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Sarika M.Mankar1, Dr. P.B. Nagarnaik2
1 M.Tech(Env.Engg) 4th Sem Student, G.H.Raisoni College Of Engineering, Nagpur, India. 2 Dean, Academic, G.H.Raisoni College Of Engineering, Nagpur, India gpur,

Keywords- Performance evaluation, Water Treatment Plant. -

ISSN: 2230-7818

Introduction:Study of water treatment plant is carried out with all aspects and considerations including; engineering, physical, chemical & bacteriological to determine its efficiency and to produce water quality [7]. This study will define design and operating problems and gn gn difficulties of the case study that will allow for proper revision of these aspects to redefine and suggest recommendations for proper operations. The findings of work may be applicable for other WTP either under design or operation [1].


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Abstract:For providing continuous and good quality of water to all the regions in Maharashtra roviding through out the year, Govt. of Maharashtra has constructed new water treatment plants during the past few years. Performance of these plants is an essential parameter to be monitored and evaluated for the better understanding of design and operating difficulties in water treatment plants.This paper outlines the finding of investigation of the treatment plant in Pawnar,Wardha.The Physico-chemical analysis is proposed to be conducted to investigate water quality. The conclusions drawn from this study will outlines the importance of accurate engineering design and need for continuous monitoring and analysis of each unit performance [1] .

Samples Samples Samples were collected from intake and from all WTP’s units of Pawnar, Wardha & analysis were carried out in the Environmental Engineering laboratory of B.D. College of Engineering,Sewagram,Wardha. Analysis were conducted for chemical, physical, bacteriological analysis. All experiments were done and results were determined in accordance to the Standard Methods of American Water Works Association (AWWA) manual, 21st Edition (2009) [1] & CPHEEO manuals[4].


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The plant is running for 16 hours and 10. clariflocculator. 286 .45 to 0. Also uniformity coefficient was found to be 1.4 *1. This shows that sand used inside filters is not as per the standard. Sand analysis was conducted conducted on sand samples and it was found that the effective size of the sand is in a range of 0. SUMP AND PUMP HOUSE The chlorinated water is collected in sump having size 7. ES The city of Wardha is located on 20045' North latitude and 78039' East longitude in Eastern Maharashtra.Mankar* et al.The Dham river is Perennial in nature. Water treatment plant was constructed in the year 1975 having Capacity 10.This pipe convey water to clarrifloculator. Issue No. and 7 km away from Wardha on Nagpur Highway.12 mm where required is 0. PAWNAR: Water Treatment Plant:- by total 3 nos. + 1 no.6 MLD.025. In the pump house 3 pumps are used (2 nos. T Page 287 . The process is done only in rainy season. The Pawnar is located in Wardha Dist. The total length of this pipe is 10m. The Water supply to the city is arranged from Pawnar treatment plant having capacity 10.The river flow from mahakali dam which subsequently arise at pawnar.6 MLD. Source of water is Dham river.10m.289 Process Description:- Figure 1 shows the general layout of the WTP. FLASH MIXER The flash mixer is 1.C. The motor of 5 HP has been provided with 80 rpm.5 m. IJ ISSN: 2230-7818 INTAKE The main source of supply to water treatment plant is Dham river. RAPID SAND FILTERS Four filter are used.The rate of filtration filtration filtration is 4. clear water sump and pump house.56 and having capacity 210m3. The water from this plant mainly supplied to 3 area in the Wardha city namely Snehal Nagar.C.ijaest.Civil Line. coagulated water enters at bottom of flocculator has a diameter of 8 m while clarifier has a diameter of 12 m and depth 3.55mm. Surface area of each is 18m2.78 to 1. The post Chlorination dose of 1. In the pump house two centrifugal pumps (2 nos. components facilities [1] are as follows. The design and construction of the plant is conventional one and comprises of various units such as flash mixer. / (IJAEST) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED ENGINEERING SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGIES Vol No. Desludging are done ones in a day at least 5 min so that the sludge material comes out.3 to All rights Reserved.7. CLARRIFLOCULATOR Only one clarrifloculator tank is provided in this plant.63 m deep.0 to 3 mg/lit added to the filter water. 2.) having capacity 25 HP. A RAW WATER SUMP AND PUMP HOUSE The sump and pump house has been constructed near the bank of river. The diameter of pipe is 400mm. chemical house. + 1no standby) of 300 HP for pumping pure water.7 m and 2. where standard is 1. Mohini Nagar. About 10% of total water supplied to the city by this plant.5 * 9.Circular tank having size 4. rapid sand filters.Sarika M.iserp.08*4. flow through each is about 24 lit/sec. 7.6*6. 900 kg. The present population of Wardha city is near about 10 lakhs. The water is first collected in R. The capacity of sump is 138 m3.6 MLD water is being treated and supplied to the city. POST CHLORINATION The post chlorination is done by using chlorine cylinder having wt. stand @ 2011 http://www.8 m3/m2/hr. The brief description of all WTP units.

Gupta R. All rights Reserved. • The Quality of river water gets affected due to transfer of backwashing water into river. 471-478.iwtc. 23-30 4) CPHEEO “Manual on Water Supply and Treatment” Third Edition published by Ministry of Urban 5) www.2 12 to 48 4 to 20 78 to 5.5 5 NTU max 3.P. IJ ISSN: 2230-7818 A @ 2011 http://www.3 Permissible Limits (BIS Standard/CPEEO) Desirable 6. 286 .p. Jar test shall be conducted for calculations of optimum dose.2 6.0 mg/lit ----10No/100ml max Remark Within the limit Within the limit Moderate Contamination in the pipe. edition-Jan-March.tsawatersystems.289 LABORATORY ANALYSIS Table: Laboratory analysis & comparison of raw water. Azeem Elbayoumy”Evaluation Of A Water Treatment Plant Performance– Case Study” in Seventh International Water Technology Conference (IWTC-7) held in Egypt 1-3 April 2003. 7.1 to 7..pdf T Page 288 . ES REFERENCES • The flash mixer is not found in working condition this is necessary to repair and keep in working.23 to 9200 Observations Before Treatment Tap Water 7 to CONCLUSIONS The overall performance of Water Treatment Plant is found to be satisfactory with the scope for improvement in following aspects. Kelkar P. 2. sand should be replaced every year. Tap water & Permissible Limits `Particulars pH Turbidity Dissolved Oxygen Total Solids. Sharma V..7 to 8.p. • The scraping of sludge is not done due to which lot of sludge is accumulated at bottom.8 245 to 109 22 to 64 45. 1991. / (IJAEST) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED ENGINEERING SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGIES Vol No. • Rapid sand filters. • In the flash mixer motor is not in working condition and hence operation of uniform mixing is hampered.2 mg/lit ----10No/100ml max Permissible 6.iwwa.S.5 to 8.4 43 to 2) Sujit Kumar Bhattacharya & Ratan Kishore Choudhary “Performance of Engineering Parameter of a water Treatment Plant A Case Study” paper published in 28th WEDC conference on Sustainable Environment Sanitation and Water Survices at Kolkata (Culcutta). • Sometime the water in clarifier is over discharged. • Sand in Rapid sand filters should be according to standards. 1) M. K.ijaest... Observations at Water Treatment plant •A thick scum layer is accumulated at the bottom of the coagulation tanks. • Dose of coagulant are decided arbitrarily on the basis of turbidity.asp 7) www.1to 5. Raut T. S.Coagulants are not added regularly in raw water. • Transfer of backwashing water into river should be prevented.iserp. • The sludge from the clariflocculator is discharged into a river . • Thickness of sand in every bed is not as per design. • The Place where Alum is kept is not hygienic due to which there is possibility of bacterial growth. A.. • Coagulant dose is determine arbitrarily without any laboratory study on Jar test.Mankar* et al.1 to 8. India.2 2002. Eldib and Mahmoud A. 3) Dhaneshwar R.Sarika M.htm 6) www. Issue No. and Paramasivam R “Performance Evaluation of Five Urban Water Treatment Plants in Utter Pradesh” paper published in Indian Water Works Association Journal.5 10 NTU max 5.5 to 8. Suspended Solids Total coliform 7.

www. Issue* et al.289 8).org.iserp. All rights 7. Pawnar IJ ISSN: 2230-7818 @ 2011 http://www.www.or.ijaest.state. Page 289 A ES T . / (IJAEST) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED ENGINEERING SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGIES Vol No. 286 .Sarika M.htm Figure: Schematic Representation of Water Treatment Plant.shtml 9).deq. 2.

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