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yaIn an elite school, contain many rich students.

There is a new student which actually from poor family, she can school in that school because get scholarship, then she start entering the class. Fitri Sita Fitri Sita Fitri Sita Fitri Sita Fitri Sita Fitri : I cant believe. I can school in here. Its so amazing! : Hi! Who are you? Are you a new student? : Yes. I am a new student in here : Oh. Welcome to our school. Wheres your class? : Music class : Sure? I am too! Lets come in. You may sit here beside me. : Oh. Thanks. By the way, whats your name? : My name Is Sita. You? : I am Fitri. : Nice to meet you Fitri. : Nice to meet you.

Then 3 arrogant girls walk beside them. Fitri Sita : Who are they? : Someone that standing in the center is Diba. Shes the leader of that gank. In her left, someone who wear fillet is Maya. And the last is Bella. Why? : I want to become closer with them. (then she come to those 3 arrogant girls)

Fitri --Fitri Diba Bella All Fitri

: Hi! : OMG! What are you? Ouch..I mean Who are you? : Wait! I can guess! You are new student. Right? Whoaa how clever I am. : -- : Yes, youre right. I am Fitri. Wish we can get closer quickly. ^^

Maya : You wish that? I dont think we can get closer. Diba Fitri : Haha youre right Maya. Emm by the way. What is your parent? : Must I say that?

Diba Fitri Bella Fitri Bella Fitri Diba Sita Sapit Sita Fitri

: Of course If you want to get closer with us. : *lie* Emm.. My dad is the leader of a company : your mom? : My mom has a boutique in Singapore. : really? How cool! May I go to there next time? : aa..emm yes! : Ok, you can join with us. : (come to them and whisper to Fitri) You cant do that! : Why? : I know how mean they are. I dont want you to be like them. : Hey! Calm down.

Maya : I can hear your voice! I think you are envy with us. Because as you know, you dont have any friend! Hahaha Diba Fitri Diba : Lets we go! : Sita, dont.. : ouh come on! Dont talk to her!

Maya : let's go to canteen


: ok..

At the canteen, Fitri sees a teenager cleaning the canteen's tables. The teenager looks so tired --Fitri : cleaning all the tables here must be so tiring, may I help you, mom?

Vira: ah, no, thanks. You must be hungry right? Go buy some foods. Don't mind about me... I....*sigh*... I can do it alone Sapit : I am not hungry. I would be very happy if you let me help you. I can't leave someone who's in trouble Vira : okay, this is the rag.

Sapit : by the way, Mom, I am so sad to see you like this. Why dont you just choose another job? Vira : actually..... Your father was gone. I was worried that I couldn't pay your school's monthly fee. So I decided to search for jobs. Then I found out that this school was looking for canteen servant, so I apply for a job and they accepted me. Although I don't earn much money, at least I can help you. And fortunately, you got scholarship so I need to earn money just to fulfill your daily needs, like food, etc Sapit : How kind you are. I am so thankful to have a mom like you Vira : anyway, I am so astounded to know that you want to help me. Your friends will insult you if they see you helping me Sapit: No mom, just as I said, I cant leave someone who is in trouble and needs help Vira : Okay, this is the rag. Ugh, this canteen is so untidy. Rubbish are everywhere. Why dont they throw it into the bin? Isnt it easy to do? By the way, how is your first day at school? Sapit : errr. Its great mom, everything around is better than those in my old school Vira : really? Apparently youre trying to hide something from me Sapit : nno, I am not trying to hide something, all I have said is the truth Vira : are you sure? Come on, dont lie to mom. If you have problem, I will help you. I will help you until the problem is totally finished. If you keep it secret, it will never be solved and you will continually be worried. Sapit : I am sure, I have no problem. Nah, its done now. May I go? Vira: yes, you may go, dont forget to have lunch! Sapit: okay Sita : hey sapit, where have you been? Why didnt you follow me? Meanwhile, the 3 arrogant girls are seeing Sapit help Canteen Servant Diba : hey. Look at that! Bella : What? Haah?! Maya : Isn't she Sapit? Bella : Yeah! She is Sapit! Diba : Yes. True. Why she in there? Bella : don't you see? She's helping the canteen servant. But why is she there for so long? Do they have something to talk about? I can't hear them

Maya : get your headset off! Listen, I've just heard that Sapit is actually from poor family Diba : oh, so she lied to us? Bela : of course she did! Lets approach them

Maya, Bela, Diba : Hello, Sapit Sapit : h hello, whats the matter? Maya : you said your mother was the owner of a boutique in Singapore, right? So whos her? (pointing at Sapits mom) Sapit : oh, she is Sita suddenly comes Sita : Sapiiittt where are yo.. eh what is going on? Bella : Shes your mom, isnt she? Sapit : emm. Aaa yes, shes my mom Bella : as I thought, you lied to us, didnt you? Maya : ah, liar! Bad liar! Poor people are always bad Sita : Hey, what is actually happening? I dont get what you are talking about Diba : This new student, has lied to us. Shes from poor family Sita : what is so wrong with that? Bella : so. As you lied to us, you have to be punished Sita : Stooop! Stop it! Sapit : Oh, oh Im, Im sorry. (cry..) Sita : Sapit.. wait.

Sapit was very sad than Sita come to cheer her up. Sita : Stop sapit, dont cry anymore.

Sapit : Im sorry Sita. Its not my purpose to lie, but if all student in here know that I was a poor people, they shall not be my friend and I will not have any friend in here. Im sorry

Sita : Its okay Fitri. Dont be sad anymore. Sometimes Friendship is not about how rich you are, but friendship is about how you dear your friend with honesty heart. I shall be your friend. Fitri Sita Fitri : Really? : Of course. Dont be sad again, right? : Thank you.

Finally, Sapit isnt sad anymore. Now, she has a friend who is better than the three arrogant girls.