International Marketing (MK0018) PART A 1.

___ marketing refers to the marketing carried out by companies overseas or across nation borders A) International B) Border C) Regional D) Complete 2. Under the acronym GATT, if the second T stands for TRADE, first T stands for ___ A) Technology B) Transparency C) Terms D) Tariffs 3. ___ marketing is concerned with marketing practices within the researches home country A) Domestic B) Secondary C) Tertiary D) Surrogate 4. The ___ forms of Governments includes monarchies and dictatorship A) Socialist B) Parliamentary C) Absolutist D) Democratic 5. ___ involves government ownership and the government operates the business being taken over by it A) Nationalization B) Expropriation C) Domestication D) Confiscation 6. ___ is a process in which foreign companies relinquish control ownership either partly or completely to the nationals A) Nationalization B) Expropriation C) Domestication D) Confiscation

MBAN2 -4

7. ___ are any numbers of government placed restrictions on trade between nations A) Tariffs B) Dumping C) Trade barriers D) Protectionism 8. ___ are tariffs laid down which aim at protecting the domestic industries and also aims at obstructing free flow of imports A) Revenue B) Specific C) Ad valorem D) Protective 9. ___ tariffs are based on the value of imports and are charge in the form of specific percentage of the value of goods A) Revenue B) Specific C) Ad valorem D) Protective 10. Agreement between two nations at a time that give those two nations favored trading status between each is called ___ agreement A) Commodity B) Bilateral C) Trilateral D) MFN 11. A ___ is a strategic alliance where two or more business partners from a partnership to share markets, intellectual properties assets, knowledge A) Conglomerates B) Agencies C) Vendor form D) Joint venture

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A special form of licensing in which the licensor not only sells intangible properties to the licensee and insists on abiding of strict rules to carry out business is called ___ A) Franchising B) Commissioning C) Agreements D) Loaning 13. Data collected by the company to address a different problem of its own or address the same problem in a different country is called ___ A) Internal B) External C) Owned D) Hired 14. A strategy where one fixes a price after getting feedback from the market as to whether to fix a low or higher price for its product is said to have followed the ___ strategy A) Probe pricing B) Skimming C) Penetration D) Standard 20. Market ___ is the process of sub diving a market into distinctive subset of customer that behave in the same way or have similar needs A) Segmentation B) Processing C) Information D) Standardization 17.International Marketing (MK0018) 12. Laptop. A ___ product is a product developed for one national market and then expected with no changes to international market A) Customized B) Standardized C) Community D) Networked MBAN2 -4 18. When an Indian manufactures sells his products through another Indian firm that acts as a manufactures sales intermediately it is supposed to be ___ selling A) Indirect B) Direct C) Personal D) Agent Page 2 of 8 . A small group of people taken from the whole group with the intention of conducting a survey is called ___ A) Set B) Subset C) Pilot group D) Sample 15. ___ has assumed an important function for the preservation of goods as well as for reduced cost of the final products A) Positioning B) Labeling C) Packaging D) Promotion Refer a friend & Win Assured Cash Prizes + Gifts (LCD TV. IPOD) for details visit www. The simplest form of counter trade practices followed is A) Barter B) Counter purchase C) Buy back D) Standard 21. ___ research provides insights into and comprehension of a situation or an issue A) Exploratory B) Descriptive C) Spiral D) Viral ___ is the course that goods take between production and final consumer A) Planning B) Distributing C) Design D) Supply 22.halo. Under international trade terms the acronym CIF when expanded. I stands for A) Industries B) International C) Intermediary D) Insurance 19.

___ invoice is the basic documents for export transaction A) Export B) Commercial C) Product D) Credit 31. ___ is a paid form of non-personal presentation of ideas. IPOD) for details visit www. ___ is on acting on behalf of the buyer and charges a commission for doing so A) Merchant agent B) Manufacture C) Sales agent D) Buying agent 29. Laptop. goods or services by the sponsor A) Packaging B) Labeling C) Advertising D) Feedback 27. The ___ market consists of transactions that require delivery of currency at an agreed upon future date A) Spot B) Advance C) Forward D) Customs Refer a friend & Win Assured Cash Prizes + Gifts (LCD TV. A replacement for the former MODVAT scheme which is aimed at reducing the cascading effect of indirect taxes on finished products is called ___ A) GENVAT B) SEMVAT C) FINVAT D) CENVAT Page 3 of 8 . ___ exporters manufacture their goods themselves for the sake or exporting them A) Merchant B) Manufacture C) Sales agent D) Buying agent 28. Under the acronym SEZ.International Marketing (MK0018) 24. The purpose of ___ is to communicate with buyers and also influence them to purchasing A) Production B) Packaging C) Quality checks D) Promotion 25. ___ is issued to allow duty free import of inputs which are physically incorporated in the export product A) Certified invoice B) Regional invoice C) Advance license D) Guarantee license 33. E stands for A) Enterprise B) Evaluation C) Exemption D) Economy ___ is a two way communication between the company representative and the potential customer A) Production B) Packaging C) Advertising D) Selling 26.halo. A ___ invoice is one which certifies that goods are from a particular region and also packed at a specific place as per contract specifications A) Banking B) Commercial C) Customs D) Certified 32. The ___ of the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act 1973 lays down the statutory controls concerning exports A) Section 22 B) Section 01 C) Section 19 D) Section 18 MBAN2 -4 30.

Apart from mixed economic system the other two forms of economic systems are ___ and ____ A) Democratic. IPOD) for details visit www. The trade theory which is based on the nation those governments should become involved in the transfer of goods between nations in order to increase the wealth of each national entity is called ___ A) Theory of mercantilism B) Adam smith theory C) Factor endowment theory D) Classical economic theory 45. The two types of trade barriers generally employed an ___ and ___ A) Tariff. Laptop. ethnocentric C) Regiocentric.International Marketing (MK0018) 36. fundamentalist 44. The technique which works to resolve a dispute in which other States or impartial persons resolve peacefully using different means is called ___ A) Mediation B) Adjudication C) Arbitration D) Conciliation PART B 41. ___ is a method of dispute resolution using the offers of a third party known the mediator A) Mediation B) Adjudication C) Arbitration D) Distribution 40. A person who assumes that his country is superior compared to the rest of the world is said to have an ___ orientation while someone who believes each country is unique and is equal is said to have a ___ orientation A) Ethnocentric. The IMF was established on the 27th December the year ____ A) 1965 B) 1945 C) 2005 D) 1885 MBAN2 -4 38. protective B) Tariff. The two categories of governments that are notices while studying the political environment of a country are A) Strong and weak B) Majority and minority C) Parliamentary and absolutist D) Elected and selected 43. demand D) Import. democratic D) Socialist. The IBRD conceived at the UN Monetary and Financial Conference in 1944 is popularly called the ___ A) IMF B) NABARD C) ADB D) World Bank 39. political B) Capitalist.halo. geocentric D) Geocentric. socialist C) Capitalist. polycentric B) export Refer a friend & Win Assured Cash Prizes + Gifts (LCD TV. Under options market a ___ is a person who confers the right but not the obligation to another person to buy or sell the foreign currency A) Writer B) Promoter C) Opted D) Frisker Page 4 of 8 . product C) Market. regiocentric 42.

product 47. ___ segmentation is based on measureable characteristics such as age. buying D) Prospecting. durable B) Prospecting. market is called ___ A) Cost plus method B) Cost oriented planning C) Marginal cost pricing D) Profit oriented pricing 52. The two principal channels used by firms when they decide to enter international trade are ___ and ___ channel A) Direct. While in ___ segmentation the main thing studies is geographic proximity and helps in planning marketing efforts. International packing is viewed to be consisting of two distinct types namely A) Maker. cost 56. discount C) Cost. size.International Marketing (MK0018) 46. the ____ franchise allows the franchisee to manufacture the product under license and sell them A) Business. Virtual D) Paid. A pricing method where the variable cost of direct cost is determined and the firm passes its pricing on the incremental cost of producing goods which will be sold in suspecting C) Selling. geographic 50. unsealed 54. ___ is a complete analysis of the market. geographic B) Geographic. organization. income etc A) Demographic. the other factors affecting pricing are A) Costs and profits B) Costs and demand C) Demand and supply D) Forecast and demand MBAN2 -4 51. gender. rural C) Real. manufacturing D) Manufacturing. demographic C) Demographic. profits B) Profits. psychographic D) Psychographic. indirect C) Industries.halo. unpaid 53. They say pricing is like a tripod and apart from competition. ___ is about study carried out by the research and development wing about concept developing and testing so that the acceptance of the product is know and also the conformity of the produce to local market is tested A) Product research B) Promotion research C) Distribution research D) Buying behavior research 49. Also named as foreign draft a ___ is prepared either in an international currency or Indian currency depending upon the terms of contract and is used when the draft bill is drawn on a foreign firm A) Consular invoice B) Letter of credit C) Bill of laden D) Bill of exchange Refer a friend & Win Assured Cash Prizes + Gifts (LCD TV. price D) Price. event B) Event. With the ___ franchise the manufacturer uses the franchise agreement to determine how the product is distributed by the franchise. Laptop. indirect B) Geographic. breaker B) Direct. business C) Product. Under research. IPOD) for details visit www. information regarding the nature. the approached 55. profitability on different Page 5 of 8 . consumer D) Sealed. changes in the market and various factors like PEST affecting those changes A) International market demand B) International marketing research C) International marketing mix D) International marketing IS 48. Under personal selling apart from presentation the two other stages which are indentified as A) Measurable. While ___ is the price we pay/incur for the product ___ includes the profit margins etc is one which is offered to the consumers A) Discount.

The foreign exchange market has two segments namely. Process establishing working agreement A) a-iv. 2-T. Quantitative restrictions are imposed to restrict trade in few specific commodities 2. Exchange control is a restriction imposed by almost every sovereign state 3. 3-T. 2-F. Laptop. Society and culture influence every aspect of overseas business of a MNC 2. feelings in local market 3. d-iv C) a-ii. 2-F. demand B) Real. Mobility of different factors of production is less as between nations than in the country 4. 2-T. 3-T. b-iii. 2-T. 3-T. Contact manufacturing d. 4-T 63. virtual C) Packaged. Bilateral trade agreements are on between two nations at a time 3. It was formed in the year 1956 to help strengthen the private sector in the developing Page 6 of 8 . service 58. One of the major challenges for the international marketers today is coping with change A) 1-T. Deal between companies to share resources iii. The problem with multilateral trade agreements are countries. 4-T 64. 4-T C) 1-T. Commodity agreements are international agreements made to stabilize commodity prices 2. d-i D) a-iii. forward C) Real. 3-T. virtual D) Commodity. d-iv Refer a friend & Win Assured Cash Prizes + Gifts (LCD TV. Strategy alliance b. 4-T C) 1-T. b-ii. the remaining 20% is from the IBRD. Franchising Set – II i. Match the following internet marketing team members and their jobs Set – I a. 2-F. State whether True (T) or False (F) 1. never treated equally A) 1-T. 3-T. 2-F. open D) Raw material. It helps MBAN2 -4 finance new ventures and assist established enterprises and while 80% of its funds are borrowed from international finance markets. 4-F B) 1-T. 3-T. State whether True (T) or False (F) 1. 3-T. 2-F. 4-T 62. 2-T. 3-T. In general the market characteristic vary a lot from one country to other A) 1-T. 4-F B) 1-T. the ___ and ___ market A) Internal. b-iii. 3-T. 4-F B) 1-T. 4-T C) 1-T. d-i B) a-i. 4-F D) We are referring to the A) IFC B) IMF C) NABARD D) World Bank 60. 3-T. 4-F D) 1-F. c-ii. c-iii. IPOD) for details visit www.International Marketing (MK0018) 57. Multilateral trade agreements are formed between many nations at one time 4. Successful MNC’s have full awareness of predominate attitude. Direct investment c. Most important feature of the international market environment is the economic dimension 4. Specialized from of licensing ii. share 59. c-i. 3-T. State whether True (T) or False (F) 1. Firm investing in a foreign country directly iv.halo. Apart from intermediate supplies the advance license can be issued for ___ and ___ exports A) Physical. ___ is an arbitration conducted under the auspices of particular arbitration institute and in accordance with the rules of that particular institution A) Institutional arbitration B) Ad-hoc arbitration C) Ideological arbitration D) Theoretical arbitration PART C 61. 2-F. c-iv. external B) Spot. 3-T. b-ii. 2-T. 4-F D) 1-F. 2-T.

culture and behavioral. d-i D) a-iii. 3-T. Initial screening 4.breakage-moisture and temperature-storage 69. standard of living. d-i B) a-i. 2. E-marketing Set – II i. 3. 4-F D) 1-F. c-iv. Agent bears only carriage cost and then risk ii. 7 and 8 67. b-iii. 1. Laptop.breakage. 2. 5. Sales promotion d. Obligation fulfilled once goods place on rail iv. Webb-pomerence association is formed to work as an import cartel 3. 7 and 6 C) 5. Market testing 8. 4. 7 and 6 D) 4. 3-T. b-ii. Idea generation 5. Personal selling b. 4. 5. b-ii. profession etc 2.transport B) Weight.economical D) Weight. Short term incentives to boost sales iii. Match the following term Set – I FOB d. Promotion intended to create goodwill to person iv. Arrange the steps of product development process in the order of occurrence 1. 3-T. b-ii. 2-F. An export agent always represents a manufacturer or a seller 4. 7. 4-T 68. 3-T. 2. c-iii. d-iv 70. 4-T C) 1-T. 8.International Marketing (MK0018) MBAN2 -4 65. 3-T. 2. 3. 4-T B) 1-T. 2-F. Commercialization A) 1. 3-T. 8 and 6 B) 1. 4-T 66. d-iv C) a-ii. Involves directly approaching the customers A) a-iv. 2-T. Product development 7. IPOD) for details visit www. 4. Public relations c. 2-T. Resident buyer is a dependent agent usually located near the market setups A) 1-T. 2-F. b-iii. c-iv. Forecasting the supplier behavior in different markets and marketing segment A) 1-T.moisture and temperature. 4-T B) 1-T. Concept development and testing 3. Analysis of market size according to age. Business analysis 6. 2-F. c-ii.moisture and temperature pilferage C) Legal. FOR c. 1. The common packing problems faced are A) Solids. Studying market changes and conditions affecting market changes etc 4. 3. c-ii. 4-T C) 1-T. d-iv C) a-ii. d-iv Refer a friend & Win Assured Cash Prizes + Gifts (LCD TV. c-i. Estimating the national demand of the market and not regional or territorial 3. d-i D) a-iii. Makes goods available to buyer at factory iii. Development of marketing strategy 2. Ex-works b. 5. State whether True (T) or False (F) as regards marketing research 1. Promotion of products using the internet ii. Match the following term from a sellers angle Set – I a. b-iii. 4-F D) 1-F. b-ii. 3-T. 8. Seller places goods broad the ship A) a-iv. income. 3. Page 7 of 8 . 2-T. d-i B) a-i. 2-T.halo.liquid. C&F Set – II i. A cooperative exporter is a manufacturer with its own export organization 2. State whether True (T) or False (F) 1. c-iii. 6. c-i.

2-F. 4-F D) 1-F. 4-F D) 1-F. Pink shipping bill for exports under DEPB scheme prepared in four copies 3. 4-T B) 1-T. Company involving itself in the political affairs is also considered to be unethical A) 1-T. 4-F D) 1-F. 3-T. forward contract are of specific sizes 2. 4-T C) 1-T. World Bank assistance is available only for the central government and not at state level A) 1-T. 4-F D) 1-F. 2-T. 4-T C) 1-T. India is seen as one of the bounding fathers for the World Bank 2. 4-T C) 1-T. Laptop. Future contracts have standardization maturity dates fixed by exchange authorities 4. 3-T. Yellow shipping bill for export of dutiable goods prepared in triplicate A) 1-T. White shopping bill for export of duty free goods prepared in triplicate 2. Unfair differential pricing. 2-T. 3-T. 4-T Refer a friend & Win Assured Cash Prizes + Gifts (LCD TV. 3-T. 2-T. 4-T 75. While future contract can be of any size. 2-T. 4-T C) 1-T. 2-F. 4-T C) 1-T. Page 8 of 8 . India received all of its World Bank loans interest free 3. 3-T. 4-F D) 1-F. 3-T. 2-F. State whether True (T) or False (F) 1. 4-T B) 1-T. 2-F. State whither True (T) or False (F) 3-T. 4-T B) 1-T. 3-T. 4-T 73. 3-T. Company resorting to illegal/immortal activities in host country is highly unethical 4. 2-T. 2-T. 2-F. State whether True (T) or False (F) 1. Products banned in home country being marketed in host country is unethical 3. 4-T 72. Fixation of input-output norms on priority within 60 days 2.International Marketing (MK0018) 71. Green shipping bill for export of goods under duty drawback in quadruplicate 4. 3-T. 2-T. dumping are examples of unethical business pricing methods 2. 2-F. 2-T. India is the largest single borrow from the World Bank 4.halo. 2-F. 4-T MBAN2 -4 74. Exemption from furnishing bank guarantee in scheme under the policy A) 1-T. 2-F. 3-T. 2-T. 3-T. 3-T. Currency future contracts are available only in specific currencies 3. 2-T. 2-F. 100% retention of foreign exchange in EEFC account 3. State whether True (T) or False (F) 1. 3-T. 3-T. 3-T. State whether True (T) or False (F) 1. IPOD) for details visit www. Forward contracts have a relatively wide range of maturities A) 1-T. 3-T. 3-T. 3-T. 4-T B) 1-T. 2-F. Entitlement for consideration under the target plus scheme 4. 4-T B) 1-T.

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