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Site & Program

Site & Program This week you will choose a site and develop a program. Your choice should be informed by: the social and political context of Christchurch; and your material research and formal investigations. It is important that you consider the social and political climate in Christchurch and choose a relevant site & program. This will require you to make your decisions based on understanding what is lacking in Christchurch and what building / program you think is needed as a consequence of the earthquakes. Each of you should be able to answer why is this building appropriate in the current political and social context of Christchurch. As well, when you look for a site and develop a program you should aim to draw inspiration from your previous material research and formal investigations. And if it is appropriate in your group, try to find a way to relate your different projects. As a minimum for your program and site analysis you should prepare the following: - Site location plan: locate your site in CHCH, identify the influential urban context (roads, bus stops, rail, important relationships given the nature of your program) - Site plan: identify the sites size, boundaries, setbacks, roads, and adjacent buildings - Site elevations/sections: scale of urban context - If relevant show a pre-quake plan/section and a post quake plan/section indicating vacant sites - Building envelope: identify maximum building envelope, relate this to adjacent buildings, proposed planning and previous context if appropriate - Program bar diagram: quantify total program broken down into main functions - Program area relative to site area diagram - Program bubble diagram: map relationships and connections between the different uses within your proposed program For examples refer to the Future Christchurch V1 and the previous projects completed for AD1 2012.

Mid-Semester Critique The mid-semester critique will be done in teams, and without printed boards. Models can be on hand as well as your booklets. The aim is to develop verbal presentation skills, and instead of students relying too heavily on printed media, we will cover the boards with blank paper and you will be asked to sketch your ideas and explain the following: - What you learned from the research and how it led to your formal investigation. - The tectonic language you developed in your formal investigation. - The site you have chosen and why. - Your proposed program and how it is relevant to Christchurch. - How your site and program relate to your research and/or formal investigation. In addition to the white board presentation you will prepare the first draft of your design report. Make a cover and include, your name, your projects name and your teams research topic. You should develop a consistent page layout and structure it in chapters: - Research - Formal Investigation - Site - Program

**DEADLINE** 17-19.08 Summary of the Site Analysis and Program Analysis A3 format, digital and print 21.08 Mid-semester critique White Board Presentation Submission: Digital and print A3 Booklet include: Site, Program, Material Investigation, and Research 24.08 Feedback provided Administration Collect InDesign Packaged Files for Research and Formal Investigation