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the Editor, It is outrageous, hurtful and indefensible that the owners of Villaggio Mall would celebrate the reopening of the place where our 13 children died, especially given that we have not heard a thing about the investigation, have not been apprised of any meaningful reforms in the wake of the tragedy, nor received any offers of a just financial settlement. The owners and operators of Villaggio should not be allowed to go back to "business as usual" without having addressed the needs and concerns of the families they devastated. This is the equivalent of sweeping a crime under the rug and we won't stand for it. We plan to petition the authorities to keep the Mall shut as a symbol of the arrogance and stubbornness of those who ignored basic fire codes and regulations, who did not have adequate evacuation plans, and who locked doors on escape routes. That Mall should stand as monument to greed, not a tourist attraction. We hope Qataris and non Qataris alike will boycott the Mall should it re-open, until the needs and concerns of the families are met. And we plan to take our campaign worldwide to ensure that potential tourists are aware of the Villaggio Mall's safety record and legacy of death and destruction. We are grateful to His Highness the Crown Prince not only for visiting us after the tragedy but for committing the resources of the Qatari government to seeking justice. That starts today. Keep this mall closed. Speak to the families. Give us the means to rebuild. Signed,