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Serial No. Heading Acknowledgement Executive summary Chapter 1 Introduction Background of study Purpose Scope Objective Methodology Summary Chapter 2 Introduction Over all respective sectors in Pakistan Role of organization in Pakistan Organization structure Over all Functions of organization in Pakistan Summary Chapter 3 Page No. i ii

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Introduction Brief history of organization Relationship of head office to the branch No of departments Offices Current staff Current staff of branch according to qualification and experience Training received by no. of employees Work load Salary structure Promotion System Incentives and motivation Responsibilities and Duties performed Critical Analysis of Branch Communication system Hiring system Morale of staff Physical facilities Performances Summary

Chapter 4 4.0 4.1 4.2 Introduction Policies Successes Summary Chapter 5 Introduction 5.1 5.2 SWOT analysis Ratio analysis Ratio analysis(Table) Summary Recommendations References

Banking sector owes a pivotal importance in the economy of any country through its vibrant functions. This is the deep seated motivator that geared up me to join any bank for internship. Moreover, the practice and familiarity learned during this tenure would also attest very helpful and alleviating in the awaiting proficient life. Every student of MBA (Finance), at Institute of Management Studies, university of Peshawar has an essential requirement to do six to eight weeks internship in any of well reputed organization. This report is an upshot of six weeks internship in Habib Bank Limited, Tehkal Bala Branch, Peshawar Pakistan. HBL possesses an imperative importance in the banking sector of Pakistan. It always remains the center of hustles in business activities. Although, a derisory period of six weeks is not enough to learn the complex operations of Habib Bank Limited I made industrious efforts to converse them comprehensively in this report. Particularly, I have remunerated more accents on study of distinguishing features and services of. I have made maximum venture to elaborate this report with the material read, listened and observed.

First I wish to thank Allah Almighty the most merciful and beneficent for enabling me to reach here and use HIS resources to complete internship. I am also grateful to the department of Management Studies who gave us an opportunity of internship to enhance our capabilities. This internship programmed, is very much helpful for me because, I have learnt a lot by applying theoretical knowledge in practical field. I am humbly thankful to all the employees of HBL, Tehkal Bala Branch, Peshawar, who guided me during the course of internship. The behavior of all the department supervisors was very good to me. They were always there to encourage me and they were really cooperative to guide me the mechanism of all departments in which I worked. In addition, I wish to say thanks to parents to support me and encourage me at every step.