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-------------- Original Message -------------Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2012 01:02:36 -0500 From: Luthfi F To: Subject: First Email >Hi, I am your partner in ePals. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Luthfi Fattah Buchari. You can call me Luthfi. I am male. A am 15 years old. I was born in Bandung (West Java) at 1996. I have one brother and one sister. My brother is Luqman. And my sister is Selma. > >My school is Al-Irsyad Satya Islamic School. It is a full day school ad it is located in Padalarang, West Java. My friends an I always tries to speak English at school, but it is still many mistakes when we tried. I like playing computer, watching TV and listening to the music. By the way, I like playing music such as guitar, drum and bass. I like rock, jazz, and pop. > >Now I live in Cimahi (It is located near Bandung), we always use sundanese language. That is our culture in Cimahi. Talking about the place that I live, In 2005, Cimahi is still in cold condition. But now, Cimahi becomes warmer and warmer. It is because greenhouse gases and deforestation for building mall, hotels and citi centers. So, now Cimahi has a program, the name is Hayu Hejo or we called it Go Green. We hope we can make Cimahi become cold again. > >By the way, can you tell me about yourself and your opinion about your country condition? > >Thats all my first email. Thank you for becoming my partner. Im waiting for your reply. > -Alyssa England -------------- Original Message -------------Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2012 23:37:19 -0500 From: Fachry H <> To: Subject: first email >Dear Chris Waldock, >

10. M. FachryChris

11. MaryamAnderson

> > >Hi, my name is Fachry. I am 16 years old. I am from > >Bandung, Indonesia. I study in Al Irsyad satya > >islamic school. I am happy to know you. > > > >How long have you been in the school? How long is > >your school hour? Can you tell me about your school? > >What is your hobby? > > > >What do you know about global warming? What is your > >project on global warming? Do you fell something > >different about the season because of global warming? > >In my city the season or climate changes. > > > >Thank you for being my epal. I hope that we can talk > >more especially about global warming. > >I am waiting for your replay. > > > >Warm Regards, > >Muhammad Fachry Hasan > >S4 -------------- Original Message -------------Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2012 23:34:26 -0500 From: Maryam S <> To: Subject: first email

>Dear Anderson, > > > >Hello, my name is Maryam Sarah Z. I am 15 years old. >I have 3 brothers and a sister. I like photography so > >much because i want to be a photographer. I live in > >Bandung, Indonesia. I am studying in Al Irsyad Satya > >Islamic School and now Im in 10th > >grade. Im glad to be your friend. > > > >Can you tell me about your school? What does it look > >like? I want to know your activity. > > > >By the way, in this project, were going to talk > >about global warming. Anderson, what season is now in > >your city? Here in my country its rainy season and > >the weather in Bandung is very cold. Do you feel the > >global warming effects your city? > > > >I hope that we can talk more, especially about > >Global Warming in the next e-mail. Im waiting for > >your reply. Bye... > > > >Cheers, >

> > >Maryam 12. Muh. Agrian- -------------- Original Message -------------Marisa Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2012 23:49:16 -0500 From: Agrian N <> To: Subject: first email >Dear Marisa Twigg > > >Hi, my name is Agrian. I am 16 years old. I am from > >Bandung, Indonesia. I study in Al-Irsyad Satya > >Islamic School year 10. I am happy to be your friand. > > > >How is your study? Can you tell me about your school? > >Do you feel comfortable in your school? Why? What is > >your hobby? > > > >What do you know about global warming? What season is > >now? By the way, my city is rainy season now. The > >rainy season usually causes floods. > > >Thank you for being my E-pals. I hope that we can > >talk more especially about global warming. I am > >waiting for you reply. > > > >Regards, > >

> >Agrian