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I (JEGADEESHKUMAR K), the student pursuing MBA degree in Velammal Engineering College, Chennai is conducting a survey to know about

consumption level of various brands of Mango flavored cool drinks, under PEPSICO Private Ltd. in filling out the questionnaire below. Name of the store: Location: Type of outlet: Grocery Kiosk Departmental store Eatery other, please specify _____________ 1. How long the shop is running? a. 0-2 years b. 2-5years c. 5-10years d. 10years I thank you for your time and effort

2. What is the daily sale of your outlet?

a. Very low

b. low

c. average

d. good

e. very good

3. Who do you get the supply from? a. Dealer/distributor b. Manufacturer

4. What are the various brands of mango flavoured cool drink is selling in your shop?

a. b. c. d. 5. Which brand the customer prefers the most?

a. Mazza

b. slice

c. maa

d. frooti

e. Tropicana-mango

f. real fruit juice-mango

6. Which segment of customers prefers this brand most? Gender a. male Age a. Below 12 yrs. a. low level people 7. b. 12 20 yrs. b. middle level c.20-40 yrs. d.40-55 yrs. Level of living(income) c. high level people b. female

Which Brand is mostly preferred in Pet Bottles?

a. Mazza

b. slice

c. maa

d. frooti

e. Tropicana-mango

f. real fruit juice-mango

Which Brand is mostly preferred in tetra pack? a. Mazza e. Tropicana-mango b. slice c. maa d. frooti

f. real fruit juice-mango

9. Which brand sales are more in the juice segment of your retail out let? a. Mazza b. slice c. maa d. frooti

10. What is the reason you think for the higher sales of that brand?
a. Low cost

b. Taste

c. Brand image

d. packaging

e. Others(please mention)______________________

11. Does appearance of the product plays any role in sales?

A. Yes

b. No

If yes, which brand is considered to have good appearance? ______________

12. Do you encourage sales of particular brand?

a. Yes If yes,

b. No Which brand you suggest? _____________________ Why? a. Low cost b. Taste c. Profit d. Good relationship with supplier


13. Problems faced with the products of any brand, if so Which brand ? What problem ? 14. Which company has provided you the chilling equipment? a. Your own b. Pepsis c. Cokes d. others

IN RESPECT TO PEPSICO Do you get the delivery at right time? Yes /No

Are you happy with companies distribution channel? Yes/No Is company responsive to your complaints? Yes/No Do you get the benefits of daily schemes launched by the company? Yes/No Do you receive the ordered quantity? Yes/No Do you want Salesman to be changed at regular intervals? Yes/No Companies Officers visit time to time? Yes/No

15. Any suggestion to the company?