Colour the correct answer. 1. Father turned the car _______________ and headed back to the shop. A. into B. around C. over D. along 2. Lily is walking ____________the sundry shop to buy some grated coconut. A. up B. down C. at D. to 3. The little brown fox jumped_______________ the potted plants and ran off. A. into B. across C. onto D. over 4. The European tourists alighted from the bus _______________ the entrance of the National Zoo. A. in B. on C. at D. to 5. Grandmother wore her glasses to put the thread _______________the needle. A. at B. in C. through D. to 6. The bird flew out of the room ______________ the open window. A. to B. on C. through D. between 7. The monitor lizard is walking __________________ the road. A. across B. into C. in D. under

behind D. to C. Father drove carefully ____________ the roundabout. A. in front C. We seldom go out ___________________ night. in B. The car is sandwiched _________________ the two lorries. above 12. at B. on C. What does she usually do ____________ the evenings? A. on D. at . The ‘Hamlet” play starts __________________ three o’clock.8. in B. to D. to 13. above 11. at C. around D. above D. beside 10. between 14. in B. A. in B. at 9. at D. The concert is ____________ 3 April 2011. between D. The gardener puts the rake ________________ the storeroom wall. against C. at C. under B. A. A. on C. A. against B. A.

A. onto D. The children are eating _____________ the table. A. Muslims go to the mosque to pray. A. at D. on D. in D. in 20. We went to meet my aunt ______________ the airport last night. on C. on 17.15. in B. at B. on C. up 19. ______________ Fridays. onto 18. through 16. in D. in C. at B. at C. on D. at B. Who else was there ______________ the dinner table? A. along 21. There is no water ______________the well. in B. at C. The train will be arriving ________________ three o’clock. A. on C. A. A. at C. in B. around . on D. over B. Lim arranged his books neatly ________________ the cupboard.

along C. A. from D. The school has been built ___________1945. in D. on 25. A. on C. at C. since . A. on C. from B. down 23. Meng Kiat went __________ a train ride to Rawang. ______________ the examination. in D. the class was very quiet. at B. through B.22. during B. There is a restaurant ___________________ the third coach. A. through D. on 24.