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Directors Look Book

*Disclaimer: Actors pictured are not attached to project.

Stunning and successful...

Sissy is torn between her love for Rich and a dark secret that has begun to corrode their marriage.

Overbearing and hotheaded but with a heart of gold, Big Boy is a blue collar brother...

...who struggles to define himself as the man of the family, both within his fathers household and in his marriage.

Tiny is a talented and strong-willed beauty who sparkles like a Cotton Club era golden girl. Tiny is other-worldly character, glamorous and clairvoyant.

Big Boys wife Shaunielle is a strong and sexy round-the-way girl and a nurse in a maternity ward.

Rich has a high-powered career and beautiful wife in Sissy but is at a loss for how to close the growing gulf in his marriage.

Countess, known as Ma, is decidedly glamorous while being deeply maternal. She will do whatever she must to hold her family together.

Duke is a mid fifties man with broad shoulders and weathered face. Duke is torn between his loyalty to his deceased best friend Pete and his love for Pete's widow, Countess.

Reborn, 15 years old, loves basketball and hip hop. He has utter faith in his mother, Tiny. His guarded exterior and easy style mask a sensitive person.

Reborns former girlfriend Isis is a teenage girl in foster care.

Sharpe is a self-styled entertainment promoter with a hold on Tiny.

Living Room

The Satin Nightie

Sissy & Richs Home

The Church

The House

The Basketball Court

The Basement


Brownstone Brooklyn

Douglas Home
Vestibule Backyard

Dining Room

Living Room

Ground entrance

The Church

The Basketball Court

The Basketball Court is where Reborn shoots hoops with his friends, where Tiny says goodbye, and where the Family finds Reborn.

The Satin Nightie

The Satin Nightie, a dimly lit lounge-style club, contrasts with the Douglas home. Rich meets Violet at the bar. Later, Ma and Sissy confront bartender JoAnn Smith.

The Basement

The basement of the Douglas home is a cold dust bin filled with old boxes and stacks of scrapbooks.

Sissy and Richs Home

Sleek Manhattan apartment with clean, white lines and a clinical feel.

motif m-tf a distinctive and recurring image

Ancient Egypt

Thanksgiving Dinner
Light through Blinds

Religious Iconography

Shattered Glass


Characters at Windows
Fall Colors

Fish Bowl


Through lanterns, candles, clothing and lighting...

Fall Colors

...well highlight the rich fall colors of gold, orange, reds and browns.

Sissy in mirror

In scenes with Sissy and Rich, we will use their reflections in mirrors to show their emotional distance.

Rich in mirror

When Tiny looks in a mirror or out the window, its always through shattered glass.

Shattered glass

Religious Iconography
With Biblical influence, images of suffering and selfsacrifice...

...are placed in a modern, urban context in the world of the characters.

Ancient Egypt

Imagery related to Reborn and girlfriend will reflect Ancient Egypt mythology of Osiris and Isis.

Starlight filters on candles and lights will bring a magical, holiday-time effect.

Candles and Lights

The Baby is the storys pivotal character, the one around whom the conflict is centered.

Practical baby dolls are very realistic and will work in most scenes. Real baby for select shots.

Baby Hope