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According to for March 2012, there are 338 Frederick County homes in bankruptcy. There 19 homes scheduled for sale by the Frederick Sheriffs office and 57 homes have been foreclosed.
The Self Sufficiency Standard for Maryland 2012" was prepared for the Maryland Community Action Partnership by the Center for Womens Welfare at the University of Washington School of Social Services. This survey seeks to determine the measure of economic security needed to live without public or private assistance. The levels of support for Frederick County are $54,667 for a household with one adult and one preschooler, $65,609 for one adult with one child in school and one preschooler, $73,706 for two adults, one child in school and one preschooler.

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The Frederick County Community Foundations Human Needs Assessment report in Frederick County found that affordable housing is beyond the capacity of any social services sector.....alone or in consortium, to materially affect the housing market. Some poor families are housed in unsafe, overcrowded, unsanitary or temporary housing. Renters in the county paying more than 30% of their income on rent increased from 34% in 2000 to 43% in 2008. Families paying more than 50% of their income for an apartment increased from 13% to 18%. As the supply of affordable housing continues to shrink, down 15% in the last ten years, the problem is expected to get worse.

The Cost of Living has Increased in Frederick County

reported the total number of homeless people in Frederick County increased from 208 in 2007 to 280 in 2010, a 26% increase in three years.

Increased Unemployment
For many years, Frederick County had low unemployment. There were 4,305 unemployed in Jan. 2008 - compared to 7,639 in January 2012. (Up 80% in 4 years.) In the last 90 days, unemployment has increased by 1,200 people.

Greater Demand for Services

The number of people receiving medical assistance in Frederick County increased from 8,519 in 2006 to 17,595 in 2011, up more than 100%. Children receiving medical benefits increased from 4,378 in 2006 to 9,377 in 2011, up more than 100%. Food Stamp recipients increased from 6,954 in 2006 to 15,715 in 2011, up more than 100%. Families receiving temporary cash assistance jumped from 521 in 2006 to 1,022 in 2011 and a total cost of $2,705,837.

High Cost of Transportation

According to data prepared by Motor Trend Magazine for March 2012, the lowest gasoline prices in Frederick County are regular for $3.83, plus for $3.96 and premium for $4.06 a gallon - diesel is selling for $4.09. More than 49,000 commuters spend an average of 34.3 minutes driving to work. Every 10 increase in the price of gas adds $92 to the yearly family budget. The U.S. Dept. Of Energy projects gas to top out at $4.50 this summer, diesel to reach about the same number. This compares to gasoline selling for $2.68 a gallon in February 2010.

More County Residents in Poverty

The Frederick County Community Foundations Human Needs Assessment found there are over 10,500 residents of Frederick County living below the poverty line. The study also reported there are 16,000 local residents categorized as working poor. Both groups have a difficult time making ends meet and are not prepared to deal with financial emergencies, creating greater need for a safety net serving the poor in the county.

Homeless in Frederick County

For the 2011 - 2012 school year, the Frederick County School System will surpass more than 600 homeless students, at least one homeless student in every school in the county. The school system continues to find new homeless students at the rate of one to four a day. Records are updated every day during the school year. The last recession has left a lasting impact on homelessness in Frederick County. The annual Point in Time Survey, a one day snapshot of the homeless population in Frederick County,

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