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Automat: An automat is a form of cafeteria-style restaurant in which

simple food, usually coffee, sandwiches and other fare such as macaroni and cheese, are served to the clientele by means of vending machines.

2. Cafe Coffeehouse: A coffeehouse, coffee shop, or cafe shares some of

the characteristics of a bar, and some of the characteristics of a restaurant. Other food may range from baked items to soups and sandwiches, other casual meals, and light desserts that complement their caffeine-centric fare.

3. Cafeteria: A cafeteria is a type of restaurant in which there is no table

service. Instead, patrons select items that they want, placing them on a tray, and then report to a cashier to pay. As cafeterias require few employees, they are often found within a larger institution, catering to the clientele of that institution.

4. Fast casual restaurants: A fast-casual restaurant is a restaurant market

niche which is a similar to a fast food restaurant in that it does not offer table service, but promises somewhat higher quality of food and atmosphere.

5. Fast-food restaurant: A fast-food restaurant is a restaurant characterised

by food which is supplied quickly after ordering and by minimal service. Food purchased may or may not been eaten quickly as well. In the past five years, the industry has been trying to move the public away from the term fast food, and now prefers the term quick service restaurant.

6. Greasy spoon: The Greasy spoon serves mainly fried food, for example,
various combinations of fried eggs, chips, bacon, black puddings, sausage and mushrooms. These are often accompanied by baked beans and tomato. Other typical menu items include bacon sandwiches and toast.

7. Restaurant Chain: A restaurant chain is a set of related restaurants,

typically with the same name in many different locations either under shared corporate ownership or franchising agreements. Typically, the restaurants within a chain are built to a standard format and offer a standard menu.

8. Sit-down restaurant: A sit-down restaurant is simply a restaurant that

caters to customers who plan to sit down and be served by waiters. Sitdown restaurants are often further categorized as family-style or formal.

9. Take-out restaurants: Take-out or carry-out is food purchased at a

restaurant but eaten elsewhere. The restaurant may or may not provide table service.

Introduction Rajdhani, The Vegetarian Thali Restaurant which is the flagship brand of Mirah Hospitality has spread its aroma in this industry over the past few decades. Known as a "thali place" with 72 different rotating menus with 22,464 delicacies from Gujarat and Rajasthan, Rajdhani gives even the most regular customers out of more than 9 million delighted guests with the flavour of novelty. BRAND PROMISE The brand has been in existence for over five decades and is renowned for its commitment to authentic& hygienic food, and good service. CHAINS SPREAD ACROSS INDIA With a fast pace expansion and over-whelming response by millions across the country, Rajdhani Restaurants has over 32 locations across India and is also present in the Middle East. Come to Rajdhani to savour the taste of tradition. TRADITIONAL OUTLOOK Tikka is applied on the spot between the brows which is considered the seat of latent wisdom and mental concentration and is very important for worship. This also indicates the point at which the (third) spiritual eye opens. All thoughts and actions are supposed to be governed by this spot. Putting of the third eye symbolises the quest for the 'opening' of the third eye. All rights and

ceremonies of the Hindus begin with a tilak topped with a few grains of rice placed with the index finger or the thumb.


1. Commercial Catering: It involves catering for profit and customer satisfaction. Customer Satisfaction cannot be given priority over profit as the existence of a commercial organisation is dependent on the money to sustain it. However customer satisfaction cannot be totally ignored because in todays time customers are the backbone of every business and require equal importance as profit earnings. 2. Transport Catering: Railway Catering: In this case pantry cars are attached to the trains where the food is cooked or in most cases catering is done by outside contractors. Marine Catering: This is the catering mainly done for the crew and the passengers. In the modern day the cruises liners have become very know and have a very high standard of catering. Apart from different kinds of meals served social activities like parties, dance, etc. are also organised to earn goodwill and provide customer satisfaction. Airline Catering: Today airline catering has reached a high level of sophistication. Specialised training is provided to the air hostess and the crew for rendering professional services. 3. Welfare Catering: This catering involves catering without profit although loss is not the objective either. Industrial Catering: Carried out in big industrial or manufacturing units. Different levels and types of employees are served in different canteens. This catering may either be carried out by the company itself or the contract may be given to any private body. Institutional Catering: This type of catering is carried out in school and college canteens or in institutional hostels. Very rarely it is given to outside contractors. Service Catering: This is done in jails and in military services where no money is charged at all from the consumers. The food is either cooked in-house or is outsorced.

About Catering Services Institutional Catering Institutional Catering solutions include various meal services in the form of buffet meals. The menus are designed keeping in mind the client profile. Rajdhani started Institutional Catering as the exclusive food & beverage administrator to WIAA (Malabar Hill Club) since 2006. Outdoor Catering Services They explore all avenues of Catering Services to serve their guests. With dedicated professional and fully integrated expert master chefs specializing in cooking authentic Indian, Gujarati, Marwari, Sindhi, South Indian, Bengali, Chinese and Continental cuisines, they provide Outdoor Catering Services to organize all types of functions including Weddings, Corporate Dinners, Special Birthdays, and Cocktail Parties.