5 characteristic of Oppression

1. Each form of oppression is perpetuated by a built-in socialization process. ( message about 2. Each manifestation of oppression operates on multiple levels Individual ; ATTITUDES AND ACTIONS that reflects prejudice against a social group

Institution / Structural: Policies, laws, norms, customs enacted by organizations and social institution that disadvantage some social group and advantage Roles in perpetuating or eliminating Oppression VERTICAL OPPRESSION: When agents enforce subordinate status upon targets

AGENT to AGENT HORIZONTAL OPPRESSION: When agents enforce dominant status with other members of the agent group


INTERNALIZED SUBORDINATION: When members of the target group have adopted the agent group’s odeology and accept their subordinate status as deserved , natural and inevitable ( woman belives that she is less qualified than man)

INTERNALIZED DOMINATION: When members of the agent group accept the group’s ideology about their socially superior status and accept their

EMPOWERMENT: When target group member refuse to accept the dominant ideology and their subordinate status and take action to redistribute social power more equitably.

Reaction against utilitarian perspective ( greatest good for greatest number of people even if some citizens are harmed) 2 principles 1. Distributed justice – is not only a specific ideal of human good but rather an institutional framework that embodies a set of basic freedoms and rights 2. (Example When heterosexual people join an organization to address antigay practices in a community) SOCIAL JUSTICE – equal distribution of resources Models of social justice 1. Equal liberty ( equal right to maximum liberty 2. Fair distribution of social primary goods ( greatest benefits must go to least advantaged & fair equality of opportunity Capabilities perspective A just society not only ensures equal freedom and rights to fair distribution of goods and resources.ALLY: a member of the agent group who rejects the dominant ideology and takes against oppression out of belief that eliminating oppression will benefit both agent and targets. but also ensure fair distribution of capabilities or the resources and power to exercise self-determination Goods and resources - .

Other species 9.10 CENTRAL CAPABILITIES 1. Bodily Health 3. Bodily Integrity 4. Imagination. LIFE – truly just society is not threaten to lose one’s life 2. Emotions 6. Practical reason 7. Thought 5. Play 10. Senses.Control over one’s environment . Affiliation 8.

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