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Admininstration Mr Umar Zaal Personal files for all staffs are missing Previous employees records are missing

that needs to be organized in proper way All documents are not updated and organized Attendances and punctuality records need to be improved by IT system or form templates Third party records/certificates eg calibration certifications and fork lift lifting capacity certificates needs to be addressed properly Legal requirements needs to be identified and addressed and documented regarding product and country specific Payment defaulters follow up Monthly attendance records should be through IT system currently its manual Accidents investigation procedure needs to be implemented ON job training procedure is not there and records to be maintained Recruitment procedure needs to be designed and implemented for store staff Ms. Nasreen Authorities needs to distributed properly if needed hire extra people or some IT system Existing electronic records can be manipulated by anybody since it is not password protected Electronic archiving needs to be improved Records filing system needs to be well organized and well maintained Website need to be updated Ms Desma: Office manager Trademark budget needs to be allotted Trade mark registration files are not properly maintained Country specific requirements are missing

Authorities needs to be distributed properly Interview assessments procedures are not defined Catalogue and brochures and flyers printing process gets delayed because of the limited resources Business system should introduce IT system Decision making is not proper Team work is missing between administration people training needs to be provided Sales process Job descriptions are not defined not documents Process mapping is not done Design procedures for services and product Procedure is not developed to evaluate the performances Procedure to evaluate the supplier evaluations need to be evaluated Opening file of the customer needs to be organized properly Customer complaint procedure and records needs to be developed Logistics co-ordinator procedure needs to be developed Supplier pre qualification protocol is missing Missing checklist for incoming material and dispatch material for the documents like Invoice , MSDS, legal documents, supplier specifications, clients specification, certificate of analysis, trading license laboratory analysis reports etc MSDS training for handling and storing of hazardous material should be provided to ware house people Mr Basam Logistics supervisor Check customer for approval No system or resources for tracking payments and clients approval for delivery Co-ordination between warehouse and office staff

ERP system must be introduced which should have defined the timelines for the task Internal communication procedure needs to defined and approved by management Country specific regulations needs to be defined and documented Internal and lead auditor trainings needs to be provided List of clients, list of goods and list of suppliers is missing Project protocol and plan Organization chart is missing Trading and manufacturing records needs to developed separately Departmental goals and objectives are not defined properly and PDR assessments are not being carried out KPIs not developed