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Moon light

Chapter 1 Mystery man

Backfired high or like I call it the mystery school seven deaths and two missing kids in the past five years. Two more years and then Im of to college. Hay Luna are you going to English now it was Lucy one of my best friends she was wearing a jeans min skirt and a black top with black high hell bouts. Her golden curls going down her back with a red bow in her hear Hay ye ... I am I said in a confused voice shes never been in my classes. Omg goes what ......I moved to your classes she said excitedly Really!! I hugged her with excitement Is that my top youre wearing I asked her with some sarcasm in my voice I thought you let me use it I will give back tomorrow if you want she sounded upset she looked down in sadness Im sorry she said still looking down I started laughing What so funny she asked me sill looking down in sham nothing its just that I was looking for that t-shirt to put on the summer sale tomorrow said still laughing .she looked at me with confused expression and then a small rain drop fell from the sliver gray sky a rain drop only the size of a tear drop fell on the tip of my nose it was ice cold it felt like it was going to snow but I knew it wasted snow. I goes we should go inside I said in a calm voice .we were walking down the corridor when we walked in to Lucys older sisters ember and Emily. Emily had her brown curls half pined back with perfect brown eyes .ember Emilys twin sister it sometime freaks me out how they look alike.

Hay you two Emily sweet smile I smiled back. Hay Luna are you coming to our party arent you Ember asked in a kind voice. I think Lucy will be a loser if you not there Emily said. Ye shore count me in I said excitedly See Lucy now you got a friend at the party ember said to Lucy. We better go to class weve got mr.cox today and you know how made he can get when people are late Lucy told me. Ye we better go I said in a calm voice. Lucy flicked her golden of her shoulder well she passed her sisters well I thought that it was a bit childish but oh well. We walked of How are they calling a loser she said narrowing her eyes I felt a giggle in my throat Sorry dont forget they are the most popular girls in the school so youre lucky you have them as sisters Because there cheerleaders doesnt mean there popular Ive seen them cheer and there not even that good Someone is joules I am not Ye right Well we were late for class I goes we have a detention. How is that cutie I said to Lucy I hared his from Spain Nice I would like to intrados a new student this is Alec granger mr.cox said in a kind voice. Alec had a sweet gentle smile with an angelic face. His pile white Skin his golden eyes shimmered in the sun lights his short golden bronzes spiky hair. Were should we put you Mr. Cox said wandering voice Luna how sits next to you No one sir I said in a genteel manner.

There you go you can sit next to Luna he said Ooh his cute I whispered to Elena. Elena is one of my other friends with her long strait brown hear with her chocolate brown eyes .she winked at me ye he is he is just your type she said to me in a cheeky voice and grind at me. I smiled at her Isnt he I looked at him and bit my bottom lip. His was walking down the class he smiled at me a sweet genital smile. I looked down with a blushing face. Your Luna right he ask me in a genital voice. Ye your Alec I asked Ye I am he smiled He sat next to me turned to look at him Hay Im Elena im lunas best friend Elena said well smiling Hi its nice to meet you he said politely. I looked at him confused he looked familiar. He didnt look like a normal person. What is he a werewolf no the doesnt smell like a dog his not a zombie he doesnt look dead or smell it oh well Ill find out another day before I could ask him, miss frankenzi walked in Mr. Cox can please have princess Luna, sol and Stella she asked yes . . .princess wouled like to go with miss frankenzi ye shore i stode up walked over to her i hared alec i didnt no she was a princess you havent lived then Elena toled him what kinked of princess is she shes the princess of the gods and the goddess of the moon but luna is just a cover name her real name is artemis My sisters came thour the door and them two well the small one is stella is the goddess of he cut her of goddess of the stars and also non as Asteria the other one

ohh thats sol Lunas twin the goddess of the sun and also non as Apollo they say she sepost to be a man but she is not but now they have been hiding as vampires all this time why? because there uncle is been traking them down so he can kill them apparently there mum got bitten by a furies and she got poisoned by the bit Apollo tryed to find the a crear but she cont find one shes still not dead but shes very ill I looked at them miss do u mined if my friends come with me please i asked and made my sweet smile ok Elena Lucy you what to come ye shore said Elena ok Lucy added We all walked out of the room and whetted at the office Mrs. V can speak to you now the lady at the office said Im guessing someone took a bit out of her We walked in to the office it was an old fashion with and hand made wooden table and a matching cher big book shelf going round the room . princesss i promised if something happens in the place you will be the first to know Mrs. V said happened ?i said with a panic in my voice I sorry to say but your mother is very ill and there a war going on with the gods so you need stay here a bit longer ohhh ok I said sadly thank you for letting us know we better go to lesson ok princess Ill see you soon

I dint see alec all for the rest of the day and he had every lesson with me that was a bit wired 3.30pm home time. anybody home Sol, Stella Mrs. Belton hello! I goes Im home alone I said to myself I walked up the stress to my pink room. My 4 post pink bed with red rose raped round the posts and pink netting like curtains rapped round the posts in the middle of the room a walk in wardrobe I got changed my blue frilly min skirt. The doorbell rang it was Lucy and Elena I started to sprint down the steers and opened the door

Hey guys whats up I smiled gently and I hoped they didnt remember the sleep over tonight I didnt know that vampire can forget things? Lucy said in a kind voice no we dont because we have more room in are brine then you humans I said emm ye right Elena said.

Chapter 2 Sleep over

Having fun with best friends it always cheer you if its going shopping haveing a party or even sleep overs me, Elena and Lucy were ling in front of the fireplace thinking of old memories. hay do you guys remember Elena fell down the steers and spilled paint all over matt I still cont believe you are still dating him after what youve done to him and his done to you I said in a sarcastic laugh well is not the same as when Lucy got of with Nathan in the boys toilets and the teacher couth you and Nathan coming out and Nathan with red lipstick all over his lips and neck she said laughing her head of Hay you two I got to tell you something please dont freke out but Im a were- a were Im a werewolf Elena said shyly Oh I know that scins I first meet youi said oh how could you i canged when i terned 16Elena said well you can smell it its a vampire thing and it skips down a generation your granddad was a werewolf your brother is a werewolf to but he dont want to tell anyone and him and his pack now and they now you are one of them said in a smart voice is he i dint noshe said ohh i wasnt the one how tolled you we all laughed in harmony ok she said

any one want ice-cream I didnt know that vampire could eat Lucy said we cant but we can drink takes the urgh of blood They both covered there necks with there hands I laughed I dont thing I would like to drink zombie or werewolf blood what you thinking to wear on Friday for the party? Lucy asked I dont know but Im thinking to wear that blue top with a min skirt its a pool party right ye are you coming Elena Lucy ye shore After an hour or two Elena and Lucy fell asleep and horde the back door opened I longed my self puling my lips back and showing my fangs and pinging sol on to the glass door hay sis calm down said sol my face went smoth were have you binI hissed at her hunting with stella you should have tolled me your not mum OK so dont act like her well someone needs to be in charch Im still older than you by 3sec you two bark it up ok everyone is upset about mum she might not make it ok so lets leave it aloud Stella said every owns hows going to be queen sol said with a smerk on her face so start acting like one I walked of in to the big living room i crouched down and hugged my knees looking steered in to the fire

We all got dressed and went to school Lesson 1 fighting class Lesson 2 magic and spells Lesson 3 shape shiphtin class Lunch Lesson 4 English Lesson 5 poshens

Everyone think being a princess is easy everyone thinks being rick and powerful is evething but its not richness or power doesnt make you happy is just you that makes you happy sometimes it your friends and sometimes someone you just meet. Fighting class my favourite lesson of the day I hope i dont we dont have Mr. green he can be such a pain in the but we were getting changed i now what you mean side sol you just joking right OMG! Why did i have to jinks it! I cried out well it wasnt my flut ok yes it was but still he was the worst teacher ever and ohh my lord he wore the ugliest clothes in the history of man kind he had really green tight shorts and the Liverpool football t-shirt that totally clashed, and dont get me started on the moll on his left leg it was the size of a rat. ok boys and girls all line up Mr. green sayed we all did Im choosing your partner ok girl vs. boy ok this is how its going to go matt with Elena ,Nathan with Lucy ,sol with nickel and Luna with alec ,alec is new I know normally I never put a new student with luna but theres no other partners why?he asked everyone laughed at this face expression even i was laughing what?...did I say something no i just cont believe you havened hared the last partner i had was bent back and thrown in to the river I said smirked at him but Ill be gentle this time

please he gave me sexy bad boy look i always loved bad boys Elena was right next to me dont forget your going out with Mark she whispered in my ear ok i sighed i fergot my totally gorges boyfriends mark he had a crush on me syncs i was 7 years old he was a good football player but he sucked as a boy friend. how is Mark alec asked with a grin i was shocked well he is my boyfriend I tolled him I goes he smiled at me with his amazing gold eyes Why do you say that? Say what? that you goes his your boyfriend shouldnt you know if he is your boy friend well yes he his my boyfriend its just that he dosnt act like it he flirts a lot with other girls why dont you tell him you dont like it he said by looking at him it looked like he really creed its complicated

The next two lessons went relay fast as the lunch bell went I was walking down the corridor when I saw mark flirting with Nike I really hate her guts when I got distracted that I didnt notes that Elena and Lucy were next to me, well we carried on walking to the cafeteria and we sat down at are middle table with the rest of the group. I really hate her guts I told everyone on the table Hay dont be put up with it dump him and get it over with you know his playing you so get it over with said sol I mite brake up with him after the game I said sadly after dating him after two years I think that is long enough well the rest of the day went relay quick I wasnt looking forded to brake up with mark but here comes nothing Hay mark congrats I smiled sadly at him hay thanks babe whats up you look a bit down he raped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer I pushed on his chest so he would let go, he did hay whats up with you to day first you ignore me at lunch now your acting wired he said its like you dont want to be with me anymore Thats what I- I got interrupted by marks football bods

Hay Luna nice to see back with you boyfriend matt said he was marks cosine he had black spiky hair with lush sea blue eyes Ex-boyfriend trended arrowed and headed to the door I heard the boys behind me laugh at mark when I walked out of the room hear mark shouting my name I stopped walking hay whats up with you today he said he grabbed me wrist I snatched it back Dont touch me i shouted my eyes flooded with tears he grabber my wrist again them pulled me to him rapping his arms round my waist I pushed and pulled on his chest so he would let go he was to strong for me my tears going down my cheeks i heard footsteps down the corridor was hopping it has someone that could help me the face a peared from the shadow it was alec i looked at him with pled in my eyes asking him to help me hay put her down he shouted mark drupet me i was on my hands and knees dont tell me what to domark said well then dont pick on girls then I heard marks foot steps fade down the hallway i was still on the floor i heard foot steps coming towards me i scrabbled back until i hip the marble beach with my back i pulled my legs up to my stomach and rapper my arms rounded them alec stretched his arm out asking me to tack it i did he pulled me up today was to much and the last thing i remember was me falling and going in to complete darkness.

Wen i woke up i was in the medical room lying on the bed i heard the nurse come in hello luna are you felling better yes thank you miss what happen ? i asked the nurse she looked at the clock the took my temperate why dont you ask him when he wakes up he steed hear all night well you slept he was worried about you what time is it she looked at her watch four thirty did i sleep all dayi was shocked alec steered he was pretending to sleep miss looked at him and smiled at me i better go and she left alec was next to me now how you felling ?he asked im felling better the yesterdayi said and thanks for everything i now i dont now you that well but thanks you for helping me and i ow you one

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