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How the Squirrel Got His Stripes

4.1 What you will learn?
At the end of this lesson you will be able to:read and understand a simple story in English. use the right form of verbs use words of similar meanings make suggestions in speech write descriptions of objects.

4.2 Lets read

Here in a story from the Ramayan. Lord Ram and his army of monkeys were preparing for war with Ravan. Let us read and find out what the squirrel did. Ram asked his army to build the bridge over the sea. Work began at once on a stone bridge. The monkeys pulled out rocks and heavy stones from the mountains, and carried them to the sea. They cut them into shape and began to build the bridge. All this was very difficult work and it took a long time. Thousands of monkeys worked night and day. Rama felt happy. How hard they work! Their love for me makes them work like this, thought Rama. 22

How the Squirrel Got His Stripes

One day, Rama saw a small brown squirrel. He was going up and down the seashore with little pebbles in his mouth. The little squirrel could carry only little pebbles at a time in his small mouth. He carried the pebbles from the seashore and dropped them into the sea. A great monkey was carrying a large heavy stone on his back and the squirrel came in his way. The monkey jumped back. Here, you little thing, shouted the monkey in a voice like thunder, youre in my way, I stepped back and youre alive now. But I nearly fell. And what are you doing here? The little squirrel looked up at the great monkey. Im sorry you nearly fell, Brother Monkey, he said in his small voice, but please always look where you are going. Im helping Rama build the bridge. And I want to work hard for him. You, what? shouted the monkey and laughed aloud. Did you hear that! he said to the other monkeys. The squirrel is building a bridge with his pebbles. Oh dear! Oh dear! Ive never heard a funnier story. The other monkeys laughed too. The squirrel did not think this funny at all. He said, Look, I cant carry mountains or rocks. God gave me only a little strength. I can only carry pebbles. My heart cries out for Rama and Ill do all I can for him. The monkeys said, Dont be foolish. Do you think you can help Rama? Do you think we can build a bridge with pebbles? He has a big army to help him. Go home and dont get in our way. But I want to help, too, said the squirrel and would not go. He carried the pebbles again from the shore to the sea. The monkeys were angry and one of them picked up the squirrel by his tail and threw him far away. The squirrel, crying out the name of Rama, fell into his hands. Then Rama held the squirrel close to him. He said to the monkeys, Do not make fun of the weak and the small. Your strength or what you do is not important. What matter is your love. This little squirrel has love in his heart. He then held the squirrel closer to him and said. Little one, your love touches my heart. He said these words and passed his fingers gently over the little squirrels back. And when he put him down there were three white stripes on his back. These were the marks of Lord Ramas fingers. From then on the squirrel carries the three white stripes on his back.



4.3 Overall Questions

Say whether the following are true or false. For every false sentence write the correct one. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) Lord Ramas army of monkeys had thousands of monkeys. . The monkeys were building a stone bridge over the sea. . Lord Rama was touched by the love of the monkeys.. The little squirrel was also carrying big stones like the monkeys.. The little squirrel did not want to help Lord Rama. . The little squirrel fell into the sea. . Lord Rama asked the monkeys not to laugh at the weak and the small. . Lord Rama was not touched by the love of the little squirrel. Lord Rama gently passed his fingers over the squirrels head. .

10) The squirrel has four black stripes on his back. .

4.4 Lets Learn Grammar

Fill in the blanks using the correct forms of the words given in brackets. Eg: The monkeys pulled the rocks. (pull) 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Nice to see you! I was just about you. (talk) We missed you yesterday. We cricket. (play) I cant find my dog. He is somewhere. (hide) The box was light. So we it easily. (move) The thieves from the police. (run) The monkeys down from the trees. (jump) I for half an hour this morning. (walk)


How the Squirrel Got His Stripes

4.5 Increase Your Word Power

Match, words in A with words of similar meaning given in B A close dirty escape glow mistake B fault dusty to shine to run away come to an end

Now fill in the blanks with words from A and B. The lights had gone off suddenly once again. Ramesh discovered that it was because of a in the main switch. He was determined not to make the same which Rajat made. So he decided to first the door to the main switch box. He then called the electrician and asked him to repair the fault. The electrician repaired the fault and the problem .

4.6 Lets Talk

Making suggestions Look at the following : Amit : Its a hot day and Im thirsty. Ali : Shall I get you a glass of water.

Rani : This rooms stuffy. Pooja: Shall I open the window? 25


Role Play Practice making suggestions for a cold drink or going for a movie along the lines give above.

4.7 Lets Write

Describing an object Read the following notice: Lost and found A ladies umbrella green in colour with small red and yellow flowers. Umbrella about 6 inches long, looks like a closed flower on top. Umbrella has a white handle. Owner please take it as the monsoons have arrived.

Discussion The notice describes an umbrella. The main points included are Object
* ladies umbrella

* 6 inches

* looks like a closed flower on top

* green * spotted with red and yellow flowers * white handle

* protects against rain

Remember, when you describe an object you must include the following points what the object is its colour its size its shape how it helps us or its functions 26

How the Squirrel Got His Stripes

Exercise Write a Lost and found notice describing a wrist watch. The notice should be in 3 or 4 sentences.

4.8 Check Your Answers

Overall Questions 1. True 2. True 3. True 4. False, The little squirrel was carrying pebbles. 5. False, The little squirrel wanted to help Lord Rama. 6. False, the squirrel fell into the hands of Lord Rama. 7. True 8. False, Lord Rama was touched by the love in the squirrels heard. 9. True 10. False, the squirrel has three white stripes on his back. Lets Learn Grammar 1. talking 7. walked 2. played 3. hiding 4. moved 5. saw 6. jumped

Increase Your Word Power fault, mistake, close, came to an end