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(502) 485-3566 porterschoolboard@gmail.

com Appointed by Kentucky education 0 commissioner in June 2010 and elected in November 2010, term expires in 2014. Serves as chairwoman. Served nearly 40 years as a teacher, guidance counselor, assistant principal, principal and central ofce administrator before retiring in October 2009 as director of Career/Workforce Education and the districts School-to-Career program.

Diane Porter District 1

strict Stephen Imhoff Dist District 2

(502) 899-2414 0, Elected in 2000, retiring d from school board this rney year. Private attorney and f board member of the Legal Aid Society of Louisville, past board member of the Crescent ifton Hill Community Council, Clifton Community Council, United Crescent Hill Ministries and Wittenberg University. Public school tutor for more than 10 years.

De Debbie Wesslund District 3

(502 429-3808 (502) dw Fo Former board chairwoman. Elected in 2006, term expires in 20 Bachelor degree in journalism from the University of 2014. Oklahoma. Past president of Norton Elementary PTA and elected parent representative on Noe Middle School-Based Decision Making Council. Served on the staffs of two U.S. representatives. Offers consulting services to organizations in public policy and communications.

Joseph L. Hardesty District 4

Louisville, KY 40232-4020 (502) 485-3566 Served on board since 1990, retiring from school board this year. Former chairman. Named Kentuckys Outstanding School Board member in 2008 by Kentucky School Board Association. Attorney with Stites & Harbison. ior ey Previously served as senior attorney to BellSouth Corp. Served on executive board of Boy Scouts of America, Lincoln Heritage Council. Graduate of U.S. Military Academy at West Point and University of Louisville School of Law.

(502) 491-1447 Elected in 2000, retiring from school board this year. Graduate of Jeffersontown High. He served a four-year apprenticeship through the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America. He served on the Kentucky Technical Career Assessment Steering Committee, the Kentucky Housing Corporation and the Ho Housing Trust Fu Advisory Fund Co Committee. Gr Graduate of Le Leadership Lo Louisville and ha served on has th boards of the the Portland Mus Museum and Metropolitan Housing Coalition.

Larry Hujo District 7

Linda Duncan District 5

(502) 361-5973 Appointed May 2006 and elected to a full term in November 2006, term expires in 2014. Duncan retired from JCPS in 2004. During her career, she taught 11 years at Fairdale High and 10 years at Southern High before returning to Fairdale High to serve almost 10 years as assistant principal. Her record includes being teacher of grades seven through 12, coach, Key Club advisor, school newspaper sponsor, school administrator, and Kentucky Leadership Academy graduate.

(502) 634-3134 She was elected in 1976 and served until 1980. A decade later, Haddad was again elected to the board. Former chairperson, her term expires in 2014. Joined the Parent Teacher Association in 1967 at Audubon Elementary. She was an active member for seven years and served as PTA president for two years. She was also a PTA member at Camp Taylor Elementary, Noe Middle, and the former Durrett and duPont Manual High Schools.

Carol A. Haddad District 6

The overall responsibility is to oversee the development, operation, and improvement of JCPS. Specically, the board's responsibilities include the following: High-quality instructional programs The JCPS annual operating budget purchases and contracts Contracts for new construction, renovations and building additions Student progress The educational program The superintendent Ensuring practices and policies are in agreement with the Kentucky Revised Statutes Performing all duties prescribed by the Kentucky Revised Statutes. Board members may not act independently on ofcial matters. They may act only as a group on board-related decisions. Establishing school tax rates

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Generall the board holds regular business meetings at 7 p.m. on the second and fourth Generally, Mondays of each month. Most meetings are held in the Stewart Auditorium at the VanHoose Education Center, 3332 Newburg Road. Regular meetings are televised live by Insight Communications on Channel 98. An interpreter is provided for the hearing impaired. Special meetings may be called anytime by the chairman or by written request from three members to the board's secretary. Notice of a special meeting is sent to local newspapers and to radio and television stations. Board agendas are available at

Tax based on a homes value assessed at $100,000. Assessment numbers for 2012-13 will be released in the fall.








The board encourages parents and other members of the community to share their opinions at meetings. Be sure that the issue you want to talk about is one the school board should address. Take complaints or issues concerning a specic school to the principal or to the School-Based Decision Making Council. The purpose of the board is to establish policies for the entire district, not to settle disputes that could be resolved through other channels. Register with the secretary of the board by calling (502) 485-3342, Mon. through Fri., between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Tell the secretary the topic you would like to address. Or you may register on-site at a meeting before it starts. When you're called to speak at a meeting, approach the microphone and say your name and the name of any organization or group of citizens you're representing. You'll have three minutes to address the board. If that isn't enough time, write a letter to the board members or call your representative at (502) 485-3566. Avoid repeating similar views of other speakers. In the interest of time, it's best to designate a single spokesperson to represent a group. You can show your numbers by asking those present to stand or simply by telling the board how many belong to your organization. Explain your concern, complaint, question or opinion. Give supporting examples. If you're reading from a script, provide copies for board members. Limit your comments to one item or issue. Be polite. Avoid name calling, nger pointing or demeaning language. End your remarks by telling the board members the action you want them to take.


Administration/instructional support Administration/business ofces Facilities and transportation
2011-12 JCPS budget: $1 .16 billion General fund: $9 22.3 million 2012-13 JCPS budget: $1 .1 billion General fund: $8 92.5 million

20 05 -0 6

20 06 -0 7

20 07 -0 8

20 08 -0 9

20 09 -1 0

Other systemwide costs Elementary schools

Special schools State agency schools

20 10 -1 1

ECE schools

High schools Systemwide school costs

SOURCES: JCPS and Kentucky State Board of Elections

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Middle schools