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phonegap: Tutorials

PhoneGap project s tructure Simple Web Service Cons umption with PhoneGap and XUI Debugging PhoneGap Apps

iOS Tutorials
Getting Started with PhoneGap iOS us ing Xcode 4 Getting Started with PhoneGap (iOS) - Xcode 3 Safari Web Programming Reference (MUST READ) Going Native with PhoneGap (Jonathan Stark, from O'Reilly Book) Selecting a Mac for development Building your firs t mobile application with GeoLocation Forcing a Lands cape Orientation Integrating with Google Maps on the iPhone Preventing Scrolling on iPhone PhoneGap Applications Adding SQL Databas e s upport to your iPhone App Replacing All References to PhoneGap to Reflect Your App's Name Getting s tarted with Das hcode Upgrading your iOS PhoneGap Project Upgrade your PhoneGap Xcode Template for iOS 4 Upgrade your PhoneGap Xcode Template for 3rd Party Library Linkage Problems How To Setup And Us e NativeControls In PhoneGap

Android Tutorials
Quicks tart with Eclips e Quicks tart with the Terminal us ing droidgap Getting s tarted with Android PhoneGap in Eclips e Getting s tarted with PhoneGap Eclips e PlugIn for Android (plugin does PhoneGap configuration) Video Demo: Intro to AppLaud Eclips e Plugin for Android Getting Ready to Deploy to Android Market (Android) Additional Tips and Us eful Links for Taking an App to Market (Eclips e-bas ed IDEs ) Hide the s crollbar in Android Hiding the s tatus bar at the top in Android Forcing lands cape mode in Android How to s how and hide s oft keyboard in Android Back button handler Media Player: Us e PhoneGap Media API and jQuery Mobile Add PhoneGap Accelerometer to Media Player Create an App with the PhoneGap Barcode Scanner Plugin jQuery Mobile Plugin for Google Maps v3: Route Finder App Dynamic Markers , Geocoding and jQuery Google Map Plugin for Google Maps v3 Twitter: js OAuth and Child Brows er Plugin for non-PIN OAuth Acces s to Twitter REST API PhoneGap & jQuery bas ed XML feed reader. Video Demo: How to Add a PhoneGap Plugin to a Project

BlackBerry Tutorials
Getting Started with PhoneGap BlackBerry WebWorks (OS 5.0 and higher) How to Create a PhoneGap Plugin for BlackBerry WebWorks (OS 5.0 and higher) How to Debug a PhoneGap Plugin for BlackBerry WebWorks Geolocation on PhoneGap BlackBerry WebWorks Getting Started with PhoneGap (BlackBerry 4.x) Setting your Application Icon (BlackBerry) BlackBerry Quirks

Windows Phone 7
Jes s e's Blog @ Ris http://www.ris Glen Gordon's MSDN-PhoneGap blog http://blogs .ms /phonegap/ Colin Eberhardt's Adventures in .NET http://www.s Developing Windows Phone 7 HTML5 apps with PhoneGap A Simple Multi-Page Windows Phone 7 PhoneGap Example Handling the back-s tack in Windows Phone 7 PhoneGap applications Tombs toning with PhoneGap for Windows Phone 7 (and KnockoutJS) Suppres s ing Z oom and Scroll interactions in the Windows Phone 7 WebBrows er Control Fas tClick for WP7 Improving Brows er Res pons ivenes s for PhoneGap Apps David Rous s et MSDN blog Tutorial: how to create HTML5 applications on Windows Phone thanks to PhoneGap

Windows Mobile Tutorials

Getting Started with PhoneGap (WiMo)

Introduction to Web Runtime Getting Started with PhoneGap (Symbian/WRT) Tes ting your PhoneGap application (Symbian/WRT) Getting Started with PhoneGap (WRT on Sony Erics s on Satio) Supported Nokia Devices (Devices with WRT 1.1) Getting Started with PhoneGap (Qt for Symbian)

HP Palm webOS
Getting s tarted with PhoneGap on webOS (0.9.5) Getting s tarted with PhoneGap on webOS (0.9.6) Palm: Cros s -platform Development with PhoneGap on webOS / PhoneGap Einfhrung (German) (0.9.1) PhoneGap-webOS (0.9.5+) Tutorials

N900/Maemo port announcement

Handling Shake Events Sounds

Using PhoneGap Offline

Building A Self-Contained Application (iPhone)