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Communism and its role in Society Today

What is Communism and why is it hated so

The Communist Manifesto, a brainchild of Fredrick Engels and Karl Marx was written in
London and has been reprinted in several languages. This political manifesto is a
proclamation to the world as the infrastructure of communism and its benefits towards
society. The document focuses mostly on the sewing together of the rift that separates
proletariats from bourgeoisies.

Over the past centuries, from the serfs to the guild-masters, from the peasants to the
proletariats, there has always been an upper and lower class. In the eyes of today, that rift
is less visible than ever, it is a dark web of deception spun over the otherwise obvious rift
between the classes. Although not seen in public, throughout the minds and hearts of
people today, there is an obvious gap. A gap that has been there throughout the centuries
and one that will always be there, a rift so large and deep that no amount of sand in the
world could refill it, a rift widened by the serfs and peasants, a rift that today’s
government is trying to fix. This rift is the obvious difference between the upper and
lower class, the bourgeois and proletariats, a battle of money, power and influence.

On the 21st of February, 1848, a new revolutionary document was published; one that for
the first time in history openly criticized this rift, this division. One of the first to provide
an actual alternative to the every increasing separation, that idea, the very one that
emerged simultaneously from the minds of two intelligent men, the same one that
provided a new, unheard of system of distribution, Kommunistischen.

A certainly well-known power, Communism was until then, an undefined power,

although alreay regarded in Europe as a power, Communism was not defined until the
release of the Communist Manifesto, the Manifesto was a document that proposed a
frivolous idea, a plan to overthrow the bourgeois government and to eventually end up
with a classless, stateless society. The idea behind the actions was a simple one at that, a
system of equal distribution meant that there would be no brightline between rich and
poor, everyone would be rich as long as everyone worked hard, the idea was plausible
enough and very attractive, however, this idea had numerous flaws and did not regard the
true nature of human instinct. It did not, for a fact, take into account the laziness of
human beings, it did not look to the actual governmentation at all, in order for such a
perfect society to run, the people within it must be perfect; the idea of communism sits on
the presumption that people will, after learning of a definite income for all, proceed to
work hard and gain money, again, although this idea is very attractive, it is unrealistic in
that it does not take into account human nature and again, would require a dictatorship
that many of the people of that day did not trust, as the notions of despotism, a republic
and democracy seemed to be the main things on people’s minds.

In the real world today, we have all seen the results of communism, China and Russia,
once great and powerful nations tried to convert into communism. The outcome at first
was excellent and the whole world waited with held breath as the economy of China grew
every so slightly. Soon economy had gone beyond the predicted norm and the Chinese
people grew accustomed to communism, however, throughout the long years, they grew
into a mindset that they could earn income without working, soon no one worked,
assuming that they would still have food and shelter. However, as the notion of
Communism results in the effectiveness of manual labor, soon the Chinese government
had nothing to distribute anymore; the Chinese economy went into an all time low and
instead today, it has slowly turning into a capitalist nation. The Soviet Union, as it was
know in those days, pursued the idea of Communism even further and as a result, the old
Soviet Union crashed. Out of the rubble and ruin rose a new, more cautious nation,
Russia. A nation, not willing to try new ideas, Russia has been caught in a stagnant era of
ineffectiveness and conformity.

Communism today is seen as a childish idea, a pursuit that leads to nowhere but
destruction and loss. Nations today, having seen the results of communism, instead lean
towards more fundamental governments such as democracy and capitalism. No other
nation, after the recent turn of events, is willing to turn Communist anymore and the
whole idea has been dismissed as a fantasy. The Communist Manifesto, once regarded as
one of the most influential and controversial documents of the day, is now nothing but a
piece of excellent political writing, with a flawed idea.


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