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Questionnaire on Students Attitude towards Clinical Research

This survey is entirely for the purpose of a project for a course in the MBA Hospital and Healthcare Management program offered by the Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences (SIHS). All information provided by you will be utilized for the purpose of data analysis and will be kept confidential. Objective: Your response will help us to understand the perception of students towards clinical trials.
1. Name: Dr. Meenakshi Singh 2. Age (in years): 25 3. Sex (tick the appropriate option) a. Male b. Female 4. Marital status a. Married b. Unmarried 5. Qualifications: BAMS 6. Currently pursuing:

a. b. c. d.

Under graduate studies Graduate studies Post Graduate studies Doctorate studies

7. Annual household income: _____________________________ 8. Are you aware what clinical trials are about? a. Yes b. No 9. Have you ever participated in a clinical trial? a. Yes b. No

9. If yes, would you participate again?

a. Yes b. No c. Maybe

9. a) If yes, why?

a. b. c.

Better service is available Treatment doesnt cost anything For money

9. b) If no/maybe, why?
a. All information was not given to us b. Previous experience did more harm than good. c. Proper care was not given d. Other treatment options are available, so will not try something new. 10. How safe do you think clinical trials are? Choose the appropriate

option; 1 being very safe and 5 being not at all safe.

a. Yes b. No

1 2 3 4 5

11. Would you take part in phase 1 trials? (trials in healthy individuals)


If no, why not? a. Do not want to be a test subject as it is not necessary for me. b. Do not believe in doing public good

13. Would you take part in phase 2/3 trials? (trails in patients) a. Definitely b. Maybe c. No d. Only if there is no other option 14. Would you take part in a trial if you knew that all the medical care

would be free??
a. Yes b. No c. Maybe 15. Would you recommend your friends to take part in a clinical trial? a. Yes b. No 16. If no, then why not? a. They are a waste of time

b. They are not safe c. No particular reason 17. How do you view clinical trials? a. It is a valuable medical research b. You are a "guinea pig" if you take part in a clinical trial c. No opinion on clinical research 18. Which one of the following, do you think, is the primary reason for

deciding to participate in clinical trials?

a. To get close monitoring of his/ her illness b. Doctor suggested it c. Being sick and seeing no other option d. Having no insurance and needing medical care e. Wanting to receive higher quality medical care and more attention f.

Not Sure/Dont Know

19. Have you ever heard of an ethics committee or the local medical

g. Wanting to make money

regulatory authority
a. Yes b. No 20. Better healthcare is obtained if you participate in a clinical trial.

Choose the appropriate option; 1 being that you strongly agree and 5 being that you strongly disagree.
a. Yes b. No 22. Would you donate your eyes or any other part of the body, for use

1 2 3 4 5

21. Have you ever donated blood?

by another person after your death?

c. Yes d. No