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0 6¢ Go 18 80 5 ly Wort BO0EG0080 00 io 1 5 9 13 14 15 19 23 27 28 29 33, 37 a 42 43 a7 51 55 56 7 61 6 6s n Rn 78:79 80-85 Beane nee oc Animals Places in town Numbers 13-100 Food and containers My favourite British dishes Leisure time ot home Watching people Weather Countries of the world My holiday pictures Cerne Time off: entertainment and sports Pets / animals More foods Where we live Directions (revision) My pen-friend in Canada COInre ned You and me, us and them Daily habits Adverbs of time / frequency School Days of the week A week at our school Parnas Days and dates First... second... third... Yesterday and today Revision Reeac na Negative commands Talking about location Counting and calculating Asking about number Talking about quantity Describing on-going actions Prepositions ond action verbs Specifying direction and motion Describing the weather Talking about likes and preferences Talking about likes and dislikes Asking for / giving personal information Object pronouns Talking about relationships between people Talking about daily routi Talking about school subjects, timetable and routines Specifying doys and dates in the year Talking about the past More about the past Around the English-speaking world Ce Ess Festivals: Class Play: Reading Bank Bonfire Night Pancake Day Christmas Easter Max's Magic mobile Wildlife in Britain (Units 1-3) The Eden Project (Units 4-6) Wallace and Gromit (Units 7-8) The Ogopogo and Nessie (Units 10-12) London ghost mysteries (Units 13-15) Hello again! Hi, Poppy! Hi, Bean! Don't go too Don’t forget your penuoul slowly, Poppy! bag, Woody! the accelerator? © Listen again and point to the right picture. Ask and answer. Where are the three friends? 2 They're at ‘ow the funfair. Zi KE So 4 x Don't ... Where ...? page one 2 Youre in London, Doc. “ That's right, Squeak! Well done! Frankie has got the Look! Dr Rotter has got something — That's Dootor Rotter! famiehatmanl He's sometimes on the them, then we can a hear their plan. ear thee pan, page two