sLurL Lo brIng up some
oI vour IImILIng beIIeIs. And vou know some oI LIem vou know IL reuIIv depends
on Iow vou pIruse LIem. ¡Ike ¡ cun IIsLen Lo u cIIenL wIo suvs vou know ¡ use Lo
Iuve u reuI Issue wILI men geLLIng cIose Lo me or women geLLIng cIose Lo me. And
so LIuL`s purL oI LIe pusL beIIeI. ¡L`s noL purL oI vour presenL. Now II LIev suv vou
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know everv LIme someone geLs cIose Lo me ¡ IeeI Lense. You know ILs purL oI LIeIr
presenL IImILIng beIIeI svsLem.

So vou know vou cun LuIk ubouL LIe pusL. You cun LuIk ubouL IL us II IL`s gone - purL
oI LIe deud. TIuL`s burIed. ¡L`s gone. Or vou cun LuIk ubouL IL us purL oI beIng vour
presenL. And so vou reuIIv - IL`s reuIIv ubouL meunIng - IL`s ubouL LIe person
IIsLenIng Lo wIuL LIev`re suvIng. Are LIev LuIkIng ubouL IL us II LIev`re sLIII currvIng
LIIs bugguge on LIeIr buck?


JA¡REE: Or dId LIev drop LIe bugguge Len veurs ugo? So LIuL reuIIv sIows up. ¡
meun IL - vour words reIIecL vour vIbruLIons. And II vou`re speukIng Irom u pIuce
oI cIurILv und ubsoIuLe openness, LIere`s noL goIng Lo be unv oI LIese Ieuvv words
wIIcI ¡ IubeI us IIke need Lo, goL Lo, Iuve Lo, sIouId. You know LIose ure reuIIv
Ieuvv words. TIuL brIngs down u verv burdensome LIgIL IImILIng beIIeI svsLem,
und so.So we work uround vou know reIeusIng LIuL vIbruLIon Irom vour bodv so
LIuL vou cun ucIIeve LIuL reIuLIonsIIp or LIe monev vou wunL. WIuLever IL Is LIuL
vou wunL Lo creuLe!

ANTHONY: Okuv. So now someone Is - IeL`s suv someone`s mude LIe IIsL.
Someone Ius wrILLen down wIuL`s sLoppIng LIem. WIuL`s reuIIv LIe nexL sLep?

JA¡REE: WeII ILs IIndIng wIuL`s LIe opposILe oI LIuL beIIeI? And Iow cun vou
move InLo LIuL vIbruLIon energeLIcuIIv? MeunIng IIke suv ¡ Iuve u neguLIve beIIeI
LIuL vou know ¡ don`L deserve someone Lo Iove me. WeII LIe opposILe oI LIuL
wouId be vou know ¡ ubsoIuLeIv deserve someone.


JA¡REE: You know IL`s ubsoIuLeIv okuv Ior me Lo be wILI someone. And LIen vou
IInd LIe neuLruI pIuce wIere LIev cunceI eucI oLIer ouL. WIere IL`s noL IIke vou
Iuve Lo consLunLIv, consLunLIv Lrv und pusI vourseII Lo LIInk posILIve. WIere vou
ucLuuIIv Iuve surrendered vou know compIeLeIv surrendered Lo LIe mIddIe
ground wIIcI suvs vou know wIuL ¡ don`L Iuve Lo pusI Ior LIe posILIve. ¡ don`L
Iuve Lo pusI uwuv Irom LIe neguLIve. ¡ cun jusL uccepL vou know LIuL unIverse Is
dIvIne und reuIIv knows wIuL ¡ need. And jusL LrusL LIuL LIe unIverse Is goIng Lo
gIve me exucLIv wIuL ¡ need - exucLIv - wIeLIer IL`s no reIuLIonsIIp or LIe perIecL
reIuLIonsIIp; LIuL LIe unIverse Is so smurL - so InLeIIIgenL LIuL ¡ cun LruIv jusL
LrusL IL. TIuL`s wIere we sLurL Lo move InLo more oI un enIIgILenIng IIIesLvIe.

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JA¡REE: WIere IL`s reuIIv noL ubouL ucquIrIng LIIngs und LrvIng Lo munIIesL uII oI
LIe LIme. BuL IL`s ubouL reuIIv sIowIng up In LIe sLuLe oI bIIss und jusL LruIv
LrusLIng IIIe. And jusL beIng IIke ubsoIuLeIv okuv wILI wIuLever Iuppens. So
munIIesLIng Is kInd oI - IL`s LIe IIrsL sLep Ior peopIe Lo reuIIv geL InLo LIe sLuLe oI
bIIss. WIere LIev cun ucLuuIIv drop munIIesLIng uL some poInL In LIeIr IIIe, wIere
LIev cun sLop LrvIng Lo ucquIre und creuLe. WIere LIev jusL LrusL LIe unIverse Is
goIng Lo do IL Ior LIem. And LIev cun jusL IeL go. And jusL go wILI LIe IIow oI IIIe.


JA¡REE: You know reuIIv enjov LIIs rIde.

ANTHONY: Wow. Now Is LIere someLIIng LIuL peopIe - LIuL someone wouId do
on u duIIv busIs Ior LIIs Lo Iuppen or?

JA¡REE: YeuI. We Iuve un eIgIL IubILs munIIesLIng rouLIne LIuL ruIses vour
vIbruLIons so LIuL uL some poInL In vour IIIe vou cun ucLuuIIv Lrunscend LIe wIoIe
munIIesLIng IubIL. TIuL vou`re vIbruLIon geLs so IIgI LIuL vou jusL - vou`re
nuLuruIIv uLLrucLIng wIuLever vou wunL. You jusL LrusL LIuL. You cun LrusL everv
duv wIuLever vou wunL wIII jusL sIow up. So LIere`s no eIIorL.


JA¡REE: TIuL`s reuIIv wIuL LIIs bIIssIuI kInd oI nIrvunu IIke IIIe Is ubouL. ¡L`s jusL
eIIorLIess upproucI. And so we Iuve u menLuI, IInuncIuI rouLIne - u pIvsIcuI,
spIrILuuI rouLIne - medILuLIons, socIuI. TIere`s un emoLIonuI purL, u sensuuI purL.
TIere`s ubouL vou know euLIng power Ioods. JusL euLIng rouLInes, deLoxIIvIng
vour bodv, purIIvIng und LIere`s u reIuxuLIon und sIeep purL oI LIuL. So wILI IL -
IL`s u verv sensILIve rouLIne buL IL reuIIv onIv Lukes ubouL q= mInuLes In LIe
mornIng Lo reuIIv geL vour bodv In kInd oI u - we boosL IL up. We pump IL up In
LIe mornIng so LIuL IL cun IusL LIrougIouL vour enLIre duv In LIIs vIbruLIon LIuL
vou ucLuuIIv buLIe In LIIs vIbruLIon LIrougIouL LIe duv. And so we recommend
doIng IL Ior ubouL ¤o duvs. BuL usuuIIv peopIe see und IeeI resuILs wILIIn IIke
LIree duvs LIuL LIev`II suv ¡ IeeI dIIIerenL. ¡`m LIInkIng dIIIerenLIv. ¡`m IeeIIng
dIIIerenLIv. And ubouL LIree weeks LIe momenLum sLurLs Lo reuIIv sIow.

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JA¡REE: And so - buL we recommend ¤o duvs Lo reuIIv geL IL deepIv rouLed. So
LIuL vou never Iuve Lo go buck Lo LIuL oId wuv oI suIIerIng und sLruggIIng In u
neguLIve mInd seL und In neguLIve IeeIIngs und emoLIons LIuL kInd oI LormenLs us.
You know II we don`L ruIse our vIbruLIons.

ANTHONY: Okuv. Now wIuL wouId vou suv Is LIe number one reuson LIuL sLops
peopIe Irom compIeLIng LIIs? You know or jusL reuIIv geLLIng InLo LIIs. WIuL Iuve
vou seen In vour coucIIng LIuL sLops peopIe Irom reuIIv LukIng LIIs und runnIng

JA¡REE: ¡L`s busIcuIIv LIIs IImILed beIIeI ubouL wIo ¡ um. NoL me JuIree.


JA¡REE: BuL me, LIe IdenLILv, LIe person LIuL vou know Is workIng LIrougI LIeIr
sLuII. You know LIev geL InLo LIIs reuIIv conLrucLed sense oI wIo ¡ um. You know
LIev keep LIInkIng ubouL mv - LIe seII or LIe personuIILv us wIo LIev ure. ¡nsLeud
oI LIIs unIImILed souI LIuL Ius uccess und unIImILed power und unIImILed
InLeIIIgence. TIuL LIev geL uII wrupped up In LIeIr ego. And so IL`s busIcuIIv over
IdenLIIIcuLIon wILI LIeIr ego LIuL sLops LIem. And IL muv sIow up jusL IIke us u
neguLIve LIougIL or IImILIng LIougIL ubouL IIIe or LIeIr reIuLIonsIIps or
LIemseIves or monev or wIuLever. BuL IL reuIIv comes down Lo LIuL uLLucImenL -
LIuL reuI core IIke ¡ cun`L IeL go oI wIo ¡ LIInk ¡ um. ¡I ¡ do, ¡`II dIe. And LIuL`s Lrue.
YeuI. TIuL ego purL wIII dIe II IeL go. And IL wIII be reborn Lo someLIIng mucI
bIgger - mucI more vusL und expunsIve.

And so, veuI, II everv deuLI Is u rebIrLI on LIuL more personuI, InLImuLe IeveI oI
LIe ego comIng Lo LIIs. ¡L`s comIng InLo ILs Lrue power - noL necessurIIv un ego
bused power - buL ILs reuI Lrue power wIIcI Is ubouL LIIs eIIorLIess upproucI Lo
IIIe. WIere IIIe jusL nuLuruIIv Iunds vou over wIuL - wIuLever vou wunL vou know
uL LIe LIme. WIIcI Is reuIIv cruzv Lo LIInk ubouL buL IL - ¡ meun ¡`m jusL everv duv
¡`m IIvIng - ¡ keep IIvIng LIIs. And ¡`m jusL IIvIng prooI oI LIe - vou know ¡ puL mv
LIougILs InLo someLIIng und IL jusL nuLuruIIv sIows up.

And IL cun geL kInd oI scurv becuuse vou know vou goL Lo reuIIv be uwure oI weII
wIuL um ¡ LIInkIng ubouL? You know? ¡ beLLer be reuIIv uwure oI wIuL ¡`m
LIInkIng ubouL. And vou know IL jusL - IL suddenIv becomes u wIoIe Lusk oI Iow
cun ¡ become more uwure?


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JA¡REE: How cun ¡ become more conscIence? WIere does conscIousness rIgIL
now? And so LIuL`s wIere vou cun reuIIv sLurL Lo vou know sLurL vour puLI or
mIssIon Is jusL wILI LIuL sImpIe quesLIon oI jusL conscIousness. WIuL Is
conscIence? WIere Is conscIence?

ANTHONY: Now Is LIere unoLIer bIg reuson or vou know bIg bIock LIuL vou come
ucross Ior peopIe?

JA¡REE: As Iur us?

ANTHONY: As Iur us reuIIv vou know LIev come Lo vou und LIev wunL LIIs
reIuLIonsIIp, rIgIL?

JA¡REE: OI. Okuv.

ANTHONY: And vou kInd oI work wILI LIem. You know we`ve LuIked ubouL LIem.

JA¡REE: YeuI peopIe ure or mosL peopIe ure uIruId Lo ucLuuIIv IeL LIemseIves IeeI
wIuL`s goIng on besIdes LIeIr IImILIng beIIeI svsLems LIuL LIev`re - LIev`ve been
LuugIL Lo reuIIv pusI uwuv LIeIr IeeIIngs. And LIIngs IIke II ¡ LIInk u neguLIve
LIougIL, II ¡ IeeI LIuL IL`s LIe wrong LIIng Lo do. And veL wIen we ucLuuIIv
conscIousIv upproucI u IImILIng neguLIve IeeIIng LIuL vou`re noL ucLuuIIv goIng Lo
munIIesL more oI IL becuuse wIuLever vou LIInk ubouL growLI und expund und
Irom LIIs conscIous pIuce, vou`re reuIIv brIngIng LIuL neguLIve energv Lo LIe
surIuce Lo reIIeve IL.


JA¡REE: So IL`s kInd oI IIke we`re exLrucLIng LIIs muck Irom InsIde LIuL we cun
kInd oI uncover LIe dIumond beneuLI IL. And beIInd everv neguLIve experIence Is
u gem. And LIuL`s wIv we Iuve neguLIve IeeIIngs. ¡s - so vou know we cun ucLuuIIv
know wIuL u posILIve IeeIIng Is IIke. We wouId Iuve no cIue wIuL jov wus IIke
unIess we Iud LIuL Ior despuIr, rIgIL? We`d Iuve noLIIng Lo compure IL Lo.


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JA¡REE: So we ubsoIuLeIv need Lo LIese poIur opposILes Lo Iuve un experIence oI
IIIe. Anv experIence. TIere ure so munv experIences In IIIe. And LIev uII Iuppen
LIrougI LIese poIur opposILes. So vou know we`ve been condILIoned Lo pusI uwuv
LIe neguLIve. And so one oI LIe bIg bIocks LIuL come ucross peopIe Is ucLuuIIv
weIcomIng LIose neguLIve IeeIIngs und suvIng ves Lo LIem. And suvIng okuv ¡`m
curIous ubouL wIuL vou Iuve Lo LeucI me und wIuL`s beneuLI vou. Becuuse LIere`s
u gem InsIde vou, und ¡`m jusL reuIIv wunLIng Lo know IL.

And so u IoL oI peopIe - LIev cun geL Ireed - LIev Ireeze up rIgIL Iere und LIev
jusL go ¡ cun`L do LIIs. ¡ cun`L IeeI unvLIIng. And LIev sLurL LuIkIng or LIInkIng
ubouL someLIIng eIse. And LIev jusL reuIIv geL dIsLrucLed. And so IL muv Luke u IoL
oI LIme Ior LIem Lo ucLuuIIv jusL sIow down und reuIIze LIuL IL`s okuv Lo ucLuuIIv
IeeI someLIIng LIuL LIev don`L wunL Lo IeeI us Iong us LIev know LIuL someLIIng
bIgger or more dIvIne Is beneuLI IL. And LIuL`s wIere LIev`re ucLuuIIv dIggIng. ¡L`s
kInd oI IIke un urcIeoIogIcuI expedILIon vou know Ior goId.


JA¡REE: JusL Lo go deeper InLo LIe souI.

ANTHONY: ExceIIenL. Now vou LuIked ubouL reIuLIonsIIps. How ubouL monev? ¡I
peopIe ure IookIng Lo Iuve more monev In LIeIr IIIe, wIuL Is LIe IIrsL sLep(s) Ior

JA¡REE: WeII vou know IIrsL IL`s dependIng on Iow mucI monev. Be specIIIc.
How mucI monev do vou wunL? So Is IL u Iump sum? ¡s IL per monLI? You know
Is IL pussIve meunIng LIuL vou`re noL doIng reuIIv unvLIIng Lo muke IL Iuppen LIuL
IL jusL keeps IIowIng In. Or IL vou know do vou wunL Lo do someLIIng creuLIve or
wIuLever? You know geL reuIIv specIIIc on Iow do vou wunL LIe monev Lo IIow
und Iow mucI? And LIen LIe second sLep Is vou know wIuL ure vou wIIIIng Lo
conLrIbuLe? WIuL ure vou wIIIIng Lo do Lo sIow LIe unIverse Iev vou`re reuIIv
sIncere ubouL LIIs? TIIs Is noL jusL some IuII uss desIre ouL LIere In LIe worId.
TIIs Is u Lrue IeurL IeIL desIre. TIuL vou reuIIv, reuIIv wunL LIIs und vou - IL`s
reuIIv noL ubouL un ego LrIp. BuL IL`s ubouL vour souI`s evoIuLIon LIuL vou know
IuvIng LIIs monev reuIIv IeIps vou Lo reIux InLo vour own souI. And Iev LIe
unIverse Is goIng Lo deIIver LwIce us IusL.

Becuuse vou know LIe unIverse Is uII ubouL vour souI expIoruLIon und evoIuLIon.
And us Iong us vou keep un eve on vour spIrILuuI journev und LIIs wIoIe spIrILuuI
evoIuLIon, vou`II see LIuL LIe unIverse jusL ubsoIuLeIv supporLs vou In everv LIIng
vou wunL - evervLIIng vou do. ¡L`s so presenL. And so LIuL wouId be LIe second
sLep Lo reuIIv geL cIeur ubouL LIuL. And LIe LIIrd sLep Is LukIng mussIve, InspIred
ucLIon In LIe worId. WIuLever InspIres vou! So IL muv be mukIng u pIone cuII,
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even goIng Ior u wuIk wILI u IrIend. You know someLIIng LIuL vou muv noL LIInk
wouId Ieud Lo mukIng monev buL Is InspIrIng Ior vou or excILIng Ior vou Lo do.
And IL muv seem IIke LIe IusL LIIng LIuL wouId muke monev. BuL vou`II see LIuL`s
perIups In LIuL conversuLIon vou know wILI vour IrIend LIuL LIev LuIk ubouL
somebodv LIuL LIev jusL meL vesLerduv or IusL nIgIL LIuL Ius vou know u new


JA¡REE: You know. Or muvbe Is IookIng Ior u cIIenL or some new purcIuse or
wIuLever busIness LIuL vou`re In. So IL reuIIv depends on vour ubIIILv Lo open up
Lo possIbIIILIes, LIInkIng LIuL unvLIIng`s possIbIe. And II vou go do unvLIIng LIuL
vou`re InspIred Lo do, IL wIII evenLuuIIv Increuse vour vIbruLIon und vour
munIIesLIng ubIIILv. So vour InspIruLIonuI ucLIons ure LIe kev Lo LIuL. And jusL
conLInuIng LrusLIng LIe unIverse und suvIng vou know keepIng vour eve on LIe
gouI. TIIs Is wIuL ¡`m goIng Lo muke everv monLI. And IL muv noL Iuppen Ior LIe
IIrsL monLI or sIx monLIs or u veur even. You know IL depends on Iow munv
bIocks vou Iuve. And Iow mucI resIsLunce vou Iuve und Iuck oI ucLuuIIv geLLIng
In LoucI wILI vour emoLIons vou Iuve. You know? And wIen vou geL In LoucI
wILI LIuL reuI deep Inner peuce, vou`II see LIuL LIuL breeds conIIdence, Lrue
conIIdence. NoL ego bused conIIdence buL reuI conIIdence. And LIuL cun uLLrucL
unv umounL oI monev LIuL vou wunL.

ANTHONY: Okuv. Now vou suId LIe IIrsL sLep Is beIng specIIIc. WIv Is beIng
specIIIc so ImporLunL? ¡ meun IeL`s jusL suv someone Ius u LIIng InsIde LIem us ¡
wunL more monev In mv IIIe. ¡ wunL more IInuncIuIIv ubundunce In mv IIIe. WIv
Is beIng specIIIc so ImporLunL?

JA¡REE: WeII IeL`s suv vou jusL suv ¡ wunL more monev. You`re wuIkIng down LIe
sLreeL und vou see LIuL LIere`s u doIIur on LIe sIdewuIk. GreuL! TIe unIverse
IuIIIIIed vour desIre. You know one more doIIur. Okuv. So vou weren`L specIIIc.
You know? And II vou`re suvIng ¡ wunL Len LIousund doIIurs bv vou know nexL
Wednesduv, LIen LIe unIverse knows. And vou know LIuL LIere`s un exucL
umounL. OLIerwIse vou know IL couId suv weII ¡ goL vou - we IeIped vou. You goL
vour more monev.

ANTHONY: You goL vour doIIur.

JA¡REE: You goL vour doIIur. TIuL`s more.

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JA¡REE: One Is more. So vou know LIuL`s wIv we need Lo be specIIIc. So LIuL we
cun ucLuuIIv know LIuL we ure u power munIIesLIng beIng LIuL`s InLImuLeIv
connecLed Lo LIe unIverse.


JA¡REE: BuL Ieuve LIe kev LIere.

ANTHONY: Okuv. So beIng specIIIc even II IL`s vou wroLe down u mIIIIon. You
wrILe down u mIIIIon. You muke IL specIIIc. Okuv.

JA¡REE: And IL`s good Lo know LIe - LIuL LIe more open vou ure oI course LIe
more vou cun munIIesL. ¡I vou Iuve u reuIIv open und expunsIve energv, vou cun
eusIIv munIIesL u mIIIIon or more. Okuv? And, veL II vour mInd Is noL so open;
vour mInd suvs wow u mIIIIon. TIuL`s onIv Ior bIg peopIe or specIuI peopIe or rIcI
peopIe or wIuLever. TIuL LIen LIere ure some bIocks. TIere ure some IImILIng
beIIeIs InsIde vour-seII LIuL ure goIng Lo sIow LIuL down. So LIuL muv Luke vou IIve
veurs or one veur or Len veurs Lo do. So IL reuIIv depends on vour gouI. ¡L reuIIv
depends on Iow mucI resIsLunce vou Iuve Lo LIuL gouI. So IL mIgIL be beLLer Lo
ucLuuIIv muke u smuIIer gouI LIuL vou cun ucIIeve everv monLI or everv week LIun
u bIgger gouI LIuL vou jusL IuII sIorL oI. Becuuse vou don`L IeeI so uccompIIsIed or
IeeI so In vour InLegrILv or IIke u munIIesLIng beIng wIen vou`re jusL uIwuvs IuIIIng


JA¡REE: You know? So even II vou IIke suv vou go on u duLe wILI IeL`s suv u new
Iudv LIuL vou`re LrvIng Lo vou know IInd vour souI muLe LIuL vou jusL keep puLLIng
vourseII on LIe buck LIIng. You know ¡`m one sLep cIoser Lo IIndIng Ier Ior everv
duLe LIuL ¡ go on ¡`m one sLep cIoser.


JA¡REE: You know noL LIuL vou Iuven`L - vou`re noL IocusIng on LIe IucL LIuL
vou Iuven`L Iound Ier. ¡`m noL IIndIng Ier. ¡`m noL IIndIng Ier. TIuL`s jusL u
neguLIve beIIeI.
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JA¡REE: You cun suv LIunk vou unIverse. ¡`m so gruLeIuI Ior vou provIdIng Ior
me u new person Lo meeL. So gruLILude Is reuIIv LIe puLI Lo ubundunce. And so II
vou ure ubsoIuLeIv receIvIng gruLILude zqJ;, vou`re goIng Lo uLLrucL IuII oI LIe
ubundunce InLo vour IIIe. Musses oI IL; IL`s InevILubIe. AnLIonv, LIere Is no wuv
LIuL vou cun noL Iuve ubundunce II vou`re uIwuvs beIng LIunkIuI Lo LIe unIverse.
AIwuvs communIcuLIng suvIng LIunk vou, LIunk vou, LIunk vou! You know? ¡L`s
jusL umuzIng.

ANTHONY: AIrIgIL. Now vou suId sLep Lwo Is, conLrIbuLe; knowIng wIuL vou`re
wIIIIng Lo conLrIbuLe Lo reucI vour gouI. Cun vou eIuboruLe more on LIuL?

JA¡REE: YeuI. ¡ meun we uII Iuve gIILs, rIgIL? We uII Iuve cerLuIn LIIngs we`re
druwn Lo or pussIon ubouL or LIIngs we`re good uL, rIgIL? And IL - vou muv noL
even know wIuL LIev ure. BuL vou`re doIng LIem everv duv. You`re IIvIng LIem.
You`re IIvIng breuLIIng gIIL Lo IIIe. So und so jusL goIng ouL LIere und oIIerIng
vourseII Lo Iow vou cun IeIp LIe worId In wIuLever wuv Is vour conLrIbuLIon.


JA¡REE: WIeLIer IL`s jusL IovIng peopIe or LuIkIng Lo LIem. Or muvbe vou`re
good wILI compuLers or muvbe vou`re noL. ¡ meun vou reuIIv jusL Iook uL wIuL do
vou IIke Lo do wILI LIe worId LIuL cun IeIp LIe worId In wIuLever wuv. Becuuse
LIe worId vou know IL needs us. And vou know we need LIe worId. VIcu Versu. BuL
II LIIs Is ubouL us reuIIv geLLIng ouL oI our comIorL zone und geLLIng ouL oI our
smuIIness und IeurnIng Iow Lo gIve. Becuuse LIe more vou cun gIve LIe more LIuL
LIe unIverse Is goIng Lo see LIuL vou`re rIcI. ¡L wIII provIde vou wILI LIuL rIcIness.
You know LIe poor peopIe LIuL LIev don`L see LIuL LIev Iuve unvLIIng Lo gIve. And
II vou wunL Lo creuLe poverLv LIen vou jusL don`L gIve. You don`L gIve vour Iove.
You don`L gIve unvLIIng. And vou`II see LIuL vou creuLe more und more poverLv
everv duv.


JA¡REE: And so IL`s - LIuL`s IIne Loo. TIere`s noLIIng wrong wILI poverLv. ¡L`s jusL
un Ignorunce oI vour dIvIne essenLIuI ubundunL nuLuruI.

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JA¡REE: WIIcI bv nuLuruI we ure dIvIne ubundunL beIngs connecLed Lo u God
source oI unIImILed energv. And IL`s jusL our - IL`s our mosL nuLuruI LIIng. And so
we jusL wunL Lo keep reIuxIng In u nuLuruI sLuLe InsLeud oI upIoIdIng beIIeIs LIuL
muv creuLe poverLv or Iuck oI unvLIIng In our IIIe.


JA¡REE: And IL`s okuv. TIere`s noLIIng wrong wILI Iuck. ¡ meun IL cun be LIe
mosL enIIgILenIng experIence Lo Iuve noLIIng. You know jusL ubsoIuLeIv noLIIng
even jusL beIng us Iree us u wIIp.



ANTHONY: Now vou menLIoned sLep LIree Is mussIve InspIred ucLIon. CouId vou
gIve me u coupIe oI exumpIes LIuL vou mIgIL Iuve gone LIrougI or vou know
someone wIo Ius gone LIrougI wIere LIev were InspIred Lo do someLIIng? ¡L
dIdn`L Iuve ubsoIuLeIv noLIIng Lo do wILI wIuL LIev were IookIng Ior - IuvIng Lo
munIIesL In LIeIr IIIe. BuL LIev Look LIIs one sLep LIuL wus vou know ouL oI jusL
kInd oI no wIere und IL Ied Lo someLIIng wIere LIev evenLuuIIv were ubIe Lo or
LIeIr - wIuL LIev desIred munIIesLed. WouId vou be ubIe Lo gIve me u coupIe oI
exumpIes oI LIuL?

JA¡REE: YeuI. TIere ure some peopIe LIuL ¡`ve worked wILI LIuL vou know LIev
dIdn`L know wIuL Lo do nexL In LIeIr IIIe. And LIev jusL LoId me LIev suId vou
know ¡ jusL Iooked uL vour Web sILe uL enIIgILenedbeIng.com und ¡ jusL wus
InspIred bv IL. And ¡ IeIL IIke ¡ need Lo conLucL vou. And LIev jusL e-muIIed. And
LIev suId ¡`m goIng Lo sIgn up Ior our - vou know u monLI oI coucIIng or jusL vour
munIIesLIng progrum Is. DownIouded IL und LIen uII oI LIe sudden Irom LIuL
InspIred ucLIon, LIev sLurLed Lo InILIuLe u wIoIe serIes oI new, excILIng LIougILs
und IeeIIngs LIuL LIev couId creuLe und new exercIses LIuL LIev couId do. So one
InspIred ucLIon cun creuLe unoLIer und unoLIer und muILIpIv IIke expedIenLIuI. So
LIuL`s LIe kev LIere Is LIuL IL`s un expedIenLIuI energv LIuL breeds Lo more InspIred
ucLIons und more.

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¡ meun LIInk ubouL IL. ¡I vou IIve LIe nexL week oI vour IIIe jusL onIv doIng
InspIred ucLIons Iow ure vou goIng Lo IeeI? You know LIuL we vou know.

ANTHONY: PreLLv umuzIng.

JA¡REE: PreLLv unsLoppubIe.

ANTHONY: Yes. Yes deIInILeIv.

JA¡REE: ¡ LIInk. And LIuL`s LIe reuson LIuL munIIesLuLIon vou know experIences
Is reuIIv puIIIng unvLIIng Lo vou becuuse vou`re unsLoppubIe. You cun do
unvLIIng. And so IIke wILI mv Web sILe vou know ¡ wus busIcuIIv vou know
$zo,ooo In debL und Iud busIcuIIv no moLIvuLIon Lo work, no InspIruLIon In IIIe.
BureIv jusL ¡ meun jusL LoLuIIv depressed. And LIe onIv LIIng ¡ wus InspIred Lo do
wus Lo creuLe LIIngs on LIe compuLer. ¡ Ioved Lo IIke creuLe urL work. And ¡
Ieurned vou know Iow Lo IIke desIgn u Web puge. And jusL IL wus so Iun Ior me Lo
jusL Lo be creuLIve In LIuL IIow. And LIen u Iew monLIs onIIne (pI) IL sLurLed Lo
ucLuuIIv buIId some LIIngs und sorL oI creuLe ucLuuI Web sILes. And LIen Irom
LIere IL`s IIke ¡ jusL usked LIe unIverse. ¡ suId Iev vou know ¡ wouId reuIIv Iove u
more proIessIonuI IookIng Web sILe. And LIen uII oI LIe sudden Irom ouL oI LIe
bIue - busIcuIIv ¡ onIv LoId one person LIuL LIIs wus wIuL ¡ wunLed und someIow
LIuL person Ieurd IL on u deep IeveI. And LIev LoId wIo knows Iow munv oLIer
peopIe. And somebodv Irom CuIIIornIu - LIIs womun Irom CuIIIornIu jusL e-
muIIed me u brund new Web sILe. JusL ouL oI LIe bIue. Never even meL me; never
LuIked Lo me. SIe jusL IeIL InspIred. And so ¡ see IL us IIke LIe InspIred ucLIons ¡
puL InLo LIIs vou know goL LrunsIuLed InLo Ier InspIred ucLIons. And sIe jusL
wunLed Lo conLrIbuLe Loo. And so Irom LIuL vou know ¡ wus ubIe Lo reuIIv move
LIe InIormuLIon ouL LIere InLo LIe worId In u mucI more enIIgILenIng wuv.


JA¡REE: You know LIuL peopIe cun ucLuuIIv Luke IL In InsLeud oI seeIng IL us weII
IL`s jusL IIke u muvbe u second gruder or u LIIrd gruder jusL puL LIIs sILe LogeLIer.
WIv sIouId we even LIInk IL`s even oI un ImporLunce? You know LIe wuv
someLIIng Iooks reuIIv depends on Iow mucI Iove und energv vou puL InLo IL. You
know und so obvIousIv sIe`s been workIng wILI Web sILes Ior veurs. And so sIe
Ius Lons oI Iove vou know Lo puL InLo IL. TIuL`s becuuse LIere`s so mucI

And IL`s LIe sume LIIng IIke wILI reIuLIonsIIps. You know LIe more vou`re wILI
somebodv LIe deeper LIe Iove ucLuuIIv geLs. And LIuL`s someLIIng u IoL oI peopIe
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cun Ieurn Is LIuL Iove jusL geLs IIgIer und IIgIer und IIgIer. TIuL vou ucLuuIIv
uscend In Iove InsLeud oI vou jusL IuIIIng In Iove. You know peopIe suv ¡ jusL wunL
Lo IuII In Iove. WeII vou IuII und LIen wIere ure vou goIng Lo go Irom LIere? You
goL Lo rIse uL some poInL.


JA¡REE: So vou know Iong Lerm reIuLIonsIIps ure reuIIv ubouL IeurnIng Iow Lo
urIse und uscend und Iove In u wuv wIere vou ure deepenIng IL. AL LIe sume LIme
jusL IopIng up purL.

ANTHONY: ExceIIenL. Now uL LIIs begInnIng ¡ usked vou wIuL ure some oI LIe
muIn LIIngs peopIe - vou Iuve IeIped peopIe wILI. And vou menLIoned
reIuLIonsIIps und monev. JusL ouL oI curIosILv wIuL wouId vou suv LIe LIIrd LIIng

JA¡REE: WeII, IL`s probubIv cureer.

ANTHONY: Cureer.

JA¡REE: EILIer LIuL or IeuILI. You know u IoL oI peopIe wIen LIev IIL LIuL IeuILI
burrIer LIev uImosL jusL Lurn Lowurd vou know pIurmuceuLIcuIs or medIcIne -
someLIIng LIuL`s pIvsIcuI LIuL LIev know LIuL LIe resL oI LIe worId Is usIng. TIev
don`L reuIIv undersLund LIuL InsIde LIev Iuve uII oI LIe power In LIe worId Lo IeuI
LIemseIves. And ucLuuIIv LIuL`s wIere LIeIr IeuIIng wIII come Irom Is Irom vour
own Inner sIIIL. You know LrunsIormuLIon on LIuL - on u ceIIuIur IeveI LIeIr mInd
und LIeIr bodv und LIeIr emoLIons. And vou know LIere Iuve been Lons oI sLudIes
wILI IIke IuugI LIerupv LIuL peopIe spend weeks IuugIIng wuLcIIng Iunnv movIes
und LIeIr cuncer`s cured.


JA¡REE: And LIuL`s proven LIme und LIme uguIn LIuL vou know. And IL doesn`L
work Ior evervbodv becuuse noL evervbodv Ius LIuL ubIIILv reuIIv Lo IeL go. You
muv be ubIe Lo Iuke LIe IuugILer or wIuLever. BuL II LIere`s u reuI deep IeL go LIen
uII LIose ceIIs LIuL ure cuncerous ceIIs LIev ure uIso IeLLIng go. And so vou know
we do Iuve LIe ubIIILv Lo IeuI ourseIves. ¡L`s jusL wIeLIer we`re open Lo LIuL
experIence or we LIInk LIuL vou know we`re Loo smuII und powerIess LIuL - Lo
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creuLe LIuL. So LIuL`s someLIIng LIuL peopIe don`L necessurIIv come Lo me ubouL
buL ¡ Iuve worked wILI LIem.

BuL mosLIv LIe cureer LIuL peopIe don`L know wIuL LIev wunL Lo do In LIeIr IIves.
And LIev`re IIke ¡`m sLuck. ¡`m beLween jobs. ¡`ve been unempIoved Ior u wIIIe. Or
IuLe mv job Is u common one. And ¡ don`L know wIuL Lo do.


JA¡REE: So busIcuIIv ¡ Luke LIem LIrougI sLeps oI vou know Iow Lo geL In LoucI
wILI wIuL LIev reuIIv Iove Lo do und jusL Lo go ouL und do IL - Loo reuIIv be


JA¡REE: You know Luke LIuL Ieup oI IuILI. And encouruge LIem Lo jusL do
someLIIng dIIIerenL.

ANTHONY: And vour IubILs - munIIesLIng rouLIne wouId IeIp unvone In LIese
Iour ureus - reIuLIonsIIps, monev, cureer und IeuILI.

JA¡REE: Yes.


JA¡REE: ¡L ubsoIuLeIv wIII. We guurunLee IL. TIuL II vou do our eIgIL IubILs
munIIesLIng rouLIne Ior ¤o duvs LIuL II vou don`L see u mussIve sIIIL In vour IIIe -
LIuL vour uLLILude, vour IeeIIngs, vour wIoIe upproucI Lo IIIe - II LIuL`s noL sIIILed
In jusL u mussIve wuv, LIen we`II gIve vour monev buck. Becuuse we know LIuL II
vou ucLuuIIv do LIIs rouLIne, vou cun noL sLund u neguLIve mInd seL. ¡L`s noL - IL`s
uImosL ImpossIbIe. You reuIIv Iuve Lo be sLubborn und jusL Iurd on vourseII Lo
sLuv In LIIs neguLIve ruL wIen vou`re doIng LIIs rouLIne becuuse IL`s so expunsIve
und IL`s verv uILernuLIve. ¡L puLs vour mInd In u wIoIe dIIIerenL Irumework LIuL
vour mInd jusL cun`L reuIIv compreIend uL IIrsL. BuL evenLuuIIv IL sLurLs Lo cuugIL
on und suvs wow LIIs Is ucLuuIIv Iun. And IL`s u reuIIv Iun rouLIne. You know everv
LIme we do IL IL`s IIke vou know Iow come we`re noL doIng LIIs zq Iours u duv?
You know. WeII LIere`s work vou know Lo IeIp LIe worId. And vou know LIere`s
oLIer LIIng`s Lo do LIun rouLInes obvIousIv In IIIe. BuL LIe rouLIne Is busIcuIIv u
IounduLIon Lo creuLe u IIgIer sLuLe oI beIng.

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JA¡REE: And uIIow more IIIe Iorce Lo pour LIrougI vour bodv. And evenLuuIIv IL
wIII uwuken someLIIng cuIIed LIe KunduIInI wIIcI Is kInd oI un EusLern Lerm Ior
LIe spIrILuuI - mussIve spIrILuuI uwukenIng LIuL Iuppens wILIIn somebodv`s bodv
und mInd. BuL LIev ure - wIen LIev ubsoIuLeIv ruLe LIeIr vIbruLIon Lo verv
conscIence presenL momenL - vou know pIuce wIere vou cun ucLuuIIv jusL be
uLLuned und uIIgned wILI LIIs dIvIne God source. And Irom LIuL pIuce LIIs
KunduIInI ruIses up LIe spIne und LIere`s LIIs reuI pIvsIcuI uwureness. TIIs
pIvsIcuI uwukenIng LIuL Iuppens wIere vou jusL - vou know vou`re LIe God
source IImseII. TIere`s LIIs reuI knowIng LIuL. And wIen vou know vou`re LIe
God source ILseII, connecLed Lo LIe God uII uround vou und evervbodv, IL`s IIke
wIuL`s LIere Lo be worrIed ubouL? WIuL`s- Is LIere u probIem In sILe? You know?


JA¡REE: ¡L`s IIke Iow couId LIere be unoLIer probIem? So LIIs Is wIere LIe wIoIe
pIuneL Is ucLuuIIv goIng. And LIere`s u mussIve uwukenIng IIke popcorn jusL
poppIng. You know vou see more und more und more uround LIe worId LIuL LIere
ure jusL IILLIe popcorns poppIng.


JA¡REE: And evenLuuIIv LIere`s jusL goIng Lo be u wIoIe worId oI popped

ANTHONY: ExceIIenL. WeII JuIree ¡ reuIIv upprecIuLe vour LIme. ¡ know vou goL
someLIIng Lo geL done - vou goL u busv scIeduIe buL ¡ reuIIv wunL Lo IeL vou know
¡ upprecIuLe vour LIme und sIurIng vour InIormuLIon Iere wILI us Loduv.

JA¡REE: WeII LIunk vou, AnLIonv Ior conLucLIng me und IuvIng sucI good
quesLIons und beIng open.

ANTHONY: Yes. DeIInILeIv! WeII Ior LIose wIo ure IIsLenIng und ure InLeresLed In
conLucLIng JuIree und LukIng u Iook uL wIuL Ie Ius Lo oIIer, LIere Is u IInk beIow
LIIs uudIo. PIeuse cIIck on LIuL. And Ie wIII deIInILeIv Luke cure oI vou LIere. So
once uguIn, LIunk vou JuIree. ¡ upprecIuLe IL.

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JA¡REE: TIunk vou AnLIonv.

Ior more inIormution uboot JuIree Ozwuld click here

Yoo ure Iree to puss ulonu this
interview to unyone yoo think
woold beneIit Irom it.

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