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BCC IEP Staff Newsletter

Semester 1, Week 11
Events for Week 11 July 24-30 *Thai Language Quiz Week for Secondary Students *Thai language Project Week for Primary Students July 26 *Junk Art Project for Secondary Students BCC IEP Classifieds Townhouse for rent!!!! Available from Aug 31. # 52 (6/4) Sathorn Soi 15, across the foot bridge from BCC and down soi 15 about 300m. behind the big gate on the right. There is a sign on the gate house for rent 6 min. walk from front door to thumb in. 3 floors plus covered roof (4th floor) 2 bathrooms, 1 on 1st floor and 1 on 3rd floor 1st fl. Living room, bathroom, kitchen 2nd fl. Storage room and bedroom 3rd fl. Bedroom and living room/storage space Roof, covered lounge area Furniture includes a sofa, a dish cabinet, a big, long cabinet in the living room, a king size bed frame-w- mattress Govt. rate electric and water. The owner is asking 15,000 a month, I paid 12,000 a month, so you may be able to talk him down. Phone number: Thai: 02-211-8510 (5pm -9pm) English: 081-931-1629 (5pm -9pm)

July 23-27, 2012

The Top Ten Requirements Number 7 from an article that appeared in The Teaching Professor. Requirement #7 Good teaching is about caring, nurturing, and developing minds and talents. It's about devoting time, often invisible, to every student. It's also about the thankless hours of grading, designing or redesigning courses, and preparing materials to still further enhance instruction. Sudoku 101 (Hard)

Ajarn Montiras Messages Hello everyone, How was your weekend? I hope you had a great time. This week there will be no Open House for Grade 1 parents. It will be postponed to August 6-10, 2012. On July 23, 2012, Grades 7- 12 students will resume classes. On July 26, 2012 Grades 1- 6 students will resume classes. Since there were cancellations due to Hand, Foot and Mouth disease last week, please try to help your classes catch up on the work that was missed. Please take care of yourselves and avoid becoming ill. Eat good food, get plenty of rest, and come to work strong. Thanks, Montira

Joke of the Week Have you heard about the next planned Survivor show?

Teaching Tip - The Power to Motivate!

Don't beg or force. Invite! Every day work to invite every student to join you in learning English. From the way you greet them when they enter the room, to Three businessmen and three businesswomen will be taking the time to listen to them, to appreciating their dropped in a school classroom for 6 weeks. Each insights and effort, to believing in their potential, you business person will be provided with a copy of their can invite students to be the most important part of school district's curriculum, and a class of 28 the learning process. students. Each class will have five learning-disabled Believe in your students and foster a sense of children, three with ADD, one gifted child, and two ownership. It is important that you believe and that who speak limited English. Three will be labeled as each student knows you believe they can be having severe behavioral problems. successful. When they are successful show that they are responsible for their own success. It is critical Each business person must complete lesson plans at that students believe that failure results from a lack least 3 days in advance with annotations for of effort and NOT a lack of aptitude. If you want curriculum objectives and they will organize, or your student to persevere in similar tasks in the create materials accordingly. They will be required to future, the first step is getting your student to believe teach students, handle misconduct, implement that with increased effort he or she CAN do it! technology, document attendance, write referrals, Praise students in ways that reward effort, not correct homework, make bulletin boards, compute ability. By praising students for effort, they realize grades, complete report cards, document that their concentration and dedication are valued. benchmarks, communicate with parents, and arrange They will tend to sustain the motivation and parent conferences. They must also supervise recess perseverance necessary in fulfilling challenging and monitor the hallways. In addition, they will tasks. complete drills for fire, tornadoes, or shooting Always listen and invite students to improve. It is attacks. easy for students to blame their failures on lack of They must attend workshops (100 hours), faculty ability, busy schedules, and so on, but the trick is meetings, union meetings, and curriculum getting them to believe that they are IN control of development meetings. If they are sick or having a their outcomes. Instead of punishing them for failure, bad day they must not let it show. Each day they try a constructive conversation about how they could must incorporate reading, writing, math, science, and improve for next time. social studies into the program. Model how you want your students to act. Its contagious! You are actually more motivated to They must maintain discipline and provide an succeed when you see someone else succeeding. educationally stimulating environment at all times. Exhibit your personal excitement about your The business people will only have access to the golf students, your job and what we're learning. course on the weekends but that won't matter because Invite students to make the class their class. on their new salaries they will not be able to afford it Encourage input and feedback often. As soon as they anyway. There will be no access to vendors who realize that you truly care about their input, they will want to take them out to lunch, and lunch will be respond by showing more concern to please you. limited to 17 minutes. Displaying lots of student work will help to give your students ownership of the classroom . On days when they do not have recess duty, the Encourage cooperation instead of competition. As business people will be permitted to use the staff educators, our main goal should be the process of restroom as long as another survival candidate is learning, and not the outcome. To create cooperative supervising their class. They will be provided with learning arrangements, be sure that your activities two 40-minute planning periods per week while their value effort and not only ability. Monitor the groups students are at activities. If the copier is operable, to ensure that each member is accountable in the they may make copies of necessary materials at this creation and the final product. time. The business people must continually advance Share this list of tips with parents. their education on their own time and pay for this Motivation of children in school is most advanced training themselves. This can be influenced by teachers and parents. accomplished by moonlighting at a second job or Work together to raise motivated marrying someone with money. The winner will be students! allowed to return to his or her job next year.