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Worksheet - 2

Worksheet - 2
(Lessons 610)

Maximum Marks : 50 1.

Time : 1 Hours

Use prefixes to form new words. The new words should be opposite in meaning to the ones given. 12=2 a) Polite b) Desirable


Frame questions to which the following are replies. Ritika : _______________? Preeti: No. I cannot accompany you to the Book Fair. Ritika:________________?


Preeti : I think the speaker of the state assembly will inaugurate the fair. 3. Read the following dialogue between Vijaya and Kanta. Then write the dialogue in indirect speech. Imagine that you are telling Lalita. You can begin I told Lalita that Vijaya....... 5 marks Vijaya: Kanta, collect all application forms Kanta: Can I do it tomorrow? Im a bit busy today. 103



Complete the following description of Arifs neighours using the words given in the box. 2 marks Pleasant, helpful, caring, kind Mr. Bhasin is very _____________ in times of need. He is a very ________ person. He is very _______ towards the children. He is also very ___________as he has donated a huge sum of money to an old Age Home in Delhi.


Fill the blanks with suitable phrases given in the box. Switch on turn off switch off

2 marks

There is a shortage of electricity in our country. People should __________the lights when they are going out of their rooms. The same should be done with gas. People should _______ the gas stove after use. 6. a) Fill in the blanks using appropriate words given in the brackets. 2 2 =4

The honble Chief Minister with her secretary ______ (has/have) arrived at the venue of the meeting. The manager and the founder of the school ______(was/were) busy in finalising the accounts papers for the auditors. Fill in the blanks using appropriate words given in the brackets. 13=3



Sonia likes ______ (orange/oranges). But she does not like ________ (grape/ grapes). When she does not get good quality oranges she prefers having ________ (mango/mangoes) after lunch. 8. Why did kondiba lose his eyesight? What brave deed did he do which changed his life? 2 marks What secret did the barber discover? Who did he tell it to? 2 marks 2 marks


10. Mention two things that tall Trees do during day and during night? 104

Worksheet - 2

11. Mention two things that people did when the tiger entered the Market Road? 2 marks 12. What was the name of the village that Anusha visited? Write about any three things that she learnt there. 4 marks 13. Your mother has gone out for three days. You wish to help out by washing the dirty clothes. Describe in not more than 80 words the steps you would take in the process. Make sure that it is a logical sequence. You can use the following hints. 4 marks Collect clothes separate white from Coloured detergent rinse 14. Imagine that you were travelling on a local bus when suddenly three robbers came and started robbing the passengers; one of them held a knife at the drivers throat. The whole episode lasted for 15 minutes. Describe the incident in about 80 words as you would have narrated the incident to your family highlighting your reactions as well as those of other passengers. 4 marks 15. Describe your fathers old Aunt who has come to live with you from Haridwar. Throw light on her habits which may seem strange to you. You can use the following hints 4 marks - physical appearance - habits - food 16. There has been a move to ban the use of crackers during Diwali. A rally has also been organised to support this move. Imagine that you are a participant in this rally. Write a slogan for the occasion. 2 marks 17. Imagine that you are going to participate in a save trees, save the earth march. Write a slogan which you will carry to the march. 2 marks