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Dandan Subject: The Teaching of Writing (Year 2) Discussion Issues Propose Action What difficulties the pupils faced with in In my opinion, vocabulary is very teaching writing? Usually, they are lack of vocabulary. So that, I will help them by enriching their vocabulary dictionary. For this level of age (8 years), they will understand more as they can visualize the things we talked about. helps them much because they understand and remember the words. What type of remedial activities is given to It is good for weaker pupils to have students with writing difficulties? handwriting on the blackboard and I will assist them to write properly. However, usually I will use more pictures to substitute the words and ask them to match the pictures according to the questions required. What type of enrichment activities is given to In my opinion, it is very good to have cater to the needs of advanced students? For advanced students, I will add another situation for them to think of. It based on the topic of the lesson. For example, for cloth topic, they learn on clothes to wear for party, beach and park. Then, I will ask them what the proper clothes for hari raya, sports etc. pupils to think because it helps them to think critically starting from this age. this activity because it helps them to For weaker classes, they will copy my understand the language. This important since it is a necessity of language. In order to write, speak and understand the reading or other enough vocabulary. For me, the Time: 1.15 2.05 pm

through exercises by using picture-word peoples talk, it is important to have method used by the teacher in enriching pupils vocabulary is very

can good.

LAMPIRAN 4 What are other issues that will be I totally agree with this teacher. It is very important to teach pupils to write Then, it is a basic requirement to teach them about punctuation. It is a must in writing to start new sentence with capital letter stop.

emphasized on the writing? punctuation. For penmanship, we have to

It is important to teach them penmanship and properly. teach them to hold pencil properly and to write neatly and nicely. For punctuation, it is sentence with capital letter and to finish the sentence with full stop. For this level of age, we just teach them to use and write basic punctuation such as capital letters, full stop (.) and comma (,).

important to teach them to start new and to finish the sentence with full

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