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Cohesive devices in the essay

No. 1 More over

Cohesive Devices

Functions To link ideas together and state explicitly that two items are similar to each other.

Such as

To provide an example in order to illustrate an idea.


To state an opposing idea.

As mentioned

To demonstrate that the following idea is a result of the previous idea.


To demonstrate that the following idea is a result of the previous idea.

In other words







expressing it in a slightly different way to make it more explicit. 7 However To state an opposing idea.


To demonstrate that the following idea is a result of the previous idea.

Logical Connecters in the essay

No. 1 And

Logical Connecters

Function They are being used for relationships between different parts of the same


sentence. relationships clauses.



readers sentences

to or




Expository Essay Healthy Lifestyle

How to Keep Fit

Health is very important to us. Although we have a billion of money but if we have a poor health, we cannot enjoy our life. If we want to get a good health, we should keep our body fit. If we can learn how to keep fit, our live would be so much enjoyable. So, what should we consider to get a fit body? There is many ways to do to keep fit. First of all, we should get a balanced diet. The easiest way to achieve this is by following the food pyramid. According to the pyramid, we should take more carbohydrate foods such as rice and bread. This is important to make sure that we can have enough energy to do our daily activities since the foods provide us with energy. Then, we should also eat foods that contain protein like fishes and eggs. With this type of foods, it can protect us against diseases and help in blood clotting if our skins bleeding. Take a plenty of fruits and vegetables will also help since the fibers contain many types of vitamin. Finally, take a least amount of sugary and fatty foods because it will prevent us from getting fatal diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. Furthermore, we should practice to exercise regularly. Exercise at least thrice a week and thirty minutes each session will help to keep us fit. It is not hard to practice. Just take a jogs or plays badminton during evening in order to achieve it. If it is still hard, just take a walk alongside a lake or in a park because it will not only make us healthy but also can release our tension. Exercise with friends like jogging or playing table tennis together can give double funs while also make us fit. Besides that, we should throw our bad habits in order to keep fit. If you are a smoker, try to throw away the habit because it is not only harmful to the smoker, but also to the people around you. By stop smoking, it will reduce the probability to get diseases like heart attack and lung cancer. The same goes to the alcoholic addict where you should try to stop drink because it is harmful to your brain.

Moreover, if we can cope with stress we can keep healthy. Its essential to keep stress low. Our bodies are not equipped to deal with stress. Constant stress can lead to a rise in blood pressure which increases our chance for a stroke or a heart attack. It also affects the blood cells that aids in fighting infections. These weaken cell leave you helpless against common colds and other illness. Lastly, the most important thing to keep healthy in our daily life is hygiene. Hygiene for body is as essential to good health as the other element. Taking a bath or shower every day, scrubbing our skin with gentle loofah, brushing your teeth and flossing, as well as fasting which eliminates toxins in the organism, are necessary factors to maintain good health. All in all, we should try our best in order to keep fit. There is many ways to keep fit but all actions start in our hands. We are the one who should take an action if we want to keep fit. Its very important to give your body the best treatment because health is on top of anything else. We cant enjoy life as much if our body is not fit. Remember, health is a blessing that money cannot buy.