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Indian Oil Corp. Ltd (IOCL)., Haldia Refinery invites sealed tenders in prescribed tender form under Two-Bid System (TechnoCommercial Bid & Price-Bid) from bona fide, experienced consultants with sound technical and financial capabilities & reputation, fulfilling the qualifying requirements stated hereunder. Tender No. / Name of the Work Cost of Tender Document EMD Time of Completion Last date of Application for issue of Tender 25-07-12 Period of Sale (both days inclusive) 05-07-12 to 25-07-12 Qualification Criteria Order(s) value done in last 10 yrs. Annual Turnover in any of last 3 yrs. ` 93.00 Lakh INR / EQUIVAL ENT Date of receipt/ opening of Tender 26-07-12





1 Order of minm. ` 40.00 Lakh INR / EQUIVALENT OR 2 Orders each of minm. ` 35.00 Lakh INR / EQUIVALENT OR 3 Orders each of minm. ` 30.00 Lakh INR / EQUIVALENT

Mode of Payment: 1. Cost of each Tender Document (Non-Refundable) is to be paid by Demand draft / Bankers cheque / Pay order in favour of Indian Oil Corp. Ltd., Haldia Refinery payable at Haldia Branch. 2. For Indian bidders & Indian agents of foreign bidders, Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) is to be paid by Demand draft / Bankers cheque / Pay
order in favour of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Haldia Refinery payable at Haldia Branch. EMD from directly participating foreign bidders, of equivalent amount to Indian Rupees (INR), shall be payable in the form of Demand Draft /Bank Guarantee only either issued by nationalized / scheduled Indian bank or by foreign bank with counter guarantee from nationalized / scheduled Indian bank. Bank as per prescribed format (ANNEXURE 10) given in tender document. This BG shall be valid for a period of not less than 7 (seven months) from the date of opening of techno-commercial part of the tender and as per IOCL prescribed BG format (Annexure 10)

However, cash payment / cheque is not acceptable for EMD. The Tender issuing & Receiving authority: Chief Manager (Contract Cell), E-mail Address: Phone No. : 03224-253967 / 252383 / 223620. Tenders will be issued from 10:00 HOURS (IST) to 15:00 HOURS (IST) on all days except Sundays, Saturdays and Holidays. Tender Documents can also be downloaded from web-site free of cost. A bidder, who has not downloaded tender from IOCL website may see the website for any corrigendum / amendment and take these into cognizance before submitting the tender. Failure of bidder to submit tender without taking cognizance of corrigendum / amendment issued by IOCL are liable for rejection. Time of submission / opening of Tenders will be 15:00 HOURS (IST) / 15:30 HOURS (IST) or thereafter as per owners convenience. The intending bidders must submit copies of the following documents along with the Techno-Commercial Bid duly stamped and signed in each page: 1.

Documentary evidence in support of having executed similar / comparable nature of job during any period in last 10 years, copy (ies) of Work Order(s)/Letter of Acceptance of such work(s) awarded supported by Completion / performance certificate issued of values as mentioned in above table. The bidder should have provided Technology License to at least two operating DHDS plants worldwide in the last 10 years OR should have conducted successful Revamp project in at least one DHDS plant in the last ten years with separator design pressure similar to the existing unit of Haldia Refinery and provide References for the same.



-2Bidder to provide the following information of the Refineries validating the reference as given in above clause 1.(a) in the format given below: Sl. No. 1 Description Name of the unit / company Name of the contact person Address Telephone / Fax No E-mail id Process Licensor To be filled by vendor

2. Audited Balance sheets / Profit & Loss Account of last three years, showing Turnover of minimum value as indicated in the table above. 3. Affidavit in non-judicial stamp paper in case of Proprietorship firm / Partnership Deed in case of Partnership firm/ Memorandum and Articles of Association in case of Limited company. Mere issue of document does not entitle a bidder to pre-qualify without furnishing requisite documentary evidence in support of pre-qualification. In case any bidder fails to attach all the documents as stated above along with his offer / bid, his offer / bid may be out rightly rejected and no further communication with the bidder need be done after opening of bids. POWER OF ATTORNEY OF SIGNATORY OF THE BID. If any bid is found containing multiple agencies involvement, copies of legal documents & agreements shall have to be submitted and at least one of the agencies should fulfill the pre-qualification criteria. All documents are to be submitted in English language. If any bidder submits any document other than English language subsequently translated copy of the same must be submitted with proper certification. Power of attorney to be submitted in favour of bid signing authority & shall be submitted in the form of legal document viz. declaration on non-judicial stamp paper duly signed & stamped by notary / attested by first class judicial magistrate as per laws of India. Exchange rate prevailing on NIT publication date shall be considered for EMD calculation, Tender fee calculation, Annual turnover calculation, work execution value (s) for currency other than INR (Indian Rupees). Exchange rate of State Bank Of India prevailing on the date of opening of price bid will be considered for all conversions for evaluation of the price bids if the quoted rates are in currency other than INR (Indian Rupees). The period mentioned under experience criteria shall be reckoned from the due date of submission of bid.


-3In case of foreign bidders, tender can be submitted either by the bidder directly by their Indian agent on behalf of them but not both. The Indian agent should represent only one consultant & will not be allowed to quote on behalf of another bidder for subsequent or parallel tender for the same job. In case any bidder fails to attach all the documents as stated above along with his offer / bid, his offer / bid may be out rightly rejected and no further communication with the bidder need be done after opening of bids.

Tenders without Earnest Money (EMD) shall normally be rejected. IOCL takes no responsibility for delay, loss or non-receipt of Tender document/bids sent by Post/courier either by Tender issuing Authority/recipient. Telex / Telegraphic / Fax offer shall not be accepted. Tender issuing authority reserves the right to refuse issue of tender document to any party without assigning any reasons there for. IOCL also reserves the right to accept any tender in part or full and also to reject any or all tender(s) or any part of a tender so received without assigning any reasons whatsoever and also to allow purchase preference as per existing policy of Government of India. Any legal dispute shall be within the jurisdiction of lndia or as mutually agreed between OWNER & CONSULTANT. Consultants or their subsidiary company or companies under the management of consultant, are not eligible to quote for the execution of the same job, which they are working as consultant. Bidder(s) / his authorized representative(s) is /are requested to be present at the time of opening of tender at his/their own cost. HALDIA Date : 29-06-2012 Despatch No. :HR/CC/RM/12-13/115/


Copy forwarded for information with request to display the Notice in their Notice Board for wide circulation to: Notice Board (Contract Cell), HDC, CPT, Chiranjibpur, Haldia; Executive Engineer, PWD, Tamluk; DGM,BSNL, Haldia , General Factory Manager, TATA Chemicals : Executive Officer, Haldia Municipality; Executive Engineer, MES, Haldia; G M, Exide Durgachak; GM, Hindustan Lever Limited, Durgachak; GM, Mitsubishi PTA India Corp. Pvt. Ltd.,Durgachak.

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