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APPROVAL SHEET The research entitled Effects of Having Absentee Parent/s on BSN Level 1 students toward their Social Health, SY 2011-2012, prepared and submitted by Alyssa Marie A. Rocas, Sharmaine A. Quesada, Mary Sulaida Celso S. Manipis, Janella Marie L. Marquez and Carmella Dawn B. Sudario in partial fulfillment of the requirements in Communication Skills II has been examined and recommended for acceptance and approval for Oral Defense.

Approved on Oral Examinations with a grade of _______ March 2012.

Peggy Ann W. Orbe Thesis adviser

Accepted and approved in partial fulfillment in communication skills II.


ABSTRACT This study was conducted to determine the effects of having absentee parents of BSN level 1 students to their social health. This study aimed to investigate the students who have absentee parent/s and if this situation really affects their social health. The researchers used random sampling to determine the total number of the respondents. All in all, there are twenty respondents. It consists of fourteen girls and six boys. This is study was conducted from November 2011 to February 2012. The researchers used surveys as their instruments during the investigation. Through the data given by the respondents through the questionnaire, the researchers were able to form conclusions and recommendations for the benefit of their respondents. Based on the findings, the researchers found out that there are no direct effects or minimal effects in the results of the social interaction of those who have absentee parents. Respondents who have absentee parent/s trust their classmates in sharing their secret, asking for advices for their problems, and participating in the group activities in the school. In other words, even if the student has an absentee parent, he/she can still be comfortable with the company of her classmates, schoolmates, professors, parents and relatives. In completion of this research, the researchers recommend that the students still needs to have parental love and care to guide him/her on how they can interact with other people because, the most basic social participation starts within the family.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We Alyssa Marie A. Rocas, Mary Sulaida Celso S. Manipis, Janella Marie T. Marquez, Sharmaine A. Quesada and Carmella Dawn B. Sudario, the researchers, would like to thank the following who helped and supported us in doing and completing this study: First of all, we would like to God, our Father, for giving us His love and guidance which enabled us in completing this research and for giving us patience, courage and perseverance as we are doing this study. Second, our beloved parents for giving us full and unending support, and for helping us to have a beautiful and meaningful study. Third, our thesis adviser, Ms Peggy Anna Orbe-Walters for helping us in improving our study and for giving us better ideas and information which was a big help in our study. We would also like to thank our special friends, family and teachers for their continuous support and teaching us good values to apply while doing this research, for giving us enough courage and inspiration during their times of difficulty, stress and depression. Last, the respondents of this study, for answering our survey forms truthfully and accurately and by giving us enough information for us to complete this research.


TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Pagei Approval Sheet..ii Abstract .. iii Acknowledgementiv Table of Contents..v List of Figures and Tablesvii Chapter 1: The Problem and Background of the Study A. Introduction........1 B. Statement of the Problem.......3 C. Significance of the problem....4 D. Scope and Delimitations...5 E. Theoretical Framework6 F. Conceptual Framework...................8 G. Definition of Terms...8 Chapter 2: Review of Related Literature A. Related Literature. . .....10 B. Related Studies....12 Chapter 3: Methodology A. Research Design..14 B. Research Respondents ......14 C. Research Instrument..... .14 D. Data Gathering Procedure.......15 E. Statistical Treatment of Data..... 15

Chapter 4: Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data A. Problem 1......17 B. Problem 2....18 C. Problem 3........20 Chapter 5: Summary of Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations A. Summary of Findings..24 B. Conclusions..27 C. Recommendations....27 Bibliography....29 Appendices Appendix A: Questionnaire....31 Curriculum Vitae.....33


LIST OF FIGURES AND TABLES Figures Figure 1: Effects of Having an Absentee Parent/s on BSN Level 1 students toward their Social Interaction ........7 Tables Table 1.1 Age of the Respondents.....16 Table 1.2 Gender of the Respondents17 Table 2.1 Effects of having an Absentee Parent/s toward BSN Level 1 student.....17 Table 3.1 Social Interaction of the Respondents Toward their Classmates....18 Table 3.2 The Social Interaction of the Respondents toward their Schoolmates..19 Table 3.3 Social Interaction with professor...20 Table 3.4 The Social Interaction of the Respondents towards their Family and Relatives....21