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Disaster are events that come unannounced and the main duty of district

administration then becomes the proper management of resources, be it material, physical or manpower. As per the Government directions, in the state, every district must have a District Disaster Management Plan. Accordingly, a detailed District Disaster Management Plan has been prepared for the District Rohtak. While preparing this document, an effort has been made to:

Identify probable Disaster/Disaster situations in this district and nodal officers for each such situation have been deputed. The duties of all the members of District Disaster Management Committee have been clearly defined. Evolve a Standard Operative Procedure of a general nature keeping in view the common requirements of various Disaster situations with special emphasis on control room operation and seeking help from outside the district. Touch upon in detail the inventory of resources at the disposal of the Administration and the knowledge of experts for handling the situation. Project a detailed individual Disaster management plan for handling important Disaster/Disaster situations.

Our main aim is to reduce vulnerability and also to minimize the destruction caused by all of these types of Disaster, be it natural or manmade. This is not an easy task and in order to achieve this target and also keeping in view the population and the of multiplicity of the hazards and Disaster, which can occur, we are of firm opinion that the government cannot resolve this issue and the people are not prepared to pay the price in terms of massive casualties and economic losses, the task, though difficult but is achievable Introduction Disaster threatens sustainable economic development worldwide. In the past twenty years, earthquakes, floods, tropical storms, droughts and other calamites have killed millions of people, inflicted injury, disease and caused homelessness and misery to around one billion others in the world. These have caused damage to infrastructure worth millions of rupees. Disaster destroys decades of human effort and investments, thereby, placing new demands on society for reconstruction and rehabilitation. Disaster management thus, requires multi-disciplinary and proactive approach. The community, civil society organizations, media and the proverbial man on the street, every one has to play a role in case such exigency occurs. The various prevention and mitigation measures outlined below are aimed at building up capabilities as also how to deal with Disaster. The objective of a Disaster management plan is to localize a Disaster and contain its effect to the greatest extent so as

to minimize its impact on life, environment and property. Response to Disaster, in the absence of a well-defined plan, would be arbitrary, leading to overemphasis of actions of some actions and absence of other critical actions. A formal plan for managing Disaster is, therefore, necessary. This Disaster management plan has a strong preventive focus which aims at reducing the frequency of occurrence of such Disaster while at the same time, it includes a plan of action for earthquakes, floods, cyclones, epidemics, industrial and chemical accidents, road accidents and fires. Keeping in view, all the possible aspects of the aforesaid problem in mind and to keep the Administration prepared in all possible ways to respond properly to various Disaster situations within shortest possible time, possible Disaster situations/Disaster have been identified and the component plans have also been identified & mentioned in detail in this document: (A) Natural Calamities

Floods Earthquake Biological Disaster or Epidemic of Human/livestock/crops Fire Locust attack Hailstorm

(B) Man Made Calamities (i) Industrial Disaster (ii) Radiological Disaster (iii) Accidents (iv) Railways (v) Road (vi) Air (vii) Building Collapse (viii) Stampede at crowded religious functions/ melas/ processions. (ix) Food Poisoning (x) Bomb Blast (Terrorist Activities) The mode, degree and extent of response to fight out any Disaster depends upon the nature, degree and extent of Disaster, but some of the points are almost common to all kinds of situations. For example, it is to be ensured in all types of Disaster that first of all appropriate prevention steps are to be taken. Secondly, preparedness is required to contain the damages and casualties resulting from the Disaster. Thirdly, steps for reclamation and restoration of community life within a reasonable time will have to be taken care of.

Similarly, it is common to all situations that: 1. Central Control Rooms are to be established. 2. District Disaster Management Committee is to come into action 3. A general line of action and some special duties to various officers and departments will have to be assigned. 4. Voluntary Organizations may have to be involved and their role will have to be clearly specified and coordinated. 5. Media may have to be briefed to suppress all kinds of rumors. 6. Information regarding resource inventory of Health Services, Transport Services, Evacuation & Rehabilitation Centers , and Food etc. may be needed. Broad guidelines have been given in the following pages and "Standard Procedure" has been formulated which is to be adhered to by all concerned. Once the Disaster takes place and the authorities are informed of the same, they will take the necessary action with the help of the individual Disaster management plans prepared for the respective Disaster/situations. The main objectives of various preparedness measures are: i) Minimizing the loss of human lives. ii) Minimizing the loss of livestock. iii) Minimizing the loss to property and infrastructure. iv) Minimizing ill effects on the health of affected population. v) Bringing the human activities in the locality to normal condition soon after. To achieve the above objectives different tasks have to be performed by different Government Departments and other agencies before, during and after the Disaster. Each Department's role and responsibilities have to be clearly identified and action plan needs to be drawn up by each department. For close cooperation between the various Department / Agencies, close coordination is required at the District. Headquarter as well as at the Tehsil Headquarter. Deputy Commissioner Rohtak will coordinate the work at the District. Headquarter. SDMs are to co-ordinate all activities at the Sub The responsibility to manage all sorts of Disaster in the district rests with the "District Disaster Management Committee" headed by the Deputy Commissioner-cumDistrict Magistrate Rohtak, who may, depending upon the gravity of the situation, seek the help of "State Disaster Management Committee" and the "National Disaster Management Committee".

For operational expediency, the concerned Sub Divisional Magistrate, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Station House Officer and Tehsildar with their subordinate staff will swing into action immediately after receipt of information regarding any Disaster. The SDO/SDM will immediately take over as in charge of the site. They will try their best to contain the situation with the available local resources. However, if they find that the situation is beyond their control and the district level resource mobilization is required, they will seek the help of their superiors or call the meeting of Disaster Management Committee. Operation Model for such situation is shown below. STEPS OF DISASTER MANAGEMENT PLAN Prevention of Disaster First step will be to prevent the Disaster and each nodal officer shall visualize and ensure that the preventive actions have been taken well in advance by him to avert any Disaster situation. For this purpose, appropriate warning system, patrolling of vulnerable areas will also be intensified during the Disaster prone times. Containing of Disaster The second step shall be to contain the Disaster. This would involve expert advice from the sources within the district and also out of the district, if required. Army help or help from State Level Disaster Management Committee will also be sought, if need be. This step will also involve establishing of control rooms as per requirements. Rescue Operations Simultaneously, with the second step, rescue operations will also start. This would include evacuation, if needed, transportation of evacuees etc. Identification of evacuee centers for this purpose should be made well in advance Relief, Shelter & Restoration This would involve providing relief like food shelter and clothing, first aid and medical aid to the evacuees and also to the livestock. This operation would also include restoration of the same status, as it existed before the Disaster. Establishing Control Room During any Disaster, all activities of Disaster management shall be conducted from the Central Control Room. From this center, the necessary command shall be issued, action thereon shall be coordinated and the information shall flow down the line. A Control Room for dealing with Law and Order problems is located in Rohtak Telephone numbers 250931 to function round the clock. It is equipped with wireless/R. T. Sets and Telephone sets (Both P & T and Hot Lines). The camp office of D.C Rohtak (245533) & S.S.P (250131) shall also function as Emergency Control Room round the Clock.

Generally, this Control Room functions from 9.00AM to 5.00 PM during working hours/days, but if emergent situation arises, this will function round the clock and monitored by Executive Magistrate or an ADC nominated by the District Magistrate. The system of Control Rooms in Police lines (for Law and Order) and in D.C office (for Natural and other Disaster) at the district level is for a situation of large scale and wide spread Disaster in the district. In case of localized Law and Order problems or Natural and other Disaster, Control Rooms are generally established at the concerned Police Station or SDM's Office respectively or at any other strategic place near to the site of the Disaster. For operational expediency, this system shall be continued and their telephone numbers are as under: Telephone No. Office Residence 250252 245588 268255 245533 256230 250813 250131 256230 252885 252101 241069 233148 233145 255270 252885 255270 245121 255270 271672 233830 233831 250279 -250931 --

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

D.M. Rohtak S.P. Rohtak Addl. S.P. Rohtak S.D.M. Rohtak S.D.M. Meham D.S.P. City Rohtak D.S.P. Hqr. D.S.P. Detective D.S.P. Meham L.O. Rohtak Police Control Room Rohtak

Control Rooms will be equipped with detailed location maps of the district, towns & tehsils showing locations of Fire Stations, P.H.Cs, veterinary Hospitals, Roads, Index Drainage Plan, Rail Lines etc. A detailed list of the officers posted in the district with their residential address and telephone numbers shall also be readily available there. MANNING OF CONTROL ROOM Police Control Rooms located in the district police office are manned round the clock by persons of the rank of SI/ASI. Generally, he receives the information / messages and sends the same to the concerned authorities. Likewise, the office superintendent normally mans the D.C. Office Control room. In emergent situations the control Rooms shall be manned as detailed below: LEVEL-I OPERATION When the emergency can be managed with the resources available within the district :

Police Control Room with E.M and Dy.S.P nominated by DM and SSP respectively.

D.C Office Control Room with an E.M or Senior Gazetted Officer nominated by the Deputy Commissioner.

LEVEL-II OPERATION When resources from the State/Central Government are required to manage the emergency: Police Control Room with an ADM or EM nominated by DM and DSPs nominated by the SSP. D.C. Office Control Room with ADC Normally DSP (HQ) Rohtak, will be Officer-in-charge, Police Control Rooms. When Information of any Disaster situation is received at the Control Room, the person on duty will pass on the information not only to DC and SP concerned but also to ADC, SDM and DSP (HQ) in the concerned police district in cases of Law and Order problem/ Disaster and to ADC SDM and DSP(HQ) in the concerned police district in cases of natural and other calamities / Disaster. Deputy Commissioner/Chairman shall 1. Summon a meeting of the District Disaster Management Committee if required & City Magistrate shall ensure attendance of all the members by informing them well in advance. 2. Implement the concerned contingency plan. 3. Coordinate the activities of various agencies /organizations and 4. If necessary invoke, help from the local Army unit, the State Government and the Central government. SSP Rohtak/Vice Chairman/Vice Chairperson shall: 1. Arrange to give initial information to the DC and SDMs through Police Control Rooms. 2. Maintain Law and order after such an incident. He /She will take all steps to ensure safety of life and property of every citizen in consultation with the District Magistrate. Will also take steps to cordon off the hospital area from the mob. 3. Establish nakas after the incident to apprehend the culprits. 4. Assist the rescue teams in shifting the injured to the hospital. 5. Conduct traffic control operation at the site of the emergency. 6. Control entry to the emergency area by establishing various naka points. 7. Protect the vital installations and the religious institutions during sensitive situations. 8. Provide assistance in arranging for evacuation and shelter points for the evacuees. 9. Provide the wireless communication facility wherever required urgently by the DM.

10. Take effective steps to make necessary security arrangements to guard the evacuated residential areas round the clock and protect property and the belongings left behind by the evacuees even in war situations. 11. Carry out other function as laid down in the Internal Security Scheme. 12. Provide flood lights where ever possible. Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Rohtak shall:

Assist the District Magistrate in discharging his functions as required by him from time to time. Coordinate and mobilize men and materials from various panchayats. Coordinate relief efforts.

District Transport officer cum SDM shall: i) Provide transport mechanism for evacuation in the form of Private buses, Trucks, Tempoes. ii) Requisitioning the Govt. Vehicles for evacuation and relief operations. iii) Make arrangements for trucks / tempos for transportation of food stocks, essential commodities /persons/live stocks etc. iv) Arrange cranes for removal blockades. Chief Medical officer / Civil Surgeon shall: 1. Mobilize and coordinate the emergency medical and Health Services consisting of: o o o o o

Emergency treatment in the Hospital and ambulance services to the injured & needy. Casualty services including managing of First Aid Posts in the affected areas. Transporting the seriously injured persons to the bigger & specialized hospitals with adequate facilities, equipment & specialist doctors. Health and OPD services in the community shelters in case of evacuation. Setting up mobile medical teams to visit the affected areas to provide health services, especially to the handicapped, children, old persons and women. Ensure adequate supply of medical drugs and services.

1. Ensure postmortem of the dead bodies getting conducted expeditiously. 2. Provide chlorine tablets or other water purifier medicines wherever required. 3. Provide inoculation / vaccination against various epidemic diseases especially to the children & women.

4. To keep a check on the quality/ hygiene of food being served in the relief centers & the areas around it. 5. Co-opt & coordinate the activities of various voluntary organizations such as Red Cross and Others. Civil Surgeon Rohtak will be responsible to supply all kind or medicines in the relief camps and other affected areas in Rohtak District. He will ensure the availability of sufficient quantity of medicines including the medicines used for the care of the snakebite during the flood seasons with all the medical teams will be operational and moving in the towns and villages during the flood season and emergency team will be available in the hospital round the clock. The S.M.O. posted in the Sub Divisions will submit daily progress report to the concerned SDMs. He will also ensure that proper arrangement for medical treatment is available in the relief camps. He will further ensure that adequate steps are taken to prevent any scope of outbreak of any epidemic like situation. On receipt of information regarding Accident where casualties are expected, the CS will constitute two teams of Doctors and paramedicals , Team ''A'' and Team "B'' 1. The Team ''A'' headed by CS will rush to the accident site immediately along with 6/7 doctors and 15-20 paramedics. 2. The Team ''B'' headed by the senior most doctors amongst them will contact the local hospitals (Railway/Govt./Private) near the accident site to provide medical treatment to the injured passengers. Duties of Team ''A'': A Control Room at site must immediately be set up and CS should sit in the site control office. As leader of the Team ''A'', he would take control of the site and will coordinate all relief measures and distribute the duties amongst doctors available as below: i. One doctor to be given duties to look after dead bodies. ii. One doctor will prepare list of persons dead/injured. iii. One/two doctors will be asked to visit the hospitals where the injured passengers have been already shifted. iv. Rest of the doctors will be asked to be involved in rescue operations, to provide medical treatment to the injured passengers and their transport to nearby hospitals. v. CS will immediately relay tentative figures of dead and injured (not necessarily indicating gravity of injured and their details). Then the details of injured and dead with names and injuries will be prepared. vi Once the preliminary list of persons dead/injured have been prepared, the list should be signed by the CS.

Duties of Doctor In charge of the dead bodies: i. The Doctor will arrange to shift the dead bodies from the track /bogies/road to a nominated place at the accident site with the help of all the paramedical staff, M.S.S. Rohtak, NSS/NCC volunteers, Scouts members, Civil Defence members and Rly/NonRly volunteers available at the site. All the dead bodies should be brought at a central place for easier identification. ii. To put cloth label (white cloth of 12'' in to 9'' written by Marker pen) on each dead body on the chest just below the neck. The label should be as below: iii. To take four photographs of each dead body. Two should be close up of face and the label as above and two should be of full length of the dead body. iv. After this, the dead bodies will be handed over to G.R.P./Police for needful. v. For dead bodies whose relatives are not readily available and a delay is expected, CS will arrange for preservation of the dead bodies by various processes like preservation by ice, dry ice, embalming etc.. The bodies may be kept in mortuaries till handing over. vi. Wooden coffins to be arranged on need basis. Duties of the doctors who will prepare the list of dead and injured persons: He/She will collect information from other doctors about the details of the dead persons and injured persons. He/she will prepare a list of persons dead/injured in three copies. Duties the doctors deputed to visit different hospitals where injured passengers are admitted: a. Before they leave the site, they should note down the telephone numbers of the site control room and other doctors at the site, mobile phone, for quick communication. b. They will arrange their own transport (hire vehicles if required). In case government vehicles are not available, they should hire Taxi for their movement. Doctors going to different hospitals should have separate vehicles. c. At the Hospital, they should first collect information about the dead/injured persons, their name, age, sex, address, telephone no., name and telephone no.of relatives/friends, nature of the injury, etc.. These information should be immediately communicated to CS at accident site. d. He/She should make an assessment about the capabilities of the hospital to handle the injured persons. He/She should decide whether the patient needs to be shifted to other Hospitals with better facilities and then arrange to shift the patient. e. Normally one doctor should be looking after one Hospital, but when large no. of Hospitals are involved 2/3 Hospitals may be given to one Doctor. In that case, the Doctor, in consultation with CS, should station himself to the Hospital where maximum no. of patients are admitted. Duties of the Doctors involved in rescue operation: 1. Should arrange Ambulance/ other transport immediately in advance to transport injured patients.

2. The injured should be given preliminary treatment. The dead bodies should be handed over to the Doctor In charge of dead bodies. 3. Detailed information about injured persons to be given to the Doctor preparing list of injured persons. 4. Arrangements to be made for transport of patients to the nearest hospitals 5. Detailed search to be launched for any person or dead body trapped in the bathroom/under debris, etc. S.E. Public Health shall: i) Ensure sufficient supply of clean and potable drinking water during the disater at the site and at the evacuation and relief centers. ii) Ensure availability of sufficient number of water tankers for supply of the drinking water. iii) Establish temporary latrines/urinals at relief/evacuation centers. Executive Engineer, PWD Provincial Division shall:
o o o o

Extend necessary help in construction of road diversions and other civil works during Disaster situation. Help in arranging the mechanical equipment whenever required. Carry out rescue operation during a building collapse. Barricading to cordon off affected areas. Ensure uninterrupted electricity supply to all the important installations specially the relief centers, district administration offices and hospitals. Isolate the affected/damaged area in case of fire, floods and earthquake etc. Ensure restoration of electricity supply to the affected area as soon as possible. Make provision of floodlights, searchlights, emergency lights etc. during the night operations. He shall also ensure availability of electric generators, if necessary.

Superintending Engineer HVPNL, Rohtak shall:

o o o o

Commandant, Home Guards, Rohtak shall ensure availability of Home Guards at the disposal of the District Core Committee i) For fire fighting operations. ii) Rescue operations during natural calamities like flood. iii) To provide Assistance for setting up relief & evacuation centers. iv) For other kinds of medical assistance required for shifting injured to the hospitals etc.

v) To provide assistance to Police forces for maintaining proper security and law and order duties. General Manager, Haryana Roadways, Rohtak shall: i) Ensure availability of Govt. buses for the relief operation. ii) Ensure availability of sufficient number of drivers & conductors during roadways strikes & Bandh calls given by various organizations. iii) Ensure parking of buses at safe places like police lines & Police Stations during emergencies / Bandh Calls / Strikes etc. DFSC, Rohtak will 1. Provide food both cooked and raw. 2. Provide tarpaulins if and when required. 3. Coordinate with DMOs and DMs to ensure proper supply of essential commodities like petrol and diesel. Liaison with Fire Tender Deptt. In case of outbreak of serious fire in Rohtak City and its adjoining colonies, immediately the Municipal Fire Bridge will be informed on telephone at number 244488, 101 or by special messenger and the senior most Police Officer present at the Hqrs. shall immediately proceed to the spot and take change of the Police force gathered there. 2. Immediately on the receipt of information regarding the outbreak of fire an alarm will be sounded in the Police Lines through the Bugler or by beating the Magazine guard. Simultaneously the Police Station City Rohtak, Civil Lines Rohtak, Urban Estate Rohtak & Sadar Rohtak will be informed on the phone. All officers and men so collected shall be armed with lathies and a reasonable number rushed to the spot, the scene of fire, by the shortest route and quickest means of transport available. On reaching the spot, they will do shat-ever is possible and within their means to extinguish the fire, prevent it from instructions contained in P.R. 28.22 and 28.23 will be strictly complied with. 3. In serious cases the senior Police Officer at the scene of fire shall informs the District Magistrate/SDO (Civil) or the City Magistrate having jurisdiction. He shall also arrange if necessary, for the attendance of a Doctor or Ambulance. He will also have the scene of fire cordoned off with a view to: a) b) c) Keep back the crowd. Project the promises of fire and adjoining premises from being looted. Arrange for property removed from building in the neighborhood to be placed under projection in place where it will not impede the operations of fire fighters and Assists in the removal of such property when asked to do so by the owners.


4. The Senior Police Officer will inform the Supdt. Water Works on Telephone No. 244417 or through a cycle orderly about the locally of the scene of the fire to arrange pressure of water.

5. The Municipal Committee Rohtak is maintaining a Fire Brigade service with the strength of the following: Superintendent (SPO) = 1 Superintendent (ASPO) = 1 Leading Firemen = 3 Driver/Operator = 2 Firemen =20 --------------------Total =27 ---------------------

Their fire fighting apparatus consists of the following: i) ii) iii) iv) v) Motor Fire Engine comprising of three tanks of 450 Galans each capacity with a pump giving a pump discharge of 400 Gls. For minute of each. Portable Coventry Climax Patrol driven pump of 250 Glns. Per minutes out put. One jeep. Delivery Hoses 2 dia 750 Ft. Suction Hose 16 Ft.

6. With the above object in view, the senior Police Officer will make such disposition of the force as may be appropriate and may requisite as much force from the Lines as necessary and available. 7. Discipline in the force will be maintained strictly and at all costs. 8. There are 666 Stand Posts (Water Tape) and 37 fire Hydrants in the Municipal area. The Officers at the Hqrs. with the collaboration of the Superintendent Water Works and Superintendent Fire Brigade must familiarize themselves with their location. Liaison with Health Deptt. On receipt of information of out break of any disturbance conducted to C.M.O. Health Deptt. Rohtak at following telophone nos. S.N. 1 Office 212430 Residence 212431.

Liaison with PWD Deptt. On receipt of information of out break of any disturbance conducted to S.E. PWD Deptt. Rohtak at following telophone nos. S.N. 1 Office 276076 Residence 223009

Liaison with Public Health Deptt. On receipt of information of out break of any disturbance, conducted to S.E. Public Health Deptt. Rohtak at following telophone nos. S.N. 1 Office 250974 Residence 230638

Liaison with Water Supply & Sanitation. On receipt of information of out break of any disturbance, conducted to S.E. Water Supply & Sanitation Rohtak at following telophone nos. Sr. No. Office Residence 1 250974 230638 Liaison with Electricity Deptt. On receipt of information of out break of any disturbance, conducted to S.E. Electricity Deptt. Rohtak at following telophone nos. Sr. No. 1 Office 230766 Residence 242219

Liaison with Forest Deptt. On receipt of information of out break of any disturbance, conducted to the D.F.O. Rohtak at following telophone nos. Sr. No. 1 Office 251940 Residence 272202

Precautions to be taken. The police force will take all precautions against unnecessary casualties to themselves, guards should not be located in open and exposed places but behind the car/some shelter. Protection of vulnerable points/areas. Guards at the vulnerable points of category A, B and C will be provided by the HAP till such time HAP personnel are posted to guard vulnerable points/areas of B and C categories, force from district police be provided to guard such vulnerable points/areas. The protection of the Army and Air Force establishment is the responsibility of the Army and Air Force authorities. The District Police will provide Guards only on a specific request from the Govt. of India received through the state Govt.

CATEGORY A Strength required to be manned NGO 1 All India Radio, Broadcasting/Transm ission Stn. on DelhiHissar Road near vill. Madina. All India Radio recoding Stn. Subhash Road, adjacent to Police Lines Rohtak. 132 K.V. Grid Sub Stn. Rtk near RtkGohana byepass TV relay Meham Total CATEGORY B 1. Rly. Bridge no. 116 Prohibited near V. Singhpura PS Sdr Rtk between Stns. Samar Gopalpur & Rohtak on RTKJind line (6 plan of 13 Ft eact) Rly. Bridge near Vill. Pehrawar PS Sdr Rtk near Rly.Stn Pehrawar(Span3X20) Rly. Bridge no. 127 near V. Kharanthi PS Meham (span 3 X 20) Rly. Bridge no. 132 over canal V. Bainsi -- Do --1 4 centre Recommend ed at prohibited areas. -- Do -1 HC 4 Cts 20 Not yet approved but likely to be approved being guarded regularly day & night cost of guard being met by sr. Eng (H) AIR Note yet approved being provided in emergency will have to be included in category A Approval is still awaited



-- Do --


-- Do --

1 3

3 12

12 54

Approval is still awaited


-- Do --


-- Do --


PS Meham between Rly. Stns. Kharainthi Quilla Jaffargarh (span 2 X 12 each) 5 Rly. Bridge no. 103 near Rly. Stn. Asthal Bohar PS Sdr Rtk between Rly. Stn. Khrawar & Asthal Bohar (span 3 X 20 each) Bulk Petrol Depot Near Rly. Stn. Rtk 132 KV Grid Sub Stn. Kalanaur Water works Rtk-I Water works Rtk-II Treasury at Rohtak Telephone exchange (New) near Distt. Court Total CATEGORY C 1 Rohtak Telecom Complex (Exchange) near Distt. Court. Bridge on canal Vill. Asthal Bohar on NHW no. 10 PS Sdr. Rtk Bridge drain no. 8 on Rohtak Hissar road in the jurisdiction of PS Sdr. Rtk (span 5X10) miles from Rtk city Grain storage -- Do --1 4 -- Do --1 4

6 7 8 9 10 11

-- Do --- Do --- Do --- Do --- Do --- Do --


1 1 1 1 1 1

4 4 4 4 4 4




-- Do --


-- Do --


-- Do --


godown Rohtak near Rly. Stn. Rohtak 5 State Bank of India Rohtak near Distt. Court Rohtak State Bank of India Hissar Road Rohtak State Bank of Patiala Rohtak State Bank of Patiala M/T Rohtak PNB Civil Road Rtk Central Bank of India Civil Road Rtk. -- Do --1 4

6 7 8 9 10

-- Do --- Do --- Do --- Do --- Do -Total


1 1 1 1 1 10

4 4 4 4 4 40

Equipments required: - (work out requirements and list likely sources) find out availability locally i.e. items, which can be mobilized/borrowed locally in emergency from Govt./private agencies. List of Tent Houses Sr. Name No. 1


Tel/Mobile N. 9812419005

Shiv Tent House , Amrit DLF Cly. Rohtak Lal S/o Ramji Dass, R/o Patel Nagar Rohtak Wadhwa Tent House, Lal Arya Nagar Chowk Rohtak Chand Wadhwa S/o Duli Chand R/o 721/25, Patel Nagar Rohtak Jagdamba Tent House, Arya Nagar Chowk Rohtak Rajender S/o Ramdhan R/o 241/25, Bhisti Pura Rohtak,


9896250692, 9254350692

Sachdeva Tent House, Arya Nagar, Ravidas Galli 01262256793 Ramesh Chander S/o No. 1 Ramlal R/o 1010/24, Jagdish Cly. Rohtak.

Deepak Tent House, Arya Nagar Rohtak Umrao S/o Matu Ram R/o Ganni Pura Rohtak Gopal Tent House, Hari Arya Nagar Road Rohtak Mohan S/o Bajrang Lal R/o 227/17, Vijay Nagar Rohtak Narang Tent House, Satish Hari Nagar Rohtak Kumar S/o Bodhraj R/o 1599/15, Para Mohalla Rtk Juneja Tent House, Patel Nagar Rohtak Subhash S/o Ram Prakash R/o Patel Nagar Rohtak Mohit Tent House Labour Chowk Rohtak





9 10

01262242299 01262211879

Neel Kamal Tent House, Subhash Nagar Rohtak Sunil Rathee S/o Mahabir Rathee R/o 107, Subhash Nagar Rohtak


Panchhi Tent House, Prem Nagar Chowk Rohtak 9813175845, Dilbag Singh S/o Chandgi 01262257709 Ram Neel Kanth Tent House, 1664, Housing Board Cly. 9896072665 Vinod Khatri S/o Bal Rohtak Kishan Khatri Kuldeep S/o Som Nath Gulab S/o Birkhu Ramesh S/o Ram Kumar Anil Kumar S/o Ramdhari Janta Tent House, Asha Ram S/o Ram Singh Vill. Bainsi Vill. Nindana - doVill. Nandal W.No. 6 Meham 9315544051, 01257-233551 01257-233724 9416257338 9896975117 9812723444 9812501965


13 14 15 16 17 18 19

Anil Tent House, Anil S/o - do Daya Nand Aggarwal Tent House, - do Sunder Lal S/o Gugan Ram

20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41

Mahabir Tent House, - do Mahabir S/o Brij Lal Bharat Tent House, - do Anil S/o Amar Singh Shiv Tent House, Madan - do Lal S/o Sunder Lal Vinod Tent House, Rishi Vill. Bhaini Surjan S/o Balwant Kala Tent House, Bijender W.No. 11 Meham S/o Balbir Singh Fouji Tent House, Rajesh Vill. Madina S/o Ram Karan Dharam Pal S/o Ram Karan - do Bharat Tent House Madaan Tent House Juneja Tent House Kashyap Tent House Sehgal Tent House Kadiyan Tent House Sanjay Tent House Sikka Tent House Raj Tent House Bala Ji Tent House Haridas Tent House Choudhary Tent House Samrat Tent House Ashok Tent House Makrauliya Tent House Kalanaur - do - do - do - do Vill. Kahnaur - do - do Sampla - do - do - do - do - do - do -

9812141952 9812533626 9813026923 01257-219406 9896220481 -01257-260803 01258-241275 9255120022 01258-222250 9896412219 01258-222048 -01257-219406 01258-256283 9813213932 9896728316 -9255912092 9416386538 9315481550 9255475608

42 43 44 45 46 47 (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii)

Chhillar Tent House Janki Tent House Jatin Tent House Raja Tent House Shile Tent House Saini Tent House

- do - do Vill. Gijhi Vill. Ismaila-11B Vill. Bhainsru Kalan Vill. Hassangarh

9416233936 9315421290 -9416083990 9812083602 9896694627 = = = = = = = 250 900 05 45 11 60 Nil

Generators Vehicles-Light, Medium and Heavy Cranes Water Tankers Boats/steamers Earth moving equipments- Bulldozers and JCB etc. Any other equipment required.

Food, loading and Accommodation. (List NGOs who are ready to provide food for atleast 200 persons at a time. Sr. No. Name of Organization 1 2 Indian Red Cross Society Rohtak Manav Sewa Sangh, Bhiwani Road Rohtak Hari Om Sewa Dal near Sanatam Dharam Mandir, Gandhi Nagar Rohtak Baba Banda Bahadur Sewa Smiti, DLF Cly. Rohtak Nav Yuvak Kala Sangam Saini Chaupal Chunni Pura Rohtak Haryana Nav Yuvak Kala 46, Sec-1 Rohtak Bharat Vikas Parishad Rohtak Sati Bhai Sai Dass Sewa Dal, Anand Nursing Home Arya Nagar Rohtak Sant Nirankari Mandal, Name of contact person O.P. Arora, Secy. Swami Param Chetenya Ramesh Gupta Vijay Khurana Telephone No. 244558, 240617 248837

240617, 246632

4 5

V.P. Makkar Ravi Parkash Saini Dr. Jasphool Singh Ishwar Dutt Aghi Dr. Subhash Anand Chunni Lal

241969, 256945 276298

6 7 8

394059, 394054 254367 9896056883


10 11 12 13 14

Nirankari House Delhi Gate Rohtak Rotary Club Rohtak Sports Club Meham Jan Sewa Smiti Meham

Parmukh Shyam Lal Gupta Joginder Girotra Basant Lal Girdhar Lion Vinod Gupta 246902 233010 233415 9416050500 9812079192

Lions Club Rohtak Regd. 1063/23, DLF Cly. Rohtak Lions Club Rohtak Fort Kalra Lion Om Kalra Gen. Store Quila Road Rohtak

Sanitation (Teams) I)

List of Ambulances available in the District.

(a) List of Ambulances available with Govt. Hospitals.
C.S. Rohtak (212430, 212431) 4 Ambulance under sector investment programme (SIP)

Sr. No. 1 2 3 4

Name of Incharge C.S. Rohtak Haryana Nav Yuvak Kala Sangam Rohtak Red Cross Society Rohtak Lakhan Majra

Name of Places G.H. Rohtak CHC Sampla CHC Meham Lakhan Majra

Tel/Mobile No. 212430, 212431 272347, 9896250683 01258-233122 --

Red Cross Society Rohtak (102, 244588) 2 Ambulance + 1 HARSE Van

Sr. No. 1

Name of Incharge RCS Rohtak

Name of Places Medical College-day time at night RCS office campus Rohtak -do-do-

Tel/Mobile No. 102, 244588

2 3

-do-do- (HARSE Van)


PGIMS Rohtak (Transport Officer 211306, 212636) 5 Ambulance + 1 HARSE Van

Sr. No. 1

Name of Incharge PGIMS Rohtak

Name of Places Lala Shyamlal Super Specially Centre PGIMS Rohtak. PGIMS Campus use for out siders patients.

Tel/Mobile No.
211306, 212636



3 4 5 6

-do-do-doPGIMS Rohtak Haryana Red Cross Blood Donation, Society Blood Bank PGIMS Rohtak

-doCasulity PGIMS Rohtak -do-do-


(b) List of Ambulances available with NGOs.

Manav Sewa Sangh Rohtak (278837, 248837) 2 Ambulance + MSS Hospital Rohtak (259812, 265256) 1 Ambulance

Sr. No. 1

Name of Incharge Mr. Pawan Kumar, Manager -do-do- Hospital

Name of Places Medical College- day time at night MSS office Campus Rohtak -doMSS Hospital Campus,
Pipal Wali Gali Kath Mandi

Tel/Mobile No.
278837, 248837

2 3

-do259812, 265256

Hariom Sewa Dal Rohtak (240617, 238681) 1 Ambulance

Sr. No. 1

Name of Incharge Mr. Satish Kumar

Name of Places PGIMS Rohtak

Tel/Mobile No.
240617, 238681, 9215505817

Sati Bhai Sain Dass Sewa Dal Gohana Adda Rohtak (276906) 1 Ambulance

Sr. No. 1

Name of Incharge SSD Sewa Dal Rohtak

Name of Places Medical College Campus Rohtak

Tel/Mobile No.

Bajrang Bhawan Mahavir Dal Delhi Road Rohtak (243761) 1 Ambulance

Sr. No. 1

Name of Incharge BBM Dal Rohtak

Name of Places Medical College Campus Rohtak

Tel/Mobile No.

Haryana Nav Shiksha Samiti Rohtak (243761) 1 Ambulance

Sr. No. 1

Name of Incharge Mr. Surinder Hooda Secy.

Name of Places Medical College Campus

Tel/Mobile No.
243761, 9416518426

Rohtak (c) List of Ambulances available with Pvt. Doctors/Hospitals. Sr. No. 1 2 Name of Incharge Name of Places Tel/Mobile No.

Narula Ultrasound Rohtak Clinic 244313 Nathu Ram Rathee Medical College Campus 235638 Memorial Hospital Rohtak 3 Punjab Path Lab Medical Medical College Campus 212742 More Rohtak Rohtak 4 All India Mahila Sewa Sewa Sadan Lakhan 01257-285637 Samiti Sewa Sadan Lakhan Majra Majra (d) List and locations of Hospitals beds, operation theatres (Govt. & Pvt.) Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Name of Incharge Dr. Giriraj Dr. Amita Rani Dr. P.C. Ahlawat Dr. Alka Hooda Dr. Gulshan Garg Dr. Shiv Kumar Dr. Amit Malik Dr. Reema Dr. Arjiv Dr. Deepak Dr. Suresh Dr. V.K. Kataria Dr. Rajesh Dr. Deepa Dr. Satish Dr. Satbir Dr. Satyawan Dr. Neelam Dr. Jagbir Singh Dr. Jagbir Singh Dr. Vinay Kumar Dr. O.P. Dhania Name of Places CHC Meham Madina Mokhra Girawar Behlba CHC Kalanaur Baniyani Baland Kahnauar Pilana CHC Sampla Hassangarh Kharawar CHC Kiloi Bhalaut Pakasma Sanghi Ghilaur Kalan CHC Chiri Lakhan Majra SG Pur G.H. Rohtak Tel/Mobile No. 01257-233122

01258-222553 01258-250883 283475 01258-245343 263699 262627 224288 232212 232212 227764 01258-222553 289554 251534

(e) List of Pvt. Doctors who will be associated in providing medical aid to the victims of Disaster :Sr. Name of Incharge Locations Tel/Mobile No. No. 1 Dr. (Mrs.) & Jhawahar Model Town Rtk 9355612017, 213836,

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

Chhabra Dr. Manvir Sangwan Dr. Devender Sangwan Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. D.K. Puri Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. K.C. Mudgil Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. Akshay Shukla Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. Ashish Devgan Dr. O.P. Sabharwal Dr. Viney Kumar Govita Dr. J.P. Arora Dr. Ajay Batra Dr. Vikas Siwach Dr. Narinder Singh Dr. G.N. Aggarwal Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. N.K. Sharma Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. Suresh Singhal Dr. Sunil Sethi Dr. A.K. Sood Dr. Komal Makkar Dr. Urmil Chawla Dr. S.S. Lochab Dr. S.K. Dhatarwal Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. Ramesh Batra Dr. Ishawr Singh (Eye) Dr. K.S. Khokhar Dr. S.K. Gulati

-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-doPGIMS Rohtak -do-do-do-do-do-doSonepat Road Rohtak -do-do-do-

292816 9812155598, 213229, 9254213229 9416313162, 274666, 325280 9896214298, 213132, 292014 9416053509, 213509, 212309 9416053509, 213509, 212309 213712 213065, 212087 9416255740, 212644, 210860 9896656656, 9416361344, 211170 9812007633, 210174 9996006101, 9896034922, 26606 9416124088, 212430/33, 212828 9812150018, 247657, 210286 9416056475, 212475 9416491115, 213643 9812025075, 9416944701, 212317 9416053665, 213006, 212665 9896358289, 212363 9812545500, 212110 9812173119, 212600 9416050635, 213345 9416473285, 256356 9812030555, 250885, 250555 9315454742, 246632, 292992 9812026166, 246572, 256955

27 28 29 30 31 32 33

Dr. (Mrs.) Rita Gulati Dr. Balkishan Goel Dr. S.S. Dalal Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. Amarjeet Rathi Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. Ishwar Singh (Ortho) Dr. S.S. Mudgil Dr. R.K. Dhawan


9896342097, 313955, 9896342098 9812174379, 9416102848, 322207 9416360618, 253371, 253978 9812160637, 253315 9812083569, 250124, 247105 9416359019, 255930 9896025426, 9896343431, 243432 9416312288, 251787, 211888 9812056052, 279376, 279680, 279679 9896911123 9896927070 9416052851, 268058, 258425 9812186740, 269049, 258848 9812345978, 269049, 258848 9416050980, 250980 243877 9896213040, 252496, 244105 9812078211, 252225 9896771705, 255553, 255033/77 9812142227, 256789, 213887 9416053316, 254316, 246100 9416053749, 253749, 246709 9416052861, 269564, 269362 9812301929, 25111213 Ext, 211635 9812301914, 210427, 211421

34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51

Dr. S.S. Dahiya Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. A.S. Rathi Dr. Ravinder Sahu Dr. Arti Sahu Dr. P.S. Mann Dr. Ashok Mittal Dr. (Mrs.) Rashmi Mittal Dr. R.L. Garg Dr. (Mrs.) Santosh Rattan Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. Nikhil Gupta Dr. Ravinder Hooda Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. Ramesh Chitkara Dr. B.K. Saini Dr. S.L. Verma Dr. Anil Sanghi Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. P.K. Marwah Dr. R.K. Keshwani Dr. Ravi Mohan

-do-do-do-doNear Police Line Rohtak -do-do-do-do-do-do-doDLF Cly. Rohtak -do-do-do-do-do-

52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74

Dr. (Miss.) Nirmal Gulati Dr. (Mrs.) Seema Kakkar Dr. Ranbir Hooda Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. Dinesh Khosla Dr. Sanjay Saxena Dr. P.S. Dutt Dr. H.O. Manchanda Dr. Satish Sharma Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. Surinder Sukhija Dr. Sunil Munjal Dr. V.P. Mahla Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. Arun Narula Dr. Subhash Seth Dr. Sunil Malik Dr. (Mrs.) Seema Malik Dr. Naveen Malhotra Dr. Rakhi Malhotra Dr. R.K. Choudhary Dr. Shashi Choudhary Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. Surinder Nagpal Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. Shailendra Goel Dr. R.L. Jain Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. Ashutosh Gupta Dr. (Mrs.) Satya Julka

-do-do-doPalika Bazar Rohtak -do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-doHUDA Complex Rohtak -do-do-do-do-do-



9896019954, 251111, 213336 9812067855, 279442 9416210430, 9416358929 9896046480, 272172, 273173 9812022150, 255622, 213242, 329778 9812051633, 247328, 211329 9812129889, 272969 9812054433, 245333, 213333 9896371000, 271000, 255055 9416102828, 251987, 273288 9896072698, 251959, 272698 9896341538, 255250/51 9896044545, 246304, 213579 9355610968, 213860, 256602 9812188829, 256602 98712091051, 258387, 247368 9812154121, 259812, 258387, 247368 9812090599, 254587, 245896 9896054433, 254587, 245896 9812042910, 258910, 245370 9812222961, 257129, 269628 9896496656, 271328, 271432 9315346482, 9255136265, 9215646482, 320749 2252323, 210000

76 77 78 79 80 81 82

Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. Sushil Jain Dr. Ramesh Bansal Dr. R.K. Pruthi Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. S.K. Moda Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. Manav Moda Dr. Ashok Gupta Dr. S.N. Gupta

-doJhajjar Road Rohtak -do-do-do-do-do-

9896091440, 252823, 230823 9896019685, 254587, 245896 251600, 254883, 210196 9812078329, 245123, 247723 -do9416050894, 269422, 240894 9896213073, 268504, 240660 9812006002, 248870, 248944 9416142333, 267000, 271248 9812301909, 230555, 243436 9812130222, 329310, 243436 9416050478, 240435, 251100 9416267941, 268335, 269335 9812028816, 249670 9896004010, 268915, 243915 9812390990, 235275, 277329 9896229966, 272243, 323445 9896044550, 231896, 321474, 272243 9812312729, 235678 9896825780, 237480, 236992 9416052467, 01258222466/67 251041 9416000127, 01251220082, 279658, 315808

83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98

Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. C.V. Singh Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. Ramesh Jain Dr. Sandeep Jain Dr. (Mrs.) Shikha Jain Dr. S.K. Goel Dr. K.N. Garg Dr. K.R. Goryan Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. B.K. Arora Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. R.S. Bamal Dr. D.R. Gaur Dr. Vinay Gaur Dr. Subhash Jain Dr. Jagdish Ailawadhi Dr. Satish Chugh Dr. C.L. Nayyar Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. R.B.S. Jakhar

-do-do-do-do-do-do-doOld City Rohtak -do-do-do-do-doKalanaur

Vill. Beri

99 100 101 102

Dr. (Mrs.) & Dr. Markandey Ahuja Dr. Mahabir Singh Malik Dr. V.P. Tomar Dr. Pawan Sharma Bohar

9416053294, 292399, 292752 9812264426, 276301 9896063890, 9416518632, 263890 09359990200, 220244

(f) Sources for medicines PS CIVIL LINE & CITY RTK. Sr. No. 1 Name of Incharge Mr. Satish Katyal Locations M/s Subhash Medical Agencies Medicines Mkt. Near Chhotu Ram Chowk Rohtak M/s Sachdeva Medical Agencies Shiv Nagar, Near Medicine Mkt. Rtk M/s Anil Medicine Pvt. Ltd., Nirankari Market Gohana Stand Rohtak M/s Rohtak Medical Agency, Civll Road Rtk M/s Gourav Medicines, Jhajjar Road Rohtak M/s Bhathla Medicines, New Medicines Mkt. Gohana Stand Rohtak M/s Aghi Pharmacy, Bhiwani Stand Rohtak Tel/Mobile No. 253266, 242490

Mr. Rajesh Sachdeva

258430, 252763, 245448 253531, 246482, 242384 246134, 245403, 9812040485 254883, 374522 243192, 9812043420

Mr. K.L. Arora

4 5 6

Mr. S.P. Nagpal Mr. Kishori Lal Mr. Jag Mohan

Mr. Monish Aghi

241561, 268427

List of Medical Store Area of PS Lakhan Majra Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 5 Name Address Tel/Mobile N. 9416852697 256240 9812240256 229104 9812821035

Jagdish Chander S/o Vill. Nandal Manphool Singh R/o Dayanand Rathee Sanjay Raj Suzan Singh Vill. L/Majra Vill. Indergarh Vill. Chiri S/o Vill. Bainsi

Bachan Singh 6 7 Parveen Lubhaya S/o Ram Vill. Bainsi S/o Vill. Farmana 270710 276428

Devender Singh Parithi Singh

List of Medical Store Area of PS Meham Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Name Address Tel/Mobile N. 9416522589 9416230854 9416339013

Abhishek S/o Mohabat W.No. 7 Meham Singh Surender Kumar S/o Ram - do Kath Mandi Meham Purani Meham

Naresh S/o Rohtash Dewa Nand S/o Dalsher Tasvir S/o Shamsher Sanjay Kumar Ishwar Singh

Maszid 9416302257 9812799688 9416629940 9812444555 9416520105 01257-233142 01257-234404 01257-233084 9416104603 9255125732 01257-233748

W.No. 13 Meham S/o Vill. Kishan Garh W.No. 4 Meham

Aklesh S/o Parmanand Suresh Devraj Kumar

S/o - do S/o - do -

Shakti Sawroop Nawal Kishor

Anil Kumar S/o Om W.No. 13 Meham Parkash Ashok Kumar Sunder Lal Parveen Singh S/o S/o W.No. 3 Meham Kartar W.No. 13 Meham W.No. 9 Meham

Parveen S/o Hari Chand

Ashok Kumar S/o Ram W.No. 3 Meham

Gopal 15 Naresh Kumar Ramdev Goel S/o W.No. 8 Meham 01257-233714

List of Medical Store Area of PS Kalanaur Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Name G.K. Medicos Address Kalanaur Tel/Mobile N. -01258-222474 01258-222447 01258-2222412 01258-222801 9416520654 9416351069 01258-222589 9416132822 9812425006 01258-245349 --

Guru Nanak Medical - do Hall Batra Medical Hall Kawal Medicos Vikas Medical Hall - do - do - do -

Sat Baba Shah Medical - do Hall Chirag Medical Hall Madan Medicos Vinu Medicos Yadav Medical Hall Prince Medical Store Dhaka Medical Store - do - do - do Vill. Kahnaur - do - do -

List of Medical Store Area of PS Sampla Sr. Name No. 1 2 3 4 5 Ashok Medical Hall Bharat Medical Hall Deep Medical Hall Haryana Medical Hall Gupta Medical Hall Address Sampla - do - do - do - do Tel/Mobile N. 9416534448, 263459 9416357075, 260756 9813030131, 263285 9896408884 263279

6 7 8 9 10 11 12

S.K. Medical Store Saini Medical Store S.K. Medical Hall Vikas Medical Hall Tannu Medical Hall Prince Medical Store Shiv Medical Hall

Vill. Ismaila Vill. Hassangarh Vill. Kharawar Vill Baliyana Vill. Hamayupur Vill. Kansala Vill. Rurkee

9896312469 262262 288054 9896356727 9416874652 -9812581650

List of Fire Tender available in Distt.

Sr. No. 1 Name of Incharge Mr. Om Prakash Tel/Mobile No. 9416410627, 244488, 101, 102 Locations Near Sonepat Stand Rohtak Number of tender etc. available 7

Ex. Army volunteers contract persons (to be listed) about 100 volunteers with special skills may be listed in each districts
Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Rank Hav Hav Sub Sub Ris Sep Hav Hon Capt Sep Sep Ris Ris Sub Sub Maj Sub Sub Sgt Hav Sub Name Wazir Randhan Jai Singh Hooda Jai Pal Jai Singh Narikar Kali Ram Shadi Lal Ram Chander Dharampal Hawa Singh Lekh Ram Jai Narain Lila Ram Jasmer Singh Ram Chander Kuljit Singh Wazir Bhom Chander Address Ajaib Anwal Assan Behlba Bahu Akbarpur Bahu Akbarpur Bahu Jamalpur Bainsi Bakheta Baland Baland Baland Ballam Basantpur Bhagwatipur Bhaini Bharon Bhali Anandpur Bharan Bohar Contact No. 288035 01258-241250 9813188695 281630 281453 9255533037 01257-283609 283142 283129 314907 01258-249402 9315382753 289847 234058


20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63

Ld Hav Sub Sub Hav Hon Lt Nk Hv Sub Sub Sgt Sub Sub Sub Hav Sub Hav Sub Sep Sub Hon Capt Sub Sub Nk Sub Dvr Sub Ris Sub Sub Hav Nb Sub Hon Capt Nk Ris Hon Sub Maj Hon Capt Hon Capt Sub Nk Hon Capt Hav Ris Hav

Krishan Kumar Satvir Singh Raghubir Singh Arjun Singh Hargian Singh Diwan Singh Nasib Singh Mehar Singh Ram Kishan Kapoor Singh Ramesh Deswal Jai Bhagwan Ram Kumar Ghasi Ram Daryao Singh Nafe Singh Shamsher Singh Liak Singh Sher Singh Chander Singh Nafe Singh Hem Raj Malik Rattan Singh Mahender Ram Niwas Sharma Kavi Raj Rameshwar Balbir Singh Ishwar Singh Kaptan Singh Balbir Singh Des Raj Faqir Chand Rajender Singh Tek Ram Ved Prakash Sharma Bani Singh Daljeet Singh Ved Prakash Vijay Kumar Daya Chand Mehtab Jag Ram Sri Bhagwan

Chamarian Chamarian Chandi Chiri Dhamar Farmana Gaddi Kheri Garhi Ballam Garnauthi Gharouthi Ghilaur Kalan Ghilaur Khurd Girawar Gudhan Indergarh Jassia Jassia Jindran Jindran Kabulpur Kharak Jatan Kahnaur Kahnaur Kahni Sadhe Saat Kakrana Kalanaur Kalanaur Kansala Karontha Karontha Katesra Katesra Katesra Kharak Jatan Khidwali Khidwali Kiloi Kiloi Lahli Lahli Lakhan Majra Madina Maina Makrauli Kalan

9416935471 276128 01257-285585 01257-229353 323623 283130 282368 01258-245097 229251 9896651116 9813159582 288070 265559 227786 227424 286505 9896985489 01257-223862 01258-245481 227391 01258-249104

222278 285554 285542 01258-256050 01258-216010 270950

224496 224291 01258-253633 01257-265601 9812725819 284432 226759

64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100

Hon Nb Sub Hav Sub Sub Hav Sep Hon Capt Hav Sub Nk Ris Maj Sep Hon Capt Hon Capt Sep Hon Capt Sep Sub Hav Hon Capt Sub Sep Hav Hav Hav Ris Maj Ris Sub Hav Hav Sep Sep Sub H/Capt H/Capt Hav Sub

Jai Bhagwan Ranbir Singh Sharma Bhagwat Dayal Dharampal Ram Kumar Zile Singh Ram Singh Satpal Kapoor Singh Jeevan Ram Dahiya Balbir Singh Bhoop Singh Chander Singh Raj Singh Maya Ram Zile Singh Diwan Singh Om Prakash Mahender Singh Hawa Singh Umed Singh Dharam Singh Paras Sadhu Abhe Ram Balwan Singh Mahender Singh Rai Singh Puran Singh Rajender Singh Manphool Singh Narender Singh Moji Ram Ram Kumar Zile Singh Bhane Ram Rajpal

Marodhi Marodhi Masudpur Mokhra Mokhra Mungan Muradpur Tekna Nidana Nindana Patwapur Pilana Pilana Rithal Rithal Ritoli Rurkee Saman Saman Samar Sanghi Sanghi Simli Simli Sisar Khas Sunaria Kalan Sundana Sundana Sundana Sunderpur Sunderpur Titoli Titoli Kharawar Karor Ismaila Ismaila Gijhi

324642 9812521203 280629 222263 253548 289739 276444 01258-241333 01258-258479

225146 283211 224465 257371 237078 232537 232404 285647 285539 234833

01258-249006 217146 294566 232126 9813471378 288654 9315693808 9812221546 263662

Trained Home Guards Volunteers (contact persons) each district may train 100 Home Guards Volunteers on Disaster management assistance.
Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 Name Sudhir Singh Virender Kumar Vinod Sube Singh Sandeep Anil Manoj Kumar Jogender Pawan Singh Aman Juneja Sajjan Rajiv Malhotra Azad Singh Bablu Raj Kumar Ajay Basant Kumar Jitender Raghbir Sumer Singh Jasbir Ravinder Surender Singh Sunny Rambir Avadhesh Kumar Jogender Singh Mahender Kumar Satpal Sombir Pankaj Satyabir Brij Mohan Amar Pal Dharam Singh Father Name Jawahar Singh Ram Prakash Joravar Singh Chhotu Ram Umed Singh Hoshiar Singh Satya Narian Ramphal Ramphal Tilak Raj Amir Singh Gulshan Jage Ram Jai Narian Nasib Singh Sadhu Ram Prehlad Singh Dharampal Satbir Birbal Jeet Singh Balwan Jagat Singh Jai Bhagwan Dan Singh Malkhan Singh Balbir Singh Amar Singh Ram Kumar Ramesh Kumar Karan Singh Ramdiya Ishwar Kude Ram Ram Swarup Address Kalanaur Kila Jafargarh Karontha Nidana Makrauli Khurd Makrauli Khurd Basant Vihar, Rohtak Basant Vihar, Rohtak Basant Vihar, Rohtak Kalanaur Nindana Kalanaur Behrana Makrauli Khurd Basana Kalanaur Kalanaur Kalanaur Rohtak Basana Jindran Kalanaur Kalanaur Basana Basana Basana Basana Kalanaur Kalanaur Kalanaur Kalanaur Basana Basana Basana Jindran Telephone

36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74

Gurnam Sanjay Sajjan Singh Amit Kumar Ramesh Kumar Naresh Kumar Pawan Kumar Rakesh Sanjeet Narender Ravinder Maha Singh Kamaljeet Govind Mohan Subhash Satya Narain Bhola Ram Satyawan Om Prakash Umed Jagbir Sandeep Baljeet Jagdish Sunil Ramphal Jai Prakash Krishan Lal Krishan V.K. Jaidarth Rajbir Raghubir Bablu Balwan Mahabir Sham Sunder Ranbir Ramesh

Tek Ram Munni Ram Bhana Ram Ram Prakash Sadhu Ram Ram Kumar Daya Ram Satyabir Singh Raj Singh Jagbir Karambir Balwant Singh Raj Singh Jai Singh Gaje Singh Bhal Singh Desraj Kundan Lala Dalip Singh Bishan Sultan Bhagwana Om Prakash Bishan Bhagwana Ramphal Puran Ramphal Ramdhari Jage Ram Har Dayal Jugti Ram Dharam Singh Jai Narian Jage Ram Puran Singh Ram Chand Dalip Singh Raman

Basana Rohtak Kalanaur Kalanaur Kalanaur Basana Basana Jindran Kalan Jindran Kalan Jindran Kalan Jindran Kalan Jindran Kalan Jindran Kalan Basana Basana Arya Nagar, Rohtak Makrauli Sukhpura Chowk Rtk Sunarian Kabir Cly. Rohtak Indergarh Bhiwani Chungi Rtk Kabir Cly. Rohtak Bohar Chamarian Chamarian Gaddi Kheri Gaddi Kheri Sunarian Chowk Rtk Bhali Anandpur Chunni Pura Rohtak Kharainti Bohar Makrauli Khurd Kiloi Medical Campus Rtk Chinnot Cly. Rohtak Kharainti Pehrawar

75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97

Bhane Sanjay Balraj Ramehar Sri Bhagwan Ved Prakash Satyawan Dharam Pal Balwan Satpal Sube Singh Kuldeep Ashok Kapoor Ramakant Balbir Bhoop Singh Dhoop Singh Kashmir Naresh Tilak Raj Suresh Jai Kishan

Goverdhan Chand Dariyao Singh Raghbir Balbir Balbir Chand Singh Prithi Singh Inder Raj Lal Chand Chhotu Ram Ram Kishan Tek Ram Amar Singh Tilakdhari Hazari Lal Raghubir Khem Chand Rohtas Mange Ram Jai Kishan Dharam Singh Bahadur Chand Ram Chander Bhawar Singh Sri Chand

98 Raghbir 99 Raj Kumar 100 Raju

Mata Darwaja Rohtak Bharan Makrauli Makrauli Titoli Bahu Akbarpur Jindran Kabir Cly. Rohtak Kabir Cly. Rohtak Farmana Nindana Zila Sudhar Ghar Rtk Farmana Karontha Dev Cly. Rohtak Sunarian Chowk Rtk Sunarian Bohar Bahu Akbarpur Sec-14 Rohtak Medical Campus Rtk Kanheli Road Housing Borad Rtk Medical Campus Rtk Titoli Mayna Model Town Rtk

NSS/NCC Volunteers (contact persons).

Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 Name & Address NCC Volunteers Monika D/o Vijay Pal R/o 2745, Sec-3 Rohtak Renuka Chaydhary D/o Surender Chaudhary R/o 683/28, Subhash Nagar Rohtak Seema D/o Hawa Singh R/o 230/29, Ram Gopal Cly. Rtk Reena Dahiya D/o Suresh R/o 692/8, Kripal Tel/ Mobile No.

9416212789 211161 294453 9813235701

5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32

Nagar Rohtak Savita D/o Dilbag Singh R/o 2247/9, Vishal Nagar Rohtak Partibha D/o Ramphal R/o 480, Sec-1 Rohtak Neetu D/o Om Prakash R/o Madana Khurd Preeti Rani D/o Rajinder Singh R/o Gaddi Kheri Deepti D/o Shamsher Singh R/o Kripal Nagar Rohtak Rekha D/o Ramphal Singh R/o Pakasma Pooja D/o Surat Singh R/o 692/8, Kripal Nagar Rohtak Seema Rani D/o Bijender Singh R/o Ram Gopal Cly. Rohtak Jyoti Malik D/o Dharam Singh R/o 25/22, Laxmi Nagar Rohtak Manisha D/o Rajender Singh R/o 727/21, Kailash Cly. Rohtak Asha Rani D/o Prem Singh R/o 1381/9, Near Hafed Sukhpura Chowk Rohtak Sheena D/o Ramesh Kumar R/o 1174/9, Uttam Vihar Rohtak Kavita D/o Rajender Singh R/o Bohar Manjeet Kaur D/o Ram Kumar R/o Bainsi Monika Rangi D/o Mahavir Singh Rangi R/o 765/21, Prem Nagar Rohtak Rashmi Rangi D/o Ram Chander Khatri R/o Mungan Anita D/o Raghubir Singh R/o Mungan Anamika Dalal D/o Jagbir Dalal R/o 103/22, Dev Cly. Rohtak Neeraj D/o S.K. Dahiya R/o 526/14, Bhagat Singh Cly. Rohtak Pooja D/o Sahab Singh R/o 1766/8, Chuni Pura Rohtak Kavita Sharma D/o Darshan Singh R/o 818A/21, Prem Nagar Rtk Poonam D/o Umed Singh R/o Paharipur Sonia Dhankhar D/o Vedpal Singh R/o Goyla Kalan Jhajjar Preeti D/o Jai Bhagwan R/o Busana, Sonepat Usha Rani D/o Zile Singh R/o Dhamar Suman D/o Ranbir Singh R/o Makrauli Kalan Jyoti Hooda D/o Suresh Kumar R/o Kanheli Sapna D/o Shyam Phool R/o 1225/24, Jagdish

320645 324156 9812366567 282185 277943 223306 9813235701 279222 9416731310 256187 9416521429 9416504285 220275 01257-270652 9416515136 222726 222744, 9416514601 294986 9896727990 258166 310361 01251-274387 9812145223 01263-274387 9812195740 2226549 224298, 9813370851 257079

33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60

Cly. Rohtak Seema D/o Karamvir Singh R/o Shastri Nagar Near Hisar Byepass Rohtak Pooja Hooda D/o Joginder Singh R/o Sanghi Sumesh Kumari D/o Parmanand R/o Dekhora, Jhajjar Seema D/o Gian Singh R/o Kamach Khera, Jind Pooja D/o Ramphal Singh R/o Kharawar Nisha Sharma D/o Mahabir Singh R/o Godhari, Jhajjar Sonia D/o Satish Kumar R/o Titoli Vandana D/o Mani Ram R/o 1910A/10, Tilak Nagar Rohtak Sangeeta D/o Ved Parkash R/o 1743/1, Shyam Cly. Rohtak Alka D/o Kulbir Singh R/o Rithal Sushma D/o Om Parkash R/o Pakasma Babita Phogat D/o Ram Kumar R/o Fortpura, Jhajjar Meenakshi D/o Dharampal Singh R/o Titoli Vicky D/o Dalbir Singh R/o Bahu Akbarpur Meenakshi D/o Manmohan Sharma R/o Parvesh Nagar Gohana Road Rohtak Anju Hooda D/o Raghubir Singh R/o Rurkee Seema D/o Balwan Singh R/o Nandal Jyoti Rani D/o Ranbir Singh R/o Sundana Amit Singal S/o Bhagwan Das R/o Ballam Bhoop Singh S/o Sahdev Singh R/o 177/C, Gali No. 1 Vikas Nagar Rohtak Bhupender Hooda S/o Partap Singh R/o Mungan Deepak Bhardwaj S/o Chandi Ram R/o 296/6, Linepar Bahadurgarh Deepak Dhillon S/o Ram Partap R/o 118/30, Chhotu Ram Cly. Kanheli Road Rohtak Deepak Sangwan S/o Ram Kumar R/o 1019, Sec-2 Rohtak Dinesh Rathi S/o Jai Singh R/o F.E51, Rajendra Park Nagloi, Delhi Harinder Singh S/o Om Prakash R/o Pana Shiwna Kahnaur Kuldeep S/o Karambir Singh R/o Sumra Khera (Bhiwani) Lalit Deswal S/o Jagat Singh R/o 722/30,

9812217855 232029 9813078201 9812207423 288306 01251-232621 286516 292413 265874 225235 223141 01251-329925 286639 9896268019 275074 214724 229209 01258-249036 -----------

61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86

Ekta Cly. Rohtak Lalit Narayan S/o Shyam Sunder R/o 433, Old Housing Board Cly. Rohtak Narender S/o Ram Kumar R/o Bhuraws (Jhajjar) Jaswant Singh Yadav S/o Ved Parkash R/o Bhalgarh (Jhajjar) Narender Singh S/o Rattan Singh R/o Titoli Naveen Kumar S/o Om Singh R/o Bhaproda (Jhajjar) Parmod S/o Jagbir Singh R/o Ferozpur Bagar (Sonepat) Parveen S/o Dharambir R/o Mokhra Parveen Kumar S/o Siya Ram R/o Kharak Kalan (Bhiwani) Rakesh Kumar S/o Suresh Kumar R/o Chhatehra (Sonepat) Ravi Sharma S/o Ram Karan R/o Siwanka (Sonepat) Ravinder Hooda S/o Jagvir Singh R/o Bhali Anandpur Sachin Kumar S/o Yashpal Singh R/o Singhpura Sandeep Kumar S/o Surjeet Singh R/o Jatola (Sonepat) Sanjay Kumar S/o Same Singh R/o Hassangarh Sanjeev Deswal S/o Chand Singh R/o Surethi (Jhajjar) Sidharth Bhatt S/o Dharamanand Bhatt R/o Swastik Pipe Asadhu (Jhajjar) Sukhchain S/o Satpal R/o Mandi Khurd Safidon (Jind) Sumit Dahiya S/o Raj Kumar R/o 2346/31, Rajendra Cly. Rohtak Sunil S/o Rajbir R/o Sisana (Sonepat) Vikas S/o Shamsher Singh R/o Sanghi Krishan S/o Hari Ram R/o Ghuskani Dinesh Kumar S/o Rameshwar R/o Ghuskani Parveen Phogat S/o Dal Singh Phogat R/o G.B. Degree College Rohtak Suraj S/o Baljit Singh R/o Mata Darwaja Rohtak Rajesh S/o Ram Kumar R/o Kansala Rajeev S/o Rajpal Singh R/o Kansala


87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Somdev Kaushik S/o Laxmi Narayan R/o Kahnaur Rishi Kumar S/o Dayanand R/o Shora Kothi Rohtak Chander Mohan S/o Suresh Chander R/o 137/1, Moti Nagar Rohtak Sudhir Kumar S/o Ramesh Chander R/o Baland Sunil Kumar S/o Bal Kishan R/o 1317/4, Janta Cly. Rohtak Sandeep S/o Dharam Parkash R/o Sampla Jaswant S/o Budh Ram R/o Sunder Pur Shiv Raj S/o Balwan Singh R/o Brahmanwas Dinesh S/o Zile Singh R/o Bahu Akbarpur Anil Kumar S/o Bal Kishan R/o Fatehgarh (Jind) Jugnu S/o Satyavir Singh R/o Lajwana Khurd (Jind) Md. Zahid Khan S/o Quasim Khan R/o 67, Vikas Nagar Rohtak Sumit Dhull S/o Harish Chander R/o 118, Vikash Nagar Rohtak Rohit Sindhu S/o Dharamvir Sindhu R/o 145, Sec-1 Rohtak NSS Volunteers (Saini College Rohtak) Deepak S/o Parhvi Singh Naveen S/o Vijay Singh Pawan S/o Ram Kishan Rohit S/o Satya Pal Naveen Kumar S/o Jai Bhagwan Deepak S/o Dharampal Manjeet S/o Ramesh Narender Kumar S/o Mukhtyar Manjeet S/o Mahender Yudhvir S/o Ram Chander Shiv Kumar S/o Satbir Singh Pawan Phougat S/o Dilbag Mandeep S/o Ishwar Singh Sandeep S/o Rajender Vikash Chauhan S/o Jagdish Singh Sonu Hooda S/o Bhramjeet Sunil S/o Jaibir Singh Rakesh S/o Rajender Joginder Kumar S/o Om Prakash Ravinder S/o Kartar Singh


21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50

Sumit Sindhu S/o Dharambir Inderjeet S/o Jai Bhagwan Dharamender S/o Dhup Singh Kuldeep S/o Chand Ram Saruchi D/o Ramphal Priyanka D/o Ved Parkash Sudesh D/o Ghanpat Jyotsana D/o Shiv Kumar Rinki D/o Rajeder Jyoti D/o Dhare Singh Antim S/o Ashok Kumar Kavita D/o Mani Ram Kajal D/o Jai Narayan Sunita D/o Muktram Sarla D/o Satbir Singh Sheela S/o Kuldeep Monika D/o Prem Sharma Mamta D/o Sarwar Singh Poonam D/o Satbir Singh Shweta D/o Zile Singh Parmila D/o Karambir Singh Mamta Saini D/o Anant Ram Saini Manju D/o Om Prakash Manita D/o Raj Singh Pooja D/o Ved Prakash Poonam D/o Haripal Sonia D/o Ishwar Singh Sudesh D/o Balbir Singh Poonam D/o Dharam Pal Jyoti D/o Surender

Addresses/phone nos. of sources of Heavy vehicles cranes, earthmovers, cutting equipments.

Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Name & Address Mahla Ram Lathwal C/o Sh. Ram Earthmovers, Sukhpura Chowk Rohtak. Rajesh Nain R/o Sukhpura Chowk Rohtak Sandeep Rana c/o Friends Earthmovers, Sukhpura Chowk Rohtak Rampal Nain R/o Sukhpura Chowk Rtk Kuldeep Nain R/o Sukhpura Chowk Rtk Rajesh Lora C/o Amar Narh Earthmovers, Sukhpura Chowk Rohtak. Tel/ Mobile No. 9812503422 9812274687 9416053188 9416337059 9896548073 9812095209

7 8 9 10

Sandeep Lathwal c/o Lathwal Earthmovers, Sukhpura Chowk Rohtak. Gulab Singh c/o Gulab Earthmovers, Saini School Road Rohtak. Ramesh Nain c/o Shiv Earthmovers Near Power House, Rohtak Manoj Thakedar R/o Sukhpura Chowk Rohtak.

9813526101 9813432574 9813526103 9813491074

List of Influential Non-Official Persons whose Co-Operation can be utilized in emergency.

PS City Rohtak Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Name & Address L. Seth Shri Kishan Dass. MLA Krishan Murti Hooda Munish Grover Bijender Jain R/o Kewal Ganj Rohtak Ashok @ Kaka R/o Rly. Road Rohtak Pardeep Jain President Yuva Morcha BJP R/o Babra Mohalla Rohtak Ch. Satpal Singh President Truck Union Rohtak R/o Sukhpura Chowk Rohtak Raju @ Raj Kumar Subhash Tayal R/o Babra Mohalla Rohtak Madan Lal Garg R/o Shori Mkt. Rohtak Raj Kumar Sharma, Owner of Bangar Cinema Hall Rohtak Ajay Jain R/o Babra Mohalla Rohtak Doli Sardar R/o Bhiwani Stand Rohtak Sita Ram Sachdeva Dairy Wala Dharambir Tuli, MC Para Mohalla Rohtak Partibha Suman, MC R/o Tohana Road Rohtak Ramesh Sehgal Dairy Wala Rohtak Tel/ Mobile No. 236406 -9215553467 --9416050611 ----9416050164 -------

PS Shivaji Colony Rohtak 1 Man Mohan Goyal, President Vaish Instutute Rohtak 2 Sunder Lal Bansal, President, Kath Mandi Rohtak 3 Jai Kishan, MC Kath Mandi Rohtak

-9215511648 --

PS Civil Line Rohtak 1 Jagdish Chander R/o 238/17, Vijay Nagar Rohtak 2 Darshan Lal Ahuja R/o Shop No. 2 HUDA Complex Rohtak 3 Gulshan S/o Brij Lal R/o Shop No. 59, Palika Bazar Rohtak 4 Prem Parkash S/o Lakhi Chand Gupta R/o Shop No. 4, Palika Bazar Rohtak 5 Anil Bhatia S/o Ram Parkash R/o Shop. No. 7, Palika Bazar Rohtak 6 Gulshan S/o Brij Lal R/o W.No.25, Mandir Wali Gali Arya Nagar Rohtak 7 Sanjay S/o Hari Chand Dhingra R/o Arya Nagar Rohtak 8 Amit Jain S/o Mukesh Jain R/o 1112/8, Bhisti Pura Rohtak 9 Satbir S/o Gokal Chand R/o 250/15, Arya Nagar Rohtak 10 Krishna Gahlawat W/o Balwan Singh R/o 755/23, DLF Cly. Rohtak 11 Dharampal S/o Surat Singh R/o 1237/20, Subhash Road Rohtak 12 Ashok Sikka S/o Ram Lubhaya Sikka R/o 1150/24, Ram Nagar Rohtak 13 Tarun Verma S/o Desh Raj R/o 769/24, DLF Cly. Rohtak PS Urban Estate Rohtak 1 Ramesh Kumar S/o Umed Singh R/o Bohar 2 Ramesh Sharma S/o Hari Singh R/o Bohar 3 Jai Bhagwan S/o Rampal R/o Bohar 4 Sachin S/o Ranbir R/o Bohar 5 Yashwant S/o Nar Singh R/o Garhi Bohar 6 Narender Singh S/o Dalip Singh R/o Garhi Bohar 7 Ishwar S/o Chandan Singh R/o 767, Sec-4 Rtk 8 Sanjay S/o Harlal R/o 2333, Sec-3 Rohtak 9 Raj Kumar S/o Daya Singh R/o 847, Sec-4 Rtk 10 Rajender S/o Meer Singh R/o 692, Sec-4 Rohtak 11 Dilawar Singh R/o Azadgarh

9812140571 250020 98121222927 9896435326 9812131354 9355670330 9812105476 245553 9416517804 9896984523

9416054466 9416096600 9812154059

9215625461 9416336731 9812008792 9416766673 -220304 9466072276 292755 9813524466 9416517338 9255130070, 9812589369

12 13

Rajender Singh Yadav R/o Azadgarh Suraj Bhan, M.C. R/o Uttam Vihar Rohtak

277341 9896155834 9416337025 9812210028 9416472262 01258-250889 -297445, 297505 01258-249098 9812490280 ---01258-245325 9255407073 9416104510 9812681281 9416124016 9416052457 01258-250840 01258-222441 9812312424

PS Kalanaur 1 Kushal Sharma, Member Block Smiti R/o Mathodhi 2 Ravinder Balhara Sarpunch R/o Mathodhi 3 Kaviraj Sarpanch R/o Mathodhi 4 Babu Ram Ex. Sarpunch R/o Mathodhi 5 Rajender Ex. Sarpunch R/o Garnawthi 6 Sarita Narayan Ex. MLA Kalanaur 7 Kailash Sharma Sarpunch R/o Kakrana 8 Bijender @ Bijal R/o Sundana 9 Mahabir Jat R/o Sundana 10 Ranbir Dhaka, INLD R/o Sundana 11 Bhagwat Sarpunch R/o Masoodpur 12 Shanti Batra R/o Kahnaur 13 Chiman Sikka Sarpanch R/o Ningana 14 Jogender Sarpunch R/o Gudhan 15 Krishan Pehalwan R/o Katesra 16 Santlal Wadhwa Pradhan R/o Kahnauar 17 Dr. Satish Chugh R/o Kahnauar 18 Viraj Kalra, Ex. Member S.S. Board Haryana R/o Baniyani 19 Kawal Singh, Ex. Chairman R/o Sample 20 Satish Kumar Ex. Sarpunch R/o Ballamb PS Sampla 1 Ashish S/o Rajender R/o Sampla 2 Hari Parkash S/o Jai Bhagwan 3 Rambhaj S/o Mehar Singh R/o Gijhi 4 Harish S/o Jagdish Prasad R/o Samchana 5 Krishan Kumar S/o Mange Ram R/o Sampla 6 Mahesh S/o Ram Kumar R/o Bhainsru Kalan 7 Satte @ Sat Parkash R/o Ishmaila 8 Karam Singh S/o Shiv Lal R/o Bakheta 9 Sukhbir Sarpunch R/o Pakasma 10 Umed Sarpunch S/o Shiv Lal R/o Kharawar PS Sadar Rohtak 1 Baljit S/o Duli Chand Sarpanch R/o Bhalout 2 Satish S/o Ram Chander, Ex. Panch R/o Bhalaut 3 Jasbir Singh Sarpanch R/o Kiloi 4 Sajjan Singh S/o Daya Nand R/o Kiloi

9812379436 9896001410 9813135732 9416519034 9416255562 9896035180 9416295491 9813304862 9813062099 9896213654

9813049554 -9813130725 --

5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Nahno Devi, Ex. Sarpanch R/o Kiloi Balwan Singh Sarpanch R/o Ladhaut Sukaram Pal S/o Uday R/o Ladhaut Ramphal Sarpanch R/o Ladhaut Surender Sarpanch R/o Kanheli Rattan S/o Gugan Singh R/o Bhali Anandpur Zile Singh S/o Mansa Ram Sarpanch R/o Bhali Anandpur Dalel Panch S/o Shri Ram R/o Bhali Anandpur Baljit S/o Sube Singh R/o Bhali Anandpur Sart Ram S/o Pyare R/o Bhali Anandpur Devpal Sarpanch R/o Makrauli Kalan Suresh Sharma, Panch R/o Makrauli Kalan Hardwari S/o Munshi Ram Sarpanch R/o Makrauli Khurd Shri Pal S/o Shri Ram R/o Makrauli Khurd Sunil S/o Raghubir R/o Makrauli Khurd Kuldeep S/o Raghubir R/o Makrauli Khurd Rishi Praksh Sarpanch R/o Pehrawar Satpal S/o Bhale Ram R/o Makrauli Kalan Jagdish Sarpanch R/o Brahmanwas Maha Singh Sarpanch R/o Chamarian Chander Pal S/o Raghbir Singh R/o Basatpur Bhim Singh S/o Ram Swaroop R/o Khidwali Moji Ram R/o Dobh Amit S/o Suresh Sharma R/o Sri Nagar Cly. Rtk Rajesh S/o Rajbir R/o Bahu Akbarpur Ram Bhagat Namaberdar S/o Dalip Singh R/o Bhali

--9416521916 -9896323295 01258-216129 ----9813263620 --9812009526 9812009527 9416337265 9813263265 9416052248 9416515965 9813097376 --9896001067 -9812741682 --

PS Meham 1 Anil Dua S/o Ram Kishan, W.No. 5, Ex. President Municipal Committee Meham 2 Anil Sharma S/o Dalip Singh R/o W.No. 9 Meham 3 Jaibir @ Mota S/o Hira Singh, MC Nagar Palika R/o W.No. 7 Meham 4 Sarish @ Mandu, President Truck Union Meham 5 Pardeep Dhaka S/o Partap Singh R/o W.No. 13 Meham 6 Jagat Kala S/o Badari Kala R/o W.No. 1 Meham

9812732000 9813131176 9812919000 9813444904 9812443417 9813034301

7 8 9 10 11

12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24

Dr. B.C. Sharda (Sharda Hospital) R/o W.No. 6 Meham Dr. O.P. Chatkara (Jiwan Clinic) R/o W.No. 6 Meham Subhash Kumar S/o Hari Chand, Ex. Vice President Municipal Committee Meham Lal Ji Ram S/o Shadar Singh, Ex. President Nagar Palika R/o W.No. 7 Meham Ram Saroop S/o Randahan, President Panchayat Choubisi Meham R/o W.No. 13 Meham Bhoja Ram S/o Khamosha Ram, Ex. Vice President Nagar Palika Meham Raja Khurana S/o Nand Lal, MC Nagar Palika R/o W.No. 3 Meham Mukesh Surpanch R/o Muradpur Tekna Om Sarpanch R/o Mokhra Krishan Sarpanch R/o Kharkara Karambir Sarpanch R/o Farmana Chhaju Namberdar R/o Madina Ratan Singh, Ex. Sarpanch R/o Bhaini Maharajpur Satish Sarpanch S/o Tara Chand R/o Farmana Sukhbir Director Sugar Mill Meham Jitender Yuva President INLD R/o Baini Surjan Mange Ram Thakedar R/o Sisar Khas Rajender S/o Polu Ram R/o Behlba

01257-233056 01257-233067 9812514600 9315529615 01257-233801

9415620213 9813294311 9896128803 9896127030 9896840664 9812358607 01257-280939 01257-234234 01257-283297 01257-234350 1257-234498 01257-233366 01257-288504

PS Lakhan Majra 1 Satbir Sarpanch R/o Lakhan Majra 2 Suresh Pardhan R/o Lakhan Majra 3 Har Bhagwan Rathee, President Kissan Club R/o Lakhan Majra 4 Naresh Sarpanch R/o Kharainti 5 Hoshiar Singh, Ex. Sarpanch R/o Kharainti 6 Daya Chand, Director R/o Kharainti 7 Krsihan, Ex. Sarpanch R/o Girawar 8 Lilu, Ex. Sarpanch R/o Bhagwati Pur 9 Jhagaru, Sarpanch 10 Jeeta Sarpanch R/o Nidana 11 Ram Kumar Sarpanch R/o Ajaib 12 Vazir Sarpanch R/o Nindana 13 Kailash Devi Sarpanch R/o Bainsi 14 Raj Kumar Sarpanch R/o Kharak Jatan

9812114939 9812671388 9812263929 9416401216 9416391400 9416210207 9416218359 01262-289622 9466235900 9416763108 9813633315 9812799406 01257-270720 9813286190

15 16 17 18 19 20

Anju Sarpanch R/o Gugaheri Shakuntla Sarpanch R/o Chandi Mangali Sarpanch Ram Bhagat Sarpanch R/o Gharauthi Dharampal Sarpanch R/o Chiri Mehar Singh, Ex. Sarpanch R/o Nandal

9813534060 9416436781 01257-265557 9896548071 9416504211 01262-29243