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The Story of Anju Dua

12.1 Objectives
At the end of this lesson, you will be able to read and understand a life story. use the simple past tense use compound words ask questions to conduct a quiz. transfer information from a table to a paragraph.

12.2 Lets read

This is the story of a special girl. She is deaf and dumb. Yet she won the Arjun Award. Read the lesson to find out how she made it possible. Section I Anju Dua is one of the most well known coaches in gymnastics in the State of Haryana and a number of her students are today winning awards in many gymnastic competitions in the State and outside. An excellent gymnast, Anjus achievements are far greater since she is a special person being both deaf and dumb. The story of Anju Dua (born in 1967) is the story of a person who did not allow her handicap to come in the way of her ambition. She competed in the national 126
Gymnastics exercises performed to develop fitness

Ambition strong desire to achieve something

The Story of Anju Dua

championships along with the rest of the participants, asking for no favours and won ten Gold, 23 Silver and 11 Bronze during the three years from 1987 to 1990. In addition she was declared the Best Gymnast at the Senior Nationals held at Kottayam in 1989.
Squad group of sportsmen/ sports women, working as a team. On the quiet secretly Venture project / mission/ purpose

A regular member of the Haryana squad, Anju has been taking part in the various state and all India competitions including junior and senior Nationals from 1979. She had to work hard for her achievements. She developed interest in gymnastics when she was just eight years old and used to go to a nearby coaching centre on the quiet, without informing her parents. Once they came to know of her interest they helped her in her venture.

12.1 Read, Think and Answer I

The writer says that Anju is a special person. A special person is one who suffers from a serious physical or mental disability. For example he/ she may be blind or may not have a limb. Read paragraph 1 and answer the following questions. 1. Why has Anju been called a special person? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 2. What does she do these days? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 3. Read the following sentences and tick the correct choice or choices. The writer says Anjuss achievements are far grater because Anju is a) a weak girl who cannot run fast. b) Very poor and cannot do difficult things c) Not likely to get any help from her parents. d) Both deaf and dumb Read paragraphs 2 and 3 and answer the following questions: 4. What favour could Anju have asked for? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________




When and where was she declared the best Gymnast? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________


At what age did Anju begin to take interest in gymnastics? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

12.3 Section II Lets Read On Though a regular in the State meets since 1979, Anju first came to national limelight in 1984 when she won the team championship of the 27th Senior National Gymnastic Championships held in Jabalpur, a performance she repeated in the next two Nationals held in Bangalore and Sangrur. She was especially good at vaulting horse, an even in which she topped in the Nationals held at Cuttack in 1987, Kottayam and Udaipur in 1989 and Delhi in 1991. Though gymnastics was her main sport, Anju was a natural in other games too and tried her hand at football, badminton, and other sports. Her interest stretches beyond sports. She loves to paint and create art on glasses. Very particular about fitness, she follows a strict routine to keep herself trim. An Arjuna Award winner of 1998, Anju Dua has been working as an Assistant Gymnastic Coach with the Haryana Sports Department at War Heroes Memorial Stadium in Ambala for the last nine years.
A regular a permanent member Limelight publicity Vaulting horse a wooden horse/ block hurdle for gymnastic exercise A natural person ideally, suited for an activity.

12.2 Read, Think and Answer II

Read paragraph 4 and answer the following questions. 1. Which event was Anju specially good at? How many times did she top in this event. __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 2. Did she like to play some other sports too? Name two of them. __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 3. Names of some events that take place in an athletic meet are given in the box. Choose


The Story of Anju Dua

the correct name and write it in the blank give against each sentence. The first one is done for your. Javelin Throw, Shot Put, Long Jump, discus Throw (a) Rahul is throwing a flat, thin and round object. (Discus Throw) (b) Reena and Seema are trying to jump along the ground in one leap. (_________) (c) Ahmed is throwing a long spear in the air. (___________) (d) Sahil is practicing with a heavy round iron ball. (_________) Read paragraph 5 and tick the correct choices: 4. Anjus interest stretches beyond sports because. (a) She loves to paint. ( ) (b) She likes to create art on glasses ( ) (c) She follows a strict routine to keep herself trim. ( ) (d) She does all the three things given above. ( )

12.4 Overall Questions

1. Anju is deaf and dumb. Yet she won the Arjun Award. Can you think of some of the qualities that helped Anju to achieve her aim? For example: determination. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ 2. If Anju had not become a gymnast, can you think of any other field in which she could have done well? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ 3. Pick up information from the lesson and fill in the following table. It tells your about the awards Anju Dua has won in different years at different places. 129


S. No. (i) (ii) (iii) (iv)

Year 1984 1987, 1989, 1991 _______ 1998

Award Team championship Topped in vaulting horse Best Gymnast ___________

Place Jabalpur ________ ________ ________

12.5 Lets Learn Grammar

Read the following sentences: 1. Sachin scored eighty runs in the final (last) match. 2. My sister finished her work yesterday. 3. We called them for the party. 4. Ramesh returned my book last week. 5. They stayed in a hotel in Bangalore. Look at the under lined words/verbs. They are in the simple, past tense. We use the simple past tense to talk about events, actions or situations completed in the past. You must have noticed that we usually add ed to the main verb to form the simple past tense. For example 1. score + ed = scored 2. finish + ed = finished 3. call + ed = called 4. return + ed = returned 5. stay + ed = stayed Exercise I. Fill in the blanks with the simple past tense of the verbs given in brackets by adding ed to them. The first is done for you.

1. Meena climbed the tree. (climb) 130

The Story of Anju Dua

2. Sahil _________ the movie very mush (enjoy) 3. Reena _______ her exams with good marks (pass) 4. Rohit and I _________ football yesterday. (play) Simple Past Tense : Irregular Verbs Some verbs are called irregular verbs because their past tense is not formed by adding ed. Here are some examples: 1. Rani slept till 5 Oclock in the evening. 2. I heard a noise. 3. Sumit bought this camera in Japan. 4. We went to Shimla last month. 5. Namrata sang very well. In the above sentences the verbs are in the simple past. But we have not added ed to them. Here is a list of some irregular verbs. Present Sleep Hear Buy Go Sing Past slept heard bought went sang

Some verbs do not change their form. For example: shut, put, hit, cost etc. Exercise II. Fill in the blanks using the simple past tense of the verbs given in the brackets. 1. I _______ the bill yesterday. (pay) 2. The thief ________ the watch. (steal) 131


3. The boys _______ their way in the jungle. (lose) 4. Please ________ the door. (shut) 5. She ________ a letter to her mother. (write) Simple past tense: Questions Read the following sentences: 1. She saw a movie yesterday. Did she see a movie yesterday? 2. Reena went to Kanpur last week Did Reena go to Kanpur last week? In order to ask a question about anything that happened in the past we use did at the beginning of the sentence and then use the main verb. Remember not to use the past tense form of the main verb with did: e.g. Did you enjoyed the movie? Did you enjoy the movie. Did you slept well last night? Did you sleep well last night? X X

III. Ask questions in simple past tense using the words given in brackets. e.g. 1. (go/alone?) Did you go alone? 2. (stay/ at a hotel?) ____ _______ _______ _____ 3. (meet your friends?) ____ _______ _______ _____ 4. (how/travel?) ____ _______ _______ _____ 5. (what/ do there?) ____ _______ _______ _____ The negative in simple past is usually formed with did not/didnt and the main verb. 1. I did not write this letter 132

The Story of Anju Dua

2. Anita did not come to see me. 3. Usha didnt go to school yesterday. III. Write the negative forms of the following verb. The first one is done for you. 1. I knew Reema was very busy, so I did not disturb her (disturb). 2. I was in a hurry, so I ________to see you. (come) 3. The film wasnt very good, so I ________ it. (enjoy) 4. It was very cold, so I ________ out. (go) 5. Mohit _______ hard, therefore he failed in the exams. (work)

12.6 Increase Your word Power I

Compound words Read the sentences carefully. 1. Reena has a headache. 2. Rajas grandmother is sitting in an armchair. 3. This tablecloth is very nice. 4. The truck was over loaded. 5. Ramesh is getting his house white washed. Look at the underlined words. They are made up of two words. Head + ache Arm + chair Table + cloth Over + loaded White + washed These are called compound words.



Sometimes we want to give more specific information about someone or something. In such cases we use a noun before another noun. For example: Ricepudding A language teacher a glasshouse waste paper.

Look at this butterfly. (butter + fly). Some words are given in its two wings. Match the right words to make compound words and fill up the blanks. The first one is done for you.

butter car savings pick golf

account pocket course park fly

V. 1. The butterfly loves flowers. 2. The police caught the ________. 3. I want to open a __________ in the bank. 4. People play golf in a __________. 5. The cars are parked in a ________.


The Story of Anju Dua

VI. What do you call these? Choose correct compound words from the box and write them against the clues Address book, pencil box, book case, toy shop 1. A box for keeping pencils _________. 2. A shop which sells toys __________. 3. A case which is used for keeping glass and books _________. 4. A book for addresses __________.

12.7 Lets Talk

Its Quiz Time

Practise the following Quiz Master: Who is given the Arjun Award? You : Q. M. : One who excels or does well in some sport. Give me the names of two sports persons who have won the Arjun Award. Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupati. Name the sport that they play. Tennis

You : Q. M.: You :

This is how a quiz is done. Read the following table. It gives you some information about Sachin Tendulkar. Try to conduct a quiz with your friend. With the help of the jumbled up information given in the table. Choose the correct answers and fill in the blanks.



Details Arjun Award One day International Scored 10,000 runs Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award Highest Test debut Padma Shree Awarded Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award

Awards 1994 300 One Day Inter Nationals Award in sports 16 years 1999 1998

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

You : At what age did Sachin Tendulkar make his test debut? Friend : 16 years You: How many runs did Sachin score in One Day Intenational? Friend: _________________ You: ___________________ Friend: Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award You: __________________ Friend: In 1998 You: When was Sachin awarded the Padma Shree?

10. Friend: _______________________ 11. You: __________________________ 12. Friend: In 1994.


The Story of Anju Dua

12.8 Lets Write

Now we will learn how to transfer information from a table to a paragraph. Read the following table. It gives you some information about our late Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri.

2nd October 1904 1927 1928

Born in a poor family, Mughal Sarai, Uttar Pradesh Married Lalita Joined Congress Party, active worker, at the call of Mahatma Gandhi Elected as a member of the Rajya Sabha Minister in Central Government Prime Minister of India Died of a heart attack, at Tashkent, U.S.S.R.

1951 1955 to 1963 1964 11th January, 1966

We will transfer the above information into a paragraph thus: Lal Bahadur Shashtri was born on 2nd October 1904 in a poor family at Mughal Sarai, U.P. He married Lalita Shashtri in 1927. Then he joined the Congress party as an active worker at the call of Mahatma Gandhi. Later on, in 1951 he got elected as a member of the Rajya Sabha. From 1955 to 1963 he remained minister in the Central Government. Finally in 1964 he was elected as the Prime Minister of India. Unfortunately he died of a heart attack at Tashkent in the U.S.S.R. on 11th January 1966. If you read, the above paragraph carefully, youll find that each piece of information given in the table has been developed with the help of a word or words which have been underlined. Read the following table. It gives you some information about the famous winter Munshi Prem chand.



Year 31st July 1880 1888 1899 1900 1907 1919 1923 1931 1936 8th Oct. 1936

Details Born Varanasi Lamhi Village Began to learn Urdu and Persian Passed Entrance Examination Began to teach in a district school His first Hindi Novel Prema was published Passed B.A. Examination His first play Sangram was published Gahan a novel was published Famous novel Godan was published Died

With the help of the above information write ten lines on Munshi Premchand.

12.9 Check Your Answers

Read, Think and answer I 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 138 Because she is deaf and dumb. Coaches in gymnastics. D To compete in a special category. Senior Nationals, Kottayam, in 1989. When she was eight years old. Vaulting horse, 4 times Yes; football and badminton

The Story of Anju Dua


b long jump c javelin throw d shot put

10. a, b, c, d 11. open- ended 12. fine arts 13. (ii) Cuttack; Kottayam and Udaipur; Delhi (iii) 1989; Kottayam (iv) Arjun Award; New Delhi Lets Learn Grammar I II III Climbed; enjoyed; passed; played paid; stole; lost; shut; wrote 2- Did you stay at a hotel? 3- Did you meet your friends. 4- How did you travel? 5- What did you do there? IV 2- did not come 3- did not enjoy 4- did not go 5- did not work V 2- pickpocket 3- golf course 4- savings accounts 5- car park 139



pencil box; toyshop; book case; address book

Quiz Time 4. 300 5. Name the highest award given in sports.

7. In which year did Sachin Tendulkar get it? 10. In 1999. 11. When did Sachin get the Arjun Award?