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Worksheet - 3

Worksheet 3
(Lesson 11 15)

Maximum Marks : 50 1. Form new words by joining words from A and B A Post Work Head Fountain B Clerk Pen Master Shop

Time : 1 Hours 4=2

2. Form new words using the words given in brackets and then fill in the blanks. 1 2 =2 (a) He knows that is a ____________ (significance) issue. (b) I love her _____________ (music) tone when she talks. 3. Fill in the blanks using the right form of words given in the brackets. e.g. This is soft (soft) toy but this is softer (soft). 169 1 2 =2


I found this years science paper _________ (easy) compared to last years. Last year is was ______ (tough) because of the total number of questions one had to answer. 4. Use the appropriate form of words given in brackets and fill in the blanks. 1 2 =2 a) Everyone of us ________ (be) present there at the time of departure of the train. b) Each one of them _______ (be) busy with preparation for exams these days. 5. Fill in the blanks using appropriate words given in the box. throw away, look up, look into a) I have requested the police Commissioner to ________ the double murder case in the city. At Petrol Pumps the warning displayed is dont ______________ lighted cigarettes here and there. Rewrite the following conversation in indirect speech. Imagine that you would be telling Rani. 5 marks Sudha: Why did you not go to visit the Indian Industrial exhibition? Surabhi: I was out of station during those days You can begin like this: I told Rani. 7. Fill in the blanks using appropriate form of words given in brackets 14=4 1 2 =2



Preeti _________ (arrive) at the Railway station. She thought she had reached early. She _______ (drive) the car herself and entered the parking area. She ________ (leave) the car there and _______ (walk) into the platform. To her surprise the train had already arrived and her father was waiting for her.


Worksheet - 3


Frame questions to which the following are the answers. Ayush: _______________________________ Arundhati: Yes, I can reach there well in time even without my own car. Ayush: _______________________________ Arundhati: Ill start at 6oclock by a taxi.

2 2= 4


Use appropriate prefixes and form words opposite in meaning. 2=1 polite _______________________________ decent _______________________________

10. In what language did the Master sign the affidavit? Why did he have to sign the affidavit? 2 marks 11. How old was Anju Dua when she started doing gymnastics. What were the other games she played? 2 marks 12. Mention any four shining things that the poet talks about. 2 marks

13. What was the problem posed by the merchant to the Poona Durbar? In which season and at what time of the day did Nana solve the problem. 2 marks 14. Where was Pandit Nehru when he wrote his letter to Indira? Mention two qualities of Gandhiji that Nehru talks about. 2 marks 15. Write a letter to your friend Arun who lives in the city telling him about your sisters wedding. You can use the following information. 6 marks Preparation guests ceremonies food. 16. Write a report of about 50 60 words describing the inauguration of the new Panchayat in your village by the local M.P. Mention the date, time, programme. 4 marks 17. Read the following passage and then give the information against the proper headings below. 2 marks Sir Isac Newton was born in 1642 on Christmas Day in Woolsthrope, a small village in Britain. His mother remarried after his fathers death and he was brought up by his 171


old grandmother. As a boy his first achievement was the manufacturing of a set of tools and saws of various sizes. He is known for the discovery of the Force of Gravity.

Name Date and place of birth Parents/Guardians Initial discovery Greatest achievement

: Sir Issac Newton : : : :

18. Imagine that you are Ram Prasad of Aligarh. Recently you have found that your 15 years old brother is becoming lazy and weak both physically and in his studies. He is also not communicating with you. You go to a doctor and he gives you tips to help you brother. Write a paragraph of 80 words using the following hints. 4 marks

Physical problem Studies

: diet - eating habits to improve exercises : Concentration make time table arrange coaching classes talk to teachers : talk to him spend time encouragement friendship