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It is a lawyers job to defend, but the trueness of what he is defending still depends on who he is defending. Recorded in the history of the Republic of the Philippines, in this age, or maybe the age before, and maybe the age before it, some lawyers tend to have been defending the guilty, maybe: 1. because it is their nature, 2. because it is their job, 3. because they learned to do it, 4. And maybe because they have to do it. Lawyers are these people appointed to be acting for another in legal matters. Lawyers studied and understand what they have known. Lawyers exerted effort to have their profession. Lawyers protect the law. Lawyers are paid for what they do, even if seemingly, a few charge none to specifics. While Clients: some may be guilty, some may not, some are rich, some are poor, some are victims, some are suspects, but yet, whoever and whatever they are, lawyers are to be securing their rights and freedom because they have money, or maybe just because they just have the power of taming the easily tamed ones. Of all these statements, the very point is that, lawyers defend who, guilty or not guilty, they may be. It was this movie Primal Fear that somehow explained to me how bad people were proven innocent and how innocents were being held liable for the crime. I was quite disappointed knowing this known fact. I got upset knowing that this age-old existing thing really happens and that its quite inevitable. But still, after all the things considered, what I want to see is a world without the abovementioned picture. The on-hand scenario should be brought to an end because, primarily, what they were actually doing is not only detrimental to the law, but also to the health of the society and to the security of the country. Detrimental to the law in way that, because of the fast-paced technology, innovative and critical thinking mind of the new eras lawyers, it is not very hard for them to win a case where they are happening to defend the liable ones, bringing the innocents behind closed bars, making justice as blind as it should be to the justice-needing creatures. Detrimental to the health of the society and to the security of the country in a way that, by the time the bad guys won their cases, by the time their lawyers are paid, by the time all is well and done for them, they can easily start new and maybe worse crimes than what they could have ever imagine, harming not themselves but the people around them, doing it unhesitant knowing that their lawyers can actually defend them and make them not guilty for whatever they have been accused of again, putting the society at the highest risk it can ever be, innocents not knowingly, living peacefully, maybe, as for the current season but surely not in the future, with the bad guys.

Maybe it is a very hard thing to do for a financially-challenged but great lawyer to accept a high offer by a bad guy for him to defend him, but for the case of Martin Vail and Aaron Stampler, it is just for the aforementioned ones fame or popularity that he tried to get involved in the case putting the latter to the position where he planned and supposed himself to be. It was a very intricate panorama but verbalizing it simply, the complication starts when Aaron: 1. having been pretending to have a multiple personality disorder because of his terrible childhood, pretending to be insane to actually escape the consequences of having murdered a priest who was actually a molester but believed to be super kind and religious in front of the public, and 2. having been pitied on and defended by this hotshot but still seeking for fame lawyer who happens to be very grand at his profession but thinking to actually be losing the case because of the provided evidences against his client then eventually knowing all the lies and the truths he has been fighting for and then finally, decided to tell the jury about his clients disorder. A the end of the story, no one was at good condition, I mean, no one really is, no matter what you say or do, small bad things still lead to worse ones. At the end of the day, what I am trying to reiterate here is that, defending lies would not lead you to victory because truth will always prevail and if by chance you have won to steal it, eventually, you will be suffering the consequences more than what you really deserved to be suffering.