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The zeal to get the best out of every situation and that to give my best at all events has been one of the reasons for me to select New Zealand. India is developing in the field of science like never before, but still I suppose New Zealand will provide me better opportunities and facilities in the field of education that I want to select that is ROBOTICS/MECHATRONICS. Other reasons for selecting New Zealand for higher studies are: The variety of culture that I will be exposed to will improve my personality as a whole and make me a better global citizen. The advancement of science will provide me a better exposure to new technologies and better labs and equipments. The environment of the area that I study also matter a lot. The combination of Lushy greenery, technological advancement and good conduct of the people is very rare. Which I find in New Zealand. The temperature of New Zealand is also very pleasant and it is not extreme. New Zealand was one of the very few countries that was least affected by Global Economic Crisis.

I was attracted towards technology since childhood. I loved exploring stuffs and making something new out of the old. I used to open up my toys, then see what made them so special and then reassemble them. So as I grew up I decided to take up Robotics as my field of study. I am a student of India studying science in class 11 in Birla High School, Kolkata. I am currently studying in year 11, which would be ending in April 2010. I had secured 85% in my class 10 examinations. Along with that I had also earned a full scholarship for a one months Language Course in Germany from Goethe Institute. I have completed two levels of German Language (international levels according to the European Framework of Reference), A1 scoring 81% and A2 scoring 90% which is recognized from all over the world. Apart from that I was awarded a full scholarship for a trip to visit Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)Guwahati and a chance to participate in their annual science festival ( TECHNOTHOLON), where I stood first in Math and Logical Reasoning examination at a National Level. Along with academics I am keenly interested in music and photography. I am the rhythm guitarist in the school band and also in a personal band named Vogue. I am also the Head of the Photography department of the school magazines editorial board. Personally I stood 2nd in a photography competition at the state level. I was in the magazine editorial board in the German youth camp also. My other hobbies are swimming and gardening which I thoroughly enjoy. I manage my own mini garden on my terrace and love my pets a lot. This was a brief introduction about me. I would like to thank my parents and my teachers for such an upbringing and support that they have provided at all points of my life and making me who I am.