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A Tiger Comes To Town - 2

11.1 Objectives
At the end of this lesson, you will be able to: read and understand an interesting and amusing/funny story. change sentences into reported speech identify and use antonyms use prefixes narrate incidents write newspaper reports

11.2 Lets read

The magistrate forbids the tigers master from entering the room where the tiger is. Lets find out if he manages to enter the room. Section I Meanwhile, I awoke after a very good stretch of sleep and heard voices outside. I looked up and saw the headmaster cowering in the attic. I stretched myself and roared, for no particular reason except that I felt alive. The poor human being in the loft must 106
Stretch: Span of time Cowering: Shrinking back in fear Stretched Myself: put out my arms and legs Roared: Made a loud

A Tiger Comes to Town II

Trembled: Shook with fear Assure: Convince

have trembled at the moment. I wished to assure him that I was not going to hurt him. I raised myself, put up my forelegs on the wall, scratched it, and growled softly which made him more nervous. I knew my Master was outside, I could hear him say, No one is going to school. You will see the tiger come out and walk off with me One of you take a ladder in and help the headmaster come down from the attic.

Protection: Some thing which keeps you safe, defence

Do you mean to say you are going in as you are, without arms or protection they asked him. Yes, thats what Im going to do. We have no time to waste.

11.1 Read, Think and Answer I

1. 2. 3. The I being referred to in the story is __________ . The tiger was in the ______________ . Why was the headmaster nervous? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 4. What was the tiger trying to convey to the headmaster. __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 5. The people outside were preventing the master from entering the class room because a) He was not a student. b) He would disturb the class. c) He would be killed by the tiger. d) He would kill the tiger. 11.3 Section II Let us read and find out what happens next The Chairman of the Tiger Committee said, By the powers I have being the second 107


Honorary Magistrate, I give you notice that you shall not open nor enter that room. My Master asked, Why do you prevent me from going near the tiger? They were at a loss to answer its unlawful to commit suicide, they said. May be, said my Master, but which section of the law says that a man should not approach a tiger? Are not circus people doing it all the time? Yes, replied the Chairman weakly. But thats different. I can tame a tiger. Its after all my life that Im risking. The Chairman was visibly confused and bewildered In that case you will have to sign an affidavit absolving us from all responsibilities for your life or death.

Honorary: given as an honour, generally a position without a salary Notice: Information, Warning

Approach: go near visibly: as could be seen easily, obviously, clearly confused: mixed up. bewildered: unable to understand affidavit: written statement, Utah, a legal document absolving: freeing from blame, declaiming that they were not responsible for his life or death

11.2 Read, Think and Answer II

1The Masters attempts to enter the room are compared to a) Life b) Suicide c) Death d) War 2What statement made by the Master confused the Chairman? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 3What affidavit would the Master have to sign? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 4The condition laid down by the Chairman to allow the Master to enter the room are that a) He would have to promise not to take away the tiger. b) He would have to pay an entry fee 108

A Tiger Comes to Town II

c) Everybody present would share the responsibility. d) Nobody would be responsible for whatever happened. 11.4 Section III Let us read on and discover what the situation leads to

All right, give me a piece of paper and tell me what to write.

Briefcase: bag, small, suitcase for papers

magistracy: magistrates position uncalled for: not wanted, not required irrelevant: not important or of significance exercising: applying authority: power to enforce obedience document: written record of events Scriptures: Holy or sacred writings ado: fuss, trouble

The magistrate took out a sheet of paper from his briefcase and gave it to my master. My Master wrote to the Chairmans dictation absolving everyone there from all responsibility. He signed the document and returned it with the comment. Ive signed it just to respect your magistracy, although Im convinced its uncalled for and irrelevant. You are exercising unnecessary authority. The Chairman looked at the document and said, Stop, wait. Tell me what is it that you have written here? Only what you have dictated. In a language we dont know! I cant accept it. Its in Sanskrit, in which our scriptures are written, the languages of the gods. I write only Sanskrit although I know ten other languages including Japanese. Without further ado he put the key into the lock of the headmasters room. Let us go now, said my Master. You must realize, that human beings, for all their bluster are timid creatures. They are likely to panic when they see you. Dont look at them. Thats the only way to maintain ones peace of mind.

bluster: angry and empty threats

Read, Think and Answer III

1. Why was the Chairman shocked to see the affidavit. __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 2. What was written in the affidavit? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________




Why was the Master not happy about signing the affidavit. __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________


What made the Master choose Sanskrit to write the affidavit? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________


The Master advises the tiger before departing from schools toa) Growl and roar at all human beings b) stare hard at headmaster c) run after and frighten the children in the school d) not to look at human beings in order to maintain peace of mind.


At the end the Master says that human beings are very brave and are not frightened to see the tiger. True/False.

11.5 Overall Questions

I. Give below is the summary of the story. However, it is jumbled. Arrange it in the correct order. You can number the sentences as 1, 2, 3.. a) The magistrate stops the tigers master from entering the room with the tiger in it. b) The tiger growled making the headmaster nervous. c) The headmaster climbed on to the attic to save himself from the tiger. d) The master entered the room where the tiger was. e) The tiger awoke after a good stretch of sleep. f) The Chairman asked the tigers master to sign an affidavit. __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________


A Tiger Comes to Town II


State whether the following statements are True and False. 1. The tiger entered a house. 2. The tiger was scared at seeing the headmaster 3. He was without his Master. 4. His Master entered the room without any opposition. 5. The Chairman asked the Master to sign an affidavit. 6. The master wrote the affidavit in English. 7. In the end, the tiger remained in the room. True/False True/False True/False True/False True/False True/False True/False

III. 1. Write in 30-40 words the incident in the story you find most amusing. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________

2. Do you agree that human beings are timid. Give reasons (30-40 words). _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ 111


11.6 Lets Learn Grammar

Reported speech In our day-to-day life, there are many instances, when we hear something said by a person and then we report the same to another person. This reporting of statements is termed REPORTED SPEECH In this case the one who speaks is the SPEAKER and the other is a listener when the listener reports it to a third person he is the REPORTER.


A Tiger Comes to Town II

Now lets see how we change a direct speech statement into indirect speech. Direct Speect Mr. Rao said to the station master, (reporting verb changes- told) I have to go to the town today
that day Remove inv erted com mas he (3 person)

that (added)

(verbs changes to past tense had)

Therefore, the indirect speech statement will be Mr. Rao told the stationmaster that he had to go to the town that day. Complete the following table First speaker You should work less Questioner What did she say? What did she Say? never feels tired. Shall we go for a picnic? What did she say? Reporter She said that . She replied that she

Now change the following direct speech sentences to indirect speech.




A Tiger Comes to Town II



11.7 Increase Your Word Power

Antonyms Let us review the vocabulary we have learnt in this lesson by playing a simple game. Given below are 3 columns. In A there are some words from the passage. In B the meanings of these words are given. In C are some antonyms/opposites. You must complete the words in Column A & match the antonyms. The first has been done for you.
Col A Word 1. COWER 2. A _ _ U_E 3. P _ _ I_ 4. T_ _ _D 5. A _ _ 6. D_ _E_ _I_ _T_O_ 7. V_ _I_ _E 8. _R_ _B_ E_ 9. _R_E_ _ _N_ 10. P_ _L_N_ Col B Meaning To crouch in fear To make sure, convince Sudden and unreasonable fear Easily frightened Unnecessary activity The act of deciding Capable of being seen To shake with fear or weakness Not important To extend or continue Col C Antonym Hidden Brave Steady Indecision Calm Shorten Bold Doubt Quientess/tranquility


Prefix A Prefix is a group of letters added before a word to change its meaning. (i) for eg. Relevant means something significant or important. Ir is added as prefix. So the word becomes ir+relevant = irrelevant which means not important or insignificant (ii) human means man, gentle It is human to make mistakes. 116

A Tiger Comes to Town II

Now in is added to it. So the new word becomes in+human=inhuman beastly. Children working in the bidi making factories are treated in an inhuamn manner. Given below are 2 circles A & B. In bubble A we have some prefixes & Bubble B there are some words. Match the two to make new words. You can use the prefix more than once. Youll be able to make at least 10 words. Bubble A Bubble B

inter ir co mis hyper

un anti dis

regular honestly school tension acceptable disposable available interest reversible answerable curricular

eg: co + curricular cocurricular

11.8 Increase Your Word Power i

Given below is a crossed word Puzzle containing words from the lesson. Complete the puzzle with the help of meaning given next page.



a) to bend & move back because one is frightened C_W_ _ _ _G. b) a room just below the roof, used for storing things A_ T _C c) to become certain of something A _ _U_ _D d) make a low sound in throat to show anger G _ _ W _ _D e) a space for storing things L _F _ f) front legs of an animal F _R _L _ _ _ g) Given as a mark of honour/respect H _ _O _ _ RY h) A written statement/legal document stanting the truth. AF _ _D _V _ i) A person who sees something and states in court. W _ _ N _ _S j) Confused B _W _ L _ _ _ ED

11.9 Increase Your Word Power II

I. Complete the given sentences with the correct words from the box below. Convinced, bewildered, prolonged, Suicide, authority

1. Due to continuous failure he was in a state of despair and tried to commit_________. 2. The judge was __________ that the witness was speaking the truth. 3. His misery was _________ due of lack of money for medicines. 4. The headmaster was ___________ by the questions the visitor asked. 5. Teachers day gives a chance to pupils to exercise ______ over the juniors. II. Body Language Read the sentences given below. The underlined words relate to the human body and feelings expressed by gestures. 1. The poor human being in the loft must have trembled. 2. I raised myself, growled softly which made him nervous. 118

A Tiger Comes to Town II

3. Yes replied the Chairman weakly. 4. The Chairman was visibly confused and bewildered. Look at the underlined words all tell of different states and moods of a person body language. Given below is an interesting puzzle. Jumbled words are given for different states. Form correct words by rewriting the letters of the word. 1. You suddenly become red in the face because of shame of embarrassment. (BSHUL) 2. You give a broad smile. (NIRG) 3. Your body shakes because you are afraid of feeling cold. (SVIHRE) 4. You pull you eyebrows to show you are angry or worried. (RFOWN) 5. You raise you shoulders to show that you dont care or are not interested. (RSUGH) III A. Given below are some words relating to sound and its intensity. Arrange them in the correct sequence from very noisy to silent. 1. Noiseless 2. Quiet 3. Silent 4. Loud 5. Deafening 6. Noisy B. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Roared, growled are words that express a sound made by animals. Given below is a list of some animal sound words. Fill the correct words in the sentence given below. The first one has been done for you. Croak chirrping barked Howled Neighed roared hooting

1. The lion roared at the hunter. 119


2. The owl was heard ______ in the night. 3. The boy fell down in fear when the horse _________ suddenly. 4. The dog ____________ at the stranger. 5. The wolves _________ in the jungle. 6. The _____________ of birds wakes us up in the morning. 7. Frogs __________________ on rainy days.

11.10 Lets Talk

Narrating an incident All of us are in the habit of narrating our experiences to friends and family members. Think of a day when you visited a temple and a monkey tried to snatch your offering. Practice the following with your friend. I. You : Sumit, I must tell you what happened last week. Sumit : Did you pick up a fight as usual? You : No, no! I went to the Shiv temple with a coconut, flowers and two bananas. On reaching there I found a long queue I sat under a tree. Sumit : And then? You : Suddenly, a monkey jumped from the tree, gave me a push and snatched the bananas. All the prasad was scattered.


Sumit : My God! You : What happened then ? Did you start Crying? Sumit: I was a little disheartened but, then to my utter dismay I saw the monkey sitting on a branch, very comfortably, peeling bananas and eating them one after the another. Sumit : Finally, were you able to do the darshan You: oh, yes! In all this confusion the crowd dispersed and I was able to do the darshan comfortably.


A Tiger Comes to Town II

Role Play Now think of a rainy day, when you were all alone in the house and suddenly a snake entered the room. What was the scene like? Narrate the incident with the help of the following points - Background of the incident. - Description of the scene - Actual incident - Your reaction and conclusion.

11.11 Lets Write

Newspaper reports Everyday you read in the newspaper reports about accidents, robberies, strikes/ riots visits of important people. A newspaper reporter has been sent to report on a series of accidents that have taken place in the last 24 hours. Given below are some notes he makes. He uses them to complete report. December, 15, Meerut 2 persons killed 2 Seperate incidents 2 youth killed on a motor cycle, hit by a truck one Deepak died friend Somesh informed, 1 Maruti hit by trolley on Delhi Road woman Sunita informed taken to hospital died. Husband injured. Poor lighting traffic hazard.

3 killed in Road Accidents Staff Reporter December 15, Meerut 2 persons including a woman were killed in the last 24 hours. According to police sources a truck crushed a motor cycle. Whereas one youth Deepak died on the spot, his friend Somesh was injured. The two are residents of Delhi and were coming to Meerut for some business. In another incident on Delhi Road, a Maruti was hit by a trolley. The driver escaped with injuries but his wife died in the Hospital. It has been noticed that the road in question is unsafe and frequent accidents take place because of poor lighting.



You must have noticed the following points in the report. 1) 2) 3) 4) There is a title Date, name of city Name of the Reporter Content a) Description of actual event How it started b) Follow up action by authority or people. c) Conclusion observations, lessons learnt or suggestions. Exercixe B. Imagine that your are an eyewitness to a demonstration in your city against rise in Bus fares.

Now read the following and make a report. 1. 2. 3. 4. Title Strike against increase in Bus fares-crowd turns violent. Date, name of city Name of Reporter Context a) protest march, slogans raised. b) Lathi charge by police c) Crowd turn violent d) Tear gas used 5. Conclusion Some demonstrators picked up by police taken to Police Station. __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________


A Tiger Comes to Town II

11.12 Check Your Answers

Read, Think and Answer I. 1. The Tiger 2. In the headmasters room 3. Because of the roar of the tiger. 4. Not to be afraid that he would not hurt him. 5. C II. 1. b 2. It was his own life he was risking. 3. D 4. No one would be blamed for his death III. 1. It was in a language he did not understand. 2. Everybody was absolved of blame. 3. Felt was not necessary and magistrate was unduly exercising authority. 4. Language of the gods scriptures written in it. 5. D 6. False Overall Questions I II The correct order is e, c, a, b, f, d 1. False 2. False 3. True 4. False 5. True 6. False 7. False 123


Lets Learn Grammar

I. 1. __________ he should work less. 2. I Never feel tried 3. she asked whether they could go for _______. II. 1. _______ he gave notice that he should not enter the room. 2. _______ Why he was being prevented from going near the tiger. 3. _______ What he had written there. 4. The master assured the people that he could tame the tiger. 5. The master told the tiger not to took at them. Antonyms Word cower, assure, panic, timid, ado, determined, visible, tremble, irrelevant, prolong 1. bold 6. Indecision Prefixes a) irregular b) dishonesty c) unacceptable 2. Doubt 7. Hidden 3. Calm 8. Steady 4. Brave 9. Relevant 5. Quiteness 10. Shorten

hyper-Tension, indisposable, unavailable, irreversible, Unlawful, unanswerable.

Increase Your Word Power I

a) cowering b) attic c) assure d) growled 124

A Tiger Comes to Town II

e) loft f) forelegs g) honorary h) affidavit i) witness j) bewildered

Increase Your Word Power II

a) suicide e) authority b) convinced c) prolonged d) bewildered

Increase Your Word Power III

1) Blush 2) Grin 3) Shiver 4) Frown 5) Shrug

Increase Your Word Power IV

I. II. Correct order is 3, 6, 4, 2, 3, 1 a) hooting b) neighed c) barked d) howled e) chirruping f) croak


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