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A Tiger Comes to Town I


A Tiger Comes to Town I

10.1 Objectives
At the end of this lesson you will be able to: Read and understand an interesting story. Use Direct and Indirect speech (Imperative sentences). Use Antonyms Seek and supply information. Write about incidents.

10.2 Lets read

The narrator the I in the story is a huge tiger who has escaped from a circus and is roaming about in a city. He does not seem to have a good opinion of human beings. Lets find out what happens on his arrival in the town. Lets see what happens when the tiger enters the town. Section I When I entered Market Road, people ran for their lives at the sight of me. As I passed through, shutters were pulled down, and people hid themselves in drains, on trees, and behind pillars. The population was melting out of sight. At the circus I had no chance to study human beings. They had sat in their seats 89

melting out of sight: disappearing

cowered: Felt afraid no intention of: no plan of paused: stopped, abandoned: left alone wailing: crying in fear

peacefully while I cowered before captains whip. I got a totally wrong idea of human being at that angle. I had thought that they were strong and fearless. But now I found them running from me like a herd of deer, although I had no intention of attacking them. When I paused in front of a tailors shop, he abandoned his machine and shut himself in a cupboard, wailing, Alas, I am undone, wont someone shoot that tiger? A prisoner, between two constables, got his chance to escape when the constables fled, abandoning him with his handcuffs. I tore a horse from its Jutka and enjoyed the sight of the passengers spilling out of it and running for their lives. Sheer hopelessness seems to have seized the townspeople. They withdrew to their homes and even there remained nervous. All doors and windows everywhere were shut, bolted and sealed. Some even thought that I was some extraordinary creature who might pass through the walls and lie in wait on the roof or in the basement. Why should an ordinary, simple tiger have any interest in them either to destroy or to safeguard?

spilling out: Falling out, jumping out seized: captured

10.1 Read, Think and Answer I

1. I in the above lines is (a) the Captain (b) the tiger (c) people 2. At the circus the people .. (a) Sat in their seats quietly. (b) Attacked the animals (c) Ran away on seeing the tiger 3. Why were the shutters pulled down? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 4. What did the people do when they saw the tiger? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 90

A Tiger Comes to Town I


What did the tiger think about human beings when he was in the circus? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________


Why did his opinion change when he came out of the circus? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________


What did the passengers do when the tiger attacked the horse? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

10.3 Section II Lets read on to see the reactions of people when the tiger reaches a restaurant.

I rested for a moment at the door of a restaurant, the coffee drinkers and tiffin eaters sat still at their tables, uttering low moans on seeing me. I wanted to assure them, Dont fear, I am not out to trouble you. Eat your tiffin in peace, dont mind me .. you nearest to me, hugging the cash box you are a coward, afraid afraid even to breathe. Go on, count the cash, if thats what you want. I just want to watch, thats all . If my tail trails down to the street, if I am blocking your threshold, it is because, Im told, eleven feet tip to tail. I cant help it, Im not out to kill. Im too full. I found a green pasture full of food on my way. I wont need any food for several days to come. I wont attack until I feel hungry again. Tigers attack only when they feel hungry, unlike human beings who kill one another without purpose or hunger. To the great delight of children, schools were being hurriedly closed. Children of all ages and sizes were running helter shelter, screaming joyously, No school, no school. Tiger, Tiger! they were shouting and laughing and even enjoyed being scared.

sat still: sat without moving uttering low moans: crying in a low voice Assure them: satisfy them by saying Trails down: hangs down Threshold: doorway tip to tail: from the tip of his nose to the tail green pasture: green grazing fields for animals running helter-shelter: running here and there in fear

10.2 Read, Think and Answer II

1. Why were the people in the restaurant uttering low moans? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________




How was the tiger blocking the threshold? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________


Why was the tiger not going to kill human beings? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________


Do human beings kill without a purpose? How are tigers different? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________


Why were the children so excited? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

10.4 Section III Lets read on to see what ultimately happens.

heaving : pulling

I followed them through their school gate while they ran up and shut themselves in the school hall. I climbed up the steps of the school, saw an open door at the far end of a verandah, and walked in. It happened to be headmasters room. I noticed a very dignified man jumping on his table and heaving himself up into an attic. I walked in and flung myself on the cool floor, having a special liking for cool stone floors, with my head under the large desk. I was in no mood to bother about anything. All I wanted was a little moment of sleep. While I slept, I had been properly locked up and was being watched. After I woke up, I heard a teacher saying, Now that this brute is safely locked up, we must decide. At this moment my Master pushed his way through the crowds and scolded, Never use the words beast or brute. Theyre ugly words coined by man in his arrogance. The human being thinks all other creatures are beasts. Awful word!

coined by man: given by man arrogance: pride, sense of importance


A Tiger Comes to Town I

Is this the time to discuss problems of vocabulary? asked someone. Why not? retorted my master, at which they looked extremely upset and angry. Someone said, What a reckless man you are! Who are you? You are asking a profound question. Ive no idea who I am! All my life I have been trying to find the answer. Are you sure you know who are you?

retorted: shouted back

Profound: serious and difficult

10.3 Read, Think and Answer III

1. What happened when the tiger entered the headmasters room? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 2. Never use the words beast or brute. (a) who said these words? (b) Why did he say so? 3. What was the profound question put to the Master? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 4. The Captain said he could not answer the question because ____. (a) he misunderstood the question (b) he had forgotten his name. (c) nobody really knows who he is 5. The tiger slept in the headmasters room because ______. (a) he thought the room was his cave. (b) he had a special liking for cool stone floors. (c) he wanted to be in the school.

10.5 Overall Questions

Arrange the following events as they occur in the story and rewrite them as a paragraph. 93


You can first number them here. a. Children ran inside the school shouting, Tiger, tiger. ( ) b. People shut, bolted and sealed all doors and windows. ( ) c. The master was annoyed when people abused the tiger. ( ) d. A huge tiger entered the market place. ( ) e. The tiger walked into the school and went off to sleep in the headmasters room. ( ) f. The master was called a reckless man. ( ) g. The tiger wasnt going to kill anyone because he was full. ( ) h. The tailor hid in a cupboard on seeing the tiger. ( ) i. People called the tiger a beast and a brute. ( ) j. The people at the restaurant were afraid to see the tiger. ( )

10.6 Lets Learn Grammar

Direct Indirect Speech : Imperative Sentences Let us read the following sentences 1. Hitendra said to Sameer, Work hard or you will fail. Hitendra advised Sameer to work hard or he would fail. 2. Sunny said, Let us go for a picnic today. Sunny proposed that they should go for a picnic that day. 3. Usha Saini said to the boys, do not make a noise. Usha Saini ordered the boys not to make a noise. In the sentences above we note that : 1294 In the first sentence Hitendra is giving advice. In the second sentence Sunny is proposing.

A Tiger Comes to Town I


In the third sentence Usha Saini is giving an order. All the sentences above are Imperative Sentences. While reporting the Imperative Sentence the reporting verb (said, said to, told) are changed into verbs which convey, command and request. Commands : Requests : ordered begged instructed requested asked pleaded

Lets read a conversation between Mr. Srivastava and his servant Ramu.

Ramu, lock the door as I am going out

give me Rs. 50/- for the medicine

get my medicines from the market


Please dont overwork. You will feel restless

Keep the dinner ready by 8 p.m. Mr. Srivastava

come home early

Ramu, the servant

Mr. Srivastava ordered his servant Ramu to lock the door as he was going out. He instructed him to get his medicine from the market. Mr Srivastava further instructed his servant to keep the dinner ready by 8 p.m. Ramu, the servant requested his master Mr Srivastava to give him Rs. 50/- for the medicine. He also pleaded with his master not to over work as he would feel restless. Ramu asked Mr. Srivastava to come home early. Exercise 1 Now rewrite the following sentences into Indirect speech. 1The invigilator said to the students, Stop Writing. __________________________________________________________________ 95



The officer said to the peon, Bring a file cover for me. __________________________________________________________________


Anil said to his friend, Please take out the car while I lock the room. __________________________________________________________________


The ticket collector said to Varun, why didnt you buy a full ticket for your son. __________________________________________________________________


May I borrow your English book for the evening? said Usha to Rajni. __________________________________________________________________


The parents said to the Principal, Please, admit our son in your school. __________________________________________________________________


Father said to his son, Sunny, switch off the T.V. I am getting disturbed. __________________________________________________________________


Anita said to Nikhil, Help your younger sister in her studies, __________________________________________________________________


Hitendra said to Shyam, have a cup of tea with me, please. __________________________________________________________________

10- I said to him, Get out. __________________________________________________________________

10.7 Increase Your Word Power I

Antonyms words with opposite meanings. eg. Good bad small big up down long short bright dull fat thin

weak strong rational irrational proper improper

obedient disobedient even uneven


A Tiger Comes to Town I


Read the words and phrases given in column A and B and match them. There is one extra word in Column B. Column A In front of Weak Fearful Protecting Column B fearless cowered attacking strong Behind


Now fill in the blanks given below with some of the words and phrases given above

A _______ and ______ policeman stood _________ the angry mob. The mob was ______ a small boy with lathis. The weak and _________ boy ran and hid _____ a policeman. The boy was shivering with fright. The angry mob told the policeman that the boy whom he was ________ was not innocent. C. Given below are some words and phrases. Find their antonyms in the text. Then solve the puzzle with the antonyms. One has been worked out for you. You can first write out the antonyms next to these words.



Across 1. loud 2. taken along with 3. open 4. to move on 7 beautiful 9 warm 11 rich 14 dull 16 right 18 empty

Down 2 Unaware 5 careless 6 laughing 8 stayed still 10 done 12 to make 13 silent 15 weak 17 closed 19 like

10.8 Lets talk

Supplying and seeking Information Practice the following conversation with your friend. You will have to fill up some details in it before you start talking. A. Abhi : There was a lot of noise near your house last night. What had happened? Sunny:___________________________________________ . Abhi:____________________________________________ . Sunny: Yes, the police was there in 10 minutes. The thieves were later arrested.

10.9 Lets Write

You have just read that a tiger went to town. You also read all that he saw and felt. After that he went back to the jungle, met his friends and narrated what he saw at the circus. This is how he did it ___. 98

A Tiger Comes to Town I

I went to a place, something called a circus. It had many animals, all our friends. I saw many of our cousins, nicely dressed in red ribbons and jingling bells, sitting on stools. I thought they were all so lively. But all of a sudden, a man with a whip wearing a black hat walked in. He looked so smart but indeed he was very cruel. He hit all our friends with the whip. He then blew his whistle. At this all the tigers started crawling slowly. Though dressed brightly, they all looked so sad. What man has made of tigers! Better to be free in the jungle than be a slave of the whistle in the city. Discussion You have just read an incident narrated by a tiger. When the tiger was narrating the incident to his friends, these were some of the points discussed. place people/things he saw details Dress
Animals: ribbons Bells Ring master : hat


Ring master : Whipping the tigers Blowing the whistle Tigers : crawling the city

tigers looked sad

loss of attraction for

Exercise You went to see the celebration of Dussehra/ Id/ Onam/ Chistmas/ Durga Puja. Write a paragraph about all that you saw there.

10.10 Check Your Answers

Read, think and answe I 1. 2. 3. b a. The shutters were pulled down because a tiger had come to the market place. 99


4. 5.

When people saw the tiger, they hid in drains, on trees and behind the pillars. When the tiger was in the circus, he thought that human beings were strong and fearless. The tiger changed his opinion when he saw people running to save their lives. When the tiger attacked the house, the passengers fell out of the tonga and ran to save their lives.

6. 7.

Read, think and answer II 1. The people in the restaurant were uttering low moans because they were afraid to see the tiger but could not run away. The tiger had blocked the door. The tiger was very huge. He was eleven feet long from the tip of his nose to tail. Thus he was blocking the threshold. The tiger was not going to kill human beings because his stomach was full. Yes, human beings kill without a purpose. Tigers are different because they kill only when they are hungry. The children were excited because schools were being closed due to the tiger.


3. 4.


Read, think and answer III 1. When the tiger entered the headmasters room, the headmaster jumped on to his table and heaved himself up into an attic. (a) The words beast and brute were said by a teacher (b) He said so because he thought all other creatures are wild animals. 3. 4. 5. The profound question put to the master was, who are you? C B


Overall Questions (d) 1 (h) 2 (b) 3 (j) 4 (g) 5 (a) 6 (e) 7 (i) 8 (c) 9 (f) 10


A Tiger Comes to Town I

Lets Learn Grammar Exercise 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. The invigilator ordered the students to stop writing. The officer asked the peon to bring a file cover for him. Anil requested his friend to take out the car while he locked the room. The ticket collector asked Varun why he had not purchased a full ticket for his son. Usha requested Rajni if she could borrow her English book for that evening. The parents pleaded the Principal to admit their son in her school. The father asked his son to switch off the T.V. because he was getting disturbed. Anita requested Nikhil to help his younger sister in her studies. Hitendra pleaded with shyam to have a cup of tea with him.

10. I ordered him to get out. Increase your Word power I Antonyms A. Infront ofbehind Weak Fearful Protecting B. strong protecting Across 1. hushed 2. abandoned strong fearless attacking fearless infront of attacking fearful behind




3. shut 4. Paused 7. ugly 9. cool 11. poor 14. bright 16. wrong 18. full Down 2. aware 5. cautions 6. waiting 8. fled 10. undone 13. uttering 15. strong 17. open 19. unlike


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