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I used the names Yemos and Prithvi because they were the earlies known forms of the Gods

in question. They come from the Proto indo-european culture that preceeded the Celts, Norse, Greek, and Indian cultures. It's the closest thing I've found to a first culture, so I used it as a base. Not that it will come up verbally in the ritual, but it helped order my thoughts. 1.Priest and Priestess perform ritual Priest and Priestess Will Chant: Walking the ring, Spirit we Bring. Over our Souls be guarded to those passed on, we sing this song to sooth those departed. (this will be chanted while Priestess walks counter clockwise, and priest clockwise, while laying Branches to form the circle) Quarter calls Priestess (faces east) Hail Guardians of the east, Winds of thought shall fill our sails. So mote it be. (Faces south) Hail Guardians of the South, our passion moves us to action. So Mote It Be. Priest (faces West) Hail guardians of the west, Our forms fill with emotion. So Mote It Be. (faces north) Hail guardians of the north, we stand firm to grow. So Mote It Be. Priestess: This night the Veil between the lands of the living and the lands of the dead hs thinned to it's greatest degree. Priest: Now is the shadow time, when we may communicate with those passed on. Priestess: Now is the time when the breath of winter begins to be felt. When Divinations are at their strongest, and when Spirits walk free upon the earth. Priest: We who dare to look into the shadow, and stand on the threshold, we to whom even death may... (Interrupted by the arrival of Yamos and Prithvi) 2.Yemos and Prithvi Arrive Yemos: Who Dares call upon the forces of My Domain? What Mortal thinks he may address what defines him as mortal? Priest: You may not enter this circle oh lord of the Underworld, you must remain outside and hear my words! Prithvi: Take him, I wish him to come home with us. Yemos: (laughs, crosses the circle) Death may be commanded by NO Man, no matter his title! Priest: No! Priestess:Please! Do not take him with you! (turns to audience) Please everyone ask him to stop! (encourage audience to speak up, etc...) 3.test is met and passed Yemos: (to everyone) Why should I listen to you? Priestess: (tells story of her accomplishments)

Yemos: And why then should I spare you? Priest: (tells of his deeds, etc...) Prithvi: Perhaps they ARE worthy of this small mercy? It would be a shame to take those who have the potential to make more tales to tell us when they come to us. Yemos: Very well (steps out of the circle). I shall grant you a boon, tell me what you offer in return? Priest: I offer my childhood fear of dark places (or what ever else seems appropriate) Yemos: this is a good trade, To exchange something of your realm for something of Mine. You have bought passage across the river, and safety for your travels in the World of spirits, and a sympathetic ear of the Gods under the earth. Prithvi: take this token, cast it in to the world, and Be warned! he is guardian of the dead, NOT the living! If you use this token frivolously you are neither under my protection nor in his favour! Yemos: (turns to Priestess) And what do YOU offer? Priestess: I offer this Letter written to a woman who does not exist. Yemos & Prithvi: (repeats). 4.Audience is tested Yemos: I have (x) tokens remaining. (Turns to audience) Who among you wishes Our Boon? (if someone asks) Yemos: What are your deeds that make you worthy of this boon? (after tale is told) Yemos: And what do you offer in return? (after price is paid) Prithvi: take this token, cast it in to the world, and the loved one passed on shall recieve our protection. 5.Yemos and Prithvi depart / banishment Prithvi: We leave you now, to return home, you have made our cold existence richer,and our hearts lighter. Yemos: We do leave now, but do not be surprised to see us again this night, for this night is our time, as much as it is yours, but fear not! Prithvi: Indeed not! Yemos: For it is just a visit, even the immortals have Holy days. (Yemos and Prithvi depart) Priestess: Those that have come this night are asked to leave and be at peace, no harm was meant, and none asked. Priest: All wrongs done to and by those passed on are forgiven, and asked to be forgave.Be at peace spirits and goodbye. Priest and Priestess: (together) So mote it be. Quarters Closed Priest: (east) Hail guardian of the east, may your thoughts be calmed as a breeze over field. (south) Hail Guardians of the South, may your passions glow like the embers of the hearth. Priestess: (west) Hail guardians of the west, may your emotions pool like the sunset sea. (north) hail Guardians of the North, may the earth be cool and loam.