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Providing energy to a world with an active populating factor and rising hindrances is a challenge for many engineers.

Several factors are noted and considered to shift balances with and against favorable odds but to allow all of these factors to sustain equilibrium can be quite challenging even for savant engineers. Naturally social, economic and environmental factors only outline the magnitude of the entire agenda. Many potential solutions are being proposed and developed. While the winners have yet to be determined, it is safe to assume that the future will include a wide variety of solutions that together will power our planet. Providing transportation energy is a major piece of the overall energy challenge, and is the focus of the 2012 Student Design Competition. Practicing engineers in transportation areas are developing a variety of technology options and looking to integrate these technologies. You must do the same for the competition described below. Project Task: Design four self-propelled devices which can collectively complete a relay race in the shortest period of time. Each device must contain an on-board energy source and trigger the motion on the next device. The devices will compete on a course as provided. Bonuses will be awarded for devices having different energy sources and for initiating subsequent devices. With their success and appreciation in the solar water heater Muhammad Ali Shaukat Rao decided to form another team with Syed Anas Younus and Ali Nadeem, all students in their second year mechanical engineering to participate in SPDC (Student Professional Development conference) in SDC (Student Design Competition) to be held at NFC University in Faisalabad organized by ASME (American Society Of Mechanical Engineers) to compete for the project task. NED University wants to make sure they send the best they have, they organized Pre-Qualifying rounds for this competition where many teams have showed up. Two teams won the competition, NED Team A lead by Muhamamd Ali Shaukat Rao and NED Team B lead by Haseeb. Members from other teams were merged into the winning teams to help and assist them. Muhammad Saad Shafiq and Haider Ali were merged with NED TEAM A, the team which was under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Shaukat Rao, was able to score 1st Position in SPDC SDC at NFC Faisalabad where the team got a chance to represent there university and their country in Dubai for the next round along with a prize money of 500 USD and an all-expense paid trip for two members to Dubai. The team worked hard and was able to score 4th position in SPDC SDC held in Dubai in BITS Palani. The team claim due to some wrong instructions on the arena during their trial hindered them for scoring a winning position.